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He can never have her. Having her means the end of his career in the Hostile Operations Team. But when he learns she’s carrying his child, he’ll have to make a choice…Ryan “Flash” Gordon has been drawn to Emily Royal bin Yusuf since the first moment he met her. But she’s a terrorist’s widow, which means she’s completely off-limits. A HOT special operator can never be withHe can never have her. Having her means the end of his career in the Hostile Operations Team. But when he learns she’s carrying his child, he’ll have to make a choice…Ryan “Flash” Gordon has been drawn to Emily Royal bin Yusuf since the first moment he met her. But she’s a terrorist’s widow, which means she’s completely off-limits. A HOT special operator can never be with a woman whose name is on government watch lists the world over.But when Emily begs him for just one night, he can’t refuse. The next morning, she’s gone. Not just from his bed, but from his life.Emily can never clear her name—or can she? When a rogue CIA operative offers her a chance to put her past behind her and do something for her country, she leaps at the opportunity—even though it means leaving behind the man she’s fallen in love with. But not before she lets herself have one night with him.One night with stunning consequences…...

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Hot and Bothered Reviews

  • Lana ❇✾Dirty Girl Romance❇✾
    2019-01-02 17:08

    3.75 StarsHe speared his free hand into her hair, tilted her head back. "Emily. Jesus, what you do to me...""What, Ry?" she whispered, her throat tight and raw. "What do I do to you?""This," he growled- and then he kissed her.Lynn's Hostile Operations Team is one of those series that just addictingly good. It doesn't matter how many books she'll write for it because I know I'll read every single one. Every. Single. One. They're that good. It's the perfect combination of sizzling romance with heartpounding suspense. It's action packed and sexy. It's everything I love about romantic suspense and I can't recommend this series enough!Each book in this series may be read as a standalone as each one features a different couple with a fully finished suspense plot and a HEA. With this book, however, I highly recommend you read Hot Rebel first. Hot Rebel serves as the perfect set up for Emily's book and will give the reader some bonus backstory that will make Hot And Bothered a much more enjoyable read. (Also it was an amazing book). Hot Rebel features Emily's sister, Victoria Royal, but it also introduces Emily. I think it will make you understand her better as a character, as well as her connection with Ryan. I felt like the story here almost began in the process of their relationship, and readers that haven't read Hot Rebel may feel a slight disconnect. That being said, on to the review.How did she do this to him? How did she twist him up inside so thoroughly and make him uncertain which way was up?Ryan "Flash" Gordon has always been the easy-going jokester in his HOT team. But when Emily Royal came along, it threw everything he thought he knew for a loop. Emily's connection to a known terrorist, albeit a now dead one, has forever tarnished her life. Being the wife of said terrorist, it doesn't matter if she was the one to help bring him down, she's on the government watch list and even though she yearns for Ryan with her whole being, she knows that they can never be together. After all, he's a soldier, and she's the widow of a terrorist that's on the government's no fly list. She's be the death of his military career. But when the mysterious Ian Black offers her an out that will clear her record, even while putting her in danger, she doesn't even have to think twice. She leaves everything and everyone she knows behind to fly back to the one place she hoped never to see again. But not before spending one unforgettable night with the man that means everything to her...If she could get closer to him, she would. if she could be a part of him, she would. But this had to be enough, this beautiful melding of two sweat-slick bodies.Hot and Bothered offered a little something that it's predecessors have not, additional POVs. And while usually I'd feel it would take away from the main story, here it only heightened it. That could be in large due to the additional POVs being those of Ian Black and Commander Mendez, the two men that I'm absolutely dying for a story for. There's definitely the set up for a hell of a book for both of them, and I can't wait to get my grabby little hands on those.I was a little afraid that Emily would be a little too weak for my tastes, especially given her history. I was very happy to see that she truly grew into her own in this book. She came off as a little different, weaker, in the beginning, which threw me off a bit, but that certainly changed further in the book. Ryan was always walking on egg shells when it came to her, but I was happy to see that he got his growly and possessive side here.While I thoroughly enjoyed this book, it just didn't have that added oompf that the rest of this series had for me. Now considering I've loved every single book in the series, that's not exactly a bad thing. I still liked it, it just wasn't my favorite. I'm not sure exactly what was missing, but it just never grabbed me like the others did. Maybe because I felt like the romance felt rushed in some ways (view spoiler)[due to a particular trope that took place (hide spoiler)]. Hot and Bothered was still a fantastic addition to an already favorite series and I can't wait to see what the next books brings. I'm really hoping Ian will be next because you already know his book will be one hell of a ride!ARC courtesy of publisher in exchange for an honest reviewFor more reviews visit["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>

  • Jennifer
    2018-12-18 22:55

    ARC received from authorOh yeah, another great HOT team book. It was great to see Victoria's sister, Emily, get a HEA after all the crap she went through. Flash was great choice for her. Great friendship, hot sex, bad guys, the rest of the hot team to get caught up with. Now, Emily, that was an interesting way to escape a bad guy.I'm pretty sure that Colonel Mendez is next. I love it when I get what I've been asking for. Loved the little extra peaks we got of him in this book. I want to see a push-up battle.

