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Morgan is an exorcist who walks that fine line between heaven and hell. She lives in a world in which demons co-exist with humans. Normally hailed as heroes, these demons can heal, help, and make strong the willing hosts who gladly accept their corporeal possession - unless a demon steps outside the boundaries of the law....

Title : The Devil Inside
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The Devil Inside Reviews

  • Desperado
    2018-12-18 20:57

    My Thoughts: FYI, this book contains a few m/m sex scenes. I'm not particularly bothered by them but I realize some readers might be.I was excited when I got this book because it seemed right up my alley & also had an interesting twist on demon lore. That wasn't what I got..kinda. First, this book seems not to know if it wants to be Urban Fantasy or Erotica. I don't mind sex scenes, even like sex scenes in my UF but only when done right & tastefully. That was not the case. Our heroine Morgan constantly talks about how hot she is & how much she wants to bone her boyfriend. And does. Within the first 20 pages. Putting that aside, Morgan is one of the most suckass UF heroines I've come across. She goes half-cocked into EVERY situation & not in a "Hey, I'm about to go on this suicide mission without backup & hopefully save a bunch of lives" way. More of a "Hey, I'm about to do some really stupid crap & potentially kill a lot of good people because I'm pissed & confused". WTF? After doing said stupid things, she feels "guilty". Wow. After one particular scene towards the end where she fucked up big time, I gave up on ever liking our heroine. I like my UF heroines badass & scared of maybe a few things, not one who are scared of their shadow. Morgan, simply put, is a coward. She runs towards situations without a plan & runs away from situations when she knows she's in the wrong or has done something especially dumbass.She lets her emotions control her to the point where she ends up hurting herself & everyone around her. I feel zero sympathy for her. If anything, I feel more sympathy for the people counting on her to save them.There's one other thing that really bothered me about this novel. There is a gay couple in this book who are heavily into BDSM. Morgan constantly bitched & moaned about how gross she thought their sexuality & sexual proclivities were. She even went so far as to tell one of the characters he was "wrong for liking pain" & that he "should seriously get help". Maybe Black chose to make her heroine intolerant to other peoples lifestyles for a unknown valid reason or maybe it was based on her own beliefs. Either way, it rubbed me wrong.I will say that I enjoyed this novel more when I ignored Morgan. The premise of a world filled with demons who possess willing hosts & exorcists who banish the rogue demons was very fascinating. I finished the novel solely to hear more about them. I'm not sure If I will pick up the second book,The Devil You Know, but I might give it a try if only to read more about the other supporting characters.

  • Brownbetty
    2019-01-14 22:52

    I find the first-person girl-demon-hunter genre increasingly baffling. Why is it always in first-person? Why is the romance so formulaic? Why do I keep on reading it? This entry in the genre doesn't really answer any of those questions, but kept me reading it in search of the answer to a new question: “How is this book so fail?”Several specific sorts of fail aside, it's not a bad book of its sort, if its the sort of thing you like. Androgynously-named Girl is an exorcist in a world where demon possession is legal, if done with the host's consent, and the concomitant crime keeps her fairly busy. It's an interesting world, and Black has put a lot of thought into the social implications, and even the religions that grow up around demons.When I say fail, I'm making some assumptions about what the book is attempting to achieve (and what it fails at.) I'm assuming it's intending to be soft-core erotica, and as such, that it intends to be erotic to its target audience of presumptively heterosexual women. Why, then, does the narrator persistently tell me how sexy she is? The effect is a bit like she is a phone-sex-worker, assuring you she is sexy, sexually aroused, and performing sex-acts, but without any heavy breathing which might add plausibility. Even if this were an interest of het women, someone who seems more interested in how hot they are than in their partner is sort of off-putting. She seems to feel there is something thrillingly transgressive in her interest in sex, and willingness to perform oral. While I am certainly not against women enjoying sex, this is a necessary but not sufficient condition for hot smut.And there is a lot of smut to no purpose; the scene may function so that the reader can see Androgynously-named Girl skip out on the morning after, demonstrating her commitment issues, but I don't really need to sit through the bad-sex for that. It seems to be operating under the misapprehension that there is something inherently erotic in a listing of sex acts, or that merely telling the reader that something is sexy is sufficient to produce that effect. At the same time as she is informing the reader that she is sexually adventurous, this seems to consist primarily in wearing low cut jeans that display a tattoo at the small of her back. She is first perturbed, then unwilling interested to observe physical affection between two men, who are certainly aware she is present and watching. She struggles with what this means about her. Um, hello, it means you are watching sexy men make out, this is not exactly some radical new kink.And then there is the kink. The two sexy men mentioned above incorporate elements of sadism and masochism in their sex lives, and I'm being ridiculously over precise and yet vague because her narrative POV is useless for determining exactly what's going on. You see, Demons, once they posses a human host, can enable it to withstand and heal a great deal of damage, which is obviously relevant if your sex life includes pain. Androgynously-named Girl seems to be meant to learn a heart-warming lesson about kink, but she is reconciled to their relationship when she is told that the sadist of the pair, because he is a demon, is not really a sadist, in human terms, that is, he enjoys inflicting pain, but doesn't derive sexual pleasure (except, it later develops, that he does.) So their kink is okay, not because they're consenting adults who can make their own choices, but instead because he's a demon, who's not a psychopath (unlike, she seems to imply, anyone else who's a sexual sadist.) I'm oversimplifying, but really, the whole thing is a bit of an incoherent mess.Oh, and there's a recurring theme where, in the course of her adventures, she'll get injured, or something, and worry that sadist boy is enjoying it, and do a visual check on his dick to determine where the mercury lies. It managed to be unintentionally funny pretty quickly.There's a whole theme where she's possessed by a (naturally) sexy demon, who turns her on, about which she feels conflicted, etc, etc, but I was reading mostly in an effort to figure out wtf, and I couldn't really care too much about that.

