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A chilling tale of gothic horror, told in three parts, collected in one volume. Dr George Blessing operates in his Victorian London hospital. Sympathetic to the poor, Blessing is summoned to a traumatic childbirth. There he discovers a creature of nightmarish power and malevolent intent, whose unearthly abilities he wants to harness for the good of mankind. When he revealsA chilling tale of gothic horror, told in three parts, collected in one volume. Dr George Blessing operates in his Victorian London hospital. Sympathetic to the poor, Blessing is summoned to a traumatic childbirth. There he discovers a creature of nightmarish power and malevolent intent, whose unearthly abilities he wants to harness for the good of mankind. When he reveals the secret to a friend after a dinner party, Dr Blessing's obsession triggers events threatening to destroy his reputation, his family and the entire city. As the creature grows ever more powerful and suspicious investigators close in, the doctor is one step from death at every turn. Told in the tradition of a penny-dreadful, each part intricately spins a gripping web of secrets, lies and death, blending "Hammer House of Horror" style scares with fast paced action....

Title : The Cabinet of Dr Blessing (The Dr Blessing Collection Parts 1-3)
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ISBN : 9780993062025
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The Cabinet of Dr Blessing (The Dr Blessing Collection Parts 1-3) Reviews

  • Jon Recluse
    2019-02-06 09:30

    A trilogy of tales (Dr. Blessing's Curse, Dr. Blessing's Rapture, and A Christmas Blessing) that form a cohesive novel, The Cabinet of Dr. Blessing is one of the most chilling examples of Victorian historical horror I've read in quite some that deserves a place on the shelves with the classics that were written in that time period. Jack Rollins sense of time, place and the attitudes of the era are pitch perfect, transporting the reader back to the London of the 1800s, immersing them in the sights, sounds and squalor of the time with a masterful skill. Offering up an alternative take on the tale of The Elephant Man, wherein the twisted "monster" was a decent, tortured soul, we bear witness to a monster that is far darker than expected, and the cold evil of the Victorian medical community....where scientific curiosity overrode common sense, human decency and public safety, how the search for knowledge led to amoral acts that would chill the blood of the most dedicated sadist.Mr. Rollins is an author to watch. I look forward to reading more from him.Highest possible recommendation.

  • Kimberly
    2019-02-06 09:20

    4.5 starsTHE CABINET OF DR. BLESSING, by Jack Rollins, is a three part series, now combined into one volume. Written in the Victorian Era style, we are first introduced to the main character, Dr. Blessing, and his wife, at their home, in the year 1859. The characterization of the Doctor--and of all the primary characters--was exceptional. During the course of the novel, I could easily see this series of events happening just as they are stated.While at the bedside of a poor prostitute, Judith Cloonan, as she struggled with a premature childbirth, Dr. Blessing had boasted: ". . . I have seen horror such as would make a surgeon, battle-hardened in the Crimea, turn out his guts." Choosing to make its presence known in a more . . .unusual. . . way, Dr. Blessing gets his first view of the unnatural child inside of Judith.". . . I am convinced this tiny hand had opened the gate to hell itself."The characterization of Dr. Blessing was extremely vivid. We first encounter the competent (perhaps overly so) doctor, going about his duties with a necessary clinical detachment, and yet there is also a side of him that clearly shows compassion for others--no matter how low their station in life. When the doctor first decides to take the unnatural child after its mother's violent death, I honestly believe it was to save its life from superstitious men, and also with a thought as to how he might use it to advance the scientific world. Once his decision was resolute, even his friend, Henry's, warning did nothing to deter him.". . . That thing has a father."The second part of this series is entitled, "Dr. Blessing's Rapture", and sets the scene for where things start to go wrong. The execution from here on is full of new revolutions, and the pacing is so fast that just as I'd realized one new particle of information another was being shown. At this junction in the novel, I felt as if I ware watching a movie, and couldn't stop reading on.". . . Panacea."The third section is entitled "A Christmas Blessing". The doctor's character goes through some very dramatic emotional turmoil. We are presented with a scene from a nightmare, in many ways, reintroduced to some characters, and shown some new ones.". . . In that moment, this monster represented all of the monsters . . . "The scenes here are some of the most vivid of all, I felt, and Rollins even manages to turn the already brilliant characterization up a notch. With twists and turns at every step, I honestly could not predict where and how this novel would end.Overall, a fantastic, well written novel that I was sorry to see end. I will be searching out other titles by Jack Rollins in the future.Highly recommended!

