Read I Believe in Love: A Personal Retreat Based on the Teaching of St. Therese of Lisieux by Jean C.J. d'Elbée Online


A personal retreat based on St. Therese of Lisieux. A wondrous distillation of the teachings of St. Therese of Lisieux on God's love and on confidence in Him; on humility, peace, and charity; on the Cross; and on abandonment to Providence. Learn to rest in God amid troubles, living joyfully with Him always....

Title : I Believe in Love: A Personal Retreat Based on the Teaching of St. Therese of Lisieux
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ISBN : 9781928832287
Format Type : Paperback
Number of Pages : 304 Pages
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I Believe in Love: A Personal Retreat Based on the Teaching of St. Therese of Lisieux Reviews

  • Michele
    2018-12-20 01:39

    This book is truly inspiring - a must read!

  • Mark
    2019-01-16 22:26

    What an encouraging book! This was another one of those cases where God seems to bring me to exactly the book I need at exactly the time I need it.

  • Jeanette
    2019-01-15 22:54

    Ahhh I finally finished this book! I've been reading it for a year now. It is SOOO good. I could reread it continuously and be enlightened every time. It took me a long time because it wasn't the kind of book that I wanted to read cover to cover and then move on from...I've been digesting it slowly. There is so much wisdom in it, I know I'll just have to keep rereading it to really let the lessons sink in.

  • Adam
    2018-12-21 04:39

    A friend loaned Fr. d'Elbee's treasure of a book to me as an introduction to the spirituality of St. Therese of Lisieux. This book presents ten retreat conferences based loosely on the spirituality of St. Therese of Lisieux, and to a lesser extent, of St. John Vianney, St. Margaret Mary Alacoque, and St. Francis de Sales. Depending on your reading pace, each chapter / conference can be read in about 30 minutes to an hour with some care and reflection. I'd recommend reading one chapter at a time and in a single sitting, and then allowing a reasonable break to let the teachings and insights of the conference seek in. Even with this approach, the book is readable in the space of a weekend without rushing too drastically. Fr. d'Elbee's work is perfect for self-directed retreats, or could be taken with you on a weekend retreat, though if you are attending a preached retreat, this book and your other retreat conferences might be a bit much to absorb in one weekend.The conferences are more in the character of meditations than scholarly discourses, but they hit a deep vein of truth and are well written. Though this is a book to be read with the heart, the conferences have enough intellectual heft to satisfy those who take a more intellectual approach to faith and spiritual study.

  • Kerri
    2019-01-09 06:45

    The most life changing book ever read. Spirtual books, especially those which journey through a personal retreat, are often times too scary to pick up merely because they are feared uncomprehendable. This book is anything but. it is extremely easy to read, very inspirational, and an amazing and lovely take on the teachings of one of the most beautiful saints. i recommend this book to anyone looking or searching for meaning or purpose. in a few short weeks of reading this i can honestly say i felt a change in my whole person.

  • Paul Burdett
    2019-01-12 22:49

    This is an awesome book, it distills down her Little Way in such a humble digestible manner, loved it...

  • нєνєℓ¢ανα
    2019-01-14 23:56

    Quite excellent work and spiritual journey...

  • Erin Montgomery
    2018-12-25 00:39

    I want to read this book over and over again for the rest of my life. What a beautiful account of the Love that lives within each of us.

  • Mandy
    2018-12-23 01:44

    There is so much to learn from St. Therese! I loved the reflections that the author wrote based on the life of this beloved saint. This is on my top ten favorite books list :)

  • Christine
    2019-01-09 23:41

    This is a fantastic spiritual read.For too long I had relegated St. Therese as an overly sentimental young girl; childish. This despite her status as Doctor of the Church.This books - by the grace of the Holy Spirit, of course - taught me so see differently.In his "conferences" (chapters) Elbee makes St. Therese of Lisieux accessible to all of us; even those of us with excessively hard hearts who tend to be too deaf and daft to hear. I read the book slowly, meditating on it. It was a pre-Lenten read for me and so was perfect as an introduction for me to read the great saint in her own words, The Story of a Soul.

