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Title : Nobody's Dream
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ISBN : 23728493
Format Type : Kindle Edition
Number of Pages : 506 Pages
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Nobody's Dream Reviews

  • ~Mel :)~
    2018-10-18 15:05


  • Teresa
    2018-10-17 21:26

    Luke and Cassie....I'm biting my fingernails...

  • Kim
    2018-10-07 16:18

    It is sad for me to say but I think it is time for me to part ways with this series. The last book was the first clue that this series was taking a turn I wasn’t on board for but I held out hope for this one, sadly it just isn’t there for me anymore. The umph that was in the first books is gone, honestly at times I feel like I am reading a textbook with some of the inner thoughts and other things that are described at very long detailed length, which just aren’t relevant to the actual story and frankly boring. I never skimmed in the first books the past two I skimmed a lot.The beginning was dragging for me then right when it started to pick up with Luke and Cassie well other than the ludicrous (view spoiler)[ marriage thing(hide spoiler)], we have Karla and Adam taking over. I didn’t think I would complain about getting them but this time was all about delivering babies, nursing babies, and pretty much things I don’t need to know or care to know about the birth of their babies. I will say the surprise was just over kill, I can only picture nothing but shitty diapers from here on out…not romantic at all. Also this little comment Karla made truly grated on my nerves “some people never have one we are so blessed”, sorry but some people are blessed because they never had one and they are blessed that there was never a problem with any scares of or an actual unplanned one. After all this I just didn’t care to read any more about their daily baby drama.I also began to wonder if I was reading paranormal with all the out of body experiences going on in this one. Then to top that off we have the “talking” to animals thing, I just can’t even say anything more about that…. The spiritual mess in the last book was overdone and this one took it to a ridiculous level constantly, it made for hundreds of skimmed pages….While I felt for Cassie and what she went through, I just never liked or connected with her character at all and quite frankly wanted better for Luke. The man has more patience than any mere mortal to do all he did for her and it just wore me out reading it and not in a good way. Cassie’s internal conflict was so drawn out, repetitive, boring and annoying. Edited to add after reading comments from the author about the people who didn't "get it" because they found Cassie's character weak, tiring, and repetitive... I didn't expect her to just get over it, I expected character growth and not to have to read at great detail the same thing over and over and over. I mean the girl had conversations with a deity she prayed to so you would think she would have found some healing in the five years after her attack from that at least. Sorry that because these books turning into religious textbooks I lost my interest in them made me not a "true fan", I'm just honest when I read something that isn't up to par with previous work.I never felt the connection with these two like I did with the first books, the connection was just completely unbelievable for me with all Luke was willing to sacrifice for her, for his whole life. That ludicrous (view spoiler)[ marriage(hide spoiler)] happening when it did was probably the most unbelievable part for me and I never really got over that to be honest. Cassie had one thing right, he deserved better than to be used like that.I also wanted to mention that the implication that people who use the term “breaking a horse” or “broke a horse” uses abusive methods like mentioned were used on O’Keefe in training them or broke their spirit is, well downright offensive. I bred and raised horses for years using that term on occasion depending on the context, so do lots of other horse people who do not abuse their animals. This holier than thou attitude that Cassie seemed to have at times is one of the things I disliked immensely about her character. I work in animal rescue and there is no one way to treat, work with, care for, or help an animal much less time to worry about terminology used…seriously I wonder what she would think of the term “housebreaking” a dog…..after all not everyone is so “blessed” that they can “talk” to their animals…..

  • Gliese
    2018-10-18 21:24

    I think I'm gonna have a hard time putting this book down as soon as its out!

  • Maria Dimitrova
    2018-09-22 15:19

    Another well thought out book by Kallypso Masters. There had been a lot of research put into this. It's a rare thing to have in the romance genre. It makes the story feel that much more real. It's complex and messy but not unnecessary complicated. Sure there's a fair share of unbelievable and downright impossible moments but there are few and far between so they could be easily ignored. A rollercoaster of emotion that leaves you invested in all of the characters and wishing all that much harder for the HEA.

