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DORMANT DESIRES ALPHA PACK Alpha Awakened, Omega Rising and Lumen are included in this bundle. In this compilation of three novella’s we first meet Jacob and Allison and travel through a harrowing year of revelations. Their fierce passions that bring them together in a torrid moment in time, and then the separation that almost kills them. They are reunited in Alaska and muDORMANT DESIRES ALPHA PACK Alpha Awakened, Omega Rising and Lumen are included in this bundle. In this compilation of three novella’s we first meet Jacob and Allison and travel through a harrowing year of revelations. Their fierce passions that bring them together in a torrid moment in time, and then the separation that almost kills them. They are reunited in Alaska and must now face uncharted territory as their dormant lycanthropic blood is awakened. They've been welcomed into a burgeoning family with similar genetics and as the next full moon approaches they prepare for dramatic, and life altering events to unfold. There are myriad dangers to our pack, both out in the world and from their often silent inner wolves. Our heroes and heroines must learn to deal with their innate selves, their new demanding passions and desires, and the constant battle between their humanity and their wolves’ desires to be free. This book is about the passionate affairs of unsuspecting individuals thrust upon each other and unable to fight the magnetic draw they feel. Time, distance and even mythological forces cannot keep them apart in this journey of mated love.FREE 6000 word preview of Dormant Desires Book Four; CAIN.There is graphic, erotic, passionate sex depicted. Naughty language and situations portrayed. This title is rated for a mature, 18+ audience. This compilation is approximately a fourteen hour read....

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Dormant Desires Alpha Pack Reviews