  • Audrey
    2019-01-01 05:41

    Excellent book that I cannot recommend highly enough. Emphasizing complete confidence in the mercy of God and total abandonment to divine providence in daily life, this book is truly a life-changing read. One of the elements that made it most resonate with me was the gentle presentation, conveying the beauty of these truths in a way that is as hope-filled and approachable as it is challenging and inspiring. I read this over two months, just a few pages at a time, because it is so rich and impactful. It is one of those books that I think I need to read on a continuous loop.

  • Catherine
    2019-01-19 02:55

    This books brings you through a very interesting journey of your relationship with Christ. It is insightful, practical, very interesting on certain topics like abandonement, God's Mercy and Love. It is terribly easy to read and very applicable to everyday life. Defintely worth a read and as it says, it's worth reading in a couple of days like during a retreat. You get the most out of it that way.

  • djt
    2019-01-12 06:39

    St. Therese, as always, in "I Believe In Love" puts into very simple words the most profound thoughts about God, about spirituality, about the importance of putting love first in our lives, even for those we disagree with, and especially or those who have harmed, or offended us in any way. One of the most simple, yet powerful, works of spiritual direction.

  • Emilia P
    2018-12-30 00:30

    Read with Church Ladies. Moments of greatness, some of the individual chapters had great depths to plumb but overall it does not come together as a retreat for me. But perhaps it's about the feeling rather than the specifics. Also, there was not enough about actual St. Therese in it. Wah wah wah.

  • Katy
    2019-01-06 23:55

    A deep, meaningful book on the love and mercy of Jesus. This is one to read many times, and to ponder carefully. It is thoroughly Catholic, but non-Catholics who admire the saints will still be inspired to contemplate and trust in His love.

  • Rachel
    2018-12-28 01:39

    I'm just not going to rate this. I was forced to read it for school and then right a meditative paper on it. While I'm a big fan of St. Therese, I rebel against authority and thus detested reading this. I know, I'm a great person.

  • Amy
    2019-01-14 02:51

    So of my favorite books. It sat on my shelf for over a year, then picked it up just at the right time. It's one of those books you can just randomly open up and digest goodness. Changed my view of love and life.

  • Leslie
    2018-12-30 04:40

    My favorite all time spiritual book. It transformed St.Therese from a sweet saint for young girls to a power house of strength and courage. I was expecting at the time that I read it first and it so inspired me that I included Therese in the baby's name.

  • Kathryn
    2019-01-01 22:35

    My friend who became a nun said I should read it. I only get to hear from her once a year. I tend to follow her advice.

  • Sarahehlert
    2018-12-27 00:35

    Reading this book made me happy. What more can I say?

  • Leon Jose
    2018-12-26 04:48

    A great and powerful book. It was recommended to me by my best friend Dcn. McNulty. Thank you Lord for St. Therese

  • Jacqueline
    2018-12-19 23:43

    My favorite book of all time!!! If you haven't read it, you won't regret it, it changed the way I thought about love.

  • Joey Sagel
    2019-01-13 22:30

    The best book on the Little Flower aside from story of a soul (I've read several of them) A very consoling book. Another I will go back to again and again.

  • Carlos
    2019-01-06 23:46

    Beautifully written. If read with an open heart, this book will truly let you feel St. Therese's extraordinary love for God.

  • Anne
    2019-01-17 04:28

    This is one of my favorite spiritual reads. It's beautiful. Be warned that it will take you a long time to finish since you can sit for a long time with every single sentence.

  • Colleenduggan
    2019-01-04 22:40

    A must read. A spiritual classic.

  • Ted Leon
    2019-01-11 06:27

    I didn't expect much from this book since I find The Little Flower's spirituality overly sentimental. To my surprise it was absolutely beautiful. A book to be read and sampled on a regular basis.

  • Lindsey
    2018-12-24 23:29

    I own this book and will definitely read it again. Very spiritually insightful!

  • rebecca
    2019-01-08 00:38

    just started it but it is amazing so far!

  • Rachel
    2018-12-27 06:49

    Great book to read on a retreat.