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Rena Collins should be busy planning her happily-ever-after. Instead, she’s working for the enemy—or so they think. With the help of her fiancé Wallace and his unscrupulous brother Cole, she’s been struggling to hone her powers in secret. If they can stop Faye, the leader of ERA, the prophesied end to their war could be within reach...Too bad they don’t get the chance.TheRena Collins should be busy planning her happily-ever-after. Instead, she’s working for the enemy—or so they think. With the help of her fiancé Wallace and his unscrupulous brother Cole, she’s been struggling to hone her powers in secret. If they can stop Faye, the leader of ERA, the prophesied end to their war could be within reach...Too bad they don’t get the chance.The human experimentation project has moved forward, thanks to the help of an outside group of supernaturals, and it’s about to explode across the country. With lives on the line and a violent clash of wills suddenly at hand, Rena, Wallace, and Cole must decide where their loyalties lie. Now. Is the future of humanity worth dying for, when they aren’t even a part of it? Just how far are they willing to go?...

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Loyalty Reviews

  • Teresa Mary Rose
    2019-02-16 14:30

    More Reviews Here: Readers Live A Thousand LivesLoyalty is a wonderful conclusion to the Mark of Nexus series. It is action packed from beginning to end and the twists and turns keep you turning pages. Loyalty does not hold back and proves that happiness does not come without sacrifice. This book delivers everything you have been hoping for and surpasses expectations. It is new adult paranormal at its best.I think my favorite thing about this series has been the cast of characters. This book just delivers so many great characters that it is hard to know where to start. I guess I should start with Rena since it’s kinda her story. I love Rena. She has grown so much over the course of the series. She is feisty, strong, stubborn, and determined and I love that. I also love her wit and sarcasm.Then we have Wallace who I also adore. He has also shown a great deal of growth. Honestly, all of the characters have grown and I truly love that. They progressed along with the story and that was awesome. Wallace no longer lives in fear of himself and is finally beginning to live his life. I loved seeing him open up.And now we get to my favorite character. Cole. We all know how much I adore him and I swear to you, Cole stole the show in Loyalty. Every single time he showed up, he managed to become the center of attention and that didn’t surprise me in the least. He is still his funny and inappropriate self, but he has also grown up and he knows what is truly important now. I was so proud of Cole in this book.Loyalty is not like other new adult reads out there and I love it all the more because of that. The romance is the center of the story and what set everything into motion, but really it is about so much more than that. It is about the very serious threat to the world and what this little rag tag group can do to stop it. It has twists and turns everywhere you go and trust is not given easily by the reader. I loved the non-stop action.All in all, Loyalty is everything I was hoping for in a conclusion to the series. This is easily my favorite of the series and I loved seeing the characters I have come to love get the ending they deserved.

  • Magen Corrie
    2019-02-02 11:20

    4.5 stars4.5 starsMy Review:Loyalty was a great conclusion to this series that I have fallen completely in love with. Loyalty is a New Adult urban fantasy that has all the right elements and a great cast of characters that just took me on one hell of an adventure.It really was awesome being back in the world of Rena, Wallace, and Cole. I have definitely missed those three! But what I enjoyed so much was that I could clearly see the growth and transformation they all have gone through since the first book. Rena is a very strong chick; I love how she is able to move past events that would destroy almost anyone else. That courage and strength is something to really behold. Wallace by far has shown some amazing development as a character. I love that he has overcome that fear that used to hold him back; now he is able to be almost a normal guy, and that made me so happy! Cole, oh lord, is probably my favorite character. And he is also the one that has shown the most growth. He definitely has overcome his demons, but he was able to maintain that cocky, witty attitude that I can’t get enough of. I’m very proud of all three characters.The plot in Loyalty was very toe-curling intense. The characters, all of them, were tested and pushed, but they overcame the obstacles that were thrown at them. I loved how they handled the situations and never gave up. The pacing moved fluidly, and I never really felt it lag nor did I get to a point where I felt like it should pick up.I also have to mention the sweetness in this book. My heart just gives a happy sigh to all the sweet and steamy moments that happened in the book. Each character deserved those moments and they were so well deserved.All in all, Loyalty was a whirlwind of a ride, an ending that was satisfying and prefect. Corrie the Book Crazed Girl

  • Dawn
    2019-01-24 10:05

    Review to come after book release! I was excited to get the opportunity to beta read this early! It was great!

