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The Tide Lords are returning and that means every man, woman and child is in danger... Arkady is exiled to the repressive Torlenian capital, where she makes some unexpected friends and some powerful enemies, all of whom seem bent on usingher to wreak vengeance on each other.Things are not going smoothly for Declan Hawkes, the King's Spymaster, either, and not just becauseThe Tide Lords are returning and that means every man, woman and child is in danger...Arkady is exiled to the repressive Torlenian capital, where she makes some unexpected friends and some powerful enemies, all of whom seem bent on usingher to wreak vengeance on each other.Things are not going smoothly for Declan Hawkes, the King's Spymaster, either, and not just because the Empress of the Five Realms has turned up in Caelum with her family. Jaxyn Aranville is determined to quash any opposition to his plans for the Glaeban throne and Arkady's husband, the Duke of Lebec, is on his way.And in the stark deserts of Torlenia, a meeting between two powerful Tide Lords could put to rest eight thousand years of enmity...or not......

Title : The Gods of Amyrantha
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ISBN : 9780732283360
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The Gods of Amyrantha Reviews

  • Melanie
    2019-01-22 09:06

    A typical "bridge" book, but it wasn't bad. And I say to anyone who's at started this series to at least read til the end of Gods of Amyrantha because there is one HELL of a plot twist at the end...

  • Liviu
    2018-12-25 11:55

    Superb sequel; witty, funny, twists and turns, revelations.As the Tide increases in power the Immortals are back to scheming for power, with the usual suspects from Jaxyn, Dialla to Sirolee, Tryan and Elissa positioning themselves for the richest spoils around. Even the righteous Brynden may be ready to forgive Kinta and get an Empire, since an ascetic cult wears thin after a while too, while Lukys has his "hands" in so many plots that it's not clear if even his stated goal is actually true... Only Cayal still wants to die, though Arkady tempts him on and off, but when a thousand year ago seducing a righteous immortal girlfriend - or being seduced by her - led to asteroids hurled at you and of course to a major Cataclysm, it is not too wise to appear attached to another girl, especially a mortal one this time, since while Cayal cannot be hurt easily, Arkady definitely can be. And the Immortal Flame has been extinguished, so no more new Immortals. Or so most everyone thinks.... And of course the Cabal is trying to do whatever it can to protect humanity, but even the Cabal may be an Immortal plaything after all. Eternity is boring without fun and games...

  • Wang Xiuyi
    2019-01-11 08:11

    The following passage found in the book is what truly convinced me Jennifer Fallon is one of my favourite Fantasy Authors. Jennifer Fallon: "The fun of self-delusion, that's what faith is all about... believing in something so profoundly you'd devote your entire life to it without any proof that it actually exists. Worse than that, it's believing without the need for proof. It's believing, even when confronted with definitive proof that you're wrong. A truly effective religion doesn't need gods parading around every year on feast days to assure peasants they're still on the job... a truly effective religion needs nothing more than a promise of salvation. It'll outlast the others by a thousand years."Jennifer Fallon is proving herself a true master of philosophy and social commentary, and such profound insights are things that remind me yet again why Fantasy will always be my favourite genre.

  • Coral
    2019-01-04 09:49

    I loved it, flew thru it ... And it stops with everything up in the air! And now I find my local library doesn't have the next book in the series. NOOOO!

