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There are sometimes larger and more powerful forces at play in the universe than those that could end all of existence. Even the seemingly most insignificant of lives can have an enormous impact on the world, and every living creature on it. Death isn't always the end, and to some even an apocalypse can be little more than a means to an end....

Title : Destroyer of Worlds
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ISBN : 24535182
Format Type : Kindle Edition
Number of Pages : 44 Pages
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Destroyer of Worlds Reviews

  • K.R.
    2018-08-27 14:09

    I happened upon this story at a suggestion from a close friend. Always happy to support an indie author, I jumped at the opportunity to read author Dennis Sharpe's latest mind blower.On the outer layer of this amazing story, we see a guy uncaring and complacent with life. Living out his days until there are no more days.On a deeper level, we see a Gehenna-like abyss, the opening scene gently introducing us to humankind. The heart of this story tells of our inability to see beyond the here and now. Beyond our own meager existence.I enjoyed his tiptoe into Panpsychism and thoroughly enjoyed the storyline espousing the theory that everything has a mental aspect AND a physical aspect, a subjective aspect and an objective aspect.I give this story a 5 of 5 stars.

  • Ashley Chappell
    2018-09-03 11:08

    I can't remember the last time I was this pulled into a short story. Destroyer of Worlds sets up such a bleak character as Dave as though painted on a canvas I could see. His pain over his daughter, his divorce, and the walls he'd hidden himself behind we're constructed quickly and thoroughly. I'd like to see more stories like this one!

  • Christoph Fischer
    2018-09-18 15:17

    “Destroyer of Worlds” by Dennis Sharpe is the story of David, a man who lost his daughter all too soon, a man whose marriage has ended and a man who drinks way too much. With great insight in to the human psyche and with a deep and almost philosophical narrative Sharpe shows us how David’s small world has fallen apart. Then one day, due to extra-planetary events, it comes to light that the inevitable destruction of the world is at handThis short story is a well written and cleverly constructed piece with great command of the language and despite its dark theme it has a great life-affirming message about the importance to keep going in one’s life.The title character refers to a mystery woman that David meets and who is responsible for the impeding Armageddon. Loss on a small and on a bigger scale - this comparison between the personal life and life in general is cleverly explored and showcased in this short story. The individual life which can be the entire world for every one of us and the placing of it in the larger context – and vice versa - are well set off against each other. I am not a huge fan of short stories but this one does make an important point in a great way, yet it is enjoyable for the fantasy aspects of it too. The language and the writing are flawless as ever, making it very easy to recommend this book with a deserved 5 stars.

  • Alexia Purdy
    2018-08-27 15:14

    What a different and interesting story with a surprising twist! I was hooked from the start.This story shows us a devastating character David who has basically given up on living, perpetually depressed and has lost any kind of focus in his life. Though he is very much alive, he barely manages to live as a shell of a man since losing the most important person in his life. He could be someone anyone knows. This story shows us the end of the world, literally, as we know it with a shocking twist, all because of one person's decisions. A definite new way of looking at the world and who really controls it. What if fate wasn't set in stone and manipulated by a most unusual being who only wants one thing from us? What if we controlled the fate of our world with every decision we make? It made me wonder for sure.An amazing story that will touch your heart and make you view the world in a different way, or at least wonder about it just a bit more. Loved it.

  • S. Policar
    2018-09-25 14:29

    This story set me in mind of Stephen King's Dark Tower Series or a Twilight Zone episode!David is seemingly stuck in perpetual loop. Repeating the same time over and over again. When he returns to the Destroyer he always answers the question the same, and yet he hasn't figured out what must be done to avoid the loop.I did smile at his efforts, but in my opinion the way to end the loop lied in his answer to the destroyer not in the things he did outside of that.I liked how in each loop there were slight differences that slowly opened David's eyes to the fact that he was in deed stuck in a loop.The end of this story..Made me cry and smile all at the same time. Dennis Sharpe added a touch of magick to this work and the world should read it they haven't yet.5 out of 5

  • Wanda Hartzenberg
    2018-09-03 14:02

    Existential is a word I do not use often but for this story I can find no better word!  The grief of a parent over the loss of a child is however the crux of the story and the message is clear!  Live, live don't settle for a mere existence for  love never dies!  This is a brilliant story, one I would recommend you read!  WaAr!

  • Dennis Sharpe
    2018-09-14 14:21

    This is unfair. Of course I'm going to give it five stars. I adore this story.

