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When her eyes see only darkness, her soul must uncover faith’s light. Evil reigns the world. Earth’s been ravaged. Only supernaturals roam the surface, while anyone else who escaped the fallout remains hidden deeply underground. The only signs humans survived at all come from those who serve the Daemoni. To finalize his conquest of humanity, Lucas prepares to rip down theWhen her eyes see only darkness, her soul must uncover faith’s light. Evil reigns the world. Earth’s been ravaged. Only supernaturals roam the surface, while anyone else who escaped the fallout remains hidden deeply underground. The only signs humans survived at all come from those who serve the Daemoni. To finalize his conquest of humanity, Lucas prepares to rip down the veil between Earth and the Otherworld, opening the gates of Hell into the physical realm. So why do the Angels insist on Alexis fighting a war that’s already been lost? Defending a world that no longer exists? With a soul that’s been battered and beaten by both Heaven and Hell, Alexis holds onto a single conviction—her love for her family. Her only mission now is to save her husband’s and her son’s souls. Once she does, she’ll plead with the Angels to allow them off this world God has obviously forsaken. But has He? And can she give up on her people so easily? On the souls of all humanity? Or will she find the faith she needs to defeat the Daemoni and win back the world? Just how far will she go to save the souls she loves . . . and those she does not? This epic finale of the bestselling Soul Savers Series will break readers’ hearts, put them back together, and leave them demanding more....

Title : Faith
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Faith Reviews

  • Jen {Stay to the Lights}
    2019-05-15 15:51

    Fantastic conclusion to this series.Looking forward to the new era: Age of Angels.

  • Dawn Sutphin
    2019-05-04 16:51

    My favorite thing about this series is the intrigue and the awesome creativity Kristie Cook has. This series has been such a blessing to me and inspiring in some ways. A tale of good and evil never written so well. This series gives you every emotion possible and then some. It is about love, family, and friendship. This series is a must read in my book.

  • Roxanne
    2019-04-29 21:50

    OMG once again another fantastic book in the Soul Savers series. I honestly didn't expect what happened towards the end of the story. Can't wait for the Age of Angels Series to come out. ... Just WOW

  • Nikki
    2019-04-22 14:07

    Faith Eventually Conquers AllWhilst I have enjoyed this entire series, I was frustrated with the constant use of "failure" from Alexis. She started out as a strong and fearless character, but the last two books tested my patience with her. I almost didn't finish, because for me it took away from the story. Thankfully I persevered, got over my frustration and finished the book."Good always wins", that has been a line throughout this series, which I recall Owen saying it first. In this book there was a lot of turmoil and revelations, action and heartbreak, and finally a lack of faith restored, all be it almost too late.If you have enjoyed this series so far, then you will not be disappointed in this 7th book. Almost all plot lines have been completed, of course, there are questions, as with any good book. Your imagination could run wild with answers. Is there going to be a spin off series, or are there more books to come. Only time will tell.

  • Freda
    2019-05-08 16:52

    The title says it all really. Too many hits, too much negativity, too little hope but there is hope. Faith maybe damaged but if there's a spark of hope there's always an opportunity for the bad to be turned into good. A little faith, a little hope means there's always a light somewhere in the darkness and all you have to do is look for it, find it and hold on. Lexi's struggles have dire consequences and she's well aware of what she can lose no mater what she does but there's a faith!

  • Kirstie
    2019-05-12 17:59

    Wow this was an incredible end to the series. Loved all the twists and turns and Alexis rediscovering her faith. Totally called that she would have twin girls btw!

