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Two eternities. One ending. "Harmony would only come with destruction." The moment Eric and Jessica are reunited, they are torn apart. After the appearance of a new breed of shades and lights, the powers shift for the worse, and all three descendants find themselves face-to-face in the Light realm. When Darthon is in control, the last thing everyone expects is to finally hTwo eternities. One ending. "Harmony would only come with destruction." The moment Eric and Jessica are reunited, they are torn apart. After the appearance of a new breed of shades and lights, the powers shift for the worse, and all three descendants find themselves face-to-face in the Light realm. When Darthon is in control, the last thing everyone expects is to finally hear the truth. While Jessica learns the reason of her creation, Darthon's identity is exposed to Eric—and only Eric—and Eric can no longer defend himself. With the eternities of the Light and the Dark resting on Jessica's shoulders, she must choose who she will be—a light or a shade. In the end, someone must die, and the end is near....

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Death Before Daylight Reviews

  • Charity Rowell at On My Kindle
    2018-10-03 17:27

    I received a free copy of this book with the option of leaving an honest review.I found myself liking Jessica more in this book than in the previous books. Upon discovering her destiny, Jessica really comes into her own and steps up to the plate to make a tough decision. Jessica's destiny and role in the prophecy were incredibly well thought out and executed. I figured that she and the other characters had overlooked something about the prophecy, and I was surprised by the twist that Thompson gave it. However, the prophecy and Jessica's destiny aren't the only surprises in store for readers. Thompson reveals more about Eric's mother, Darthon's identity, and there are even more surprises that I won't mention to keep from spoiling the book.Everything was flawlessly executed in this book: the characters, the dialogue, the setting, the clean romance, the intriguing plot, the final battle; all of it! Thompson has taken a standard trope in YA fantasy and put a really compelling and unique spin on it. I enjoyed every second of this book and had a hard time putting it down!Death Before Daylight and "The Timely Death Trilogy" by Shannon A. Thompson is a must-have for YA fantasy fans of books written by Stephanie Meyer and Cassandra Clare!

  • Macy
    2018-09-26 18:27

    This book was perfect!

  • Poulami
    2018-09-24 19:08

    Originally posted on Daydreaming Books.*I received a digital copy of this book from the author in exchange for an honest review.*This book was everything that I wanted it to be! It was intense, sooo many things happened, so many revelations, I loved every single bit of it!*A bit spoilery for those who haven't read the previous books in this series.*In the third and last installment of the Timely Death trilogy, Jessica has gotten back her memory but it has triggered something else as well. A new problem arises as Jessica is forced to choose between the Light and the Dark. With new revelations, chaos is ensured but someone has to die to ensure the balance between the Light and the Dark is restored once again. Will Jessica and Eric be successful or will it ultimately lead them to their downfall?The plot was spot on! The story picks up from where book 2, Seconds Before Sunrise left off. Jessica has gotten back her memory but Darthon kidnaps Eric and Jessica and takes them to the Light realm. Something or the other continued happening and it was hard to put down this book! So many truths came out in this book and I was glad that all of my questions were answered. Eric and Jessica had to face more difficulties than the other, I hated Darthon even more when he controlled Eric's voice but I loved how much they trusted each other. I simply loved them together!“We were together even when we were apart.”-Jessica was mostly right about Zac and Robb and like Jessica I did the same mistake as well, the plot twist was pretty awesome, I really wasn't expecting it but I liked how everything turned out. The appearance of a new breed increased my curiosity, Jada was a great character and although I was a little unsure about her in the first but then I loved her and I was surprised the hell out when I learned about her human identity, I didn't even think that for a second! But it was an awesome surprise!The impending fight finally happened and I liked the way it was executed. I loved Jonathan and Jessica's friendship and I loved how he trusted and supported her as a guard and a friend. Jessica handled everything maturely in this book. The final fight was intense and I was freaking afraid for a second but everything flowed out just the way I liked. The ending was not what I was expecting but I was left satisfied.Overall, Death Before Daylight was a fantastic last installment in the Timely Death trilogy! The plot was great and the characters were interesting and I was intrigued throughout the book. Although there isn't much romance but I loved every bit of Eric and Jessica together. The writing was smooth and it was fast paced throughout the book. I seriously can't wait to read more by this author!Recommend it?Yes!!

