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When the thread of hope is split into two, which side will you take?After the capture of three book-bearers, Isaac, Xylia and Arundel are beckoned to return to Agalmath to meet the Dark One. Around the four corners of Elysium, Lucifer and his servants are gathering an army—uniting men, beast, Shadow and Nephilin to expand his kingdom.Hidden in the shadows and holding one oWhen the thread of hope is split into two, which side will you take?After the capture of three book-bearers, Isaac, Xylia and Arundel are beckoned to return to Agalmath to meet the Dark One. Around the four corners of Elysium, Lucifer and his servants are gathering an army—uniting men, beast, Shadow and Nephilin to expand his kingdom.Hidden in the shadows and holding one of Lucifer's most faithful servants in captivity, the blood-drinkers continue to hunt down Isaac and the others, seeking to retrieve the Book of Letters.Isaac and Xylia's courage and willingness to fight is starting to wane as they now fear that the path they have taken will claim their lives. "When the stars blood drink. When the moon red turns. When the snow melts away. That's when Elysium will burn."...

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The Gathering of Shadows Reviews

  • Ben Alderson
    2019-06-14 07:49

    UPDATING MY REVIEW BECAUSE TODAY IS RELEASE DAY!!!!!!!!!I am so excited that today is the re-release of The Whispers of the Fallen series buy JD. NettoOMGI NEED BOOK FOUR! After Whispers of the Fallen and its sequel Rebellion, I didn't think this series could get any more better. Well, I was wrong. I am COMPLETELY IN love with this book. In fact, its my favourite of the three, AND I LOVED THE FIRST TWO.What happens in this book will not only make you need book four, make you tear up ' cry like a baby in my case ' and laugh and scream and ALL THE FEELS! This series is honestly one of the best fantasy's I have read. The WORLD building in this series is on a level that is so well thought out. ALSO, I kinda want to be a blood drinker..........

  • Evangeline
    2019-05-16 07:15

    DEDICATED TO THOSE WHO ARE NOT HELD BACK BY FEAR.JD's dedications are always awesome. Also got very excited when I saw the John Green quote at the beginning of the book!Firstly, I want to thank JD for giving me the opportunity to read this book early. I'm a big fan of the series so I'm extremely grateful!Like the first two books, TGOS is fast paced, action packed and full of surprises. I loved that the story picked up right where book 2 ended. It was easy to follow on and I really enjoyed knowing that I hadn't missed out on anything. Isaac and Xylia's relationship develops really well. I have always been scared ever since Isaac got that image of wanting to kill her that he accidently would when his rage would over power his mind but thankfully that hasn't happened and it shouldn't! JD don't go getting any ideas!I'm pretty sure I said this in my review of Rebellion but I love Xylia! Anyone that uses sarcasm as much as me I just want to high five every time I read what they've said. She's just so funny at times. "Aside from the fact that I want to mutilate this Fallen Ruler, I'm just swell."Right so in this book I was actually taken a back by how much that Arundel had grown and matured. Oh and bringing him up has just reminded me to add a White Dragon to my Christmas list.. it could happen! I didn't always agree with some of his views but he was always there for Isaac and Xylia on their way to Agalmath and his wise words kept them on track. "Fear can cloud the mind, making us believe in things that aren't." He drew closer, standing to my left. "We have been fighting not because of the courage that we lack or possess, but for the desire of justice that burns within us."Isaac is so complex and headstrong but he also worries me when he let's his emotions get the better of him. I'm really excited for him to learn more about his power and how to control it. He defends himself so well even with his words which is a trait I wish I possessed. "To no man was the right to judge righteousness given. You can't see my heart. How will you judge if I am righteous?"Devin as usual made me laugh which I wasn't actually expecting because of his most recent circumstances but he couldn't resist, he's Devin. "I leave you for a few days and you suddenly become suicidal."While Demetre was off on his own journey, he was constantly at the back of my mind as I read the rest of the book. I kind of wish there had been a few chapters from his point of view but that's only if I'm being very picky. I really love this quote: "My friend," Demetre continued. "We will always suffer the consequences of the choices those closest to us make."I am glad they encountered Hadrian on their travels. I feel like he gave them more determination to follow their chosen path and he is incredibly loyal which I admire. "Let me teach you something. Loyalty cannot be bought by power, nor can it be imposed by purpose."Is it weird that I like Death? I imagine him with a Scottish accent when I read his lines. The further I read the more and more I got bombarded by emotions. Some peoples true colours are revealed and when this came to light I felt personally betrayed. The ending made me need book 4 like now! It was amazing and I highly recommend you pre-order a copy!