  • shamena
    2019-04-28 15:59

    *review contains some minor spoilers for the previous books in the series*I just want to start this off by saying that I ADORE THIS SERIES. It was the book series that got me back into reading way back in 2010 and I just love it so much I don't think I can express it solely through the use of words.When reading reviews for the first book, a few of them mention that the premise is similar to Twilight but NO IT IS SO. MUCH. MORE. (Don't get me wrong, I thoroughly enjoyed Twilight)Yes, there are vampires and weres but there are also faeries, warlocks, sorcerers, angels and demons. The series doesn't even revolve around the vampires or weres so I don't really understand where these comparisons have come from? I just wish that everyone would carry on after the first book because it honestly gets so much better as the story progresses!Now moving on to the characters. Ah. We have our protagonist, Alexis, who I personally found to be a bit (ok a lot) annoying at times. For example, at the beginning of Purpose where she just basically gave up on everything when grieving for Tristan... then in Faith when she was stuck in Hell and lost all her hope for humanity (I mean you are a descendent of the Angels goddamnit, GET IT TOGETHER GIRL) I understand the reasoning behind her decisions but I just wished she'd sort of get on with it sometimes instead of dwelling on the same thing for EONS.My favourite characters in the series are Tristan, Owen and Dorian. Tristan is supposedly the epitome of perfection (looks-wise) but what drew me to him was his constant internal struggle to do the right thing. He was always so understanding and so full of love, even throughout his whole torture period and when the whole of the Amadis turned against him, he simply accepted everything that was thrown his way and fought accordingly. His treatment of Alexis made me swoon and he is basically, if you haven't guessed yet, my #1 book boyfriend. Owen is sort of the underdog in the series, we know he is a powerful warlock but in the first few books he was simply a bodyguard. When the plot involving Kali came to fruition it broke my heart but it also made me extremely happy to see Owen evolve and take control of his life. I just love him so much and don't think he gets enough credit for everything he's done for Alexis and Tristan (but I have to say, I love his bromance with Tristan, it makes me feel all gushy) and I would love love loveeee to read a spin-off series starring Owen and Vanessa!!!!And the reason Dorian made it on to my favourite character list is purely because we see his growth from his birth to his eventual leader status and we see that throughout it all he keeps his love for his family and a strong hold on his soul at the forefront of all his actions.Focusing on this particular book in the series, I have to say it wasn't really my favourite. I wasn't a big fan of the alternating perspectives purely due to the fact that I had grown so accustomed to Alexis' voice that it just seemed weird reading from Tristan's POV. And I think the battles in Hell were dragged out a little but overall, it is such a fantastic book and such a good ending to the series. I just wish we received a little more information on what happened to the rest of Lexi's council members.As you can probably tell from the amount of times I've used the word 'love' in this review, I LOVE THIS SERIES and this feels like such a bittersweet goodbye but apparently there will be a spin-off series called the Age of Angels? If this is true then I eagerly await the release of the first book! I'll read anything that'll allow me to enter Alexis and Tristan's world once again.HUGE 5/5 STARS FOR THE WHOLE SERIES.

  • Michelle
    2019-05-04 18:53

    omy dayswhat an amazing read loved it i would recommend this series to all. The things they have to go through and overcome is raw with a passion theres lots of ups and downs that have you eagerly waiting to find out what happens.

  • Rae Sontheyon
    2019-05-16 16:40

    Faith, Love, Letting Go and Letting God!! Oh Kristie Cook the agony, the tears, the heartbreak and the years all totally worth it after reading this final book in the series! OMG, I cried again at so many parts. Seriously normally I devour books, however this book took me a whole 5 days to get through, not because it was awful, on the contrary it was amazing! I was just super reluctant to see this amazing series end. I literally tried reading at the beach, in the comfort of my bed on a lazy day but when that didn't help either I tried my favorite spot on the couch, all to no avail. I even tried reading while grocery shopping with my mom, but nothing could keep me from feeling that hesitant sensation that THIS was it! I was soo overly excited that upon downloading the book I immediately felt sad because it was the last book. Too much of a fan I suppose BUT I was so happy I finished it finally, because Kristie did not disappoint and she left a little something something in the end to leave me excited and happy for more.Basically the world is destroyed and Lucas is ruling what's left of it with the Daemoni and Demons. Alexis is proven to be dead, but not quite, and has to endure a trial or two to find herself and some Faith to get out of Hell. Tristan, the poor man, only wants to be with his love and find his son, but readers are shown his side of things in this book via his perspective, as this book is written in a duel narrative (which I loved). Together Tristan and Alexis try to find what's left of humanity and the Amadis, while searching for their son, Dorian, who sets off to accomplish what he thinks is his preordained destiny. Meanwhile Alexis through this book finds out that Faith and Love is all you need to make it in a dark world, because thinking you are all alone will truly keep you alone and defeated with no sense of hope. Overall loved the book, it was emotionally packed and I was absolutely happy with the conclusion. Warning to any potential reader, you must read the 6 previous books in the series before reading this book or you will be lost. Seriously loved books 1-7, plus the side books, and even though I've shed tears because of these books, I'm happy for those tears being shed, because that's a sign of a good book. If a book or series doesn't get you emotionally involved then it's flat with no real substance and this series is sooo not flat. Oh and I'm so looking forward to what looks promised at the end of the book, so read this concluding book and see what Kristie has Cook-ing for her readers, I know I'm excited!------Read more of my reviews at:

  • Sue M. Van
    2019-04-25 13:45

    Another incredibly great story from the author of The Soul Savers Series, Kristie Cook. Book 7, Faith, was a roller coaster of emotions throughout the entire story. At the end of Torment, I was in tears and heartbroken. Waiting for the release of Faith was pure torture for me. Once getting it, I had trouble going to sleep at night. I just could not put the story down. Following Alexis' story was hard. Her lack of faith in those who would never lead her in the wrong direction was at once frustrating but also understandable. Who could go through so much and not lose their faith in home, family, friends, and most of all, God? From Hell on earth to Hell itself, Alexis is tormented throughout the book. Sometimes I just wanted to shake her and scream, "where's your faith woman? Believe in those who love you most." The most shocking part of this story is with Alexis' and Tristan's son, Dorian. I always anticipated that they would get him back. What I didn't know and also shocked me to my core, was how Dorian ended up. Although, to soften the blow I think, was how the author accurately wrote an acceptable part for our favorite couples son. In the end, it always has been and always will be good against evil. In the book and in real life, there must be a balance between the two. I loved this book and this incredibly beautiful series. I would highly recommend this series to all who have not read it yet.

  • Stacey
    2019-04-26 14:05

    Let's get this started .First off I have to say I have loved every minute of my soul savers journey ( rough and smooth ) The characters have become family and will be missed very much now the series had ended .I was broken at the end of torment Literally broken I had very unpleasantly sobbed big horrible tears .So here we go FAITH This book will destroy your faith then rebuild it with baby steps then get you sorted to leave you happy / sad yes this book is literally an emotional rollercoaster ( jump on its a train you don't want to miss ) Alexis and Tristan well theses two have been up against the odds since day one .After loosing her grandmother and mother the poor girl never fully recovered but she has the Weight of the world on her tiny shoulders .Tristan our warrior her protectors would do anything and I mean anything for his lykora ......Dorian is now growing up and has a mind of his own and he's super stubborn like mum and dad .The fight to save humanity the world everything as we know it .The story will have you crying then shouting then tutting and then shying and then the word omfg came out and a few more swear words then a few argh's and then wow All in one book yes I told you emotion rollercoaster Jump on You will love it Kristie cook super book well done

  • Jessie
    2019-05-03 21:06

    Man on man did she annoy the shit out of me the ENTIRE time. ENTIRE. TIME. Throughout the series, you see Alexis grow into herself, with everything she went through, she had every right to be depressed and down right suicidal at one point.. sure she was a little dramatic in some cases, but still, it's safe to say she always had shit luck, and didn't know how to handle it, but handled it nonetheless. This book being the final of her series, you'd think she'd know better about who/what she is, her purpose, and yada yada. I wouldn't say she matured fully in the last 3 books, but she held her own a little you know? Now in Faith, Jezzzus.. she acted like a brat ass teenager from beginning to end. There was no break, there was no epiphany, nothing. She was just as dramatic and a debbie downer as she was way back then in book 2 or 3. Selfish. She's selfish, and a horrible leader to the Amadis. End of story. Tristian, he's the same ol lover boy. Never changed, always sweet. Never boring. Well, in some cases when he had to keep reminding Alexis about important shit. Honestly, I felt he should have bitch slapped her ass so many times. It wasn't until the end that he actually basically said, fuck you alexis you're an idiot, that I gave him a round of applause for dealing with that woman.Anyway, I'll always love this series, and I'll miss it, but I can't wait for the Age of Angels.

  • Debra
    2019-04-22 21:01

    The Perfect ClosingI couldn't put this book down, except for the the brief moments of shock were I had to take a quick minute to stare at a wall in shock, only to quickly pick back up my kindle to keep reading to find out how each new twist and turn would work out. After the cliff hanger of "Torment" I had been anxiously awaiting for this book and it most certainly didn't disappoint me. I would recommend this book and series to anyone and everyone, especially those who like a good YA/NA Paranormal Romance! Each book got better and better through out the series as the characters and there relationships developed. There is a little bit off everything in the series included from romance to action and just about anything in between. Don't wait, get this book and this series and get ready for an interesting and entertaining ride!