  • Becca Sneed
    2018-12-19 20:42

    Do you want some plot to go with all that sex? 'Cause damn, it was wall to wall sex, with very little in the way of plot. Seriously, Hetero sex, masturbation, Gay sex, S&M, Phone sex... etc. (And if you guessed the Gay couple were the ones practicing the S&M, you win a cookie.) For a book about an exorcist, it had very little in the way of exorcism, only one in fact and it is over within the first chapter. The sex really wasn't blended well into the story either, what little plot it had stopped cold whenever it was time for "erotic" content, (if you're into "glistening" cocks, wet panties and whips, lots and lots of whips.) The main character is supposed "tough" and "independent" and she is when she is first introduced to us, but mostly comes off confused (the characterization is all over the place, depending on what the current part of the book needs her to be, it is very inconsistent) extremely shallow, and rather stupid, as the majority of the little plot there is, is her doing something stupid or apologizing for something stupid she did, oh and wanting to jump every male within a 100 mile radius, despite having a boyfriend she is "very much in love with". If you want to write erotica, great, write erotica, I just don't want it billed to me as something else. I did manage to get through the whole thing, it is a quick read, I just wanted something to happen, or some character development...something, because this could have been a decent story.

  • Melanie
    2018-12-26 23:43

    4.5 starsReview originally posted at was my very first Jenna Black book several years ago (as in 2009). I was trying to decide what book I wanted to try next. I decided that I wanted to go back and revisit this series that I loved so much. I read this before I was reviewing, so I decide that I could review it this time around.So, this series follows Morgan Kingsley. She’s an exorcist and one of the best. In this world, people willing take demon possessions. It allows humans to be faster, stronger and heal faster. There are people who take on demons to become firefighters and do other dangerous jobs because of these enhancements. The problem is that the human is no longer driving the body. They are pushed to the background so that the demon will be in control. To many, that is something they are willing to sacrifice to be a hero. There is a whole religion around it, called Spirit Society.There’s a whole group of people who are against the demons, God’s Wrath. They are known for attacking people known to possess a demon.Not all demons possess a body legally. There are many illegal demons that are roaming the Earth and that is where Morgan comes in. She will exorcise any demon that is found to not be here legally. There are times when she isn’t strong enough to force the demon out. If that happens, then depending on the state you live in, the human is burned alive to kill the demon. Think of it like states that have the death penalty versus ones that don’t. I should also add that not every human mind survives having a demon inhabitant. Some people become a vegetable after the demon is cast out. Others can go back to a normal human existence. People don’t know why this happens.So The Devil Inside starts with Morgan going to Kansas to try to exorcise a demon that has illegally inhabited a little girl. Morgan fights and does kick the demon out, but he does touch her, which would’ve given the demon the chance to jump to her. She has to stay in confinement until another exorcist can come and check her for a demon. Kansas being a execution state, this has Morgan a little worried. She has her friend fly in to check her out.It is after this exorcism that things really start to get weird for Morgan. She has for a while been sleep walking. But not she is writing notes to herself in her sleep. These notes seem really weird. Strange things are happening around her. Eventually she starts to dream, which turns out she is hosting a demon.So, I won’t got into this story anymore, because I don’t want to spoil anything. I will just say that this series is action packed and full of suspense. There is a lot that goes on. Several different groups are after Morgan. She has to start to trust people, which is really hard for her.I won’t say that there is romance in this book. Morgan is already dating Brian before the start of this book. They do have some relationship issues that you might see in a romance. There is sex in the book and not just between the main characters. There is also some sex between two male secondary characters. Though they don’t have sex on the page, it is part of the story. It is something that Morgan struggles with. She isn’t against gays. Not at all. The problem for her is that it turns her on way more than she is comfortable admitting, even to herself.I would highly recommend this series for someone looking for an action-packed urban fantasy series. Morgan is a strong heroine, but one who has her faults. The world that Black has built here is really interesting. I love the demons that possess people in this world. There is also demonic politics going on. If you’re looking for an older series to check out, this is a great one to try.

  • Suzainur K.A.R.
    2019-01-12 22:52

    The premise sounded interesting: kick ass exorcist possessed by what she hated most and having to deal with the aftermath. However, I do not enjoy Morgan Kingsley; I find her judgmental-ness off-putting. Now you may say that it could be part of her journey since The Devil Inside is the first book of the series and I should give her a chance to develop. After all, I gave Rachel Morgan (protagonist of Kim Harrison's The Hollow series) a chance although she was whiny and stupidly impetuous in the first book and now I've devoured everything Kim Harrison. But somehow I cannot like the way she made snide comments about another character's lifestyle choices. Frankly, if BDSM gay sex floats your boat, so what? If you find it gross or whatever, why on earth do you need to tell that person that he/she is gross/demented/sick/whatever?IT'S A CHOICE, GOD DAMN IT. RESPECT OTHER PEOPLE'S CHOICES. If it is a mutual pursuit between two (or even more) consenting adult, what is it to you? And for her to suddenly feel ashamed at her own voyeuristic pleasure at watching two men having sex, WTF is that? If she felt that way because she is religious and thinks that homosexuality is a sin, I get it. But she isn't. And there was a (pseudo?) rape scene at the end of the book that was just plain nasty. I get that it is to move the plot along, but it wasn't done very well or perhaps I just didn't like the way it was executed. Yes, mileage may vary but I still loathe it.Phew. I have not ranted about a book so much since I finished reading Pullman's His Dark Materials. That was the only book I have ever read that I threw against the wall, I was that angry.