  • Debbie
    2019-06-10 04:08

    THREE SEPERATE REVIEWS FOR THE BOOKS IN THIS PACKALPHA AWAKENEDWhen I orginally READ this book,Aug 2013, I wasn't much into writing reviews, and didn't write one for this book. I rated it 3 stars.NOW, since reviewing this book in AUDIO, I'm upgrading my rating to 4.5 and writing a full review.Allison meets Jacob on a plane trip to Scotland. the chances of them ever meeting were astronomical. But meet they did, and they were both thrown into a world that neither of them knew about.Such a different take on the werewolf theme, and I loved this! Allison and Jacob's meeting triggers something in them both, and they know nothing about it. Its all very scary, Allison slips into some sort of coma, and stays that way for much of the book. Jacob, however, changes, SHIFTS into something that legends are made of. The legends here, though, are true and Jacob discovers he is descended from a line of werewolves going back centuries. There is a prophecy, long ago forgotten. Said prophecy comes into play now, and its all change for those descendents.The single scene between Jacob and Allison is the plane ride, the rest of the book they are apart, and while it seemed odd while reading, its perfect for this book. What there is between the two of them, is hot off the charts, and very well written.Joshua Story narrates. His accent drove me nuts trying to place! Its very proper English, with no hint of a regional accent, and it made for delicious listening. He speaks clearly, with well defined character voices. His ability to convey the right amount of feeling, and emotion in his voice is a beautiful thing. I will certainly listen to more of his work.4.5 stars for the book, 5 for the narration.OMEGA RISING*originally read oct 2013, listened to, march 2015*Jacob has found Allison, in the wilds of Alaska. she has been learning about her Omega status and what that means to her and those around her. Jacob turns up, and together they experience their growing attraction and what needs to be done to complete their bonding. but the new moon is coming, and there are more questions than answers as to how this will affect not only Jacob and Allison, but those (both human and animal) around them.i enjoyed this one much more than the first. the time scale in this book is short, weeks only, compared to the months and months in the first, and it flows so much better (for me, anyway). i love the way that Allison greets her new status, and how she deals with it. Jacob is a proper Alpha male, but first and foremost he is human. he has to deal with not only his wolf's emotions, but his own. emotions from both humans are written well and you feel for them, you really do.i will be looking for the next one, because i feel love in the air for several characters, both human and animal.I also LISTENED to this in audio. I found that there was much I did not remember reading, and it made for like I was reading it as a new book! Thats not like me, I can usually rememebr much of a book, once I start reading it again, so it came as a great surprise to me, and it also put the book star rating up a notch!Joshua Story continues to narrate this series, and he excels here. His *reading* voice is smooth, really smooth! He has new characters, new accents and I loved it! Jacob does tend to be more Scottish in his speech here, but that does get explained in the tale.I have Lumen next to listen to, indeed, I started it already, and its gonna be another great instalment!4.5 stars for the story (up from my original 4) and 5 stars for the narration.LUMEN**AUDIO REVIEW**I was gifted a copy of this audio book, by the author, and I thank Ms Hawthorne for that.This is book 3 in this series, and you must, MUST read books one, Alpha Awakened, and book two Omega Rising first. You won't get the full picture, the full experience from this one if you don't.Also, I should say, I have not READ this one, just listened to it. I both read AND listened to books one and two.Imagine being a human, and shifting into a wolf for the first time? Matthew, the nurse who saved Allison while she was waiting for Jacob. Imagine, too, a wolf shifting into human form for the first time? Lumen, the omega golden wolf who stayed with Matt when he was injured. But Matt had some warning, he KNEW he might shift, along with his brothers, at that first full moon after Ally and Jacob reunite. Lumen, and the others, had no clue it might flip both ways.This is their story. Lumen is hilarious and extremely clever, wicked smart. As she learns how to be upright on two legs, she also tries to keep some wolf traits (the tail wagging did made me laugh!) Her speed at learing is astounding, and she learns speech very fast, swear words, especially. She learns how to make the pack laugh, and does so often. She is, after all, an Omega female, and it is her job to look after her pack, as Ally does.While predominately Matt and Lumen, we also get some Jacob and Allison, some Sam and Ian, some Samuel, and some Abigail. Jacob and Ally continue to develop their bond, and the bond of the whole pack. Sam and Ian have some problems, and Sam's wolf longs, so desperately longs to be free, and Ian must make a chioce. Samuel disappears for a couple of months but returns in spectacular style, fighting off a bear attack. And Abigail, she arrives from Germany after her parents locked her in a cage for 6 months after that first shift.The time line runs from the back of that first shift as a pack, to six months or so after. The pack is learning, developing, about what is it to be a proper pack, and how to behave as such.Joshua Story narrates again, superbly! How the man could keep a straight face while narrating some of Lumen antics, is beyond me. Cos he DID keep a straight face, or his amusement would come across in the narration, and while the amusement of the other pack members comes across, Joshua's personal amusement does not. When Irene teaches Lumen that new swear word, I was driving, and I had such a laughing fit! My daughter wanted to know what I was laughing at, but I couldn't tell her, she is only 13 after all, but also, I couldn't, just couldn't for laughing! I love how Joshua narrates Jacob's voice most of all. When Jacob's emotions get the better of him, he accents becomes thicker, broader, and Joshua pulls it off perfectly!Cain is next in this series, and I'll be READING that soon. Also I'll listen to it too, but I gotta wait longer for the audio, and I don't think I can wait that long.5 stars for the story, and 5 for the narration, ya ken??**same worded review will appear on Goodreads,,, and**

  • Cindy Caron
    2019-06-22 06:12

    Alpha Awakening love this book, but am on pins an needles for the next stage in their lives. I need more! I hope you continue with this story line (feel like I've been left hanging off of a cliff). This went off on a way I never expected, but loved. Don't change your style of writing.:) I love itOmega RisingOMG! this is definitely a series you won't want to miss. Omega Rising is a continuation of alpha Awakening in the Dormant Desires series. Ms Hawthorne has captured my attention with this one. The continued saga of Jacob and Allison, and their adventures into the unknown, is breath taking. She has really delved deep down into her imagination and brought out the best here. The plot is unique, and the characters are strong and totally lovable. The way she has set this story up makes you feel like you are a part of it, one of the characters. The fact that it involves different families, whom are all tied together one way or the other, banning together to decipher the "change" and how it will affect them all, is mind blowingLumenWOW! This episode in the series was awesome. Lots of action, plenty of love and laughs, fun and a bit of grief. Lumen has you running all over the place with your emotions. Payne, you have outdone yourself with this. I won't say this is the conclusion to the series, because I believe there will be more to come,...there has to be. The continued story of Jacob and Allison, as well as the other members of the new found pack, is so well thought out and put down to paper. The entire story to date is captivating, tempting you to join in the fun, share the pain and feel the love. The characters are so complete that you totally get lost in them and their lives. If you like shifters, this series is a must read. Even if you don't fancy shifters, this is a great love story. Worth the read.

