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In this asylum, your mind plays tricks on you all the time…Delia’s new house isn’t just a house. Long ago, it was the Piven Institute for the Care and Correction of Troubled Females—an insane asylum nicknamed “Hysteria Hall.” However, many of the inmates were not insane, just defiant and strong willed. Kind of like Delia herself.But the house still wants to keep “troubled”In this asylum, your mind plays tricks on you all the time…Delia’s new house isn’t just a house. Long ago, it was the Piven Institute for the Care and Correction of Troubled Females—an insane asylum nicknamed “Hysteria Hall.” However, many of the inmates were not insane, just defiant and strong willed. Kind of like Delia herself.But the house still wants to keep “troubled” girls locked away. So, in the most horrifying way, Delia gets trapped.And that’s when she learns that the house is also haunted.Ghost girls wander the halls in their old-fashioned nightgowns. A handsome ghost boy named Theo roams the grounds. Delia finds that all the spirits are unsettled and full of dark secrets. The house, as well, harbors shocking truths within its walls—truths that only Delia can uncover, and that may set her free.But she’ll need to act quickly, before the house’s power overtakes everything she loves.From master of suspense Katie Alender comes a riveting tale of twisted memories and betrayals, and the meaning of madness....

Title : The Dead Girls of Hysteria Hall
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ISBN : 9780545639996
Format Type : Hardcover
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The Dead Girls of Hysteria Hall Reviews

  • Khanh (the meanie)
    2018-08-29 14:32

    I understood why Aunt Cordelia had dragged herself out to the road before committing suicide. Why she hadn’t let herself die on the property.Because then she would have been stuck forever.Like me.There was nothing particularly brilliant about this book, but it was well-written, it was surprisingly thoughtful, and above all it was entertaining. In a week filled with terrible, boring books, this was a breath of fresh air. Strange to say that about a horror novel, but it is what it is.The blurb is a little misleading, but I won't spoil the book. Needless to say, it's still considerably better than some books that have promised me the world, and then failed to deliver.16-year old Delia has inherited an old house from a dead aunt whom she barely knows. All the elements of a horror is there in this book. She has a slightly troubled past, which have led her very academic parents to largely lose trust in her. An old aunt has died, leaving her a house. When they get there, they get ominous reactions from the town residents, and the house itself turns out to be an former insane asylum. It looks creepy, even without accounting for all the shit that's waiting to be uncovered within.In the narrow spill of light from my phone, I read the first letter: a deeply gouged D.I walked down the hall, piecing the words together as I saw each new letter.O … N … T …SELL THE HOUSE.Then I noticed smaller letters, under the E in HOUSE. One last word. I held my phone closer.DELIA.The message was for me.My dead great-aunt had gouged messages into the floor for me.And then, of course, there's the issue of her aunt's death. It was a suicide.Creepy things happens, of course, there are ghosties and ghoulies. As I said, this was a pretty standard YA horror, but what differentiates it from the myriads of other horrors on the market was that it was well-written. I liked the main character. She was real. She wasn't a brat. Her narration was believable, her actions believable, her frustration and fears and rage were felt by me.Of course, there are other characters (ghosts!) and they're pretty cool, too. They have stories of their own, because they all had lives of their own.“You’re not the only one, you know,” he said, his voice jagged. “We all had people we wanted to see again. We’ve all been left behind. We’re all forgotten. Everyone I ever loved, everyone who ever loved me, is dead. You’re … you’re not the only one.”And though not frequent, there are plenty of things that go bump in the night.The only thing about the figure before me that resembled a human child was her height—and her feet.The rest of her was a grotesque mess. The skin of her face was cratered with black sores. Her eyelids were crisscrossed with the scars of old cuts. Her cheeks and lips had begun to rot away, revealing the decaying interior of her mouth—pitted gums and an uneven row of sharp teeth. It gave her the otherworldly perma-grin of a great white shark, even when she was unconscious.Her arms were just patchy skin over bone, her fingers curled painfully into claws.So yeah, read this book. It was pretty good :)