  • Nev Murray
    2019-02-11 15:29

    "I seriously don’t want to type anything else in this review. I simply want you to go buy this book. There are four months of the year left for another book to knock this one off my number one spot. I seriously don’t think that will happen."For the full review please click below:The Cabinet of Dr Blessing

  • Kyle M Scott
    2019-02-16 12:16

    BOOK 1What author Jack Rollins has accomplished with this novella is nothing short of astonishing. Managing to channel the very best of the mighty Hammer Horror movies that so mesmerized many of us as youths, and in some cases led to our love for the genre, he has crafted a poised, intelligent and deeply immersive vision of Victorian Britain in all its grimy, atmospheric glory.The characters are beautifully written, the attention to detail is never less than chillingly authentic, and the manner in which the devilish tale unfolds in -via first person - lends more to MR James and James Herbert. Its brilliant stuff, and the start to a great, surprising and enthralling series.Jack Rollins speaks with a voice as unique and original as it is delightful, without ever losing sight of the horror. Gore, atmosphere, intrigue and historical accuracy. What more could a horror reader want?Don't miss this first chapter to one of the best horror stories of the year.BOOK 2Expanding on the themes of Dr Blessing Book 1, Jack Rollins opens up his expertly crafted Gothic world in this action-packed and thrilling second installment. Fast paced, violent, and brimming with memorable characters and heart pounding sequences, the dark tale of Dr Blessing and his 'baby' takes on a whole new scope and sense of splendor. If the first book was a perfect introduction to the shadowy Victorian world in which the good Dr exists, then Dr Blessing's Rapture envelopes the reader in that world - evolving themes, surprising constantly with its winding and ever-deepening plot and upping the stakes to new, chilling heights.Dr Blessing's ever worsening journey into his own personal hell is an exciting and frightening one, and among the very best of the year.A must read. BOOK 3The third book in Jack Rollins fantastic Dr Blessing saga continues to deepen the themes and relationships explored in the previous books, while exploring uncharted emotional territory and delving into the minds and hearts of characters previously dwelling in the background.The Hammer Horror inspired Gothic atmospherics are still there in full force, and the unique take of vampires is expanded and evolved in fun, frightening ways that will please any horror fan, but its the emotional heft that this installment boasts that will win over the readers. This is, by far, the most resonant of the three books that exist at present, and is a fast paced, beautiful read for fans of classical literature and horror alike. In A CHRISTMAS BLESSING, The violence and scenes of terror remain as startling as before. This time, though, heart really matches the intellect that Rollins displays. Its the best of the three books, and will leave the reader hungry for the net installment.SUMMARYJack Rollins has created a brilliant, engaging mythology that shouldn't be missed. Brilliant.

