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Her bosom heaved at an alarming rate as his rough hand found its way down to her soft, yet wiry briar patch...Can you say briar patch in a romance novel? What about meat sword? That’s what it is…a meat sword, right, all meaty and sword like, slaying through the inner dungeons of a woman’s dark desires. What about breasts? Do bosoms really heave?God, I have no idea what hapHer bosom heaved at an alarming rate as his rough hand found its way down to her soft, yet wiry briar patch...Can you say briar patch in a romance novel? What about meat sword? That’s what it is…a meat sword, right, all meaty and sword like, slaying through the inner dungeons of a woman’s dark desires. What about breasts? Do bosoms really heave?God, I have no idea what happens when private parts touch. I’m a virgin trying to write a romance novel and can’t seem to write past a sex scene thanks to my lack of experience. My two best friends encourage me to drop the pen for a while and gain some real life practice through multiple dating facets such as blind dates, online profiles, and random hookups.But losing my virginity is proving to be tougher than expected…...

Title : The Virgin Romance Novelist
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The Virgin Romance Novelist Reviews

  • Christy
    2018-09-02 19:31

    4 stars!If you’re in the mood for a laugh out loud, fresh and fun romantic comedy, The Virgin Romance Novelist is the perfect book to pick up! Rosie is an aspiring author. After graduating from college, she’s working at the only writing job she could find. She works for a cat magazine. And she’s not happy there. By day she works at the cat magazine, but the rest of the time, she’s following her dreams and aspiring to be a romance novelist. But she has a problem… Rosie is having trouble writing a good sex scene. Why you might ask? Because she’s never had sex. Not only that, she’s never actually seen a real life penis. Rosie’s two roommates find this out and they are on a mission. To help her learn and to get her set up on on-line dating so she can see about losing her V-Card.Rosie’s escapades are cringe worthy at times but so hilarious! She is such an endearing character. I loved the 'notes' to herself. Her journal entries. They were just too much.Watching her go on these dates… it’s like Murphy’s Law. Anything that can possibly go wrong does. Between these interesting dates, her best friend/roommate Henry is giving her lessons, trying to teach her things to help her along the way.I love awkward characters. It’s not very often you find a relatable, funny and sweet character like Rosie that is completely and utterly awkward. Watching her go out of her comfort zone was great. She really put herself out there. I loved that she wasn’t afraid to be who she was. She knows she is different and even through this entire ordeal of trying to lose the V-Card, all the researching etc, she never loses her self or changes. The Virgin Romance Novelist is an original, hilarious and completely entertaining story. I did have some hero issues that kept this from being a 5 star read, but overall I liked it a lot. It’s one that I would definitely recommend if you’re in the mood for something sweet, silly and funny. And on the plus side- it's a stand alone. Everyone deserves a happy ever after.

  • Shelby *trains flying monkeys*
    2018-09-09 15:22

    Her bosom heaved an an alarming rate as his rough hand found its way down to her soft, yet wiry briar patch..."Briar patch? What the hell are you writing?"That's how we begin this book. Rosie is a young woman who wants to write a romance novel. The thing is she has never had sex. She is a major bookworm who has led a sheltered life. The only penises I've seen were courtesy of Tumblr and some careful Googling. I would rather study one in person, because from what I've read in other romance novels, they had a mind of their own...twitching and rising when aroused.Yes, she is naive. Yes, she sometimes takes it over the top. Here's where I go all personal. I grew up in a very religious household. I snuck some Sidney Sheldon books and Jackie Collins but (now this was before Google became the thing) if it didn't come from them I didn't know about it. So when I married the first time I was VERY naive. I also had no fucking clue what a vibrator bullet was. Hell, I didn't learn that until I left that asshole I first married. I could see this story making more sense if it had been set during that time period instead of being contemporary. I still had loads of fun with the first 50% of this book though.I have the sense of humor of a 12 year old I'm sure some people are going to hate this book. I've had a horrible week in real life though and this book was what I needed.From waxing her "Virginia" for the first time....Giving myself a pep talk, I peeked into my pants and told my vagina that even though what was about to happen to her was contrued by the devil himself, I still loved her and hopefully such actions would bring great rewards in the future.To those awful dates trying to find that guy:Note to self: excessive amounts of baby powder can lead to a smoking vaginator if not applied properly. Also, one swift kick to the balls can end a date in point two seconds.(You'll have to read the book to find out why I used those two gifs)I liked these characters. All of them. Rosie, her best friend Henry and roomates Delaney (the queen of TMI) So I did end up enjoying the book for the most part. I took it for what it was and I laughed.We hit at about 45% in the book and I got irritated though. No frigging possible way were all these guys suddenly appearing just because our Rosie had decided it was time to lose the V. Then the dates and the disasters that became them. Too much.Then Henry. Henry, I liked you. Then I wanted to smash you into the doorframe.So I'm going with 5 stars for the beginning and 2 stars for second part of the book. I liked the book...but a shit ton of you may not. I'm that girl you read in a romance novel that you want to shake uncontrollably and say, "You idiot!"