  • Julie
    2019-01-13 19:52

    Hot & Bothered by Lynn Raye Harris is a 2015 publication. I was provided a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review. HOT & BOTHERED DEFINITION:having or showing intense or violent feeling; ardent; fervent; vehement; excited: a hot temper.Informal. having a strong enthusiasm; eagerSlang. 1. sexually aroused; lustful. 2. sexy; attractive.I got in on the ground floor with this series and this author has quickly become one of my favorites. I have watched this series develop from playing in small clubs to filling large stadiums. Each installment gets more polished and more emotional, without sacrificing the integrity of the series or what made it so popular to begin with. As with any series, there were some stories or characters I liked more than others, but this very aptly titled book will go down as one of my favorites. I would dare say there are few among us who have not made a bad relationship choice at one point in our lives. Emily, however, might take top honors, as her former husband turned out to be a terrorist. Now, she is a pariah, on the no fly list, and her life will never be the same. What is even harder to take is being in love with Ryan “ Flash” Gordon, a member of The Hostile Operations Team or HOT. Even if he was interested in being more than friends, getting involved with Emily would end his career on the spot, and Emily can't let that happen. So, when Ian Black a CIA operative, offers her the opportunity to get her life back by going on a covert operation, Emily can't pass up that up. But, since it's such a dangerous mission, Emily knows it could be life or death, so she wants just one night with Ryan before she leaves, because she may never see him again...Okay, I stifled a snicker when Ryan showed up with HOT and took Emily by surprise. Oh my was he ticked!The chemistry between these two is certainly seductive, but there is an emotional bond in place first, and this gives the story a little bit of a softer tone. However, it is fitting under the circumstances, since Emily, in this case, is the one who is putting herself on the line, it's her life, and her predicament that demands her guy be a little less Alpha male/ cave man, although Ryan does have a few occasional relapses. There is a lot of action, danger and suspense, with Emily getting to be a hero right along with Ryan. Despite certain shocking revelations and the very large issues this couple faced, which led to some angsty and tense moments, I thought this couple was more mature, each putting the other's needs first, which was super romantic and a sign of true love. I loved both the main characters and enjoyed seeing them grow as individuals and as a couple. It was so great to see Emily redeemed, and walk away with a new mission and a new life. She deserved every bit of it. This one has a little bit of something for everyone with hot military heroes, suspense, emotional intensity and great story story telling, and let's not forget the HEA! 5 stars

  • Dee
    2018-12-22 18:03

    3.5 Stars In this we have Ryan 'Flash' Gordon and Emily Royal bin Yusuf's story....We have met Emily before - she is the sister of Victoria (heroine of Hot Rebel ), and is the widow of a well known terrorist and is on the watch list of governments all over the world. For those who follow this series will remember that Emily had met and married her husband before he became radical and for the last few years of her marriage was kept against her will, she was also the one to kill him in the end so was no traitor to her country.....But of course that is not widely known. One who does know that is her friend Ryan, who felt a connection to Emily the first time they met, and has secretly been her 'go to' person whenever she needed a shoulder to lean on, but their friendship has to be kept secret due to his job as it would not be wise to be associated with her. Emily has been given the opportunity to clear her name but the mission is secret and she cannot share that information with anyone, especially with Ryan as she knows he will do everything he can to stop her. Like the rest of the series this is fast paced and full of action and was hard to put down, and I was really pleased when I discovered this was going to be about Emily as I had hoped we would get the opportunity to see more of her, so that ticked quite a few boxes for me. If I had one complaint it was that I would have like to read more about Ryan & Emily's budding friendship in the months between the H.O.T team bringing her home to now. Yes their connection was implied and we got a glimpse of it but didn't get to witness any of it....It kinda felt the middle of their story was missing and for this reason I downgraded from 4 to 3.5 Stars.Of course this can be read as a standalone but I really recommend that you read the previous stories or at the very least Hot Rebel before this. ARC courtesy of the author in exchange for an honest review

  • Penny Watson
    2018-12-31 17:13

    I loved this! I'm so excited I found a new author I love, and a new series, too. Woo hoo! This is the first book I've read in this series, and it totally worked for me as a stand-alone book, while still making me curious about the supporting cast and their stories. Can't wait to read them.I got a little bit choked up during the wedding vow scene...this book has everything I love about romance. Protective, possessive heroes, strong determined heroines, a suspenseful plot that moves along at a nice pace, and a super satisfying HEA.LOVE IT!Grade: A