  • Brianna
    2019-05-24 10:16

    I received an ARC copy in exchange for an honest review from the author. It does not affect my opinion of the book or the content of my review.Full Review on Brianna's Bookish Confessions.I read the first 2 books earlier this summer and really enjoyed them. Fantasy is one of the hardest genres for me to get into because of how complex the worlds are. Now, despite my rating 3/5 stars, I still very much enjoyed this book. A 3 stars from me means I liked the book. With that being said about fantasy, I will also say that I’ve kind of drifted away from the YA genre this year. This being another factor to my rating. I felt like I lost my connection to this world and character, but that is because of me and not the story/author.This series is a very fast paced, very quick reads- I think it only took me maybe 3 hours to finish this book. Even though the plot and world continued, I still felt like I couldn’t fully connect with the characters. It’s like I could imagine the world, but some of it was still blurry. I felt I lost the connection with the characters and to be honest, I did forget a lot of what happened in the previous 2 and who some of the characters were. I also felt the action was too quick; it started then a few pages later the battle was over.Overall, I really enjoyed this sequel. Fans of adventure and just the fantasy genre in general will really enjoy this series. If you have read my other reviews for the previous 2, my feelings for those still stand and still apply to this as well. You’ll love all the characters even bad ones- J.D. Netto does a great job at creating all these different creatures and bad guys!

  • Bryan Cardenas
    2019-06-02 12:48

    Where can I start? J.D Netto did it again! I was sent this book for an honest review and here it is. I wasn't expecting anything of what happened in this book, I mean, I wasn't prepared. This book is (as the previous two) full of mistery and action. Isaac has become one of my favorite male characters ever. The Gathering of Shadows is so fast paced, not gonna lie, I was flipping through the pages and my heart was beating faster and faster while reading it and when I was reading outside people just looked at me as If I was a freak. J.D has built an incredible world in this books, who was so pleasing to read. You also can see how he put his heart in every single word. Some things are so detailed and that's why enjoyed this book and story the most. It made me feel like I was inside the story, living the adventures right there. A lot of things start to get sense of the previous ones too, and that was great also. I gave it 5 stars because I had panic attacks while reading it. I also wanna do a booktalk of this book once it gets released because as the fanboy I am, I need to write some SPOILERS!! Thanks again to J.D Netto, who gave me the opportunity to read this incredible book early. Oh, one more thing, If you haven't read the previous two books, what are you waiting for? go grab your copy and fangirl-fanboy with me! once you read them, you clearly gonna see what I'm talking about.

  • Xenya Ravenskaya
    2019-06-03 06:51

    Mr. Netto is a sweet person and had given me possibility to read his third book for my honest emotions and review!Before starting to write good things, I will introduce my complaints.1. The release of forth book is a secret.2. Ending is making you say "no, it's not happening!"3. I need more of this story. Now.And that's all.So, let's start reviewing. I will try not to spoil anything. Cross your fingers, for a non-spoiling review.The beginning of the TGoS will bring some answers to question that had appeared during book one and book two of this series. And also will make you go through an emotional roller coaster. To be honest - whole book will be like this. Your emotions will not find a place where to rest during the path that is ahead of all characters.I really like the development of Isaac, his power and weaknesses. It is very rare to find a main character, which will for sure know his limit and sees all around him without "pink glasses". Especially what actions he must do in near future and the choices he must take in situations where is no choice is given.I think forever loved character Devin, will make people to fall in love with him more and more, because despite all that he been through, he remains a faithful friend with a lot of power to overcome his temptation of changing sides and join the Dark One.In third book, will be introduced a new character, an interesting boy with a secret. A secret, which will be crucial for the journey, his faith and his vision of life in total.Someone wrote if he would sound ridiculous for loving Death. Well, he can breathe freely, because he isn't the only one. But, I would like to see if someone would like Lucifer. (Oh, yeah). I know this is the ultimate evil, which is stating beside all deaths, torture and rivers of blood. I understand, but J.D.Netto made him not only an interesting – he made him handsome and with personal style of handling things. Or to be more precise – his comeback to this darkened world. He's movements, gesture and speech, the confidence and patience is quite admirable. A special thanks and tones of love is for introducing romantic moments only now, but not from the beginning of “The Whispers of the Fallen”. It’s a really rare thing with non-romance or non-love thing in books our days. Thank you again. «DEATH HAS NO POWER OVER A PROMISE MADE, FOR WORDS ARE LIKE THE SOULS OF MEN: THEY LIVE ON.»