  • Melissa Bryan
    2019-02-01 16:32

    The Cabinet Of Dr BlessingBy Jack RollinsFirst of all I`m very upset with Mr. Rollins...he hasn't finish the series yet, it was like someone pulled the rugs out from under me, the book has been building and building then you turn a page and it is continued in Part 4. Damn, the story is written so well that you are drawn into it at the very beginning and when you think you have it figured out it goes into a totally different direction.It is a new twist on a very old story line which I didn't think could be done. The creature is hideous and deadly something only a parent could love. And that is Dr Blessing's downfall, that and his dedication to healing the sick. The story takes place in Victorian London told in the old penny-dreadful style which I love and makes the story even more scary in my opinion. He has written a fast pace, bloody, gory, don't read in the dark alone, horror story that won't disappoint even the hardcore horror reader.Mr. Rollins has written a truly remarkable scary book and I think it would make either a great movie or TV series. He has creatated strong characters, some likable and some you would shoot on slight. What he accomplished in the characters is that you can identifiy with them, whether it is to dislike or someone that you care what happens to them. The background is original and believable, he has done his homework for all the details of old London, the people, the social clicks, and their homes. His description of old London and the town people don't leave you lacking on what it was like to walk the cobble stone streets. Magnificent...Bravo!!I would give this book five skulls (that is excellent in my opinion) and would recommend to everyone that wants an adventure that will put goose bumps on you and give you nightmares.

  • Michael Brookes
    2019-02-07 12:11

    I'm a fan of Victorian era horror and have been looking forward to reading this book for some time and thankfully it did not disappoint. This book is a collection of the first three stories about Dr Blessing (a great name) and his evolution due to his discovery at a particularly bloody birth. For me the strongest element to the stories is the good doctor's transformation throughout the stories.The writing in the book is superb. It captures the feel of the age brilliantly, from the opulence of the doctor and his friends, to the filth and fear of life on the murky streets of London. I loved the characters, each of them brings something different to the story and even the ones you don't encounter for very long remain memorable.I'm also pleased to say that this is a story that treats vampires as monsters rather than the romantic creatures they are often depicted as. Here they form the heart of the horror, although the humans in the story also manage to conjure horror of their own!It's normally at this stage in the review where I mention some aspect that I didn't enjoy, but in this case I have no complaints. I enjoyed reading these stories immensely and yes there is one complaint - the next part isn't available yet! So if you enjoy horror and especially that set in the Victorian era then I heartily recommend this book.

  • Matt Hickman
    2019-01-25 10:27

    Whilst looking for a something to read that was a little different from my usual taste, I stumbled across this offering by Jack Rollins. After reading the blurb, the subject of Doctor Blessing intrigued me.The book is well written, it immediately drags you into the scenes of the filthy and dark streets and darker sides of humanity that were Victorian times in London. The book is split into three parts. The first of which we see Doctor George Blessing called to the aid of a pregnant prostitute having complications during child birth. Upon arrival at the scene Dr Blessing is unable to help the mother to be but he is able to save the child. The child it would seem was born with some kind of genetic birth defect - or is it something more sinister?Part two sees the introduction of some great characters suck as Black Mary, a member of the secret society of De Omori, and Charles, the ex policeman come private investigator brought in to help with an investigation that has left Dr Blessing as a murder suspect. Dr Blessing upon taking the creature from birth and nurturing as his own "child" - Panacea, quickly learns that it needs certain things for survival. This portion of the book shows how Dr Blessing will do almost anything to ensure the well being and development of Panacea. Is it the love of a father for his child or is Panacea capable of manipulating his thoughts and actions? As the body count increases, including Dr Blessing's wife Margaret, the mid portion of the book builds slowly at first, the gathers momentum until holy hell breaks loose.The last portion of the book sees Dr Blessing now addicted to opium, and having to deal with the fallout of his experimentations in his laboratory as his adopted daughter Niamh, and indeed the whole of London is under attack from some sort of plague. In summary, i thought it was a great book. Good characters and plot, a truly chilling and dark tale. The descriptions and attention to detail really allow an effortless experience. Think Dracula with a touch of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde, throw in a bit of Frankenstein and a smidgen of Jack the Ripper and this is it!! Good work

  • Hannah
    2019-01-26 08:29

    it NEVER takes me this long to finish a book, almost a month?! what's that nonsense! BUT! The book isn't to blame, it was a brilliant tale with very interesting themes, this is the first book of this author I've read, but definitely won't be the last, definitely a talented one, keep an eye on Mr Rollins folks, he's going places, mark my words

  • Elizabeth
    2019-01-24 10:21

    This is beautifully grotesque!