  • Pamela
    2019-01-01 15:55

    Okay, color me surprised. I read the first two or three chapters of this book months ago, and I was very unimpressed. First-person narration, so popular these days, is a hard sell for me, and the narration in those chapters irritated me. Morgan, the main character, spent too damn much time talking about her clothes, her attitude problem, even her tattoo. I don't need to know what a character's wearing unless it's important to the plot, you know? BDSM outfit for an undercover sting? Okay. Very tight jeans, a slinky sweater, fuck-me boots to go get drinks? Uh, no.So I put the book aside and very nearly got rid of it, but yesterday, I suddenly decided that I'd give it another try. And I'm really glad I did.Once I got past those first couple of chapters, the plot sucked me right in and held on until the very end. The story is very well-developed, and Morgan's attitude issues are presented in a very appealing way. They're definite flaws. She's aware of them and tries her best to either suppress or change them. She's not foul-tempered and snarky so the reader will go "OH HOW COOL." She's foul-tempered and snarky and understands that sometimes she's got to NOT be that way, because it's stupid and dangerous. BRAVA, Jenna Black.

  • Schnaucl
    2018-12-19 18:00

    This book has many problems. Oh so many problems.The premise is that Morgan Kingsley is an exorcist. Demons exist and can be invited to possess someone, but if they break the rules (for example, killing a human) they can be exorcised. They can also be exorcised for possessing an unwilling host. If a demon touches a human's bare skin, he can possess her. The story opens with Morgan performing an exorcism in a town that rarely has to deal with them, so they are not well trained. In the course of the exorcism Morgan is touched, but the demon starts to back off on his own, something that would only happen if Morgan were already possessed. Since possession by a demon means the host's personality and will is if not exactly destroyed than at least heavily suppressed, she would know if she were possessed. She calls in her friend, another prominent exorcist to prove that she's not possessed. Her friend, Val, performs a ceremony saying she's clean so Morgan can go home to her boyfriend.The demon enforcer, Adam, whose job it is to keep demons in line, asks Morgan to perform an exorcism. His demon lover, Saul, who was in Dominic's body (it was a willing possession) had killed a number of humans in self defense because a religious anti-demon hate group had beaten him nearly to death and he snapped. But it doesn't matter if the deaths were in self-defense or not. He still killed a human. So Morgan exercises him and for the first time feels some sympathy for demons. When performing an exorcism, there's a high chance that the exorcism will leave the host in a coma or severely brain damaged. Fortunately, Dominic survives intact. Of course, it turns out that Morgan is possessed, by the King of Demons, no less. She was drugged and possessed against her will, but her will was so strong that the demon, the King of Demons, mind, can't suppress her personality and take over her body. The demon, Lugh, can't communicate with her directly so he starts leaving her notes and she has to find out if she's crazy or really does have a demon. Once the demon is verified she has to figure out why he was forced into her in the first place and how to get him out.Black's mythology makes no sense. The demons say they aren't inherently evil, and they're certainly not the demons that appear in Christian mythology. Okay, fine. The appearance of demons on the scene of human affairs appears to be an extremely recent development, but there's absolutely no explanation for why demons revealed themselves. When a demon possesses a human, the human is granted supernatural strength and healing so often people in dangerous jobs such as firefighters, policemen, etc, are inhabited by demons. It's clear to me (sort of) what humans get out of it, but it's a lot less clear why demons would care enough to inhabit a human. Lugh mentions at one point that there's no physical sensation in their dimension so young demons often go off the deep end when they first inhabit a body. So is that supposed to be the only reason they want human bodies? There's really no other explanation offered for what demons find so attractive about inhabiting humans and apparently there are so many of them that want to do it that there aren't enough willing hosts. One of the things that Morgan finds so abhorrent about demon possession is that they suppresses the personality of the host. But clearly that's not the case with Lugh and Morgan, and Dominic says some things that make it pretty clear that it wasn't true for he and Saul either. Similarly, Adam makes a few references to his hosts feelings. So clearly, the host is still there and able to communicate on some level. Dominic must have had some control over his own body because he mentions a couple of times when Saul shielded him (physically or emotionally) from things.Morgan's brother, Andrew, invited a demon, Raphael into his body and from what I can tell in the book, Andrew's personality was totally suppressed. So it's not a matter of whether or not the demon was invited in willingly, and surely it can't be a matter of the strength of the demon since Lugh is one of the most powerful demons out there and yet can't takeover Morgan's body, at least until he's been in it for quite a while and even then his control isn't perfect.It's also not really explained what exorcism is. Is it spiritual, magical, just a matter of will? Can anyone train to do it? If it's magical, it's the only non demon magic in the book.Moving on. I really don't get what Morgan is supposed to see in her boyfriend. Our first in person introduction to him (after some phone sex) has him showing up at the airport when she's expressly asked him not to because she wants to be alone for a while. Then he embarrasses her at the airport because, he says, sometimes that snaps her out of a mood. But we never see that him embarrassing her does anything other than piss her off so he really just ends up looking like a giant ass who only cares about his own pleasure. There's a lot of graphic sex in the book, and a little goes a long way. Especially when she's staying with Dominic and Adam and finds out that they're into S&M. She's strongly repulsed by it in the "ew that's icky!" kind of way. Granted, Adam is a bastard about it, playing while she's in the next room and can't leave. But still. There's a lot of "S&M is creepy and icky!" If it was a single scene where she said hey, not my thing and moved on it would have been fine. And then when Adam and Dominic do play and have sex in the room next store, she's really turned on and masturbates to it. Apparently it's never occurred to her that she might find two guys together hot. Maybe I've just read too much slash, but really? She'd never considered it before?And there's a scene where she lets Adam whip her (I don't remember why. In order to get him to do something). So she doesn't actually want it, he knows she doesn't want it, but since she's agreed to it he's fine with doing it. I don't think consent under duress is really consent. He apparently doesn't whip people who don't give consent and maybe he doesn't care if consent isn't the same thing as willingness or desire but in my book, consent under duress when both people know that's the only reason consent is given, is no consent at all so proceeding is rape. I'm also not sure why he wants to do it in the first place. With Dominic there's a sexual element, but there's no sexual element with Morgan.And at one point they go to an S&M club which is just more "ew, icky" and Adam is forced to have sex with Dominic in public in yet another scene that has murky consent and seems awfully close to rape. Especially since he never prepares Dominic before fucking him, not that the author mentions what a problem that would be even if Dominic were truly willing.And at the end of the book she decides to leave the boyfriend so he'll be safe which I always think is a dick move. One person shouldn't get to make a unilateral decision like that, certainly if she leaves with absolutely no explanation. It's really too bad. The overall plot sounds kind of interesting and I like the idea of the law needing to evolve but the world is clearly not well thought out or well built and the gratuitous sex scenes are a real turn off.

