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This explosive book blows the lid on one of the most shocking crimes of our modern era. But it does more than that. How They Murdered Princess Diana is the most complete evidence-based account of the assassination of Princess Diana yet written. It delivers on providing answers to many of the key questions surrounding the 1997 Paris crash that took the lives of Diana and heThis explosive book blows the lid on one of the most shocking crimes of our modern era. But it does more than that. How They Murdered Princess Diana is the most complete evidence-based account of the assassination of Princess Diana yet written. It delivers on providing answers to many of the key questions surrounding the 1997 Paris crash that took the lives of Diana and her lover Dodi Fayed – Who did it? Why was Diana assassinated? How was it carried out? It also exposes the massive inter-governmental cover-up that has taken place throughout the 17 years since the deaths. This book takes the reader through the entire story – right from the breakdown of the Diana-Charles marriage through to the 2013 sham police “scoping” of allegations of SAS involvement made by Soldier N.It covers the critical events that took place in Paris on the last day of Diana and Dodi’s lives. It reveals that the crash in the tunnel was orchestrated by MI6 on the orders of senior British royals. Princess Diana survived the crash but was effectively murdered by deliberate mistreatment in the ambulance by people who were supposed to be saving her.The individuals involved in the murders are exposed – it is revealed that Sherard Cowper-Coles, former UK ambassador to Saudi Arabia, headed the MI6 operation on the ground in Paris. The roles of other operatives in this highly coordinated assassination are addressed in detail.This is the first book to cover the complete story in such chilling detail – a true account using the witnesses own words that at times will leave the reader shocked, aghast and breathless. How They Murdered Princess Diana shows that the 2007-8 London inquest into the deaths – headed by Lord Justice Scott Baker – was one of the most inept and corrupt inquests in the history of the British judicial system. It also exposes the 2004-6 Scotland Yard Paget investigation as a huge farce that was more dedicated to covering up the facts of what occurred than to uncovering truth. The perpetrators never thought anyone would or could ever do a full investigation piecing it all together – but this is exactly what John Morgan has done. As a result of nine years of investigative research he has produced the definitive work on the Paris assassination – the uncensored record of what occurred, how it was done and who did it.How They Murdered Princess Diana is the long-awaited abridgement of the six volumes of the highly-acclaimed Diana Inquest series. It documents the shocking truth – the shameful account of the state-sponsored assassination of Britain and the world’s most loved princess, Diana Princess of Wales....

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How They Murdered Princess Diana: The Shocking Truth Reviews

  • Pete daPixie
    2019-04-16 12:55

    John Morgan has been studying the Princess Diana case over many years. His previously published works on this subject cover the British Paget investigation and the Inquest into Diana's death.'How They Murdered Princess Diana:The Shocking Truth' (2014) is described as a single volume abridgement of the Diana Inquest series. This is the most complete narrative account of the Paris crash and the death of Princess Diana yet written.My Kindle reader required re-charging three or four times before I finished this book. It is certainly a monumental achievement by the author, who covers every aspect of the case evidence with expertise and authority. (Unfortunately the French authorities, Scotland Yard's 'Paget' investigation and the 2006 British Inquest, certainly did not.)I have never been one to fawn over our Royal family, particularly the future King Charles III. My prior knowledge of the events in Paris in 1997 were derived from the media alone. That being... Diana and Dodi Fayed were both killed when their high powered car hit a pillar in a tunnel. The crash, perhaps caused by chasing paparazzi, a drunken driver and a mystery white Fiat Uno, resulting in Diana's death before reaching hospital. Followed by Tony Blair's slimy 'the people's princess' and a week of sobbing hysteria. A dilemma as big as The Ritz.It is glaringly apparent that what I have been previously led to believe is totally and completely wrong.I will admit that this book is a monster. A huge text with fully annotated Notes, photographs, diagrams, Inquest documents etc. It's not for the casual reader, but having said that, as stated above, this certainly is the most complete account yet written. It is beyond any doubt that this was no accident and for almost twenty years now has been subject to a blatant cover-up of a state sanctioned assassination. For such a comprehensive and thorough account I cannot rate this below five stars.

