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John Ronald Reuel Tolkien was Professor of Anglo-Saxon (Old English) at the University of Oxford. His research on Beowulf is still considered a standard in the field. Tolkien, however, unlike most Oxford dons, stepped out of his role as professor to create popular literature. Tolkien’s best-known writings were The Hobbit and The Lord of the Rings, in which he created a fulJohn Ronald Reuel Tolkien was Professor of Anglo-Saxon (Old English) at the University of Oxford. His research on Beowulf is still considered a standard in the field. Tolkien, however, unlike most Oxford dons, stepped out of his role as professor to create popular literature. Tolkien’s best-known writings were The Hobbit and The Lord of the Rings, in which he created a fully realized world known as Middle-earth, vaguely identifiable as Northern Europe in a pre-history that never was. To bring his world to life, he produced detailed geography and cartography as well as a legendary background. He peopled the world with diverse types of inhabitants and created spoken and written languages for them. By doing this, he essentially created modern fantasy literature and a standard for subsequent writers to chase and miss. A British poll at the end of the twentieth century named The Lord of the Rings the most important English-language work of that century. During his lifetime, Tolkien did not appreciate people focusing on him rather than on his writings. He felt that his writings were more worthy of attention. With apologies to the late gentleman, he is now due some notice....

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J.R.R. Tolkien: A Life Inspired Reviews

  • Monica Davis
    2019-05-20 10:58

    Although brief (100 pages), this is quite an interesting account of Tolkien's time and events shaped not only the man, but influenced his writing. There were several references to actual people, places, and things which are reflected in his stories. I found myself surfing the web to discover more. Note: As of this review date the Kindle version of this book is free on Amazon (and has been for some time).

  • Ron
    2019-05-01 09:49

    Oops. I'm currently reading The Letters of J.R.R. Tolkien and accidentally conflated that book with this. The latter is much the preferred. I have lowered the rating by one star.Modern authors have the idea that biographies must be at least seven hundred pages long, even if they don’t have seven hundred pages of material. The result is often a bloated mess of myth and rumor.Therefore, a tight, well-written biography of barely one hundred pages is refreshing. This work is the perfect companion to Tolkien’s works, especially The Hobbit and The Lord of the Rings. That said, there must be more fruitful information which modern readers would enjoy knowing about the professor who birthed modern epic fantasy. This volume only refers to fellow Inklings C. S. Lewis and Hugo Dyson in a literary context, while Tolkien and Dyson played decisive roles in the re-conversion of Lewis to Christianity.Can you imagine, reader, having read the two mentioned volumes when the Professor still lived, and feel as I did the hope of more? It was not to be, but I have re-read those volumes once a decade since. They are the gold standard for all light and epic fantasy since.North seems to specialize in hagiographies of Roman Catholic persons, of which this is definitely one.

  • milou ✨☕️ (hobbit princess)
    2019-05-13 08:54

    I mean it's Tolkien. What do I need to say more?

  • Rachel Ramirez
    2019-05-08 10:03

    This is a short biography and I really enjoyed it. This book really showed a glimpse into how J.R.R. Tolkien came to be born and how he was shaped into the man who would write what are considered some of the best books of the century. I have yet to read any of his books because I felt like I needed to know a little about the author to understand his writing. I've known enough about Mr. Tolkien to admire him for years; it mostly had to do with his academic exploits with Beowulf as I never could believe how anyone would choose to work on interpreting the translations by choice as it is so complicated. Now that I know more about him I have high hopes he'll become one of my favorite authors. Even if I don't enjoy his books I will still admire him.

  • J.P. Willson
    2019-05-02 07:04

    I honestly had no idea this was a mere 100-ish pages when I picked it up and I intentionally put it off because I assumed it was going to be 500 plus pages. To say I was surprised when I opened it for the first time- yeah a little...Regardless this was a quick very informative read about some of the finer points of Tolkien's early life and schooling and the like. His relationships both within and outside of the literary world.A pleasant and compelling read.

  • Amrita
    2019-05-14 05:12

    I never thought that I would get interested in reading biographies. But of late I find that I am beginning to get more and more curious about the person behind the well loved story. This was an lite and quick read. Just the simple narration of the story of his life. A sort of an introduction to the person behind the Hobbit :)

  • Liz
    2019-05-06 05:52

    Brief biography of J.R.R. Tolkien. It's not particularly nuanced; it's more a recitation of pertinent facts of his life told in chronological order.