  • Msqun
    2018-09-02 13:21

    The mystery of it will keep you clinging all the way til the end. It drew me in and had me seeking to find the deeper meanings of what was to come I wanted to know what the purpose was the whole way through. Edge of my seat in a good way. I felt there was a very real purpose. In the end, it became much more clear and I felt I had grasped not only what the main character, David, was to learn, but my own lesson as well. The book really comes alive and I understand the message that was intended. It will tug on the very inner parts of your heart in a couple of places, but you really hang on to see what happens next! It will keep you intrigued and longing to know the outcome. You will seek to find the answer all the way through, yet you'll see the humor that's perfectly laced throughout. Looking for a short read with a message and a purpose, but don't want to be bored stiff? This is the one! Go for it!

  • Severus
    2018-09-22 16:29

    This story really spoke to me for me. It’s like how you can’t move on until you let go of the past. Also, no matter how much it hurts to lose something so precious to you, in the end that can be the beginning of so much more. When you suddenly know that it's okay to just let go move on. Also, holding on to the past can hold you back or keep you down. You really have to let go of the past. When you do you can move forward and that’s what it’s all about.On my second reading of this one I found even more things that I hadn't completely noticed the first time through. I'm very impressed.

  • Abbym
    2018-09-04 11:12

    OMG! This is a roller coaster. Its hard to believe that it was just a short story. I finished reading it and put my kindle down and had a glass of wine and then read it again. I fell into the story immediately and it held me in there. It was intense. I was so taken into the moments of it that I felt the emptiness and sadness. I felt the elation and joy. By the end I was uncontrollably smiling from ear to ear. It was over to soon.

  • Claire Taylor
    2018-09-17 18:08

    Dennis Sharpe Destroyer of Worlds The story may be short, but it certainly gets under your skin and keeps you thinking long after finishing it. The writer had a way of drawing me completely in, then shocked me with a twist I never saw coming. An easy read, this book has so many levels to it I’m sure everyone would get something different out of it. I received an e-copy of this book from the author in exchange for an honest review.

  • Nicole Lyons
    2018-09-16 14:07

    Without giving away any spoilers, I want to say that Sharpe has a way of reeling the reader in and making a very melancholy and lost character easily relatable, making the reader question their own sense of whether or not you could do more to pursue your happiness, and when is it time to let anguish go. Very well written and flows beautifully. A highly recommended read.

  • Jenny Kavalaugh
    2018-09-24 13:01

    A friend gifted this story to my kindle. I explained to her that I didn't have the time to read it. She assured me that it was only 30 pages, was a fast read, and I'd thank her for reading it.She was right. I found it to be funny at points and sad at others. All said though it was a very moving story that I am happy to have read.

  • Jen O
    2018-09-26 18:12

    I actually cried. It was a little too short but it was very moving.

  • Buck Ward
    2018-09-16 16:11

    Not bad. Not bad at all. Short and sweet - with allusions to Groundhog Day and 2001: A Space Odyssey like inside jokes.

  • Kavita Favelle
    2018-08-31 10:21

    Thought-provoking and compelling, great short story.

  • Scarlett Sharpe
    2018-08-27 10:05

    This story is amazing and left me in tears of joy! The author presented a short story that kept me reading as fast as I to try and find out exactly what was going on, but it also left enough clues throughout that I had theories that continually changed and kept me extremely entertained. While the suspense alone was enough to make this a great read, there was still something deeper and more meaningful that left me so touched that the story did not end when the words on the screen did. It left me with myself examining the meaning within my own life and my own experiences. ANY parent or anyone who has wanted to be a parent cannot read this wonderful story without being moved and more appreciative of their relationship with their children. This is a story that leaves you wanting to mull it over again and again within your own mind and discuss it with others. There are so many other wonderful things that can and should be said about this tale of suspense and deep meaning, but those things are left to be discussed after the story has been read. I wouldn't dare give a single spoiler to take away from the reader's experience. This short story takes you on an exhilarating ride and leaves you with a priceless message. One of the best parts is that I believe ever reader will take away something a bit different (and I believe the story was constructed that way), but no matter what you take away, it is a story you will never forget and will want to share with everyone you know. Truly a Five Star story!