  • Merril Anil
    2018-10-14 20:25

    A fire-Cracking finale First things First.A huge hug and thanks to the author, Shannon who has not only gone on to become my favorite author but has also proved to be an amazing person herselfthrough the interactions we had. Not only has she taken every word of mine in a positive manner but has also appreciated and encouraged me to be honest in my review. So again a huge thanks for trusting me with your works and giving me a copy of this book to read and reviewAs i told you, Shannon A. Thompson is now officially one of my favorite authors and because of which the ratings can be a bit partial(to be fair warning.)Now i am going to start with something that troubled me with the book before jumping into what makes this book good for me. I felt that the book opened too fast and sort of picked up from the middle. i will admit that it had been a really long time since i had read the previous book so i was not exactly updated with the minor details, characters and events that happened in the last book so in a way. I wish there were cheat sheets between the lines that would have helped me to remind the events that were discussed from the previous book to help us settle with this one, but then this could be a pure case of me loosing my memory powerNow lets come to the second half of the book The second half is fiery and explosive. There are so many secrets revealed, so many twists churning up in the overall plot that you could not put away the book without wanting to know what the characters will do next. The overall pace of the book is superb. It has every elements to keep you glued to it. Its addictive after things really pick up Thank you to the author, for showing us that Dark isn't always evil and Light is n't pure and can be cruel too. The whole setting and theme of the book had been tremendously exhilarating and the trilogy is one of the best you could invest your time on. The unique and paranormal world of Light and Dark is nothing short of mystical and swoon worthy. I love how the whole concept has been properly and systematically developed to narrate a beautiful romance yet thrilling and suspenseful for the non-romance readers.the whole trilogy had been an amazing ride for me and the characters had been a delight to travel along throughout my reading journey.i know my review is too sugar coated but as i said, its my favorite author and my favorite series, we are talking about :)The trilogy with its beautiful and unique world of Light and Dark and its various engaging characters keeps you thoroughly entertained and yearning for more. The finale ends beautifully putting back each pieces into its rightful place with perfection and efficiency. Lots of thrills and turns keep it spicy and addictive. Language is captive and at the hands of a creative story teller it definitely weaves magic How was it?

  • Kristyna
    2018-10-17 16:05

    I know who Darthon is! But I’m not going to tell you. It’s like a weight lifted off my shoulders. I’ve been eager to find out since the first book in the timely death series, and the final book Death Before Daylight by Shannon A. Thompson revealed it with a bang.Death Before Daylight was the conclusion that I’ve been waiting for. The suspense surrounding the fate of Eric and Jessica has been building with each book and this final installment had me in heart-wrenching territory. The stakes were raised and the battle between the dark and light reached a fever pitch, where every interaction became life or death.Eric is my favorite character. I loved how he struggled with his “failure” as Shoman and his “handicap” after an intense meeting with Darthon. Jessica’s emotional roller coaster faced with Eric’s strange actions made for an exciting, albeit frustrating, read. There were times I wanted to throw my book across the room in exasperation (How could Jessica not figure out who Darthon is?!?), but I was reading it on my nook and I protect my precious. The secondary characters really shine in this book. Even the ones that have passed on. The major reveal between Eric and his Dad surprised me, and I loved the jealousy dynamic between Eric and Jessica’s guard. In fact, there were a lot of shocking reveals including the knowledge of the root of Jessica’s power, and of course, that certain someone that “must die” according to the synopsis. I’m not sure what else to say without ruining it for everyone, but just know that this series is exciting, romantic, heart-wrenching and unique. This was a satisfying end to the series. I fell in love with the characters and the world. I loved how Thompson originally turned the dark v. light assumptions on its head in the first book, and she does it all over again in the last book. Bravo, Ms. Thompson! I thoroughly enjoyed this series.

  • Cristina
    2018-09-25 19:30

    Review Posted also on Crazy Beautiful ReadsMessy.Action Packed.ExplosiveJust the perfect ending for a perfect series ! Oh.My.Good.I am still in shock after all I've read in this explosive and over the top perfect book finale. After she had dragged my soul through...uhm...let's not say dirt, but I can't think of another word for what she did to me...she managed to make me love her and her book, again. She is the cruelest - but still loving - person/author I've read and met -so far, at least. Shannon has outdone herself with this series.After they've been torn apart in the sequel, now Eric and Jessica managed to get back together...but not for long unfortunately. Seems that every move they are making is closely watched from the shadows, by none other than Darthon - whom, may I dare say I knew from the sequel who might be,and heck yeah, my gut wasn't wrong at all. That sick and mind twisted teenager who rules over the Light Realm, dares to hurt Eric - whom I grew to love a lot since the very beginning -, and also Jessica by doing nothing other than kidnapping them. I don't wanna get started with those not so great images...Thanks for that Shannon A. Thompson ! The main question that sticks to your mind and lips is : "Who is going to win this battle ?" A tricky question if you ask me, and that is because of all the twists and turns this book gets with every page.Secrets are being revealed in this explosive and grand finale,too. Some of them incredibly unbelievable and unexpected. Help is coming from totally unexpected people, as well. You'll both Love AND Hate this book. I'm telling you !

  • Berls
    2018-10-06 22:08

    I enjoyed the conclusion to the Timely Death Trilogy as much as I did the other books. Even though it’s been close to a year and a half since I read the last book, I easily reentered this really great world that Shannon A. Thompson has created. I’ve always enjoyed this world of light and dark – with the dark (shades as their called) representing the good and the light the bad – and things got more complex with the conclusion.My only complaint in the previous book, Seconds Before Sunrise, was Jessica. She wasn’t herself for most of that book and it had been frustrating – but Jessica was back to herself in Death Before Daylight! It was so great to have her back, and she really grew into herself and her role. She had to make a lot of tough decisions, had to trust herself, or trust Eric, at times that lives were at stake. Not something anyone, let alone a high school Senior would want to deal with, but she did and well.Eric was the frustrating one this time, but like Jessica in Seconds Before Sunrise, it was necessary and out of his control. And he handled things about as well as could be expected. It was realistic, which I prefer to unreasonable reactions to situations.I also really enjoyed getting closer to some of the other characters – Crystal, Robb, Zack, Pierce, Linda – and getting to know secret identities. It’s always fun when the veil comes away and your completely shocked – which I was. Repeatedly.It was a really satisfying conclusion, with all the questions answered, and a definite plan for the future (though plenty of questions too – maybe they’re will be spin offs?), a lot of twists, and even a few tears. Looking forward to more for Shannon!

