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In New York Times bestselling author Lynsay Sands’ new Argeneau novel, a vampire accustomed to seducing every woman he meets finds the one determined to resist him . . .With Immortal good looks and scorching charisma, Justin Bricker has yet to meet a woman he can’t win over. His potential life mate should be no different. But instead of falling into his bed, Holly Bosley rIn New York Times bestselling author Lynsay Sands’ new Argeneau novel, a vampire accustomed to seducing every woman he meets finds the one determined to resist him . . .With Immortal good looks and scorching charisma, Justin Bricker has yet to meet a woman he can’t win over. His potential life mate should be no different. But instead of falling into his bed, Holly Bosley runs away and ends up mortally wounded. To save her, he has to turn her. And then Bricker learns the shocking truth: Holly’s already married.Holly wakes up with a bump on her head, a craving for blood, and a sexy stranger who insists they belong together. She needs Bricker’s help to control her new abilities, even as she tries to resist his relentless seduction. Choosing between the world she knows and the eternity he offers is impossible. But Justin is fighting for his life mate—maybe even his life—and he’ll break every rule to do it......

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About a Vampire Reviews

  • Jilly
    2019-05-17 18:25

    what was this proclivity women had to spend so much damned time in the bathroom together? Did they play poker in there? Have tea parties? Book club meetings at the sinks? Napkin-folding practice?The jig is up, girls! We have been made. Move the napkin-folding practice sessions to private homes from now on.Hmm, I think I can manage these better than swans. So, Yay!! I finally hit the book I wanted to read in this series. It was about a male vamp who has been in the series since the beginning and has always made me laugh. We all know how much of a laugh-whore I am, and this book series really put it to the test. Just how many crappy books is Jilly willing to read to get to the one that might make her laugh? And, now we have the answer. 21.Get a life!(I meant me, by the way. I need to get a life)So our guy, Justin, meets a girl who is his life-mate and then promptly scares the crap out of her so that she runs with scissors and falls on them, impaling herself in the heart.Now, I must point out that this is one of the best ways to die ever. I totally am going to start running with scissors if I ever get a terminal illness. I just want my children to be able to tell everyone that I died that way. It's a gift to all of my future descendants. It's much better than anything else I could leave to them, believe me. As a matter of fact, if I make it to 80, I'll start running with scissors then too. I don't want to die stupidly, like peacefully in my sleep. Where's the fun in that for my descendants?Actually, this is true. If I make it to 80, I'll start walking with scissors. If I start running then, I will probably die of a boring heart attack and that's not funny at all.Okay, so now that I've planned my death, on with the review.Justin turns his life-mate, Holly, into a vampire... and by the way, she immediately loses 20 pounds. So not fair! I want to lose 20 pounds without doing anything but running with scissors like a fool. Although, I guess the running part of running with scissors would eventually make you lose weight. Something to think about...Alright, I admit that i might be spending a little more time on the running with scissors thing than I should. It really wasn't a huge part of the story. Just a catalyst. And, you see, by using the word catalyst properly in a sentence, I have proved that I'm not quite as idiotic as you are thinking right now.So, Justin turns Holly and is excited for his happily ever after, but when Holly wakes up, she lowers the boom. She's married, dude! Bummer for you!!He is so screwed.You see, there is a vamp rule that they are not allowed to break up mortal marriages. The punishment for doing so is to have their penis shredded, then allowed to heal, then shredded again, for as many years as they have lived. And, Justin is over 100 years old. That's a hell of a lot of shredding.Oooh, that's gotta hurt!So, Justin has to train Holly to be a vamp, including pulling her off her husband as she continually tries to bite him, AND he has to stay the hell away so they don't bring out the shredder. This book was a lot of fun and it had two females that I loved. Holly was hilarious in her bloodlust - which she experienced a few times. And, then there was another vamp girl, named Gia, who was awesome in her feminist powers. You see, Justin was a bit of a manwhore before all of this. Gia calls him on it:“From your memories and thoughts it seems obvious to me that you think of women as little more than sheaths for your sword, and you’ve had many sheaths”Then, when another male tries to defend his actions, she is NOT having it:“Oh, be fair, Gia,” Decker said quietly. “None of them were his life mate. He would hardly treat Holly that way.” “So, because they were not his life mate, it is all right that he treated them like a commodity?”Gia asked, one eyebrow arched. “That he used them for his own pleasure, got what he could from them, and then tossed them aside like disposable tampons?” All three men cringed at that analogy and Gia rolled her eyes.Go Gia! And, way to use our girly-stuff to freak them out!Between Holly and Gia, along with Justin's very sad attempts at making Holly like him, I thought the book was a lot of fun. The only problem I had with it was the way the married thing was resolved. It was just waaaaay too much. Like, contrived. Like, gimme a break.... But, I could see that the author really was painted into a corner by the end. She was going to have to do something, and whatever it was, it was going to be messy.Good luck with all of that!Overall, I am glad I persevered up to this point. And, since I liked it, I am tempted to keep going on the series...