  • Marianne
    2018-12-27 19:56

    I have found a new favorite series, and I couldn't be happier:-) This is such an intriguing read, and well-crafted world: Morgan Kingsley is a professional exorcist, and the one to call for those extra stubborn demon possessions. Not that all people carrying demons inside them are possessed, no; some are legal hosts to law-abiding demons. But then there are those demons who take unwilling humans, children, who are criminals... And that's where Morgan comes in. She is a hater of all demons, and furious that her family members are strong supporters of demon hosting. Her brother, Andrew, is even an actual host...Which makes it all the more embarrassing (and infuriating) for Morgan when she finds out she's been unwillingly possessed by a powerful demon. Worse, the demon inside her, Lugh, isn't the run-of-the-mill demon. He is the most powerful of his kind, and next in line to the throne. Several factions are hard at work to off him before that happens, which means Morgan's life is in mortal danger if they catch her. Neither of the standard options for demon killing appeal to Morgan: OPTION 1: EXORCISM which usually leaves the human host a mindless wreckOr OPTION 2: BEING BURNED TO DEATH (with predictable results.) Morgan and Lugh, who can only communicate through their dreams, must find a way to work together to discover how he was implanted into her, how to keep rival demons at bay, and last but not least; how to get him out without killing her in the process. The author did one hell of a job (no pun intended, really) describing the demon psyche. This is especially clear in Adam, the demon. At first I found him really revolting, but surprise, surprise, I grew to love the sadistic freak and his relationship with Dominic. His love for s&m is not quite like the human equivalent. His lack of guilt in situations that would break a human, actually makes these demons believable, where I find many other series lacking. Mind you, they are not guilt free, and they can love, just like us. But: They're just.not.human. (Thank God, I am so tired of demons who are portrayed as juvenile humans!) And of course, there's Lugh. *Sigh*, he is sexy as... Well, you know;-) Unless you're squeamish about a little sadomasochistic action between m/m and m/f, I say; give this series a try.

  • Kathy Davie
    2018-12-29 17:05

    First in the Morgan Kingsley urban fantasy set in an alternate Philadelphia in a world where demons can legally possess willing hosts but illegal possessions result in exorcism or burning.The StoryOne reason Morgan chose to embrace a career as an exorcist is her terrible fear of being possessed. Helping other people is a minor point for Morgan is no hero. Then after a horrible misadventure in Topeka, reinforced by unexplained attacks at home, Morgan's worst horror is confirmed. At great cost to everything in her life. Her best friend. Her brother. Her boyfriend. Her coworker, Adam White. Her home. The terrible cost to Domenic when his demon-possessed body must be exorcised in spite of his defending himself from a terrible, vicious attack. Morgan's fear for herself, the sleepwalking, the notes her night self is leaving for her. The messages those notes are telling her…they can't be true. They just can't. The frame someone is working against her.The CharactersMorgan Kingsley is a professional exorcist. A career very much despised by her family. A family over the moon with Andrew's life choice as a willing host and firefighter. Brian is Morgan's very loving boyfriend. A good lawyer with a healthy family background who believes that people are essentially good. Andrew Kingsley is Morgan's brother and chose to be a willing host to a demon. Raphael to be exact.Lugh has just succeeded to the demon throne and is in an excellent position to enforce his plans to make it illegal for demons to possess anyone but willing human bodies. Raphael and Dougal are Lugh's brothers planning a coup against him for his radical plans. A coup that has a great chance of success with Andrew's help.Adam White is hosting a demon and he's the head of the Special Forces branch of the Philadelphia police department in charge of rogue demons. Domenic Costello is Adam's boyfriend and a firefighter who chose to act as a demon host because he wanted to utilize the demon strength and healing abilities to help people.Val March is/was Morgan's best friend since high school.The Spirit Society is an organization, which has something to do with the Higher Powers, as they refer to demons. Morgan's family is a proud supporter of the Society. God's Wrath is a militant, anti-demon hate group, which specializes in arson and burning demons and their hosts alive in the Cleansing Fire of God.My TakeI do like Morgan's general kickass attitude. I just wish it didn't come with such a stupid mouth. She's rather like Anita Blake in her squeamishness for all that she's a defiant, leather-wearing wiseass who doesn't think before she spews her prejudices. I don't object to her character having issues, pathetic as they are. I just wish Black were a little smoother in her characterization. Her stupid self-absorption shows in that, despite Lugh repeating that he was shoved into her body the night that Andrew hit her, she never connects the dots, constantly running off at tangents.There's an odd kink in Adam's reactions to Morgan. He is very much a dominant who prefers men and he loves using the whip on Domenic but he just can't seem to stop flirting outrageously with an outraged Morgan. I can't tell if he is so outré with Morgan because it makes her angry or if it's just his personality. He seems awfully forgiving for the dumbass, hurtful decisions Morgan makes. Lugh is certainly winding Morgan up.As for Andrew. I was all ready to stone the bugger for his betrayals and now I'm curious as to what happens in The Devil You Know.The CoverI guess the cover is appropriate although I didn't know leather pants could possibly fit that tight! Nor is it surprising that Morgan's back faces us so we can see the hilt of her sword tattoo. I'm guessing the burning brand represents the blazing bonfire at the end. The title, The Devil Inside, is accurate enough as there is a devil inside. Inside a lot of people.