  • Naoms
    2018-09-13 15:30

    Originally Posted on: Confessions of an Opinionated Book GeekThere are two different types of comedy. There’s the type where situations are presented to us in a humorous light and we all laugh together in amusement. Then there’s the type where people and lifestyles are put on display and we laugh at the display, not with it, not together, but at it. THE VIRGIN ROMANCE NOVELIST is the latter. The author puts everyone from virgins and fans of historical romance to cat lovers on display and makes them something we laugh at. If I am being honest, this is one of the most condescending books I have ever read. Rosie Bloom (of course her name is Rose Bloom, because Rose needs to be deflowered and of course she’s a late bloomer, how clever) is dissatisfied with her job. Rosie wears glasses. Rosie is uncomfortable in her own skin. Rosie is completely ignorant of male anatomy. Rosie is so prudish she cannot say the word vagina. Rosie doesn’t try new things. And Rosie is a virgin.Obviously, because to be over the age of 21 and a virgin, you have to be an uncomfortable, ignorant and prudish failure.Rosie is the kind of female character that has ruined the once great movie rom-com. You know, the girl who walks around all day with tissue at the bottom of her shoe or splits her pants at the slightest bit of activity. She’s the kind of girl who can’t play sports, who kicks guys in the crotch when she dances and puts soooo much baby powder on her vagina she causes powder storms when she walks. The kind of girl where all the embarrassing things from our nightmares happens to her in a 48 hour period. In short, this is the kind of book where a woman literally has to completely demean herself to be funny.Rosie is one of the most annoying characters I have ever read, because she is willfully ignorant. I don’t care that she’s a virgin or if she has self-esteem issues or if she’s been secretly in love with one man for so long, she hasn’t put herself out there.I care that in the first few chapters Rosie got a vibrator stuck in her vagina. I don’t know the vibrator accident rate or how often women get sex toys stuck inside their bodies. No, I care that Rosie got hers stuck, because she’s an idiot. She finds a bullet vibrator, a gift from her straight male roommate (because that’s not weird at all). He unpackaged it and left it without instructions. She has no idea what kind of sex toy it is. She doesn’t know if it’s for insertion or for stimulus, but she uses it. She has never seen porn or explored her body in anyway, but for some reason she doesn’t think hmm let me google this. Nope. Rosie inserts a bullet in her vagina. She thinks, “oh this should be bigger!” And then continues to push it inside and then is SHOCKED when it gets stuck!I guess that’s funny to some people. Like, yes of course a virgin would get a vibrator stuck haha. So, what if she is a college graduate and living on her own and paying her own way, virgins are so silly, they don’t know not to stick something up your vag that doesn’t have a way of getting out. She wears tampons and it doesn’t even occur to her that tampons have strings for a reason!!!!!Some shining examples of Rosie’s intellect:When given instruction on blow jobs with the help of a banana:"Dear God, where do you guys stuff them?""We just tape them down to our legs.""Seriously?" I asked, as my gaze swung up to his.No you imbecile!!! Not seriously. She’s 23, how does she not know about erections!!!!???On sticking pencils up someone’s ass."I don’t know," I shrugged and laughed. "I just learned how to suck a dick on a banana the other day. How am I supposed to know that people aren’t supposed to stick things in buttholes?"Really?! I wish she would dig a sharpened number 2 pencil up her butthole.Also, ladies, when you decide that you are ready to lose your virginity men will fall from the sky. That’s right. You will run into men at work. Yup, you’ve worked there for years and haven’t noticed a single man anywhere, but once you decide to lose your virginity they’ll be all over the place. You will literally be climbing over the opposite sex on your way to lunch, because suddenly you are a magnet for penis. And, if you are dumb as nails? Doesn’t matter, because just deciding to lose your virginity makes you an instant knock out. And, the men may be different, but they’ll talk and flirt exactly the same so the minute you figure out how to flirt with one, you’ll be great, because every guy on the planet flirts exactly the same with the same level of intelligence and intensity. Yes. This book is so stupid. You know how some books have so much sadness it in it, it becomes melodrama? That’s THE VIRGIN ROMANCE NOVELIST. It has soo much ridiculous in it, I can’t even call it a comedy. It’s like the melodrama of comedy.Then to top it off, the main love interest is her male roommate and best friend, Henry. Henry is a cliche. A man whore, who gets all the girls. Usually, the guy doesn’t recognize that he wants his bff until she has a makeover. No makeover needed. He learns she’s a virgin and BAM he wants her. The book charmingly dubs him a “cherry chaser.”He begins training her in the art of lovemaking, hands off of course and then loses his mind when he finds out that she has dates and may use her new “knowledge” on other guys. He turns into a total stalker, showing up at her dates, etc.He’s also an asshole."Charlene? No, she’s just fuckable. No substance to her."My God!!!!! How can you dig someone who talks about other human beings that way? Oh and let’s not forget his insistence on calling a character named Alejandro “taco man.”I kept pushing myself and pushing myself, because early reviews of this book are sooo good. But, this is just not for me. What a ridiculous waste of e-ink.Recommended for no one, for any reason.

  • Vrsha (PeekAtMyBookReview)
    2018-09-01 14:16

    18+ Review Ahead!!!Rating : 4 ‘Rosie and her Vagina..Urm sorry Virginia’ Stars(Click HERE to see full picture.)My Views : ILOVEDthis book. I devour everything that is funny and this one is HILARIOUS.This is story of Rosie, how she emerged from her cocoon and gets in the real world and starts experimenting with Erotic Novels and dating because she simply wants to be a Romance Novelist. Now I don’t know if Rosie is just unlucky or fate didn’t wanted her to be with the wrong guy but her date has a way of getting off the rail and believe me in the most BIZARRE way.Style of writing : AMAZING!!!The author didn’t restrain herself with the events that she comes up with and it was refreshing. I seriously loved how she experimented with events that romance author remove from their stories because it’s not Romantic; but Meghan Quinn tells all about how a Romance novel doesn’t need to have perfect event for the protagonists to meet and all need not be ‘hearts and roses’,sometimes there is farting and puking and it’s okay .Characters : Rosie is a virgin trying to write romance novels and sex scenes. That girl is hilarious and I really liked her. She’s simply trying to have more experience in writing her book. At times I found that she was quite dumb but not every person is really intelligent or takes the best of decisions in real life. Rosie is a whatever author’s don’t want their heroines to be which is why I really loved her as she portrays the life of real girls going on date and learning about sex and Waxing their private parts.Favorite Part : I must say that a certain scene where Rosie puked on the “muse”of a painter. That my friend was EPIC!!!And maybe I loved the part where she farts while someone was going down on her…Oh shit spoiler (hahaha I know I’m evil)What did not work? Hmm somehow I felt like she was very fast for someone who has never seen a real life penis and all that but she may have been curious. Then I honesty felt like the last bit of Henry and Rosie getting together and separated was kind of cliché… Similar books?None…I haven’t read something like that before. Recommended : ABSOLUTELY. If you love having a good laugh or you’re looking for a light book that’s going to makeyou laugh so hard that you’ll fart , then you people must read this book.For more review check my blog

  • Kelly (and the Book Boar)
    2018-08-27 12:46

    Find all of my reviews at: Shelby told me Mitchell and I needed to read this, there was only one thing we could do . . . We’re just not good at potentially porny books. What can I say????Once we downed our bottles tiny glasses of wine, we were ready to embark on this journey. What did we find? Well, we found Rosie. Rosie is an aspiring romance novelist. She wants to write all about heaving bosoms and being impaled by majestic meat swords – but there are a couple of things holding her back. Problem #1 is she has a hard time using descriptive sexytimes language. I mean, the poor gal can’t even say . . . without blushing. Not to mention the terms she uses for the female downstairs. Briar patch? Lady cactus? Come on, Rosie, give it a grown-up name like I did . . . the “angry beaver.”Problem #2 is that at 23, Rosie is still firmly in possession of her V-Card. In order to escape the doldrums of her horrible job at Friendly Felines and make money writing what she really wants to write, it’s pretty obvious Rosie will need to gain some experience. With the help of her BFFs Delaney and Henry, Rosie begins the quest to get herself deflowered – and things get HILARIOUS. From getting waxed for the first time . . . to discovering that not all man bits are created equal . . .to her first foray into the world of oral pleasures . . . to learning that what goes in, must come out . . .Rosie tries (and fails) to date. I can’t remember the last time I laughed so hard. There’s a good chance I broke a rib. Now, that’s not to say everything was perfect. The story isn't realistic at all and around the 80% mark I found my attention waning. That was due to the fact that I knew how Rosie would get her HEA from Page 1. Seriously, after she had her, ummmm . . . “moment” I was ready for things to wrap up. Rosie even made sure in her own novel’s rough draft that “there was no break up, no apex in the story where anything came crashing down.” I wish this book would have followed that book’s formula. Still, an absolutely side-splitting romp that I would recommend to anyone who wants something fun and fluffy without too much of the squicky stuff . . .ARC provided by NetGalley in exchange for an honest review. Thank you, NetGalley!