  • Melanie
    2018-10-12 18:05

    I thought this was a great end to the series. It didn't hold my attention the way the first two books did but I really wanted to know what happened. It starts two weeks after the second book ends. Once again, the book alternates between Eric and Jessica. True identities are finally revealed. Eric is the first to learn who Darthon is but isn't able to tell anyone so there is some frustration as Jessica and Jonathon try to figure it out. I was a little surprised since I thought I had it figured out, but I didn't. I was also surprised to learn the true identity of Jessica's best friend, Crystal. It's difficult for Eric and Jessica to just be together and be happy and there are still obstacles for them to overcome. Jessica is faced with a huge decision since she is the deciding factor on which side will ultimately win (no pressure). I didn't think there would be confusion for her but there were a few things that made her question what she should do.The second half of the book really picked up for me. There's a lot that happens and I felt like all my questions were answered as the story progressed. I liked the way everything turned out in the end and am glad I was able to finish this trilogy. I look forward to reading more from this author in the future!Content: Violence, kissing (clean), swearing including one f-bomb. I received a copy of this book to review. My opinion is 100% my own.Mel's Shelves

  • EndlessReading
    2018-10-17 19:27

    Wowza!I love it when you get so engrossed within a series of books that upon the last and final book, everything the author has built up to , comes together in perfect harmony, it's fits and completes in perfection.....and this series was no different.I've loved this storyline from the beginning, you find yourself being captivated by the love story of Eric and Jessica, the emotional and physical struggles they have to endure as a result of the ongoing war between the shades and the lights and of course this so called "prophecy" they are working towards. “Harmony would only come with destruction.”We are constantly kept on our toes throughout this book, there are so many secrets revealed, so many twists playing around and a plot that you just couldn't put down, not without wanting to know what the characters did next.This third instalment brings us to the final showdown, and not everyone will come out alive.....

  • Kim
    2018-10-14 22:10

    CharactersJust like the first two books, this one continues on with great character development, realistic attitudes and believable emotion. The characters are a major success for this trilogy and I think the author should be proud of her work.A large part of the storyline (for all three books, so not a spoiler!) are the hidden identities of people in the Dark and the Light. These identities were well written and some of them were complete surprises for me once they were revealed. There were times when I thought I knew who they were, picking up on different hints, only to realise I had been misled. I enjoy surprises!PlotThe plot for book 3 was not quite what I was expecting, but I am glad it did not end up being predictable. There would have been an easy way out for the ending but I think it took a deeper, more meaningful path instead. It left me feeling a mixture of emotions.I found myself impatient with the pace during the start, since I could not tell where the story was heading. I did not quite understand some of the character decisions but I developed an understanding for them later in the book.Eric had some limitations that I feel could have been explained more because I found myself thinking of ways he could get around it. I have no doubt there would have been an explanation as to why these ways would not have worked, but it would have been nice to read a little more detail just to be sure.WorldMany of the locations were quite familiar from the first two books, though, as I mentioned in my other reviews, I would have liked more description for them.I found the Light realm a little confusing. I am not quite sure I grasped the image properly. The basic concept was really interesting though. I am not sure why there was a Light realm but not a Dark realm. The Dark had their own place to go, but it seemed completely different.Grammar and WritingThis was another well written book. I did not come across any typos or errors, though I am also not sure I would have picked up on them if they were there. I was so focused on finding out what happened that I could have easily missed something.OverallI am definitely glad that I picked up this series again. Some of you may recall that I read book 1 a few years ago and had not had the change to continue. It was always on the back of my mind though. Now that it’s over though, I find myself disappointed that there is not another one to read.I really enjoyed the unique descriptions of the Dark and Light and how they went against the stereotypes. This is definitely a series I would recommend to urban fantasy lovers.I look forward to reading more from Shannon A. Thompson. I also think she should consider writing a book about the history of the Dark and Light realms. It was talked about during the trilogy but I would absolutely love to read it in detail.

