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“A symbol of wealth, power and prosperity, the crown was never meant to be found.” Carried away in the torrents of curiosity, Dr Ryan Johnson is accompanied by his happy-go-lucky friend, Christian Willis, to the golden city of Jaisalmer, India, in search of a crown lost centuries ago. They never expected a simple archaeological excavation to turn into a game of life and de“A symbol of wealth, power and prosperity, the crown was never meant to be found.” Carried away in the torrents of curiosity, Dr Ryan Johnson is accompanied by his happy-go-lucky friend, Christian Willis, to the golden city of Jaisalmer, India, in search of a crown lost centuries ago. They never expected a simple archaeological excavation to turn into a game of life and death. Problems arise when Ryan picks up a street fight and finds himself in a messy situation with a feisty, Deiva Chauhan. In a foreign land rich in traditional acts, his bachelorhood is at stake when he is simply ordered to act as Deiva’s fiancé. An easy ordeal if only the two could get along. Ryan discovers that his expedition was never an easy one especially if the only clue available was an old tale which to his disbelief said that magic was involved in hiding the crown. In a romantic adventure where Ryan’s beliefs are questioned and courage is tested, will he be able to stand up to the challenges of his quest?...

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The Lost Crown Reviews

  • Viswa Pilla
    2019-04-24 15:03

    This is one of the best adventure books I have read so far as it stands out with its unique combination of romance, adventure, thriller and fantasy. The narration is brilliant and detailed; it lets you visualize every scene immaculately which makes this read even more magical. Ryan, an archaeologist from London, who loves challenges, visits India with his friend Christian in search of the lost crown of Jaisalmer that leads to a series of escapades which also includes his contract marriage with a beautiful Indian lady, Deiva. But finding the crown is not an easy task as many men had failed to do so earlier which made the very existence of the crown dubious, and the rest of the story goes about how the trio; Ryan, Deiva, Christian, try to unearth it. I loved Ryan for his grit and attitude. The romance between Ryan and Deiva was beautifully portrayed by the author; I loved the part where Ryan stole his first kiss from Deiva, it was steaming hot. Their chemistry was developed very well.This book is a cocktail of Indiana Jones and Lara Croft Tomb Raider topped with its own unique ingredients; trust me, you will love every sip of it, quenching your thirst for adventure, but it also leaves you with a high wanting for more. I look forward to future books by La Kayshal.

  • Gounvi
    2019-05-15 18:53

    Interesting piece of work. Has it all mystery, suspense, adventure, love and romance.

  • Rachel Wright
    2019-04-26 16:53

    A wonderfully charming adventure in exotic India with a heady mix of royalty, magic and villainy.Archaeologist Ryan Johnson travels to India with his crazy friend Christian to look for the Lost Crown, a valuable relic that has been missing for hundreds of years from the royal family. Ryan runs into trouble with the beautiful Devia, who is the daughter of the King’s aid, almost as soon as he arrives and things become complicated when her father asks him to act as her fiancé in order to avoid an arranged marriage requested by the King. As their search for the crown leads them on a crazy adventure reminiscent of Raiders of the Lost Ark, Devia and Ryan are forced closer and although there is chemistry between them, there are also heated arguments. They battle against an evil villain as they follow an intricate web of clues across the kingdom and their lives and those of their families are put at risk as they get closer to their goal. This is an entertaining and imaginative story which is fast paced and keeps you turning the pages to follow the characters as they encounter dangerous traps, magic and bandits on their quest for the crown. It’s is well written and the characters are intriguing, especially the feisty Devia who gives Ryan a run for his money. A fantastic holiday read which will leave you looking for more from this author.