  • Kame
    2018-12-19 18:11

    4 1/2 starsEmily is not sure her life can move forward. She is now back in the States after her sister and HOT rescued her from terrorists - one being Emily's husband. Now a widow and on the terrorist watch list she is not sure what her future brings. She would do anything to clear her name. If she clears her name she could travel outside the country, have a government job, and maybe dare to tell her best friend Ryan that she loves him.What a great name for this book, because at times I was Hot and Bothered. I really enjoyed Emily when we met her in Victoria and Brandy's book. Emily has come a long way and now she wants to take charge of her destiny, and stop letting people "help" her. It is great when authors show that sometimes you need help but that there is a moment when you need to take charge again. The changes in Emily were great and made her so worthy of a HOT guy. Ryan has a great soft side, and he was a friend to Emily first - which I love. He was a friend to her when no one noticed she needed one. If you are looking for a hearts and flowers love story you have the wrong series. Emily and Ryan have a bumpy way to love and at times I bet we all doubted it would happen - as Emily and Ryan are both stubborn in their desire to "protect" the other. This book felt shorter than others, maybe it was because I just couldn't put it down. I enjoyed seeing the other HOT heroes I have come to love, and we got a short glimpse at a few of their ladies as well. The plot was typical HOT plot - it kept your heart racing from the action and the romance.There are a few open ended plot points I am looking forward seeing resolved in future books.Another great HOT book and I can't wait to read more.I received this book from the author and this is my honest review.

  • JackieKiwibooknerd
    2018-12-19 20:10

    Advanced Readers Copy Courtesy of Author....:)I honestly don't know what I can say that I have not said 8 times before, as seriously these books are awesome and in my opinion, they get better and better.This is Ryan"Flash"Gordon's book, and I have been waiting for it. He has always been the "comic" relief in the other books and I was excited to read his HEA. Of course when we met Emily in the previous books, I knew her story would be a doozy as come on she was married to a terrorist.....juicy stuff I tell you!!!Emily has been in love with Flash for a while now, even though she knows any relationship between them would be impossible. He works for HOT and its a government job, she is the former wife of a Islamic Terrorist. Her name is on watch-lists and no fly lists. That about sums it up for these two. When she is approached by the infamous "Ian Black" ( and yes I want his book too) he promises to help clear her name if she comes and helps him out. This means she will need to return to the Middle East with Ian and give up her relationship with her sister and friendship with Ryan. But to have the chance at being "normal" she is more than eager to go through with it....After she convinces Ryan to having a one night stand with her....:)Once Emily disappears from his life, Ryan is livid and cannot believe how she lied and tricked him. When HOT get called up to go save some hostages, it leads him straight to Ian Black's team and by proxy Emily.Wont go into too much more detail, other than to say when the two do meet back up, tensions are high and sparks are a flying.....The title of this book was aptly named as it certainly did leave me Hot and Bothered in some places.To sum up, another win for Team Harris as she delivers us another great read which I highly recommend!!!!

  • Cindy
    2018-12-21 21:58

    Hot and Bothered (Hostile Operations Team #8) by Lynn Raye HarrisOkay, the series continues to grab me. A lot of times a series will drop into the “same-old, same-old” rut by the time it hits number eight. Not this time! Lynn Raye Harris continues to deliver on all fronts: page turning suspense, fascinating characters, interesting locales, intense action… And between the sheets? Oh, yeah!Another thing I love about this series? Each book is complete: a new couple, a new love, and new adventures. Plus she weaves the characters you have grown to know and love in previous books into the threads of the story while placing ‘threads’ that lead into future books. So yes, these can be read as standalones, but seriously? Read them in order – it makes the whole experience even better.I had serious doubts about the setup. The whole ‘wife of a [dead] terrorist’ thing was a little off-putting, sort of a modern version of the heroine with a ‘scarlet woman’ or ‘black widow’ reputation who has given up on love and life. But Ms. Harris really made her work for me. The hero was a great - offering support without smothering her – although like all alpha guys he is fiercely protective. There are so many plot twists that I can’t really come up with anything to say that isn’t contained in the book summary and doesn’t contain spoilers. So I’ll close with a simple recommendation: Read the book! (And the series, so I guess that’s two recommendations.)Hostile Operations Team series1. Hot Pursuit2. Hot Mess3. Hot Package4. Dangerously Hot5. Hot Shot6. Hot Rebel7. Hot Ice8. Hot and Bothered9. Hot SEALCopy received from the author for an honest review.