  • Clare Dugmore
    2019-02-11 10:04

    Looking forward to this. Can't wait to see how the series concludes. :)

  • Jen
    2019-01-17 10:09

    loved it...wish there was more Wallace /Rena romance seemed rushed with that.. sad the series is over

  • Mariah
    2019-01-21 15:23

    Best ending to a great series! Must read! I mean who doesn't love a good dystopian, supernatural romance novel? This book will keep you on the edge of your seat!

  • Kelly
    2019-02-01 11:15

    If you haven’t read the other books in the series, what are you waiting for? But seriously, don’t read this review because it will be spoilers from the other books.The moment I opened the book, it was like sitting down with an old friend and catching up and hearing what was new. Carrie Butler gives us reminders in case we forgot where Honesty left off. I appreciate that because sometimes I forgot some of the little details. As soon as you are caught up though, it is so full of action, intrigue and adventure that you can’t put the book down until you have finished it, family dinner be damned!Wallace, Cole and Rena are not only fighting for their own lives they find themselves way over their heads and trying to figure out how to literally save the world from the evil spread by Cole and Wallace’s relatives.I am not going to tell you so much about the story but just give you some of my thoughts….1- Gotta love that Cole. He is so funny and sarcastic. He finds himself in love and he now owns a cute little pet that he calls his child. The pet is very unconventional. But it is so Cole! We get to see a loving side of Cole that is so sweet! I love that we get chapters with his POV so we can hear his inner monologue! He really is the opposite of his brother.2- Wallace. He is getting used to hugging now and is excited to get married if they make it through this battle. He even has moments where he lets his inner Cole come out. It looks good on him too! 3- Rena. She channels her inner Wallace and is having way too much fun with sharing Wallace’s strength! She is looking forward to getting married too and consummating their marriage. Wallace remains afraid that he will hurt her with his strength though.4- Clara. We don’t get to see too much of her sassy self. This book has her resolving her issues with her sister. But at the end, Clara is back to her sassy self and I love how she uses her powers of persuasion.5- The relatives. There are too many to go through each of them but they all need to get what they have coming to them! They are way too evil and I can’t believe they come from the same genetic pool as Wallace and Cole and Clara!6- Aiden. He makes me sad through most of the book. He is just zombie like and that is what ERA wants the world to be, without emotion.7- Story line. Loved it! I wasn’t sure Carrie would be able to find a conclusion that would work since there was one new problem/issue that popped up. But she did it and I loved the ending! The story is easy to read, it flows easy, it isn’t hard to keep up and you can’t help but want to know what happens next with each character in the story. It was really nice having several POV chapters to know their inner dialogs and how they felt and to get a good laugh at their thoughts.8- In the end? I am sad to see it end. It was sweet, sassy, sarcastic, funny, and sad at times and I didn’t want it to end.9- My favorite quotes can’t be shared because they would be spoilers, but they all come out of Cole’s mouth and had me laughing way too hard!And even though, I got a copy for review from Carrie; I still bought my own!

  • Lisa Regan
    2019-02-12 11:14

    In my experience, the last book in a series is always the worst. I've never liked the last book in any series UNTIL NOW. If anything, this last book in the Mark of Nexus series is better than the all the ones before it. This is one of my all-time favorite series. It's got romance (and the chemistry between Rena and Wallace? Damn.), adventure, intrigue, biting humor, action, mystery, suspense and incredible writing. This series has it all and the final book does not disappoint. I loved this and I was incredibly sad when it was over. Plus it was really gratifying as a reader to finally see Rena and Wallace come together in ways they weren't before. There were some really fascinating twists in this one too that I didn't see coming. All my favorite and most beloved characters were back and as always, Butler's signature wit was evident throughout. Just like the other books that came before this, it had a wonderful romantic element, lots of action and suspense and tons of intrigue. It was quite excellent. I know it had to end sometime but I sure didn't want it to. I am looking forward to seeing what Butler comes up with next but in the meantime, I'll be reading all of the Mark of Nexus books over again.

