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2566 A.D. Five centuries ago, Earth sold a million children into slavery, the price of protection from the regional superpower. One group of slaves was bio-engineered and augmented to fight for alien officers as the Human Marine Corps.To most alien eyes the Corps is a joke: plasma fodder equipped with third-rate cast-offs and so stupid that they go off to die actually beli2566 A.D. Five centuries ago, Earth sold a million children into slavery, the price of protection from the regional superpower. One group of slaves was bio-engineered and augmented to fight for alien officers as the Human Marine Corps.To most alien eyes the Corps is a joke: plasma fodder equipped with third-rate cast-offs and so stupid that they go off to die actually believing they are genuine warriors.But there are others who look deeper and see potential. To them the human Marines could be the wellspring of something far greater…FREEDOM!Unlike the other Marines on board the troop ship Beowulf, when eighteen-year old Arun McEwan is woken from cryo to board an enemy ship, he already knows he will survive: his destiny to lead the Human Legion has been foretold.But there are other factions who will stop at nothing to bring about their rival dreams for humanity’s future.Isolated on a ship rocked by mutiny, betrayal, and murder, Arun must find new allies amongst the most detested of the Navy crew: the freaks…...

Title : Indigo Squad
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Indigo Squad Reviews

  • Dwayne C Thomas
    2019-06-20 10:06

    Can't wait for the next bookI am a fan. Quick read takes me to a different world. Character s are interesting and have potential for going into multiple directions. Time well spent.

  • David P. Duffy
    2019-06-20 14:57

    So So At Best, That Is Painlessly A Quick SciFi Read"Indigo Squad (The Human Legion Book 2)," is a so so book, that continues the 26th century story of a former cadet, "Arun," who is now a marine, aboard a troop transport ship, combating a conspiracy, a mutiny, in the midst of an alien civil war.The writing is nothing special and the absence of a competent editor is notable. The continued indecision of the author, of whether he is writing YA or adult, is evident throughout. Frankly, this reader would have bailed and not finished, but for having read Book 1. A new reader might be lost in Book 2, not having read Book 1. The book is a neutral recommendation and was fully read via Kindle Unlimited.

  • Marc Morris
    2019-07-15 12:10

    Think I want to be a marine in the legion !!! Really enjoyed this one. Arun comes good and helps stop a revolution among the crew on his ship

  • Bill
    2019-07-07 14:07

    Again good read. The author has a Michener style of writing. A lot of extraneous fluff that doesn't take away from story, but doesn't add either.

  • Richard Gates
    2019-06-20 14:11

    There's a hard core of me that is non-pc and not very charitable either. So I have to say Indigo by Tim C. Taylor really appealed to me. That's as close as I can get without spoilers. He managed to clearly present two manufactured subgroups of human beings of an extreme kind in a world of more intelligent and much more powerful aliens, tie them together with a single, agreed aim while still including their innate differences. His characterisation gave rounded, full bodied protagonists so that one felt sympathy with even some of the bad guys. It's not all about supermen charging over the top with incredible weapons defeating every one in sight, although the death count is high, it's more real situations that stress the characters and make you want to read on. I Thoroughly enjoyed it.

  • Jim
    2019-06-25 13:59

    This is still a strange book. Now graduates, although much too early, Arun McEwan is now on his first starship going to his first real mission. He is now a Marine and normally would spend this entire trip of about 36 years in cryo sleep. Yes, he and his fellow Marines are frozen solid barely alive but still living with whatever is going on in their minds.But, by now you know that nothing is really normal for Arun McEwan. There happens to be a ships crew woman (Indiya) who wonders why Arun and most of his Indigo Squad are being fed something other than the normal nutrients while in cryo-sleep. She believes they are being fed some kind of drug which dulls their minds, although Arun seems to be unaffected. She talks to her Uncle who is also a ships crewman, but he winds up getting killed after he starts looking into what his nice told him. That really starts Indiya to thinking that something is going on and she needs to find out what. So, she decides to wake Arun which she does. Then the entire Indigo Squad is revived because something is happening on their sister ship that they may have to do a boarding action.Meanwhile, Arun is now awake and finds that most of the Indigo Squad have been dumbed down considerably. The don’t know what to do and even the NCOs don’t take charge as they usually do. Arun and Indiya believe someone wants these Marines unable to perform so they can instigate a rebellion without a lot of opposition. Arun needs to get someone higher up in the Marine organization to understand the situation and bring some help. So, he figures his only hope would be to tell his twin brother, Fraser McEwan. Unfortunately, that’s the last person he should confide in. Everything starts to come apart after that. You’ll find the story moving further along but we still don’t know how we get a Human Legion until the very last part of this book or do we? Is Arun McEwan the guy who really is supposed to lead Humanity to it’s freedom? This series is getting better but some times it just crawls and is real strange. There’s a lot of detail in how things are done on a ship and that kind of makes things a little slow but you certainly know the environment you’re reading about. I look forward to the rest of the books in this series.

