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Retired marine Sawyer Cain can't forget all he's seen and lost, but he can try to start over. Opening a gun range with his closest friends is the first step toward a new life—one where he finally buries the guilt he can't seem to shake. So much depends on the property he needs to buy…and the gorgeous but completely frustrating woman who refuses to sell it.Hailey Thorne isRetired marine Sawyer Cain can't forget all he's seen and lost, but he can try to start over. Opening a gun range with his closest friends is the first step toward a new life—one where he finally buries the guilt he can't seem to shake. So much depends on the property he needs to buy…and the gorgeous but completely frustrating woman who refuses to sell it.Hailey Thorne is done—with loss and with anything military, after the closest thing she had to an uncle died in Afghanistan. When Sawyer shows up on her porch he has military written all over him. He's one more in a long line of people who wants the land she inherited, and suddenly he's everywhere she goes. Hailey can't get the broad-shouldered, dirty-talking, dead-serious man out of her head. Or her life.Sawyer's not above using his skills in the bedroom to try to convince her to sell, and Hailey is more than willing to let him. Their pleasure-only arrangement works…until emotions get in the way. But Sawyer has a secret he's convinced will have Hailey hating him forever, and Hailey's not willing to risk loving anyone she could lose....

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Chain of Command Reviews

  • SamJ ★Needs a HEA★
    2019-03-15 00:00

    Check out this and my other reviews at My BlogCopy received via netgalley in exchange for an honest review★Book Basics★ Genre: - Cont RomanceSeries: - Book 1 in the series.Love triangle? - (view spoiler)[No (hide spoiler)]Cheating? - (view spoiler)[No (hide spoiler)]HEA? - (view spoiler)[Yes (hide spoiler)]Would I read more by this author/or in this series? - YesRating 4 starsI truly enjoyed this book.Both main characters were likeable, and even though they were on opposite sides of the fence so to speak in certain issues, there was no game playing. They knew they were attracted to each other, and both knew full well the issues they clashed on, outside of any romantic entanglement. Plot wise, it could have maybe been tightened up, a plot about the ex of a friend seemed to provide some drama and then fizzle to nothing. I expected more of a reason for Sawyer to feel guilty about Rob's death. Hailey was a bit too hung up on her reasons for not wanting to get involved with a military man for me.But, it is a book chock full of emotion, and a great cast of secondary characters. There is a sub plot involving Sawyer's sister and friend with some page time given over to the POV of the sister. Normally, I am not a huge fan of page time being given to setting up the next book, and laying the groundwork so obviously in the current book I am reading. But it was done so well here, I did not mind at all, and I am looking forward to more in this series.

  • Maria Rose
    2019-03-10 07:06

    This sexy romance is the story of Hailey and Sawyer. Hailey is determined to honor the memory of her adopted uncle by protecting the property he deeded to her in his will. But when she meets Sawyer, a military friend of her uncle whom she's heard much about but never met, she is shocked to hear that her uncle promised him the land. She's not prepared to hand it over, but neither does she expect the searing attraction she feels for him. Separating business from pleasure seems like the best way to move forward, but when a decision must be made can they find a compromise that will benefit them both, in and out of the bedroom?I loved this story! There were several aspects to this story that really made it a winner for me. First of all, Hailey is a kick-ass strong heroine. She knows what she wants, she isn't afraid to speak her mind and she stands up for what she knows is right. She isn't intimidated by a strong man and doesn't back down from a challenge. Sawyer was equally engaging as a determined, capable and equally strong man - one who appreciates Hailey's strengths and isn't intimidated by them. If anything, it turns him on to find out that she's not a pushover and his respect for her is clear. The sexual attraction between them sizzles from their first meeting, but Hailey is no fool and is able to separate her feelings for Sawyer from what she needs to do to protect her land - at least in the beginning. I really liked that Sawyer quickly realized that getting Hailey into bed was something he wanted to do regardless of the land issue - and together they create some incredibly hot and steamy sex scenes that form the backbone of the relationship that is developing between them. Without giving away any spoilers, I also really appreciated how Sawyer's secret was dealt with. There are several secondary characters introduced in this story, in particular a subplot between Sawyer's friend Jason and his sister Molly that will lead to a very interesting continuation of the series. The secondary characters' humourous dialogue and witty banter add a wonderful sense of caring and camaraderie, making the whole circle of friends and family interesting and dynamic. From beginning to end I had trouble putting the story down, drawn in by the relationship, the sexy times and the strength of the characters. I'm looking forward to the next in the series! 5 stars for a really wonderfully told story.Note: a copy of this novel was provided by the publisher via NetGalley for review.