  • Ruby
    2019-06-12 02:00

    A different kind of shifterI fell in love with these books from the first chapter. Beings how I love shifter books in general I knew I would enjoy the read. But I didn't enjoy it....I FELL IN LOVE. Where to start. Jacob is just the broody/sexy/Irish Alpha that you would picture. I enjoyed how he and Allison met. The instant connection and lust. Then all was lost. The journey Jacob and Allison too apart from each other. The rollercoaster ride to find a pack and settle in was hilarious at times. I loved all the different personalities. But most of all I loved the family they became." The rest of the house remained eerily silent and in between Jacob’s inhales, the only sounds were the incongruous crackling of the fire, signifying safe and warm, and the howling angry wind beating at the outside of the house."Like most packs and shifter they always have a counterpart. Their other half. Their mate. The connection is vibrant and fulfilling. The bonding is exhilarating. And the passion is enough to make you crave for more. There are many pairings and each one is so unique from the next." Now he had her, and she matched him, mirrored him, balanced him, and most importantly, she magically gave him permission to be who he was, all of himself, all of his hidden and most feared pieces; she wanted and needed all of him; permission granted, orders obeyed; feed the beast."I enjoyed every page and will eagerly will start the next!!

  • Freakforfour
    2019-06-15 03:06

    I've read all of Payne's work and I love her! Totally unique POV on everything! Also often very funny--like stop reading and laugh out loud funny. I'd previously read the three books in this compilation, but I wanted to see the preview for book 4. She again didn't disappoint and it looks tantalizing and wonderful. Also sexy and hot with a capitol H! I can also say I've seen this author mature considerably over the past few years and I think she has finally found a very wonderful flow with her stories and her voice. The execution/academics is also now darn near flawless. If she got an editor or just learned how to better edit her own work, whatever, she is doing great and I am never disappointed. Always entertained! :-)

  • Denise
    2019-06-10 04:53

    This series, 'Dormant Desires' completely took me by surprise. I loved the storyline and how in unfolded. The premise is quite unique and I truly enjoyed that it didn't follow the usual shifter order of things. The characters were great. Each one plays a part to the overall story that makes them integral to the pack, whether human or shifter. I'm glad I bought the book bundle due to the cliffhangers. Now I will wait in a somewhat patient manner for book four. A great series to add to your tbr list. Definitely recommended.

  • Ben Sumpter
    2019-06-17 02:58

    I'm enjoying the series! I've already reviewed each book independently, but wanted to listen to the first part of Cain. Judging from what I've heard, this should be an enjoyable listen as well. I can't wait to find out where Payne goes with this new character and story line!

  • Gina Kamai
    2019-06-21 02:49

    Action packed 3 book bundle.Alison and Jacob meet on a plane and feel an instant attraction. No one realized that that would change lives everywhere. The Alpha had met his Omega mate and broken the shifter curse.