  • Mary Karpel-Jergic
    2019-04-17 13:12

    To be honest, I got really lost in this book amongst all the fine detail that John Morgan has amassed whilst researching for this book. It is such a comprehensive account of the events that surround the death of Princess Diana and his scholarly approach must be applauded. However, for an easy read - forget it!If you have the slightest suspicion that her death was part of a conspiracy, this book will confirm your worst doubts and maybe even cause the odd nightmare! I am left with bewilderment as to why it took so long for Diana to be taken from the scene of the crash to the chosen hospital (which in itself seems a ridiculous choice of hospital). It took one hour and forty five minutes and I still can't really fathom what the doctor was actually doing to her during this time and why she couldn't be moved sooner, with more haste. Also the slow ambulance speed is disturbing, not to mention the five minutes outside the gates of the hospital upon arrival. An eyewitness said he saw the ambulance rocking. It just is so scary if you think of the possible reasons for this. The official reason, like all the communications between medical staff at the scene and those at the hospital, doesn't really provide a crystal clear, satisfactory account.More disturbing is the fact that her body was left in a room without air conditioning. (She should have been moved to the cold mortuary). I would hate this to happen to anyone. In addition to this she was embalmed twice. Once in Paris by a novice and again in the UK. Embalming would have had an impact on the second autopsy conducted in the UK. It does read like an incredible cover up but the scale of it is so big that it is this which beggars belief. The number of people to be involved in such a conspiracy is mind blowing. However, it doesn't make it impossible. Morgan suggests that Sherard Cowper-Coles (who was the Political Counsellor in Paris at the time that the crash occurred) was the head of this conspiracy. Interestingly, I read somewhere that Cowper-Coles inspired mission impossible!

  • Gary Gregory
    2019-04-09 13:47

    Finite DetailVery thorough and extensively researched. Includes all the necessary information for the reader to come to their own conclusion. Great Read

  • Dr.J.G.
    2019-04-04 20:01

    The topic is aligned with the last few books read about various royals of Europe, but in most other ways this is closer in spirit to an earlier work that had then shocked the west, "Holy Blood, Holy Grail", in that both works point at several inconsistencies and gaps in the official version of the story, and ask questions, and provide answers that alone make any sense out of the said gaps and inconsistencies.Both works took down huge and powerful ancient institutions, a peg or a notch and in fact the whole pedestal as well, albeit not quite into oblivion they deserve to be in. Also of course, inevitably, this reminds one of the film JFK, although that was about a true story of Jim Garrison who alone prosecuted anyone in context of the murder, and lived on. Diana lacked a Garrison only in the sense no one quite succeeded in calling the bluff quite so openly and officially, although in another sense she had more than one knight who did come forth with facts and forced the officialdom to open inquests when they had no intention of doing so, and what's more, the jury at the British inquest delivered a verdict of "unlawful killing" after they were explicitly told they could not call it a murder, and further named the motorbike riders that had pretended to be paparazzi but were not, harassing the couple and causing the crash quite intentionally. This work goes further than JFK in exploring the whole scenario as completely as known till date, which one must suppose JFK did do when it was made, or rather when Garrison prosecuted the case. More is known or found since, and put in context in a video on internet that runs about a couple of hours or longer, named "JFK to 9/11". Somewhere along the way reading this book, one wonders if the monarchy as an institution has run long past its expiry date, especially in England, since this story has far more in common with the last Tudor to rule England - the male royal can do as he pleases, whether born royal or married one, but the women, especially the brides, must risk their lives if they do not please the royals at any point of their life. That Diana is mother to future king of England did not spare her life any more that it did that of Anne Boleyn, the mother of Queen Elizabeth I who was in effect the mother of the nation that England became, out of the small and harried one that she had inherited. Further ironies of course have been obvious for a while. The much disapproving royalty of the day that never granted wife of Duke of Windsor a royal status and took it away from Diana, Princess of Wales, has post her death allowed her ex husband to marry a divorcee and retain his royal status, and if he is required to abdicate his succession as his great-uncle King Edward VII was before coronation, it is not yet known. Perhaps they are trying to make people accept it by playing low key, and people after all have little power in a nation where even in court one is required to swear allegiance to monarchy before swearing to truth. As to the actual story of the crash, and the lies and discrepancies and intrigue surrounding Diana that ended in the fatal crash causing her death along with that of her then love, and the lies and the cover up that began immediately and went on in face of facts known to the contrary, all described and exposed in this work, it is horrifying and, needless to say, tremendously disgusting. One is horrified and disgusted enough when it happens to any bride, any woman, in any society, any nation. But the lie that is propagated in west making one expect west to be as civilised as west claims, makes this story all the more horrible, all the more disgusting one with the people who went along with the official lies, murder and cover up.

  • Roxanne
    2019-04-10 12:49

    This book also states Princess Diana was taken by MI6 but then at all the hearings by judges after the fact were corrupt to protect the Royals.