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The first book in an epic new adventure for the Survivors dogs! From Erin Hunter, #1 nationally bestselling author of Warriors, Survivors is full of "wild and wonderful adventure" (Kirkus Reviews, starred review) that will thrill fans of action-packed animal fantasy.For the first time Storm can remember, she has a place in a Pack, and the world that was devastated by the BThe first book in an epic new adventure for the Survivors dogs! From Erin Hunter, #1 nationally bestselling author of Warriors, Survivors is full of "wild and wonderful adventure" (Kirkus Reviews, starred review) that will thrill fans of action-packed animal fantasy.For the first time Storm can remember, she has a place in a Pack, and the world that was devastated by the Big Growl is finally at peace. But tensions are rising among the dogs of the Wild Pack—and the greatest danger they face may come from within....

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A Pack Divided Reviews

  • Chelsea
    2019-01-11 17:10

    Edit: You know you're writing too many books when you start reusing the same titles (aka A Pack Divided and A Forest Divided)A Pack Divided was 100 times better than all 6 of the original survivors books combined. It didn't blow my mind or anything, but it was a solid, interesting book.There only one reason why this book was better, and that was the narration. Storm narrates this book rather than Lucky. I wasn't a fan of Lucky at all, I found his narration extremely boring and monotonous.Storm has a distinct personality, which makes her a far more interesting character to read from. She successfully carries the story whilst bringing her own opinions into it.The story starts off strong and has a solid plot throughout, and Storm keeps us interested. Although there is no more of the ominous "storm of dogs", it seems the main threat has to do with the fear dog and a mysterious serial killer.The conflict of Storm feeling left out because she's a fierce dog, lashing out, and being comforted is getting extremely repetitive. There's some allusion to that every single chapter, and it's getting kind of annoying. I also wasn't a huge fan of the couple of "twists" thrown in, as they were extremely obvious and I wasn't even sure they were twists until everyone starting making a big deal out of them.There was a very interesting underlying religious theme going on. The dogs kept debating the existence of their different spirit dogs. I thought it was an interesting choice to include this sort of theme in a childrens book.I found the ending cutoff to be very abrupt. We stop literally right in the middle of a scene. It feels like the publishers cut three books in six and released them a few months apart just to drain as much money as possible from the series when it would feel much more cohesive to just have trilogies instead.

  • Anna Sobczak
    2019-01-12 15:49

    Perfect as always!!!! Even from a different perspective I managed to read and re-read this book in a day!

  • Michelle *The Bookish Hobbit*
    2019-01-08 15:59

    I usually rate Erin Hunter books 4* & 5* based on entertainment, and this is the first EH novel to ever get less than 3* from me. While this novel really failed at entertaining me, but did succeed at giving me a headache. With excessive inward fighting taking center stage (as well as Lucky's poor leadership in the face of danger), I'm guessing the EH team is running out of ideas, at least where the Survivors universe is concerned. This next cycle is going to be painful, very painful. I'm going, "ouch!" already.

  • Caley
    2018-12-21 19:52

    I enjoyed this book, it was exciting and mysterious!