  • Keri
    2019-01-08 22:43

    There once was a lady who adored the HOT series, 9 books in....and she still loves it as much as she did way back in Matt & Evie's story! This was a fantastic addition to the series we have all grown to love and I was especially happy to see Flash and Emily together. It didn't come together like I expected at all and I loved that about it. Ryan was great, even if his alpha tendencies made me want to choke the man along with Emily. I liked Emily when we met her in Victoria's story and I was glad to see her find herself. As always we get action, steamy sex and heart wrenching moments, this time we even get some more on my personal man crush, Col Mendez(yes I know he is theoretically old enough to be my dad...I don't care!) and some insight on Ian Black(I have a theory on who his handler is, we shall see how that plays out) too! I would love to see both of these men get a story AND we get a little intro on Echo squad and Cade Rodgers....can we say hello new group of men to lust over!! This series of books is just wonderful, introducing us to new characters but still filling us in on our last favorites. My only complaint....knowing there will be a wait before I get more of the HOT team! This was a complimentary e-copy provided by the author in exchange for a honest review.

  • Lydia Perversius
    2018-12-17 17:51

    “Listen good, Emily, because I mean for you to understand this the first time I say it. I don’t give a good goddamn about anything but you and our baby. I love you, and if I have to be a civilian who never leaves the United States, then so be it. No one’s going to stop me from getting a job or taking care of our family. You’re all I need. All I want. If I have to plow fields to be with you, then I’d better go get some shit-kickers and a cowboy hat and figure out how to operate a tractor. Because if that’s what it takes, that’s what I’m doing. You got that?” - Ryan GordonEighth book in the series, and the H.O.T. fort is keeping strong!Ryan Gordon, aka Flash, has been in love with Victoria's little sister, Emily Royal bin Yusuf, ever since he met her. But he knows that the terrorist's widow is off limits. So he kept a friendly distance from her, until a one-night-stand changes everything. Now, Emily is gone, and the team finds out she's actually working with Ian Black - back in the place that cost her so much when her husband was still alive. It's time to go get the woman who holds his heart in her not-so-fragile hands back - because now that he's had one taste, he's so not letting go!I keep saying, with every H.O.T. book that I read, that the stories keep getting better and better. I adored the previous books just as much, and still I think that this one was even more awesome - truly a miracle, as I'm known to get bored easily. But what can I do? It's hard to state otherwise!Apart from the fact that I just KNEW Emily would end up with one of the guys, the plot where she finally takes her life in her own hands and tries to correct her past mistakes was remarkable. Add to that the fact she pretty much had Ian and Mendez acting like her military godfathers, and you get the point. She was not as strong as her big sister, but she was just as stubborn and persistent. Ryan, on the other hand, was nothing like all the guys so far. The guy was not disgusted with all the couples around him, and even found it nice and sort of wanted it for him, too. I mean, it's been a while since I've read a male lead that does not freak out at the idea of settling down and going steady with someone!And btw, to all those people who said that Ian deseves a book of his own, too, damn it you were right! I can't believe it! After two books of hating his guts, I actually wanna see him have a happy ending!I'm taking a break from the series, though, to start reading all those ARCs I have on the side. But I'm never, ever, leaving it for good!“For someone whose life pretty much relies on knowing what’s happening around him, your lack of observational skills worries me. Don’t you know, Ryan Gordon, that I’ve been in love with you for months? Maybe not from the first moment, but close. I think when I saw you at Jack and Gina’s place, right after Nick and Victoria got engaged, that’s the moment I knew I’d fallen for you. So yes, you gorgeous idiot, I love you. I’ve loved you for a long, long time.” - Emily Royal bin YusufRead this and other reviews at:

  • Gretchen
    2018-12-26 18:57

    Fantastic addition to the Hostile Operations Team series by Lynn Raye Harris! I thought the tone of this story was a little lighter than some of the previous installments, but the lighter feel fit the characters perfectly and still managed to cover some heavy subjects (ex: spousal abuse, mental illness, etc.). The plot is fast paced and filled with action. Past series favorites make appearances and even get updates to their stories, but this story belongs to Flash and Emily and once I started reading I could not step away. A must-read for fans of military romantic suspense!