  • Jacqueline
    2019-01-08 23:37

    With only 1/4 left of the novel, I decided I couldn't stand the protagonist and I didn't care what ended up happening to her. Unfortunate because, in general, I didn't have much of a problem with the plot, writing or other characters.

  • YullSanna
    2018-12-24 15:56

    Она проводит кончиком темно-синего ногтя по гладкой каёмке ледяной стопки и тихо дышит. Напротив в душном воздухе уездного кабака, развалившись в деревянном стуле, молча сидит он. Хотя молчание это относительно, если учесть нацеленный на нее невозмутимый взгляд, говорящий сам за себя. - Ну, ты пить собираешься вообще? - через пару минут не выдерживает он. Она поднимает взгляд в серые с коричными потертостями глаза и, не задумываясь, опрокидывает стопку. Горло парализует холодом и через сотую долю секунды пылающим жаром от водки. Не дышать. Главное не дышать.Тишина между ними возобновляется на долгое время, до тех самых пор пока она не пододвигает рюмку ближе к запотевшему пузатому графину с остатками 150 гр. - Наливай. - Уверена? - нижняя часть его лица расплывается в ленивой улыбке. Она просто кивает. Вторая стопка пьется легче, будто привычнее. - Вот пытаюсь вспомнить, - его голос едва слышен за гулом буянящей толпы за соседним столом, - когда ж ты пила что-то кроме близкого к совершеннолетию виски, в котором Ирландии больше, чем в Колине Фаррелле? Не дожидаясь ответа, он со скрежетом керамики по шершавому столу пододвигает ей миску с по-домашнему наваленными маринованными огурцами. Она не кусает, но высасывает маринад из тонко-нарезанных стволов. Вопрос, кстати, очень хороший. Действительно, когда? Уж несколько лет... А почему? От того-ли, что водка устойчиво ассоциируется с чем-то давно пройденным, забытым, отболевшим. Или от того, как пОшло отдает в горло только что проглоченная жидкость. Как резко, банально и привычно она принимается внутрь?... Она еще долго растягивает остатки прозрачной отравы из хрустального сосуда, перебирая в памяти ассоциации и упиваясь заезженными сравнениями. Но пьет. Одну за другой. До конца. Он смеется, запихивая ее на пассажирское кресло. Она клянется, что теперь еще на пару лет только виски.

  • Christine Kirchoff
    2018-12-20 15:36

    How crazy good of a plot is that? This books lives up the hype, I promise you that. There is so much plot sprinkled with romance that I had a hard time putting this book down. The Devil Inside is an absolutely brilliant paranormal world with a serious romantic kick. A must read!

  • Sarah
    2018-12-20 16:46

    I thought the premise was good (woman exorcist) but it wasn't as good as I'd hoped. It felt like the author was trying to force tension into the book by using s&m scenes. The main character was also pretty whimpy for an exorcist.

  • SW
    2019-01-15 18:45

    I liked this more than I thought I would. Pleasantly surprised! I'm hooked, started the next book right away.

  • Nel Zee
    2019-01-13 21:43

    A strong, independent woman in an urban fantasy series (with a little romance?)- well it sounds like this will be right up my ally! Ask me how I felt about it 50 pages in. Thanks for taking a character with potential and completely butchering her appeal by making her a unreliable, unloyal (srly, how many times can you break up with your boyfriend and backstab the people who are trying to keep you safe?) and closeminded in terrible situations. First off, I don't mind romance/set scenes in fiction. If it's written well, it can definitely enhance a story. But seriously?!?! I hated the way Morgan reacted to bdsm/gay sex. It's not my cup of tea - but casting judgement just because you don't understand a person's relationship or sexual preferences - and trying to 'save' them from that lifestyle does not endear me to the character. (Maybe she embraces it later in the book - but eff it, I'm not reading any futher). Secondly - lack of loyalty/strength in character. Can Morgan make up her effing mind? For a supposedly strong character, she sure is wishy-washy about her loyalties and seems to depend on people to save her. First her brother, then her bf, then Val, then Adam/Dominic. Jeez, also fricken THINK about your actions instead of reacting all willy nilly. I'm surprised this chick didn't die earlier. Thirdly - and the reason why I gave up on this book (this is such a minute detail): SHE DIDN'T THINK TO TOSS THE CELL PHONE ONCE SHE PROVIDED THE ANONYMOUS TIP ABOUT VAL'S MURDER. WTF?!?!?! Ok, I'm not criminal but I've watched enough CSI and Law & Order to know that would be one of the first things I would do! How effing stupid can you be, Morgan? While this may be a overly dramatic response, remember that this chick was supposed to have worked closely with police organizations in the past. I couldn't go on. I'm done with you, Morgan Kingsley. I'm going back to reread some Kate Daniels and Mercy Thomspon to restore my faith in strong, independent fictional women.

  • StrangeBedfellows
    2019-01-12 17:42

    I wanted to like this one. I really, really did. A professional exorcist who discovers she's been possessed by a demon of her own for months... a demon that drags her into his war of succession to the throne of Hell... what's not to like, right? Well, I'll tell you what. There seems to be this movement of oversexed, unnecessarily kinky novels in the paranormal genres and I rather wish it would stop. Don't get me wrong, I appreciate a sexy book as much as the next person. But riding on the coattails of certain authors many paranormal/dark fantasy writers seem to think it's not edgy if it ain't got whips, threesomes, and bestiality in it. Judging by "Devil Inside," Black appears to be among those ranks. The set-up was great, the main character -- Morgan Kingsley -- was an interesting balance of strengths and flaws. I should have been more suspicious when said character is getting it on in some phone sex with her boyfriend in the second chapter. Chapter 2! for crying out loud. We barely even know this chick, and we're already getting front-row seats to her sex life. I feel like the author owes me dinner. As for the rest of the plot, everything -- including, oh, say, a hunky demon king who happens to be possessing her -- gets eclipsed by Morgan's interactions with a cop possessed by a gay, sadistic demon. The whole story becomes about how Morgan is squicked yet oddly compelled by Adam's extra-curricular activities in the bedroom. What's a little thing like warring for control of Hell compared to that, right? Now, Black has three or so other books published and it may be that this one was an aberration. But I really don't think I'll be picking up the sequel.