  • Beverly
    2018-08-31 17:42

    Rosie has a plan, to write a romance novel. This shouldn’t be an issue since she is a writer and love’s a good romance. As she begins to write she realizes it is a huge problem, she is a virgin and has no experience with love or with men. When I decided to read this one I thought it would be a sweet story about finding love, and it is but what really steals the show is the wit and humor.“Not that it’s any of your business, but I was referring to a lady’s peaceful pleasure garden.”Rosie is hilarious and reading about her attempts at writing her romance novel had me cracking up. I loved her quick wit and thought process.In an attempt to gain knowledge so she can write her novel she decides to start dating. Her friends are very generous and decide to help. Henry, her roommate and best friend, is more than happy to help, but as her “lessons” continue he realizes he should be with Rosie. “I’m such a dumbass,” he confessed. “Why?” “For waiting this long. I should have done this the first day I met you.” Watching these two navigate their friendship and feelings was sweet, funny and even cheesy at times, but I loved it! I felt like Rosie was your typical naïve virgin, but she came across as so endearing. You can’t help but champion Rosie.Despite it being a little cheesy I was in love with this story. I love laughing, it is seriously one of my favorite things, so I felt like this could easily be a 5 star read for me. However at the end I felt like there was some unnecessary drama added that just upset me too much. Now this isn’t a reason to not read this story as it is very enjoyable. However, it was hard to overcome since I was so in love with Rosie.My only wish is that things had been a little different at the end. As ridiculous as it sounds when I finished the story I was still thinking of this little mishap that completely overshadowed my happy little glow. In the end, I am so glad I read this and highly recommend it if you are in the mood for fun, witty, and sweet.ARC kindly provided in exchange for an honest review.

  • PaigeBookdragon
    2018-09-23 14:34

    " Given my love for love and my ability to get lost in my writing, I didn't think it would be hard to write my first romance...but I forgot about one little speed bump in that plan.I was still a virgin " ♥♥♥ FULL REVIEW♥♥♥Holy smut. You want a book that is so hilarious you can't stop laughing your ass out loud? Or maybe a book so disastrous you can't help but feel better knowing someone is having a worse (albeit fictional) date than you ever have?Need not to worry anymore. Here's a book to all those who are virgins and definitely-not-virgins!Meet Rosie. She wants to be romance novelist which cannot be possible unless her cherry can be popped.She names her never-been-poked -vagina Virgina because the name itself is self-explanatory.She may also be a teensy-bit naive.Example of said naivety:she tried putting a certain sex toy in an inappropriate hole. Pathetically funny. So of course, her best friends tried to solve that problem.Thus start the campaign to devirginize the virgin... What I love about this book (other than being funny) is that it's sooo darn informative. I mean, really. Why didn't learn allthesethings during my sex education class in high school??? These things are important!If you're doubting my credibility as a reviewer, here are some proofs about what I learned on this book.1. Thou shall not fart when a man is eating your chamber of secrets.2.Thou shall not trade spits with someone who shares saliva with canine.3. Penises came not only in different sizes. They also came in different shapes. And colors. And textures. And smell.. And you get what I mean.4. What's in a name? That which we call sex can also be calledfucking, fornicating, poking the donut, making milk, dick twerking, porking, slapping the ham, knocking boots, riding the bologna pony, getting some stank on the hang down... 5. Sex against a wall is not easy.There's a lot of fumbling involved. Well, except if you're doing it with a Kristen Ashley hero. Then sex against a wall is easy-peasy.6. Thou shall not bleached thy ass.7. Never ever kicked thy date's dick. It will only lead to nausea and vomiting thus resulting to rejection. I only hope that these nuggets of wisdom is enough for you to read the book.

  • Kathleen
    2018-08-31 13:18

    Story Rating ~ 5 STARS!Character Ratings ~ 5 STARS!Romance Rating ~ 5 STARS!Heat Level ~ 3 StarsEnding ~ 5 STAR!Overall Rating ~ 5 HUGE, I LOVED IT STARS! The Virgin Romance Novelist has got to be the funniest book I have EVER had the pleasure of reading. I laughed some many times to even keep count. I just have to mention Rosie is a virgin, she’s trying to write a sexy romance novel but she has NO experience what so ever. When her friends read what she written so far, they try with humor to explain to her that you should not use words like heaving bosom and briar patch while writing a sex scene. The banter between these 3 best friends that live together, Rosie, Delaney, and Henry was hilarious from the start.”It’s called sex Rosie” Delaney corrected.” Fucking, fornicating, poking the doughnut, making milk, smushing.”“Porking,” Henry cut in. “Slapping the ham, knocking boots, dick twerking.”Then it gets even funnier when she tries to use a bullet vibrator for the first time and also when Delaney takes her for a Brazilian wax.Next up, Henry signs Rosie up to an online dating service. Rosie ends up going out on dates with a few guys and each date is funnier than the last.I was laughing throughout this entire read until Roses finally realizes she’s in love. This happens near the end of the book and all laughing stopped as I cried REALLY UGLY over the circumstances that occurred. I was so invested with these characters that my heart was breaking.In the end I was treated to a wonderful epilogue that brought the smile back to my face.This was one heck of a read, I loved every moment and I highly recommend it to those of you who feel the need to laugh and smile.THANK YOU JUDITH! If I had never read your review I would have missed out on this gem!

  • Nawal
    2018-08-30 13:22

    This just may be one of the funniest books I have come across. I swear it made me laugh so much. It was pretty difficult not to burst out laughing while reading in the middle of the night but damn I enjoyed it so much.The story is about, as the title suggests, a virgin on her way to writing a romance novel. I thought that would make a good read and hence one of the reasons I decided to give it a go in the first place. Our main heroine Rosie is a bit of an awkward one. She finds herself in some of the most unthinkable situations and the way she handles herself, God you begin to question her sanity but at least she makes each scene enjoyable. She has no clue whatsoever regarding anything romance or sexual related and so commences on this journey to open herself up more to dating and all other possibilities...purely for her book research purposes of course. She has her best friend Henry and other room mate Delaney, both of whom are determined to help her through. But it's not so simple when it comes to Rosie... God some of the situations she finds herself in...I just could not stop laughing.One being when she get's baby powder in her underwear...don't even ask why, just read!"You're smoking.""oh, why thank you," I accepted her compliment. "But why are you giving me a weird look look." No, I mean you're smoking.""What are you talking about?""Every time you move, there is this cloud of smoke coming from under your dress.""Cloud of smoke? Are you high?""Is your vagina high? Because it's smoking something under that dress of yours."One of the things I loved about this story is how it makes references to other novels criteria's in the romance genre. We find all sorts of hero references too as Rosie is practising with her dates. It's really clever how the author explains the reasons behind some of the things we witness in these romances. For one, we constantly are relating Rosie to the girl you want to shake in a romance novel and tell her to open her eyes to what's been in front of her all along. But when you're in that position it's not that simple and so the author managed to make the book that much more better for me too.It's a world I love living in, where there are happily ever afters, the odd girl gets the good looking guy , and where chivalry isn't lost. I know it can't all be true, that life isn't as grand as some novels make it out to be, but I still love every single story because it's an escape from reality, a moment in time where you can daydream of the impossible, where there is a chance of watching true love unfold right in front of you.I think I really need to read more romantic comedies because who doesn't want a good laugh? I recommend this to all females. Yup. This is a total chick flick kind of read but fellas you're not banned from reading it. So yeah, if you're thinking about what to read next and can't make up your mind then I really cannot recommend this enough. The only issue I had was that I wished the ending was longer cos I would have been content with reading more about how Rosie's novel turned out."I'm not living in my books; they're just my friends," I replied softy. Any serious reader would know what I'm talking about."Don't say that," Delaney said, pointing at me. "We talked about this, Rosie. Mr. Darcy and Elizabeth are not your friends."