  • Guilty Pleasures Book Reviews
    2019-03-22 00:17

    Slick's review posted on Guilty Pleasures Book Reviews4.5 StarsWhen I read a book and I finish it and I want to pick it up and start it over again, I know I’ve read a special book and HelenKay Dimon’s Chain of Command is just such a book. From beginning to end I loved this rollercoaster ride romance between two people who had something big standing between their relationship. What I loved is that despite the mistakes they both made along the way, despite their meddling friends, and despite the fact they both knew being together probably wasn’t the smartest choice…together they made it work and along the way they both discovered a love neither one expected making it all that much sweeter.From the first moment Sawyer Cain lays eyes on Hailey Thorne he knows he’s in trouble and that’s before he realizes she’s the woman that stand between him and his dream of business ownership. The sparks that fly off these two from the first encounter are enough to light up the darkest sky and as this story progresses the intensity of their attraction only gets stronger. I love that Hailey is a strong woman; that she takes care of herself and her friends, she speaks her mind, and she is self sufficient. What I love more is that Sawyer sees all of that in her and respects her for it and only wants her more because of it. He isn’t intimidated by her strength; he revels in it. So in addition to being a stand up guy who wants nothing more than to make sure his friends and his sister are all together in one place to give them all a sense of family and to make a living with their business he also wants to help Hailey with her struggles as well as her friends. While Hailey questions his motives at times, in reality he really is just one hell of a great guy.The road they travel to a relationship is not easy. Between Sawyer wanting a piece of the property Hailey was left by his Marine buddy, Sawyer’s friends and sister counting on him to obtain said property to ensure their business gets off the ground, Hailey trying to make a decision she can live with, and several other issues thrown in for good measure these two endure a whole host of obstacles they must address and overcome. What I love is the advice and help they both get from their friends and family who all seem to be able to see how perfect they are together even before they are willing to admit it. One place these two have no problems communicating is in their sexy times together. I love their no holds barred reaction to each other and the explosive way they come together.As this is the first book in a series we are introduced to a lot of characters but each one added to the love story between Sawyer and Hailey. Not once was I overwhelmed with all the characters because they were integral to the plot and forwarded the story and made me excited about what is to come in this series.A sophisticated plot with many twists and turns, charismatic characters you can’t help but love, ravenousness sexuality with enough dirty talk to melt your panties, and an amazing grand gesture from both main characters make Chain of Command a book I couldn’t put down and a fantastic start to a new series.Review copy provided for an honest review.

  • Christi Snow
    2019-03-20 03:17

    My Review:This is one of those books that is so hard for me to rate...because while I completely enjoyed the book and reading it and the characters, there were major flaws with the overall story line that really weakened it overall. In this book, Hailey has basically been raised by Rob, a contractor who died in Afghanistan. He was one of Sawyer's best friends, although Hailey never met Sawyer. Hailey inherited Rob's land which he had promised to Sawyer for his gun range. On the surface that all works and the conflict is believable, but as the story progressed, it lost a lot of validity. There are two main issues with this as the conflict...1. Hailey's property is in San Diego county so it's really valuable and she has a LOT of people who want it. That works in that she's leery, at first, of Sawyer. But as she gets to know him (and love him) it makes NO SENSE why she still holds back. She knew that he was close to Rob. The conflict becomes invalid, but the author continued to draw it out LONG after it was a moot point. 2. There's a scene in the book where Hailey and Sawyer visit a gun range. It's cute in that Sawyer just assumes she has no clue when she knows exactly what she's doing with a gun. Cute, but just proves that there's NO NEED for a gun range anywhere around there. They already have one. O.OI kept waiting for the details of the gun range to be revealed so I could see how it was 'more', but that never happened and it left me shaking my head after the book was over. What was the big deal about their gun range that makes it so special? I didn't see it...or how it could possibly support all the hands in the operation of it as it's planned.So, while this book was good to read and highly entertaining, there were huge gaping holes in the plot that just ruined a lot of the underlying story for me and took the entire book down a few notches in my estimation/rating.But what was good were the characters. I honestly loved this cast of characters and although I find the premise of the gun range a little iffy, I fully plan to keep reading the series, because I loved all the characters we met in this book. I want to know more about Marcus and Will, Jason and Molly, and really want Kat to find happiness again after being shattered by Rob's death. And I really enjoyed Sawyer and Hailey together, too. It was a sexy, hot book and although it has flaws, I definitely still enjoyed reading it.I received a complimentary copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.

  • Christa
    2019-03-10 07:55

    In this contemporary romance, Hailey and Sawyer clash over a piece of property. They are attracted to one another, so try to keep their business and personal dealings separate. The two are good characters and I enjoyed watching their romance develop. The storyline kept me interested and entertained.