    2018-10-14 16:14

    First of all, I would like to thank Shannon A. Thompson for supplying me with a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.After much thinking I discovered that I can't tell you many specific things from the plot, I think it will destroy many of the surprises that Shannon prepare for you the readers.( and indeed there many as such). But I''ll try my best to bring out my feeling and some clues. So, once again, Shannon keep the plot alternating between Eric and Jessica. The book start from the end of the epic war between light and darkin the second book The consequences of the war put an heavy weight on Eric and Jessica shoulders. It keep them emotionally and morally struggles. They also dicoverd that while their own powers, the powers of the new half-breeds and Darthon's power got stronger, many of the Dark (and surely of the light people) report their powers weakening.Also you have to forget all you knew about the prophecy - If It had been claim that the battle between Shoman and Darthon will end of the war between the two fighting factions, By the fact that only one of them will survive, the appearance of Jessica in the small town of Hayworth Kansas , change all the rules. Since discovering that Jessica holds the key to Darthon's success or demise, the Dark was on full alert as to the possibility of another attempt on Eric/Shoman and Jessica's lives.To make things more complicate, the light now know the human identities of many of the shades include Jessica and Shoman. So, the life for everyone in the town of Hayworth (humans included) becomes increasingly confusing. At "seconds before sunrise", Jessica was learning about that she is a different kind of thing. She belong to the rare few which didn't split their powers, between light and dark. She is still feel shade but she can transfer any time at will, to be a full light. Her appearance create a stalemate in the war - Darthon can't heart her as anything he will do to her will appear on her and reversal and Eric can't heart Darthon from the same reason. Look complicated? Yes indeed! But Darthon is determined to solve this problem. He also want Eric dead and Jessica turning to a full light and he will do anything to achieve this target even it will cost life of others, even if it the lives of lights and those who are close to him. His main problem that he can't kill Eric... And he sure tried... after he kidnap him and Jessica to the light realm. Every time he tried it Eric came back to life. So Darthon figure out that there is a connection between the two that he must severe. He thought it will happen, if he convince Jessica to absorb the light and turn to a full light. He thought if he can destroy their love to each other she will come to hm gladly. Poor Darthon! he really didn't know what's is the meaning of love but he tried! He thought he can use their love as a weapon to destroy their love and didn't understand that love is a weapon with edges. So his bright idea was to use Eric's love to Jessica, he figure that Eric will want to protect Jessica from harm at all coasts and convinced him to break with her to prevent it. As Darthon is Darthon he also put a spell on Eric for good measure. The spell suppose to ensure that Eric will be controlled fully by him and also, that Eric couldn't speak about it or expose Darton's human identity. Also, when he got Eric's full consent no one can temper with the spell ( Even Luthicer) At the beginning his plan look ingenious, and for a while it seamed to work. With Eric acting strange and Jessica dangerous revelation (many shades won't be happy to find about her light side, especially those that lost dear ones in the war),everything start to blurred. But Darthon forgot one thing.... that Jessica isn't a simple key, she is more then that and she love Eric too much.What he also didn't figure out is another kind of things, like mother love, like true friendship, like what is the meaning of gaining a true loyalty. All this will lead to his downfall. The only things that the three of them knew for sure is that another conflict will come and more people will die and it's unavoidable. The difference between them is who care about losing life. Darthon for sure don't care much about it, Jessica don't want it but understand that it's necessity, only Eric is trying hard to prevent it. The Charters of Johnatn/Pierce, Linda/Fudicia got a deeper dimension in this book. I found myself thinking that Linda turn to be quite an interesting character. While her past actions were debatable, when you come to understand her motives you know those choices was her only way of option. As the guard of Darthon she had to made very difficult choices. What is matter were the choices that she made at the end of the day, and her honest and bravery in standing behind her doings. Same as Linda, Johnatn/Pierce deeper dimension put him in such a human light. he was the conscience and the compass same like Jimminy Cricket in Pinocchio. His honesty, loyalty, and sense of humor never flatter. As the guard and friend of Jessica he tend to help her chilling out and think act rationally ( Oh and he had to do this this a lot... she sometimes practically forgot to think). As a friend of Eric, he helped to pass through very difficult times.Most of the time you could found him in his human form - which it was his own choice and which was a week manifestation of him.The one good thing that happen to him that he found love. His love is one of the new half breads that appear in this book, Jada.We didn't know much about her beside the fact that she Luthicer's daughter.Her human identity is one of the surprises that Shannon prepare for us. As half bread her power is strong, But her rough personality and honesty will remind you Camile at times. Also, some more of the more of the funniest discoveries that Shanon prepare for us in this book connect to the human identities of Luthcer, Urte, Bracke, and Eric's mom. To understand what I mean you will have to read it all by yourselves. We also had a chance to glimpse into the origins of the lights and shades, as well as a new breed of the two, which I found fascinating. I only, wish we could have more of it.

  • Jennifer Dunski
    2018-10-20 14:13

    Amazing series!Shannon has truly earned my loyalty with this series! It's fun, dangerous, heartbreaking, crazy and amazing! I truly enjoyed Jessica/Iris, Eric/Shoman and the rest of the Shades, Lights and half breeds! This series is different from others and I really appreciate it and loved every minute of it! It was written beautifully!

