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New Adult Paranormal Romance serial Shifters live in the shadows of Seattle, just under the skin of the alpha male, dot-com entrepreneurs who are building a new Silicon Valley in the Emerald City. Jak and Arianna have found something special in each other's arms... but is it something they can keep? Is love stronger than magic? Or will breaking an unbreakable bond destroyNew Adult Paranormal Romance serial Shifters live in the shadows of Seattle, just under the skin of the alpha male, dot-com entrepreneurs who are building a new Silicon Valley in the Emerald City. Jak and Arianna have found something special in each other's arms... but is it something they can keep? Is love stronger than magic? Or will breaking an unbreakable bond destroy them both?Pleasure (Dark Alpha 2) is 60 pages or 15,000 words. It's the second of six episodes in the Dark Alpha serial. Adult content. Ages 18+.....

Title : Pleasure
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ISBN : 24579876
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Pleasure Reviews

  • Nancy❤The❤Bookaholic
    2019-02-10 20:06

    Things are really heating up in book two. Possibilities of breaking that magical bond between an Alpha and his mate is on the horizon. I can't wait to see who comes out on top, an Alpha or a Beta. It's crazy to think what people will give up in the name of love.

  • Blondies Little Book Life
    2019-02-19 17:46

    *This review may contain spoilers*I received an ARC for an honest review“I know your smile brightens my day.” Jak’s eyes were shining again. “I know you like to run free but you won’t run from a fight. I know you flush pink when you’re excited, and you’re beautiful even when you’re sad. I know, right here, right now, you’re more worried about me than you are about yourself. And I know you were only beginning to live when Mace forced you to mate… and that’s something so horribly wrong that I can’t stand by and watch it any longer.”I am loving Jak and Arianna's Story. The more I read, the more intense it gets. Now that Jak and Arianna have taken there relationship to the next step, Jak is more determined than ever to get her away from Mace. The only way to do that is to find a way to break and unbreakable bond. Sounds impossible right?! Well I have faith in Jak that he will do just that. But worried for what that will do to both him and Arianna. When the time comes for Jak to find out how to make the impossible happen, he has no other choice than to ask the witch Hecca for help. But asking a witch for help isn't always the best thing, especially for a shifter. The more Jak and Arianna spend time together, the more they are in danger of being caught by Mace. I loathed him in True Alpha and even more so in Dark Alpha. Gah. He deserves everything coming to him and then some. I love the way Jak treats Arianna. He treats her like a man should treat a woman. He respects her and wants more than anything for her to be happy. They have such a strong connection and attraction to one another. Its more than a physical attraction, they are able to connect on such a deep level that neither has ever felt. Their scenes are flat out HOT! I want more. I can't wait to see what happens next. I am on the edge of my seat waiting for the next installment. These books are must reads. You won't want to miss out. Trust me.

  • Linda ❤️ SassyClassyNasty
    2019-01-28 18:42

    4 Stars"I know your smile brightens my day I know you like to run free but won't run from a fight. I know you flush pink when you're excited, and you're beautiful even when you're sad. I know, right here, right now, you're more worried about me than you are about yourself. And I know you were only beginning to live when Mace forced you to mate..and that's something so horribly wrong that I can't stand by and watch it any longer."Committing the ultimate betrayal, Arianna finds herself falling for Jak. But they can't freely act on and voice these feelings. But Jak has a plan...Jak thinks he can ask a witch to break the unbreakable bond between alpha and mate. But he's caught in a conundrum when the witch wants other..favors in exchange. We see more of the witches' roles in the plot and am interested in seeing how this is going to play out.I wish I would've gotten more of a back-story for Jak and Arianna. I understand they've had this attraction to each other, but where we start reading, it doesn't justify enough reason for them to risk so much for each other. Jak is willing to put his life on the line for Arianna. The gesture was uber sweet; I just didn't feel unadulterated conviction.