  • Melissa ♥ Dog Lover ♥ Martin
    2018-08-28 11:35

    Observations Made After The FactEvery fairy tale starts the same: Once upon a time. Maybe that's why we love them so much. We all get to be part of that story. Just by existing, you get your once upon a time. It's part of the deal. What's not part of the deal, it turns out, is the happily ever after.Delia, her parents and little sister go to stay at Hysteria Hall. Delia inherited the home from her aunt Cordelia. Little did they know, the house used to be an insane asylum. Surprise! Some horrible things happen to Delia while there and she's trapped with many ghosts that are trapped there as well by some evil. What will the outcome be? Read it and find out. I really enjoyed this one. Mel ❤️

  • Wendy Darling
    2018-09-24 15:38

    4.5 starsINSANE ASYLUM FOR GIRLS. That's enough to get anyone's attention, but unlike many slick, cheap-thrills books that quickly bore me, The Dead Girls of Hysteria Hall is one of the most well-crafted YA horror books I've read in ages. It's a short but surprisingly thoughtful book, with good creepiness and suspense and sadness, as well as the right balance of teenage snark and feeling. It's hard to juggle humor and darkness, but the author does a great job of that here.Thoroughly enjoyed--full review to come.

  • Sarah
    2018-09-12 10:37

    This wasn’t a bad story, but I did feel quite bored whilst reading it.I felt quite sorry for Delia, what happened to her wasn’t very fair, and having to then try to save the lives of the rest of her family was a tall order too.The storyline in this was about Delia inheriting an old mansion which had once housed ‘hysterical’ females, and also inheriting the ghosts that haunted the place. I did find the pace in this quite slow though, and I felt bored during the majority of the book.The ending to this was okay, and it ended fairly happily really.6 out of 10.

  • Rachel Reads Ravenously
    2018-09-16 11:44

    3.75 stars!!! I ended up liking this book a lot more than I thought I would! This book is about a teen named Delia who with her family has traveled to an estate left to Delia by her Aunt who recently passed. Upon arrival they find the house is actually a former institute for troubled young girls. The more time Delia spends there, the more freaked out she becomes until eventually she discovers the place in indeed haunted. Delia must find a way to get rid of the evil in the house in order to save her ghostly friends and her family.Katie Alender has a wonderful writing style that just flows across the page, I found myself halfway done with this book in a matter of a couple of hours. If it hadn't been for the need to sleep I probably would have finished this book in one sitting. I felt this was a unique ghost book that stands out against other teen books with similar plots. And being a romance junkie, I actually really liked that the majority of this book had no romance, and it kept my attention.If you're looking for something different and fun from your normal reading tastes, give this one a chance!

  • Taylor Knight
    2018-09-12 16:54

    The Dead Girls of Hysteria Hall is one of the most entertaining books that I've read in a long time. I wasn't expecting a whole lot from this book but I ended up reading this whole thing in one day and really enjoyed. Not much about this book was extremely original but it was well written and very enjoyable. The main character, Delia, was very teenager-y but not necessarily in a bad way. I didn't really find The Dead Girls of Hysteria Hall very scary, just a little creepy. But then again, it's hard to scare me with a book. I was very impressed with this book and how incredibly entertaining that I found it.

  • Dannii Elle
    2018-08-27 10:54

    Delia Piven inherited her name from her estranged Great Aunt Cordelia and, years later after her mysterious death, her grand countryside home. With the local nickname of 'Hysteria Hall', a reputation for having 'things go bump in the night' and a generally foreboding and neglected atmosphere the Piven's family stay there was always sure to be... interesting!The novel opened in an entirely predicted fashion and the plot seemed like an amalgamation of numerous spooky films I have seen. That is until one shocking incident, almost a quarter of the way through, that took me completely by surprise and altered the course of the entire novel.From them on I had constantly mixed opinions concerning the plot: some parts felt dull and uninspired, whilst others terrified and thrilled me. I think what was missing, for the majority of the novel, was tension. Shocking events were set up and weren't followed through with, leaving a blandness in the wake of the the initial disturbance.This also didn't conclude as neatly as I would have liked. Explanations were given but I totally wasn't happy with them, either. One character seemed to get away with centuries of terrorizing others far too easily and no consequences were awarded her! I was not feeling the 'and they all lived happily ever after' ending at all and this left me feeling a little dissapointed after I had closed the final page.I immensely enjoyed parts of this and, in all, found it an interesting read, although not entirely unique in conception.