  • DarqueDreamer
    2019-06-11 13:51

    We are plunged further in to darkness and peril with each book in this series. The Gathering of Shadows will grip you with raw emotion and horrifying imagery that will leave you breathless. You will feel hope and hopelessness all in the same book and at the end will be left wondering if the light will actually overcome the darkness.I felt so many emotions with this one. I could feel doubt in Isaac as he struggled to keep his courage. I felt hope when he and Xylia shared a much needed moment of passion. I felt brotherly love between Demetre and Isaac as Demetre finds his courage to embark on a harrowing journey alone. I felt hopelessness throughout all the struggles of the story and felt the pain of loss and disappointment in the conclusion of this book.The imagery used to create this world and the characters is something dark, unique, and extraordinary. I could see the grisly sights that our heroes encountered. I could imagine the terrifying creatures that stood in their way and I felt the terror and anguish Isaac, Xylia, and Arundel experienced during their hallucinations. Arundel stood out to me in this book. His character is brave and embodies everything that is good and light. He truly proves that all you need is faith and courage to make a difference. Both Arundel and Demetre give me hope that mankind will overcome the darkness.This story draws me in more and more with each book. I can feel the emotions the characters experience and I can see the world in my mind with the epic imagery displayed in these books. I am caught in the middle of this battle between light and dark and I am excited and terrified to see how it ends.#thewhispersofthefallen #oftomesThank you to J.D. Netto and Of Tomes for providing myself and the street team with this free e-book for my honest review.

  • Isabel Naquin
    2019-05-24 10:13

    Overall, I truly enjoyed this book, and it's place in the series. TGOS was incredibly fast paced, which made it enjoyable and more fun to read. Looking back now that I've finished, everything seemed to have happened so fast. The writing again is great, and you have some beautifully written quotes, and sections of the story. I really loved Demetre's quote at the end! It's greatly empowering and lovely. I felt like the battle was very well written. There was lots of detail to what was going on, without it being lengthy or too detailed. I enjoyed the constant action and danger that the characters where faced with. There were never dull moments that dragged on. Just when we reached "safety"; something else would stand in there way which made the story interesting and kept me on the edge of my seat!The book's story picked off well from where the last book ended and I really enjoyed that about this book. I could say a hundred more things, but it seems impossible to list them all.This book was truly great, and I enjoyed reading it! The story was enjoyable and quick. The characters remain to be fierce, which is empowering in many moments to see. The writing was spectacular, full many beautiful quotes from Issac and Xylia!

  • Lilly Herondale
    2019-05-26 11:03

    Holy shit. excuse the French. What an amazing freaking book. First and foremost I'd love to thank JD the coolest person in the world for allowing me the opportunity to read this earlier. I'm a TWOTF super fan and he knows it! The story picks up right where Rebellion left off. Usually it's hard to jump into a book after I haven't read the previous one in a while but this book sucked. Me. In. Hook line and sinker or however you say it! There is more action, drama, romance (XYLIA AND ISAAC PEOPLE OMG) and fantastic goodness in this book. When the book is officially released I will give you my spoiler tainted review. This novel took my breath away in more ways that I could count. I was at the edge of the seat the whole time and this book destroyed my soul. I eagerly await book four. This series is by far a personal favorite of mine. The Gathering of Shadows tops its two predecessors. It's going to take JD a lot to top this recent instalment but I'm ready! BRING ON BOOK FOUR.