  • warhawke
    2018-09-14 17:43

    Type:StandalonePOV:First Person - FemaleRating: Rosie Bloom hated her job at the dreaded cat magazine. Inspired to be an author, she attempted to write romance novel in her free time. Romance novels need sex scenes and you have to be experience to write a good one. The problem is, Rosie was a virgin!To help rectify the situations, she got help from her roommates and best friends Delany and Henry. With their “guidance”, she embarked on the perilous road of dating resulting in unexpected circumstances. It’s been a while since I read a funny book and I’m glad this was the one that re-popped the cherry. This book was fun and provided lots of laughter. It will also make you feel good about your dating life haha!I wasn’t sure if it was my newfound ambition or the fact that my vagina could now see past the cloud of curls, but I was starting to get all tingly inside just from an interaction with a man. Rosie was naïve when it comes to love and sex because all the learned about it was from her mother’s historical romance novels. Her naiveté, awkwardness and quirkiness made her very endearing.Who knew getting your boob squeezed was such an integral part of being turned on? Hell, they were dangling milk sacs on a woman’s body, but Jesus, Mary, and Joseph were they a pleasure button that shot straight to your lady cactus with a hydration mechanism. Her dating experiences were the thing that provided the readers with amusement. With each new man, she learned more about her own needs and moved closer and closer towards her goal of deflowering herself – with hilarious roadblocks in between them.Her roommate Delaney was the fun, no-nonsense friend who pushed her to get herself out there. She also had no filter when it came to her own sex life.My favorite character in this book was definitely Henry. He could charm the pants of anyone. I love his “training sessions” with Rosie. His cheekiness and his protectiveness made him very appealing.I was waiting for the moment where Phillip ordered me to bend over the table so he could take me from behind while slapping my ass and telling me to come on demand, something I was pretty sure I would never be able to do.I love how this book poked fun at some of the commonly used romance novels tropes/cliché. My favorite of all her dates was the one with Alejandro – the exotic artist and his muse. And umm... his lap broccolilol!Favorite scene has got to be the bullet vibrator incident hahah!If you’re a romance novel junkie looking for a good time read and laugh out loud high with self-deprecating humor, this book might just be it. A little warning though – don’t read in public or you might embarrass yourself for laughing on your own haha!For more reviews/reveals/giveaways visit:

  • Judith
    2018-09-03 17:20

    *** ABSOLUTELY BRILLIANT,LOVED IT ***This is one of the funniest books I've EVER read and this was me virtually throughout the whole book..Rosie wants to write an Erotic book...only problem is she's a 23 yr old Virgin with no sexual experience's whatsoeverHer 2 best friends and roommates decide to help and enter her on a dating website and what follows are some of the funniest and most disastrous dates EVER !!Rosie 'practicing' with a banana..."Oh yeah,you like that banana?Are you going to turn into banana pudding soon?You going to lose your peel?""There is something seriously wrong with you"Delaney said as I was mid strokeAnd the talcom powder scene ( after she's had a Brazilian ),is beyond funny..."You're smoking""Oh why thank you"I accepted her compliment." But why are you giving me a weird look""No,I mean you're smoking""What are you talking about?""Every time you move,there's a cloud of smoke coming out from under your dress""Cloud of smoke?Are you high?""Is your vagina high?Because it's smoking something under that dress of yours"And don't get me started on Henry...everyone should have a Henry in their life...just ADORABLE, and sexy as Hell!!I'm not going to say anymore as it might spoil the story,but I would TOTALLY RECOMMENDED THIS!!JUST LOVED IT !!

  • Ari
    2018-08-30 13:35

    I received this book from NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.There are a lot of life lessons in this book, wrapped up in a hilarious shiny package to which, I feel, every woman can relate.Something in every chapter made me laugh, and the book was nearly impossible to put down. Aside from a few grammatical errors (and, I admit, a few cringe-worthy moments whenever Virginia was described as flapping/clapping her folds, which should NEVER be spoken or written), I loved every minute of this tale.Rosie was such a fun character as a voice to her story, and she was so easy to get on board with, because her struggle was so incredibly real—Quinn did a good job in bringing her to life.With a fair amount of sexy included in these pages, some ridiculous situations, and (for once!) a cast of characters that were warm and natural to read, The Virgin Romance Novelist is not a book to be missed.And please, someone tell me where I can find a Henry. Because if this kind of guy is real—I have only caught brief glimpses and I’m not even sure if it was the whole package—then I want one for myself.

  • CC
    2018-08-26 13:25

    4.25 starsRosie Bloom is an avid reader and aspiring writer but before she can truly pen her first romance novel, she must be experience the sex she wants to writes about. To confirm, Rosie is a college graduate but still a virgin. However, you need not worry because Rosie is smart and resourceful. With the help of her best friends, Rosie seeks answers to all her questions and enthusiastically gets into the dating world. Until this moment, all of Rosie’s knowledge is based on outdated romance novels where a woman’s anatomy is referred to as a pearl or a man’s cock is his sword. While Rosie is not a naïve woman in general, her sexual naivety is part of her appealing personality.“I’m not living in my books; they’re just my friends,” I replied softly. Any serious reader would know what I’m talking about. “Don’t say that,” Delaney said, pointing at me. “We talked about this, Rosie. Mr. Darcy and Elizabeth are not your friends.”Once Rosie makes the decision to lose her virginity and enter the dating pool, she registers with an online dating services and starts to make herself more open to men’s advances. Each of her dates offer a viable option at the outset, but the comedy that occurs during her dates is off the charts funny. I won’t say what happens, but suffice it to say that Rosie learns a great deal about dating and about herself during her date-a-thon. The laughs are endless.“Do not open your mouth if a dick comes flying at your face. But you told me guys like blow jobs. They do, he responded, But you only give him a blow job if you want to, not because he’s tapping you on the cheek with his dick.”Standing by Rosie during this process are her long-time friends and roommates, Henry and Delaney. Since Rosie doesn’t have any experience, they offer advice and listen to all her questions. Henry particularly helps Rosie by giving her a Kindle, sex toys, and even offers his body for her experimentation. Did I mention that Henry is hot? He has olive skin, well-defined abs, luscious dark hair and a great personality to boot! Of course, Rosie isn’t blind and at one time had crush on Henry, but she now only sees Henry as her bestie and doesn’t want to jeopardize their friendship. Are you thinking the same as me? Yes, I thought so!! [runs and yells to Rosie to jump Henry’s bones pronto!! Lol]“He took a deep breath and said softly, “You know, Rosie, if you wanted, I could just show you everything myself.” My heart stopped beating in my chest as I tried to comprehend Henry’s offer. Was he serious?”This book was out loud funny! No matter where I was reading my Kindle, I couldn’t control my laughter! I’m not sure why I waited so long to read it, suppose I was afraid it was going to be canned humor, but it was not. The writing is witty and Rosie’s inner monologue is simply hilarious. In addition to the comedy, I really liked the story between Rosie and Henry. (view spoiler)[I was rooting for him the entire book! While it was obvious to the reader that Henry had deep feelings for Rosie. There were times toward the end when I wanted throttle Rosie but love prevailed!(hide spoiler)]If you’re looking for a funny book with a love story, I highly recommend this one!["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>