  • Mara
    2018-09-06 13:37

    This is a cheesefest of wasted potential. If you're looking for a scary Halloween read, this shallow ghost story is not for you. I'm giving 2 stars for the character of Maria, who I think would've made a far better leading lady. Alas, if you're easily scared (as in, no eerie atmosphere to find anywhere in this book along with a most obvious mystery), this is for you.

  • Irene Sim
    2018-09-26 13:58

    UPDATE 04/26/2017For Readathon-2017: 9/26In the category "A horror book"Woman Author: 7/14************Every fairy tale starts the same: Once Upon A Time.Maybe that’s why we love them so much. We all get to be part of that story. Just by existing, you get your once upon a time. It’s part of the deal.What’s not part of the deal, it turns out, is the happily ever after.Another solid read from Katie Alender. She captures teenage phych, emotions and angst with excellent prose. I liked the division of the story in two parts, before and after the fact. I liked even more the short paragraphs between chapters in part one labeled: OBSERVATIONS MADE AFTER THE FACT.It short of prepared the reader for the inevitability of what was going to happen to Delia.I liked very much Delia and the bond she shared with her sister Janie. I didn’t like her parents at all. They were the kind of grownups too absorbed in their own heads to pay attention to their kids, even though they thought they did everything according to the book. Delia missteps in her behavior? Let’s all have therapy together to solve things as a family. Aren’t we very civilized?They never stopped to actually listen to their daughters. Instead they put labels on them and categorized their actions in order to “deal” with them. Delia wants to leave Hysteria Hall? She’s just having a tantrum to gain our attention. Let’s just lock her in her room for the night to cool down. (view spoiler)[I wasn’t surprised at all that they divorced after her death. They’re the kind of people that can’t stand to face their failures and just by looking at each other every day was a constant reminder of that. I’m sure they would ditch Janie too if she was an adult. (hide spoiler)]“Girls shouldn’t come here. This place is inhospitable.”You don’t say!The house itself was very creepy. From the locked rooms to the surprises looming around every corner, had me looking behind my shoulder every other page. As for the inhabitants, some were likeable, some were scary, some raised more questions than the answers they provided.The house holds on to troubled girls, I thought. It doesn’t want to let them go.The thought hit me with such clarity that I recognized it immediately as solid truth.Delia was exactly that. A troubled girl that proved herself not so troubled in the end. She stood up for her family and the shake of the rest of the trapped ghosts in the house. The story had a very satisfying ending, everything was explained and resolved but I couldn’t help being left with a bitter taste of sadness. After all a very promising seventeen year old girl has lost her life.

  • Deanna
    2018-09-23 18:43

    I made graphics for this book, because I really, really, really, really, really liked it? It was so original, spooky, heartbreaking, mysterious, and driven at the same time. I loved it? I loved the character development. I loved all the friendships. I loved the lack of focus on romance. I loved the lack of slut-shamming. This is a perfect ya mystery/horror novel.4.5 / 5 stars

  • Beatrice Masaluñga
    2018-09-02 13:37

    The Dead Girls of Hysteria Hall is one of those horror novels that isn't as scary as it seems. Though it's set on an asylum (which is creepy) but the story just didn't lived up with it. The writing style is decent and I'm somehow entertained with a bunch of ghost characters. Each of them had their own stories that will make you curious. The story is about a young girl, Delia who inherited a house from her great aunt, Cordelia. It turns out it's an old asylum and it's believe to be haunted. There are spirits trapped for years and as well as bad spirits who meant harmed to the living. The ghosts in this story are interesting and I'm eager to know more of their story. I also felt sad for them because they are longing for their loved ones. It's really touching, especially this one ghost named Maria. Overall, it's a good story but don't expect to be scared or else you'll not enjoy it.

  • Mlpmom (Book Reviewer)
    2018-09-12 18:41

    I have yet to read a book by Alender that hasn't thoroughly creeped me out, entertained me, and left me with so many thoughts in my head, it was hard to put them all together, but of course, in the most wonderful way possible. She truly has become my go to author when I want something that will scare me but not so much that I have nightmares and am up all night with the lights on. Her latest novel fit right in with my expectations for her.Dead Girls of Hysteria Hall was everything I was hoping it would be. A perfect read for this time of year when we start to want to read about those things that go bump in the night.Suspenseful, intriguing, mysterious, creepy, and with characters that feel alive, this was truly a fun read that had me rapidly turning the pages and trying to guess what would happen next.This had everything I have come to love about Alender's writing and didn't let me down. If you are looking for something different, fun, and a bit scary, this is the YA read for you. *An ARC Copy was provided by the publisher in exchange for an honest review.*

  • Rebecca McNutt
    2018-08-28 16:50

    This book is a horror novel about a girl maneuvering her new life as a ghost, but more than that, it's a mystery and a story about friendship. Delia soon discovers that the ghosts are more kind than scary, and that appearances are often deceiving. From a ghostly and very miserable boy who drowned in a ditch, to a disfigured phantom little girl, she meets an assortment of unforgettable characters and also tries to somehow make contact with her family, who have grown away from her since her death.