  • Sandra
    2018-10-14 19:11

    It hurts me that I gave this book only one star. As much as I liked the first books, I really dislike this one. I read "only" about 30% of it, but I just couldn't read any further. It just dragged on and on, it has weeks that my kindle was "stuck" on this book, and I just can't invest any more time into it.First of all, I dislike Cassie. I never liked her to begin with, and after what she basically forces Luke to do, I dislike her with a passion. She gives me high blood pressure! And all that even though I know it's just a fictional character!(view spoiler)[I mean, really? You have lived since how long alone on "your" mountain? And all of a sudden your macho brother comes along, shows off some macho male chauvinistic pig traits, and you kind of force Luke into marrying you???? FTR, Luke, how can you have yourself talked into that?Oh, and nobody can get to or from Cassie's place, except her brother who is not exactly familiar with the region there...The whole out-of-body whatever it was had my eyes almost rolling out of my head.Then, when you think Cassie might defrost a little and see that Luke is not some big bad monster, tada, we change to boring Adam and Karla and way too much blablabla about them having their babies.I never thought it possible, buut yes, I just said Adam was boring. Don't know how that happened, but it happened. Imho, Karla has always been boring, but whatever. (hide spoiler)]And then I couldn't continue.I had so much looked forward to this book. I liked the BDSM and erotica in the previous books, but after reading 30+%, and the only sexual reference is some nipple stuff while Karla is in labour (really?), no thank you very much, then I can just as well read another Danielle Steel book.Now I will mourn my love for this series dieing (sp??), and hope that the next book in the other series I love doesn't go the same way.

  • Cary Reenan
    2018-10-14 21:08

    I had been looking forward to this book for so long. But let me tell ya. I've never been more disappointed. This was the longest, most drawn out storyline ever. And it was a little ridiculous with all the spiritual crap going on. Communicating with animals?? This was supposed to be a BDSM book. There were 2400+ pages on my iPad. They didn't even get to the good stuff till after page 2000. Ugh!! Loved the other books in this series though.

  • Cynthia W
    2018-10-12 17:25

    Dull, uninteresting read. I enjoyed most of Ms. Master's Rescue Me series, but not this one. Thought Cassie was boring & had no idea why Luke would carry a torch for this woman. The plot, such as it was, was not all that interesting either. The author also managed to make a previous character, Adam, dull & boring - how that was possible, I have no idea. Blech.

  • Nancy Doherty
    2018-09-23 22:26

    The hole series was absolutely fantastic. I just loved it.

  • JG ~Jezabell Girl & Friends
    2018-10-02 19:28

    Ahhh, loved it!!!I feel like I have waited an age to read this story, and quite frankly I have. Luke and Cassie have been the hidden gems in this series to date and to understand and appreciate their lives, apart and together, we needed to unravel them. After ending with the avalanche, this story starts with Cassie caring for an injured Luke as he recovers from concussion and hyperthermia. Cassie, who lives alone in the mountains, finds Luke’s presence invasive but she tries to put aside her fears and feelings and cares for him as best as she can. Despite her tentative approach, Cassie warms to Luke and knowing that she needs to be handled with care, just like one of his rescued mustangs, Luke sets out to make Cassie see that she is safe, at least around him.This story is one of beauty. It builds slowly as Cassie un-peels layer after layer of her emotions in order to let Luke get closer to her. Deep down though, she knows Luke must return home but will she be able to now that Luke has started to invade her mind, body and soul. Living together up in the mountains, until the pass is cleared of snow to enable Luke to return home, we experience touching moments between Luke and Cassie. Their emotions, especially Cassie’s, are tangible and combined with Cassie’s beliefs we, as readers, also start to fall in love with these heartbroken and emotionally broken characters. I have a hard time appreciating and understanding BDSM as a practice and a lifestyle but with these stories, and as my awareness becomes greater, I can appreciate a gentle approach to being a dominant and that’s exactly what Luke demonstrates to Cassie. Although cautious, he is firm and conveys a clear message to her, albeit sensitively. In this story there is no graphic sexual scenes of a BDSM nature and that I appreciated, especially given Cassie’s fragility, but with her confidence she becomes trusting enough with Luke to experiment through the fear of being pushed outside of her boundaries. I still can't understand the concept of calling someone Sir though and this made my skin crawl on occasion, but that's just me! I loved Cassie’s Peruvian background to this story. Her spirituality was beguiling and thought provoking. Her ways and beliefs were simply breathtaking and portrayed in such a way by the author that readers experience a heightened sense of understanding. Cassie’s connection to animals was also endearing, especially her relationship with O’Keefe, Luke’s most damaged mustang. Owning horses myself, I would love to be able to develop a greater understanding of how their minds work and although whispering is subjective, taken lightly and alongside the storyline, it adds to the strength of the characters, human and animal alike. Cassie’s Alpaca's also had a starring role in this story, and again, just added to the overall experience of life with Cassie and Luke. Now, honesty time. I did skip over Ryder and Megan’s story in Nobody’s Lost to read this but although I probably missed some of the background to their relationship, I felt that it didn’t detract from Nobody’s Dream; however, having loved how well Luke and Cassie’s story flowed, I will definitely be reading their story, very soon. Review Requests: jezabellgirlandfriends@gmail.comWeb: http://jezabellgirlandfriends.comFB:

  • Laura
    2018-10-22 16:15

    I won´t be mentioning anything that could be a huge spoiler, but maybe learn a little bit about the culture you're referring to before publishing the book.I'll just mention three things that drove me INSANE:1. Any town with huge mountains and freezing weather is probably 7 to 10 hours outside of Lima, so going to Lima for a drink and then going back to said town, impossible.2. Maybe a 10% of the Peruvian population actually knows how to dance Marinera and if you listen to it, honestly it's very interesting but so not hot. 3. I think the author confused our culture with maybe an Islamic or Indian country? Because I haven`t ever heard of anyone forcing their kids to marry their rapist. It's more probable to hear that someone killed said rapist, we tend to frown upon that a little bit. So, maybe do a little research? Because this three things are at the top of my head.

  • Shauni
    2018-10-02 22:09

    Originally Reviewed For: Tea and BookWhen you read a series you have certain expectations, you have bonded with the characters and want more of past characters as well as learning about this particular couple By choosing to write a saga instead of a series, Kallypso Masters, has mastered that concept. We don't just get glimpses of beloved characters from previous books, they are active participants in the current book. Sure some of them just blink in and out, they are off having their own lives during this part of the saga, not every character belongs in every story Just like real life there are some things you don't get to attend.. The Rescue Me Saga is a brilliantly woven tapestry.. but most of the stories are Wild and Wanton, this dark and seething storm of passions. A Summer thunderstorm full of power, electricity swirling constantly. Nobody's Dream is the gentle rain that comes after the storm. The softly falling drops that soothe, that allows the sun to slowly peak through, a single beam of light that falls upon your arm, caressing and bringing hope. Luke and Cassie are two wounded souls, two individuals coming back from a darkness so deep it's a show of strength that they chose to go on. A beautiful story, A sensual kiss of hope rather than the sexual intensity portrayed in the rest of the Saga and that's how this story should have been written. For those of you who are interested in Kally but don't really go for BDSM.. then this is your book! Yes, Luke is a dominant personality and yes he has an interest in the possibility of BDSM but he knows what his Cassie needs and it isn't crazy monkey sex..Cassie Lopez has been a pivotal character since Karla and Adam's story, Nobody's Hero. We have watched her slowly connect with other females but she is extremely wary of men, a rape survivor. But in her story, we discover the depth of the atrocity she suffered and the total loss of faith. The betrayal she feels towards everyone, her faith, her family her very culture. There is a reason why she totally despairs Why she remains on her mountain for all intensive purposes, hidden. That is until Luke comes literally crashing into her home. Luke Denton, is a widower, having watched his wife and unborn child die in a spring avalanche. He was totally unaware of the powers of nature and had no clue what could happen. Watching his family die destroyed him, watching the SAR worker die along with them, filled him with guilt. If only... Now, 8 years later he is not only a SAR (Search and Rescue) member he saves abused horses and trains them. A true Renaissance man, he is a carpenter and artist, musician and friend. Loyal to those he calls friend. When he is determined to make sure Cassie makes it home one stormy night, he discovers that sometimes he too needs to be saved. Trapped by an avalanche these two are forced to learn to deal with each other. While Luke is a gentle man, Cassie remains skittish and afraid. It takes more than just words to prove he can be trusted. Slowly, second by second they began a friendship that turns into more.. What Kally does in this book is spectacular These two find a way to heal. I am not sure if they heal each other or if they begun to heal themselves because of the other. But it's a beautiful process. Watching Cassie face her betrayal and learn to accept in her head AND heart that not all men are going to betray her is so well written. Kally doesn't do one of those.. ok, it's chapter two and heroine must have sex.. nope, she treats her tenderly and watches her blossom. While Luke and Cassie are slowly healing there is a lot more going on with the Rescue Me Gang.. Karla finally has those babies.. and wow, what fun Kally gives us there! Can't say much about it but it's totally worth the wait.. I will say that Kally is an evil wench and throws in some great surprises.. We don't see tons of Damian and Savannah or Marc and Angel and even less of Grant but we do get some of each of them. And we see how each of their relationships are progressing. I will say this book made me cheer.. can't tell you where but it was a totally kick ass scene.. And it made me cry.. can't say where that happened either. But both scenes were so very powerful and truly wonderful. What Kally does probably better than almost every other writer I enjoy is to bring out my emotions in depth. I am invested in these characters, in a very special way they are real. Yes, I know it's fiction but Kally makes them special and allows a reader to bond with them. A true gift. I seriously recommend this book. To everyone. It moves away from Kally's traditional BDSM because this story requires something different. Something tender and true. But it retains Kally's signature emotional bonding. Her group of individuals that have created a family that stands together throughout any storm. And now we must wait for the next book.. Seriously Kally.. write faster!!Shauni