  • bookaholic ge
    2019-01-28 20:07

    What can I say people yet again I have read this book and I need more of this in my life right now! This is book 2 of this series and things are really heating up. Jak and Arianna have given just a little bit more into the temptation of having and yearning for someone you should never touch. Jak has had a taste of greatness and he is playing for keeps. Arianna wants Jak but cant help getting drawn in by the bond between her and her selfish Alpha. Every page of this book pulled at my heart strings and I'm really starting to look like the bookaholic I call myself because their torment has become my new fascination!I received this book as an ARC from Alisa Woods for my honest review. Honestly people all you need to know is if you read this series you wont regret it.

  • Teri
    2019-01-25 16:51

    I received a copy of this book from the author for a honest review.Oh this is getting good!!!!!!!! I just love Jak! And the mystery... who is behind this??? I can't wait to find out. And Mace... I think he's up to something again. Must read series!!

  • Barb Shuler
    2019-01-29 19:43

    I want to thank Alisa Woods for providing me with an ARC of "Pleasure", book 2 in her new Dark Alpha series.Now, I must say my heart goes out to both Arianna and Jak. To be mated to Mace is not only miserable and painful for Adrianna but it isn't what she really wanted. It never was. She was stolen from her family and forced to mate the douche bag Alpha. Can we say cunt... that would be him. (Ugh I hate that word but its the only one that fits him at the moment... lol) Adrianna should mean more to Mace than she does. He only uses her to get himself off. Just like a man.After her first time making love, yes actually making love set a spark off in her. The fact that Mace had never given her a real orgasm and Jak had elated her. Jak hit a spot in her that Mace had never gotten her to. Opening her heart for Jak. They had to keep it a secret. if Mace ever found out what they had done.. they would both die. As soon as they had gotten back to the compound Jak sent out a message that there was a problem. When Gage, Jak’s Alpha and Mace’s older more powerful brother and his pack show up so does Mace and his two betas. Of course Mace gets angry that Adrianna was attacked but didn't even bother to ask if she was okay. He only cared that his father insisted she went to the university.Jak gives Gage a full rundown of what happened. When Mace (being Mace) insulted Gage Jak jumped to his defense. As his beta he could do that and after more snide comments and gestures Mace and Jak were on the ground, claws out and grappling. This went on for a few minutes until Gage called enough. Jak being the Intel man he was got an alert on his phone from a site online that gave him an address of the hunters location. As he explained to Gage what it was Mace commented he should go alone, that way if it was a trap no one else would be hurt, or killed.And.. Jak agreed. Surprisingly. But he wanted to teach them a lesson. If it was them they were going to meet one pissed off wolf. Jak set up across the street from the address and waited. Hidden in the alley under a box. When the hunters showed up Jak made his way into the house and kicks ass. He does get shot but he would live, it would heal soon enough. he finally gets a name out of the hunters. Hecca. A witch the Red Pack uses in special cases. A form starts to play out in his mind. Maybe there was a way to help Adrianna get away from Mace after all.This story is building into the amazing story I know its going to be. It started off with a bang and the fireworks are just getting started!

  • Caroline Barker
    2019-01-28 15:00

    After an attack, in Torment (Dark Alpha #1), leaves Jak and Arianna in each other’s affectionate and loving arms, Pleasure brings them both, in particular Arianna, back down to earth. She is mated, against her will, to Jak’s alpha’s brother, Mace. To say that he would tear Jak to pieces would most probably be an understatement. Despite her feelings towards Jak, and their recent passion together, Arianna must hold back her feelings and thoughts from Mace, as well as ensure that she washes off Jak’s scent.Jak is furious about the attack, wanting to protect Arianna and his fellow shifters. He is on a mission to find out who was behind the attack, who exactly they were attacking and why. Were the attackers working for humans? Or is it possible a witch was involved? Either way, Jak will make sure they pay for threatening and attacking in such a way that could have led to one or both of their deaths.While Jak has the attack on his mind, there is also his thoughts of Arianna. He will kill for her and go to lengths to ensure her safety and to make her his. As Pleasure unfolds the reader becomes aware of an opportunity Jak may have of ridding the bond between Mace and Arianna – either that or Mace would need to be killed in order to free Arianna!With Arianna unable to leave Mace’s house it is difficult for Jak to meet her. But will Jak find a way?Dark Alpha 2 is an exciting read as we follow Jak and Arianna’s strong feelings, the intensity and passion between them and the fear that Arianna feels of Mace finding out of her betrayal. Pleasure is another heart-pounding read that will keep you on your toes, dying to read episode 3 of the Dark Alpha series, which will be released on February 16th 2015!A copy of Pleasure (Dark Alpha #2) was provided by the author in return for an honest and fair review.