  • Sierra Winfield
    2018-08-31 17:57

    I find that this book is extremely creepy. There were definitely some twists in here that I didn't expect, but that's what made the book in my opinion. I really enjoyed this book, and as you can tell I was immediately sucked into Delias world because I just couldn't put the book down until I was done with it. I will have a more in depth review up on my blog hopefully tomorrow, so you guys can check there if your interested. the web address is on my site here. I was finding myself hoping at least for a little while that this was a series but since it's not i was able to finish the read in one day and I absolutely loved the book.

  • Ellen Gail
    2018-09-05 17:42

    I didn’t need some old-timey, know-it-all ghosts following me around dead-shaming me. Surprisingly thoughtful & funny, The Dead Girls of Hysteria Hall was just downright fun to read! It's light on the horror side, but does bring some scares and plenty of character goodness.A quick and delightful book that was well worth my time.

  • Melanie (TBR and Beyond)
    2018-08-27 17:43

    I didn't find this book scary. I really haven't found any YA horror/paranormal book scary though. The story wasn't anything particularly new or creative but the author managed to get me to care about the characters - a lot I didn't even notice how much I liked the characters until near the end when I might have gotten a little choked up. I mean it came out of nowhere or maybe it was just dusty in my room lol Either way I really enjoyed this read, something about it was charming to me. Full review to come.

  • Tegan (The Rowdy Librarian)
    2018-09-23 14:30

    ANOTHER HORROR BOOK BY KATIE ALENDER?!Gimme now!!!AUGUST?! I guess that gives me enough time to re-read the Bad Girls Don't Die trilogy to get me ready! :)

  • madamereadsalot
    2018-09-19 16:29

    2.75 May Contain Spoilers!!Ok so this took a while for me to read. I was actually hoping for a scary horrorghost book that would give ne the creeps for Halloween. But what I got was a wild mix of American Horrorstory and alike, that had ne thinking 'Already seen. Already seen. Boring. Already seen.' But this wasn't really what had me a little reluctant to read on. Honestly I liked the flow of the book through parts. And if I had just read parts of the Book seperate, I would have probably shown more goodwill with my rating. But I definetly had too many 'ok wtf.' moments à la Twilight Book four, where the authors tries to put in as much as possible without sufficient explainations. I do like my explainations. I can be in the dark for long and love to get my big revealations at the end. I especially hate when a simple 'ghoststory' suddenly throws in special effects like a warping house (I mean come ooooon. Suddenly it's not an evil ghost but the house is evil? And then again... Not?! Meh.) And at the very end we must throw in a little bit of romance, because no book is complete without at least a kiss.But I also want to say some things I thought about positively. Like it did kept me reading at parts and also had my heart wrench a little each time you felt the suffering of the family and Delias only wish to be with them. Also I thought the story did have potential, but I was hoping for more. More creativity or at least more creepiness. I may had found this creepy as a sixthgrader, but anyone above...? At least not today!

  • PaigeBookdragon
    2018-09-18 15:45

    Two things:1. Don't mind the lousy cover.The book is engaging.2.This would have been a four star if the last four chapters of the book has been better.The Dead Girls of Hysteria Hall is not a scary book but the suspense in the first 60% is good (well, some might find it scary but I wasn't scared while reading this ). I love the fact that around 30%, the author gave the readers a "what-the-hell" twist. I certainly didn't expect that to happen.The heroine is kinda funny and she can be easy to relate at. I also love that fact that the romance in this book wasn't stressed that much unlike those typical horror YA books where just because there's a ghost,a girl needs a boy to cling to. Like, can't you just survive the ghost hunting without being dependent to boy?If you want a light book where ghosts and evil spirits are present, try The Dead Girls of Hysteria Hall.