  • Liza
    2019-01-04 21:45

    I will say this up front.This book was bad.It was really bad.It was so bad that even though Storm is a great character by herself I had to rate this book a 1 star. This is my first Erin Hunter book at one star. Let that sink in for a moment.Now, let me chat a little bit before getting into the nitty gritty.Survivors, I felt, was the weakest Erin story. Yes, much weaker than PoT(3 arc of Warriors) and weaker than the beginning arc of Seekers. Unlike Seekers, which, in my opinion, did get better as the story progressed....this got worse. So much worse.So this book picked up a bit after the first series. We get a new POV in the form of Storm!Storm as a character I like. She reminds me a bit of Squirrelflight before she got stupid. The problem was, the story she was in.The pack is now compromised of 3 different groups all smashed together. Lucky/Bella's group, Alpha's pack and Twitch's pack. These dogs do not get along.These dogs make a gathering from Warriors seem like a tea party. I am not kidding.The amount of tension in the camp feels worse than ShadowClan flaunting their ego and the clans all hate each other due to prey/border problems/ect. Unlike Warriors, where this was alright since they did live in separate clans and whatnot, it was downright infuriating in this book. And guess what? Based on the inner jacket....this pack problem seems to be the main "evil" for this arc. Just great.One of the biggest issues that stemmed from this is the problem of "Fierce Dogs."Holy crap. This pissed me off so much.Yes. I had to curse. There was no other way I could describe my anger in regards to this.There was so much, "OMG. Arrow and Storm are EVIL!" "THEY HAVE EVIL BLOOD!" Okay, I can understand Arrow. He grew up with Blade. He is a little less trustworthy.BUT STORM. STORM GREW UP WITH THEM.(sorry for all caps. I'm pissed off)They know her. This reminds me of Tigerstar and his kits. His kits, Brambleclaw in particular needed to prove to the clan that he was not like his father. Guess what? He did. And the clan trusts him and whatnot.Storm?Oh you saved us from the foxes? You saved us from Blade?You saved us from thing X?Naw. We don't trust you cause Fierce Dogs are Satan reborn. Like if they were genetically altered dogs or something then sure, okay. BUT THEY ARE JUST DOBERMAN. What makes them different from other dogs?Wouldn't Bruno be considered dangerous? He is listed as a "Fight Dog" in the allegiances. That sounds scary and evil like "Fierce Dog" too!Yeah. That was my biggest gripe since that seemed to be the core of MOST of the conflict. I could understand if Twitch's pack were leery since they did not have Storm around and all they knew was Blade's pack. But still. Dogs that Storm knew growing up did not like her. Yeah.No.Another issue was with Storm's dreams. Like WTF? What is she, a medicine cat now? This also brings me to my next point.Lucky.Oh Lucky. You were an interesting fellow in the first series but in this book I wanted to slap you silly. He was a stupid Beta.He was not worth being Beta. Sure, you are worried about your mate and blah blah blah but Storm is right. You are the father-dog for the whole pack. He also seemed to lose bits of his personality too, especially in his treatment of Storm. Lucky is pretty much her stand in dad but he did not seem to care about her much at all. Also the whole random thing at the end about chasing a Golden Deer? What in the world was that? It felt pointless and random.Oh and you want to know what else was random? (view spoiler)[Apparently Bella and Arrow get together? Out of nowhere much? (hide spoiler)]So yeah. This is going to be a painful ride. A long...six book painful ride.Please let there be no super editions coming out for this....["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>

  • TheGracefulReader
    2018-12-31 16:07

    THE GOOD Storm: I didn't know Storm was to be the main character until I started the book, but I quite like it! The Storm of Dogs has now passed, and the pack is struggling to adjust know that Twitch's dogs have joined, and Storm seems to be struggling most of all. Not only does she have a glorified stalker, she's started sleep walking and dangerous power plays are being made among the pack. And even after she saved them, many still don't trust her and Arrow.Arrow and Bella: Bella will NEVER be my favorite character, but she and Arrow are so cute together. I'm glad to see her growing up some - if only a little.Lucky; Lucky's going to be a father dog! And it's natural that he is now struggling to find a balance between protecting his mate and unborn pups and protecting the pack when danger comes calling. Moon: I love Moon, and I felt extremely bad for her in this book. You just know one of twitch's followers has framed her, and like Storm, you'll want that dog's pelt II use as a bed. Only a horrible creature would do that to someone when they had a choice. Lucky tries to use it as a lesson, because he did the same - only he had no choice but to do it, and this dog did, which somehow makes it worse. THE BAD Twitch; Dog, get control of your former followers. I know and you know that they'd listen to you, so open your mouth.Whisper: I am sad about the ending, but he was not a very good character.