  • Meghan Quinn
    2018-09-09 17:17

    The Virgin Romance Novelist is a standalone romantic comedy that will have you laughing out loud at an uncontrollable rate, peeing your pants to the point of just having to sit on the toilet to read and feeling so incredibly embarrassed that you will have to constantly re-hydrate yourself from sweating too much.Rosie Bloom is an aspiring romance novelist, trying to make it in the writing world but has found that even though she is passionate about writing romance, there is one little problem, she chokes when it comes to the sex scenes and there is only one reason why; she's a virgin. So, her two best friends decide, "Hey, let's get Rosie's hammy hams out in the world of sex," by introducing her to waxing, sex toys, online dating and so much more. Unfortunately for Rosie, she is lacking in everything sex so when she thinks things are about to go right, they go oh so terribly wrong. Ever think about that first time you were introduced to the world of mingling private parts? Rosie recreates those moments first hand for you with all the awkward and curious thoughts that might run through a virgin's head, all the while, in a roundabout way, finding that special someone who will do the honor of finally taking her oh so precious flower.

  • Jen
    2018-08-31 17:35

    Rosie and HenryMy husband kicked me out of bed because I was laughing so hard. This book could be one of the funniest I have read in a long time. It would have gotten 5 stars except for a dumbass move Henry pulls at the end which really, really bothered me and I could have done without so many references to Virginia. Full review to come on Fiction Vixen Book Reviews

  • Pavitra (For The Love of Fictional Worlds)
    2018-09-15 15:24

    Actual Rating 4.5 StarsReview first up on For The Love of Fictional WorldsI received a digital copy of the book from NetGalley in exchange for an honest review."I'm the friend, never the girlfriend, and I was okay with that until I realised I'm twenty-three, still a virgin, and as sexually inexperienced as a tween with Justin Bieber Posters covering her walls."I have been a closet romance novel freak since a long time and I am not ashamed to say that I have loved reading happily ever afters since I was a teenager, because lets face it, I was never going get one of my own, since none of my book boyfriends ever would come to life, for me *sigh*So when I was browsing the NetGalley to find more free books to read, this one definitely caught my eye. You can't blame me especially with this tagline - *I’m a virgin trying to write a romance novel and can’t seem to write past a sex scene thanks to my lack of experience.*10 pages in, at 11 pm in the night, I knew my night and sleep was shot to hell and I absolutely loved every freaking second of it. I have laughed, cringed at the out of the world embarrassments Rosie seems to suffer at the hands of dating and fell in love with a girl who was more like me than I could find anywhere."I hated that I was so caught up in the little things... that small gesture from a man had me shaking and quaking in my shoes, but I've never been romanced.I never really went on dates and never really put myself out there."Rosie Bloom is an aspiring romance novelist, currently working in Cat Magazine and has yet to have her first sexual experience. And sadly, that lack of experience is stalling her efforts to write any sort of a sex scene, hilariously.So her two best friends, Henry - a typical hot manwhore and Delaney with her boyfriend, Derk (yup, Derk honest to god!) she lives with, decide on a campaign for Rosie to loose her virginity."I feel like there is a stereotype in the world for people who read romance novels, people depict them as sad ladies sitting in a corner of their house, wearing a torn up sweater while eating chocolates and petting their cats." We go through the journey with Rosie tackling all sorts of problems related to dating life from flirting to using sex toys to even oral sex. This is one hilarious rollar coaster ride. Rosie also tackles the problem of being seen as a romance reader or even a romance novelist. Forgetting that romance writing is a billion dollar industry, it is still seen as a subservient part of the literature. The stereotype that leads us to cover up the steamy book that we are reading in a public place, because god forbid that anybody ever see us reading a romance novel, because it might send out a wrong signal. Why? Why is believing in love, true love so bad? (As you can see this is a very passionate subject for me :P)"People are idiots in real life, and don’t see what’s sitting in front of them until they lose it. Life really isn’t a bunch of sunshine and rainbows. Nope, people make mistakes, they can’t see past their noses to find that the one man that has been a constant in their life was actually made for them."Rosie is a character that I absolutely loved. She this weird, geeky, adorable little fluffball of a bookworm that you can't help but adore. I can also promise that every single of you bookworms with end up identifying with her. She has a tendency to embarrass herself (a tendency I identify with the most, cause if I can embarrass myself I definitely will).From kicking her date in the nuts while swing dancing, from throwing up to flatus tendencies during oral sex to even freaking out after seeing male genitals, Rosie does it all on dates. So let's not even go to what she does when preparing for sexual escapades (Just trust me when I say this, you will definitely think twice about doing the same *teeheheheehehe*)"I was a girl who fell in love with a boy way before she got intimate with him. I just denied my feelings to save my heart. A lot of help that was, I thought, as I sat on Henry’s new couch, contemplating whether or not I was going to have a heart attack from his proximity."Now let's talk about Henry. Rosie's best friend. The manwhore. The guy who sleeps with anything that is breathing. He is absolutely freakingly adorable. But the best part was Rosie and Henry's friendship. Their friendship was a relationship that I was actually jealous of. They were so comfortable with each other, that it took me 10 pages in to realize that they were absolutely perfect for each other."You heard me. Don’t you see the way I look at you every day, the way I touch you and talk to you? Can’t you see my heart beating out of my fucking chest every time I’m around you? God, Rosie, I’m so far in love with you, it’s ridiculous. I don’t just love you, I’m in love with you, like desperately, hopelessly, can’t be without you in love with you.”Henry is now on my top favorite book boyfriends. His protectiveness, his love was so clear to see that I really wanted to shake him to make him clear the glasses that he had on, to make him realize why he had done what he did.He made some very questionable decisions, like really questionable decisions (Me wanting to him punch him kind of questionable decisions), but he redeemed himself soon enough. Yes, this went on to be a cheesy romance cliche by the end, but boy was it an enjoyable cliche ;)“Welcome to the world of love, Rosie. It sucks, it’s nauseating at times, and nerve racking, but the reward is so worth it when you have someone by your side supporting you, loving you, and being your life support. There’s nothing like it. Love isn't easy and love isn't kind; love is something you sacrifice everything for in the hopes that maybe, just maybe, there is a person in this world who will accept you for who you are."Meghan Quinn has made some relatively uncomfortable topics into enjoyable and humorous reading material. And after reading this book, she has now made the list of "autoauthorbuys" and I can't wait to read her other books.And if my review isn't enough to make you want to read this one ([or shame peeps! You should totally love my reviews by now ;)] Here are some snippets that might sway your decision :P"I'm in my twenties, I should be out perusing the sexual dating pot of overeager gentlemen and horny homies that New York City has to offer, instead of dating my book boyfriends, even though they were the only kind of men who could satisfy me. They were perfect.""Didn't anyone else share the same passion for books that I did?""The more I thought about it, the more I thought that notion was crazy. I didn't spend too much time reading; there was no such thing.""I know it can't all be true, that life isn't as grand as some novels make it out to be, but I still love every single story because it's an escape from reality, a moment in time where you can daydream of the impossible, where there is a chance of watching true love unfold in front of you""Ugh. I was that girl. That girl who couldn't make up her damn mind. That girl in a novel that I wanted to shake uncontrollably, slap some sense into her. I could see the reviews now. God, Rosie is so annoying. Rosie is so wishy - wasy. Rosie doesn't know a good thing when it hits her in the face.""Love is funny. It comes in all different shapes and sizes. Sometimes it’s hard to find and sometimes it’s sitting right in front of you, waiting to be recognized. What I learned from all the books I’ve read and from the book that I’m writing is that no matter what, you have to work to find love. It isn’t a given and it isn’t instantaneous. It’s a privilege to find, and should never be taken lightly."[Love me now okay? XP]