  • StephanieG
    2019-04-21 20:12

    This is the 22nd (wow!) book in Sands’ Argeneau series. I’ve read earlier books in this series and enjoyed them but even that amount of familiarity isn’t necessary to follow this story. Holly Bosley is working part-time at a funeral home when she has an unexpected encounter with Justin Bricker one night at the crematorium. Justin is there to dispose of the bodies of some enemy vampires that he and his partner have just killed. Holly interrupts them and Justin discovers that he is unable to read her mind or control her, which signals that she is his Life Mate.This book was an easy, comfortable story to read. It is definitely PNR with the main focus of the story being the relationship between Holly and Justin. In fact, outside of their relationship, there is little happening in the way of plot. This is a full length novel but I really think it would have been better as a novella. There was just little to drive the plot forward beyond Holly figuring out if she was going to accept Justin as her Life Mate. Since this is the 22nd book in this series, it is possible that Sands is assuming readers will already have an extensive knowledge of her world and thus didn’t include much world-building in this story. Although well-written and enjoyable, there was little for the reader to “figure out” in terms of the plot and the overall tension and conflict in the story was minimal. In addition, the destined-mate, instant-attraction element felt awkward to me and other authors have definitely handled it better. What I liked: Sands is an excellent writer and this book was as easy, comfortable read; Holly and Justin were a likable couple; Fans of the series will like the peeks they get of couples from previous novels. What I didn’t like: Beyond “I can’t read her mind, she must be my Life Mate,” there was little to explain Justin’s attraction to Holly. There was little conflict and so it often felt as though the story was dragging. Final Verdict: Fans of the series or readers looking for a light, quick PNR will probably enjoy this.- Jessica

  • Fanny
    2019-04-25 17:13

    La historia de Justin Bricker!!!! Me acaban de alegrar la semana. * salta de la felicidad *********************************************************************************En About A Vampire de Lynsay Sands conocemos la historia de Justin Bricker ( mi personaje favorito ) y Holly.Esta novela fue como una montaña rusa, empezo de forma muy agradable, los primeros capitulos eran divertidos, graciosos, adictivos, muy del estilo de la saga pero luego se fue desinflando y las ultimas paginas me parecieron sosas y simples.La relacion entre la pareja protagonista no me termino de convencer, al inicio me gustaron mucho pero segun fue avanzando la historia fui encontrando cada vez mas cosas que no me gustaba ( ni me creia ) de su relacion.Eche en falta mas romance entre ellos y tambien que tuvieran escenas mas memorables, su relacion me parecio muy superficial.Justin fue exactamente como esperaba : dulce y divertido pero Holly no me gusto como protagonista, al principio no me desagrado pero segun fui leyendo me fue cayendo cada vez peor, ademas me harto con su frase de " estoy casada ", en mi opinion Bricker se merecia una mejor novela y una protagonista a su altura y Holly no lo estuvo.El final me resulto muy precipitado y " conveniente ", me hubiera gustado que Lynsay lo desarrollara mejor y de forma mas lenta.(view spoiler)[ Que James fuera el compañero de Gia me sorprendio pero no me gusto que todo tuviera un cierre tan adecuado, me parecio que la autora fue a lo mas facil, tampoco me gusto que despues de todos los desplantes que le hizo a Justin mientras el intentaba cortejarla, luego de un momento a otro dijera estar enamorada de el ( cuando un par de dias antes estaba empeñada en estar con su maridito hasta la muerte ) y con solo unas palabritas consiguiera que Bricker volviera a darle otra oportunidad.(hide spoiler)]En fin, esperaba disfrutar mucho con esta lectura, no solo por quien era su protagonista sino tambien por ser una de mis sagas favoritas pero desgraciadamente esta novela me dejo un sabor amargo, no cumplio mis expectativas y aunque fue agil y atrapante, no me convencio al 100%.2.75 Estrellas!

  • Lover of Romance
    2019-05-06 22:05

    This review was originally posted on Addicted To RomanceSummary  Justin Bricker, after killing some rogues, is ordered to dispose of the evidence. While at a cemetery attempting to burn them, he and his colleague are found by a mortal...Holly Bosley. Justin chases after her when his attempt to control her mind fails and she ends up with scissors in her hands and trips and falling on her own "weapon" and Justin is forced to turn her in order to save her. He realizes then that she is his lifemate. Justin has seen enough of life matings to think he can conquer his with little effort. But when Justin attempts to explain who he is and the life that Holly will have to live, he is informed that Holly thinks him "nuts" and should go to a mental hospital. And he realizes that she is married, of all his luck, his lifemate is married to another man. The laws of the immortals forbid him to pursue her while she is married. Her feelings for her husband are genuine and she has loved him since they were kids. For the first time in his life, Justin is at a loss on what to do. Holly's life has turned completely around, and at first she doesn't want to believe what she has become. But after her training, she returns home to her husband and the "easy and comfortable" life she has. But realizes that she has feelings for two whom she loves and another she dreams about. She refuses to betray the one man she has adored and loved since she was a child, but she also can't ignore the powerful feelings she has for Justin.The Hero  Justin Bricker is quite cocky and arrogant. Despite the fact that he is one of the younger vampires, a little over a hundred years old, he thinks he has a handle on a woman's mind. He knows what women want and when his lifemate comes along, that it will be easy for him to make her fall in love. Justin is an enforcer, and he well learned in the ways of immortals. When he finds Holly and learns of her circumstances, he knows that his hands are tied unless she makes a move. Until he realizes "dream mating". He is sure that is the only way he will be able to seduce her. His instinct is to mate with her, but he can't while she is bound to someone else. Justin Bricker is a character we have seen most of the series and probably the cockiest of them all. I love seeing him finally get a challenge that he doesn't expect and seeing how he handles some conflict that he isn't ready for. I felt like overall his character was quite entertaining, but I really didn't like how he treated the situation of Holly being married. It got me a bit frustrated at times. But he does learn....eventually, respecting Holly and her decisions despite how difficult it is for him to accept Holly and be willing to wait for her.The Heroine Holly Bosley grew up with parents who traveled the world as archaeologists, and her husband was a boy she practically grew up with as his father was friends and colleagues with her parents. He is her best friend, and she has always loved him. She is content with their life, working and going to school to get her degree and trying to support her husband in his career. Her latest temp job has thrown a curve ball. Holly is shocked to learn about the discovery of vampires and that she has become one. She doesn't truly believe until she actually returns home. Holly was a heroine I admired from the beginning. Most of her reactions I felt were pretty realistic. I love the way that she remains devoted to her husband despite her growing feelings for Justin. Holly seems to be reserved at first, and in some ways she is. But she has spirit and quite a bit of spunk and can be a bit unpredictable which was fun.   Plot and Story Line  About A Vampire was quite a bit different than the other books in the series. It had a slightly different feel to the story that was new to me. And it was all due to the circumstances that Justin and Holly find themselves in. Now I normally can't stand the whole one of the main characters being married, but somehow this story worked for me. I honestly didn't know how this book would turn out, but Lynsay Sands always wins me over and she accomplished it with About A Vampire. I don't want to spoil this story too much, but I will say the way that the story turns out was quite perfect, especially when it comes to Gia and her story. I really liked the friendship between Holly and Gia. Despite how different they are from each other, they become like sisters pretty quickly and I loved seeing that bond. The actual romance had quite a bit of conflict, and it turns the reader upside down. And oh the antics with the side characters...most especially Lucian. Lucian is always a favorite and boy did I love him in this book. And the tricks that Bricker's friends play on him is just priceless, because he totally had it coming to him. But I so was on Holly's side in this book, she was just an easy character to love and what a situation to be put in. She tries to make her marriage work, even knowing that its going to be really tough for her. Having to hear every thought her husband has, and just trying to not let it affect her. It was interesting seeing Justin and Holly come together. Because for most of the story, its more building a more emotional intimacy and the physical development of their relationship is focused with the dream mating. It had a love triangle feel to it, but it had a different tone to it than your average love triangle. But boy was this book quite a story and it really worked me well through the emotions. Love how Sands can do that for me and make me fall in love along the way despite my reservations. Bravo!!The Cover  Out of all the covers...I LOVE this one. It has such a paranormal feel to it, but still sexy too. Love the sunset over the cemetery.Overall View About A Vampire is a story that tests the boundaries of love and is packed with heartfelt emotion and a conflict to keep the reader enthralled.