  • Delta
    2018-09-27 16:17

    4.5 starsCassie's and Luke's book was so worth the wait... And a triumphant return for Kallypso Masters following her battle with cancer. The 4.5-star rating is not about sentimentality; it is about the powerful story. Cassie Lopez is an artist who survived a vicious gang rape when she was a college student. Her PTSD is so severe that she lives in seclusion in a mountain top cabin, far from crowds, and (especially) far from men who trigger terrifying flashbacks. Luke Denton is a widower whose pregnant wife perished in an avalanche eight years earlier. He found healing in rehabilitating abused horses on his modest ranch and becoming a Search and Rescue team member. Luke also builds custom furniture, including pieces for the kink club run by his friend Adam Montague. Cassie is best friend to Adam's wife, Karla. Acquainted because of their mutual friends, Luke quickly recognizes Cassie's skittishness and aversion to men as her reaction to a serious trauma. Luke realizes that it will take a gentle hand and much time to build trust if he would hope to build a relationship with Cassie. When Luke is seriously injured in an avalanch on Cassie's mountain, it is up to Cassie to rescue him. Trapped together for weeks by snow that blocks all access to Cassie's cabin, Luke and Cassie begin to get to know one another.Even though some of the plot is predictable, it is a beautiful and moving read because Masters does not rush the story or the healing of the characters. Her sensitivity to survivors of abuse is very evident. One of the things I most enjoy about the Rescue Me series is that instead of focusing on the "damage" of characters, it focuses on the strength of characters as they overcome tremendous challenges and on the healing power of love.To fully appreciate Nobody's Dream, the series should be read in order. Both Cassie and Luke and their histories are introduced in earlier books of the Rescue Me series.

