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I had a very definite plan for the rest of my life, and it mostly consisted of getting laid by random strangers and never having to deal with the possibility of anyone getting close enough to hurt me again. Now, after one stupid mistake, I couldn't quit thinking about him, and I knew it was just going to get worse from here.When twenty-two year-old Jenna Lang went in to ArI had a very definite plan for the rest of my life, and it mostly consisted of getting laid by random strangers and never having to deal with the possibility of anyone getting close enough to hurt me again. Now, after one stupid mistake, I couldn't quit thinking about him, and I knew it was just going to get worse from here.When twenty-two year-old Jenna Lang went in to Archer Enterprises for a job, she doesn't expect her entire world to be turned upside-down. Now, she can't get wealthy CEO Rylan Archer out of her mind and she has a bad feeling that he's just as intrigued by her. As his intentions become clear, she must decide if she's willing to risk everything on the chance he's different.Including the steamy prequel, Broken Pleasures, M.S. Parker's new scorching Pleasures series is not to be missed. See what Forbidden Pleasures has in store....

Title : Forbidden Pleasures
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Forbidden Pleasures Reviews

  • Christie«SHBBblogger»
    2019-01-05 22:07

    2.5-3 stars

  • Aղցela W.
    2019-01-15 20:58

    This was a pretty good dark erotic read that I liked a lot. When twenty-two year-old Jenna Lang went in to Archer Enterprises for a job, she doesn't expect her entire world to be turned upside-down. Jenna is a computer wizard who has her own business and is recruited by billionaire Rylan Archer. Jenna has a horrible past and has many walls up to protect her. Rylan wants Jenna and also for Jenna to work for him. Jenna doesn't do relationships so Jenna decides to work for Rylan since he won't fraternize with his employees. She feels that will keep her safe from him. However the darkness comes and Jenna is determined to beat this obstacle too. Rylan is the first man to truly make her question her commitment to avoiding anything beyond a one night stand. After he witnesses Jenna having a panic attack, he takes care of her, instinctively knowing just how to handle her in her emotional state. Once she has recovered, he decides to lay his cards on the table letting her know he would like to try a real relationship with her if she is willing to give it a chance. I liked both of these character's the sex scenes in this book were hot. This book was well written with no errors in grammar or spelling.

  • M.S. Parker
    2019-01-15 17:07

    Full sized Novel (320 pages)Release Feb 17th.

  • EroticaAfterDark (Lilith)
    2018-12-31 16:52

    FREE: Amazon US | Amazon UK | Amazon CA | Amazon AU

  • Ange from Cover to Cover Book Blog
    2018-12-29 19:49

    STARS: OMG 5!!!POV: FirstSERIES: NoCLIFFHANGER: NoYou are NOT going to want to miss out on this book! I’m serious! I have been a fangirl of MS Parker for a while now and each book gets better and better and better. I don’t know how she is going to top this one but I am eager to find out. This book blew me away.In the prequel, we get small glances into Jenna’s past. We get enough to know that something very dark is lurking there. Once you find out the full story, you will be shocked beyond words. I can’t imagine going through what she did and surviving. It made me want to hunt people down and do unspeakable things to them...mainly, Jenna’s mother.Jenna has been coping with her past the best one could. She has been hopping from one lover to another, never more than one time. She always has to be in control or it could trigger something from her past. When she meets Rylan, she gets the first glimpse that she could have more in her life. However, since they work together, she doesn’t want to jeopardize her career and her reputation. She worked hard to get where she is. Well tell that to her wandering thoughts. Jenna can’t seem to shake the memories of their one night together. When Rylan makes it obvious that he wants more too, will Jenna be able to risk it? Will she be able to bare her soul to him and open her heart for the first time? Rylan has his own skeletons. Can Jenna handle those? So many questions! Read the book to get the answers. Also an added bonus to make the book even more shocking, darkness is lurking and watching her and she doesn’t see it coming until BAM it’s there. My heart stopped for a few moments when that came boiling to a head. MUST read. If you’re a fan of MS Parker already, I’m sure I don’t have to sell it to you. If you haven’t read anything from her yet, I’d highly recommend it. She is one of my favorite authors. She can write erotic like it’s nobody’s business. Behind all the extremely hot and steamy sexual scenes are amazing stories. They are all well written and full of WHAT IS GOING TO HAPPEN NEXT?!?!?!?! Her women are not damsels in distress but beautifully broken to some degree and strong. Her men are sexy as sin and you can’t help but want to dry hump their legs. Love this woman’s work! Go 1-click today!

  • Judy
    2019-01-16 19:09

    After reading Broken Pleasures (the prequel), I couldn't wait to get my hands on Forbidden Pleasures to see what made Jenna the way she was. OH BOY, do you find out in this book!!! Jenna has a very disturbing past that she's not willing to share. She goes to work for Rylan and says she'll never sleep with him again, that it'll be strictly business..yea right. This book has it's sweet, very sexual, dark, and mysterious! All of my favorite things rolled up in one book! I've read all of M.S. Parker's books, and this, in my opinion, was the best one yet!!! This is a MUST READ book! I'm looking forward to the novella from Rylan's point of view!! GREAT book M.S. Parker! 5 stars isn't enough, wish I could give more!!