  • D. Dugger
    2019-05-19 18:55

    The Lost Crown is an action-adventure/romance novel set in modern-day India. It tells the story of two young English Archaeologists, Ryan and Christian, who set off to the village of Jaisalmer to find a valuable mystical crown that had mysteriously vanished after the death of its owner 900 years prior and had never been found.After his arrival in Jaisalmer, it isn’t long before Ryan (literally) bumps into Deiva, a head-strong half-English, half-Indian beauty. In spite of their strong attraction for one another, these two main protagonists have difficulty getting along; both being plain too stubborn to admit their mutual attraction. Stuck together in the royal palace where Deiva’s father is employed as the personal assistant to the King, Deiva offers to assist Ryan in finding the missing crown in exchange for his assistance in helping her avoid an arranged marriage to the King’s lustful nephew. As time passes and danger from those who would thwart their mission builds, Ryan and Deiva discover they can no longer resist their feelings for one another and a strong bond develops between the two former antagonists.With lots of action and adventure reminiscent of Indiana Jones and fiery romance that may bring to mind Scarlett O’Hara and Rhett Butler (but with more spicy passion), The Lost Crown is an entertaining yarn that will keep you up reading into the wee hours of the night, turning the pages, just itching to discover what might happen next.

  • A. Cely
    2019-05-13 22:35

    Handsome archaeologist, Ryan Johnson, takes us on colorful trip to India in search of the Lost Crown of King Jaisimha. His search is deliciously interrupted by the daughter of the personal assistant of the king, the beautiful Deiva. She has some plans of her own regarding Ryan. He becomes her ticket out of an arranged marriage and it does not hurt that he is hot and single. The author also includes fun secondary characters like Christian, Ryan's best friend, and his parents. All of them are in search of this exotic treasure that is surrounded by magic and mystery. This is a page turner that I could not put down. The Lost Crown is a must read! 5/5 all the way!!!

  • Jelena Bosh
    2019-04-26 16:01

    Looking for a mystery treasure but having to "endure" some obstacles on his way there.. The Lost Crown had/was everything. Adventure.Mystery.Action.Romance.Commanding dialogue.Unique. Fun.Beautifully written.The beginning was captivating and in a different way than most books that I've read, it made me immediately want to know what happens next. I couldn't flip through the pages fast enough.I loved the overall concept of the story.Set in India meant that it was a new setting that I have yet to read that much of. The author was beautifully able to capture some of the more exotic and extravagant places within the streets but also on the inside. With that, La Kayshal was also contradicting the beauty with that of the inside tunnels and many other aspects of certain relationship within the story, which were not so colourful. I felt that was a great touch and a refreshing idea.Hoping I don't spoil anything since it is in the synopsis, the "fake/pretend" marriage was an interesting addition to what I expected to be a simple mystery, adventure romance. It added to the already fun aspect in Ryan looking for the Lost Crown. The way the "marriage" was introduced and all the way to how it was developing later on, truly showed the relationship between Ryan and Deiva.I can't say that their relationship was a happy one to begin with since neither of them fell head over heels for the other. BUT it was fun to read the dialogue and mindful narrative between those two. At the same time that Ryan & Deiva realise what their feelings for one another mean to them, and how it increases in certain ways, we also get to realise that even though they might have a love/hate perspective towards each other, their attraction is obvious.What I wasn't a huge fan of or did no necessarily like, was the often over descriptive narration that I thought would not be evident throughout the entire story. But it was. I was trying to overlook that part because I genuinely liked the main characters (particularly Ryan) and the way the story was evolving - but at times little too strong.It often took away from being engrossed within the created world and it sometimes dragged on..However, even though I was tempted to skip a paragraph or two due to the describing of a certain room, landscape or specific décor, I knew that it would be an important part to fully understanding the story. So in essence, it added to the story but in my personal point of view, it wasn't the best way to make me absolutely love a story.I often find that the best of mystery/adventure stories, are those that are written to keep the reader at the edge of their sits and not for one second blink away from the fictional world. The Lost Crown was a great example of that BUT it just lucked the addictive aspect of needing rather than wanting to know exactly what will happen next.Aside from that, the relationship between Christian & Ryan was a fun way to have two friends journey though an unknown country (from London to --> India). Christian was not there just to merely fill in the best friend or sidekick role. No. He was funny, sweet and very cleaver in his reasoning and persuading certain actions..So yeah, I was so happy and grateful that I was able to read a beautiful book in return for an honest review!The Lost Crown by La Kayshal is a definite recommendation. If you want to learn a little bit more or even something completely new about a different culture then this is for you. If you want an adventure and mystery filled book to the very last page, this one is for you. And if you enjoy beautifully explained architecture and fun characters but a romantic/sexy edge between the "married couple"? Then you definitely need to read this one!xx