  • Christine
    2018-12-27 22:42

    *May contain spoilers*It was definitely much different than the first arc. The Pack is much calmer, but tensions are rising, since the pack is divided. The majority of the book was: Storm's dreams, Dogs hunting, and quarrels in the camp. I hope that the next few books are not so repetitive and have more action.However, this book does raise a lot of plot for future books. There is still a rift in the Pack, plus Sweet's pups still need to be born, the whole Golden Deer thing, the thing with the airplanes, Bella X Arrow, and of course, Storm's dreams.I have a high suspicion that, as Storm dreams, she is murdering creatures, like the fox and Whisper. It would be interesting if this were true. I like how this arc is taking a darker side...the main character tries so hard to be good but deep inside she knows that she has an aggressive, murderous nature. I really respect that in her character.Note, this book is a little graphic, even for an Erin Hunter book. There is GRAPHIC detail about carcasses, specifically the decaying corpses of a baby fox and a Fierce Dog. There is also graphic content about the killing and ripping apart of a rabbit. Read at your own discretion... but if you love and appreciate the Erins' style of darkness, you won't be disappointed.

  • Kirsti
    2018-12-28 14:43

    This book took forever to show up after I ordered it...I think it would have been about three months? and then it just ENDS. Right in the middle of something exciting! Wahhh I know there's a second book, hopefully if I order it now it takes less than three months to show up!This series might just prove more interesting than the first. Lucky has always been a bit of a weak character, and as if realizing this, the authors have focused on Storm instead. While we have the repetitive 'Fierce dog' theme, I think she'll be a good narrator. Always recommend the Erin Hunter books, whether Warriors or Survivors. Four stars.

  • Selten Kaninchen
    2019-01-04 17:59

    I really like where this series is going. Unlike warrior cats, it isn't just about prophecies and omens and whatnot. There's actually some interesting stuff going on, like (view spoiler)[Whisper getting murdered and Storm doing the dog version of detective work to figure out who did it. (hide spoiler)] I'm really hooked on this second series of Survivor and I think it's much better than the first. I enjoyed Lucky's viewpoint and thought that I would dislike hearing the story from Storm, since I always found her to be annoying and arrogant, but actually her character is much more likable when you hear her thought process firsthand. All in all, I liked the book!

  • Brody Land-Mcgowen
    2019-01-05 19:46

    This book was pretty good because it shows the teamwork in this pack of dogs. It also shows that even if something seems really had or impossible you should always still try. I would recommend this book to anyone who like dogs and likes a little bit of action.

  • Darren
    2019-01-13 16:54

    The ending was intense and dramatic. The story line flowed well. I just believed the whole concept of Survifors is a little far fetched. Also, the seem to blatantly expose the culprit of this new storyline in this first book. We'll see if I'm right or if they are trying to throw me off the track.

    2019-01-05 20:43

    Another adventure beginsAs with all her books in this series, the story twists and turns leaving one turning the pages faster as the suspense builds towards a crescendo of howls

  • Moon
    2018-12-28 14:54

    Good book with good characters.Really great!

  • Rio
    2018-12-21 18:48

    ~Rio~This book was amazing! I loved that Storm was the main character. I mean she was the perfect choice! I loved all the conflict and problems. The dreams were awesome and the ending was SO surprising! I loved it a lot! This book is also my fav book so I love it! I hope you all do too! ~Rio~

  • Abby
    2018-12-16 15:00

    This book was really good! I was waiting for this book to come out and I'm super excited that it finally did. I love that these books are from animals point of view because it makes it so much more interesting. I didn't know if I would like the point of view switch from Lucky to Storm but it turned out to be really good. My favorite character would probably be Whisper or Arrow. Whisper because he was really loyal to Storm even when Storm didn't like him and Arrow because even though the other dogs didn't trust him because he was a fierce dog he was still sweet and loyal to the pack. I wish that Whisper didn't die because he was my favorite character and he was really sweet. I can't wait to read the next book when it comes out so I can know who keeps framing the dogs. First it was the food in Moons den, then it was the murdered fox cub, and then worst of all someone murdered Whisper. I can't wait to figure out who keeps framing the pack. This book is amazing and I recommend it to everyone.