  • Michelle
    2018-08-24 13:30

    ARC provided by author in exchange of honest reviewOMG...what the hell did I read? This was my first Meghan Quinn book that I have read and I am officially a fan. I don't know whether to thank Meghan for making me laugh out loud or feel bad for Rosie as she embarks on the crazy misadventures on getting her cherry popped. Briar Patch...Heaving Bosom...Meat sword.. Pleasure garden...oh yeah, Rosie's Virginia.. Welcome to the world of Rosie Bloom, a 23 year virgin aspiring romance novelist and her eccentric vocabulary. It's official, Rosie needs to put away and burn those historical romance novels with Fabio on the cover. So when Rosie's two best friends and roommates finally convinces Rosie that in order to be a romance novelist then she better have some sexual experiences in order for her to write books about sex. Let's face it no one wants to read a romance book with descriptive words using briar patch, meat sword, or maidenhead. So welcome to the adventures of Rosie Bloom and her Virginia. Yes, she named her lady bits Virginia.. LOL!! So what's in store for Rosie... well in no particular order, she must get her briar patch cleaned up, see a real life penis, watch porn, get proper tutorial on oral 101, and oh yeah finally cash in her V card. Well for any normal person this could be no big deal but this Rosie Bloom, who didn't know what a bullet is. She will need someone to hold her hand and guide her. And luckily for her, she has her roommates and best friend, Henry to help guide her in the adventures of dildos, porn, blow jobs and condoms. So with her new found knowledge,will Rosie finally put what she learned into good use? Will Virginia get her fill? So if you want a book that will have you laughing out loud and saying OMG Rosie then this book is for you. Meghan Quinn will have you praising Rosie as she discover her sexuality and braves the dating world. All I can say, The Virgin Romance Novelist is a fun, carefree, and laugh out loud feel good kind of book. Meghan Quinn Review can also be found on Four Chicks Flipping Pages

  • Lady Gabriella of Awesomeness
    2018-09-23 13:26

    DNF ! Please Stop ! :/ Sorry,Just not MY kind of humor.. :(

  • christine danielle (Bibliophilic Madness)
    2018-09-22 13:37

    FOR MORE REVIEWS AND GIVEAWAYS, DO CHECK OUT MY BLOG: PLOT: 5CHARACTERS: 5COVER: 5OVERALL RATING: 5Favorite Quotes:Love is funny.It comes in all different shapes and sizes. Sometimes it's hard to find and sometimes it's in front of you, waiting to be recognized.The Virgin Romance Novelist is SIMPLY AMAZING. A book that will make you laugh out loud to the point that you'll be in tears, it's the perfect blend of romance and comedy. If you're looking for something that will make you laugh and feel the butterflies in your stomach with all the sweetness, then this book is for you.Trust me. I read this book three times already and it never gets oldRosie Bloom is an aspiring romance novelist but she has a problem. She chokes up every time she writes a sex scene. The reason why? Because she's a virgin. So now her two best friends introduces her to the world of sex. Through waxing, sex toys and online dating. Quinn was very amazing in writing all the characters especially Rosie and Henry (Rosie's best friend.) I loved how when things get all hot and heavy with Rosie a guy she's with, there would be something hilarious that would happen that would make the whole sexy vibe vanish. Henry was such a sweet guy and I wouldn't want to about him that much in fear of spoiling you. Rosie was sometimes annoying because she could not make up her mind but that's what I think makes her really believable. Overall TVRN was an amazing book that you should DEFINITELY READ.received digital edition from publisher via Netgalley in exchange for an honest review

  • Lucia
    2018-09-03 16:22

    DNF at 56%I know that The Virgin Romance Novelist is loved by many but this kind of humor just didn't work for me at all. I found this novel (all 56% I read) ridiculous, unrealistic and boring so I decided to save myself a time and ended it early.

  • Sophie
    2018-09-12 13:27

    One of the funniest reads, I've read in a long time!! I was only bummed about something that happened near the end, but other than that I had a blast while reading this one! If you need something light and funny, this is the one you should pick up!! :D If I have the proper mood and time, I'll write a full review! ;)