  • TL
    2018-09-06 10:52

    2.5 to three starsOn one hand, it was very easy to get lost in and it was something different. A nice spooky read for when you have a lazy day and/or some time to kill.On the other... it felt like there was.. something 'missing'. Can't quite put my finger on it but... maybe I expected more? Dunno...The ending was nice but it felt rushed in a few places to me.Would sort of recommend

  • Book Riot Community
    2018-09-21 18:31

    This is a lot of creepy fun, and a great way to kill time while you wait for the new season of American Horror Story! It's set in an asylum - nothing scary ever happens in those, right? Headstrong young Delia quickly learns that the house she moved into used to be an insane asylum for troubled girls. And just because they're dead, it doesn't mean they're not still troubled! And they want Delia to join them. Now she's in a race to discover the truth about Hysteria Hall before it's too late for her to leave. Best read late at night, for maximum creepiness!Tune in to our weekly podcast dedicated to all things new books, All The Books:

  • lookingforabura
    2018-09-09 15:58

    2.5 starsDecent writing but not as scary as I expected it to be... It would have been great but it lacked that "scary element" that it's supposed to be.

  • rachel • typed truths
    2018-09-13 14:31

    1.5 starsI wish I had something more constructive to say other than this "wasn't for me", but that's the majority of my thoughts about this book summed up. I don't know exactly what I was expecting from this story but I guess I was hoping for something along the lines of Say Her Name: heart-stopping horror, great camaraderie and friendship, a spooky school setting... you get the picture. Without going into too much detail ('cause spoilers), this story is more about ghosts and Delia trying to figure out why Hysteria Hall is haunted. I didn't think it was that interesting really, and the worst thing about this story was that it wasn't scary. At all. No, seriously. This is meant to be horror? If it really is, I'm embarrassed for this book.On top of that, the writing made me cringe. It read like it was self-aware like it knew that it was trying to be a horror story and it was trying so damn hard and it just wasn't working. The writing was just awkward, stilted, jumpy. The story didn't have a natural flow to it. The beginning threw its readers right into the story without hesitation, and then a major event happened about 50 pages into the story that grounded it to a halt and basically restarted the story. It felt unnatural, almost like the author was making it up as they went along and it got worse and worse as the story went along.I didn't care for the characters, and I should have. They went through some pretty terrible things, but meh. They were bland. I never felt that we got to know Delia very well. Janie was a better character than Delia, but her transition to "Goth girl" was a little cliched and not explored like it should have been. Overall? This wasn't the story I was hoping for. I'm not sure if it's entirely my fault or not, but either way, I'm still disappointed. This wouldn't be my first recommendation if you were looking for a good YA horror, try Say Her Name instead.Review copy provided by the publisher for an honest review.

  • Sarah (Head Stuck In A Book)
    2018-09-08 12:41

    As soon as I first saw the title and cover of The Dead Girls Of Hysteria Hall I knew this was a book that I wanted to read, the blurb only made me even more eager for it, so receiving an ARC for review had me very excited.I don't generally read a lot of books that feature ghosts, only because I like to read before bed and reading something like this creeps me out, in the dark at night, every little sound having you second guess what is making that noise, it got to the point where it was freaking me out so much I could only read it during the day, that was how well written this story was.The twist at the start of the book was unexpected and shocking, not what I was expecting at all and that added to the eeriness and sense of anticipation this story held, nerve-wracking and at times heart-racing there is never a dull moment.There seems to be nothing more creepier than a supposedly abandoned asylum, as I can attest to after making my way through this book.Those who are looking for a thrilling story that will be sure to give you a bit of a scare, definitely give The Dead Girls Of Hysteria Hall a try, you won't be disappointed.

  • Kelly
    2018-09-11 10:34

    Alender can write suspense! This fast-paced, compelling ghost story is full of twists and turns and it is a completely delightful, fun horror read through and through. Almost no blood or gore, this one relies entirely on Gothic-style spooks. Love it. Love it. Love it. It hit all of my buttons when it comes to a good creepy read. Delia was a GREAT narrator, and there were moments this made me laugh out loud because her voice and her thoughts were funny.