  • Veronica LaRoche
    2019-01-08 15:58

    I loved reading Rylan and Jenna's story. I was so interested in seeing how they were going to interact together with all the sexual chemistry between them. Must read to find out what will happen between Rylan and Jenna

  • Renee W. Tyler,Battery Operated Book Blog
    2019-01-15 16:55

    After getting to read the novella of Broken Pleasures I fell in love with Jenna and Rylan. The way that Jenna handles herself as well as others is amazing considering all that she has endured throughout her young life. The prequel gives us a glimpse into Jenna's past and why she handles, people, sex, and overall situations the way that she does.I like how M.S. Parker allowed us to see the vulnerable side of Jenna in Forbidden Pleasures. She gave us a little more insight into what has actually taken place to make her the way that she is as a complete person. The amazing thing is, is that even though this book keeps you wondering if Jenna and Rylan will connect again or just become good friends. Not only do you feel the draw between them, the way that he seems to see beyond the exterior layers of Jenna is what makes him the man he is and draws some trust from her.As we move more into the story the way that M.S. Parker trips us up from everything we thought we knew is a phenomenal twist. I have to say she definitely caught me off guard. To say that I want to see what will happen between Jenna and Rylan is an understatement. I still have not had my thirst quenched for this series.

  • Hooked On Books
    2019-01-08 19:55

    Such a fantastic gripping read ! Jenna Lang, the girl with a past to make you cry, the only way she knows how to deal with her life is to have no strings, random sex with random strangers with her in complete control each and every time. She is highly intelligent and slightly way out with her blue hair, now at such a young age she is running her own software consultancy company. She's happy surviving life the only way she knows, reliant upon no-one that is until she meets Rylan, then the life she knows is turned upside down, will she let Rylan in ? M S Parker has done it again, oh my! what a book, I felt the emotions, the chemistry, the anxiety, everything. Jenna's had a very hard life and deserves to find a decent man who can give her everything she needs, will Rylan be the man who can give her everything she needs including trust and patience ? I just couldn't stop reading this book, it was very dark and traumatic reading in places. I loved this book and was kind of sad when it finished - I would've so liked an epilogue. A really well written, gripping and fantastic read.

  • Angie
    2019-01-10 17:42

    ~I received a free copy of this book to read and review for Wicked Reads Review Team~Forbidden Pleasures is darker than Broken Pleasures the prequel. Jenna Lang’s life has been one rough horrible road and just when she thinks things are looking up her past comes to haunt her all over again. Rylan wants Jenna and he sees that she has issues and is willing to do anything to help her deal with those issues and go as slow as she wants. Will Rylan still want Jenna when he finds out EVERYTHING from Jenna’s past? You must read the book to find out. Characters: The characters were well written and believable. Sex: yesReligious: noWould I recommend to others: yesMore than one book in the series: yesGenre: Dark RomanceWould I read more by this author: yes~Wicked Reads Review Team~

  • Rachael Orman
    2018-12-31 17:47

    Whew... I've read a lot of books since I read the prequel to Forbidden Pleasures, but it shows just how good a story M.S. Parker weaves when as soon as I picked up Forbidden Pleasures I instantly remembered everything about both main characters. This was everything I expected it to be and more. I absolutely love how realistic the characters are and how you become attached to them wanting things to work for them because you think of them as real people with real pain in the their past they are working to overcome. I hurt for Jenna and her past, but Rylan is strong enough to help her heal even when her past comes back to haunt her at the most unexpected time. Rylan is the perfect combination of strength and patience with a tiny twist of dominance and stubbornness. I literally read this in one sitting. I couldn't put it down. Another absolutely fabulous book.. Good job M.S. Parker! Can't wait for more!I received a free copy of this book to read and review for Wicked Reads.

  • Christine
    2018-12-20 22:05

    Jenna Lang had a vicious childhood none of us can understand unless you have gone through it yourself .trying to find a way through this past she meets rylan through his trust she finds love and exception. Will she find that this love is meant to last? I love m.s.parker books and always find her writing exceptional .this book is the second of Broken pleasures that was found to be controversial. the story has more information of Jenna Lang's childhood and who she is now ,though this story opens up truths to this day that childhood abuse is still a big issue and to help by protecting and knowledge that this does exists. this is a must read.

  • Deborah
    2018-12-16 20:58

    Beyond outstanding. Jenna's emotional scars run deep. Will Rylan help her overcome her fears? Will Jenna share her story? M. S. Parker created incredibly awesome, sexy, steamy scenes that had me fanning myself. However, underneath all the romance you can feel the tormented life that Jenna lived through. Rylan's ability to be patient with Jenna is what just might save her. This book details topics that shouldn't have to be told. Unfortunately, life is hard and cynical at times. I thought Forbidden Pleasure was written exquisitely and with compassion. If I could, 10 stars!