  • K
    2019-05-18 16:54

    This was a really good ending to a long and arduous adventure. I'll be honest Lexi spent the majority of this book infuriating me. That being said though I dis understand her feelings for some of it but it took her a really long time to get her act together which slightly took away from the enjoyment for me. However even with my slight annoyance with Lexi the way this novel wrapped up the character's stories was masterfully done. It's not possible for me to love Tristan more than I do but if I could I would. The way Dorian's story wrapped up was one of my favourite aspects of the novel because I really had no idea how things were going to play out. I'm sad to say goodbye to these characters but ready to get out of Lexi's head for a bit. A beautifully executed ending to great series.

  • Felicia Semmler
    2019-04-21 21:57

    All you need is a little FaithAfter an excruciating Torment I was brought into this book with as much Faith as I could muster. It may have only been the size of a mustard seed but it was there. I knew there was no way Kristie could bring the series so far and through so much to end it so awfully. From the Prologue to the Epilogue I went through a wide range of emotions just as Alexis does. I feared for Alexis & Tristan, Dorian, Sasha, Owen, Shree, Char, Blossom, Vanessa all of the cast members I have grown to care about throughout the series. Kristie brought the book and series together beautifully. I could not be happier with an ending, everything played out as it should. No questions are left unanswered! I can't wait to see what's next up Kristie's sleeve.

  • Felicia Semmler
    2019-05-10 20:57

    All you need is a little FaithAfter an excruciating Torment I was brought into this book with as much Faith as I could muster. It may have only been the size of a mustard seed but it was there. I knew there was no way Kristie could bring the series so far and through so much to end it so awfully.From the Prologue to the Epilogue I went through a wide range of emotions just as Alexis does. I feared for Alexis & Tristan, Dorian, Sasha, Owen, Shree, Char, Blossom, Vanessa all of the cast members I have grown to care about throughout the series.Kristie brought the book and series together beautifully. I could not be happier with an ending, everything played out as it should. No questions are left unanswered! I can't wait to see what's next up Kristie's sleeve.

  • Nicole Andrews
    2019-05-09 16:05

    I'm not one to write reviews for fact this is my first book here goes!! This series had me hooked from beginning to end and I absolutely loved every moment of it. If you have not read any of these books yet you are seriously missing out! There are so many twists and turns in the storyline throughout the series which left me shocked, happy, sad (tearful even) and speechless. I loved all of the characters especially Tristan and Alexis- although at times I wanted to scream at her for the lack of faith she showed throughout most of this last book.I can't wait for the Age of Angels series.

  • Heather Renee
    2019-04-25 17:49

    Amazing story of Faith, Love and Hope! The Soul Savers series has been such a blessing to me over the years! I was so nervous to read this last book but I'm so glad I finally got to! It was absolutely AMAZING and Kristie did a beautiful job finishing the best series I've ever read! There was so much to learn about love, hope and faith. The story line kept me so hooked that I read it in only two sittings! I hope that you'll read this whole series and get to experience the many roads these books will take you on. It's a beautiful journey to go on and can't wait to see where the next one goes!

  • Ashley Herrel
    2019-05-13 13:49

    I don't think I can ever read another book series...In this series I laughed to where people looked at me funny in public, I smiled so big my cheeks hurt, I cried....a lot, I've been angry to the point of breaking, but hope and faith is something you learn to believe in reading these books. I love Kristie Cook. I love the Soul Saver Series. And I don't think my life will be the same again now that it's all over..... The next best thing is telling and having my family and friends read the books and have them fall in love just as I did <3 hoping and praying!! for an 8th book. <3

  • Debbie Poole
    2019-04-22 13:47

    Well this is the book I didn't want to read. It is the end of an era.Promise is the book that got me reading paranormal storiesAnd it's still my favourite book from the Soul Savers series.I loved every book right up to Faith. Faith took the longest to read because I didn't want the end to come.This book tore me up inside and out, firstly for the reasons above, secondly because it made me cry, scream and shout out with frustration. But it also made me laugh, giggle, and cry with happiness.

