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I knew I was taking a risk loving a man like Julian Markham. But I thought that love was enough to cover over his darkness.I thought wrong.Ivy Leavold came to Markham Hall looking for a home and a new start, and instead she found the enigmatic Julian Markham--along with a love that threatened to consume them both.  Now Mr. Markham is offering her a new life as his bride, I knew I was taking a risk loving a man like Julian Markham. But I thought that love was enough to cover over his darkness.I thought wrong.Ivy Leavold came to Markham Hall looking for a home and a new start, and instead she found the enigmatic Julian Markham--along with a love that threatened to consume them both.  Now Mr. Markham is offering her a new life as his bride, as the mistress of Markham Hall, and Ivy wants nothing more than to say yes.But Ivy knows that the closer she binds herself to Mr. Markham, the closer she binds herself to danger.  And the deeper their love grows, the closer she gets to discovering the truth surrounding her cousin's death.  Once she does, the explosive secret will rip them apart... possibly forever....

Title : The Education of Ivy Leavold
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The Education of Ivy Leavold Reviews

  • Sophia Triad
    2019-01-08 17:49

    Was I excited or was I scared?And given what I had realized about myself – and about us – did it matter which?I turned and faced him, my fiancé and master, pressing my back against the door. Blood and warmth and want pooled in my core as I watched him watching me.Sierra Simone writes excellent historical erotica! Think of Jane Eyre or Wuthering Heights, all this slow burn and desperation. And then add some 50 Shades of Grey in the mix with all the sinister things that a man with a dark soul wants to do to his woman and the guilt that she feels whether this is normal and acceptable and if she is allowed to like it. In this case, there is no Christian. There is only Julian and Julian moreover likes to share his toys with his best friends.Who is afraid of Julian? Ivy is afraid of Julian, because there is still the mystery of the death of his previous wife. And all the evidence points to him. And everyone feels the need to warn confused Ivy. There are the Mrs. Brightmore, the housekeeper; Mrs. Harold, the rector’s wife; Gerald, the valet and a mysterious old, short man with the white hair.Julian Markham wants to keep Ivy forever. He wants to cage her and isolate her from everybody. But seriously there is no way that he can avoid telling her the truth – even if he has to do it before they get married.I have a feeling that Ivy will be severely punished in the next book, because she is not allowed to run away from the only man that she ever loved. Because I was made to be with him. And if I ever had to leave him, it would rent me into pieces.

  • CC
    2019-01-02 16:41

    5 "I'm going to take that Ass" Stars!!!! Book two continues with Julian and Ivy's relationship and it is a scorcher! Julian Markham proposed to Ivy but the mystery surrounding Julian's previous wives continue to cast doubt in Ivy's mind. However, after Julian ignited desire and passion within Ivy, she is more than willing to be educated by Mr. Markham. My only question is how quickly can I travel to Markham Hall???"A flush crept up his neck. Without a word, he roughly flipped me over, so that my feet touched the carpet and I was bent over the table. He didn't miss a beat, just buried his dick in me again, a hand wrapped around my neck for leverage.""I looked over to see Mr. Markham sitting in a chair across the room from the bed, his long legs stretched out before him, his green eyes watching me like a predator watches his prey. Intently. With ownership...Come here, Ivy, he commanded. When I reached him, he issued another order. Kneel""You look amazing like this, he said after a minute. Back arched, dripping with my seed, begging me to take your ass. This, my future wife is the benefit of good education."Cannot wait to read the continuation of Julian and Ivy's journey of passion and love.