  • Donna Sweeney
    2019-04-20 15:16

    I am delighted that Justin is going to get his book....although I must admit I am suprised that Holly is going to be his life mate. I sort of wanted Stephanie. I was convinced that Justin couldn't read her, cause I can recall the end of one book when he's carrying her into the house when "he looks down at the women in his arms and frown's" or something like that. Oh well go figure. I'm sure it will rock.

  • Guilty Pleasures Book Reviews
    2019-04-29 15:14

    Kitty's review posted at Guilty Pleasures Book ReviewsDoes anyone know how long I have waited for Justin’s book? It seems like forever. And, now that I am reviewing it, I can honestly say that it was worth the wait even though I was totally frustrated with the storyline! Justin finds his life mate and she’s married? Really, Lynsay, really????I was so looking forward to his book and his HEA and was really surprised with the way she took this story. But, with Justin’s sense of humor, it was only natural that his story would be a little off the beaten path. And, thank God for all the other life mates making his life as miserable as he made theirs as they were trying to gain the trust of their better halves. It was wonderful watching him go through what so many have gone through before him. Anders and Decker letting him know that paybacks are definitely a bitch made this book interesting and hysterical.As for Holly, well she had a lot of decisions ahead of her. I give kudos to Lynsay for not taking her character where I thought it was heading. She took everything pretty much in stride considering her life as she knew it, was over. So, does she pick the comfortable, unsatisfying life she was living with her husband or move on to what could be an incredible, long, satisfying life with the man who showed her how great sex could be and claims to be the only man in the world for her?How does Lynsay Sands do it? This is the 22nd book in this series and each and every story is original. That is not an easy task and the sign of one incredible author. What’s even nicer about this series is that you don’t have to read all 21 books before this. Each one can be read as a standalone and you won’t be lost. But, if you truly love Paranormal Romances and enjoy books that are fun, different and not your normal vampire book, then you will want to read the rest of this series. It’s very easy for me to explain why I keep reading and enjoying the Argeneau Series …. The writing is impeccable, the stories are amusing and the characters are just wonderful. So, yes, I will wait for the 23rd installment of the Argeneau’s, I will read about any one of the interesting and fun characters that she will write about, I will wait to see what Marguerite has up her sleeve and find out if Lucien ever loses his grumpiness. Review copy provided for an honest review.

  • ShoSho
    2019-04-29 17:58


  • Kinga
    2019-04-26 15:17

    I'm soooooo unsure about what to think about this one. HELP! I might need to re-read it (and I did re-read all the previous books that shouldn't be a problem) but there are a few things that I should clear up. I am happy about the way things turned out for Bricker and Holly. Hell, I am even happy if not happier about Gia and her life mate! What is bugging me is the HOW they got to their present situation. Justin was always an amazing character. You could count on him to make you laugh and make you miserable if you were in the midst of wooing someone. The truth is, we all love him. And boy did he deserve what he got! Although Dani and Valerie were right as well, while Justin liked to tease he never did something to ruin their chances. Holly was very sweet and very understanding despite her life being turned upside down.It was quite annoying how they all treated the 'marriage' stuff like some germ you can get yourself rid off. I mean, I am mortal and I am going to have a mortal marriage and how was mortal marriage described here just bugged me. And the way it was handled. Justin was constantly trying to interfere. And he couldn't understand why Holly wouldn't just jump his bones. SERIOUSLY? Did you miss the 'I'm married' part? Apparently he did. Big time. Everyone kept telling him that he would have Holly he just had to wait it out. NO. He wants it now, he would take it now. Yeah, crap. I loved the ending. I just kind of hated the rest of the 200 pages in between. Shocker! I'm not trying to rewrite the book( but perhaps someone should...) but Holly should have gone back to James sooner. I kept waiting for her to go home. To have some emergency and have Gia help her, find out she can't read James...and go from there? It would have played out more smoothly than it did. I wanted so much more and it could have been. The last 3-4 books had too much info dumping and little to no conversation. Conversation is needed when you are trying to get to know someone and not just get into her/his pants. I miss the old books with their usual humour and comebacks. I want the whole bunch of confusion with James and Holly having to deal together with the whole life mate business. Falling in love together with different persons. THAT was what I expected from this book.

