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USA Today Bestselling author, N.M. Silber's hot and hilarious lawyers are back! What could be wackier than Philly Night Court on Halloween under a full moon? Gabrielle and Braden Pierce appearing for the defense. From undertakers, to ghost hunters to an illegal alien ... from another planet, this group of zanies makes their former caseload look almost normal. Join the funnUSA Today Bestselling author, N.M. Silber's hot and hilarious lawyers are back! What could be wackier than Philly Night Court on Halloween under a full moon? Gabrielle and Braden Pierce appearing for the defense. From undertakers, to ghost hunters to an illegal alien ... from another planet, this group of zanies makes their former caseload look almost normal. Join the funniest and sexiest attorneys in practice as they tackle a Nightmare in Night Court. NOTE: This is a SHORT STORY, not a full-length novel or novella....

Title : Nightmare in Night Court
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ISBN : 24465908
Format Type : Kindle Edition
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Nightmare in Night Court Reviews

  • Gi's Spot Reviews
    2019-06-05 09:08

    Basic InfoStandalone or Part of a Series: (view spoiler)[Novella, part of a series. (hide spoiler)]MF, Ménage, etc.:(view spoiler)[M/F (hide spoiler)]POV:(view spoiler)[Gabby's (h) POV (hide spoiler)]Triggers: (view spoiler)[No (hide spoiler)]Cheating: (view spoiler)[No (hide spoiler)]Descriptive Sex with OW/OM: (view spoiler)[No (hide spoiler)]HEA:(view spoiler)[HFN (hide spoiler)]Safety Gang Notes:(view spoiler)[Age:.Not mentioned.Push and Pull:No.OW/OM drama:NoSexual Past:One year married couple.Condoms:Condoms are not mentioned, and they have been married for one year. (hide spoiler)]Personal OverviewOMG, I had forgotten how hilarious this author is, and this story is just a fine example of it. In it we find Braden and Gabby in the Night Court on a full moonlight on Halloween, we can guess what kind of people we will be graced with...LOL“Disorderly Conduct? What about him?”“He admitted to being in the U.S. without a visa.”“Oh no, an illegal alien ...”“He’s originally from the planet Nebulon Six.”“Is that anywhere near Tijuana?”“One galaxy over.”I'm sure her type of humor isn't for everyone, but boy, does it work for me!!! ;)It was a short, very funny story, good to open my appetite for the Power of Attorney, that I'm going to read...Now...

  • Maree Repa
    2019-06-07 13:16

    After reading many NM Silber romantic law stories I just had to get this one. I loved it. I'm was so funny. I enjoyed it so much. I was a lot of fun. I couldn't stop laughing!

  • Mayas
    2019-05-19 08:30

    I fell in love with N.M. Silber characters because of their courtroom caseload. OMG, I found myself laughing at the oddest things that many will think I am crazy for. Only Braden and Gabi can deliver on quirky funny with a hint of WTH....The Peterman case was down right my favorite. Poor Mr. Peterman died an unsatisfied man. It was funny how the defendant proved his case of not being a homosexual, yeah I caught that. I laughed too hard because on Nadine will throw it in a a sly.This was classic Halloween fun with rehashing on courtroom romance and HOT SEX... The ending have me thinking though, were they really HLS agents?

  • Bobbi
    2019-06-05 14:23

    This story will make you laugh at the oddest moments. Just goes to show the crazies come out at night especially on a full moon and on Halloween. This was definitely a fun and quirky read and will keep you laughing and shaking your head.I was given a copy of this for an honest review.

  • Ana
    2019-06-09 07:26

    Braden and Gabe's story is one of my fave! This short story cracks me up! :)

  • Tracy
    2019-05-21 10:32

    Very entertaining very short read..

  • Natalie Townsend
    2019-06-14 11:10

    Braden and Gabrielle This was a very short story. It was a bit of an insight into Braden and Gabrielle 's life after they got married.

  • Karen Voitik
    2019-06-07 09:25

    >Book Review – Nightmare in Night Court - >I am an independent reviewer. This is a short story that was previously included in the anthology "Shiver". All proceeds from this anthology go to the St. Jude Children's Research Hospital. > The two sexiest lawyers, Gabrielle and Braden, are back and in Nigh Court, on Halloween. Now their normal cases are hysterical, but this group is so over the top, you won't be able to breathe with all the laughing. Ghosts, corpses, aliens and two sexy lawyers make this story so much fun to read. >The quick wit and fast moving dialogue really gives a reader the feeling of being among the chaos in the court room. The romance between Gabrielle and Braden is twice as hot and seriously sexy.> This book is for an adult (18+) audience, due to descriptive sex scenes.

