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Please note - this novella must be read after reading Tamed. In Tamed, you heard Amber's side of the story. Now, it's Adam's turn. What happened after Tamed? What was going through Adam's mind in key scenes of Tamed? It's time Adam had his say. This title is a novella - approximately 26,000 words....

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Adam Reviews

  • Mara De Guzman
    2019-01-26 19:24

    ★★★★4 Adam StarsARC received from the author for an honest reviewReview also posted on Mara's Bookshelf"I'd believed that soul mates and love at first sight were bullshit, but Amber had changed all of that. She had changed everything. That first glimpse of her had spun my fucked-up world out of control."We've read Amber's side of the story from Tamed, the fifth standalone book in the Torn series, and if you've read it, I'm sure you're also itching to know Adam's side of it. What he thinks, how he feels, why he acts that way, I found myself asking these questions while reading Tamed and this novella let me inside this broken man's head and heart.K.A. Robinson shares with the avid readers of this series Adam's POV in some of the most important parts of his and Amber's love story from Tamed and I loved it! Although you can say this is mostly a re-telling of the earlier book from Amber's POV, there are still new materials to swoon over! Like Gabriella being a cute baby, Chloe doting on baby Gabi, Adam being an incredibly sweet daddy and lover, a happy and very much in love Amber, and basically the whole gang still as entertaining as ever.Tamed is a standalone and you don't need to read this novella to get the conclusion of the Amber and Adam's story but I highly recommend you read this especially if you're a sucker for a cheesy, mushy, sweet HEA like myself! Adam will for sure make you smile and dreamy sigh!Stars: 4 starsRecommended to: Torn series fans, especially Amber and Adam's story.POV: First person. Male POV.Series: Yes. Novella.Extra Comment: It's wonderful reading Adam as a dad! *insert hearts and butterflies*

  • K.A. Robinson
    2019-02-12 21:02

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  • Jujubee
    2019-01-27 18:00

    I read this in the anthology All I Want. I had not read any K. A. Robinson stories before, even though I have the Torn series on my TBR list. IMHO, this is definitely a read that needed to be read in order!While the secondary characters came across better, the way the author plotted this short story in the past and present only added to how much I felt the MCs were just TSTL. Told in this fashion, by Adam's POV, he comes across as an unredeemable asshat and Amber *sigh* Jeezus, just really, where is your self-respect? Based upon other fans of the series reviews, clearly one would need more time to develop give-a-care feelings for these two. Not my cuppa at all. 1 star for baby Gabby.

  • Kimothy
    2019-02-06 16:20

    OMG, i fricking loved this novella. I really enjoy reading characters POV on situations, so as i have read Tamed by K.a. Robinson which was a 5 star read, i could not wait to get my hands on this novella. Adam and Amber have a relationship that is always on full boil even when they hate each other. So it was interesting to see Adam's POV on such influential scenes as the first view, first sexy time and the heart breaking moments him and Amber have shared. What is really cool is K.a Robinson takes us on a bit of a relationship time hop, one chapter we are in the past observing Adam and his POV of the situations we know happened with himself and Amber. Then we get whole new material!!! We find out what happens after Tamed finished, such as the deep love Adam has for Amber and where their relationship goes next. I will not tell you what this is as it will only spoil it. In addition we also get to see Chloe and Drake as well as the other supporting characters in these new scenes. I loved Adam in Tamed and i am being very serious here i whole heartedly hated him for what he said and did to Amber - he was one to talk at times (pot calling kettle)!! Yes i did love him overall but to read these scenes from Adams POV when he lets rip at Amber is more shocking, seeing it through his eyes and how Amber looked when lashed with the vitriol he spouted is even more heart breaking and again i wanted to reach into my kindle and shake him to say, look you two are perfect for each other!! This novella is in the anthology called All I Want, and i really recommend you purchase it and fall in love even more with Adam and Amber (swoon)

  • Jenn's Book Obsession
    2019-02-16 18:15

    OMFG!! I am head over heels with Adam. I absolutely fell in love with him in Tamed Book 5 in the Torn Series, which was told from Amber’s POV. So I was super ecstatic that K.A. Robinson did a novella in Adam’s POV. Let me tell ya, I fucking loved everything about it!I love how K.A. Robinson writes her characters. She gives such a great sense of whom and what they are and it makes me feel like I know them in real life. It’s super easy to play out a visual in my head as I’m reading along with her stories. But I think Adam is my favorite.I fell for Adam from the very beginning of this series. The playboy guitarist drew me in from the moment he was described. I knew that I wanted more of him. When I read Tamed I fell HARD for him. I had this love/hate relationship and towards the end I was a puddle of mess. Now we get inside his mind. What he was feeling, thinking and battling from the very moment he laid eyes on Amber.K.A. Robinson did such an amazing job delivering this novella, going from past moments to the present. I loved that. I loved how we get to see more of Amber and Adam and how their relationship continues to develop. I love the emotion you can feel when Adam talks about his daughter and his love for Amber.If you’ve read Tamed then you are definitely not going to want to miss this!! Loved it!

  • Christi
    2019-02-14 22:29

    This novella is Adam’s point of view from Tamed. It takes you from the first time he lays eyes on Amber through the highs and lows of their relationship of Tamed and after the birth of their daughter. The chapters go back and forth from past to present, but it’s not like rereading what you read in Tamed.I loved getting Adam’s point of view and why he reacted the way he reacted. Never did I think that during the times that he acted like he hated Amber was he doing it because he loved her. How much he hated the changes he saw in her during their time apart.Her eyes were full of weariness and even hate. The carefree woman I’d left behind was nowhere to be seen.If only she knew how much I loved her, how much it killed me to hurt her the way I did…If you loved, Tamed as much as I did you will definitely want to read Adam’s point of view and read the little bit of extras from after Gabriella was born.My life, my soul, my everything – that was what these two were to me. Life had thrown so much in our path, but it hadn’t mattered. In the end, Amber and I found happiness with each other.