  • All Things Urban Fantasy
    2019-04-22 15:57

    Review courtesy of All Things Urban Fantasy:ABOUT A VAMPIRE was a strange book with many fun scenes and characters, but there was definitely something missing: an antagonist. A book without a bad guy or even an big dramatic ending sequence feels a bit like a roller coaster that ends at the top of the ride.This is all a shame, because the opening chapter was killer. It's funny, introduces the characters beautifully and has just enough foreshadowing to make you smile when things inevitably hit the fan.Holly is charming, no-nonsense and newly a vampire. Bricker is... Bricker. He is a young-ish vampire who has been in most of the recent books, giving everyone who finds their life mate a hard time over how goofy they are acting. He is buff, sexy, and has always given off a devil-may-care attitude. All that disappears in a puff of smoke when he is put into the situation though. Since Holly is married, vampire law and Holly's moral code aren't letting him woo her with the full extent of his prowess. This leads into fun scenes where he tries to be charming and screws up quite a bit. These scenes were totally fun, especially for readers who know the series.And yet... There was nothing at stake. There was not bad guy trying to keep them apart and no one trying to kill anyone. There was barely a love triangle with Holly's husband, and he got explained away so quickly at the end that I nearly hurt myself rolling my eyes so hard.The worst thing that could have happened in this book is that Holly decides to stay true to her husband until he dies, and then comes to find Bricker fifty years later. For a series about immortals, that isn't super stressful for readers.I read this book very quickly; it was a fun read. But without a antagonist or any action scene, it felt like the plot in this latest Argeneau novel never really took off.

  • Amyiw
    2019-05-10 17:07

    It was OK/good. Some laughs at the end but the chemistry wasn't there between the two, a little attraction but nothing more. Bricker (Justin) seems so immature and gullible, for a over 100 year old... I was mad at the others, Decker and Anders, I don't care how much he teased them, he didn't sabotage their relationships and that is what they were doing. They didn't need to as it was doomed from the start and he could do it for himself especially in the situation that he was in. Sooner or later it would turn around, we knew that as a lifemate, but he doesn't have any patience. She is so stubborn but really isn't told anything but lies so what do we expect. Doesn't make for a very fun story line.

  • AL
    2019-05-05 19:24

    Such a fun book. I thought this book was going to be sad but it wasn't. It had its usual humor and lightness that I love so much. Justin Bricker, the prankster, the naughtiest and the youngest immortal of all (as he used to think lol) got a book but his life mate who he saved from death is a married woman. And the immortal law states that no one can interfere human marriage and if they do, the punishment is terrible. But that didn't stop Justin Bricker from doing his best to make her see the amazing life she could have with a life mate. His buddies including his boss Lucian, gave Justin a hell as this was their opportunity for payback the teasing Justin gave them when they got their life mates. Justin knows he deserves it lol. With the not-so help from Anders and Decker, Justin started wooing her. But did it work? I enjoyed reading this book. One of my favorites in this series. (view spoiler)[ One of the surprising turn was James (Holly's husband) turned out to be Gia's life mate. Love it.(hide spoiler)] Till the end, it had a humor. I cannot wait to see more of these two again.