  • CrazyDaisy
    2018-12-29 14:49

    5 Crazy Ass Must Read Stars!!!!!M.S. Parker has done it again! Another "Crazy Ass Must Read" Series is just beginning. Ryland and Jenna are off-the-charts freaking HOT. I was on the edge of my seat the entire part with Christophe. Blagh! I wanted to wring his neck. Can't wait to read the next installment.

  • JamieLeigh
    2018-12-29 18:10

    wow. I don't know where to start. fair warning....this is a very dark & twisted story. Ms. Parket grabs you from the first page & she doesn't let go, not even after you finish the book.

  • Skye McNeil
    2019-01-09 22:44

    I don't know where to start with this book. The female MC was a bit of a bitch at first glance, but once I read her backstory, I understand why. I'm not fond of anything that has to do with mistreating children, so a lot of her flashbacks and underlying issues were hard to read. I understand what the author was trying to do, but I was uncomfortable reading references to molestation/rape. As the story went on, I got a huge 50 Shades of Grey vibe. Even the ending had a reference to the second book from Rylan's perspective. I have no issues with it except it was too similar in some aspects. It was interesting to see how Jenna eventually trusted Rylan, but it didn't sell me. I wouldn't recommend or read again.

  • Regina Peppers
    2019-01-02 17:00

    Pleasure is an understatement!I wondered if all the 5 star ratings were real but now I know they are. This story is dark but with an aura of light and hope so bright it squelches the darkness. If only all men could be as perceptive, kind, caring and loving as Rylan the world would be a better place!! Superb characters with a heroine you can't help but admire!! How someone could go through the atrocities Jenna endured and come out the other side is no less than amazing. Of course having someone like Rylan see through her walls and barriers makes it all possible!! Can't wait for book 2 though I have a feeling my warm,cozy world is going to get stirred up before the series ends!!!

  • Rayna
    2018-12-23 14:40

    Sad story with a HEASad story about an abused woman, an "alpha" male and a sick freak. Guy gets girl, sick gets his. I thought the story had a lot of repitition of the same thing from the girl in the beginning. I understand the author was trying to show a pattern to the reader. But it was a little over kill. I also would have liked better hints as to what conflict was going on. She had a major one going and ended up not using it in the rest of the book. I felt that it took the reader off on an unnecessary tangent.

  • Gea
    2018-12-30 16:07

    The heartbreaking past of Jenna and the fact that Rylan is her boss keeps them from enjoying each other from the start.This book is about not giving up and being persistent in chasing what you want. But not at all costs.I did skip some of the flashbacks or dreams because they were too intense for me. I can't help but visualize while I read and this was sometimes just too much.I received a free copy and this is my honest review

  • Amanda Brown
    2019-01-08 18:46

    Christian Grey minus broody man issues.... Good book regarding the storyline of Abused childhood and the need to Dominance/ Submission into adulthood. The transition of the storyline was on par with what was needed, and frankly im glad that M.S. Parker didnt let the female lead be like typical Dom/SUB storylines are, the Damsel in distress in a typical fashion. Ill be looking for story #2!

  • Jennifer Rogers
    2019-01-10 16:54

    Jenna's story...where to begin.... I loved the story in itself. The way that it was written kept my attention from the prologue to "The End". I loved the computer background, and finally finding a sustainable character, without relying only on the sexy side of her. Had just enough class, and the perfect amount of a**, to be a great romance.

  • Diane West
    2018-12-18 15:40

    Forbidden Pleasures :An Akpha Billionaire RomanceI enjoyed reading this book it was a delight to read and also a little dark after you finish reading it to find out how she became the person she was and how she handle everything to become that strong person.

  • Rebecca Roman
    2019-01-01 19:58

    A good readI liked the book. At times it felt a bit rushed about certain plot points but the overall book was good. It was a nice read and it kept me engaged more than I thought it would. Overall I would recommend this book.

  • John BAMFORD
    2018-12-23 17:10

    good read but a bit too much SDBM. It left me upset that there are young girls in this world being traumitized by these Sick People whom abuse the young . Very good that jenna began to trust her Lover Ryan Archer .

  • Helene Moser
    2019-01-08 21:50

    Billionaire boyfriend to the rescue.Typical billionaire tech guy falls for broken girl/emp!oyee. Comes Billionaire tech guy falls for broken girl/employee. He comes to the rescue when crazed man wants her to relive her abused childhood. Too many books like this.

  • April
    2018-12-16 17:09

    SteamyPlenty of steam and drama too keep you engaged. The stalker was a bit out of left field but it still worked for the story.

  • william clark
    2018-12-29 22:48

    CaptivatingA story that kept you excited to find out the secrets that so scared Jenna and so beautiful to see the love and caring one man had for her much better than any therapy

  • Emelia
    2018-12-17 18:57

    WowI couldn't put it down. Dylan was so amazing and patient with Jenna and the twist? I didn't see coming. Can't wait too read the other two books

  • Iluvbooks44
    2018-12-28 22:49

    I love this author’s books, she is one of my favourite authors.I love this series.I loved this book from start to finish.I love the characters and the story.

  • Cynthia Wayman
    2019-01-15 23:09

    Quick easy readQuick easy read. Probably will not continue with the series. Not a fan of separate books for him and her.