  • Ashley
    2018-12-19 17:43

    Survivors - The Gathering Darkness: A Pack Divided (Survivor Dogs Book 7) Summary: Storm has spent her whole life fighting for survival and acceptance. Now she finally feels at home in the Wild Pack, and for the first time she can remember, the world beyond their camp is at peace. Yet withing the Pack, tensions are rising. Some dogs are far from satisfied with the Pack order, and others still don't trust Storm and Arrow, the only two Fierce Dogs within their ranks. Worse, Storm fears her Packmates may be right. Troubled by dreams of fear and shadows, Storm isn't sure which is the greater threat - the darkness brewing within the Pack... or the darkness within herself.Rating: 4 starsOpening Line: "What's wrong with him?"Quote: "We are honorable dogs and we would never do such a thing!"

  • Jenna Ghee
    2018-12-16 16:41

    It was amazing! The excitement and enthusiasm of the book is soooooo much to handle! This is the type of book where sometimes you just want to scream at the characters, "Why would you do that?!", or, "Do it, do it! Just do it!",or," No,no,no,no! Why????!!!" This is totally my type of book. It had so many twists and turns, that I didn't know where to stop. So much suspense! I suggest this book to anyone who likes to feel involved in the story, people who like to love some characters and hate some characters. People who love a good plot twist or cliffhanger at the end of the first book in a series. Hint, hint. WARNING: THIS BOOK CONTAINS MAGER CLIFFHANGER AT THE END!!!! PLEASE READ!!!

  • Xavier Ocampo
    2018-12-23 22:51

    The book A Pack Divided is a very good book. The main character Storm is a dog in a pack and she is trying to adjust with her pack. She is in a pack where her packmates dont really teust her since she is a different type or breed of dog. She is much bigger and fiercer than the other dogs and the other dogs are intimidated and talk bad about her behind her back. She tries her best to just ignore their taunts but it is getting hard for her. Her father figure, Lucky insists that she doesnt get too upset about it and she wants to believe him but something is stirring trouble within the pack and she doesnt like where it is going.

  • Nicole
    2019-01-04 17:06

    LOVED IT!!!!!!Best book ever!! Why you ask? Because, one it is told by Storm, two, Lucky and Sweet are gonna have pups, and three, Bella and Arrow are secret mates, and four, it's a mystery! I gave it 4 out of 5 stars because it doesn't show Lucky and Sweet's pups, nor say they had them yet! I can't wait for book two of series two to come out! I recommend it to all people who love Survivors by Erin Hunter! Why do I love the book SO much you ask? Read the book and you will find out! I loved the book and I hope you do too!

  • Alan 김 승 주
    2018-12-23 19:42

    A new adventure after the Storm of Dogs has begun.

  • Kath
    2018-12-28 18:51

    Great, just like all Erin Hunter books, but it's starting to get end up a lot like Warriors; a group of animals, getting into fights, love, and trying to survive...

  • Byron Brown
    2019-01-10 14:52

    AwesomeThis was so amazing! Had so much suspension, and action. Recommend to anyone who loves those two things. And dogs, of course.

  • Emma
    2018-12-29 23:00

    A good first book in the second arc of Survivors stories.

  • Joann Anderson
    2018-12-24 21:42

    Good book I would share it to my friendsIt was a good story and a good book one of the first books that is was happy this is a very good book

  • Virgho
    2018-12-24 18:04

    So many twist and turns, I do not have a clue what to expect. This will be interesting.

  • Charles Isom
    2018-12-27 16:43

    A good read. I'm glad the series switched perspective to a different dog in this one. I really enjoyed the fact that there was a little more action in this one.