  • Taylor
    2018-09-23 15:30

    Reviewed at my blog: Babbling Books*I received a free e-copy of this book from the author, but this in no way affects my honest opinion*“Fate was tricky like that. It consumed us when we thought we were free, and it freed us when we thought we were captured.” So, we have reached the end my friends. And what a bittersweet ending it has been. I was so excited to delve into this last book as you can probably tell from my review of the second, but unfortunately this last one has left me a little depressed if I’m honest. Overall I felt this final book was lacking some of what really made me love the first two, for instance…The romance between Jessica and Eric was so poignant and really wonderful in the first two books but I feel like it kind of became a back burner story in this one, which was sorely disappointing. I don’t necessarily think the author meant for it to be that way, it just happened because of how the plot developed and the situations that were put forward. By the end of the book I was almost questioning why Eric and Jessica were still together, which considering how the book ends I really shouldn’t have been doing. It just seemed like the whole book was tearing them apart and very little was done to bring them back together in the end.I wasn’t at all surprised about the different character reveals but that didn’t bother me, I liked that Crystal became more centered in this book and that she and Jonathan took more of a center focus. In all sincerity I was more interested in what was happening with them by the end then what was going on with Eric and Jessica who are the main couple.It was also nice to finally get more information on Eric’s mother, although some details I still feel a little in the dark about but that’s just probably my own confusion in connecting all the dots. Eric’s father also had some wonderful moments in this book that I felt were very nice in a subtle way. Parents don’t often feature as a major part in Young Adult novels so I liked that the adults were a bigger part in this series.The best part of the book for me was probably Jessica’s development, even though that was part of the reason why I don’t quite get her and Eric anymore. She really seemed to grow the most in this last book, especially in her interactions with Darthon and how she learned to stand on her own two feet.Most of my reason for rating this final book 3 stars is simply because there are a lot of depressing things that happen in this book, almost with no light moments. I’ve read very depressing books before but they’re always helped by having the occasional light hearted moment or sweet romantic interlude, but this book had very few breaks from the down mood it started in.The ending was good, but it still felt rushed and I almost wish there was one more book so that everything could’ve been expanded on more. In the last chapter it felt as if things were hastily explained that needed to be revealed earlier or that need a whole other book to sort out some of the loose threads.Overall I still really loved the series as a whole and I would recommend it for everyone to read who loves some urban fantasy mixed with a younger group of characters. Miss Thompson’s work is always very character driven so her books really draw you in and make you care about her characters as if you had a personal stake in what happens to them.I’m happy I got the chance to read this whole series, if anyone else out there has read it and wants to share their thoughts just post something in the comments and we can discuss!Review of the first book: Minutes Before SunsetReview of the second book: Seconds Before SunriseAnd may I suggest everyone go check out Miss Thompson’s site and her other books as well. They are well worth a read.*Thank you again to Shannon A. Thompson for your generosity and wonderful writing. I look forward to seeing any new material you have in the future!

  • Belinda
    2018-10-07 19:24

    Death Before Daylight picks up at the aftermath of the showdown between the Light and the Dark. It had been prophesized that the battle between Shoman and Darthon would bring about the end of the war between the two fighting factions. It would be a battle that only one could survive.Until Jessica came along.Without giving too much away for those of you who haven't read the first two books in the series, Jessica's arrival in the small town of Hayworth has a devastating effect on the battle between the warring sects and a prophecy that has been set in stone for years.Since the battle, everything has been turned on its head, leaving Jess and Eric confused and mistrustful of even those closest to them. Members of both sides find their powers weakening, except for Shoman, Darthon and Jess. Since discovering that Jess holds the key to Darthon's success or demise, the Dark have been put on full alert as to the possibility of another attempt on Shoman and Jessica's lives.It's not long until Darthon makes the first move, and with devastating consequences. Both Shoman and Jessica are forced to confront a reality which they would rather pretend didn't exist. Both discover that there is no being 'normal' when living life as a Shade. Life not only Eric and Jess, but everyone in the town of Hayworth (humans included) becomes increasingly complicated and confusing.With Eric acting erratically and Jess revealing a devastating truth, the lines between fact and fiction, truth and lie start to become blurred. Long-buried secrets as well as hidden identities are revealed as Death Before Daylight brings the Timely Death trilogy to a thrilling climax.With Darthon confident of his position when it comes to his continuing confrontation with Shoman, the Dark seem to be a disadvantage, one which could see the Lights finally become victorious in the age old battle between the sects. Yet again, it is Jessica who holds the key as to which side will end up victorious.Jessica finds her faith and trust tested repeatedly, leaving her confused as to which side she is truly on. With Shoman and Darthon each attempting to convince her to ally with their side, could their persistence in fact cause her to do the opposite of what they intended?Jessica seems faced with an impossible choice - no matter which side she chooses, people will die.From start to finish, The Timely Death trilogy has been a thrilling roller-coaster ride full of romance, suspense, mystery, intrigue and a healthy dose of teenage angst. Shannon deftly carries the story between two of the trilogy's main characters (Eric and Jessica) and this dual point of view makes the unfolding story all the more intriguing. There's something quite fun about having a greater knowledge of what is really happening than some of the trilogy's characters do.Even with the dual storytelling, Shannon manages to weave in a number of twists and turns that leave the reader guessing, right until the very end. Though the trilogy is classed as 'Young Adult', I would recommend this series of books to anyone who enjoys a tale woven with romance, angst and the supernatural.