  • TJ Fox
    2019-02-28 02:11

    There were so many things that were off on this book that I couldn’t even manage an okay rating for it. One of the most annoying and noticeable issues was with editing. I think one part was the result of a conversion issue between one format and another resulting in quite a few sentences ending in “3/4” instead of whatever text was supposed to be there. It is really hard to figure out what is being said in conversations when huge parts of those conversations are missing. That is not an issue with the writing, but with some technical issue on some other person’s part. There were other issues that were related to editing and writing that were just as annoying. So many times words were either missing or wrong and I’d have to go back and reread parts a couple of times to try and figure out what was actually meant. Nothing is worse than being yanked out of a story to try and figure out something shouldn’t have even been an issue.Beyond the technical and editing issues, the story itself just didn’t interest me at all. The characters were not well developed, made no sense and didn’t mesh with what the author was supposedly trying to portray. Both were so sex on the brain you would think that they were horny teenagers that just discovered sex with another person for the first time. Don’t get me wrong. I love a good sexy story as much as the next person, but so many times sex came up and totally overrode a serious conversation at completely inexplicable points in the story that I was left wondering how we went from point A to point 3BZ0 without a transition. Not only that, those scenes were generally lacking and on the dull side.I felt the same way about the dialog. There would be a thread of conversation going along and at the next turn of character speaking, you are on some completely other thread without any recognizable tangent. That left me wondering if the whole format transition issues had eliminated larger parts of the book and not just parts of sentences, but I really think that was just the way this was written. I was beginning to wonder if I was going to have whiplash by the time I finished. That was if I didn’t think that I’d lost all ability to follow a conversation or story line. For a bit there, I felt kind of stupid because I didn’t get half of what I was reading. There was no natural conversational or scene transition rhythm.The format and editing issues had me nearly stopping this book early on, but I pushed through. Being an optimist, I had hope it would get better, but by the time I finally finished, this really wasn’t worth it because there just wasn’t anything that I found redeeming in it.

  • Judy
    2019-03-19 23:58

    I started to label this book a contemporary romance, but ended up changing my mind. Sawyer a former Major in the Marine Corp, his buddies are either former Marines or Seals, and there are several scenes where one of Hailey's friends is dealing with a Navy jerk ex-boyfriend. But that's not why. Hailey has complicated issues dealing with military men. She lost her parents, a former boyfriend and the uncle who raised her to fighting overseas. The military is almost like a secondary character, or at the very least, a massive deterrent to Hailey and Sawyer's HEA.Hailey is quite the spunky character. She does a great job of standing up to Sawyer and anyone else who tries to push her around. Sawyer on the other hand, turned out to be sweeter and more compassionate than one would think just looking at him. I liked that the characters weren't cliches or caricatures, and the story didn't take these routes either. I was surprised several times with a direction the story went or how something played out. Plus the secondary characters were great fun and really added to the story.My biggest complaint is, that for me the blurb didn't really match the book. That last paragraph doesn't fit the vibe of the story. Sawyer didn't begin a sexual relationship with the intent to "win her over". And his big secret was only an issue for like 2 chapters and it got resolved. It upsets me that when the blurb doesn't match the book. It leaves me feeling discombobulated trying to figure out if I missed something or did someone not read the book, or did the story get changed at the last minute. Overall, this was a quick read for me, keeping me interested and allowing me to read it in one sitting. This was a good start to a new series and I look forward to reading the next book. Hopefully the blurb will match better next time. I took away a star for the issue with the blurb, and gave this one 3 stars.Thank you to Netgalley and Carina Press for the opportunity to read and review the book.

  • Paris
    2019-03-01 04:58

    I enjoyed this book a lot more than I was expecting to. Sawyer and Hailey were compelling, fascinating characters with heartbreaking pasts and interesting hang-ups. Their first two meetings were funny, especially the meeting on Hailey’s porch. Their chemistry was combustible, especially when they were trying to fight it. I really loved watching them get to know each other and discover the secrets that they were both holding on tight to.The secondary cast of characters were just as fun and now I cannot wait to read more in this series. I really want to continue to get to know all the characters and see how the gun range works out for everyone. The story and the characters kept me turning the pages and not wanting to put the book down. After the few sections written in Molly’s POV (Sawyer’s sister), I cannot wait to read her book. Jason needs a smack in the head to maybe knock some sense into him. How he could possibly miss what is right in front of his face is beyond me, but it will definitely lend to some entertaining reading.I’ve read other books by HelenKay Dimon and I had enjoyed those. Apparently, I had forgotten how much I enjoyed those by the time I picked up Chain of Command. I will definitely read more by HelenKay. I need to get my hands on some of her previously published books as well as anything else that she puts out in the future.Arc provided by the publisher via Netgalley for an honest review