  • Indie Editor Nancy
    2019-06-10 07:16

    Dormant Desires Alpha Pack is the amalgamated series of books 1-3 with a brief and exciting preview of the 4th book, Cain. This the first audible series I have had the pleasure of reading, and nothing beats the sexy Scottish voice of the amazing narrator Joshua Story. My kindle will never be the same!So my first choice for reading genre is not paranormal, but having said that, I loved this series and these wonderful characters. I liked that the characters didn't know what was happening to themselves but they were learning right along side the readers. Book 1 Alpha Awakened: The story line was original and honestly a breath of fresh air, to have an older heroine and one that was not looking to find love at all. The meeting in the airport and on the airplane were written so well, it felt like it was me sitting there instead of Allison. Jacob was overwhelming, good looking, and so alpha. Book 2: Omega Rising: This story just keeps gets better. Allison and Jacob have been accepted into the pack, which happens to be Matt's family, as the Omega female and the Alpha male. With their influence, other members begin to shift with a full moon. This all happens in the wilds of Alaska with Jacob's friends now working for the family and even Allison's Aunt and Jacob's Uncle James came to visit. This book 2,was so well done, The Narrator, Joshua Story's voice is perfect as the alpha Jacob and his voices for Sam and Allison and Matt became even better in this book. The writing is superb, Payne captures the characters emotions extremely well, from the frustrations of not knowing what was happening inside each character to the emotional pulls and non verbal communications between the main characters. The union between Allison and Jacob was worth the wait.The 3rd book Lumen, was mostly about a wolf that transforms to a human with a full moon. She keeps this shape and her mate Matt tries to teach her to speak, and to act like a human. Lumen is a beautiful woman who has no interest in hiding her body and she just wants know... all the time. She has a filthy mouth as well.This 3rd book was funny, exciting and entertaining, and a great continuation of the Dormant Desires series.My only complaint with the audible books is I don't have the text in my hand to try to pick my favourite quotes. This is one of the parts of writing a review that I enjoy the most. I guess my favorite part in this story was when Samantha finally experiences the change to being a wolf, and she is running free and she disappears for a time to find herself and feel her power. I don't want to get into spoilers but I was happy to see this transformation as she had waited years, 120 years I believe, to take her full shape as a wolf.I am so excited for Cain, I hadn't finished the preview included in this book when the next book was released. I have purchased as a kindle file, so I will be thrilled to be able to include quotes in the next review.I love Payne Hawthorne's work and I am so grateful to have received this Audio book from the author for an honest review and have since purchased the kindle edition as well.

  • Sherry Haynes
    2019-05-25 23:10

    When I first started this book, I had some issues. I had problems with dealing with the language of how the Scottish dialect was presented. I actually put the book down 4 or 5 times before I finally looked up the words (for example ken) so that I wasn't misinterpreting what was being said. For me it is not fun to read a book I have to keep looking up words to understand. I am saying this cause I want others to go into this book with eyes wide open and to give the book a chance. It really is a good series. The good thing about this series is how it isn't like any other series you will read. Yes it is paranormal. Yes it involves (lots) of sex. Yes there is romance. The difference is how all those things play out. Unlike how other paranormal books go along the same frame work on how to present certain shifters, this book offers a different prospective and a different presentation of the facts. Give the series a chance. I am glad I finally looked past the first couple chapters to appreciate the uniqueness the book offers.

  • Mary
    2019-06-18 04:09

    This is an awesome series, it is a different twist on the general werewolf stories. Very well written tale of shape shifters. These wolves did not know they were werewolves. Follow the tales in these three books of 2 people meeting with a very strong urge to know one another. They do not understand the pull, and they do not understand what is happening to them until months of research begins to unfold what is going on in their lives. When they end up in Alaska and meet more like them, they get even more information and begin on a new life into the unknown. They all work together with others they have found. The twists and turns along the way, the spells that were cast 500 years ago, all begin to unravel. Humans turn to wolves and one wolf turns to human. There is sorrow, love and laughter. Luman will crack you up. Irene and Samantha will make you cry, and Jacob the Scot will make you swoon. These are just a few characters in this series. I am on to book 4, I gotta know what happens.

  • Ruby Barrera
    2019-06-26 05:06

    5 stars for all loved loved these shifters couldn't get enough!!! On to Cain now you should totally read and if you love shifters this pack will be your shifter crack ❤

  • Payne Hawthorne
    2019-05-30 00:50