  • Kelly
    2018-12-21 19:57

    I ended up liking this book but it was kinda touch and go at the beginning. Not because the story was iffy or the writing was bad or anything. Rather because I got really tired of having how "tough" Morgan was shoved down my throat every other page. Honestly, you can tell me a character is a tough as nails, but until I see it ... well, those are only words. Plus, having a couple of extra piercings and a tattoo does not make one bad ass. However, Jenna Black dropped the over-telling about halfway through the book and things really started to pick up from there.The story? Morgan Kingsley is one of the best exorcists out there, doing her part to rid the world of demons who hop illegal rides in unwilling hosts. Little does she know that she herself is a host for a very powerful demon. It turns out that her demonic passenger is the heir to the demonic throne and he's been set up by opposing factions within the demonic realm to be taken out of the picture permanently.Like I said, once I got past the over-telling of Morgan's character, I found a fun, well-crafted story. She really started to come alive for me when she was drawn into Adam and Dom's world. Her unwilling attraction to the darker side of their sex life made her more real. She was uncomfortable with it (both her arousal from it and their penchant for using pain to fuel sex) and she doesn't quite understand why both Adam and Dom find it stimulating. This expanded her as a character. She went from being a one-dimensional exorcist to being someone who had the potential to grow as her understanding grew. I'm seriously tempted to grab the next in the series right now and give it a go.

  • Archer
    2019-01-01 23:50

    From the Back Cover:Exorcism isn't a job, it's a calling--and a curse. Just ask Morgan Kingsley, a woman who has a stronger aura than any demon. Or so she thought. Now, in a pair of black leather pants and a kick-ass tattoo, Morgan is heading back to Philadelphia after a nasty little exorcism--and her life is about to be turned upside the demon that's gotten inside her.Not just any demon. Six feet five inches of dark, delicious temptation, this one is to die for--that is, if he doesn't get Morgan killed first. Because while some humans vilify demons and others idolize them, Morgan's demon is leading a war of succession no human has ever imagined. For a woman trying to live a life, and hold on to the almost-perfect man, being possessed by a gorgeous rebel demon will mean a wild ride of uninhibited thrills, shocking surprises, and pure, unadulterated terror...The Review:Don't ya hate it when your sitting here getting ready to write a review and you get about half way through it to accidently hitting the back arrow and delete everything. The book being the first in a series it had alot of story building to do, Morgan was a bit set in her ways regarding the Demons and how they interacted with the willing and somtimes unwilling hosts. But when a change of circumstances forces her involvement on a more intimate basis her views still take time to change. Yet again one more book that I let sit on my shelf for far to long. For a first book, it captured my attention and I'm just glad that I have the next three to be able to read.

  • Glenn
    2019-01-09 20:56

    If you are like me, you are easily drawn to any new book(and there are many!) in the dark urban fantasy genre just by the cover and teaser(they all sound very interesting at first glance). Although not every book finds a unique approach/twist or hits the right note(by howling, of course) to satisfy me, this was a good find. Morgan Kingsley is a strong and sexy woman, reminiscent of Rachel Mariana Morgan in the Kim Harrison novels, who has the ability to exorcise demons(slightly different from a priest as you'll read) that have involuntarily possessed someone(its illegal don'tcha know). Should exorcism fail, the alternative is being burned alive. The twist? It's okay to voluntarily be possessed and use your new powers for good, which is one of the characters you will meet. Unfortunately for Morgan, she unknowningly falls into the illegal category and becomes a pawn in a game between rival demons who want very different outcomes for relations with humans. The world Jenna Black creates is fresh and has very little in common with stories of demon possession you may have read. I am looking forward to reading the next book in 2008. I should mention that the sexual situations are very detailed and are not for the squemish, although if you are familiar with this genre, then you've already been exposed to some degree. There's a little bit of everything, which at times almost made me blush except for the S&M scenes(I actually felt myself cringe in fear for Morgan at one point).

  • Erin ☕ *Proud Book Hoarder*
    2019-01-04 23:48

    The Devil Inside hit all my buttons - well, most of them, the main character has a bit of a chip on her shoulder that's annoying. The beginning is exciting in that she's performing an exorcism and gets caught in the bad side of things. She has a pre-warning of exciting things to come. I think the author starts off a bit too swiftly in the bedroom with an existing relationship, but once this is gotten beyond I was completely riveted.Morgan has tons of emotional scars - the creative society she lives in considers it an honor to volunteer to be a host for a demon (not the Christian demon, of course, but a different form). Once possessed they are usually in life saving or important professions. Morgan disagrees and finds the thought terrifying; in fact, she's been born with a natural ability to exorcise demons. She's employed to rid the bodies of those possessed when a crime has been committed and convicted. Characters make the story - and the series. There's a bizarre blend of BDSM and S&M that could make some uncomfortable, although I found the way it was written and incorporated into the story interesting. It is not the choice of Morgan herself, but other side characters. The twisted world is dark, demented, and people are brought together with Morgan to fight a large, unseen war.I was glued from page one and couldn't put it down- the writing style, the characters, the potential for what would come, and of course finding out more about Morgan's visitor Lugh. I went out the next day to seek out the sequels in the store.