  • Melissa Bryan
    2019-07-11 13:56

    I hope you all don't mind but I am going to review the series todate...This is the best science fiction I have ever read...I can't wait to start the adventure again in Book 3. I have missed the guys. Now if you are saying, I'm not a big Sci Fy reading, well that is okay cause neither am I but Mr Taylor has a different style. I will try to explain it...His stories take place usually in a different star system with either non humans or humans far far in the further. And it may have military types in it or robots but the way the stories are written is like you are there, living next door or down the way from the main characters. I always get so invested in their lives...I have to see what is going to happen next but don't want the stories to end because I enjoying being with characters, the adventure.I hope I have explained how great of a story teller Tim C Taylor is. Yes, there is a lot of SciFy in the stories but there is so much more.Well I have gone on long enough. This is a great on-going series and we are getting ready to start book 3, Renegade Legion: A Milestone. So hurry up and get to reading the first two books so we can continue on this great won't be sorry.

  • Doc
    2019-07-18 12:09

    This second book in the Human Legion series is more to my taste than the first. The first was all about our hero, Arun McEwan, being a Marine cadet and being despised by most everyone. I enjoyed it--but I enjoyed this second volume more.Humanity has long been conquered and is at the very bottom of the empire's strata, almost like India's untouchables. The empire has bred Marines for generations to be big, be-muscled, power-armored, cannon-fodder shock troops.In the first book Arun hears from various sources that he has a destiny.In Indigo Squad he begins to move toward fulfilling that destiny. Arun is aboard the Beowulf and trouble is afoot. Soon he finds himself with the need to take big chances and accomplish big things in a hostile situation with very few allies.Other things I appreciated:* Few typos, unlike so many ebooks.* The writing is not bad, with only the occasional clunky sentence.* Contrived cuss words, in keeping with sci fi tradition. It's obvious what real cuss words these constructs represent, but I'd still rather read them than be liberally slathered over and over with the real thing. The book does include some F-bombs, but they are few and far between.

  • Ted Mathews
    2019-06-27 09:17

    Very GoodWhen I started the first book, I was a bit put off by the main character's personality and attitude. However, either he improved or I evolved.By the time I finished book one, I felt compelled to see what came next. So book two was quickly consumed.The series deserves a higher rating than 3 stars, but not sure that 4 stars are fully applicable. I would feel that 3 1/2 was justifiable, if it were an available option.There are some gaps in the plot and the plausibility of some of the actions of the main characters in this story. But overall the author seems to be on the right track to building a good storyline.I will get the next book, when available _ to see if it will continue to hold my interest.Try book one. I think that you'll like it.Ted

  • Kasey Chang
    2019-06-25 10:21

    Started slow, only picked up near endthe second book in human legion series started off horribly slow, as the author juggled too many plot points, from prophecy of savior to unseen enemies or friends to alien overlords who may or may not be bag guys to a traitor twin brother, juggling relationships, and more. I was afraid by the time the plot points finally converge we'd be into the next book, nut the author managed to pull off the ending, if a little rushed. needs a bit more seasoning.

  • Karen Cushing
    2019-07-03 12:21

    This series is one in which Marines Think, Train, and kick assAre you looking for a good military sci-fi? With many guns,grenades, rockets and lasers? With fighting inside and outside the team's?Modified humans with extended at extra abilities? If you said yes, I want a good, juicy story, then this book could be great for you. I happen to Luke it and will be reader's in the series. Today.

  • Monty
    2019-06-20 16:09

    Keeps getting better.Indigo Squad is a sequel to Marine Cadet, and much better written. The book has plenty of excitement, intrigue, and enough twists and turns to keep even the most veteran of sci-fi readers fully engaged. You need to suffer through the first book of this series to set the background and characters, then enjoy this very good read.

  • Andrew Rose
    2019-07-14 08:24

    Start of the Human LegionWith this the major players all seem to be introduced and the war has begun. Readers will want to have read the previous volume in order to understand what's going on. This time the action moves off planet and involves his brother. Looking forward to the next installment.

  • Jerry Mercer
    2019-06-27 15:05

    Another Good StoryThis book continues the story of Arun and his friends and enemies in a distant future. The technical descriptions and the characters are well-written. The plot is good with lots of tension. Settings are good but sometimes confusing when taking place in space.

  • George Stewart
    2019-07-03 15:10

    Great Sci-Fi readingThe somewhat slow start built up to a strong battle in space. The Human Legion is born. We now have to wait for the next books to see in to it's ultimate conclusion. Will the randy Major Arun get his girls?!

  • Lisa
    2019-07-08 13:05

    I really enjoyed this story line. A lot was going on but all the action served to move the story forward. It is a genuine space opera genera book.

  • Thomas Roth
    2019-07-09 16:21

    And the sci-fii excitement continues to build as new characters get introduced. The thought process behind this story line still blows my mind in its creativity.

  • Justin Lambert
    2019-07-11 12:14

    love the human legionCan't wait for the 3rd installment. Any idea when it will hit the shelves? Great series, we'll worth the read

  • ron parker
    2019-07-13 09:13

    Enjoyed itMostly liked the book. Little too much detail to minor details skipped through some of helps. four more words required

  • Jim Kratzok
    2019-07-19 14:26

    Excellent follow-up to the first book in the series. I couldn't put it down.

  • Mildred mccraw
    2019-06-30 09:09

    Good reading This book will keep you waiting for more.The future of humanity and space is always on everyone's mind.Science fiction and what is on our minds now.