  • Kitty Felone
    2019-05-06 14:58

    This book is crap. Utter crap. Not bad enough to be considered a piece of shit, but it's still a pretty bad read. Granted, Goodreads doesn't let you give zero stars in a review, which is why some people give one star to what would otherwise be considered zero, so that means I'm technically giving this book one star.I couldn't even make it in half way before I caught myself scanning over the pages.Ugh, what a waste of money.Don't listen to the positive reviews!The last few of Lynsay Sand's vampire stories were pretty bad, and this isn't much better. I thought it would be; it's only been out for a few months now, and the reviews on here made it seem like she'd picked herself back up. I was mistaken. Sorely mistaken.The premises of this novel sounded promising, and that's what interested me. I saw the few reviews on Goodreads and many of them even stated how the author seemed to have gotten better from her last few. So with all this in mind, I figured, "Why not?" I picked it up to give it a go.I never recalled her writing to be so wordy when I read the first few of her series, but Lynsay Sands enjoys using TONS of adverbs to express her dialogue AFTER the characters have already said it. Like all her recent novels, she enjoys using the phrase, "s/he said grimly" so much that if I see it written anywhere else, I'm instantly aggrieved. She doesn't take the time to paint the characters very well, using more quick fixes to throw paint up than to actually use adequate detail to paint a masterpiece. Yes, a writer doesn't have to tell the reader EVERY detail, but keep in mind "thick black lashes" is a lot blander than saying, "black crescents fanned across her cheekbones when she blinked,"--or something like that. There are ways to throw globs of paint onto a canvas, and ways to fine-tune specific details to make the rest of the picture stand out. Karen Marie Moning does this VERY well, as does Kresley Cole in her Immortals After Dark series.Another thing that's bothering me about this book is the main characters. Can Lynsay Sands NOT write a novel where the main two characters resolve their problems alone? Once again, she has to include outside characters to help the main two fall in love. There is no longer any "you and me fight it out", for she now has everything along the lines of, "I'm here to tell you why my friend is not actually a bad guy". Call me old school, but I don't like people getting in the middle of my personal affairs. If I'm working on some form of relationship with somebody, the last thing I need is for an outsider to tell me how I'm being ill-mannered and need assistance.Let the characters develop a relationship by themselves!And what bugs the hell out of me is how these outsiders are influencing things. The girl is married for Christ's sake! You're ripping her away from her husband and taking her away from her home to teach her how to be a vampire, which winds up giving some random guy the chance to put the moves on her, hoping to steal her away from her husband. I don't care if said husband will probably end up being a scum-sucker, as he's probably already cheating on her (I haven't even made it halfway through the book, but I wouldn't doubt this is the generic path the author took), but you're basically THROWING these two characters together, telling them to fall in love. This isn't helping the reader see the characters develop a relationship; this is just telling the reader that "these two are pitted together and little at a time they start developing feelings for one another". There's no heat, no fire, no passion. The earlier books in this series all had heat and fire, specifically Bite Me If You Can with Lucian and Leigh (the culprits of this recent disaster), had TONS of fire burning out of control between the two characters. Was anyone there to put it out? NOPE! Margaret rushed off to go formulate her own novel, leaving Lucian practically alone to deal with the developing relationship between him and Leigh. AND IT WAS HOT!!!!! After nearly every hot flash that book had given me, I'd shoot Lynsay a message on MySpace (back in the day) and tell her, and she'd respond in kind with ways to make those scenes even better.Lynsay Sands also has an enjoyable tendency to do some SEVERE infodumps. Talk about boring! If I ever need to find a book that puts me to sleep in seconds, I just have to pick up one of hers because all the overwriting of infodumps knocks me out flat. Backstory isn't a desirable story trait. Give us what we NEED to know for the plot, to help it move forward, and leave the rest out!!!!!!It's pretty clear how Lynsay Sands washed up. She should have quit while she was ahead, before she started the Rogue Hunter series and on. This is a clear example of what happens when a writer rushes out book after book to meet a deadline. There is no love, no time, no substance of any value. It's just words on a paper to push the series on. It's time the series ends. Or at the very least, take a break and slow down. For as much help as Lynsay had given me over my own writing back then, I fear for her as an author today. Like Kerrelyn Sparks, the writing has become lackluster.This is not a keeper, and it's going in my toss pile.

  • Angela (Angel's Guilty Pleasures)
    2019-04-22 20:55

    About a Vampire is book twenty two in the Argeneau series by Lynsay Sands and it can be read on it’s own. It’s not necessary to have followed the story from the begging to pick this one up. Holly is currently working as a part-time worker for a funeral home when she unexpectedly encounters Justin one night. Justin is there doing his Hunter job and disposing of the bad vampires that have been killed. I liked About a Vampire as much as I could, but I was hopping for more. It lacked the humor that I have come to love and enjoy. It didn't have a very good explanation on why Justin is attracted to Holly. The only thing we get is that he can’t read her mind, which is one of the indications that an Immortal has found their lifemate. And, last their was no true conflict and so the story just dragged.Justin’s lifemate in this one is Holly and it turns out she's married. Is married before her turn and after to a human. I kinda felt bad for Justin having to deal with finding his lifemate and then knowing he can’t have her; because she’s married. Holly on the other hand never wowed me. I get her wanting to be loyal to her wedding vows, but the more we learn about her marriage the more it sounds like it was convent and that they are friends with benefits instead of true husband and wife team. But, what really upset me about this story is Justin’s friends and colleagues. They where deliberately mean to Justin. They gave him very bad advice on what Holly likes. Yes, in the other stories Justin razed them and gave them a hard time when they found their lifemates, but he was never deliberately cruel and the women never got hurt by his antics. It was just so wrong and upsetting to see this. Then their is the ending where everything wraps up nice and easy and it’s all a ok. It was to convent of a way to wrap everything up and make it all turn out for the best.The only thing that I truly enjoyed was the return of shared dreams. Why? It’s one of the indications of a lifemate and one that we haven’t seen in a while. About a Vampire was an easy and comfortable read, but disappointing for me as a fan. Rated: 2.5 Stars

  • Danielle
    2019-04-30 21:00

    I have been a fan of Justin since he was first introduced in this series and waiting for his book was serious torture. Justin Bricker meets his life mate by total accident when he and Anders are taking care of burning rogues at Hollys temp job. “Yeah, we’re pretty flammable,” Anders commented. “I guess that makes us hot stuff,” Justin said and laughed at his own joke. She is so freaked out by what she sees and since justin can't control her she runs away. Holly ends up falling on a pair of scissors (of all things) and Justin is forced to change her. Yes she is married but Justin doesn't know and now holly will have to get used to her new life and have to decide if she will stay married to her husband or be a life mate to Justin. When holly first wakes up Justin tries to be up front and explain things better then anyone from previous books. Let's just say the more he talks the more she thinks he is crazy. “Well, it’s like winning the lotto or something.” That made her jerk her head toward him with a start. “The lotto?” “Yes,” he assured her. “It’s all good. You’ll never age, never get sick, never have to go to a dentist again. You’ll always be young and healthy.” Grinning, he grasped her arms lightly and said, “Basically you have won a lotto of sorts. The Bricker lotto.”“Yes, bagged,” he said dryly and then his lips quirked. “Save a man, bite a bag.” Holly shook her head at what she supposed was intended as a joke and turned her attention to threading the belt through her pant loops as her mind wandered.Justin is still as sexy, confident, and funny as his was in the other books he appeared in. I absolutely love his sense of humor! While dealing with the idea of holly being his life mate holly opens up to decker and Anders about things she doesn't like. Since Justin gave them a hard time while they were "wooing" their life mates they decide to get Justin back by saying she likes fish, flowers, picnics, dogs etc when she really doesn't. Justin pulls out all the stops and oh boy I was laughing so hard!! It was seriously a major highlight of this book. After the turn holly is still confused but with Justin, Gia and the twins she is getting the training she needs for her new life. I liked holly because she took her marriage seriously and she felt somehow she was being unfaithful to her husband by having shared dreams with Justin. When she finds out that he new about the dreams she kind of freaks out and goes back to her husband. Now that she can read him she is starting to question things and she can't help but think of good looking Justin who makes her passion rise. The only issues I had with this book was the ending. I wasn't expecting it to go the way it did. Another disappointing thing was they didn't have the fainting sex like the previous books. They only share the dream sex. I was hoping holly would have seen the facts and maybe have them wipe her husbands mind and Justin and her would go on with their lives but I can see why sands did it this way and this other couple finds out they are life mates which means once less book in the series but maybe they will get a novella. Who knows?! Overall it was a great read and I couldn't put it down. I loved that previous characters made an appearance with their life mates. I also loved how you we get to meet brickers parents. Since Justin has brothers and sisters I hope maybe they will get a book or at least introduced in the series. I knew Justin's book would be funny and it definitely lives up to that. Full review will be on romance at random close to publication date in September 2015