  • Diane Lynch
    2019-02-04 13:57

    Pleasure (Dark Alpha 2) by Alisa Woods Jak seeks a way to free Arianna from her unbreakable mate bond. I cannot get enough of this series. I like that they come in short segments because you can complete them in one sitting. Of course, the downside is waiting to see what happens next, but Alisa Woods is great about getting her releases out quickly so we don’t have to wait too long. The further I read about our hero, Jak, the more I like him. He has a dark side, but it does not come off as a bad thing. He is someone you want to see succeed. Arianna is so sweet she does not deserve to be mated to Mace. He is not a good alpha and a horrible mate. Arianna needs someone who will cherish her. She needs Jak. In this segment, we find out more about the witches’ participation in the plot. I don’t trust the witches in this series. They just seem evil. I enjoyed discovering about their association and infrastructure. I am interested in seeing how their involvement will play out. If you enjoy shape shifter romances, you will want to check out this series. It has a refreshing feel, is well written, and keeps you in suspense. Complimentary copy provided by author in exchange for an honest review.

  • Carrie
    2019-01-25 15:52

    I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.I admit to being very scared for Jak and Ariana when the last book ended. After snubbing their noses at Ariana’s mate and Jak’s alpha’s brother, it seemed like this series should have ended abruptly when they came home smelling like each other. Lucky for us, they were both smarter than me, and immediately showered and changed when they got back. Lucky for them, Mace was out while they did this. Ariana is still stuck in her horrible situation, being essentially raped on a daily basis. It was tough to read in the first book and it is probably even tougher now that it’s very clear she is not consenting. These two star-crossed lovers really have their work cut out for them and that’s probably what pushes Jak to take some drastic action. After all we learned about witches in the previous series, I would think he would be more than hesitant to approach one for help. I guess this shows exactly how desperate Jak is to be with his would-be mate. This installment ends on a sort-of cliffhanger, with us unsure how these two lovebirds will ever find a way to be together. I’m really hoping the next book shows more Jak and Ariana and way less rapey awfulness.

  • Letty(Cover to Cover Book Blog Reviewer)
    2019-01-29 17:57

    This second installment in the Dark Alpha series continues right where the previous book ended, with the events after Jak and Arianna's attack.Jak and Arianna have found pleasure in each other's arms, but now they must act like nothing happened. When they return to the house, they work to remove all traces of the other's scent from their bodies to avoid any suspicions.Jak calls a meeting to discuss the attack and Mace, being the hothead he is, starts hurling insults left and right. When he insults his brother, Gage, Jak takes this opportunity to fight him. Their scuffle gives Jak the chance to hit him without being reprimanded by his Alpha and still release his anger and frustration with the situation. When Jak tries to confront the witch he believes is behind the attack, he is left with more questions and a proposition that he doesn't know what to do with.The plot thickens, just like the desire between Arianna and Jak, who has proven he will go to any length to be with the one he loves.

  • ❤️ Paulette
    2019-02-14 16:53

    Book 2- Pleasure (The Dark Alpha Series )Author – Alisa WoodsI want to start off by saying I hate writing reviews for short shories installment..... .... I truly understand it takes time to write all these books, but then we have to wait so long for next book to come out its hard we have to go back and reread that last book.. So plz tried to write as quick as possible.. Thanks your awesome writer..Episode two picks up, right where it left off in episode one. Jak is trying to get to the bottom of what happened to him and Arianna when he was her escort to the college. Arianna can't stop thinking about Jak and how he treats her like a true alpha should treat a mate. She needs to stay clear headed around Mace, because if he found out about her and Jak's then he would kill Jak and torture her. Jak is determined to find a way to break the unbreakable bond between mate's. But how low will he have to go to get his way. Can he finally have the mate he wants or will he lose her in his plan to get rid of Mace?