  • Mike Jones
    2019-04-24 22:04

    This novel is great. The plot was well thought out. The characters are well rounded and realistic. Dialogue is quick. It has a bit of an Allan Quatermain or Indiana Jones feel about it, which I loved. If you enjoy adventure and romance, you'll enjoy this book.EditDelete

  • M.L. Rosado
    2019-04-24 14:49

    The Lost Crown is a roller coaster ride full of mystery, magic, romance and intrigue. Ryan Johnson is a hot archaeologist/lecturer that finds himself in an adventure of a lifetime. With his best friend Christian by his side, he decides to visit India and look for the lost crown of King Jaisimha. He never expected the whirlwind of adventures that would lie ahead. By a simple twist of fate, he meets Deiva Chauhan, and Indian beauty that intrigues and captures his heart. Between an arranged marriage, an archenemy, a lost treasure, magical creatures and sorcery, Ryan gets tangled in an unbelievable ride. The author is also successful in making India and it's traditions come to life in this book. The picturesque descriptions painted a perfect picture in my mind of the beautiful surroundings in the story. 5 stars for LA Kayshal! The Lost Crown is a must read.

  • Rajesh Kumar
    2019-05-14 20:56

    The lost crown, as the name suggests, this story revolves around the search for a  long lost crown of great values and magical powers. But not all can understand the perseverance shown by Ryan Johnson, the main lead that many of us with abundance of curiosity can connect with. It is a duty expressing how sometimes we human come across the impossible but yet pledge to reverse it to being possible. Based on an Indian culture by a foreign writer, the book The Lost Crown introduces us to the fact that a true writer can adopt to creativity being miles away. The author La Kayshal entertains the reader with her beautiful narrative techniques displaying an assorted number of themes such as magic, power, culture, treasure, greed. Nonetheless, as it is famously quoted 'behind every successful man there is a woman' and thus Ryan Johnson not only solves the mystery of lost crown but also finds the love of his life &  her support during the process. An entertaining read.

  • Pratikshya Mishra
    2019-05-14 22:39

    The narration is fast paced- either the action raises a great deal of curiosity and immense thrill or the scene changes every two pages. Take my word there won’t be a single instance that you’d get bored. There’s a lot of adventure and chase involved throughout the novel. The treasure hunt and the guessing game is interesting; with a hint of magic and the old Indian architecture it takes you through secret passages, tunnels, hidden gateways, dark labyrinths, deserts, camel rides, royal weddings and almost the whole culture cauldron of Rajasthan. And there’s romance between the unusual leads- British archaeologist Ryan, who has so much interest in Indian lost artifacts and Deiva, cultured Indian maiden born and brought up in palaces who wants to seek freedom and escape the restrictions imposed on her but nonetheless is proud of her roots. Certain subtleties of Indian way of life, way of expressing deeper feelings and hiding vulnerabilities is brought about well by the author. Decisions which come naturally to our western counterpart may be too difficult for us to take. Take perspective is brought about well here through the character of Deiva in her monologues.This book can be made into a hit Bollywood movie. It would really make a worthy adaptation with so good a plot, feisty heroine, inquisitive hero, and a stereotyped villain- all as per our liking. And talking about the book- once you start reading, you’re going to end it. You won’t be able to leave it in the middle. Every chapter leaves a mystery and is well connected with the other chapter; so the curiosity is too high to let you stop reading altogether.It’s a standalone book. My rating-4/5 stars. And I thank La for providing me an ebook in return for an honest review.