  • Laura Hannaway
    2019-02-24 07:09

    This was a very well written and enjoyable story. I liked Sawyer a lot, he was kind honourable, funny, and of course sexy :) I particularly liked his relationship with his friends Jason and Marcus, he was funny and loyal and their friendship showed a lot about his character. Hailey was a little more complicated. Although I sympathised with how difficult a start in life she had, I still found her a little too acerbic for a lot of the story. Although she could be funny and loyal as well, her deep distrust and dislike of Sawyer's military background coloured her part of he story and it took me a lot longer to warm to her than I expected. However when I did get to that point I thought she was lovely and was really rooting for them to get their HEA.I did like the ending a great deal and can't wait to read Jason and Molly's story (he has a lot of work to do!!)Highly recommended as the start of a great new series!* ARC provided by NetGalley in return for an honest review *

  • Darcy
    2019-03-19 00:07

    I normally really like this author, but this one fell flat for me. It wasn't because I didn't buy into the romance between Hailey and Sawyer, but more that I had a hard time buying into their trying to have some sort of relationship while trying to keep the property thing between them. It didn't ring true to me.I did like all the friend that surrounded Hailey and Sawyer. I loved how each and every one of them chimed in on things. It seemed like everyone's opinion changed as things went on, it was interesting to watch. I liked how everything settled out. I thought it was the best resolution for them all.I found myself intrigued by the next couple. I have a feeling there will be lots of drama there.

  • Roz ~ My Written Romance
    2019-02-28 01:00

    I was provided with an ARC by the publisher via NetGalley. Any and all opinions expressed are mine. Chain of Command was a lot of fun to read. It had not only moments of emotion, great humour, and some damn hot sexytimes - the characters were people I found myself caring about and cheering for.You can read the full review atMy Written Romance .I cannot wait for the rest of the Greenway Range series now. This was a fabulous way to kick it off!

  • KindleJo Jo
    2019-02-23 05:03

    4.5 StarsOverall, I loved this book and recommend it to romance fans everywhere. Ms Dimon is a master of show, not tell and pens amazing characters. You'll be wanting to pick up this gem right away! Me, I'll be rocking in the corner until I get Jason & Molly's book.Review posted here:

  • Danielle
    2019-03-08 03:06

    Loved! I loved how sawyer fell for her. I adored each character and I can't wait wait for more of this series. The writing was so great it just flew by. One minute I was starting it the next it was over and kept me craving for more. Domon has a way with descriptions and words that just keeps you entertained and intrigued.

  • Jess
    2019-02-26 00:55

    Perfectly fine as a contemporary romance, but I'm just not in a place with gun people where I could be okay with this, and I should have recognized that going in. It's really too bad, because I like some of the things that I think were coming, but I am going to have to pass on the rest of the series.

  • Nicole
    2019-03-21 03:17

    I really, really liked this one. The hero and heroine were great, the chemistry was off the charts, and the secondary characters were amazing. I can't wait for more in this series!!!Full review to come at

  • Psycgirl
    2019-03-02 07:20

    This one was just okay for me. It felt slow paced and the conflict was weak. I liked the hero and heroine fine and they definitely grew on me as the book progressed. Looking forward to Molly and Jason's story.

  • ItsAboutTheBook
    2019-03-10 07:03

    Review can be read at It's About The Book4.5 starsSometimes you just need a slap upside the head and a reminder of how great an author is! And this book reminded me of how funny, smart and sexy a HelenKay Dimon book is! You’d better believe that I’m not going to let her books pass me by any more. The banter between the two main characters had me laughing out loud, and the relationships between all of the characters were real and heart-felt, and made you want to become invested in their stories long after the book ended. Well done, Ms Dimon, well done. So glad I got to read this latest one of yours and get re-acquainted with how fabulous you are!Hailey Thorne has lost more than the average person to the military way of life–both parents, friends, boyfriends, and most recently her would-be uncle Rob. So she’s decided no-more military men are allowed in her life now on. If only she could turn off her treacherous hormones! She’d inherited Rob’s large piece of land and had been absolutely bombarded with offers from developers, entrepreneurs, lawyers, and all sorts of crazy front men. She’s had no peace! It’s gotten so bad that she’s erected a high-wire fence around the perimeter with an alarmed gate. People have to announce themselves before they can even get onto the property now!The gate was also there to stop another problem that had been making her crazy. Her friend Jessica Mann had a bit of a stalker problem–her ex-boyfriend Pete wouldn’t take “get lost” seriously. She’d taken up residence with Hailey for security purposes, hoping to wait him out. And their third friend, Kat Fleming, had been Rob’s fiancée. After his surprise death in Afghanistan, they’d bolstered her up and helped her start her bakery in town–hoping to give her something to go on for. And surprisingly, it’d worked. Now it was time for Hailey to decide what to do with the land…and move on. But something was holding her back. What was the best choice; and what did Rob really want her to do? She was getting all mixed up in the details and the pile of offers and wasn’t able to see past it to what was really her dream. And then she starts getting calls from this Sawyer Cain that Rob had told her so much about–the one he was trying to set her up with. And this Sawyer seemed to think the land was his? WTF?Sawyer Cain just wants to forget the hell he left behind in his last deployment in Afghanistan and create the family that he’s always wanted with his sister and best friends Marcus and Jason McAdams. His plans to set up a gun range on Rob’s property with them and create their own little place was high on his list of priorities now that he was retired. However, it didn’t seem like Rob had relayed their plans to his “niece” Hailey before he’d died. And Sawyer didn’t think she was going to take his word for it. He had a bloodstained and torn up piece of paper that could prove it, but it was the last thing he wanted to show her. It would prove his claim, but it also would be a painful reminder of Rob’s death. Since he already blamed himself for Rob’s death since he hadn’t been on site when it happened, he felt it would also cement the blame she was looking to place on him.Let’s just imagine that these two meet up in a bar, and he doesn’t know who she is. Sparks fly and chemistry ignites. Let’s talk SUPER-NOVA hot. Amazingly hot banter. Then “Sue” leaves a disgruntled and surprised Sawyer at the bar. Next time he decides to show up at Rob’s niece’s house to discuss the property, there’s “Sue”! Hmm…this might be more difficult than he thought. It’s hard to talk business when all he can think about is pleasure…Hailey isn’t sure that Sawyer isn’t trying to romance her for the land. Sawyer can’t see past his survivor’s guilt and his lust for Hailey to figure out how to handle this negotiation. Pleasure before business? Business before pleasure? Neither one can decide and the clock is ticking on the permits Sawyer needs to get approved. Will he have to give them and the land up to prove to Hailey that his love is the real deal?This book is deliciously hot and heated, Sawyer is edible, the sexy scenes are to die-for, and the development of the plot was well done if a tiny bit drawn out. I can’t wait for the next book with Molly and Jason! Thanks!