  • Ella Janine
    2018-09-03 19:32

    It's all about the find when it comes to love, the moment when you meet the one person in your life you can't possibly live without, that was what intrigued me.Rosie dreams of writing a successful romance novel by delivering love and passion through pages. She gets inspiration from reading lots of romance books, and dreams on finding her own true book boyfriend. But there's a problem, how is she suppose to write about sex when she has no experience at it? Thus, begins her journey to finding romance and the man who will finally end her virgin days.The Virgin Romance Novelist had me crying from so much laughter right from the beginning. I was literally giggling and throwing my head back from chuckling so hard people around me were starting to look at me strangely, but I didn't care because they weren't reading this book.Reading The Virgin Romance Novelist meant getting yourself inside a big ball of fluff and never getting out of it for days. I was in a book high for days and I never wanted it to disappear. It was THAT good of a book high.Never mind those who looks at you strangely. LOLIt was full of awkward moments that every girl know happens once in a while in her life, and dating life. TVRN presented romance that was real and relatable. That finding love and being in a relationship isn't just all about hearts and flowers. That attraction may bring flutters to your heart, but it is love that will keep those flutters from going away. It was like having a girl talk with a book.Isn't that how all romantics are, give love a chance? That was the sole basis of every romance novel out there; give love a chance.I'm such an idiot. I'm that girl! I'm that girl you read in a romance novel that you want to shake uncontrollably and say, You idiot! He's the perfect man for you!I loved every character in this book, major and minor. Meghan Quinn created people, and not just characters, because you know deep down that even if these were fictional characters, once or twice, we get to meet these kind of people in our daily life. Rosie Bloom, the main character, was my favorite of all. She was adorable, funny and was very curious and naive it makes me love her more than dislike her. Being a writer herself, she'd even come to a point were she describes herself as "that girl", meaning that girl from romance novels who are very naive and stupid when they start to fall in love. This was a first for me, meeting a character who's literally talking to me while I'm reading her story. It was like the author putting her reader's mind on print and letting every romance book junkie's brain talk.The romance was done very well and I liked it very much. I have to admit, it was a lovely feeling reading Rosie's love story unfold. It was like the male protagonist was hidden from you at the beginning and it will keep you guessing on who will be the lucky man and before you know it you've already fell in love with him. Rosie met a LOT of candidates aiming for her v-card but all throughout the story there will always be this one guy you can't help but root for. It was literally raining men on Rosie's life but none of those guys impressed except for the guy I rooted for. I pretty much started a prayer vigil for him to be "the guy" over Goodreads. CHOOSE HIM! CHOOSE HIIIIIM!The book is about Rosie looking to get her virginity away so one of my most anticipated scene was the sex scene. I was looking forward to it so much because everything was already good from the start that's why I expected so much. And oh boy, it was hot and romantic at the same time. You know how in other books it was just passion and heat and intensity and uh thrusting, that are present during sex? TVRN had a totally different take on sex. Meghan Quinn didn't hold back on vulgarity and yet it didn't felt dirty. Instead, it was a beautiful and lovely moment for Rosie and you know that she chose well. I'm having a hard time coming up with words to describe the moment perfectly but would it be enough to tell you that it made me smile while reading it? It was tastefully done and I wouldn't have asked for any other way for the author to deliver it.The story wasn't complex or anything heavy and was a perfect light read any day, any time, but maybe not anywhere because you're gonna laugh a lot and people WILL look at you strangely. Reading this was just like being inside Rosie's mind, it was very spontaneous. Seriously, I mean you know how our mind doesn't hold back on the things it thinks at wants to say but your mouth don't speak of it because it might be too crude? It was like that with this book. TVRN won't fail on lifting up your mood. It's so good I'm already planning on when to re-read it.Might not be the best I've read, but everything was nicely done. The punch lines were delivered well and it was at the right place and time. And the ending? Oh my. Even the ending was perfect. It wasn't dragged and was just the right way to end this amazing story. This book had my heart from the beginning until the end.Love is funny. It comes in all different shapes and sizes. Sometimes it’s hard to find and sometimes it’s sitting right in front of you, waiting to be recognized. What I learned from all the books I’ve read and from the book that I’m writing is that no matter what, you have to work to find love. It isn’t a given and it isn’t instantaneous. It’s a privilege to find, and should never be taken lightly.Isn't it already obvious? I LOVE THIS BOOK. EXTREMELY LOVE THIS BOOK. I forced to drag three days unto reading this because I loved it so much I never wanted it to end. You want light, fluffy, sexy, romantic book? Read this. Just a few pages in this book it already had landed on my favorites list and I hope it will be on yours too.

  • Violina The Romance Lover
    2018-09-03 13:43

    3 "From-best-friends-to-lovers stars“Note to self: When people say dicks come in all shapes and sizes, they are not kidding.” This is a story about the 23 years oldRosieand herbein-a-virgin-but-want-to-write-a-book-with-sexproblems! She grew up shelterd from life and especiallydatinglife. Hating her current job, her dream is to write aromance . A book full with love, passion and lust.. butHOWthat could happen when she is so inexperienced with all of that?!Herbestfriends decided to help her with her dating life lacking-of-sex issue! Always shy about herselftRosiwould never think that man would fall in her legs and actually want her as a lover not as a friend.. but with time she discovers that there are man who are willing to go on a date with her and liked her weirdness. And that's how she started dating... (thanks tointernert )Her bestfriendHenryis inlove with her but never show it. She never thought a man like him will want someone like her and never wanted to ruin their friendship so she never told him that she is inlove with him too! He is the man who listen to all her problems, who help her with everything and make her smile everyday. When she was busydating , he was busyjealousing..But they can't denied their feelings anymore. With so many failures with her other dates she found herself in situation where all she ever want to do is..Henry ! Tofeelhim and to bewithhim, in every way!Aaaand that's whereshitgot serious! I was really pissed of withBOTHof them! It was stupid, childish and reckless!The main things that I didn't like in this book were these:1. From no dating lifeRosiego on a date with 4 different people in one week!2. Sheneverfelt the feelings Henry feel about her!3. She acted like a 16 year old at times!4. She couldn't sayNOto guy she only just met! (2 to be exact!)5.HenrywasAN ASSwith her! He was jealous and hurt but he didn't needed to act like that!6. The ending seemed a bit rushed! Overallthe book was good and funny and light! I did have some issues but I had good laugh too! This not be my favourite book by Meghan Quinn but it was funny, indeed! Every girl will see a little of her self inRosicharacter! THE SCENE WITH MARTA WAS HILARIOUS!

  • Lanie (Lanies Book Thoughts)
    2018-09-24 20:41

    The Virgin Romance Novelist was extremely funny and definitely a great new adult story. The basic story revolves around a twenty-three year old woman who has this desire to write a romance story but the only problem is she has no experience with men. She's also never read a contemporary romance or any romance for that matter written after the 80s. To her Fabio is still all the rage, she hasn't met any of todays romance heroes. Between her lack of experience and lack of modern romance understanding she's having a hard time trying to write this story.This story follows Rosie on her adventure of trying to get laid while getting her chops busted by her best friends. It hilariously depicts learning how to use certain "items" for adults, trying to navigate the online dating world and meeting people in person. All of these things that most women have trouble doing but never admit to. I read this book cover to cover in the matter of three hours. I read it while I made dinner, I read it during dinner much to my families disdain and then read as I cleaned up. I wouldn't put it down because its that kinda story you get wrapped up in, it makes you smile, it makes you laugh. It's very feel good with a sweet an naive heroine that actually does have a backbone. I actually enjoyed every character in this book which was surprising because each person was so different. Rosie's best friends and roommates are Delaney and Henry. Delaney is a total ball buster but she's got a good heart and watches out for Rosie. She is actually the motivating factor for Rosie to get out and experience the big "D" for herself. While Delaney is the teaser, Henry is Rosies support system. He listens, he laughs and acts as Rosies protector. He's also a total man-whore so he's the go to guy for learning the "How-to's" of sex.In my opinion, every adult women should read this story especially those in their twenties because it talks about a lot of stuff you probably don't even know about. It digs into some sex issues both about yourself and other people that most people fail to mention to you. It's funny, it's a tad bit informative, eye-opening and simply hysterical. I'd recommend, most definitely. This is a "new adult" story so basically 18+ or college age readers. It's light, it's sweet, I'd love another book like this from the author. I received this book in exchange for an honest review from the publisher.