  • Fangs for the Fantasy
    2019-05-19 15:24

    This is the book fans of the Argeneau series have long been waiting for. The handsome Justin Bricker is sent on a mission to do away with the remains of some rogues and as luck would have it, Holly Bosley arrives at the funeral home because she forgot to file some papers. Justin tries to control her but Holly takes off running in fear. When Holly trips and dies by accidentally stabbing herself, Bricker uses his one turn to change Holly into an immortal. It's not a wasted turn however because as luck would have it, Holly is Bricker's soulmate.Bricker is confident that it will be easy for him to win Holly over. He's never had any trouble with the lades before. Bricker is absolutely handsome and unlike many of the older immortals, he is in touch with what is going on. What Bricker didn't plan on is the fact that Holly is not a single woman. Even if Holly doesn't immediately run back to her husband when she learns about her new status, immortal law forbids Bricker from interceding in a marriage. Apparently the punish involves having one's genitals torn apart repeatedly. Sounds pleasant doesn't it?Holly quickly accepted the fact that she was an immortal but she did not suddenly fall into Justin's arms as he had hoped. I actually liked the idea that someone would chose to be faithful and not just leap because the grass looked greener on the other side. When Holly did go back to her husband, she found out why we aren't meant to read the thoughts of others. Though her husband continued to be caring and concerned, the thoughts that he had were not always generous.As a love interest, beyond her faithfulness to her husband, I cannot say that I was enamored with Holly. Holly is yet another human female love interest who is insecure about her looks. Can we just have one love interest who hasn't got body issues please? It was made worse by the fact that of course when the nanos entered her body, they got rid of her muffin top and her few other "problem areas". I suppose the idea that people are perfect as they are is completely and utterly lost on Sands. Humans became instantly attracted to Holly and even her seemingly heterosexual female friend was flirting with her. Not cool Lynsay Sands, considering the erasure of GLBT characters in this series. Holly also took a break in school to put her husband through university and was considering bowing to pressure to put her education on hold again to earn money. So, not only did Holly have low self esteem, she was also the self sacrificing do it all for my man type of woman. Read More

  • Irina Villacis
    2019-05-02 18:14

    esta saga o serie ( ya no recuerdo como se dice) es mi favorita. es cierto que para el libro 22 , hay libros mejores que eotros pero nunca decae tanto como para un 4.00 , pues este libro ha sido lo contrario. tal vez se deba a mis expectactivas , desde el libro 8 o 9 que aparece de formar recurrente bricker . ha sido mi personaje favorito en toda la serie. FAVORITO. he soñado a veces con quien seria su pareja y todo eso. pero que vemos aqui. pues nada. siempre consideré que bricker era tierno , suave y amable ( con las chicas) pero no tanto con los chicos vampiros. veamos . el libro no me fascinó como debia , aunque lo lei rapido estuve varios momentos preguntandome era necesario todo esto. holly esta casada y quiere honrar sus votos lo cual esta bien.pero holly no sabe lo que es amar , solo lo hace porque es correcto. vivio una vida rigida por otros y para otros . la forma en que justin quiso agarrar a holly ha sido muy apresurada. este libro me ha parecido fofo , hueco , vacio. no he tenido los momentos divertidos . solo me ha molestado mucho que holly repitiera a cada rato " ESTOY CASADA" , EN VEZ DE DECIR " AMO A MARIDO" .justin pues cae en lo ingenuo y lo bobo. creo que lo que mas molestó fue que no hubiera las debidas interacciones , ella recuerdas las conversaciones de JUSTIN pero yo no recuerdo ninguna profunda . todo se sobreentiende. yo queria ver esas conversaciones torpes y tontas. y ese final como para arreglar la situacion de HOLLY. me pareció sacado de mari mar. un final conveniente para todo. no me gusta el marido de holly , y peor aun ese final. por respeto a varias cosas le pongo 3 estrellas pero yo le quiero poner 2.

  • P.A. Lupton
    2019-05-05 18:25

    I will admit that the last few books in this series have been hit or miss for me. This one was a hit. One of my biggest beefs with the last few novels is that the characters have no chemistry. The author relied on the fact that they were life mates too much. Not so in About a vampire. It was great to see a slow building relationship. I loved that Justin couldn't act on his feelings and it forced him to fall for her outside of the life mates connection. I was worried about this story line because I'm not a fan of love triangles. Lynsay Sands did an excellent job of handling that part of the story without alienating any of the characters. I thought for sure she would villify the husband so the readers would be okay with relationship, but she surprised me. I didn't expect what happened and I loved how she tied it up. I'm excited again for the series.