  • Thadeus
    2019-04-26 12:05

    Another great introduction to a figure that many take interest in. This brief biography takes you through some of the significant facts of Tolkien's life and some of the influences upon his writing. I thoroughly enjoyed getting to know a sketch of Tolkien, his relationships, and his writing in this short biography.Points that stand out to me were things shared about his early life, the company he kept, his place in history alongside the wars, as well as some good groundwork on his writing.Recommended if you are interested in Tolkien, but aren't quite ready to delve into the deep.

  • Sam B
    2019-05-02 05:03

    Very interesting read about J.R.R. Tolkien's life and work, with lots of insights on his inspiration and friendship with C.S. Lewis.

  • Kevin Reeder
    2019-05-10 10:47

    Fascinating Amazing to learn the background behind Tolkien’s life to move him to write the Hobbit and Lord of the Rings.

  • Mike Harreld
    2019-05-07 12:02

    Good readI enjoy biographies. It was good to learn of his childhood, marriage and more of his friendship with C S Lewis.

  • Bruce Mohler
    2019-04-24 05:57

    Good short biography. Quick read and easy. Author provided a good concise biography of Tolkien. Good refresher and just what I was looking for. Would recommend to anyone wanting a quick read about Tolkien.

  • Chris Lott
    2019-05-17 08:13

    I was beguiled into reading this anemic little book by the star rating and a glimpse of the inordinately high reviews. Instead of a biography it is basically a recitation of facts, with the author providing little insight into what those facts might mean, or their connective tissue, akin to a long encyclopedia entry. The one area in which the author attempts to peer into the bigger picture is Tolkien's religious beliefs (which admittedly played an important part in his life and writing), thus my belated understanding of the book's subtitle. I myself was purchase what looks to be a significantly more ambitious and complete biography by another author!

  • Daniel Carr
    2019-05-18 07:52

    Having read a great deal of Tolkien's writings, and having taken a college-level course about him and his writings, I found this biography to be fascinating. While it is not researched to a great level of depth (little source material is used and only select writings are mentioned), it does provide a solid foundation for understanding why and how Tolkien wrote what he did. It is a general overview and not meant to be in-depth.The book assumes a relatively solid level of knowledge of the Lord of the Rings trilogy in addition to the Hobbit, as well as basic knowledge of some of C.S. Lewis's writings. I would say these are fair assumptions to make, as few would be interested in Tolkien himself if it weren't for his writings.The book did not wear out its welcome, it provided a great deal of interesting back-story, and it provided me with some interesting facts about a man from whom I have read much but about whom I knew little.

  • Latoya
    2019-05-15 10:15

    Sparknotes for TolkienWhat a quick, readable introduction to Tolkien and his work. Barely 100 pages long, I found it convenient to take only an afternoon to read and make notes for topics and questions for further study. If one is anticipating a thorough examination of Tolkien's personhood and analysis of his work, she may be unfulfilled. Mr. North does a great job of providing surface, easily accessible facts, such as tidbits on Tolkien's Catholic faith, his friendship with C.S. Lewis, and the beginnings of Lord of The Rings. However, I turned the last page with questions regarding his overall writing life, how is marriage to Edith lasted so long despite his frequent absence, and the depth of his relationships with other writers and intellectuals. This is a great way to start a Tolkien study.

  • JD Sutter
    2019-04-27 03:59

    Wyatt North's biography of Tolkien is a short read and is, therefore, a very high-level view of Tolkien's life. The author hits only major highlights and does not go into much detail on any events. Beginning with Tolkien's parents, the timeline of the narrative then moves to Tolkien's birth and early childhood and continues all the way to his death. North seems to pay particular attention to events and circumstances which had an impact on Tolkien's creativity and resulted in characters or plot elements in The Hobbit, The Lord of the Rings, or another of his tales of Middle-earth. The book is well-written and is not a difficult read. Its tone is not overly academic or analytical but is an easy narrative. The author glosses over lots of Tolkien's early years but he takes much more time on his later life, including his academic years, his relationship with C.S. Lewis, his time with The Inklings, and more.If you are looking for a quick introduction to Tolkien's life and work this volume is a great place to start.

  • Andrew
    2019-04-30 06:00

    I listened to this book via Audible.J.R.R. Tolkien: A Life Inspired is a short biography on the famous author of The Hobbit and The Lord of the Rings. While informative, it came across as rather clinical in its telling, offering the facts and little else. While it was a nice break from other books, it wasn't really anything special. If you're looking for an in-depth look at Tolkien's life, I would suggest checking out J.R.R. Tolkien: A Biography by Humphrey Carpenter.