  • Cindy Reifel
    2019-06-14 09:33

    The only part of the anthology I have read so far is A Nightmare in Night Court by n. M. Silber.This novella is O. M. G. fricking HILARIOUS!!!! Wear your depends while you're reading it because you're going to need them!This is a novella about Braden and Abby, Braden is a former Prosecutor and Abby is a former public defender and they both get stuck with cases in Night Court in Philly on Halloween Night. Added to that is the ghost hunters that have set up in the courtroom because they and others believe there is a lot of negative activity going on in the courtroom. Let the hilarity ensue.Having been an RN who worked nights in big trauma centers for 14 years and I have even more appreciation for the crazies in this courtroom.You will laugh yourself silly!!!

  • Rebecca Johnson Dye
    2019-06-13 06:20

    Hilarious & Sexy rolled into 1 great short story. Ms. Silber takes us back into the courtroom this time during Halloween and night court where ghost hunters are doing a show, Of course Braden & Gabby are the ones who have to work night court on Halloween. Their clients during the day are hilarious but the ones that they have during Halloween take the cake & the ectoplasm too!! Between the crazies and the HOT sex this short story is over the top!!

  • Elizabeth Connor
    2019-06-08 09:22

    This was a quick and amusing read. It was lighthearted with a healthy dose of sarcasm. The cast of characters was both unusual and varied. I think my favorite was the group wearing matching t-shirts with the letters S.H.I.T. across the front - Spirit Hunters Investigative Team. I also loved the narrator's description of Mr. Evan Drake; I feel like we've all meet someone like him at some point. This is a fun read and I'd recommend it.

  • Dani
    2019-05-31 07:27

    This is part of the Lawyers in Love series and is just a quick short story. If you have read all the other books in the series you will love the silly antics in this one as well. This book only involves Braden & Gabrielle, not the whole Scooby team, but it is still funny. Braden & Gabrielle get stuck in night court on Halloween & have to defend some pretty ridiculous cases. Of course they have to this while trying to keep their hands off each other. It's a cute quick read.

  • Donna
    2019-05-26 11:16

    Short funny tale. Gabrielle and Braden from The Law of Attraction (Lawyers In Love #1) are now married and working at their own firm but have been shanghaied by the judge into representing some folks in Night Court on Halloween when there is a full moon out. The craziness that is normally in a NM Silber book is just that much more.

  • Tammy Sargeant
    2019-05-25 08:20

    Well, that was an uh, interesting read. It was insanely funny. I still love Gabby and Braden though. Yay finally they are having babies. But I swear I remember her being pregnant in Jess and Cam's story. Huh.

  • Lara Cassity-Lovell
    2019-05-23 09:26

    Funny shenanigans again!N.M. by far is one of my most favorite authors!! Her stories always feel so reAlistic to they could actually happen!! Thanks for the reading bliss N.M.!!!

  • Colleen Everly
    2019-06-01 09:25

    I love Gabrielle and Braden. They are such a fantastic couple and so humorous, this book takes place in night court and it tells you of a very eventful night with some mystery, some humor, some passion, and some great conversations.

  • Gigi Melodias
    2019-05-29 12:03


  • Barbara
    2019-06-06 13:10

    Gabrielle and Braden Pierce

  • Jo
    2019-06-05 09:31

    Lol, so many creepy things happen in Halloween.

  • Regina Krystynak
    2019-05-30 07:20

    I loved the book. I love all of your books and the way you are willing to talk to your readers on line. I don't remember what the date was that I finished my book. So sorry.

  • Sara
    2019-06-07 13:06

    Nonstop laughs

  • Ying Yuvejwattana
    2019-06-12 06:17

    4 Funny StarsI miss hot sexy blue-eyed Braden and funny Grabrial. I am not disappointed. They are funny and sexy as usual.

  • Eva
    2019-06-06 10:25

    Once again loved it! Love this series and this was a fun little snippet of what going on