  • Sparkymom
    2018-12-18 17:50

    Let me just start by saying how much I love this series. I really enjoy military style suspense, and Lynn Raye Harris is one of the best in this genre. This particular book focuses on Emily and Flash. Emily was introduced to this series in book 6, Hot Rebel, when her sister, Victoria takes some crazy risks to rescue Emily from a terrorist organization she has mistakenly married into. Emily has a problem past. She got into a lot of trouble when she was younger and then married impulsively and moved with her husband across the world. By the time Emily realized her husband had converted to a radical religious terrorist organization, she was in too deep to get out with her life. Victoria, with help from the HOT team rescues Emily, but not before she is forced to kill her husband. When she returns to the U.S., her life is very different. Despite having killed her terrorist husband, her actions and allegiance are still suspect. She is on watch lists, no fly lists, and restricted from holding many jobs. She finds herself depressed and lonely with the exception of one friend who is willing to accept her, Ryan (Flash). Wanting more but knowing a relationship with her is a career killer for Flash, Emily accepts a risky job offer which promises to clear her name and clear the way for her to be with Flash if she survives it. The night before she disappears for her job, she can't resist a goodbye fling with Flash. Flash wakes up to find Emily gone. His fear turns to anger after days turn into months. Meanwhile, his team is tasked with rescueing a group of hostages overseas. He deploys only to discover a wan and sick Emily is already there working undercover. Even his fierce anger does not negate his concern for Emily. Unfortunately the news from her doctor only increases his anger and frustration with her. Emily, though sick and terrified, feels the weight of her freedom hanging heavy over her. Flash is pressuring her to quit, but she knows if she does, she will never be free and will never be able to be with him. Together, they have to figure out a way to complete Emily's mission, rescue the hostages, and clear Emily's name ask without getting killed or killing each other in the process.I completely loved the pairing of Emily and Flash. I also enjoyed how " big brother", Nick, kept Flash in line and stood up for Emily. Ian Black also reappears in this book and we get to learn a bit more about him. I can't wait until he gets his own book and a woman who makes his heart beat again. As is typical for this series, the story had lots of authentic feeling action, plenty of steamy chemistry, and a super sexy alpha who has met his match. I hope this series just keeps on going until infinity, because I plan to keep on reading.Tons of thanks to the author for gifting me a copy for review.

  • Eva Millien
    2019-01-13 23:02

    Ryan “Flash” Gordon has been drawn to Emily since he first met her, so when she begs for just one night he can’t refuse even if she’s completely off limits in this ‘HOTlicious’ contemporary romance.Emily jumps at her once chance to clear her name and help her country even if it means leaving the man she’s fallen for behind and the reader can’t help but get caught up in the story as consequences catches up with them both. The chemistry heats up the pages and the sex scenes are steamy but nowhere near as hot as the situation when Ryan catches up with Emily and the fireworks light up the sky with some heated encounters and emotional turbulence. These strong compelling characters grab the reader’s attention while capturing the heart when surprising twists complicate their difficult relationship and the fast paced, smooth flowing plot keeps readers on the edge of their seat with lots of suspense, action and romance.Emily’s determination to do the right thing puts her in the hot seat in more ways than one, not only with family and friends but also with the bad guys and expectation and tension builds throughout the story as the danger escalates and that’s not to mention the sexy Ryan’s overprotective and dominant attitude that spices things up considerably. Well written scenes and details make it easy for the reader to picture each and every scenes as it happens and the intriguing events guarantee that the readers can’t put the book down until they know exactly how Emily and Ryan’s story ends.Lynn Raye Harris brings her story to life with believable action scenes that get the adrenaline pumping, sexy, captivating characters that draw you in and steamy romance that that leaves you wanting more. Once again, the HOT operatives held me hostage from the beginning and I can’t wait for the next ‘HOTlicioius’ story. 4.5 STARS

  • Twin Sisters Rockin' Book Reviews
    2018-12-29 17:44

    Overall Rating: 4.25 Rockin’ ★★★★Once again Lynn Raye Harris hits the target dead center with her latest book Hot & Bothered. This is number eight in her HOT series and is filled with military ops, suspense, passion, denial and eventually a happily ever after for her main characters. You will not want to miss, Emily and Ryan’s story of redemption and love found!Mistakes made as a broken young woman lead her to bin Yusuf, the man she thought was her Prince Charming, but ended up being the devil in disguise. Branded as a threat to her country, Emily Royal bin Yusuf realizes she will never have a normal life. The only way she can redeem herself is to find a way to prove that she is not a terrorist and is a loyal US citizen. So when she is approached with a deal from a Black Operative that will wipe her past clean, Emily doesn’t hesitate, she accepts. Flash has been there for Emily since his team rescued her from a militant group and returned her to the US. He has told himself that she is untouchable and there can never be any relationship between them, only friendship. When Emily disappears without a word, he is devastated and cannot believe that she would return to the area where she was rescued from! Return to help bring down another terrorist cell! Ryan will do whatever he has to do to find her and keep her safe, even if she doesn’t want him too!Hero: Ryan ‘Flash’ Gordon 4.25 stars Heroine: Emily Royal bin Yusuf 4.25 stars Steam: 4.25 stars Plot: 4.25 stars Cliffhanger: No***Received an ARC of this book from the Author in exchange for an honest review***Hot and BotheredLynn Raye Harris