  • J.V.K.
    2018-09-02 16:15

    The Destroyer of Worlds by Dennis Sharpe is a short story that carries an interesting concept for plot and storyline development. The author has created a timeline that, whilst fragmented and non-linear, it adds to the curiosity of the story.The plot is sad, but in a beautiful way. The way that the author has crafted his main character piqued my interest. Throughout the story, we are brought back to him, and feel stuck with them, in their own personal worm hole.The story of David, the main character, is filled with downs in his life. He drinks heavily, he lost his daughter and begins to doubt his own sanity. He is stuck reliving his pain in a rotate state. In the end, David finds his answer and I think the end of the world that he observes is the final moment that he lets go of his fear and moves forward.This is a wonderful, a bit confusing at first read story, but defenatly worth re-reading.

  • Will Lightfoot
    2018-09-01 14:21

    A short story with an interesting concept behind it. It lives up to the "short" part of its name rather well, as I was able to finish it in less than 30 minutes. I received this book from a Humble Bundle featuring eBooks.It was a new take, but the plot twist kind of comes out of nowhere; and doesn't really have any lead-up that would let the reader feel like they were able to figure out what was happening in advance of being told. I believe that the idea behind this work could have been spun into a slightly longer work, and would have resulted in a more satisfying reading experience had it been so. That said, I enjoyed the first part of the story, and I was interested in seeing how the story played out; but I was disappointed when everything was explained. Read it for yourself - it's a quick read and serves as good food for creativity for a story of your own in a similar setting.

  • Carrieannejones
    2018-08-26 17:18

    Oh, wow! The ending got me. I'd seen the quote from the story many times on social media, "Like almost every truly horrible thing that has ever happened in the history of our world, the end also began with a kiss," and I was expecting an apocalyptic romance story. I was wrong. It is a story about the strongest love one can have for another person, and the emptiness, the depression, that goes with losing such a beloved person. Although short, it has depth, character development, suspense, and an emotional twist. I read through it in one setting, and when I got to the end, I had to read it again, to see what was there the whole time, hiding in plain sight.

  • Meaka Kyel
    2018-09-15 16:03

    I reread this story because it had been a while since I'd originally had the pleasure of getting lost in it. I'm glad to say I remembered it perfectly. Dennis Sharpe does a fantastic job of letting us feel the main character's pain and loneliness. When he meets a mysterious woman at a gas station, he finds out that things aren't entirely what they seem. What she reveals to him changes him completely. I won't go into too much detail because you need to read this for yourself.

  • Lillian Cummings
    2018-09-21 15:07

    Love can destroy allDave's life is a mess, he drinks too much and doesn't care about except for his dead daughter. He has being have strange dreams of the world and he can't understand who the mysterious woman is. Once she tells him then does he realize that it is time to let go of all the pain and hurt that he is carrying around. We all do the same as Dave we hold on too hard sometimes and it can destroy our future happiness.

  • Jessi
    2018-08-27 14:13

    This is a beautifully written story of two people when the world has ended but the opening is great because the author doesn't tell you anything until the two main characters begin a intriguing journey/conversation like no other. many concepts are explored and thought throughout this story. A must read.

  • Tasha S
    2018-09-01 14:14

    Well played Mr. Sharpe, well played. Like with Blood & Spirits, this wasn't my genre but I checked it out, and now I am craving more. I fell in love with the characters and didn't want the story to end. I need more!

  • Dan
    2018-09-01 12:20

    I won this book through a giveaway from the author. This short story dives into how the things that truly matter sometimes get lost when a person suffers a major loss/depression. The story has a little groundhog's day mixed with sci-fi, but I really liked it. I'll probably read it again.

  • Edward Fowler
    2018-09-11 17:23

    This is considered a book? Seemed more like a longish facebook post. It was like somebody reduced the movie "Groundhog Day" to an SNL sketch. The basic plot has some promise, but there was a decided lack of exploration of the underlying premise.

  • Brandy Roosevelt
    2018-09-11 16:06

    Mr Sharpe does an amazing job of making you feel like the emotions of his main character are tangible things. The descriptions of the environment around the character are easily able to pull you in so you see what Dave sees. Loved how it wrapped up.

  • Aleccia Shaffer
    2018-09-13 16:24

    Absolutely Amazing!I'll be honest...I came into this story expecting it to be good, because Dennis Sharpe is a very talented individual...but I did not expect to so sincerely fall in love with a story. I'm without words really. Everyone should read this story. Everyone.

  • Nikki
    2018-09-08 18:08

    It was very thought provoking. An emotional read. A classic fable with a twist. Only 31 pages but it could definitely have been expanded. Very good story.

  • Carly Kirk
    2018-09-01 14:28

    This is a beautiful short story about a personal end of the world brought to the main character because of love.