  • Sher❤ The Fabulous BookLover
    2018-12-26 16:46

    **5 I Want Mr. Markham To Teach Me Stars!!!!**Gosh this book! I loved this book soooo much I'm at a loss for words. I literally want all my friends to read this amazing story. This series reminds me of an erotic Jane Eyre....enough said right?! Book 2 takes off right where book 1 leaves off. And the story gets even more intense as ever. This is not your usual's very core is laced with steamy eroticism so you must have an open mind while reading it. I'm loving the storyline and I'm loving the characters. Julian Markham and Ivy Leavold are two of the most interesting characters I've ever read and I have to know what happens next! And the sex...Holy crap I've never been so turned on from a book in my entire life! The heat from the sex, (view spoiler)[especially the menage (hide spoiler)], burned through my kindle. I had to put it down a few times to control myself. You think you love Christian Grey? Well you haven't met Julian Markham!["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>

  • ♥ Jx PinkLady Reviews ♥
    2018-12-20 21:33

    Review to come Julian!! Sigh Wonderful....A new author on my #mustread list.

  • Deanna❤Pink Lady❤️
    2018-12-16 22:37

    Review to come but OMG it's FABULOUS

  • Jacqueline
    2018-12-29 16:34

    I'm going to need a minute after reading that...jeez what a scorcher...In this the second part of Ivy and Mr Markham' s (for I cannot call him Julian) story, Ivy is still trying to figure out whether the devilishly dark and delish Mr Markham could really have bumped off his first and second wives. A few mysterious people creep out of corners and utter a few teasing words, but we still don't know who is to be trusted.Meanwhile Mr Markham is continuing to educate Ivy on his sexual requirements. He has quite the filthiest mouth and something of an obsession with her arse in this (which oddly for a Victorian English gent he calls 'ass') so it was extremely, incredibly rude. And from someone like me who reads far more erotica than is healthy, that's saying something. I mean, h-o-t.This is a fairly short read with more sex than story, but it's a page turner. Ends on a cliffhanger, one more part to go. I'm looking forward to it anyway.Recommended.

  • Fathima
    2018-12-18 23:59

    Yahoooooooo-zer !!! Wow ... * fans self * wow .. this was one hot read !Ivy's journey continues under Julian ' mysteriously broody' Markham's ministrations and boy oh boy do you soooo wanna be there !!!! We got a lot of answers in this installment of the series . But not nearly enough . What really surprised me was how Ivy and Julian like to 'play' .. For a girl who was a virgin till she met Julian , Ivy sure has some serious kinky taste . Like the gal would try anything ! Almost ....

  • ~IreneOust~
    2018-12-24 20:54

    Full review to come at the end of the series but I am loving Julian & Ivy!

  • Kay (❦ ᴗ ❦ ✿) BooksandMe
    2019-01-03 18:46

    As what had happened with the The Awakening of Ivy Leavold, I am rendered speechless by Julian. I can’t actually picture out how Ivy would look like because all my thoughts are consume by Mr. Markham himself. And to think that Julian wants a teacher-student relationship with Ivy. Will he be good? Or will she be an obedient pupil?“Back arched, dripping with my seed, begging me to take your ass. This, my future wife, this is the benefit of a good education.” Please, please! I want to be your student! But what draws me more to this story is the all-consuming love that and the connection that they felt for each other. Every word and every moment, it tugs at me and consumes me.“I feel like you and I are one person, one soul split into two bodies, and when we’re joined like this, it almost feels like that spirit is whole again.”“Yes,” he told me. “We were meant to be together. You were born to be Ivy Markham. I was born to love you. When I’m deep inside you, I feel my heart beat in tandem with yours. Can you feel it?” “I want you to relax again. Be my wildcat, be my kitten. Purr and arch and let me pet you.” Mr. Markham is not the flowers and chocolate type of man no matter how hot he is, or caring, or seeing to Ivy’s needs. There is still that darkness that surrounds him and the mystery that makes you want to unravel him.“No gentleman grew rigid and thick at the thought of a woman sobbing underneath him.But Mr. Markham did.”