  • Shannon
    2019-04-20 16:00

    About A VampireThe Characters:Justin BrickerHolly BosleyThe Story:(view spoiler)[This book started out with Holly being very stupid. But her stupidity was needed to set up her first meeting with Justin, which lead to her almost death. Justin was there to save her life. Holly is his lifemate and he is incredibly fortunate to find her when he is so young but we all know fate plays tricks. Holly is married and while she is feeling all of the attraction that being a lifemate involves she is determined to honor her vows to her husband. As you can guess this sets us up for a heck of a ride featuring all the humor and charm that Ms Sands always has in her books. But fear not we get a happy ending. (hehe)(hide spoiler)]The Random Thoughts:4 Stars

  • Darcy
    2019-05-13 17:02

    I really shouldn't have laughed at Bricker when reading this one, but it was hard not to. He has always given the other guys such a hard time when they met their lifemates and gone on and one about how he would do better. Turns out he wasn't any better, although he did have some bad info as Anders sabotaged, which made for some hilarious reading.I sort of liked Holly from the start, but her attitude did get a bit old fast. I know she didn't know anything about Immortals and her moral core was good, but I was glad when she found out that what Gia and everyone else was right about her husband. I did find it a little to pat that Gia ended up being James's lifemate, each wanted a divorce, no problem, get one and get on with their lives.

  • Jessica
    2019-05-03 15:17

    You would think that as much as I like paranormal romance, and vampires, that I would like this series. It is well rated by other readers and has a lot of die hard fans, but I just don't care for it. The whole sexual overload that makes you pass out after mate sex is just overkill for me. The romance is decently written. The bagged blood, human blood for emergencies is common, and other series I read, and like, use the idea, but I don't like it in this series. This too me seems to contemporary with a "throw in some vampires" for sales. Not enough dark, sexy, or paranormal here, AND IT SHOULD BE. VAMPIRES, DUH! Feels too Nora Roberts-ish.I was really hoping I would like this one due to the massive amounts of books in this series. Nope, not for me.

  • Barbara ★
    2019-04-28 16:55

    Another funny story in the Argeneau series. Finally we get Bricker's story and it's a doosey. I loved how it unfolded - scary, sweet, romantic, fun-filled. A good time from start to finish.

  • Megzy
    2019-04-25 21:00

    It bored me to tears. I ended up skimming through 50 pages to find out what was going to happen to her marriage.

  • Kristina Deluise
    2019-05-13 18:07

    cute, easy, quick, enjoyable, read,reminds me of "siblings" the girl tells brother A, that she doesn't like fish, flowers etc.and brother A tells the groom to be, that she LOVES FLOWERS, FISH ETC.............feel sorry for bricker and the stress of not being able to "mate".................poor thing, all works out in the end,

  • Malinda
    2019-04-29 21:13

    4 starsThis was a very good story. I liked both Justin and Holly. Holly being married made things difficult but it worked out well in the end.Holly is an accounting student that works at a mortuary. Her parents are archaeologists and she traveled around the world with them as a child. Her husband, James, was the son of her parent's co-workers and they grew up together, first being best friends and then later getting involved and then married. Justin was born an Immortal and is around 100 years old. He works as an enforcer for the Immortal counsel, taking out rogue Immortals that break the rules that all Immortals have to follow. He's been sort of a ladies man and has given the other enforcers hard times when they've had problems winning their lifemates, thinking he'd have it easy when his time came.Holly is diabetic and was getting ready to check her blood sugar before bed when she realized she left her purse with her blood meter in it at her work. She drives to the mortuary and while there, finds some paperwork that the night shift guy needs in the crematorium. She goes to take it to the other building but finds something unexpected when she gets there. Justin and Anders are in the area, taking out a nest of rogue Immortals. They're in the crematorium, using it to burn the rogue's bodies when Holly happens to come in. Justin tries to take over her mind and stop her from running (planning to wipe her memory of them) but he can't access her thoughts. This is the main sign of them being lifemates so he's pretty happy and runs after her. She freaks and ends up in an accident that mortally wounds her so Justin is forced to turn her into an Immortal before they can even talk.Justin sees Holly through her turn but when she wakes up, he doesn't do very well at explaining things and she thinks he's a nut-job that thinks he's a vampire. It's about this time that Justin find out that she's married. He has to take her away for a couple weeks to teach her how to be an Immortal but she wont consider him as a lifemate because she's determined to be true to her marriage vows. Things aren't helped at all by the fact that Decker and Anders lie to them both, making Holly think she's not really Justin's lifemate, insinuating that Justin is just a nut that really wants a lifemate and turned her in a mistaken plea for her to be his. They also tell Justin they're helping him but tell him all sorts of lies about Holly's likes and dislikes so he's constantly doing everything wrong. I have to admit that I felt really sorry for Justin in this...he may have given the other guys a hard time when they found their lifemates but he never purposefully sabotaged their efforts. Regardless of these issues, Holly does find herself attracted to Justin and it's only her determination to be true to her marriage vows that keeps her from being with Justin. Things don't go well for Justin and there's a separation and some pain and drama before things get straightened out in an unexpected twist that allows them to get their HEA together.I enjoyed this story very much (except when I wanted to kick Decker and Anders in the balls). Holly was a good woman that tried to do the right thing even when she really wanted something else. Justin was a sweetheart and I felt for him when he struggled so hard to win Holly while not trying to put undue pressure on her. I was really happy with how things turned out and relieved that it was handled in a way that was good for all concerned. Id' recommend this story (and the whole series).* note - I listened to the audio version of the book and the narrator did a really good job.