  • Liz F
    2019-03-19 23:53

    Review copy courtesy of the publisher via NetGalley.I've been putting off reading this book for a while and I have no excuse. I requested it but each time I read the description, I just didn't feel like reading it! Finally, I forced myself to get it done and, as always, I shouldn't have waited so long. It was a fun book!I think I'm probably 50/50 or 40/60 on liking the Hailey, the heroine. There were things that I liked and things that I didn't. The weird thing for me was that the further I went into the book and the better I got to know her, the LESS I liked her! That's really backwards for me and probably for most people. I liked her because she was proactive. This guy keeps bugging her about her land inheritance and she wants to see what he's like BEFORE he knows who she is. Later, the hero arrives at her house and she answers her door holding a baseball bat! She's got balls and I love heroines with balls! But the more she falls for the hero, the less I liked her. She was pretty quick to assume the worst about him when I felt that she should have known him well enough at that point to know that he wouldn't have done what she was accusing him of. She keeps saying that she wants to keep their personal/sexual relationship separate from their discussions about her property. But she brings it up all the time and sort of uses it as a weapon against him. I don't know, I just didn't like it. I understand that she's had hundreds of offers and people have tried to play her but for me, it made her a bit unlikable towards the end.Sawyer was pretty great though. I loved how he saw that Hailey would be a handful and that he really liked that about her. He's this big, former Marine, all tough and muscley with scars and all that cool stuff. And he can't believe his own feelings. It was cool though because he's such a manly man but he was actually pretty great at recognizing his feelings and recognizing that they were changing and developing into something more for Hailey. That might sound confusing but I'm trying to say that I expected him to be hard and gruff and not receptive to those more gentle feelings but he WAS receptive and recognized them for what they were. I loved it! I also really loved how he tried to go along with Hailey's rules. He could have pushed or tried to play games with her but he was such a good guy that he didn't. I liked Sawyer's relationship with his roommates and with his sister and what he was trying to do for them by opening up this gun range. There just wasn't anything that I didn't like about this dude!The Sexy Time was hot and very plentiful. Dirty girls like me will be pleased! I can't say that I loved Hailey and Sawyer's relationship since I felt like Hailey sort of flip-flopped about what she wanted from Sawyer. Just sex? More? Just business? Did she just want him to go away? But I liked how he slowly just sort of became a part of her life. As he started caring about her, he wanted to help her out and do things for her. When a section of the fence around her property was damaged, he was worried about her safety and went ahead and fixed it for her even though there wasn't anything in it for him. He cared less and less about getting the property and more and more about her. Yeah, I know that's how things work in romance novels but it felt different here and I really liked it.I liked this book well enough. Hailey and Sawyer were interesting and fun to read. The secondary characters were funny and brought a lot to the story. But I felt like there was quite a few things that weren't wrapped up...enough. One of Hailey's friends has a possibly abusive ex. It was never clear to me exactly what happened and at the end of the book, I wasn't really sure what happened to him. Also, the damage to Hailey's fence was never really addressed. Was it her friend's ex or was it some property development person? It just wasn't mentioned again and it kind of bothered me. But other than a few things like that, I enjoyed this book. I would recommend this book to fans of contemporary romance who like military-type heroes. I'm interested to see how this gun range business works out so I think I might give the next book in the series a chance!