  • Tamara
    2019-06-09 13:13

    I GIVE THIS SEXY BOOK 5 STARS .. ** MAY HAVE SPOILERS ** READ AT OWN RISK =]BRILLIANT AUTHOR J.D NETTO IS!!! Since the first book The Whispers of the Fallen J.D. Netto has you sitting at the edge if your seat. Trying to anticipate what is going to happen next as you read. His books are so addictive no matter what book it is if it's the The Whispers of the fallen, Rebellion And The Gathering of Shadows you don't want to put them down. They keep you thinking what is going to happen next...? I love the Courage and Bravery through out The Gathering of Shadows. Isaac believes what he is doing is right that he needs to help the 3 book-bearers that gave into the darkness. Arundel following his 3 new friends Iscca, Xylia And Demetre with uncertainty with his new "Power" as a dragon tamer. Demetre willingness to go into the Wastelands of Tristar to help set the shadows free. Xylia not scared to speak what is on her mind even tho she hides most her visions from her friends.(I got all watery eyed when the 4 of them said their farewells to each other )Xylia slapping Iscca when he was giving up all hope and telling him they have come so far to give up now. She is a strong in her own way. It was odd seeing Iscca in a weak state of mind but his friends Arundel and Xylia wouldn't let him.The 3 companions ever seem to catch a brake. If it's not the shadows after them it's the blood-drinkers. But good thing that blood-drinkers are scared of the white dragon. Heart braking moment when the White Dragon took it's own life. R.I.P white dragon. The moment of joy when Iscca and Xylia find their companion Devin alive after all this time and wondering if Devin is dead or alive. The Betrayal of the Star Razial. Truning his back on the light to join the Darkness. ASSHOLE!Sad finding out that Demetre Gave up his life to help the shadows be free. Keeping the promise he had made to Iscca about coming back to him. Even tho he is not bound to his human body. Demetre thinking he was nothing only holding his new friends back before a hero and a savior to everyone tho was trapped being a shadow.At the end the book leaves you so many Questions. About what happens next? What happened to Devin and Arundel with the 3 other book- bearers? What going to happen to Elystium now that Lucifer has his full powers cuz the books have been opened? AND YOU HAVE TO WAIT FOR THE NEXT BOOK :D

  • Maribel Cruz
    2019-05-23 09:53

    Where to start, first of all I really did enjoy this book. Only problem was that I didn't get enough Devin, at the end am glad we came across him but I wanted more. The ending, even though I kind of expected it. It was still mind blowing and left me with a knot in my throat. If you have read it you know why I say this ( oh Demetre, WHY WHY WHY). Still this book did not disappoint its action packed, and we git sone much needed romance. I can not wait for the coming 4th book to this series. Hopefully I won't have to wait to long J.D. Netto ; -)

  • Gavin Chua
    2019-06-10 11:06

    Original rating: 4.5 stars!This books doesn't disappoint like the previous books. It continues to have more plot twists and action scenes. It's very fast paced so it's definitely not boring. It has a satisfying ending (Is it the last book?) but T-T. Thank you so much to the publisher, Untreed Reads Publishing, and to the author, J.D. Netto, for providing e-review copies. Looking forward to what you write next! :D

  • Jill
    2019-06-08 05:56

    excellent world building, i Definitely feel like the story was coming together more in this installment then the prior instalments where i think they were just leading up to what was not expected in this book. great story aswell. jd netto really proves that he can write a really good novel.

  • Baker​ St Shelves
    2019-06-07 08:59

    This book pulls out all the stops to give it a satisfying conclusion. Loved the interactions here, especially with Death and the action scenes were spot on!