  • Renee Entress from Renee Entress's Blog
    2019-01-07 15:46

    4.5 starI was pulled right into this story. The story has laughs, pain, secrets, betrayal, suspense, and heartbreak. If you have not read the below I would recommend reading those books(s) firstHot Pursuit (Hostile Operations Team, #1)Hot Mess (Hostile Operations Team, #2)Hot Package (Hostile Operations Team, #3)Dangerously Hot (Hostile Operations Team, #4)Hot Shot (Hostile Operations Team, #5)Hot Rebel (Hostile Operations Team, #6)Hot Ice (Hostile Operations Team, #7)This is Emily and Ryan “Flash” Gordon’s story. When Ryan helped rescue Emily he knew she was a strong woman. She needed to be after what she had endured and had to do to escape. Now they keep in contact secretly through texts and calls. But Emily has a secret. She is going away in order to clear her name. She needs one night with Ryan before she leaves in case it all goes bad. After her one night she disappears. When Ryan finally catches up with her she is back near where they originally found her. She needs him to understand that she needs her name cleared so she can finally move on and live her life. Will Ryan understand what she needs and why? Is there any way he can help her? What happens when her mission goes horribly wrong? Will they get Emily back? Will she get the one think she can’t live without? Will she get another chance with Ryan? Will she ever be able to clear her name? I loved these characters and also the side characters. I felt I was able to connect with the characters and the story was a great read. I highly recommend this book and can’t wait for the next story from this author.

  • Abbie
    2018-12-24 17:58

    I couldn't believe how fast I read this and in one sitting (my poor, neglected husband). I was immediately pulled into a fast, but perfectly paced story. We've seen Victoria's sister, Emily, for a few books and how her relationship/friendship with Ryan/Flash has been growing. Although this could be read as a standalone, you would really benefit reading Victoria/Nick's story first to better understand Emily's background. Ms. Harris did a great job balancing Emily's lost and lonely past with her battle to be a stronger and independent woman. My stomach dropped several times for her and I kept wondering how many more personal hits she could take. Ryan has always been the fun and more laid back one of the group. Yet he also uses humor to hide his own insecurities. We see a little less easy going Ryan in this one. Good grief he bungles it with Emily so many times that you want to hug her and slap him across the back of his head and call him a nimrod.I love how the author continues to include past characters in her stories. Some series do this, but Ms. Harris gives those past heroes a little stronger role than a passing appearance.I'm going to take a wild guess Colonel Mendez is next.... but I'm still anxious to get Ian. In each book we get a little more insight into the complexities of his character. Plus I totally think I have "Phoenix" figured out!I received a complimentary copy of this book from the author (thank you, thank you!).

  • Tanya Mayes
    2018-12-17 17:56

    I received this book as an ARC for an honest review.I love it!!! Lynn Raye Harris's HOT series is the bomb!!! I love that the hero of the book is a woman. In the months since Emily was rescued she went from being vulnerable and now with the help of Ryan she has become stronger. Emily was out to clear her name because she knew she could never be with Ryan if things remained the same. She was beginning to have feelings for him and Ryan since helping to rescue Emily he has been there for her and now he started to develop feelings for her too. The night before she left she knew she wanted him more than anything. Wow once they got together it was just fire. It was so wrong but it felt right. Now they are back in the desert together and all Ryan knows is that he never wants her out of his sight again. Its been a couple of months and nothing has changed they still wanted each other and it was all to hard to stay away. Hot, Hot love scenes. I love the mystery and the suspense, lots of action surrounded them and boy does Emily have surprise for Ryan. Sometimes you just have to FALL for the one you love. Looking forward to the next book.

  • Dani
    2019-01-01 16:09

    this series not only continues to impress but gets better and better with each book.. its a rarity with authors these days.. the not bowing to stupid fan demands and making their books into a shit show..

  • Michelle the Romance Witch
    2019-01-16 14:57

    a very emotional and action packed read, but shorter than id have liked. full review coming soon.

  • Busybeth76
    2018-12-17 17:01

    Never letting go of loveRyan "Flash" Gordon is a HOT team mate. Hostile Operations Team executes hazardous, risky and covert missions for the United States. One of those missions results in Ryan meeting Emily Royal, retrieving her from her unwanted life in a terrorist camp. Ryan & Emily become friends, but don't believe they can ever be more due to her background. Her sister, Victoria, is a HOT sniper, and also believes Emily should focus on getting her life in order, not on any man. That's what has got her in trouble in the history. Ryan & Emily still get swept up in a night of passion, before she is caught back up in her past. But fate and duty bring Ryan & Emily back together and it is their magnetic connection that keeps them there. Suspense, fast paced action and intrigue keep this story exciting. The love between Ryan & Emily is meaningful and searing hot. A great combination for a terrific read.