  • Katie
    2018-09-22 21:17

    Sad to say, this just did not work for me. I think I'm done with this series as the last three have been a steady decline of disappointments, and there was nothing here leading me to need to know more about these folks.The length of this would not have bothered me if it been faster paced and a better told story, but there was a lot of repetition and very little momentum other than my finger tapping the kindle to turn the pages. It was kind of good visiting with the other characters, but very few of these interactions felt necessary to the overall plot, and were not woven in - rather, slathered like blobs of mayo on a PB&J - to keep up with a timeline of events. I get that this series is an ongoing saga and we're going to see snippets of other characters...thats a good thing. But they should be carefully woven in only if they can serve a higher purpose to the main plot.SPOILERS AHEAD if you've read it or like living on the edge.(view spoiler)[I was really thrown off by the additional psychic elements. I knew Cassie had the occasional 'vision' and that her spirituality was linked to her Peruvian ancestry...but this just seemed to go OFP with astral projection and telepathic conversations with animals. While I believe we should all respect another's spiritual beliefs, I was surprised Luke was so quickly and readily quirked brow or request for more information, just "Okey doke, you can help me talk to my horses. Maybe that one's an artist." Really? No skepticism? At ALL? That's something that could have been explored a bit instead of a lot of the repetition - not only to help Luke believe...but the reader too. (I, for one, had a number of WTF moments.)This was a series in the BDSM genre. Somewhere along the way it totally derailed. I'm thinking in book three, if memory serves. It was done so well in the beginning, especially with Damien and Savannah, showing that it could be used for healing, gaining trust, sexual awakening, good and healthy tools of self awareness and growth...not debasement or perversion. There was just so little here, and not until the final chapters, that I don't think it ticks the checkbox for the genre any longer. I was looking forward to seeing how Cassie could benefit...and how Luke could grow from "baby Dom" (ick at that term, BTW), into just Dom. Zilch. Never discussed, never really broached as a topic. Just completely glossed over and hidden from Cassie like a dirty little secret everyone else was in on. Another opportunity lost for exploration, story arc, momentum.In my review of Nobody's Lost I wondered if I could find a reason in Nobody's Dream why Ryder and Megan's story demanded to be told. Other than them being inserted into the timeline, there was nothing that jumped out...just more mayo on the PB&J. I'd at least expected a stronger reaction from Adam....but nothing.Timeline...not sure why we're stuck in 2012 other than this was how the series was loosely plotted and we aren't allowed to leave yet. Skipping into another year or two would have also helped with momentum maybe. I don't think we needed chapters on birthing triplets. That could have been a conversation, a BRIEF memory discussed between "Remember when you were birthing all those babies and I was still afraid of men? Not much has changed except I'm married now...and I think I want Luke to tie me up. Thoughts?" And, just to say, I'm not offended by childbirth, or the telling of it, but I could truly find no purpose to the arc of the story...just timeline filler. (hide spoiler)]I'm not an author, but I write as a maybe someday when my Kindle is surgically removed from my hands. But I'll share what my Creative Writing professor told me in college: Writers write. Anyone can write and be a writer. An author, a great one, not only writes, but digs the story like it's a bone from the soul, gnaws away the flesh, carves it until he finds the marrow and cooks it down, then flavors it to perfection. Then, only then, serves it to the reader. The man was really wise or a sicko cannibal, or possibly both. But this has stuck with me for more than 30 years as a hobby writer...I'm not done gnawing on anything I've written. I have the highest respect for the people who put their work out there to be read, rated, judged, blasted, and adored. Especially the Indie author's, who are just doing it. Putting their souls on display for a world of readers. What a great time in the era of publishing to be able to do this. Ceilings have been obliterated and opportunities abound for those with courage, a keyboard, and an idea. So...kudos to Kallypso Masters for doing it and making a few best seller lists along the way, while fighting and kicking cancer's ass no less. Just this time...I don't think she was done carving marrow out of the story.

  • Zee1
    2018-10-20 22:25

    Oh man.. this was SO boring. Like.. SO boring. I did not expect that. Promising premise. But JFC, I had to fight sleep at a few points. And I ended up skimming most of the book because it was DULL. A lot of the "supernatural" stuff made me roll my eyes so hard. And the whole "twist" of them getting married was ridiculous at best. And seriously, EVERYTHING was "exotic" to Luke. EVERYTHING. White, American Male stereotype much? I wanted to root for Cassie, for her to overcome her tragic past, but I just couldn't muster up the energy to care. And Luke.. who seemed so promising in earlier books, pretty much put me to sleep.Worse than all of that, the author managed to make Adam and Karla boring.... their book was I think the most surprising to me since I was so sure I would hate it because of the age difference, but Adam was an amazing Dom.. But omg... I cannot explain how boring their chapters were. All the absolutely pointless baby stuff, going on and on and on and on and on for chapters. SNOOOOOOZE. I really don't want to read after the "The End"s of most couples in these kinda books, and that right there is the reason. They were flat, generic, boring, almost sitcom-ish characters. No amount of Adam's Dom voice saying "Eyes on me." was going to change that. Sigh. Kinda wish I hadn't picked this up.