  • Myla
    2018-12-19 15:46

    "I want you to be my wife," Julian Markham asked of Ivy Leavold.Ivy could not immediately answer Julian because so many things running thru her mind. But one particular question kept nagging in her mind was who killed Violet? Is it true that Julian had a hand in her death? Everyone says that Julian is a dangerous man.When Julian use his sexual prowess to Ivy, she's powerless not to say yes. And so when Ivy accepted Julian to be her fiancé, he starts to teach Ivy on how to be a submissive and introduce her to different sexual pleasure for which Ivy learned and enjoyed.Everything is planned for the wedding until a man from York, inform Ivy that she have a relative looking for her and they are wondering what happened to the letter they are sent to Ivy. Ivy started to search for that letters and when she discovered where it was hidden. Julian trying to explain why he kept it from her. And finally told Ivy what happened the night Violet died. Now, it's up to Ivy if she'll accept Julian to be her husband after lying to her or will she just walk away?If all historical novel is this good, bring it on! Sierra Simone is a great discovery to me and I'm looking forward to read the book 3, for sure it's going to be scorching hot than book 2.

  • Mercedes
    2019-01-11 22:49

    I'm not sure there is much else I can say about Julian and Ivy besides Holy F*ck! They seriously have some of the hottest sexy-times I've ever read. Some of the things that come out of Julian's mouth just make me melt! I love the push and pull of their relationship. There are some times when Julian is so clearly in charge but then Ivy will turn the tables on him and it is truly delightful to behold. The mystery and intrigue surrounding Julian and his late wives (yes, wives) is a perfect counterbalance to the delightful debauchery of Ivy and Julian. I am dying to get my hands on the next, and last book.Everyone who hasn't read this series yet read it! Like seriously, read it now.

  • Natalie M
    2019-01-12 17:58

    Wow, I just love this series!! Love the story, love the writing, love the crazy ass and sometimes cruel Julian, Loved every bit of this book! It does have a cliffhanger and a whopper at that, but thankfully the third and final installment is due out next month. This series is absolutely addicting and I'm so glad I came across it (I love when that happens!) Bring on book three, Ms. Simone!!! :-)

  • J. McCoy
    2019-01-10 23:34

    You know how sometimes when you love a book so much you’re at a loss for words to accurately describe your feelings? You just want to shove the book in your friends faces and demand they read it right that second. That’s how I feel about The Education of Ivy Leavold. The dirty factor was upped times 10, compared to book 1. The suspense and mystery that surrounds Julian only grew stronger and Ivy’s self-discovery was so damn erotic, I may have abused myself. Don’t tell anyone, okay?I love Julian. He’s a dirty, dirty boy. But the man is also extremely sensitive. Sierra really nailed his vulnerability, which I wasn’t expecting a man of his time and stature to so willingly show. There are times that Ivy brings him to his knees and his desperation is heart breaking. Part of me wanted him to suffer for his sins but the other part of me wanted to comfort him. And maybe, if I comforted him enough, he’d do to me that thing he did to Ivy at the dinner table. Because holy heck… the dinner table, good grief. Talk about needing a moment alone after reading that.Speaking of dinner tables… HOLY LEFT HANDING! There’s a scene… In a restaurant… That will BLOW YOUR FREAKING MIND! And what follows dinner was one of THE hottest things I’ve ever read. I had no idea people from the 1800’s were so dirty and creative and just downright horny. Speaking of the 1800’s, this book does not feel Historical. The wording is not stuffy and confusing. With some minor changes, it really could be contemporary – but I wouldn’t have Sierra change a thing. That fact that Ivy is so dependent on Julian, the simpleness of the setting, it makes Julian and Ivy’s love affair that much more intoxicating.This is one of those books that I wish everyone would pick up and give a chance. It’s so beautifully written; it’s smart without being stuffy or cold. It’s passionate and erotic and I just can’t get enough of this delicious series. 5 stars – and I can’t wait to get my hands on book #3, The Punishment of Ivy Leavold, coming out March 9th!

  • Noel
    2019-01-14 23:00

    This book has seriously juicy ASS sex scenes! Mr Markham may be doing his thang a few centuries ago, but he can hold his own with ALL the current alpha BDSM men we all love!!!!