  • Donna
    2019-01-11 14:47

    Desert Deserter?Emily had just escaped the desert sands and her troubled life with the terrorist Freedom Fighters and now she's back, sweating, fully covered in an abaya and hijab waiting for intel from a disgruntled member so she can help locate hostages before they're executed to make a statement. Her only positive memory lately was the night before she snuck out of the US when she seduced her best friend, Ryan, the only person who really listened to her. Now she's pregnant and Ryan's spec ops team is here for the same mission and he's furious with her. Loved every grain of this salty tale of two lost souls colliding.

  • Jenny
    2018-12-23 19:47

    From previous blips in previous stories Emily appears weak. But when she’s given an offer to set her life to “normal” she finds her strength. We got a taste of Colonel Mendez, which I loved to see another side of him than just the badass leader of HOT. Another good book from LRH, but not my favorite.

  • Charity Shepard
    2019-01-16 17:05

    MmhhhmmmmI am in love with all the men and women of this series. I have all the books but I have to spread them out to enjoy. This is a series you want to binge on, but if you savor them it's even better.

  • Janice L Fater
    2018-12-28 17:04

    EnjoyableThis series has been fun to read. The characters are interesting and provide entertainment throughout the read. I would recommend.

  • Bobbie
    2018-12-26 15:11

    Great read. Lots of suspense. Steamy romance. Intriguing characters. Fantastic series.

  • Lynette
    2019-01-12 19:52


  • TashNz
    2018-12-16 22:04

    Hot and Bothered is the latest and 8th instalment from Lynn Raye Harris’s H.O.T series and boy it is freakin fab and most certainly doesn’t disappoint!A loved character, Ryan “Flash” Gordon is the hero of Hot and Bothered. The Fate gods are smiling down on Ryan because he gets the one thing has craved and dreamed of, the one person he’d pretty much crawl over hot coals for… a night with Emily Royal bin Yusuf (read her back story in Hot Rebel). When she disappears the next morning it’s so What the H??? Ryan is ready to make it more than one night, he’d make it forever if he could, if she wasn’t someone he could probably never have because of who her dead husband is, because of who Ryan is and what he does for a living. Imagine Ryan’s surprise when he locates Emily with the elusive character Ian Black who is making me curiouser and curiouser, I hope he gets his story and I can’t wait to find out who and what makes him tick. Surprise is rather a light word, he’s mad as freakin hell and it doesn’t help when he blurts out his secret relationship infront of the team! But wait there’s more… what has come of their night together, how does Emily ever hope to get off list of terrorists and how on earth do they get their happy ever after with every curveball that’s thrown at them?Another loved character who has his own lil thing going on is Colonel Mendez. I just shake my head when I read all these lil bits and pieces that make up the whole story – I wish I was this talented! As a reader it’s like being in a lolly shop – there is that much awesomeness!What I loved about Hot and Bothered… where to start… the quality of writing and the effort that is clearly put into research to deliver an entertaining but realistic portrayal of HOT is one of the many reasons I look forward to in each HOT instalment. The writing is so realistically surreal I feel like I’m on the mission with the HOT team, I feel Ryan’s pain and anger when he first lays eyes on Emily again, I can taste the desert dust in my mouth so to speak. I believe in what Emily is trying to do, I feel invested in the story and the characters.The format of the writing, the character dialogue, the getting into the characters heads – the laughing, the tears, the edge of seatness as we race along with everyone is just fab! The story lines are still fever pitch and the momentum is doing nothing but continually speeding up.Can be read as a stand alone but if you read the previous stories you’ll feel a better connection with how Ryan and Emily become one.I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again – if you love or are familiar with Suzanne Brockmann, these HOT stories are very much on par! Looking forward to what the future holds for us with these guys and everyone else who’s been introduced along the way. So very much honoured to receive an ARC from the author!p.s SORRY about the long review, congrats if you’ve made it this far, it’s just so hard to shorten it and try explain why you love something so much :DBuy Now…Amazon: UK: AU: CA: Play: Books…THE HOSTILE OPERATIONS TEAM SERIES:Book 1: HOT PURSUIT (Matt & Evie)Book 2: HOT MESS (Sam & Georgie)Book 3: HOT PACKAGE (Billy & Olivia)Book 4: DANGEROUSLY HOT (Kev & Lucky)Book 5: HOT SHOT (Jack & Gina)Book 6: HOT REBEL (Nick & Victoria)Book 7: HOT ICE (Garrett & Grace)Book 8: HOT AND BOTHERED

  • Valerie
    2018-12-29 21:59

    Some sentences make no sense and are conflicted. This one, for instance: "I’m trying to do right by you. What the hell do you think Brandy will do to me once he finds out? Or, worse, your sister?" I feel like the author wanted her character to come across as caring and not self-centered with the first sentence but in the very next makes him sound like an egoistical jerk who's only thinking about the consequences for him.And then there are some inconsistencies: that older man who took advantage of her when she was fourteen? It says later that it happened when she was fifteen. They're supposed to have taken off her microphones but then she hears Ryan through her microphone? Both main characters' actions are also inconsistent.Oh and some silly nonsense, like him saying he doesn't want to have sex with her because he fears he'll hurt the baby - she's 2 months pregnant. It's still a tiny wee thing *rolling my eyes*. If you can overlook those, it's an okay read. Not funny, no suspense, very predictable. Still, I finished it so it was passable, hence the 3 star rating. Reading it was certainly better than wasting my time on Facebook on this beautiful and warm Sunday!!!