  • Toi Thomas
    2019-02-13 10:10

    I’m going to miss these characters. This was a lovely end to a great series. It wasn’t perfect in every way, but I think it was perfect for the characters and the story they’re living out. Sense this is the end of the series, I wasn’t too shocked to see that no one was safe. People died in is story that you didn’t want to, but at least a few who did deserved it. This installment was very emotional. It’s not unusual for superheroes to be faced with the notion of whether humanity is worth saving, but these characters had to face a battle that they could stay out of and never be effected by. And on top of that, should life go on, they also had all kinds of family drama to deal with. Then, there was the epic battle.I was giddy with delight at just how non-cliché the final battle was. I liked how everyone had a part to play, even the handful of humans who had no idea of what was really happening. It came together so well. It showed just how vulnerable someone invincible can be and come out on top and it showed just how strong and dangerous a woman in love can be. I loved it!Guess I’ll need to see what else this author has to offer next. Recommended to adult readers (mature teens with parental agreement) who like urban fantasy and fans of this series.

  • Vondetta Carter
    2019-01-19 12:24

    Well, this was an amazing finish to a great story. Reyna,Wallace, Cole and crew were dealt some harsh cards in this ordeal. Its horrible when your family becomes your enemy. Its horrible to see memories go up in smoke from the vengeful actions. Cole gives a wonderful performance with his antics and tribute to a brother like no other. There are some fantastic of Reyna and Wallace as they are united finally and forever.I know this is to be the final book, however I want to know if the love of these main characters can produce an heir to all that they are. Ms. Butler, thank you for a great read once again. Please give us a glimpse into the aftermath of the Mark...

  • Dawn Yacovetta
    2019-01-30 13:07

    I loved everything about this series, and I highly recommend it! Cole's silly antics and and colorful thoughts kept everything more lighthearted during even the most difficult and unhappy moments. He was, by far, my favorite character. The passionate relationship between Rena and Wallace was an added bonus. This series, and especially this last book, was full of action, adventure and danger along with love and romance. It was a perfect ending to the series! Thank you, Carry Butler, for a truly fantastic read!

  • Tracey
    2019-02-11 14:04

    a suspenseful finish to a great series. I loved the action and the humor that Wallace, Rena, and Cole have with each other and their small quirky band of heros. Wallace and Rena are a super duo and Cole just steels the show with his crazy and fun personality. if you enjoy a great story with a lot of great characters this is it for you. absolutely loved all the way through.

  • Katie Doyle
    2019-02-07 09:07

    Loved the series! Kinda sad to say goodbye to Rena, Wallace, and Cole :-(

  • Ana Bierle czernek
    2019-01-21 12:18

    I thought Cole was the star of this show. I wasn't expecting it, but he was for sure my favorite character of the entire series. I love it when good fights evil and wins!

  • Claudia Naranjo
    2019-01-31 15:09

    OMG!!!! So in love with this wait was worthy!!!!! I love the characters specially Cole, he is just fun!

  • Janel
    2019-02-07 09:25

    LoyaltyLoyalty was just as great as the other three books!!!! I loved it. I kinda hope for another book in this series, even though it ended.

  • Nancy
    2019-01-27 13:03

    This book had action and suspense weaved steadily through it from the beginning till the end. Loved it. By far my favorite book in the trilogy.

  • Janine
    2019-02-12 11:14

    I don't know, this final book in the series just didn't really do it for me. The others were great but I couldn't really get into the story.The ending itself was alright though.