  • Book Binge
    2019-02-22 08:09

    My favorite kind of contemporaries are sweet, sexy stories without too much angst. Chain of Command mostly falls into that category, and it was an enjoyable read.Hailey Thorne is living on some land outside San Diego, left to her by her adopted father-figure Ray, a military contractor who died on a job in Afghanistan. The land is extremely desirable in a place where there isn’t much open land left, and Hailey’s been fielding countless lucrative offers for the property. She doesn’t want to sell, though, partly because she’s sort of stuck in her grief for Ray and can’t move forward. When Sawyer Cain comes calling claiming that Ray promised him part of the land for his gun range business, Hailey wants nothing to do with him. The two can’t help but be massively attracted, however. Sawyer is the de facto leader and protector of his little group of friends and family, and he wants the business to give them all a purpose and help them stay together. For a variety of reasons, Hailey’s land is currently the only viable option for the range so he needs her cooperation, but as he gets to know her, he realizes he also likes her personally. The two agree to table the conversation about the range so they can explore a sexual relationship, but the issue still looms, and eventually they have to face it and decide whether they can separate it from their growing feelings.Hailey and Sawyer are a lovely couple. I liked the way that Hailey set rules for their relationship at first, and I especially liked that Sawyer respected those rules. He is definitely an alpha protector, but to me it never felt too over the top. He’s a retired Marine, though, and you can see how that experience in commanding and in protecting comes through in his interactions with everyone he cares about, including Hailey. I liked Hailey too. She’s wary of Sawyer and why he wants her land, but I appreciated that she didn’t hold that over his head when it came to their personal relationship. She and Sawyer have a really sexy chemistry. Their bedroom talk was hot – Sawyer is awfully good at what I’d classify as gentle dirty talk, if that makes any sense. I liked how they fit together, and I believed in their compatibility at the end.We also get to see Sawyer and Hailey’s friends in this book. I liked that both characters have created little families for themselves, and all of their friends are wonderfully supportive. There’s a set up for a future couple in the series as well. Sawyer’s friend Jason and sister Molly apparently have a long simmering and unacknowledged attraction, though truthfully what I saw of them in this book didn’t really grab my attention. Molly is too passive aggressive and doesn’t say what she’s thinking, and Jason is too obtuse, or maybe just cowardly, to face Molly. But, I’ll keep an open mind until I read the next installment. I really loved hearing about Sawyer’s friend Marcus and his closeted boyfriend. Marcus seemed like a caring, intuitive friend, and I wanted to hear more about his struggles to be an out gay man in the military. I’m hoping maybe we get Marcus’s story in a future book!I did think the ending was a little predictable. Not that I didn’t want everyone to end up happy and satisfied of course, but it just seemed like there were so many major challenges with the decisions made that I wondered how Sawyer and Hailey could overcome them. I guess I wanted something unexpected, or else a little more explanation to put my mind at ease. Still, while there are lots of heavy issues in this book, things weren’t too weighty or dramatic. There is one issue alluded to in the cover copy, of Sawyer’s guilt, that did seem a little melodramatic and out of character for Sawyer. I appreciated that it didn’t get dragged out overlong, however.Despite a few imperfections, I liked the humor, I liked the characters, and I am happy I read this one.Grade: 4 out of 5This review was originally posted on Book Binge by Jen.

  • Heidi
    2019-02-26 00:01

    I was gifted a copy of this book via netgalley in exchange for my honest thoughts opinions and a review.Chain Of Command is the first book in Greenway Range series, This was a first for me and reading a new author you kind of get your hopes up that the book will be as good if not better than the reviews and from the first page i just new it was just that.Sawyer Cain is a Retired marine and he can never ever forget all he's seen and what he has tragically lost, but he can start over again and help his friends. By Opening a gun range with his closest pals and this is the first step toward a new and better life where he can finally bury the guilt he cannot seem to shake of. But allot now depends on this amazing property he needs to buy like now… Sawyer has a problem and she happens to be the gorgeous and ever so frustrating woman who refuses to sell it to him.Hailey Thorne is so done with all the loss she has had and anything at all to do with the military, after the closest thing she ever had to an uncle passes away tragically in Afghanistan. And know with Sawyer showing up on her porch he has military written all over his gorgeous body. He is just one more in an extremely long line of people who want the land she has inherited, and know he's everywhere she goes she cant get away from this handsome military man. and of course Hailey just can't get this broad shouldered, dirty-talking, sexy, serious man out of her head. Or her life.But does she really want too?Sawyer is not above using all his well earned skills in the bedroom to try to convince her to sell, and Hailey is more than willing to let him after all why would she want to stop him. Their arrangement of pleasure-only really works well for them both… well that is until emotions get in the way. Sawyer has a secret and he is convinced that is will have Hailey hating him forever, and Hailey she is stubborn and not willing to risk loving anyone she could lose.O my what a great book from the moment i started reading page one i was a goner HelenKay Dimon is such a great writer. i was truly amazed the characters, they are just so real and likeable, and the sex scenes are sizzling just read this bit from the book that i picked out to show case how great HelenKay really is." He'd never been so turned on by the mixof words and touch and taste. her bodythe noises she made it ..............was as if she was made for him."5 Out Of 5 Hearts By Cariad Books