  • akiiKOMORI reading
    2019-05-16 09:05

    ARC received in exchange for an honest review.FIRST!But that’s only because author J. D. Netto allowed me the absolute PRIVILEGE, of reading an advanced copy of his newest book and the third installment to The Whispers of the Fallen series, The Gathering of Souls – a very appropriate title when you get the reference. Every time I open another one of his novels I say to myself, “This one is my favourite”. However this time I may be sure that The Gathering of Souls is definitely my favourite – well depending on how the last book goes. It’s truly amazing to see a talented author come so far after witnessing all the hard work he’s put into his novels. I can say, without a doubt, that The Whispers of the Fallen series is up there with the great YA series such as Harry Potter, Chronicles of Narnia, and potentially Lord of the Rings – but perhaps geared towards a younger audience.In the third installment to the series, Isaac, and his remaining companions head home, to Agalmath in attempts to rescue the companions who they believe betrayed them. With only two days to make it they can’t afford to waste any time. Along the way they’re stopped by Shadows, Fallen Stars, and Blood-drinkers, who will stop at nothing from delaying their journey. Times seem dire for the book-bearing heroes, however it is Isaac’s firm belief that the Creator wouldn’t have sent them on a suicide mission that keeps them grounded, and they continue to press on and manage to outwit their opponents every single time. However, when faced with mortal peril at the hands of Lucifer himself, who’s to say they’ll still have their unyielding faith then?Throughout the entire Whispers of the Fallen journey, Netto has continued to grow in popularity amongst Fantasy and YA readers of all ages. He interacts with his fans often through his instagram account and street team, and even has a new EP coming out to accompany the series. It’s been so amazing watching him throughout this journey as someone who met him just after the ARC of the first book came out, up until now.The first thing readers will notice, is that a lot happens in this approximately 300 page book, in a very short span of time. It really is about the only critique that I have to give about this novel as everything in it is absolutely fantastic. The scenes are well-played out in terms of character development and character interaction and action scenes. In short, there isn’t too much talking and there isn’t too much action – it is a good balance of both. The conflicts also don’t just come from the enemies, but with personal struggles that characters face, which in my opinion are far more difficult to overcome.But be warned that despite all this, the novel does take place in what is approximately TWO DAYS. There was something about the flow of time that irked me, because so much was happening that you forget… “Wait a second…it has only been a whole day since book two.” There’s NOTHING REALLY WRONG with an entire novel taking place over the span of two days but it just got to me somehow. Perhaps other readers won’t notice it.Another great part about this novel in particular, again, was the internal struggle with our heroes/book-bearers. Often in movies and books like these, especially Narnia, LOTR, Harry Potter, it is difficult to have faith when you can’t see the end when you have nothing assuring you that what you’re doing is right. Several of the characters in this book experience the internal struggle which I think is extremely character building rather than them being SO POSITIVE all the time, however at the same time…..they became somewhat annoying and whiny as people tend to do in those sorts of situations so don’t hold it against them. There may be times where you want to beat or slap them for being so insecure…but they mean well…I think.My favourite bits were about 3/4 a way through the book when everything just…gets AMAZING, but spoilers so I won’t tell you. All I’m going to say is you’ve been waiting for this moment the entire series and it is well worth the wait! Some bits will surprise you and I promise some bits you will see coming, and if you didn’t, well….I mean…what can I say, just enjoy the ride.Readers prepare to EAT UP The Gathering of Souls and keep your eyes peeled for the final book in the series. I know I’m looking forward to it and finding out what happens to our heroes next. So if you have a young adult into fantasy or are readers looking for some adventure that perhaps wants something a bit darker, then I highly recommend this series. I promise it’ll be well worth the read.5/5 Hearts of Love

  • Lauren (Bookworm Boutique)
    2019-06-13 05:51

    *I received this eBook from the author in return for an honest reviewI enjoyed the book, but not as much as I thought I would.With the Author, J.D. Netto, citing his references as J.K. Rowling, J.R.R. Tolkien and C.S. Lewis, I prepared myself for a fantasy thrill-ride, packed to the brim with adventure. This book had everything I enjoyed; A full world construction, supernatural themes, and an epic story line, full of development, both in character and plot. However, much like the other 2 books in the series, I felt that everything happened too fast, there was massive development in incredibly short amounts of time, and left me wondering what had just happened. This was the case particularly at the very end, where all the action happened in just over 2 chapters, with the ultimate battle taking place in just over 4 pages. I felt that the ending was also very abrupt, despite the fact that it had neatly tied everything together, and I had to re-read many passages at times, in order to understand the route the story line had taken. The Gathering Of Shadows had massive potential, but I felt fell short at crucial moments.There are some fantastic quotes in the book, and I enjoyed the religious references throughout, they were subtle, well placed, and didn’t interfere with the overall plot arc; I was reading a fantasy novel, which really impressed me. I found J.D. Netto’s use of speech hard to deal with, though. I found that in the characters dialogue, particularly between Isaac and Demetre, and often between Isaac and Xylia, that the speech switched often between a colloquial, contemporary style, to very formal, old fashioned language. I felt it a little unnecessary, and it was overwhelming. Personally, I get used to a characters mannerisms in a book, and I couldn’t quite connect with the characters on an emotional level, due to the constant change. I also felt that some of the grammar used in the book was a little over the top. I found the word "voracious" multiple times in the book, describing different things, and some of the sentences sound like the author had just used a thesaurus to find synonyms, in places that were completely unnecessary such as “his footsteps resounded behind me”. I don't know if it's just me that feels this way about characters, but consistency is a must for me.The book, at points, felt like it was an amalgamation of all of Netto’s influences into one book. Now, I know that you draw influences from your favourite writers, but it felt a little like he had just taken his favourite parts from other series, and pasted them into his own; The “Shadows” which were hunting the group as they continued their quest seem very derivative of the Ring Wreaths from Lord of The Rings, and the fact that God is portrayed as a Lion suggests Aslan from the Narnia series. Although the are written well into the series, at times I felt like I was reading a mishmash of my favourite novels.Overall, I did find this book to be a relatively enjoyable one and if you're a reader who loves a good adventure story, then this one is for you, I just felt as though it fell a little flat for me. I'd give this book two out of five stars (★★☆☆☆)