  • Natasha
    2019-02-08 00:17

    In Tamed we got the story of Amber and Adam from the Torn Series! Amber best friends with Chloe and Adam best friends and band member of Drake! In that book we got Amber's side of the story and a little bit of Adam's but not really any explanation behind why Adam was acting the way he was. This book tells the story in Adam's perspective! We got to know him a lot better in this one. I for one love Adam! He is my favorite guy in the Torn Series and I can't get enough of him. I kept thinking, "Adam's as asshole, aww Adam can be nice and sensitive, oh no wait, he's an asshole again!" He had his reasons though and for that I respect him!So basically I'm sad that the Amber and Adam story is over:( Unless K.A. Robinson wants to write another book about them two just for me! Yea that's not happening so I guess I will just have to deal with it being over. With that being said Adam will always be on my top 5 book boyfriends list!

  • Sue Czarnomski
    2019-02-06 23:18

    Amber and Adam's story was my least favorite in this series due mostly to Adam's behavior toward Amber. He viewed Amber with a double standard and was verbally abusive to her. It wasn't until the last few pages of Tamed when Amber announced her pregnancy that Adam softened to her. By then, years had passed. This novella is Adam's POV. I feel like his character was "softened" for this book, but unfortunately, not towards Amber. On a positive note, while this book rocked back and forth between past and present, it delved further into their future after the birth of their daughter. This is where Adam's character had the greatest growth and when I finally liked reading about him. I've really enjoyed this series and the other characters and would still highly recommend it despite my low rating of Adam's story.

  • Jamie
    2019-01-30 00:30

    Finally, Adam's side!I am so glad to get a better glimpse into Adam's head about everything!I do wish that there was more from when they were living together towards the end and some of their hookups, like his thoughts not the hookup details. Or thoughts when Drake was going through some parts his ordeal with Chloe or rehab. However, this is a novella and was perfect for what it is :)Adam is the typical male with a back story as to his behavior and it was nice hearing his thoughts as he told to Amber his story. Maybe next we will get a Jade or Eric story!

  • Lesley Koke DeWig
    2019-02-13 17:05

    I loved this follow up!! I adore Adam I'm not sure I Love him more than Drake but that's beside the point. It was nice to get Adam's side of the story. It was also nice to see how a bad ass rocker can turn into a softy over the birth of her daughter. Granted there were some scenes that came from Tamed, but they were written in a way that you weren't re-reading the same thing. Kudos K.a. Robinson

  • Shirley
    2019-01-23 19:02

    Awesome book... Short but sweet. I really love the torn series.

  • Lora Borzelleca
    2019-02-11 16:01

    I was really hoping she would write in Adam's point of view and im really glad she did. I liked getting a glimpse inside of Adam's head...although most of the time I wanted to junk punch him...but it was still really cute.

  • KimBrewing
    2019-02-14 18:23

    I was mad at both of these characters in the last book, but now that I know Adam's thoughts....I want to kick him in the junk. both wasted years. The sign if a great story teller is when they can evoke strong emotions. LOVED the writing, just pissed at the characters!

  • Juli Faulkner
    2019-02-11 18:03

    Love Adam!The Torn series is one of my favorites! I love Adam and Amber! Loved their story in Tamed, but this novella with flashes of past and present of Adam's feelings is awesome! If you've been reading this series you will love this novella!

  • Darla
    2019-01-20 23:14

    Getting these scenes from Adam's pov totally made the book for me!! Knowing his thoughts and feelings kinda made love him more!!!!

  • Sarah Crocket-tone
    2019-02-19 20:28

    Great series. Now I need Eric's story!

  • Carol
    2019-02-02 19:19

    AdamAbsolutely loved this novella, Adams view of the story, his struggles, and his and ambers love story, what a journey they had, love prevailed. Beautiful story

  • Sarah
    2019-02-14 16:01

    All I want

  • Joy Greenwood
    2019-02-18 16:28

    I loved this part of the series, it was in a bundle of stories all I want with assorted authors

  • Stephanie
    2019-01-28 16:20

    Again I say be still my heart! I love Adam and Amber together! They are so adorable!!!

  • Diana Fredrix-bosgraaf
    2019-02-15 20:30

    Loved this book!

  • Tiffany Best
    2019-02-07 22:23

    So glad she wrote this bc he seriously made mad in the last book. This shows he really does love her

  • Jessica
    2019-02-03 18:07

    Loved seeing Adam's point of view during the most important times.

  • Robyn
    2019-02-19 16:07

    Was nice getting into Adams head and seeing some things from his pov!! Even though he was a douche for most of it you still have to love him in the end!!

  • Kendra Needs
    2019-02-02 18:08

    Wow to relive adam and ambers story from adams point of view was amazing and heartbreaking at the same time

  • Chrystal Evans
    2019-02-02 20:07

    Wasn't much to work with but what there was was good. I enjoyed Adams point of view and wished her had of got his shit together long before he did

  • Natalie Townsend
    2019-02-07 21:11

    I liked hearing Adams story and what he was thinking when things were happening. I would like to know if Eric gets his own story to finish this series off.