  • Kame
    2019-03-15 05:21

    4 1/2 starsWhen Hailey lost her parents one man came forward and became her family. Now all she has left of Rob is his land. Many have approached her with their dreams of developing the land. Sawyer and Rob shared the dream of creating a shooting range facility on the back of his property, but Rob was killed before anything could be finalized. Sawyer needs to make this plan happen so he can provide for those he cares about, and he needs to keep his attraction to Hailey out of it.Hailey seems to be a lot of people’s rock, but doesn’t seem to rely on anyone herself. I loved her whit, and the quick comebacks she had for Sawyer. Sawyer has taken on the role of caring for the family he has created. He is a man of few words and maybe fewer emotions, letting only a few trusted in. He is a man who thrives on trust. When they give into their attraction it is almost combustible. Their steamy scenes, even the lesser steamy ones, were page turners. They were filled with emotion along with the steam.Just as wonderful as the relationship between Hailey and Sawyer it is their relationship with their friends that really made me smile. These secondary characters are not flat, they have dimension and at parts play a very crucial role to the story. We have been introduced to many characters that could someday have their own book. I myself am looking forward to the next installment where Jason and Molly take center stage.A great new series that I plan on following until the end! I received this book from the publisher via NetGalley and this is my honest review.My full review with quotes will be on

  • Meagan
    2019-02-25 04:00

    I'm not quite sure what to say about this book, because I didn't go in with a ton of expectations. I've never read HelenKay Dimon before, and I only had the vaguest of plotlines when I started.Aaaand, it was ok. I enjoyed reading it. The conflict didn't feel too conflict-y, and what was there was really easily overcome with some introspection and a conversation or two. On the one hand, I'm glad that it didn't try to dress up a relatively minor conflict as a major conflict. That's pretty irritating. But I also wish there had been some form of major conflict. There's the specter of an abusive ex in the group, but he's taken care of without much fuss. The hint of pressure from property developers. But most of the book is just our two main characters deciding what their priorities are, and building their own community of friends and family. That's all well and good, and based on the popularity of small-town romances I'd guess a lot of people really dig that. For me, though, it left the whole thing on the bland side.I didn't dislike it. I even enjoyed it. But there wasn't a whole lot for me to rave about. But if a tightknit group of people overcoming everyday drama appeals to you, especially if you like a military hero, I'd certainly suggest giving this new series a try.**A copy of this book was provided by the publisher via NetGalley.

  • Lisa
    2019-03-18 05:19

    The beginning of a new series Sawyer and friend Marcus and Jason along with Sawyer's sister Molly are trying to start a business with a gun range. The men all ex military know their weapons so it's the perfect business for Sawyer to keep them all together and have a income. A friend of Sawyer's from his time in Afghanistan offers him a piece of land.He is killed before he can put anything in writing. Hailey friend Rob who she always considered a uncle is killed in Afghanistan and leaves her his home and a large amount of property. The same land Sawyer needs. Hailey has sworn off military men and even Sawyer being ex military doesn't mean anything since uncle Rob was ex military as well and went back as a contractor and still lost his life. She can't go trust that it won't happen again. The relationship starts out slow because Sawyer needs the land but he also has a attraction for Sawyer. Once it gets started though it's sizzling hot. My only problem with this book was it seemed like the separation between the personal relationship of Hailey and Sawyer and the land Sawyer needs from Hailey was eventually at a stalemate. Sawyer and Hailey burned hot and heavy then the land roadblock. It just got a little old by the end. I believe this was just part of new series set up. I love all the secondary characters and i'm excited to see where this series will go. \

  • Fuyu
    2019-03-06 03:59

    HelenKay Dimon doesn't disappoint with this first book in the new Greenway Range series.This book isn't action packed like her previous books, but it still has a great fast paced story. But this time, it's the pace of the characters' relationship rather than a stream of action packed events. In Chain of Command, Dimon sets the stage for the new series and introduces all of the players. For book one Sawyer Cain, a retired and weary marine, meets Hailey Thorne, who has a no military guy rule. I loved how the hero and heroine circle each other while they deepen their relationship. I really enjoyed how Sawyer had no ambiguity about how he feels about Hailey and is all in from the get-go. I did get annoyed with how long Hailey held out about her conflict with Sawyer. I felt like it could have been resolved much sooner but the awesomeness of Sawyer more than made up for Hailey's reticence. Did I also mention that the chemistry between these two characters are just off the charts HOT??? Chain of Command is a great start to a new series. I can't wait to read the second book. The foundation for book 2 has already been set up in this book so I'm chomping at the bit to see what happens between the two characters.