  • Lauren-Sophie
    2018-09-29 16:21

    DNF at 90%. Wow, that was a bad book.Sometimes you read about a character thinking "I want to be her friend". Yeah, with Cassie? Not so much, I wanted to punch her face! She was raped, which is HORRIBLE. But she envied all her friends, hated her life, complained ALL THE TIME but she didn't do anything to change her life!Luke? He was NO ALPHA, he was a push-over! What an unsexy guy.Ms Masters, have you ever been to Peru? You must confuse it with Arabian countries or India. Never ever heard a story about girls who were married to their rapist in Peru.Also the Adam and Karla part? So over the top unbelievable.So sorry but I think somebody didn't do their research.Sad to say this, but after "nobody's lost" this was the second bad book from this author and I am done.The first four were great/good but like we say in Germany "die Luft ist raus", there is just nothing to more to tell and the series is dragged on.

  • Bill
    2018-10-09 22:30

    SPOILER ALERTI loved all the previous books. They all had a good story and likeable characters. This book wa horrible. It read almost like the Savi's book and the end soo predictable. What were we supposed to think when they went back to Peru? That Pedro wouldn't show up? I see a parallel, kidnapped and saved at the last second. Luke was also pretry pathetic at the beginning. How many times is the man going to end up unconcious in the snow? It felt like there was alot of "filler" content. Unnecessary things that just added pages. However, the main problem was the heavy spiritual aspect. Out of body experiences and " sensing peoples prescences", and Goddess this and Goddess that. When did the books become science fiction/fantasy. I was so disappointed that all the naughty stuff was crammed into the last bit of the book. I'll wait for a book on Grant but with less anticipation.

  • Lidia
    2018-10-09 14:27

    For some time I have looked at number of pages of book, I was surprised by length, too long but I made it, not been much hard because I love Mrs Sinclair and this saga. Also if I must speak my mind, the Cassie and Lukas's story was too long winded , and maybe we had so much expectancy for Cassie and Lukas's characters , but those portraits in someway not made it. Cassie is a strong woman but also naive and her speaking at animals and godness was a bit weird. Luke is wonderful man, but also a saint: too good for be true. Like forMegan and Ryder's story, also this of Cassie and Luke didn't have the same strong, wired intensity of other books of saga,not as Mrs Sinclaire get we accustomed.

  • Jean
    2018-10-01 19:19

    Now I know why it took me so long to go back to this book and read it after starting in 2015. IT'S TOO DAMN LONG!!!!! And this was Luke and Cassie's story which I had really been looking forward to reading.I liked the whole storyline, but seriously, it was almost a DNF for me because of the length. But alas, I did finish and it was part of my monthly challenge for May for "Try Again".