  • Amy
    2019-04-29 21:11

    Bricker is adorable as usual and I enjoyed this one a lot, but thought the ending was a bit rushed. Holly Bosley is content with her life, her marriage, and has great hopes for a career as an accountant once her schooling is complete. Working in a temp position, she’s doing the taxes for a funeral home. Ideal, it might not be, but it’s a good position even though she’s a little freaked out over the whole idea of what goes on at the place. Now having to visit the crematorium after returning to her office in the middle of the night because she’d forgotten her purse there and discovering some paperwork had been overlooked was truly freaking her out. Not wanting someone’s funeral to be held up because of late paperwork, she makes the journey across the dark and creepy cemetery to the building where not only are the bodies of the deceased cremated but they are also stored. Newly dead bodies stacked in a cooler awaiting their fate in the retorts…what the ovens are called by the staff. Discovering two men there that she doesn’t recognize was shock enough especially since they had their own stack of bodies on a gurney. Witnessing a head separated from its body fall to the floor in a splat was enough to send her fleeing for the door.Justin Bricker was used to the dirty work that came with being an Enforcer in the world of immortals so a middle of the night visit to a crematorium was nothing new. Being spotted by a mortal that he couldn’t read and control was not. The young woman in her pajamas carrying scissors was not anything like he’d thought his life mate would be, but he wasn’t going to let her get away now that he knew she existed. When she fights to escape and falls on the scissors, Justin makes the quick decision to turn her and save her life. Excited, happy, and ready to be united with his life mate, to experience the amazing thrill of having his life mate with him, he’s shocked, disappointed and fearful of retribution when he discovers she can’t be his yet…she’s married.Of all of the mortals who found themselves as the life mate of an immortal, I think Holly accepted the news and the idea of being an immortal the best, once she understood they weren’t really vampires that is. Although insistent that no matter how connected she and Justin were, her marriage came first and so she would never cheat on her husband. She even thought her sex dreams about Justin were cheating and when she found out they were shared, she was very unhappy about it. But overall, Holly was pretty cool with the idea of being immortal even if it meant dining on blood the rest of her life. I won’t tell you how things end up because that wouldn’t be fair to you but I will say that I wish the ending was a bit different. I felt it was rushed and Justin deserved better. He especially deserved to experience the ultimate in life mate sex but he does get his happily ever after with Holly, eventually.Despite the weak ending, ABOUT A VAMPIRE by Lynsay Sands is a great addition to the Argeneau series. It’s a story filled with fun, teasing, Bricker’s usual young immortal quirkiness, and I couldn’t have picked a more perfect life mate for him than Holly. She’s a bit a klutz and quirky too. If you’re an Argeneau fan, you need to read ABOUT A VAMPIRE, book 22 in the series and the story we’ve all been waiting for a long time. For the rest of you, if you haven’t tried this series, you’re truly missing out on the most fun you can have in paranormal romance.***eARC provided by publisher via Edelweiss in exchange for an honest and unscripted review.

  • Stephanie
    2019-04-19 14:19

    ORIGINAL POST 9/22/15:Lynsay Sands’ ABOUT A VAMPIRE: Keeping it Fresh! TWO Books, and several short stories is a massively long-running series. It’s got to be tough to keep the series exciting and fun to write. This book has twists and turns from page one, and those twists and new takes on a long history keep this series fresh even in this volume. Why, and what can I say without spoilers?1. Lynsay reduces the appearance and importance of the old guard. Marguerite only makes a cameo appearance in this story, and it takes place outside of Canada. This story is populated more by the Notte clan and newer characters. Bastian and Lucian still show up but more like cranky father figures than full-blown involvement.2. New situations, all spoilerish so just trust me NEW stuff. And then twists on top.3. Sexy dream sharing is it for a little while. There are big issues Bricker’s life mate can be with him. I don’t think ABOUT A VAMPIRE is as steamy as other books in the series. I kind of missed that.4. Before and after she is turned we spend time with Holly away from Bricker and other members of the team of family, enforcers and delivery people.5. The story structure, finding a life mate and over coming obstacles to get turned and or be together provides a familiar and reliable structure.6. Along the lines of # 1 above, Justin is not even a member of the Notte or Argeneau family. He’s from California and not Canada!7. The characters have to get to know each other in a different way than ever before. It’s really quite tender, and sometimes funny!8. Speaking of funny, I noted the use of some hilarious language in regards to those shared sex dreams like “personal pogo stick.” With Holly having married her best friend from childhood, it’s almost as if her language and knowledge of sex never moved past adolescence. I thought this one was a winner even with fewer steamy hook ups. It has fresh situations and they had other situations on top that I had not seen coming.I don’t know where she gets new ideas but she has made this entry in the series a winner.The title even works because Bricker is considered a young vampire and we’ve been following his story and seen his desire for a long time now!I loved it!

  • Stacy McKitrick
    2019-05-12 20:13

    When I saw Justin was finally getting his own book, I was happy. He’s been in so many of the other books, usually the comic relief, and one of my favorite characters. But poor Justin. Even I wouldn’t have dreamed how cruel he’d be treated. He might have harassed a few dozen people, but he never sabotaged their love life. And really, I would have thought he’d realize what was happening well before he did. Still, it was a good romance and I enjoyed his story very much. This is one of my most favorite series. Always a good time reading these books.

  • Morgan
    2019-04-25 17:25

    Is it just me who was squicked out more than a little with Bricker's pursuit of Holly?I really didn't expect that sort of thing from him, but it got more than a little rape-y with his tactics. For an example: Sleeping close to her and at the same time so they could share dreams--but not letting her know they were shared dreams. Questionable consent at the very least. Picture my face looking like this:

  • Rene' Hurt
    2019-05-05 14:13

    I have read this series from the start and with each book they just get better and better. The Argeneau series is a must read. Justin and holly are a delight. You will love this book.

  • Mary Abshire
    2019-05-13 18:22

    poor Justin. lol