  • Karina
    2019-06-04 09:12

    This e-book was kindly provided by the author for review.I have been looking forward to reading this third book in The Whispers of the Fallen series for a long time, since I really enjoyed the first two books, The Whispers of the Fallen and Rebellion.The adventure continues for Isaac and his companions on their quest of keeping the rest of the books safe from Lucifer, while attempting to rescue their captive friends, as well as getting used to new abilities and the threat of gathering armies. It’s great dark fantasy. I loved revisiting the world J. D. Netto has created. As always, the plot is fast paced, filled with action and battles; there’s never a dull moment. The story draws you in and doesn’t let go until the very last page, which leaves you wanting more. Dangers lurk everywhere, nowhere is really safe and there’s a constant atmosphere of doom in this unique universe inhabited by fantastical creatures. It’s complex, extremely detailed and filled with mysteries waiting to be uncovered, which is exactly what Isaac and his companions are attempting to do, to find a way to defeat Lucifer and the darkness and despair.The story revolves around the dilemma of choosing the right path or give in to temptation, when the wrong path seems to be the easier choice. The importance of fighting for what you believe in and for what is true. It’s very much about courage and justice, friendship, love, loyalty, and trust.The imagination of the author is impressive, but at times it feels like the world is almost expanding too much, too quickly for me to follow every new place, creature or character introduced, which I also experienced some difficulty with in the previous books. However, the recurring main characters really grew on me in the course of this book. Perhaps it’s because I’m much more invested in the characters, the universe and the quest after having read three books, but I think The Gathering of Shadows is the best book in The Whispers of the Fallen series so far. I’m excited to see what the future brings for this series.

  • Chris DiMatteo
    2019-06-05 08:02

    "Death has no power over a promise made, for words are like the souls of men: they live on."-Demetre The Gathering of Shadows is the fourth installment to The Whispers of The Fallen series by J.D Netto. Netto has a tendency to write fast paced stories, which I completely enjoy. This third installment is still a very dark story, but it is not as fast paced. That isn't a compliant, because I think the time he took with Xylia, Isaac, and Arundel was completely necessary. That being said, my one complaint, which may be a spoiler, but I'm disappointed that we didn't get to spend time with Demetre while he was on his quest. I know it isn't a huge deal, but the magnitude of his quest deserved a few chapters. I get that he needed to expand on some relationships for the core characters, but I really wanted to see what he had to go through. That being said, the rest of the story is fantastic! We dived deeper into the history of Elysium, and we had some intense battles! The fact Netto was able to raise the stakes, yet managed to keep the characters motivated to push on while on a hopeless quest is awesome. He grounded the story by really allowing us to see the toll that this journey has taken on them, yet that weight of their responsibilities still managed to keep them going, even when they should have quit. Overall, great addition, and the next installment should be rather interesting! I will be picking that up once it is available! Overall: 4/5

  • Fidelia Nerina
    2019-06-03 13:08

    Where do I even begin with this book? I swear, the books just get better and better. This book starts off right where the 2nd book ended, not a few minutes later, or a few hours later, or a few days or months, it was right where it left off. The first few chapters were not as fast paced as it usually is, which I happened to really enjoy. There was not a lot of chaos happening it went slow but as you got a few chapters in, that is when more started to happen. Without giving any big spoilers, all I can say is that the relationship between Issac and Xylia does grow more since the kiss the two shared in the 2nd book. As I read I felt so many emotions because so many different things happen varying from happy to sad to worry and in this book you will see some people's true intentions, who people are really sided with. And this is one thing that will make you mad when you see where your favorite people's allegiance lies. Although the end had gotten me a bit confused on what just happened, all I can say is the last line does make me believe it is the end. Although I hope it is not because I still want to know what happened to some people. Even if it is the end, I really did enjoy how it ended. Once again, J.D. Netto has written a brilliantly beautiful book.