  • Beneath The Covers Blog
    2018-12-30 20:57

    Short review found HERE -->

  • Alexandra
    2019-01-07 17:52

    3.5I gaved the first book 5 stars out of 5. This is more like a 3.5,it doesn't reach the fourth star.The story goes on with Ivy and Julian,like in the first book Ivy tries to figure out what does Julian hides. She finds out in this book but before that *i shouldn't be complaining but...* THERE'S SO MANY SMUTTY SCENES GOSH. I tought for a moment that something was going to break down there,i swear...I have to say,my favourite scene was the one with Silas. I would read a whole book about him without thinking. Blue eyes,black hair...what do you need more?! *I LOOOVE HIM* I hope there's going to be more scenes with him in the next book."I turned, seeing a tall man with a striking face and even more striking blue eyes. Carved cheekbones, curved lips, smile lines etched around his eyes and mouth. He’d cut his dark hair short in the week since I’d seen him and he was in expensive evening wear rather than the more casual clothes I’d seen on him before, but I’d still recognize Silas Cecil-Coke anywhere."So yeah,this time the story bored me a lot. There were a lot of repeted scenes like *SIT DOWN* *KNEEL WILDCAT* Like damn,fifty shades of grey too much?

  • Kat Desi
    2018-12-24 17:54

    This book is the continuation of the story of Julian Markham and Ivy Leavold. Mr Markham (for some reason Mr Markham sounds way more delish and wicked) had asked Ivy to be his wife, despite his second wife--her cousin--having only died a couple of months ago. It was no secret that the marriage did not work out, and there were still talks circulating around that he killed her, but Mr Markham didn't care. Ivy was the only one who counted, and he didn't want to live without her.But Ivy still needed answers in regards to her cousin's death, but Mr Markham had made her promise not to ask him about it. Her feelings had grown stronger and more solid, but she still feared him. If she married him, would she end up getting killed herself?Another great installment of the Markham Hall series. Half of this book is made up of sex scenes. I kid you not. And you know what? I LOVED IT. There were some serious delicious scenes right here. Especially the punishment scene... that was so hot. But be warned, the punishment scene here most people would find quite offensive.And holy crap, what an ending. Naturally, I started the next book in the series immediately after! Really I cannot get enough of Mr Markham and Ivy!

  • ilknur a.k.a. iko ◬
    2018-12-28 19:44

    İlk kitapta kızı soydu herkesin önünde ok dedik iki elleme var da gelen misafirler arasında bi adamla karşılaşıyorlsr burda düğün hazırlığı için şehre inince, direk sharing başlıyor bildiğiniz. Mmf. İstemiyorum bana ne. Dokunmasın. Polygamy in sharing out.

  • Louise Seraphim Reviews
    2018-12-18 22:51

    Wow, holy hotness!! This second chapter of the Markham Hall series is even hotter than the first one. I was blown away by the steamy and intense scenes of The Awakening of Ivy Leavold, but The Education completely topped it. The first part ended with Julian Markham wanting Ivy to marry him, we didn't get an answer from her, it just ended. So straight in to this book, it continues immediately and we get Ivy's answer. On from Julian wanting Ivy to marry him, we also start to learn in this book the extent of what Julian craves, and how he intends to teach Ivy. Yes, Julian likes it harder, and far more depraved than you would imagine from a victorian era book, but I think that's what makes it all the more enticing and exciting. The fact that you wouldn't expect it in that time, from such gentlemen and ladies in all their splendid and respectable clothing, makes it more naughty, forbidden and incredibly sexy. So again this book is 130 ish pages of intense heat, and stupidly arousing sex scenes. But alongside that is the incredibly addictive story that was building in the first book. All the mystery surrounding Julian Markham's previous wife is still present, and there's still other characters waiting to put in their opinions and little bits of information, to confuse Ivy even more. It is almost like the mystery in this book steps up a notch, we do find out some more info, and there is a huge shocking reveal at the end, which I'm not entirely sure Ivy will take all that well, but we will find all out in the next book, which I am starting immediately. Oh and I have to mention naughty and posh gentleman friend Silas. Did I mention very hot, and likes to share? Well uhh yes, he is yum and I really hope we see more of him. Definitely recommended, not just for historical romance lovers, but for lovers of very hot erotica, and mystery. This book has it all and much more!!**A copy was provided in exchange for a fair and honest review**