  • Brigitte
    2019-02-04 20:42

    I am totally loving the Dark Alpha series. Episode two picks up, right where it left off in episode one. Jak is trying to get to the bottom of what happened to him and Arianna when he was her escort to the college. What transpired between Jak and Arianna in the last episode is getting more and more intense. At the moment, the prospect of them being together is very bleak due to the fact that Arianna is mated to Mace and the nature of being werewolves calls for cautions as the repercussions could be very unpleasant. I am so looking forward to the next episode to see how the mysteries surrounding the incident at the college unfold. Besides, will Jak find a way to break the "unbreakable" mating bond between Arianna and Mace? I received an ARC from the author in exchange for an honest review and I would like to thank her for giving me the opportunity to read this compelling and intriguing story.

  • Lauren
    2019-02-19 13:54

    [image error]Good Grief!! If you thought the plot thicken at the end of Torment, you have no idea what you are about to walk into. Things continue to heat up between Jak and Arianna’s mate Mace as the news of their attack hit home. Couple that with Jak and Arianna’s sordid affair becoming more and more dangerous being added to the volatile mix and you’ve got the recipe for disaster on the horizon. The additional characters that are new to the ever thickening plot bring to light something that may affect Jak and Arianna‘s desire and need to be each other’s mate. Jak is faced with likely on the hardest decisions in his life. Do you die trying to save the one you love or fall to your knees in defeat?

  • Erica
    2019-02-17 17:52

    Now onto part 2 that continues on from Torment and its entirely engrossing.Alisa's humor really shines in this story Jak is incredibly hilarious and is really getting his shifter on in this installment. I love how much they are both risking for this. Together they have that meant to be feel that I love and look forward to their developing relationship behind the back of the evil Mace.There is definite fire in the coupling of Jak and Arianna, you feel it every time they are together.Arianna really has a strength beyond normal to go through what she does and still have hope it is beautiful.The sexy scenes are chilli hot.We get more of the witching world and its quite interesting and I look forward to see what comes of these nasty beings.Really looking forward to the next installment I will most definitely being continuing on with this serial.

  • Angela Withrow TheArdentReader
    2019-02-21 13:47

    Jak now has a big dilemma! He has to find out who is behind the attack on Arianna and himself. They were bounty hunters for sure, but who and why? He can't think straight. Arianna keeps creeping back into his thoughts.He has to find a way to separate Arianna from her mate. But how can he do that without killing Mace?He is disgusted by the thought of them together, but she has no choice. In this section of the story, Jak does all he can to find out who is behind the attack. Even going so far as to visit the witches, natural enemies of the wolf. Even if they do work together, it doesn't mean they like it.I hope you enjoy this second part of the series! A little heat in the mix as Jak and Arianna explore their feelings!

  • Heather Carver
    2019-02-17 16:41

    This is an amazing second book in this serial. I cannot wait for book three. Well I can't wait for the rest of this serial to come out. I NEED more. Arianna can't stop thinking about Jak and how he treats her like a true alpha should treat a mate. She needs to stay clear headed around Mace, because if he found out about her and Jak's then he would kill Jak and torture her. Jak is determined to find a way to break the unbreakable bond between mate's. But how low will he have to go to get his way. Can he finally have the mate he wants or will he lose her in his plan to get rid of Mace?This is one of the best serials I've read. I can't wait for the rest of these books to come out and the next project that Alisa has in story for us.

  • Valerie Spearman
    2019-02-01 13:59

    As the story continues, Jak's obsession with Arianna grows deeper. His disdain for Mace, her mate, is nearing the boiling point. Desperate, Jak seeks help from the witches to break the mating bond between Mace and Arianna. There is one that is willing to help, but the price is one that he dreads.Having endured much pain and abuse from Mace for the four years that she has been his captive, Arianna experiences unknown pleasure from Jak and is longing for more. The best option for Jak is a dangerous one--one that would destroy him.I received a copy as a gift and this is my honest review. Be sure to read this series as each episode gets better and better. Oh, I forgot to say that the love scenes are sizzling hot and leave you wanting for more.