  • Ashley (Reads by Ashley)
    2019-05-20 06:54

    Again I'm speechless. This books went over the top with my expectations. Everything written here was perfect. A lot of feels came to me since it was the last books (joke there's a fourth book coming soon). Such as heart beating fast, crying, laughing, gasping loud, crying (most of the time) and many more. The Creator told Isaac some things that he have to do in order to saved the people he care for. (NO more spoilers).Lots of important things happen during my time reading this book. For me the main moral is that no matter what bad thing keeps coming in front of you, you have to do the best to fight it and succeed in the future. Type of stories like this made people think everything they've bein through. We are human beings and we make a lot of mistakes, which we regret later. As I said earlier, this book blew my mind, as the previous books did. I look forward to read the fourth book as soon as it comes out. I highly recommend to all of you to take the chance on reading this books. J.D thank you for taking the courage on writing your dream and give it a life on its own. I will purchase my own copies very soon! Review written from a true Fallen Soldier.

  • Alexfierybookworm
    2019-05-20 09:10

    So this was the last Book that I read in 2015. I gave all 3 Books a go for the Read With Ben Bookclub and they weren't terrible-There was a fairly good plot & plenty of action in all of them. More so in the last Book. But in the end I was glad to finish the series off, as I just wasn't getting on with the writing style or feeling enough for the characters. At times, it felt like the story was descending into a Lord Of The Rings, Narnia, Game Of Thrones mash-up & I didn't think that was or should be necessary.

  • Ana Paula Camacho
    2019-05-28 10:52

    Full review on my blog:Books That Shape Us Why hadn’t I read this book before? It literally came out almost a year ago and it had been sitting in my book shelf ever since…until now. This third instalment of The Whispers of the Fallen series has been my ultimate favourite so far! Even though it wasn’t as fast-paced as the last two novels, this book had a more developed plot, in which we can dive more into Isaac’s thoughts, we can learn more about each of the character’s personalities, aspirations, and struggles, and we end up discovering many secrets that were hiding in the deepest corners of Elysium.We get to see characters such as Xylia, who’s just perfect and a total badass; Demetre, who was the one who surprised me the most: even though he’s a character who’s always felt left behind, in this novel we can see how his true abilities reside in his courageous heart. Finally, Arundel, who was so much different than how I expected him to be when he first appeared. While reading Rebellion, he wasn’t my favourite, to be honest. He always seemed as a very stubborn character, and I actually believed he would be a burden to Isaac and Xylia, but in the end, J.D. totally proved me wrong.Finally, J.D. gave closure to this novel with a surprising ending, one that filled me with feelings of hopelessness and betrayal, but at the same time, with excitement for what will come in the next instalments of the series. As soon as I closed this book, I had to pick up my laptop and begin reading Descent because of how intense the ending was.Thank you, J.D., once again, for providing me with the copies of your books and letting me be a part of both your journey and our companions’.I give this book a 5/5 and a 9/10Be sure to check out J.D.’s website:

  • Buecherwurm
    2019-06-10 05:55

    An absolutely compelling book, rarely have I read anything so good. It takes you from the first second into the story of Isaac and his companions. Within the first 20 pages, it is almost impossible to take your eyes off this book. You just have to keep on reading. It is an incredible achievement and in my opinion J.D. Netto has outdone himself with this book. It is a grandiose ending to the story, from Isaac's point of view, and also gives the reader the feeling that something like love can arise between all that is bad. Who has managed to say the first few pages that he can easily put the book back out of hand, we can note at the latest at half that it is impossible. I finished the book in less than 36 hours (despite the fact that I should have learned for school) because I found it so incredibly captivating. Already at this point I can say that the book has exceeded all my expectations and has been the best book I have ever read so far. The cover has also become very appealing and the general background of the story continues very well.Absolutely fantastic!

  • Mona
    2019-06-06 09:15

    Go to for my review.