  • Heather
    2018-10-11 20:07

    There are so many things I loved about this book. I loved that I got to dive down deeper into the Light realm and see where they lived and learn more about the history of the Light and Dark. It was also great to see the development of Darthon and, of course, to learn who he is and his connection to Jessica, the Third Descendant. (Yes, I had some suspects in mind, and I was pretty much right on the money by the time all was said and done, but the way it all comes to fruition is fantastic.) The development of other characters, such as Linda and Robb, who we see more of after they transfer to Hayworth, and the development of Jessica’s friendship with Crystal are all welcome additions in Death before Daylight. Needless to say, with all these teens being potential Lights and Shades, it’s hard to know who to trust when reading. Because of this, the ending of this trilogy is nowhere near neat, but would it be believable if it was?However, no book is ever perfect. So without further ado, I want to say there were some things that I didn’t LOVE! Now these are not major complaints, just things that kind of left me meh, for lack of better words. Things that, though I feel this way, other people might not. For one, though the ending was fantastic, unpredictable in a lot of aspects, and overall wonderful, I ended the book thinking, “Ok…” I had and still have no burning desire to reread this ASAP. My heart wasn’t bursting with joy at how it all came together, nor was I shattered that certain characters died. The ending was great. It really was. But something about it just left me sitting there in my bed not really thinking much of anything.There is also this teenage lack of trust that permeates this book, more so than the previous ones. Don’t get me wrong, it’s typical Young Adult genre distrust. You find it in Harry Potter, Hunger Games, Twilight, etc. And maybe now that I am older, that distrust does not resonate with me. The distrust fits the story and is often valid. But maybe since it has been a few years since my teenage days, or maybe I trusted adults too much, there was a definite disconnect between this lack of trust and myself. Then again, I am not necessarily Shannon’s target audience.Finally, there was a plot hole. But to avoid spoilers, I will not go into detail here on Goodreads. (For my full review and thoughts on the plothole, check out my blog The Incorrigible Reader.) Don’t get me wrong, none of my issues with Death Before Daylight were deal breakers towards my affection for this trilogy. I still love it. I still think this was a perfect ending to the trilogy. I loved learning about the Light, and I loved learning more about these elusive characters. Overall, Shannon ends the Timely Death Trilogy in the most fitting manner possible by meeting and defying our expectations, teaching us that not everything is as it seems, and that true friendship is ultimately what gets you through hard times.

  • Lesley
    2018-10-23 17:12

    This was a 3.5 for me, but I will round up. Death before Daylight did give readers the final battle we’d been waiting for, but it was confusing at times, and it didn’t provide the closure I had hoped it would.Plot:Just when Eric and Jessica are reunited, Darthon finds a way to tear them apart and try to persuade Jessica to fight for the Light. In his efforts, he exposes the secrets the Dark has been keeping from Eric, including Jessica’s destiny, the truth about Eric’s mother’s death, and the reason Camille became Eric’s guard.Characters:Eric has really made some great strides as a character. He went from being a moody complainer in the first book to a protective, caring hero in the second book. This time around, he becomes even better because 1) his faith in Jessica has grown tremendously, and 2) he really sought to understand and try to do what was best for everyone. Jessica has also gone through incredible changes throughout the series. She started out caring and kind, and after her memory was wiped, she went to the extreme, putting everyone else’s needs above her. This time around, like Eric, she learns as much as possible, so she will know not only what she’s capable of, but also how to use those capabilities in everyone’s best interest. The same supporting characters appear. We got to see a lot more of Jonathan because he and Jessica are so much closer. That was actually a good thing since Jonathan is pretty much the comic relief. This time, Thompson reveals everyone’s alter egos. While Darthon’s wasn’t that much of a shock, there were a couple of surprises, especially regarding Lucither. The most changed, however, would be Eric’s father, who has grown more supportive and caring as the series progressed.Writing:Once again, there were very few mechanical and grammatical issues. (Yay!) There was some cursing, probably a little more than in the last book. And as you would expect in a book featuring the final showdown, there was a lot of violence, and Thompson could get pretty descriptive. Still, I would probably rate the book a PG.The Bottom Line:There were a few shifts in alliances, so I expected the final battle to be a lot more dramatic than it actually was. Also, while the book did have a happy ending, I didn’t really feel Eric and Jessica’s desperation to be together as much as I thought I would. Other than that, Death by Daylight was a fitting ending to an enjoyable series.

  • Holly
    2018-10-07 16:10

    Disclosure: I received a copy of this ebook for purposes of an honest review. The fact that I got the book free has no impact on my review or rating.If you read a number of my reviews, you'll start to see that I am a huge fan of books published by Clean Teen Publishing (and their adult counterpart, Crimson Tree Publishing). This series by Shannon Thompson is no exception, and in fact is one of my favorite series from CTP that I've read. I was so excited to get to this final chapter in Jessica and Eric's story, and I was really pleased with the way it ended! There were actually several twists that I wasn't expecting, and I was happy with every single one of them. I discovered I was right in my suspicions as to who several of the characters were in their Dark, Light, or human lives (pat on the back for me) but there was at least one big surprise that I truly didn't see coming (and which I LOVED!). I really appreciated the "message" at the end, ie, how the war between the Light and the Dark would ultimately end, and I LOVED how the central focus shifted. It's really hard to explain without giving anything away, so apologies if I sound really vague. There are just some stories / plot lines that have to be experienced all for oneself, and this is one of them! If you haven't read this series yet, or have started but not finished, I encourage you to get on with it!! It's definitely worth it.I think Shannon did am excellent job wrapping up the story -- absolutely nothing was left hanging - anf yet there is still room to continue Jessica and Eric's, and the Light and Dark's, story if she chooses to do so. (If you're listening, Shannon, I would go along with you if you DID choose to do so!!) It is bittersweet to get to the end of a series that you've so enjoyed, and to say goodbye to characters that you feel you've gotten to know, but it's certainly easier when the wrap-up is well done. So, for now anyway, I am okay with saying goodbye to the Light and Dark, to Jessica and Eric, Crystal, Pierce, Urte, Bracke and Mindy and Noah, and even Luthicer... But if they decide there is more of their story to be told, I will be first in line to listen!I highly recommend Death Before Daylight and the whole Timely Death trilogy. I hope you enjoy reading it as much as I have!