  • Meredith
    2018-09-08 10:59

    As a lover of all things horror, I’m always keeping an eye out for creepy YA novels. Sadly, most of them don’t live up to my expectations. But The Dead Girls of Hysteria Hall was full of epicness and creepiness! From the great writing to the awesome characters and the suspenseful plot, this book is definitely up there on my favorites list!Before I get into the heart of this review, a little side note: This book sucked me in so much, I had trouble keeping detailed notes because I just read and read and read and didn’t want to stop reading long enough to jot down notes. So if some of this is really vague, it’s because I’m avoiding spoilers and also because I don’t have detailed notes to refer to, hehe :)Delia was an intriguing character. She starts off a bit stubborn and – I want to say self-absorbed, only because I can’t think of a better word, but that’s not quite right. She loved her family, but they didn’t always get along. She was in complete denial when she first became a member of the undead population of Hysteria Hall and her attitude was very self-pitying – but who can blame her, right? Her character growth, as she began to accept her death and embrace her path in (the after)life, was great.I didn’t like nor dislike Janie in the beginning. She was the stereotypical, annoying kid sister who did whatever she could to get Delia in trouble. But as the book progressed, the changes in her character were unbelievable, fueled mostly by the guilt she felt over Delia’s death. My heart was in my throat at the end of the book, awaiting her fate. I’m not even going to talk about Delia and Janie’s parents because there would be too many spoilers involved and I’d get ragey about sooooo many things!I really liked Florence in the beginning. She reminded me of Daisy from Dead Like Me, but by the end… Wow. Did NOT see that coming! I never really trusted Eliza or Theo – I was always waiting for something to happen or for them to backstab Delia. I was pleasantly surprised with the way their stories ended, though. As for Maria, I had mixed feelings about her, but I really liked how her story ended, as well – maybe more than anyone else’s. I didn’t like nor dislike Penitence, though I had my suspicions about her from fairly early on. Her story was very intriguing, though!As someone who loves being scared, this book could have been a touch creepier. However, it absolutely had its moments where I was like, “Okay, I need to put this book down or I’m not going to be sleeping tonight.” It reminded me of a less creepy teen version of House on Haunted Hill (the remake). There was also a lot of foreshadowing, which added to the creepiness. The ending wrapped up a little neater than I expected – almost like a Horror Movie Happily Ever After. I expected more of a creepy, twisty ending. But maybe that’s Alender’s signature move – I haven’t read anything else by her yet to know, but I’ll definitely be picking up more of her books now!Overall, though I could have done with a little more creep factor, this book was epic. Then again, I’m not one to scare easily, so this book certainly has the potential to scare the crap out of people who DO scare easily. The Creepy Level didn’t take away from my enjoyment of the book, though. Alender is an amazing writer with a knack for suspense and horror. If you’re looking for a twisty ghost story, I highly recommend this book!You can also find more from me on my blog: Pandora's Books

  • Rashika (is tired)
    2018-08-31 17:36

    This was a pretty decent novel but it was more brain candy than it was horror. It definitely could have been better. Also I seem to be reading too many mediocre novels. IDK IF THIS IS GOOD FOR MY HEALTH. Something needs to blow my mind.

  • Jennifer
    2018-09-14 15:44

    review to come

  • Catherine ♡
    2018-09-23 18:38

    I liked this a lot more than I expected! It was eerie and mysterious - and there were lots of plot twists - very captivating and enjoyable.