  • Suzana
    2018-09-18 20:45

    If you want something light and funny to read, this one is for you ;)“There is a whole community out there who loves love, who loves romance, and I’m one of them. It’s a world I love living in, where there are happily ever afters, the odd girl gets the good looking guy, and where chivalry isn’t lost. I know it can’t all be true, that life isn’t as grand as some novels make it out to be, but I still love every single story because it’s an escape from reality, a moment in time where you can daydream of the impossible, where there is a chance of watching true love unfold right in front of you.”“People are idiots in real life, and don’t see what’s sitting in front of them until they lose it. Life really isn’t a bunch of sunshine and rainbows. Nope, people make mistakes, they can’t see past their noses to find that the one man that has been a constant in their life was actually made for them.”“Love is funny. It comes in all different shapes and sizes. Sometimes it’s hard to find and sometimes it’s sitting right in front of you, waiting to be recognized. What I learned from all the books I’ve read and from the book that I’m writing is that no matter what, you have to work to find love. It isn’t a given and it isn’t instantaneous. It’s a privilege to find, and should never be taken lightly.”

  • Sofia
    2018-09-17 17:27

    *Arc kindly provided by NetGalley* 4.5 virgin stars The Virgin romance novelist is a romantic comedy.First: If you are looking for a good story with so many funny scenes, this is the story! Believe me, this book is great for all of you who like an amazing heroine. You will laugh for minutes with some scenes."I touched it, I touched the penis. Oh God, it's like one of those blow up punching bags that you it and it falls, but then comes back up""Cum flew everywhere"WARNING n°1: don't drink too much water before ;) Rosi Bloom has a dream, being a romance novelist because she loves books with some sex on it but there is a tiny problem: She's a virgin.Not only a virgin but her education was very different and the only books she loves are from de 70 ' and 80's with words like "flower garden" to describe vagina.So, how can she write about sex when she knows nothing? Her two best friends are there to help her but isn't an easy task.Warning n°2: Don't read it in public or people will think about your mental health. I will be checking out more books by this author.

  • ❀Aimee❀ Just one more page...
    2018-09-17 15:27

    Some sections of this book were hilarious and laugh out loud. These sections would have made a great stand-up routine.I didn't buy the roommate tension -- I found it unbelievable how long the misunderstandings and will they/won't they went on. Henry calling her, "love" when they were just friends was just odd for me. The sections about her work were just tedious for me and I had to skim those sections.I got tired of reading about "Virginia" "clapping" or "flapping" her "folds". Just....ew.So basically, I just wanted to read the funny parts and get to the "climax" of the book already. For a fantabulous giffy review of this book, please see Shelby and her amazing flying monkey's review. She "nailed" it. ;)

  • Debra Anastasia
    2018-09-12 16:16

    I just finished this and loved it. The Italian scene was my flat out favorite. I had to set down the kindle and cry laugh. It's unique, funny and wonderful. The main character is adorable and I love her job. And as funny as it was, it's really hot too! I think this is an amazing debut novel that readers will LOVE.

  • Elle
    2018-09-08 20:46

    4 VIRGIN STARS!!Love isn’t easy and love isn’t kind; love is something you sacrifice everything for in the hopes that maybe, just maybe, there is a person in this world who will accept you for who you are.After some depressing book, I need a happy read! My first read from Meghan Quinn and I was hooked. The Virgin Romance Novelist has really great and sarcastic humor that right up in my alley. The first page really made me LOL in the middle of the night. Like... R u kidding me? :))Writing a romance novel shouldn't be that hard, right? But for Rosie, it is. The thing is Rosie still a virgin and inexperienced with love. Her best friends, Delaney and Henry really support her. Not only in writing romance also lose her virginity. It's not an easy road for Rosie who came from sheltered family and has insecurity with herself. With her friend's help, everything seems possible.Rosie oh Rosie... how innocent are u? OMG this girl is so hilarious, kinda awkward and ancient. Wait.. ancient? Yeah, just look at her writing! I would never ever do that even I'm a virgin. But that's what makes Rosie is different. She could be slow-witted. And her curses... Oh lawd! Gurlll, you have lousy mouth. Rosie definitely a very rare woman.Her road to lose virginity isn't easy. But surprising for me with how many men came into her very quickly. I mean, she could have a date or two in a week. It was really weird to see her life before. Maybe Rosie has some hidden pheromone? But lesson learned in here. Ms. Quinn show us that men comes with all type and weirdness. In this case, Rosie has very unlucky encounter with this men. Of course, Rosie's doesn't search for the ONE but she could be really blind. And me either.I found the most hilarious man she ever met! Laugh so hard :))) Also the perfect gif. Bwahaha... #SorryNotSorryHoly crap! I wanted to say Yes, Sir, Mr. Grey, Sir and then bat my lashes like Anastasia, but decided to not role play, since I was pretty sure he wouldn’t like it.Even there are so much date in Rosie's new life, Henry is the only one she couldn't see straight. Yeah, she liked him. A lot since college but she keep him in friend-zone. I admit I didn't catch the signal from Henry either. He's such a man-whore, no wonder Rosie never realize he attracted to her. Well, both of them are kinda silly. They're supposed to be mature enough for this shit. But, no. Henry was kinda an asshole with his jealousy; spatting bitter words towards Rosie. What a friend you are!! Man up dude!! Anyway, Rosie is Rosie. The dull and virgin woman who never experienced love has to faced Henry's mixed signals.Ugh, I was that girl. That girl who couldn’t make up her damn mind. That girl in a novel that I wanted to shake uncontrollably, slap some sense into her. Overall, The Virgin Romance Novelist definitely an entertaining read. I enjoyed Rosie's road to lose her virginity. She's amused me with her notes. She write almost everything in her sex diary. Friends-to-lovers isn't really my fave but Rosie's journey is hard to be missed.“Welcome to the world of love, Rosie. It sucks, it’s nauseating at times, and nerve racking, but the reward is so worth it when you have someone by your side supporting you, loving you, and being your life support. There’s nothing like it.”

  • Ryan Ringbloom
    2018-09-23 12:27

    I was privileged enough to receive an ARC of this book from the author.Read. Cringe. Laugh.This book will have you rolling. Rosie Bloom, AKA, The Virgin Romance Novelist sets out to find her perfect story by finding some hands on experience. Not an easy task. True to life problems keep getting in her way. Make that some HILARIOUS real life problems. Luckily she has two roommates to help guide her on her path looking for lust and romance in New York. Her best friend Henry gives her advice, leaves her some gifts and is even friendly enough to offer her a few lessons.Every chapter pulls you in, making you desperate to find out what will happen next. Even as I read the final pages I was still like, Oh Jesus, what the heck is she gonna do now??If you love inappropriately funny romance...and who doesn't? Then I strongly recommend adding this book to you TBR list!!