  • Bobbie
    2019-03-02 08:01

    Although I am a late comer to Helen Kay Dimon's books, I am quickly catching up.. Chain of Command is the first book in a new series, The Greenway Range, and I think it is going to be a big hit for Ms. Dimon's fans.This series features retired and not so retired military men who want to open a gun range and have a business together. It will also give them a sense of family. They are led by Sawyer Cain but there is an obstacle in their way, Hailey Thorne, who was left the property when he "uncle" Rob died in Afghanistan. Sawyer was a good friend of his and Rob knew about the Greenway Range plan and had planned to be a silent partner in the venture. The issue is that Hailey never got the message before he died. So the conflict comes when Sawyer and Hailey are very attracted to each other, but the business development hinders them at every turn.A fun read and I am so looking forward to the next book in this series. I was provided an ARC of this from Netgalley and the publisher and am very thankful that I was able to read and review this.

  • Romance Readers Retreat
    2019-03-18 01:05

    3.5 Stars This one fell short for me. The concept was good and the beginning grabbed me in pretty quickly but too soon left me second guessing things. As the book went on I couldn't connect with the characters anymore, maybe because it's told in the third person and i've always struggled with those books.The fact that Sawyer and Hailey try to have a relationship while having the property issue between them didn't really seem realistic. The way the story develops and how the secondary characters all chime in to give their opinion on what to do was both confusing me as there are a lot of character and also picking up the story and helping it go smoothly.Sawyer was funny, sexy, a smooth talker, loyal to his friends and sister and kind. Hailey was funny and sweet but the distrust she has for Sawyer and his military background yet getting into a relationship with him wasn't helping with connecting to her.

  • Debby (Alwaysbooking)
    2019-03-19 00:05

    I received a copy of this book for my honest review from Net Galley. This was a really great novel. It's the first a new series by Helenkay Dimon. It features Hailey a young woman who's lost a lot of people in her past due to her loved one serving indifferent branches of the military. She has sworn off all military men. She inherits land from her Uncle Rob and everyone wants it including Sawyer. Sawyer is a retired Marine who has come back to start a gun range and security business on the property his friend Rob promised him. Of course he has no viable proof that Rob promised him this land and his attraction to Hailey is overpowering his though process on the land. I loved this whole book from beginning to end. It was probably not meant to be read in a day but I just did that. The last couple pages of the book made me melt. Wonderful characters and wonderful story.

  • Heather andrews
    2019-02-22 05:18

    OVED this book, I loved the badnass or in my case the sexy goodness that's Sawyer, "sex. Hot and dirty. Bodies rubbing over each other. Tongues and hands. Ain't nothing delicate about that." The boy is just blunt, and doesn't care, "the position isn't the issue. Missionary works for me. The idea of seeing your face as I enter you is pretty effing hot." Sawyer is full of praises when his woman does something he likes, "but you asked me out. Totally effing hot, by the way." At times his girl likes to surprise him: Spatula in hand, he turned to face her. "You're not wearing any underwear."She wasn't exactly sure what that had to do with anything. "Ignore that."He shot her a you've-got-to-be-kidding frown. "I don't think I can." I loved this book Sawyer his tactics were humorous and then there was Hailey who at times just didn't give in.

  • Michelle
    2019-03-20 04:19

    Sawyer is ready to take his military training and experience to build a firing range outside of San Diego and has found the perfect piece of land. If only he can convince Hailey to sell it to him. Hailey lost her father figure to war so being around Sawyer reminds her of what was lost but the piece of land that she inherited is apparently a prime piece of real estate because Sawyer is not the only one sniffing around. Sawyer was not expecting a woman as beautiful as Hailey and as hard as he wants to concentrate on just his future business, Hailey is getting under his skin. Can they start a relationship but keep business out of it? Really great, sexy story with some fun secondary characters. So excited for the rest of the series.

  • Kristine Ruiz
    2019-03-22 00:18

    Sawyer had so much to work through just coming back from over seas and starting a new business seemed like the best thing to do. He was sweet, sexy, hot and man did I say hot. He had great friends and I loved reading about them as well. Hailey is closing her heart and vowed never to date a marine a fater using her uncle in Afghanistan, he's left her a price of land that a lot of people seem to want. But when sawyer shows up on her door step she knows he's a marine but damn he's good to look at. Sawyer not being above using his body to get what he wants and Halsey willing to let him, but feelings get mixed in the way, can they work through their issues, can they open up their hearts?