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In the second novel of the "thrilling" "Kingdoms Fall" WWI espionage series, Great Britain isn't the only empire seeking to undermine its adversaries’ governments. A German spy known only as "Dunn" has been busy inciting rebellion in Ireland and India. British agents Gresham and Wilkins, pulled from the front lines at Verdun, must race through Europe trying to track down DIn the second novel of the "thrilling" "Kingdoms Fall" WWI espionage series, Great Britain isn't the only empire seeking to undermine its adversaries’ governments. A German spy known only as "Dunn" has been busy inciting rebellion in Ireland and India. British agents Gresham and Wilkins, pulled from the front lines at Verdun, must race through Europe trying to track down Dunn before traveling to Romania to convince the neutral country to finally declare war against Germany (despite the consequences). However, Great Britain’s ally Russia is soon on the verge of collapse. Wilkins must learn how he can help rebuild a country in ruins and hold on to the love of his life while Gresham, fresh from a visit to Arabia, seeks revenge on Dunn....

Title : Kingdoms Fall - The Korniloff Affair
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Kingdoms Fall - The Korniloff Affair Reviews

  • Kevin Oh
    2019-02-27 06:53

    Wow.First, a confession: I am an avid reader and, for some years, I had resentfully come to accept that "all the good books in history have already been written." As I read many of the latest mainstream "hits" in recent years, I noticed that they were often ill-researched, poorly planned, nauseatingly oversentimental, excessively and obviously moralized, and usually relied on contrived plot twists to advance the story.This is not so with Edward Parr's Kingdoms Fall - The Korniloff Affair. I actually double-checked the publication date to confirm that it was written in 2014, and not half a century ago. This is not a joke - I actually did this.Right from the prologue, we are thrust into the middle of World War I, in 1916. As a sort of preface, I feel it necessary to make one thing clear. For any readers who may harbor a sort of instinctive phobia of historical fiction, I assure you: this book reads nothing like a dull history lesson.Far from it: the characters are wonderfully alive, and impressively complex. And we are given a zoomed glimpse of them through every step of their journey. We feel, intimately, young James Wilkins' ragged desperation to keep his beloved Emma safe and closeby in the midst of a tumultuous battle that threatens their newfound relationship. We endure the same exhaustion that James Wilkins endures as he attempts to carry a number of burdens: his constant pursuit of the German spy named Dunn, the protection of Emma from the riotous condition of Petrograd, his mission to persuade and recruit a neutral Romania in the fight against Germany and her allies, and so much more. We feel Gresham's thirst for recompense against Dunn. We sense the immense gravity of competing allegiances and feel, in our chests, the unimaginable consequences that should come to pass if Wilkins should fail, if Dunn should succeed.Parr's writing is illustrative, colorful, and tasteful, giving life to a deadly war. His research into the era is thorough, as evinced by every aspect of the text: from the clothing (a "suffocating array of crinoline, velour, and brown twill") to the style of the buildings, from the musical references (Haydn!) to the formality of the dialogue - every aspect hearkens back to the world of 1916, constantly serving to add immersion to the story.It is difficult to describe here, in the span of a single review, the breadth and depth of the world of Kingdsom Fall - The Korniloffs Affair. I am left with nothing left to say except - read it. I wholeheartedly recommend it, and I impatiently await the next in his series.

  • James Shore
    2019-02-22 04:53

    This second novel in the Kingdoms Fall series is another winner. The author again displays his great research and narrative skill to portray engaging characters embroiled in pivotal events from the First World War in a way that is illuminating, surprising and entertaining to the reader. The story rushes from one arresting scene to the next, from one country to the next, from one battle to the next, and although it surely stretches the bounds of what was physically possible for the time period, the technique makes for a fast-paced story that kept my attention and interest throughout. This time, characters Wilkins and Gresham become involved in events with much bigger political ramifications than in the first book of the series, and not everything goes their way this time around. In fact, a large portion of the book focuses on intrigues set against the Russian Revolution where we learn much more about Wilkins and his capabilities. Both characters are maturing as the war progresses and the civilized world falls apart. I especially enjoyed the fictional "Raid at Foncquevillers." Happy reading!

  • Christian
    2019-02-19 00:52

    The 2nd Book of an Epic 3 Part SeriesAs a young man myself, I have always enjoyed reading about heroes or heroic figures of past times. We live in a world nowadays that has lost the chivalrous touch.In “Kingdoms Fall - The Korniloff Affair”, we follow two British secret agents/soldiers whose missions intertwine. Agent James Wilkins is sent to Munch to seek out the Irish revolutionary Sir Roger Casement. David Gresham is sent on a secret mission to the German port of Lübeck.The fun begins as Gresham foils a plot to transport arms to Ireland. Wilkins learns of a German agent named Dunn who has been working undercover to undermine the British Empire. But Wilkins and Gresham find themselves standing in front of British War Minister Kitchener who orders the two agents to work for his own intelligence services in France where a huge offensive force is being amassed at Somme River.Gresham and Wilkins follow up with a mission to Roumania while they continue for the search for Dunn.

  • Becca Quinlan
    2019-03-15 05:05

    The author has created a very engaging work of historical fiction. I have to admit I’ve never read anything about Russia, so this was a very unique and enjoyable book for me. This international story takes the agent James Wilkins and revolutionary Roger Casement to Germany, Russia, France, and Romania, where big things are happening while they search for an elusive agent provocateur. The Korniloff Affair is equal parts exciting, mysterious, and historically engaging. Parr has created an intricate tale where paths cross with interesting results. I highly recommend it.

  • Sarah Adkinson
    2019-03-02 05:17

    A pleasure to read and learn about WWI with exciting intrigues, fun characters, a huge backdrop, and even a love story. Highly recommended.

  • Nooilforpacifists
    2019-02-22 23:49

    Only one step up from YA, this author dishes out cream-puff history in the guise of clunky spy stories.