  • Amy M
    2019-01-22 05:19


  • La-Plume
    2019-01-08 09:16

    Not a bad followup to The Immortal Prince per say... but several things prevented me from really getting into this book. In fact, had it not been for the book challenge, I would have given it up halfway and put back on my TBR.Take the characters for instance, loving the characters I read about contributes a lot to my liking of a book. While I did empathize with Cayal in The Immortal Prince I definitely did not in this book. I'm sure that's what Jennifer Fallon intended, but this actually took off some of the charm of the series. None of the immortals were in the least bit likable.Although all were fascinating, they were all also cunning, selfish, self-absorbed and cruel... And yes, we were warned from the first volume, they were not a pleasant bunch, but I didn't expect it would spoil my reading experience as well.We were also introduced to a new scard called Tiji... whom I found to be utterly irritating with her judgmental nature. She is also described as "feisty", although to me she was just rude and made nasty judgmental comments every time she had the chance, comments I would not accept even from a friend. There's what you say and there's also the way you say it.The only characters I ended up liking were Declan Hawkes ( which came as a surprise because I didn't in the first book) and Warlock.I also felt the book was slow... which is surprising because objectively speaking, the game has started and every immortal is now trying to move its pawns... Again I blame the writing. If I had come to like the characters, I would have been eager to know what happened to them... ( Especially since there are SO MANY that I had to reread the first book to remember all of them.)The biggest issue to me, is that there are just too many characters and plot movements, so while we follow in total about 5 to 6 different points of view, we don't spend enough time with each character to truly empathize with them. In The Immortal Prince most of the pages were dedicated to Cayal and Arkady so empathizing with them came naturally. Here, we spend so little a time with each character that each encounter is for a plot movement... which is great in terms of pacing but it makes for a bland read... It's like reading a succession of events without really caring about them since you don't care about the people involved.Last but not least, the expected twist at the end:(view spoiler)[ Frankly, I'm sure everyone saw it coming from miles around. I was surprised from the first meeting with the Cabal of the Tarot that nothing was explained regarding Ryda Tarek. Most importantly I was surprised by Declan Hawkes, given the fact he hesitated a long time to introduce his oldest friend Arkady to the Cabal, I didn't get why he readily accepted a guy he never met as a super important member. It was obvious that if Ryda was an immortal, he'd rather keep his identity secret so that nobody could see how he never aged in the first place. It was obvious from the first time we saw him, he was Lukys.(hide spoiler)]I was really floored at the end of The Immortal Prince to discover hat Desean's niece was actually The Minion Maker... but this... no This didn't surprise me AT ALL. The only thing I'm relatively curious about is what Declan is now going to do and what is going to happen to Arkady.I wish, she goes to Declan ( if she can), who is way better than Cayal ever was... But I don't feel like reading the third installment yet. In fact, I don't really know if I still care.

  • Nazurka
    2019-01-11 05:07

    Gezeitenstern-Saga 02. Die Götter von Amyrantha - Jennifer FallonDas Machtpolitische Intrigenspiel der Unsterblichen geht in die nächste Runde!Die Götter von AmyranthaKlappentext:"Auf Amyrantha steigen die Gezeiten. Die Unsterblichen spüren, dass die Stunde ihrer Macht wieder näher rückt. Sie verlassen ihre Verstecke und versuchen, unerkannt einflussreiche Positionen zu besetzen, um die Menschheit zu unterwerfen. Arkady, die junge Fürstin von Lebec, erkennt die Gefahr. Auch Declan, der Erste Spion des Königs, weiß, was hinter den Kulissen vorgeht. Beide wollen der geheimen Bruderschaft des Tarot helfen, die den Unsterblichen seit Jahrhunderten Widerstand leistet. Doch die Macht der Gezeitzenfürsten wächst unerbittlich ..."Zum Autor:Jennifer Fallon wurde 1959 in Carlton/Melbourne, Australien, geboren und ist eine Fantasy-Autorin.(Aus:, 02. Januar 2011, 00.09 Uhr)Zum Roman:Während die Gezeiten sich der Königsflut entgegen neigen, bleiben der geheimen Bruderschaft des Tarot wenig Zeit und Mittel, um die Unsterblichen zu bekämpfen. Arkady, Fürstin von Lebec, soll dem Ersten Spion - Declan und ihr bester Freund - , der ebenfalls der Bruderschaft angehört, helfen, die Unsterblichen zu suchen und einen Weg zu finden, sie zu bekämpfen; doch ihre Möglichkeiten sind rargesäht. Dazu muss sie auch noch ihren Ehemann Stellan nach Torlenien begleiten, wo sie auf die Kaiserin trifft, die nicht nur einige Geheimnisse birgt, sondern auch nicht das zu sein scheint, was alle glauben ...Fazit:Der zweite Teil der Gezeitenstern-Saga sorgt für Unterhaltung: Sowohl mit recht aufheizendem Humor, spannender und origineller Story, unvorhersehbaren Wendungen, als auch was auch Intrigen politischer Natur wie auch persönlichem Ehrgeiz unter den einzelnen Gezeitenfürsten und der Menschheit angeht: es ist alles dabei.Es werden neue Charaktere eingeleitet, Gezeitenfürsten, die im ersten Teil schon in Cayals Rückblenden erwähnt wurden, bis hierhin aber noch nicht auftauchten. Und jede der neuen Figuren bietet eine neue Facette, die entdeckt werden will, etwas frisches, etwas spannendes.Der Kontrast zwischen Protagonisten und Antagonisten, wie sie hier zwischen Jaxyn, dem Fürsten der Askese, Cayal, dem unsterblichen Prinzen (der eher zu den Protagonisten zählt, weil er unglaublich symtathisch wirkt, auch wenn er ein Gezeitenfürst ist und etwas abseits betrachtet werden muss, da er wahrhaft unberechenbar ist) als auch der Erste Spion des Königs, Declan und Arkadys bester Freund, der Fürstin von Lebec, Arkady Desean, und ihrem Gemahlen, Stellan, stellt einen wahrhaft großen Spielraum dar, der neben der Handlung zum Hauptvergnügen und Spannungspunkt der Geschichte wird. Dazu darf man natürlich nicht auch die anderen liebevollen Charaktere, die die Protagonisten in ihren Handlungen unterstützen und den Hauptstrang so abrunden, vergessen, wie z.B. die Chamälide Tiji, oder Warlock, der ebenfalls noch an großer Bedeutung gewinnen wird.Die ganze Geschichte in sich wirkt stimmig: brilliante Dialoge, toller Humor, unvorhergesehene Geschehnisse und der Spannungsbogen, der während des ganzen Romans vorhanden bleibt, sorgen durchgehend für sehr gute Unterhaltung. Die Geschichte wirkt lebendig, was nicht letztlich auch am flüßigem und angenehmen Schreibstil der Autorin zusammenhängt.Insgesamt muss man sagen, dass der zweite Teil alles bietet, was man sich von einem unterhaltungsvollen Roman erwartet, und selbst für Leser, die vielleicht nicht so sehr auf der Fantsasy-Schiene fahren, ist dieses Buch allein des Humors und des Schreibstils willen ein echtes Muss.5/5 Sternen für die Fortsetzung der Gezeitenstern-Saga!Gesamte Tetralogie in einem Überblick:01. Der unsterbliche Prinz02. Die Götter von Amyrantha03. Der Palast der verlorenen Träume04. Der Kristall des ChaosAutor: Jennifer FallonTetralogieVerlag: LYX-Egmont; BroschiertGenrè: Fantasy, RomanPreis: 14,95 €