  • Ellen
    2019-05-24 12:06

    I don't read a lot of biographies, but every once in a while a deal comes along that pulls me in. Such was J.R.R. Tolkien: A Life Inspired. It certainly provided me with plenty of "I didn't know that" moments or times I outright chuckled, such as when he was described as brilliant, but hard to understand because he talked so fast and mumbled, his intelligibility made all the worse by the pipe that hardly ever left his mouth!I was a bit surprised by the depth that Catholicism affected his life, although now that I think about it, it does bring some clarification to both his and Lewis's relationship. I'm not sure I'll ever pick this one up again, but it was interesting for a quick read.

  • Elizabeth Prata
    2019-05-15 06:58

    I read the Kindle edition. The paperback clocks in at a mere 108 pages, but it's just right to give a thorough overview of Tolkein's life. In fact, I can't think of what else would be added to a longer book. His boyhood, seminal influences, Catholic religion, friendship with CS Lewis, WWI's toll on his spirit, work at Oxford, writing style, marriage and family life are all there. If one is familiar with the 4 Gospels, this one would be like the Gospel of Mark, newspaper fast, just the facts, quick paced, yet deeply affecting. Very fine read.

  • Mikey
    2019-05-01 10:54

    If you're looking for depth, I can't recommend this book. It's cursory, uneven, and ironically uninspired. The author glances over interesting stories and, in the ebook at least, never cites his sources or mentions where he gleaned his information. I'll pursue a work of greater depth and scholarship. If the desire is for a brief look into Tolkien's life, then this might be enough, though to me it is a mere advertisement, the blurb on the inside flap of a hardcover if you will.

  • Marianna
    2019-05-17 10:01

    Very short and concise. Easy read, very informative and entertaining, could be read in one sitting. Learned a lot - some of it I’d already heard. It’s like a more in-depth Wikipedia article. Got some nice tidbits and memorable quotes.Would recommend, if you’re even vaguely interested in Tolkien. I read the Ebook.

  • Todd Kinsey
    2019-05-22 10:16

    Concise & Informative I’ve never been a big fan of Tolkien but my sister is and she’s convinced me to take a second look; so I decided to start with a biography. I enjoyed the size of this work and was able to get through it quickly with just the right amount of information for contextual background.

  • Virginia Tican
    2019-05-16 06:53

    A Good fascinating and informative read (for me) as this is my first book regarding the life of this enduring and beloved author. But I still marvel at Edith's steadfastness and self~sacrifice in giving up her own dreams to be the background anchor and rock to her husband. I also admire Tolkein's rule of being with their children whenever possible as well as the stories the children have enjoyed with their father. Whatever this two had in their marriage and in their own personal lives it seemed to have worked for them and so with their children. In the end, I think they had a Marriage and a Fine Romance, too.

  • Sheri
    2019-05-20 11:01

    I don't know that I would consider this a 'biography'. The author is obviously a great fan of Tolkien, as I am. It was largely an accumulation of a life time line with relationships scattered throughout. I didn't not like it...

  • Denise Stephens
    2019-05-14 09:14

    Very informative and detailedGreatly enjoyed learning a great deal about J. R. R. Tolkien, one of my favorite authors, in this short book. Brief but detailed and does an excellent job showing the connection between his life and his writing.

  • Jessica Stephenson
    2019-05-03 08:08

    This was a poorly organized, piece-meal, repetitious mess at times, but also a fascinating topic and the text never once lingered in obsessive detail. Consider this the outline of a life unfolded, a brief glimpse rather than a lengthy study of Tolkien’s existence.

  • Christopher Brehm
    2019-04-29 11:11

    A short but thorough biography I have read many biographies of Tolkien. This is a short but complete biography of a fascinating man. I would recommend it as a great starting point for anyone looking to understand the man behind The Hobbit and The Lord of the Rings.

  • Michael
    2019-04-30 07:55

    Very short biography of J.R.R. Tolkien. Though no doubt full of interesting facts, the brevity does not seem to do justice to the life of such an important author.

  • Jake Hartson
    2019-05-09 09:14

    Just okayA good summary of Tolkiens life and works, this book is more of an extended wikipedia page. Interesting life but just okay writing.

  • Katinka
    2019-05-21 07:05

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