  • Ang~Dirty Laundry Review
    2019-01-09 23:57

    We’re back for the second installment of the Markham Hall series. The Education of Ivy Leavold was a terrific follow-up to book one. We jump right in where the story left off and it’s full speed ahead.Julian is still wearing the shit out of those breeches with his broody sexiness and mysterious secrets. Ivy is still wearing her corsets and petticoats while maintaining her independence even under the tutelage of our dear Mr. Markham. As the title suggests, he sets out to provide her with an education. Oh and he does. And how. I found myself wishing I could be educated by Julian Markham.There’s still plenty of heat and chemistry between the characters. Part of the charm in book one was the will-they-or-won’t-they-back-and-forth and it was almost a relief not to have that in this book. In this book I didn’t stress about when the hot fucking was going to happen. I knew it was coming … I just had no idea how hot it could get. Ladies, be ready to clutch your pearls because there was a threesome and one of the hottest m/f anal scenes that I’ve ever read. It was most definitely left-hand inspirational.As I mentioned in my first review, part of the fun of this series is the mystery behind the death of Ivy’s cousin, Violet. A big piece of the puzzle is revealed in this second installment yet we are still left with questions that need to be answered in book 3. Most importantly, what is up with that horrid Mrs. Brightmore? I can’t wait to see how this all plays out.All in all this was another terrific 5-star read from Sierra Simone. Ms. Simone, I’m in awe of your story telling and your writing. Cheers to book 3!Side note: There was a minor incident involving supporting characters that completely flipped the gender norms and it kind of made my heart beat a little harder for this author.

  • Janey
    2019-01-02 22:55

    Ivy Leavold has nowhere to go. Her brother has died, and left her penniless. Her only option is to accept the kind offer of going to live with her late cousin’s husband; Julian Markham.Julian Markham is a serious, handsome and possessive man. He reeks of domination, and it doesn’t take Ivy long to fall under his spell.I’m not a big fan of historical romance, and this may not truly reside within that genre if I was a diehard fan. But to say I was completely under Mr Markham’s spell too, would be an understatement. I didn’t find her descriptions too flowery or monotone, as I had naively anticipated from a historical. But she totally captured the world at that time, through dialogue as well as characterisation. This story was purely captivating, not only for the mystery surrounding the elusive Mr Markham and his band of merry friends, but for the relationship that developed between himself and Ivy. Ivy was a fantastic character, who had picked herself up from potential squalor, only to find herself the subject of the chattering domestics.I won’t retell the story, because it unfolds quite nicely through the Markham Hall series. They are fairly short, so you can enjoy it relatively quickly.This series rigidly confirms that Ms Simone has a unique talent at writing not only erotic romance, but has opened a further door for me to step through.Utterly splendid!”He was handsome and darkly unpredictable, intelligent and generous with his pleasure. He haunted my thoughts day and night, every hour, every minute, and I thirsted for his company like a forest for rain. I was obsessed, I knew, obsessed in a way that spoke almost more of love than of lust.”

  • Sassy
    2019-01-14 20:57

    Too dark and raw for time period!I absolutely love Historical Romance, but I found this story too raw and dark for this time period.I thoroughly enjoy, dark, raw, naughty books, but, the actions and harsh language displayed by the Hero toward the heroine spoiled the story and made the way he treated her, and her acceptance of the way she was used, unacceptable and unbelievable for that era..

  • Sarah
    2019-01-08 22:38

    Still having mixed thoughts about this. On to book three.