  • Stacy Sabala
    2018-12-18 17:48

    Book Review- Hot & Bothered by Lynn Raye HarrisRyan Gordon wants only one woman and she is off limits. Emily Royal is Victoria’s sister and has gone through hell. Her husband became a Muslim extremist and took her to Qu’rim. She had to kill him to save her sister and escape. Ryan has been there for her as she settled into a new life as friends only though. He would love more but he can’t cross that line.Emily had been offered a chance to clear her name and make things right. She jumps at the chance but doesn’t tell Ryan or her sister. She just shows up at Ryan’s door the night before she leaves. She gives into her feelings for just one night in case she doesn’t come back. After she is gone Victoria and Ryan are worried and furious. They both want to kill Ian Black for recruiting Emily. Ryan is full of feelings of worry, anger and betrayal. They make him crazy.So when hostages are taken from an archaeological dig, Ryan and his team are sent to help Ian Black find them. Since Black is the reason Emily has put herself in danger, Ryan is ready to kill him the moment he sees him. He wants to know where Emily is and is shocked to find her there. She is the contact trying to find out where the hostages are being kept.Ryan immediately starts bossing her around and being possessive. She is finally taking control of her life and has the courage to do the right thing. She refuses to let Ryan stop her. She needs to do this to make her life better and anyone else’s that comes along.Things get tricky when she gets surprising news and the plan in play backfires. Emily finds herself surviving the ordeal and saving herself. Ryan promised to protect her and she is determined to make sure he does.The HOT series is fun to read. These Alpha males are tough but fall hard when they meet their matches. Several of the team are settling down and it is fun to see them become domesticated. I truly liked Emily’s character. She lived through a marriage to a fanatical terrorist. She didn’t know what was happening until she was right in the middle of it. I think that is a realistic situation a woman can find herself in. I liked how Ryan became the person she counted on. He knew she was strong enough and could work through what she had experienced. I loved him instantly. He was understanding and a calming influence. They were an awesome couple. The chemistry was hot and the love scenes were pretty mind blowing. I loved Emily’s courage in the end. She had to save herself knowing that Raja would kill her. She doubted herself and if she could have a healthy relationship but she jumped anyway. Great book! I loved it. Great addition to the series. I couldn’t put it down. I give it a 4 out of 5.

  • Cataluna6
    2019-01-10 19:59

    I was provided an ARC of this title in exchange for an honest review. All the squees are my own.Another great edition to HOT, for me this series just keeps delivering – both with the action and with the feels. With the addition of Dane and his team (HOT SEAL – coming out in September), I like where the series is going. And we are that much closer to Mendez’ story, which from what Harris is laying down in Hot & Bothered, it’s going to be HOT. This time around our Hero & Heroine (Ryan & Emily) are dealing with forbidden attraction – he needs to stay away from her because of her past and his job. We first met Emily in HOT Rebel, (Nick & Victoria’s story), she is the sister that Victoria went rogue for and it’s not until now that we’re really getting to know her. Since being back in the US, Ryan has been one person that Emily can really confide in, he is a big part of her coping with everything that’s happened since the desert, Bin Yusef and her rescue. But when Ian Black gives her a chance to clear her name and make things right, how can she say no? In the previous books we’ve mostly seen Ryan as the joker, the class clown. So it’s a little different to see him as both vulnerable and the big bad protector. Although I admit it was nice to see beyond the surface. Emily manages to get past that and in that sense they’re perfect for each other, they work through their problems together. They’re both as stubborn as each other to begin with, so it’s fun to see the give and take in their relationship.I like that Harris continues to write strong female characters, sure they can’t do everything on their own and I don’t expect them to, but they’re resourceful, strong and they kick arse – these characters feel real to me, they aren’t cookie cutter. And that is why this series continues to be one of my favourites.I know for the previous couple of stories in the series I’ve said the books can be read as stand-alones, but I think that it’s better to read them in order, there are tidbits of information that relate to previous stories and while they aren’t major spoilers it’s nice to start the series as Harris intended and let’s be honest why wouldn’t you want to read them all.