  • Carien
    2018-12-19 19:56

    I'm in two minds about this book. I loved the world building and the overall story. It's intriguing, suspenseful and has lots of potential for future books. The idea of demons possessing human bodies (with or without the permission of said humans) is cool and I kept on reading to discover more about this interesting world. The demon that got inside Morgan was really interesting as well. I loved the interaction between him and Morgan and my only complaint there is that I wanted more than this book gave me. There was one major annoyance that made me contemplate doing violent things to this book, like throwing it across the room, however... I really, really disliked the skewed view this book gives about S&M. It shows S&M as if it's only about torture and sadism and like it's wrong. It also implies that having certain fantasies makes you a pervert. Add a clear prejudice about certain lifestyles to the mix and I was severely tempted to give up on this book. It's a credit to Black's storytelling that I stuck it out till the end though, and the ending intrigued me enough to want to give the second book in this series a try. Getting that book as a present from a friend did help as well ;-)

  • Morgan
    2019-01-05 23:55

    Okay, I don't remember this annoying me as much the first time around. haha. Maybe it is just the curse of the re-read, and I am noticing things that I skipped over on the initial read.The story was interesting. The world was a new one. The main character was my issue.It was the constant repetition of how much of a BADASS Morgan is because, get this, she has a total of 7 earrings and a tattoo! And the tattoo is on her lower back! OMG. *shock* Neither thing makes you badass. Your leather pants or tight sweaters also don't make you a badass. STOP MENTIONING THEM CONSTANTLY. The mentions of the earrings (not nipple piercings or her lip or her nose or pierced lady bits) and the single tattoo were about as repeated as some phrases from LKH books. ("like so much meat", "glowing like she'd swallowed the moon", etc)I still have the next two in this series to read, and being that the main character's name is 'Morgan' I am kind of required to keep reading (at least the two that I already own.) Even if she is the majority of the issue that I have with this book, or at least the way she was written.

  • Cathy
    2018-12-16 17:43

    It was good. Very much the opening book in a series, so not much happened beyond character introductions and figuring out part of what the big mystery is. It certainly set the dark, sexy tone very clearly. And the idea of how demons specifically use human hosts, and the demon war, is familiar enough to make sense and different enough to be intriguing. Plus the men sure are hotties! The author is smart in how she wrote some of the sex or sexy scenes in that our lead, Morgan, is all new and reacting just as most people who were new to that would; as Morgan comes along, I'm sure the readers will be swept along as well. I liked the book and expect to like the next one even more now that we're past the introduction and able to get more to the meat of the story.

  • Mary Abshire
    2018-12-25 20:48

    a little slow in the beginning, but good story.demons possessing humans is normal? there's a king of demons and he's not the devil. Interesting...A very unique story-not like anything I've read. I like it. Adam seems hot, not because he's a twisted gay demon who loves dishing out pain, but because he's a real hard ass with good intentions. I'm curious to know more about Lugh. Does he really like Morgan? I think so. The ending was good and the last quarter of the book moved quicker. Looking forward to the next one in the series.I'd recommend this book. It's a unique read.

  • Nicole
    2019-01-06 00:04

    Reread July 2, 2017

  • October
    2019-01-01 22:46

    The genres were very misleading in this one. I expected paranormal romance, what I got instead was poorly written BDSM erotica. The plot would've been interesting if it wasn't constantly was interrupted by the ill-timed sex scenes. The supposedly "kick ass" heroine made extremely idiotic decisions and was an absolute doormat.I somehow managed to slog though this mess though, I have to say, that one scene where the heroine was whipped against her will (to the point that she bled) almost made me dnf. It is brushed off saying that she gave consent, but it was under duress, as she only did it to save her (utterly useless, piece-of-shit) boyfriend. She very, very clearly didn't want to be whipped. Another crack, and this time I felt like a knife had sliced through the skin of my lower back. Something tickled, and I realized it was the drip of blood. Before I had a chance to process that thought, the whip struck again.This time, I did scream. I couldn’t help it.I honestly don’t remember much after that. It’s one of those memories that my mind does its best to protect me from. I don’t know how many times that whip cut through my flesh, though I know it was a lot. I screamed myself hoarse in no time flat, then was reduced to scratchy whimpers.My knees gave out long before it was over, and I hung by my wrists, my shoulders shrieking in protest.When it got so bad I was tempted to pray for death, Adam finally stopped. I willed myself to pass out, but I didn’t. Adam is just a side character in the book. But it never felt like it because he dominated much of the story. Everything else- be it the warring factions in hell or on the demon king who possessed the heroine is pushed to the background. Why? I have no idea. Honestly, all I wanted was a pretty paranormal romance. How on earth do I manage to get myself into this mess?

  • Karen
    2018-12-16 21:49

    enthralling world-building"Morgan Kingsley belongs to a world where demons inhabit humans, who are willing to accept them. Morgan isn't thrilled with the whole possession lifestyle. Her brother, Andrew has become a willing host and she can't come to grip with him letting another being totally control his body, his actions, his whole life.Against her family's wishes, Morgan became an exorcist, exorcising demons from unwilling hosts. Unfortunately more times than not, the host winds up brain dead and if she can't extract the demon, the law requires the host to be burned alive insuring the demon's death as well. Not exactly great options for the host. Just another reason why Morgan hates demons.When one of Morgan's exorcisms doesn't go as planned and she begins to leave herself disturbing notes, while she should be sleeping, she realizes she may be harboring an illegal demon. Then Lugh appears to her in a dream, confirming her greatest nightmare--she's possessed. Only for some reason, she's able to keep Lugh from completely taking over her body.Morgan discovers she's been thrown into a plot where she is the target because of the "devil inside her." Everything in her life changes from there. She doesn't know who she can trust. If she doesn't choose the right person, people are going to be hurt or wind up dead and she's number one on that list.This story gives in interesting angle to the demon possession concept, a world Ms. Black draws you into, making you want to know more. The Devil Inside is the first installment of the series. You're introduced to characters and to a world of demons with their beliefs and politics, an enthralling world-building in progress. Morgan is a very believable heroine. Feisty, making decisions that aren't always for the best, but she learns from her mistakes and finds she is braver than she thought. She begins to realize not everything is black and white. There are definitely some gray edges to the whole demon/host lifestyle and she's just beginning to realize what they are.I must warn that there are some explicit sex scenes including two S&M scenes that may be too much for the fainthearted. However, it is not overly done and are consenting acts. So don't pass this uniquely written urban fantasy strictly for this reason.I eagerly await the next book, The Devil You Know, which I'm sure we'll learn much more about the handsome six-five demon, Lugh. Also check out Ms. Black's, The Guardians of the Night series. You won't be disappointed you did.Reviewed for PNR Paranormal

