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The further adventures of Paul Howard's eponymous anti-hero....

Title : The Miseducation Years
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ISBN : 9780862788520
Format Type : Paperback
Number of Pages : 246 Pages
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The Miseducation Years Reviews

  • Rebecca McNutt
    2019-07-11 10:51

    This book was great, a little weird but incredibly funny and full of unforgettable moments as it shares the main character's life.

  • Kerry
    2019-07-16 14:31

    Absolutely hilarious tale written in the first person perspective of a snot-nosed, over-privileged, stupid Irish high school boy. Some of the Irish slang was hard for me to understand, even after 9 months of living there. Also, Kelly often writes Irish-accented words phonetically which can be challenging (ex. 'roysh' = 'right'). Worth the effort, great writing.

  • Magdalena Golden-Baran
    2019-06-21 09:39

    A must-read for any Dubliner! On one hand I'm a bit disappointed with myself for having waited so long to read it despite having lived in Dublin for nearly 7 years now, on the other I realise that a great part of what makes the book so funny is the fact that over those years I learnt a lot about the city and about its culture, idiosyncrasies and stereotypes so I understand a lot more of the humour than I would have soon after I arrived. Even with all the years of living here, though, I had to make a frequent use of an online Irish slang dictionary and google some of the references.As a side note, the frequent descriptions of what designer clothes everyone is wearing made for some quite uncomfortable American Psycho flashbacks ;)

  • Nicolacor
    2019-06-25 13:41

    Very witty, intelligent look at the upper-middle class. This book is a satire on what it is to be a 'D4-head'. Very enjoyable, if sometimes hard to understand the phonetically spelt idiosyncracies of speech- for example, 'roysh goys'

  • Ciara Madigan
    2019-07-13 10:31

    Total focking hilarity.

  • Simon
    2019-07-09 08:31

    Classic read for Dublin educated people...

  • Wes
    2019-06-20 10:52

    Absolutely love the Ross O'Carroll-Kelly books. I joined the series in the middle so time to start at book one. Ross has to be one of the most pompous arrogant and nasty characters you are likely to meet. When you add in his great stupidity you get a hilarious outcome. Set in Dublin with his band of cronies this rich twat sets out to win the schools rugby cup, become a hero and have every good looking girl he comes across. Things don't go to plan and the result is like soooo OHMYGOD funny roysh. It's not all laughs and there are parts were you really feel for Ross. Get used to the constant slang and enjoy a very funny book.

  • Conor
    2019-06-28 07:51

    Very funny satire of Dublin's rugby-playing, privately educated SoCoDu crowd. Absolutely spot on in his observations, genuinely some laugh out loud moments. However, some may be tricky to understand for anyone who hasn't lived/at least visited the city.

  • Kieran McAndrew
    2019-06-30 13:38

    The beginning of Ross O'Carroll-Kelly, rugby star and all around waster.Self absorbed and a contemptible human being, Ross shows us the side of Dublin life that, frankly, we all try to ignore.Hilarious.

  • Michael Ward
    2019-07-06 07:43

    It was ok, dragged a bit.

  • Laura Crosse
    2019-06-24 13:28

    I feel like these are going to just keep getting better roysh? I'm fairly late to the Ross O Carroll Kelly party and because of my aforementioned inability to read books in the wrong order in a series I had to go back and begin at the beginning so here I am. It was okay, funny in places, hilarious in others and cringey in some. I mean I look at this completely with the mindset that it is a complete and utter pisstake. Obviously it is but unfortunately for the Irish public people like Ross do exist. I hope and pray that he is an extreme fictional version made up for the sake of comedy but who knows... South Dublin is a strange place. Ross is like the Irish version of Scott Disick, he's an arrogant, gobshite but still somehow a bit lovable. If you don't know who Scott Disick is then watch an auld episode of Keeping up with the Kardashians. Yes I watch it and yes I know its chewing gum for the brain and no I don't care because yes I do love it. Anyway we follow Ross through his final year in Castlerock where he basically does extremely little other than play rugby and chase girls. Its pure escapism which is pretty much the same reason I watch KUWTK as his attitude to money and material things is just so different to the 'average' person that it's actually hilarious to read. I enjoyed this and I have a feeling that this series will only improve with time and I'll definitely stick with it and find out!

  • Franklin Andrew Borders
    2019-06-22 15:34

    The Irish Kenny PowersThe Irish Kenny PowersThe Ross O'Carroll Kelly books are hilarious. Ross believes that he is brilliant, but in reality is a dumb ass and it's all for the reader's entertainment. Being an American I couldn't help but feel the likeness of Ross to Kenny Focking Powers. Very easy to read and incredibly funny. I wouldn't say this is the best book in the ROCK series, but definitely a notable entry and the one that started it all. Recommended to any fan of comedy.

  • Mhartain O'Treasaigh
    2019-07-08 11:34

    Unfortunately, I lost my book, leaving it on the bus to Cork, Yet I was debating, on whether to continue with it, I was getting tired of word's "LIKE" & "ROYSH" , I didn't mind the other slang used. Curiosity is getting me now. So I can read the following sequels, I am originally From Dublin Northside, and have to agree with some comments, but was not impressed with other comment's like being set up for a mugging. He made up for the slagging by slagging off the Southside,

  • Ashley
    2019-06-20 08:35

    Ross O'Carroll-Kelly is the guy you hate because he's spoiled, self-centered, and is in general a right nasty piece of work when talking to someone he does fancy, but you love to hate him because he's just so damn funny. I don't read a lot (read: any) humor books, but these made me laugh a lot.

  • Ms Anne Marie Walsh
    2019-06-30 09:46

    Great read for rugby fansHaving read seedless in Seattle I've decided to start from the start. Great fun but not being a Dub some of the slang can be challenging to work out.Worth the time to read.

  • Donal Breheny
    2019-06-25 11:23

    A perfect insight into the mind of a spilt teenager. I laughed out loud a few times.

  • Jule
    2019-07-21 15:24


  • Jason Lenavitt
    2019-07-21 10:40

    These books are hilarious!

  • Hannah
    2019-06-21 11:52

    3.5. A great light read. Nice one to read alongside a more serious novel for some comic relief.

  • Nigel Carroll
    2019-07-05 12:28

    Absolutely hilarious!

  • Nicole
    2019-07-10 09:41

    Very funny, looking forward to reading the next one!

  • John Braine
    2019-07-16 13:35

    First regular book I've started reading in ages. Had to kill an hour recently somewhere I didn't want to listen to an audiobook or crack out the iPad. Probably be still in my bag next year.

  • Kate Starrs
    2019-07-19 10:37

    Loved it!!! V funny

  • Gill
    2019-07-09 07:35

    Hilarious :-)

  • Patty
    2019-07-20 14:27

    Really funny but not laugh-out-loud hilarious like some of the other books in the Ross O'Carroll Kelly series. Still laughed a lot!

  • Grainne
    2019-06-22 11:32

    love this author and as usual a funny read