  • Jennifer Schultheis
    2019-01-28 20:45

    Pleasure is part two in the Dark Alpha series and continues right where we left off. Let me tell you, this story just keeps getting better. Jak and Arianna are heating up the pages, but it's not without frustration. Frustration because Arianna is mated to Mace and Mace deserves to be throat punched. Emotions are running high and I have a feeling it's only going to get more emotional as we read on. Jak is trying to find a way to break the mating bond between Arianna and Mace, but will he succeed?

  • Lisa
    2019-02-01 20:00

    Jack and Arianna are really testing the lengths of the mating bond. They are sneaking around. After the attack at the college Jak can't stop thinking about Arianna. The problem still lies with Mace. When Jax sees what Mace has done to Arianna one night he makes a vow to her.Jak want to find a way to free Arianna but what length would he be willing to go? This is a sweet thing that Jak wants to but will it happen? How will Jak free Arianna? Jak's also has to not only worry about Mace but someone else also. But who would be after him or or they after Arianna?

  • loves 2 read romance
    2019-02-23 18:10

    I was gifted a copy of this book for review.Alisa Woods writes an amazing story that pulls you in. Jak will do anything to protect Arianna. He has fallen hard for the Littlefield the problem she is already mated.Arianna is basically kept a prisoner. Mace does not like her to leave the house. She is trying to do what she thinks he wants but after Jak she wants more. She wants free of Mace.This story continues to get better with each new piece of the puzzle. What is Jak willing to do to make Arianna his?

  • Natasha
    2019-02-16 21:02

    Jak decides he wants to find a way to free Arianna but at what cost would he go to to free her no matter what it takes. He's investigating who sent bounty hunters to the college to go after them He finds his self wanting to see Arianna to make sure that Mace hasn't found out about them. Will he find the answers he looking for to set her free and will Arianna take the risk to break the magical bond between her and Mace to be with Jak?

  • Sandy Grissett
    2019-01-30 14:02

    Great readThis is another great read by Alisa Woods. Jak is going out to locate the hunters and to find out who and what they wanted with Arianna and himself. He discovers that a powerful witch named Hecca hired the hunters , not wanting him as much yet wanting Arianna's heart. After he learns of this Jak goes in search of Hecca only to discover that she had nothing to do with the hunters. He is now left with how he can free Arianna from Mace. Great read!

  • Jana
    2019-01-24 14:55

    keeps gettin' better.Omg I love Jak. I hope that Mace makes a complete douche move and gets himself killed so Jak doesn't have to, cause I like his relationship with Gage(? I can't recall the name). Jak's alpha and Mace's brother. Ariana is sweet and kind and I love the connection between her and Jak. More please!!

  • Tammy
    2019-02-05 17:08

    I love Jak and Arianna these two have wonderful chemistry and I hope they find a way to break away from Mace. This story is fast paced and so exciting, I can’t wait to get my hands on the next part of the series. Will the witches help or betray them, will Jak and Arianna be able to break there magical ties to the pack. I can’t wait to find out. Love it.

  • Somer
    2019-02-09 20:49

    Hot and Sexy- I love the chemistry between Arianna and Jak. Jak risks everything in order to save the girl that has finally made his heart stop. Pleasure Dark Alpha 2 is full of emotions and twists that having you begging for more.

  • Jennifer
    2019-01-31 20:44

    ARC from received from authorGreat part 2. Picked up right where the first one stopped. I'm glad Jak walked away from that deal...not a good idea at all. But what's he gonna do now, curious minds want to know. I still really want to punch Mace.

  • Donna Repsher
    2019-01-31 13:56

    Exactly what I've come to expect from Alisa Woods' paranormal novels--interesting characters and an exciting read. I've already started reading the third installment of this series, and I hope she's writing the fourth, fifth and sixth installments very quickly!

  • Kimberly Walden
    2019-02-13 20:46

    Part 2 in wolf shifter series - NOT a standalone!Kindle Unlimited book in series. Is a cliffhanger. Not a lot happens in this part of the series but it will make you not like the Alphas and how they treat their mates!! On to book 3!

  • Thea™
    2019-02-19 17:03

    Dark Alpha is the sequel series to True Alpha.

  • Kathy Harrington
    2019-02-18 21:11

    So far it's ok. It's weird, I'm not loving it but not hating it enough to stop reading. I'm curious to see where this leads.