  • Alice J.
    2019-01-21 12:26

    I was offered this book in return for an honest review.I have to be honest and say I'm not sure what I was expecting when I picked up The Cabinet of Dr Blessing but it was a pleasant surprise. A gothic horror based in three parts, had me drawn into the Victorian nights as if I lived there myself.The first part comprised of a scene where Dr Blessing goes to the aid of a young woman who is giving birth. The scene drew me in instantly and I couldn't put the book down. I had to know what was happening, what he was thinking, what she girl was giving birth to. A great opening and one that will keep you hooked.The second part of the book centres around the creature that was born from the woman that night, a creature that Dr Blessing has named Panacea. He is drawn to her like a moth to a flame and cannot resist her will. When he realises he is found out, he takes his beloved daughter and steals into the night to become invisible. However, some experiments he has been doing are unleashed in the blaze of a hospital and London is doomed never to be the same again. While his friends battle the oncoming onslaught of the monsters unleashed, Blessing travels the country and stays hidden for much of it.The third part sees his would-be daughter Niamh, becoming seriously ill and he must make a choice. Dr Blessing rushes to her aid leaving Panacea behind and taking some perspective. Leaving again, Blessing does not make it back to his intended destination and instead the reader is left questioning what is going to happen next.Jack Rollins is brilliant at setting the scene of Victorian London, drawing the reader into the lives of those within and making you want more. Definitely worth a read!

  • Melissa Bryan
    2019-02-04 16:11

    Do you know what a sinkhole is?  I live where they are everywhere, as a matter of fact my house is over asinkhole.  And yes my house is slowly sinking.  I have to have it fix every few years cause my door won't open or close correctly.  Scary stuff.Now after reading "The Void", I  am ready to sell...really creepy !  This is the first book that these two have co-author and I am very impressed.  It is smooth and seamless, and moves at a good pace.  The writing is very slick just like all the blood that is every where in the book.  There is so much blood shred, I don't think there is a chapter's that didn't have some sort of mass destruction causing blood shred and body parts. The storyline is fresh and has been a while since I   haven't read a book that it wasn't just a reworked of an older storyline.  Which there isn't anything wrong with reworking a storyline as long as it has a new twist.  The book is a great adventure with around 180 pages that move fast with horror and over the top gore.  The story has a lot of blood, each chapter brings a new type of gore, blood, pain and suffering.  I think Mr. Bray and Mr. Kivak  have struck a few nerves with their first book together and I can't wait until Book 2 comes out to takes us deeper into the hell they left us in  and to get some answers to what is truly the evil that haunts their story and my nightmares.  Something so demonic that demands so much pain, blood and chaos.Well done Gentlemen, a truly uniquely scary bloody book.  I would recommend this blood and guts adventure to anyone that loves extreme splatterpunk...

  • Keith Chawgo
    2019-02-09 15:23

    Revisiting Victorian horrorJack Rollins collection of stories are very fitting to the course of his writing style. His total grasp of the writing conventions are above par. If you didn't know better, you would swear this was written during the time setting of the piece.The three stories blend very well within the framework and though the course of events the horror bleeds through with utter beauty for which he writes. The stylised writing is very admirable and sets well within the new horror writers given his own voice a unique sound. This is an excellent trio and a great start to a talent to look out for. If you like your horror classic and are fond of the masters of horror such as Stevenson, Doyle amongst others, you should really great yourself to this excellent read. If you haven't read the classics, then open your mind to. Rollins Dr Blessing tails. This is a true master at work.

  • Allan Chidwick
    2019-01-24 15:37

    Best book I've read this year. Maybe even the past 2 years. Totally not what I was expecting. Captures the feel of old victorian London town perfectly that you can almost smell it. Highly recommend. Jack Rollins is up there with the best of British horror authors.