  • Brandi ;)
    2019-01-05 19:04

    3 1/2 STARSI liked it, but Morgan's attitude and personality seemed to swish around a lot. One minutes she's this bad ass chick that can take anything, then she's blubbering about and squeemish. She didn't seem to be able to make up her mind to save her life, which if it hadn't been for demon Adam, her ass would have been dead, dead, dead.Morgan's world is one where demons are real, but not the hell-fire & brimstone type. They are apparently not all 'evil' and they live on a separate 'Plain' than we do. Ours is the Mortal Plain and demons can only cross to our plain by living in a host human. If the host is willing, then the demon is a legal demon. If the host is unwilling, then the demon is obviously illegal and that is where Morgan comes in. She is an exorcist and she rids the world of demons who have possessed unwilling humans. She is also very prejudice against demons, even if they are legal and the human host was completely willing and happy to give up their bodies to the demon. There was plenty of sex. Phone sex, masturbation, girl & guy, M/M, S&M and even an S&M club. I was unaware that there was M/M sex in the book. Not opposed to it, I just don't have a lot of interest in reading about it. I like men, not men doing men cause I can't relate. When I read a hot yummy sex scene, I , like a lot of others, put myself in the female role (that's the fun of fantasy and reading, it can be anything you want). When I read the M/M, I just can't relate cause there is no role to put myself into and it's just not my thing. Just my personal preferrence. Also didn't care for the S&M and bondage/whipping stuff. Don't get off on that either, again, can't relate, not my thing.This didn't sway my rating on the book though. I liked the tenderness and the absolutely obvious love that was shown between Dominic and Adam. Many of their tender moments made me smile and get that sweet 'ahhh' feeling. No, what made me not a huge fan of the book was Morgan. I just could not make myself really like her. So many times I wanted to reach into the book and shake her or just slap her and hope for some sense to hit her. The story was interesting however. I liked the whole demons being real and accepted in the world thing and the writing was well done. Things were explained that needed to be explained and the twist at the end was unexpected and a good one. Maybe I'll like her better in the next one if I pick it up. It's not high on the priority list right now, too many other books to read 1st. So, this was ok. I can't say great, just didn't feel it with the heorine, but as always, you might LOVE it so read it and figure it out for yourself. Enjoy ...

  • Mello ❣ Illium ✮Harry✮ ☀Myrnin☀ Torin Ichimaru
    2018-12-17 16:56

    I ended up liking this much more than expected. At first, I wasn't so sure I was going to like Morgan, but as the book progressed, I began to like her more. After all, the situation she's in is pretty horrible. First, she just has to deal with people trying to kill her. Then she finds out the real reason why she's got a demon in her and why she's being targeted because of it and everything just goes to hell.Some of her decisions were stupid. Really, they were. They usually came about because they were kneejerk reactions and I don't blame her for being upset with what happened. Like she said, she's only human and she isn't equipped to handle things the way the demons do. Still, what she did to Adam was stupid. Really stupid. That woman would have happily handed Morgan over to be burned alive and what Adam did was really the only thing that could have been done at that time. I understand Morgan has issues with trust and intimacy, but she needs to work on that. I didn't like the way she treated Brian through the beginning of the book. Brian is awesome. At least she knows he's too good for her. I really like him. Hope we get to know him better in future books. I'd like to get to know Lugh better, too. Since he's stuck inside of Morgan, that should be inevitable. Looks like Adam and Dominic will be sticking around as well. I wonder if Morgan will get any female friends?I will say, this book is pretty hot. There are more sexual situations in it than it most of the UF I read, but for this series, it works. At first, I was a little put off by it when the second chapter had a phone sex scene, but it all grew on me. It's a part of the world the characters live in and it's not like the book had sex come out of nowhere, so it fits. I was really surprised how things turned out in the end. I wonder if I should have seen that coming, but I really didn't. I ended up being completely sucked in to the world of this book. I've read plenty of books with demons, but I found the idea of demons possessing humans (whether the humans were willing or not) and the demons living amongst the humans working in heroic type jobs interesting and had to read this. At first, I thought I'd be disappointed. Mostly, because Morgan is highly judgmental, but she started to grow at least a little. She's still a prickly bitch and I hope she can grow more in future books, so I've got to keep reading and see how this all turns out.

  • Jess
    2019-01-09 22:39

    This wasn't a bad book, but I have definitely read better. This story is about a woman named Morgan Kingsley, and she is an exorcist. In this world, demon's exist and they have the ability to possess bodies in the mortal plane. They can either do this illegally (and then if found out, they can be either exorcised from the host or the host must be burned alive to get rid of the demon) or they can do this legally. This means that the human host has signed a consent form and has willingly allowed the demon to posses their body.Morgan gets called out to a little town in Texas, where it is suspected that a demon is inhabiting a little girl's body. Morgan attempts the exorcism, and as the demon is being forced out of the girl's body, it grabs onto Morgan. But the demon doesn't possess Morgan and Morgan doesn't understand why. It's not until she begins to wake up finding notes written to herself by herself, that she thinks she is going crazy. She thought that she has been sleepwalking, and it turns out, she is actually possessed by a very powerful demon. Morgan is still in control of her body though because her aura is so powerful. The rest of the story is circled around the mystery of why she is possessed and yet still in control, who the demon is that is possessing her, and she is also trying to figure out why people are trying to kill her.Overall, I liked the book. Sometimes it became a little tiresome and Morgan was a little annoying with all the stupid things she did. There was also a little too much BDSM going on. But I wouldn't tell people not to read it just because of that. I will be reading the next book in the series whenever I have the opportunity.