  • Jai
    2018-08-31 10:31

    I did not even remotely enjoy this book. The title was rad af, it intrigued me and I think its quite thought provoking. The cover is decent, aside from the fact that four entirely different freaking fonts are used, and the overused girl-in-dress looks less ghostly and more like she's missing her legs. Bad cover design, bad you.I loved the Bad Girls Don't Die series by the same author, my fingers are crossed that it will not end as just a trilogy, even though a fourth book is not in progress as far as I know. I loved the characters, the plots, the writing, everything.Our main character Delia, is a carbon copy of Bad Girls Don't Die's main character Alexis. It's an entirely different book, the characters are different, I don't want to read about Alexis if I'm not picking up an Alexis book. Main characters just should not be identical, it makes for stale writing. These characters make the same decisions, their thought processes are identical, and they both believe they have a patent on sarcasm. It was endearing the first time, please just stop.Even the story lines seem very recycled. Observe:Bad Girls: girl is a rebellious little turd who is always in trouble, her parents don't understand her, lives in a fancy Victorian mansion, and has to save her sister from a malevolent spirit residing in an antique doll.Dead Girls: girl is being punished by overprotective parents for being a deceitful little turd, and is forced to live in an old Victorian insane asylum to renovate over the summer. A malevolent smoke monster kills her, and she must protect her sister.Everything about this book, I have seen done before, and done better. Go check out the Bad Girls Don't Die series, or Miss Peregrine's Home for Peculiar Children is a tiny bit similar, but honestly, if you've seen American Horror Story, you will notice a lot of parallels and trust me, you might be happier just binging AHS: Murder House + Asylum.People who died in the asylum, are stuck in the asylum for their afterlife, first Murder House (MH) parallel. We have a lot of people still living in the asylum from all different walks of life, just like MH. Most notably, the twins who enjoy stealing shiny objects remind me a great deal of the red-headed twins in the pilot episode who vandalized the house. With Asylum, bam already a parallel. In one we have a secret bad guy, Bloodyface, who enjoys wearing other peoples faces. In Dead Girls, we have a ghost who enjoys burning people's faces. Also, the head wardress/nun in both, end up residents of the asylum.It could be just me connecting things that aren't really there, but this is a lot of parallels.Dead girls from different eras wander the hallways, a handsome 1940s dead boy resides on the grounds. It sounds like exactly my cup of creepy tea. It was not. It was like AHS and Bad Girls Don't Die had a baby, and this is what congealed. This could greatly appeal to some, but it just wasn't for me. Too much repetition makes my brain hurt.I loved the idea of The Dead Girls of Hysteria Hall, I really did. It provokes thinking about feminism and conformity, but once you actually get into it, these subjects are barely touched upon, and only when Overbearing Professor Mom complains about what a terrible name Hysteria Hall is, and explains to the reader the history of why its so terrible. This book did a particularly terrible job of capturing its themes accurately.I'd also like to mention how time passes in this novel. Delia dies, spends six months laying in the driveway coming to grips with the whole ordeal, and then spends a few years on the third floor replaying a music box over and over again while contemplating the afterlife. Please, spare me.I have never sped-read anything because doing so makes me forget or skip over crucial details, and I hate missing important things, but I sped-read with this toward the end. I really didn't care what I missed, I just wanted to finish.Other things that bugged me:1. Parents who lock their daughter into a room in the psych ward because "it's all we can do, we're so desperate to protect our daughter."2. When Delia finds out that Eliza is a murderer because she set her younger siblings nursery on fire, she acts upset for literally less than five minutes, then just forgives her and forgets about it.3. Alternatively, who the heck sets a nursery on fire so they can distract their parents and sneak out of the house to meet a boy? They were already asleep, you could have just snuck out you fracking psycho! Isn't that counterproductive, because once discovering that your fracking house is burning down, WOULDN'T YOU GO FIND YOUR DAUGHTER AND GET HER OUT OF THE HOUSE? Thus defeating the purpose of burning down the house in the first place?!4. The unveiled "bad guy" is Florence, a Southern Belle who calls everyone "sugar," that we've never seen acting even remotely malicious to anyone, turns out to be the one acting slave to the house and burning people's faces off when they start asking questions.5. When they are all released from the house, they invite Florence to go into the light with them. "Hey, you burned off both Maria and Eliza's faces, but they got over it, no one needs beauty on the other side anyway."6. We never learn anything about the dozens of other souls who reside in the asylum. There are over 40, but we only get to know like 6.7. Nic and Landon, who seemed important at the beginning of the novel, don't mean jackcrap at the end.8. The romance between Theo and Delia is set up, forgotten about while other things go on, and then dealt with in the last two pages, because what is a bad half-effort book without a kiss at the end? I would have preferred no romance at all, than a romance that was less than half-effort.9. The main baddie, the smoke monster Maxwell Piven, is slapped by Delia, and therefore defeated. SHE SLAPPED HIM, GUYS. Could I have asked for a more anti-climatic ending? No, I don't believe I could.I didn't really mind the writing style, it was the same somewhat-sarcastic writing style as Bad Girls. I kinda what to be upset about it, but I'm too exhausted from reading this.Two stars for trying. Despite my dislike for Hysteria Hall, I think I still plan to read Famous Last Words, as well as Marie Antoinette: Serial Killer, which I hope contain fresh main characters and have nothing to do with haunted houses.