  • Cassandra Caress
    2018-09-29 14:12

    Where's the "can't give it enough stars as it is so stunning"-category? Really, 5 stars aren't enough! Kally outdid herself once again. If you have already read the other books in the Rescue Me Saga, you know that every book is different, unique and captures you. So it's no surprise that Nobody's Dream is yet another unique experience and exceeded my expectations.As known from the previous books Luke lost his wife while hiking and also Angels father lost his life trying to rescue Maggie. This has been years ago and yet Luke can't shake the guilt. Surprisingly we'll get to know that's not the grief over his dead wife that has him struggling. It kinda seems natural that he tries to help and rescue the abused and abandoned, mostly horses. But ever since that very strange and unbelievable moment in the hospital (after Adam was attaced by a cougar), Cassie is never far from his thoughts. So when an avalanche warning for her pass is out, it's no wander Luke follows her to make sure she gets home safe. But then it's him getting hit by one and he might join his wife's fate.As much as Cassie hates being around people and only lets Kitty touch her, she's the one that finds Luke and now has to nurse him back to health. A hypothermia and concussion make it necessary that Cassie gets closer than she's comfortable with. She trusts no man, even a passed out shaking Luke has her walls high up and herself on alert. But her caring nature can't let him die in her cabin. So she sheds all cloth and warms him back to life.In those days it's impossible for those two not to get to know each other better. Luke already suspected something going with Cassie before and now only experience more of her carefulness and defenses. But his work with rescued horses wouldn't be as suscessful if he wouldn't be a very patient man. He's determined to show Cassie she is safe with him and open up to him. Maybe his Dom tendencies will help him?We have heard what happened to Cassie in the cantina in previous books. So it's no wonder that Cassie won't trust anyone again. And that every time they make progress, thoughts of that one faithful night jump up again and it's three steps back. But even in her high-alert state Cassie can't keep her guard up long enough. Will she be able to experience the Ka-thunk moment Kitty told her about?Another accident with Luke suffering another hypothermia and concussion, an early visit from Cassie's brother and a wildfire change their lifes and bound them together forever. All those emotions and feelings, the ups and downs, the spirituality and patience, the sensuality and the hope for more - all that is amazingly transported by Kallypso Masters outstanding writing. Yes, it is a very long book. But it's worth every page and hour of reading. You start thinking about faith and spirituality even more. It opens your mind to other religions and beliefs and traditions. You might curse some, but open your mind to others. In the end, it's what makes Luke's and Cassie's story so much more magical.Kally is not just driven to show people spirituality, but also the many facettes of BDSM. And also it's way to help overcome tragic events.And just like it's Kallys habit, we get to see a glimpse of the other couples in the saga, most prominent this time are Master Adam and Karla. We already knew that Karla is pregnant. But Kally wouldn't be Kally if she makes it easy for them. After a big OMG, squeal moment, there's also an OMG, no no no, moment. We see a top Marine brought to his knees by new life and his young wife showing him that's able to be strong and guide him. Still, there are issues for them to overcome and I'm already looking forward how their life will change and where it will go.As the Rescue Me Saga family is very close, it's no surprise that they don't hesitate to help out. And this family is just growing and growing.My words won't be able to do this book justice. It can be read as a standalone, but it's recommended to read from the beginning. Because it's definitely worth it and the Saga is one of my fav all time series.

  • Big Joe
    2018-10-12 22:22

    Best Rescue Me Saga book to date!!!This is Cassie and Luke's story. Cassie was betrayed in the worst way by someone she was suppose to be protected by. Broken, she has isolated herself from humanity in her mountain cabin her only companionship are her fur babies.Her life is thrown into turmoil when Luke, who had been following her, in a non stalker way, to make she got home okay, is taken by an avalanche. She rescues him but with no way to get him medical attention he needs she must do it herself. For a woman who has ZERO contact with the male population. Having to warm Luke from his hypothermia. As they interact, she begins to grow closer, while fighting to stay away at the same time.Luke has been drawn to her since the 1st time he saw her a year ago. Then when she drew the picture of his dead wife and child, 2 people she had never met! He was drawn in ever more. Wanting to get her to open up and like him, it is a huge struggle. But he is determined to win her heart.When they come to a unique deal that gives both of them a little of what they need even that is turned upside down by fate, or in this case a fire and once again they are thrown into close quarters when she is forced to live with him.They grow closer, discomforting to Cassie, not close enough for Luke but a trip home to Peru for Cassie, with Luke in tow, will change everything. When her past, their present and their futures will collide in a gripping way.Trust me if you loved or even just liked any of this series by Kallypso Masters you will LOVE this book.