  • Damaris Remigio
    2019-04-25 17:43

    Tired of his lackluster existence as a university lecturer, Dr. Ryan Johnson, an Englishmen, embarks on a journey to Jaisalmer, India, in search of a nine-hundred year-old artifact, the crown of King Maharawal Jaisimha Singh, which is said to contain a rare and highly valuable diamond. Upon his visit, he is ransacked by a juvenile thief, and after an attempted pursuit, meets the bold and beautiful Deiva Chauhan, who accuses him of theft, leading to a comical confrontation. Deiva’s father, Mr. Chauhan, the personal servant of King Jaismal, is soon confronted with a proposal of marrying his daughter Deiva off to the King’s distant relative, a nasty, immoral man, named Rathore. In an effort to save his daughter from such an arrangement, Chauhan spins a story of Deiva already being betrothed to someone else: To Dr. Ryan Johnson himself. In exchange for his marriage to her in order to help her gain freedom into his country, Deiva promises to assist Ryan on his quest to find the lost crown of Maharawal, leading them into a dangerous and unforgettable mission. Packed with action, magic, and plenty of romance, The Lost Crown, promises a thrilling ride of suspense and humor that will leave you on the edge of your seats!

  • Igor Eliseev
    2019-04-27 22:56

    I loved The Lost Crown, a beautifully written archaeological and romantic fiction novel that reeled me in and kept me interested. This is a story of warm and sincere love, magical adventures, fascinating structures and monuments, great lovable characters, good story line and remarkable ending. I was captivated from the beginning to the very end. The author’s attention to even haunting beauty of Indian culture mixed with the lost artifacts, deserts, camel rides, tunnels and dark labyrinths transported me to a time and place of the not-too-distant past where I felt I was caught up in the events going on all around me. And what is more important, this is a true love story that deals with real obstacles made me fall in love with India… all over again. I had a friend from India, and he told me that he didn’t know a single Indian who didn’t dream of returning to India, and now I understand the real meaning of his words.Thoroughly enjoyed this book.

  • Sreehari Sreehari
    2019-05-06 16:36

    The lost crown is an action packed novel where there is no waiting for the action to begin. Right from the beginning the novel reels us into archaeologist Ryan's adventurous search for the lost crown. And then when the reader is thrilled to the limits with the suspense and mystery surrounding the history of a kingdom in India, off comes Deiva with a romance so powerful and entertaining that it becomes impossible to stop reading even for a short while. At the end it will be very difficult for anyone to answer the question of what was more enjoyable-the adrenaline rushing search for a lost historical artefact or the totally gratifying romance, that till the end never fails to leave behind a feel of in need of more.

  • Camaliya
    2019-04-24 14:51

    I felt like I was watching Harrison Ford's Indiana Jones or shall I say Nicholas Cage's National treasure series. To add on to all the suspense and mystery was the sizzling classic romance. An amazing Hollywood and Bollywood Combo! Yeah an interesting book it is.

  • Adam
    2019-05-17 19:52

    Glad to have won this ARC from Goodreads. A fun read. Thanks, La Kayshal!

  • Beth Pieprzica
    2019-04-19 20:57

    What a fun read! An Indiana Jones themed plot with twists and turns.

  • Regina Timothy
    2019-05-10 17:02

    An intriguing story that combines romance, adventure and fantasy.The Lost Crown follows two archeologists Ryan Johnson and Christian Willis from London to India in search of a lost artifact, presumably a crown, which is hidden somewhere in the palace in Jaisalmer, India.In India, Ryan inadvertently finds himself saddled with a wife Deiva, who has a unique access qualification to help him find the lost crown, an artifact that has been sought by many but still proves to be elusive. As their search for the crown progresses, so does the romance between the two.The Lost Crown is an entertaining and action packed story that is full of humor, well written to vividly capture the essence of the story and keep the reader glued to the pages

  • D.
    2019-05-09 22:41

    Better than Bollywood!An intriguing adventure full of love, lust, and lost treasure. I found myself grinning like a fool as I read The Lost Crown. I couldn't help but laugh aloud and squeal in delight as I read Deiva and Ryan's interactions. I love that they are both strong-willed characters who have to learn to give a little for love to blossom. I had fully planned to read only one chapter to start, but found myself pushing all of my priorities aside just to find out what happened next. The prose style is easy to follow and fast-paced (to my relief!)As a lover of Bollywood, I long for this book to be made into a movie.