  • Dana aka ♥Belladonna♥
    2018-12-20 21:02

    4.5 "Holy shit that was HOT!" Stars

  • Kelly Emery (Beneath The Covers Blog)
    2018-12-28 23:03

    So many secrets being kept...and so much smut! I blushed too many times while reading this!

  • Elizabeth
    2018-12-21 16:33

    Holy Moly!! This series is H.O.T!! Like seriously...smokin'! And woah that ending geez I am straight onto the next book!! Loving this series!!

  • Tami
    2019-01-15 18:43

    4.5 stars.

  • Court
    2019-01-03 22:45

    I reviewed this at MustReadBooksOrDie with my friend Shel! Shel: Well dayum. I thought book one was wickedly hot...this one is hotter than hot. It's thermonuclear hot. It's fucking hot, y'all. Damn. Court: Scorching. Intense. Walked the edge of our comfort zone. Fucking hot. One-handed reading...!Shel: In book two, the plot picks up right where it left off and we continue to see the turmoil that Ivy feels over Julian and the deaths of his previous wives. Her desire and love/lust and her guilt are all tangled together and have her running to him and from him, often. Court: Wouldn't you be concerned? Just a touch! But...once awakened, Ivy is a flower that is blooming beautifully, and she is taking what is hers. And you know what. YES. Just, fucking yes. Silas. Julian. Ivy. I cannot say more....but, I don't think you'll know what hit you! Shel: By the end of this book we have more answers and new questions about what exactly is going on with Julian. We also have some sexy times and see a little more of Julian's friends (sigh). So. Many. Questions. So. Much. Turmoil....and Emotion. I am in love with the prose, and the ability to immerse myself in this "old world" world that Sierra has given us. I just cannot get enough! Shel: By the end I felt so bad for Julian--and yet I understood why Ivy had to do what she did. And now..NOW?!! I must wait for book three. It feels like it'll be forever until I get it. :/ Court: RIGHT! Dying. Just dying. But you know what...I felt a little bit of hope too. Along with my sadness, and anger, and overall bitterness at the things that I "think" to be true. And if my predictions are correct...well...I hope I'm right!!!

  • Candi~Dirty Laundry Review
    2018-12-28 18:59

    The Education of Ivy Leavold by Sierra Simone I have never wanted to scream so bad "HOLY FUCKING HOTNESS" as I do right now!!! This book. THIS. BOOK. GUYS. OH EMM GEE!!!! I read a lot of books. Tons of books!! I have never been so....aroused, turned on, hot and very bothered while reading a book!!! I swear to god. I read things that, being a married woman and mother of 5, probably shouldn't of been so turned on by. BUT I DONT CARE!! No shame. No guilt. There are things, threesomes. THREESOMES!!! The hottest threesome of threesomes in the history of threesomes. Just. Wow!!! Let me tell you this. Mr. Julian Markham, I want to be his student. There. I said it. Again. No shame. Ivy Leavold is one lucky pupil. And lady. Who has agreed to be taught. And thoroughly fuct. Ahem. Yes. Thoroughly. What I love so much about this book besides all the great sex, and teaching lessons and naughty fun times, there lies a really great story!! A story that is filled with such suspense and mystery. It has you constantly wondering "who done it" and I have theories. But I'll keep those to myself. Ivy does some exploration of herself also. And during this awakening, she has to decide things. Things that are best for her. She makes choices in the end. And that is where we will have to wait to book 3 to find out what happens.

  • Kath
    2019-01-16 16:38

    Continuing from book 1 ( the book cover does not match the era) - How could Julian debase Ivy in such a way and yet profess to love and cherish her. It was as if he can't make up his mind whether to love or punish/hurt her. Ivy seemed such a carefree strong willed young women I was surprised she tolerated such behaviour from Julian. Book 2 has been a puzzle to me, some of their blatant public displays I can't imagine happening in this era. Julian's confession took me by surprise, wasn't expecting that. However I do feel after reading their story this far, I do want to know what happens to this couple