  • Sue
    2018-10-20 20:29

    Read April 5th to April 6, 2015MAGICAL AND MAGNIFICENT!!!This novel was so worth the wait!! And trust me, it is a full fledged novel. Cassie and Luke's story was captivating and very intricate. Cassie is so wounded, scarred and suffers from her own form of PTSD that she can hardly stand human contact. Luke is warm, patient, welcoming and loves to rescue animals. When he first met Cassie, he was intrigued. Overtime, he became enchanted. This was a magnificently written story about two people who had to overcome and deal with a horrific past event. Through patience, friendship, understanding and love healing finally begins. This story continues threads from all the previous books and characters. It brings us forward to the birth of Adam and Karla's baby. How Marc and Angelina are doing. No previous characters were left out of the updates. I thought this story was wonderful and more than I ever expected. I applaud you Kallypso Masters, and say Bravo for giving us another masterpiece. Thank you. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND THIS BOOK AND THIS SERIES!!!

  • Amy Braden
    2018-10-08 20:07

    Disappointing.....May contain spoilers........I had very hard time reading this book. I've been a fan of the authors and have devoured the other books in the series but this one was disappointing. The repetition was annoying. At time I felt things were discussed over and over to increase the word count. Then the editing came into play - Luke gets out a dish that Cassie made, thinks she's such a good cook and then a paragraph later he's throwing away the congealed gravy and mashed potatoes from his frozen tv dinner. Then people are arriving at 9:00 for a party, they're talking about barbeque and it's 9:00 am. And there's a scene where Cassie still isn't comfortable with Luke but gets into bed naked and he wears a towel to bed. Honestly there were lots of times I went back to re-read a paragraph thinking I must have overlooked some details. I did enjoy seeing what was happening with the other couples.

  • Carol
    2018-09-24 21:04

    Oh no!!! really disappointed with this book, took me over a month to read which is a shame as I am an such an avid reader, was really looking forward to Cassie and Luke's story but it just never touched me the way the others have done, yes we all know of her trauma and not everyone deals and heals the same , but in their story it was soooooo long drawn. Luke was a real godsend, and I'm thankful for reading about his caring and nurturing ways, but above that their is nothing more I can say to this review as the story was so repetitive I skipped pages just to get to the end to hear Cassie's happy ending.

  • Paige Turner
    2018-10-14 20:20

    Beautiful love storyWhat a beautiful love story! Cassie is broken but Luke is there to help her heal. He was patient with his words and love. Cassie was able to accept Luke for the kind hearted man that he is. I loved every word and glad that they took there time exploring their relationship first. The book brought out sad and happy tears.I also enjoyed reconnecting with the other characters.

  • Cole
    2018-10-19 21:28

    Got to 25% and just couldn't contine. I found the heroines lack of use of contractions annoying and the plot bad. Everything is so dramatic and over the top. And then the poof lets get married for no reason just made me say enough. So sad because I really liked the first couple of books in the series and really wanted to read about Karla and Adam. But in the last few books the dialog and plots were cheesey.

  • Laura
    2018-10-04 15:30

    This is my first review and unfortunately it is not going to be good. I absolutely loved this author when I first came upon the series and then I waited and waited some more and then waited even longer. So I am giving up. Which is pretty sad considering I waited patiently for YEARS. So sorry but I will never buy another book from this author because I feel strongly that she got caught up in the conferences and hoopla and totally forgot about her readers.

  • Ana
    2018-10-10 18:03

    the book is horrible. the only thing that i liked about it are stories of other characters from previous books.Cassie is so boring and annoying...also she's a witch, horse whisperer, melodramatic and irritating because ok, she was raped...but god! get over it. she is too weak, and luke doesn't deserve her, he deserves better.

  • Melly
    2018-10-07 15:08

    I really enjoy this author and this series, however this one was just ok for me. I enjoyed Luke and Cassie as characters, however the book seemed too long and I really could have done without so much of the other characters in the series hijacking the book, just Cassie and Luke's story would have been great. I skimmed over the entire storyline between Adam and Kitty in this one.

  • Brooke
    2018-10-08 21:00

    This was an enjoyable book but it wasn't my favorite out of the series. It was longer than I think it really needed to be. At times I was frustrated with Cassie's character and the repetitiveness of her internal conflict. I enjoyed the continuation of the other relationships from previous books being included.