  • Lissa
    2018-10-04 21:23

    First of all, I would like to thank Shannon A. Thompson for supplying me with a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review. Also, I would like to apologise profusely for taking so long to read and review (I mean, a month, I feel so bad…). In my defense, I did re-read the second half of "Seconds Before Sunrise" on top of "The 5th Wave" (which I’m almost finished) and school. But still, no excuse."Death Before Daylight" was an intricately woven finale to a unique series in the paranormal world. The character development was brilliant, with plot twists all over the place (*cough* Lola *cough*). We also get a glimpse into the origins of the lights and shades, as well as a new breed of the two, which I found quite fascinating.The relationships in this installment were brilliant – the love between Eric and Jessica continued to grow and deepen despite the seemingly never ending issues they face; their friendships with Jonathan and Charlotte; as well as the value placed on family relations. New discoveries were made about the dead and the remaining relationships were fleshed out and developed beautifully.Linda was quite an interesting character who I enjoyed immensely. She was just so sassy and awesome, and while her actions might not always have been sound, she was coming from a good place and acting in the only was that she knew. Plus, it doesn’t hurt that she saved the books long before there was ever a need to.The only criticism I have about this book is not at all against the author, but a necessary evil in wake of the plot. As Eric is the only one Darthon reveals his identity to (and who is not at liberty to even slightly give that name away), there is an understandable frustration that comes when both Jonathan and Jessica seem to be looking in all the wrong directions. To be fair, they did work it out fairly quickly – but it was still exasperating nonetheless."Death Before Daylight" is an explosive conclusion that winds up the series in such a way that it leaves you satisfied, but wanting more of the beloved characters. I can’t believe that I finally have to say goodbye, and I will no doubt be revisiting them shortly.I highly recommend the Timely Death trilogy to those in the Young Adult genre seeking a unique twist to the standard paranormal. The series is very well executed and the world building is absolutely fantastic.

  • Nicole
    2018-10-08 21:10

    The battle between Dark and Light is nearly at an end. Eric and Jess must face one final hurdle to their love, but it could be the death of one or both of them. As we return to Hayworth, Kansas, the prophecy has failed and many on both sides have lost their lives. While many of the Dark report their powers weakening, Eric and Jess - and the new half-breeds - find their own powers growing and even in some cases changing. Darthon has also become stronger, and he is intent on taking over. This third installment brings us to the final showdown, and not everyone will come out alive.As with the previous book, Seconds Before Sunrise, the new plot starts right away. If you're reading the books straight through, this probably won't be an issue. However, if you've had much of a delay this may leave you a bit lost for a few chapters. I was also a bit disappointed in the increase in violence and strong language (including an f-bomb) in this final entry into the trilogy.Ms. Thompson has crafted an excellent story arc that is well-paced and characters that are dimensional and engaging. She handles alternating points-of-view better than most - I never found myself confused as to whether I was reading Eric or Jess. Her secondary characters are also solidly painted with their back stories revealed more fully as we near the end. I did see a few of the plot twists coming, but I wouldn't consider that detrimental. I was satisfied with the ending of the trilogy, and sad to say goodbye to Hayworth and it's residents.Disclaimer: I was given a free copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.Full review here: https://ennleesreadingcorner.wordpres...

  • Cindy
    2018-10-09 20:03

    The first two books in this trilogy held me spellbound from start to finish, and I found myself totally captivated by the love story of Eric and Jessica and the emotional and moral struggles they have to endure as a result of the ongoing war between shades and lights and the prophecy which leaves the fate of their kind resting heavily on their shoulders. I couldn't wait to see how the predictions of the prophecy would play out in Death Before Daylight and if Eric and Jessica would have a future together. Unfortunately, if I am to be totally honest, Death Before Daylight didn't quite live up to my expectations. Don't get me wrong, I really enjoyed it, but it just didn't mesmerize me or make my heart pound the same way as the first two books did. It is very well written, and I still found I couldn't put it down; however, I did find myself confused in some sections, which maybe put me off a bit. I am happy to say though that everything came together in the end, and I sighed in happiness as I turned the last page. My true rating is 3.5 stars. I was offered a free copy of Death Before Daylight in exchange for an honest review.