  • Kathy
    2019-05-03 15:43

    I've been a lover of these books for some time. I'm not a big fan of reading angst ridden books. That's what this book was for me. It felt like alexis was having a pity party for herself for 300 pages! I'm very disappointed in this book. I also don't get the ending. How can someone who has a good soul lead bad people? Maybe with the next books it will come out but I will not be reading them. I think more time could've been spent on other areas of the book rather than alexis just giving up and finding faith at the very last second. Not my favorite of the series.

  • Christi Lofton
    2019-05-09 17:55

    I have never been much of a paranormal reader, but this series pulled me in with the first book. I loved reading about Tristan and Alexis all the way to the end of the series with this book. After the way Torment ended, I couldn't wait to get my hands on this book. It did not disappoint. This was a book that was full of hope and faith along with angst and worry. It was the perfect ending to a great series. I hate to see the series end but I am hoping we see these characters pop up in this author's writing somewhere down the road.

  • Bobbi
    2019-05-15 20:45

    Love and Faith do concur all and this story shows how it is done. When Alexis and Tristan think all is lost and no one is left to help them fight the evil hope shows up in the form of friends and new life. There is a calm before the storm and when that storm hits everyone works together to beat it. Alexis finally realizes with death there is always new life and with destruction there is always love. Kristie Cook really pulled this story together and left me wanting oh so much more.I was given this book for an honest review.

  • Geraldine Delgado
    2019-05-15 15:08

    Wow I'm speech less. My favorite hair stylist would tell me to pick up a book by her favorite author Kristie Cook and I would say I would but never did til Thursday I did. I felt a little lost cause I hadn't read the series but wow I'm speech less. The book was my cup tea. Paranormal romance. It feel like a roller coaster but it was a end to a relationship of that's was againt all odds to start. I loved how the author written just kept me entertain and made me fall in love with the characters thank you heather! I will pick up the series tonight.

  • Dayte
    2019-05-05 22:09

    I really loved this book. They just keep getting better and better. Things happened in this book that I wasn't expecting to happen. Tristan and Alexis are one of my favorite paranormal couples and I can't believe how much they are ment to be together. I had so many different emotions. I laughed, I cried, and the adventure in this book was intense. I can't wait till the next series based off of the soul savers series is out. I sure hope it's not going to take a year for the first one comes out! Definitely recommend this series!!

  • AnnMarie
    2019-05-08 20:40

    This book was the perfect ending to the perfect series. A book that I didn't want to put down until I finished reading it. Parts of it made me cry, other parts had me punching my fist in the air (and getting weird looks from my husband). I felt the gamut of emotions throughout this book and although it's very sad that the series has come to an end, it's bitter sweet ending was perfect. It was a wonderful introduction to a spin off series too, so I am more than happy with that.

  • Natalie Noblett
    2019-05-15 18:55

    a really good end to the series. enjoyed the beginning and the end although all through the middle of this book all we heard from Alexis was how they were all going to die because the angels and God had abandoned her. She had completely lost her faith and constantly moaned that there was no point any more. This got me really annoyed especially as Rina and Sophia did actually visit her on more than one occasion and explain that it was all going to plan. But overall a great end to the series.

  • RNDK
    2019-04-26 20:06

    Finally, an end to the series.While I enjoyed the series the lead female character begun to get on my nerves.There are some bits where she is this supposedly strong person, yet there are many instances where she is a wuss.. and you just want to slap some sense into her.This really has to be a soul-match cause otherwise given the age and maturity of the male character I don't know how he put up with her.

  • LovetheRhageBDB
    2019-05-01 15:59

    The world has been totally destroyed. The Daemoni have taken over the earth. Lucas is working to open the Gates of Hell and bring Satan to the earthly realm. Alexis is ravaged, her faith is completely shaken by all the destruction and loss of life. Can she find the faith needed to lead her people? Can good always win?This is a well-written completion to the war of the Amadis and the Daemoni. It keeps you guessing until the very end!

  • Christina Silcox
    2019-05-12 18:45

    Perfect Ending!When you invest yourself in a seven book series, that's quite a commitment as a reader. With Faith, Kristie Cook rewarded that commitment with an absolutely perfect end to the Soul Savers series. I've been trying to put together this review, and I don't want to spoil one second of this installment. I will only say that Faith broke me down to my core, then slowly put me back together with a foundation stronger than ever.