  • Jessica
    2018-09-22 22:02

    Death Before Daylight quickly draws readers back into the story in the wake of the final battle in book 2, Seconds Before Sunrise. The Dark searches for a way to win the war without destroying the world in the process. Illusions and long-buried secrets are exposed, with devastating effects. The plot is full of twists and turns; mistrust and doubt create confusion and even the prophecy is questioned. Fans of young adult fantasy or romance will enjoy this book and the series. I believe the characters would be relatable to the right age group. Unfortunately, I think that I may have outgrown my interest in the young adult genre. The level of teenage angst that permeates the story is just too much for me. It’s typical of the genre though so it doesn’t feel misplaced or inappropriate. Despite that personal issue, I thought Thompson did a good job of wrapping up the story and bringing the tale to a satisfying close. I was given a copy of the book in exchange for my review; you can read the full-length version here:

  • Jenny Bynum Black Words-White Pages
    2018-10-05 15:01

    Clean Teen Publishing provided me with a digital ARC copy of the book for review purposes only as part of the Clean Teen Publishing Elite Reviewers Team. No remuneration was exchanged.Wow, what a shocking story!! So many things happened in this story that I was not expecting!! This author has really outdone herself with this story. All the twists and turns and the suspenseful surprises really had me addicted to this book from beginning to end and I loved every minute of this wild roller coaster ride of events. I loved Jessica and Eric's love for one another and no matter what got into their way, they still loved one another and their bond, NO SPOILERS, is just phenomenal. You just dont find true love like that anymore. It's a wonderful Paranormal love story and one I highly recommend, but you have to read the first two to get the whole picture of these two phenomenal characters.This author not only gets a five book review from me but a standing ovation for her incredible writing style. I will be keeping my eye out for more from this awesome author.

  • Tamara Morning
    2018-10-21 20:18

    The time for the showdown between the Light and the Dark has finally arrived. Someone must die. All Eric wants is Jessica by his side for the battle to come, but as soon as they are reunited, fate intervenes and they’re torn apart again. With a new breed of shade in play, the three descendants finally meet, but Jessica and Eric aren’t expecting to hear the truth from Darthon, who reveals his identity to Eric, who cannot divulge the secret. Jessica must find out the truth for herself—and make a decision that will decide the fate of the shade worlds forever.Death Before Daylight is the last book in The Timely Death trilogy. The characters are believable and realistic, and the relationship between Eric and Jessica grows on every page. This world is a unique creation, with the Dark being good, and the Light bad, and the dual identities of all the shades is a great twist. This series is a fascinating, fast-paced read that will appeal to readers who love paranormal, fantasy, young adult, and romance.

  • Coral Mitchell
    2018-09-28 21:00

    I received a free copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.Eric and Jessica are searching for an ending to the life-long conflict between Dark and Light. Darthon knows more of what is going on and attempts to use that knowledge to his advantage and kill all but his own. Darthon reveals the truth to Eric, giving him the ability to end everything. But Eric is unable to act on this knowledge or tell anyone. Jessica must also choose a side to win based on her actions and what little information she can deduce. This final book in the trilogy was well paced and the characters well thought out. Too often, authors get caught too long in teenage drama and none of the characters thinking for themselves or talking to one another. I am so ecstatic this book was a wonderful exception to that. There was drama, but just enough to want to know more and the characters interacted with one another based on their life experience without long, drawn out, irritating dialogue.

  • Pau
    2018-10-01 18:15

    I have been with the author and the characters throughout the crazy adventure that is this trilogy and I am over and beyond thankful for being a part of it. I have watched the characters as they went through their ups and downs, their successes and losses, and I must say, this final book of the trilogy is everything I wanted for a final book. It answered the questions I had since book 1, it gave the characters their just endings, and most of all, it didn't leave me hanging with so many questions. Also, it didn't leave me wanting more. I meant that in a good way. Of course I would've wanted more because I love the characters so much, but in terms of the plot of the entire trilogy, everything came to an end well and good, leaving me as the reader contented and happy.

  • B.
    2018-10-18 19:24

    Woah. I'm not sure why nobody is talking about this saga or why is so not-known, because seriously is so damn good! I'm glad I accidentally choose it to read (plus the amazon kindle for the first book is actually free so go and get it NOW!)I loved each book more than the last and the characters were brilliant in this third one.I'm so glad Jonathan had so much space lately cuz he is one of my fav definitely.I would strongly recommended if you're looking for a nice trilogy with some true romance, action and a bit of humour. Stay dark!

  • Ojan
    2018-10-15 17:08

    A great conclusion to the series and leaves me wanting to explore Shannon's other works. This one offered a couple completely unexpected twists and a character reveal I definitely wouldn't have guessed. The story tests light vs. dark, love vs. hatred and loyalty is on the line. The connections and loose ends are tied up and leave you feeling content with the outcome and both happy and sad to have reached the end.

  • Erika Gill
    2018-09-22 21:22

    This book took forever to get through. Longer even than I've set here because I haven't figured out how to see when I started a book in the kindle app yet. I think the way the ending was set up led to the lack of entertainment on my end, but I knew it from the start of book one.

  • The Modest Verge
    2018-10-12 17:27


  • Nikki J
    2018-09-29 22:04

    Great Book!!!! It kept me guessing till the end, The perfect ending to a perfect series. I'm looking forward to future book from Shannon Thompson :)