  • Asaviel
    2018-12-26 11:17

    Meine Meinung:Auf ein Wiedersehen mit Arkady und Cayal habe ich mich mehr als nur gefreut. Band 1 endet mit einem Cliffhanger, der den Leser zwar nicht völlig frustriert zurücklässt, aber eben doch neugierig macht auf einen zweiten Band. Diese Fortsetzung beginnt dann aber leider nicht mehr so stark wie der Auftakt. Es werden weitere Charaktere eingeführt, wobei es dem Leser trotzdem gut gelingt den Überblick zu behalten. Leider treffen die beiden Protagonisten erst sehr spät im Handlungsverlauf wieder aufeinander. Und gerade ihr Verhältnis ist es ja, das in Band 1 zu faszinieren weiß.So zieht sich der Anfang. Weitere Unsterbliche werden in den Königshäusern und an strategisch wichtigen Punkten entdeckt. Es gibt immer wieder kleinere "Aha"-Erlebnisse, wenn Zusammenhänge aufgedeckt werden, die immer zum Greifen nahe waren, aber sich noch nicht in Worte fassen ließen. So fügt sich scheinbar alles zusammen und manchmal hatte ich beinahe das Gefühl, ich würde mich schon einem Ende der Gesamtgeschichte nähern, was ja bei einem dritten und vierten Band, die noch folgen, nicht möglich ist.Und dann wird es schleichend und nach und nach besser. Die Spannung steigt in gleichem Maße, wie die Flut steigt und diese kommt auch erst langsam und dann - nach langer Ebbe - immer schneller. Tatsächlich endet der Band 2 durch einen Epilog mit einem Cliffhanger, der deutlich mehr Gemeinheiten enthält, als der aus dem ersten Band. Glücklich ist derjenige, der die Fortsetzung schon griffbereit hat.Wie schon erwähnt, ist es überhaupt kein Problem trotz einer hohen Charakterdichte den Überblick zu behalten. Das ist eine große Leistung der Autorin, denn es gelingt ihr jedem von ihnen ein eigenes Gesicht zu geben und das ist bei der Vielzahl wirklich schon beachtenswert. Wir haben keine stereotypischen Charaktere unter ihnen. Jeder hat seine eigene Meinung, keine schwarz/weiß-Malerei, jeder hat Ecken und Macken. Die Unsterblichen haben ein paar mehr Macken, die Menschen vielleicht ein paar weniger. Aber das macht es ja so spannend. Die mit der Macht sind auch die verrückten.Der Humor, den wir schon von Arkady kennen, legt sich etwas, da sie nicht mehr die richtigen Anspielpartner hat in der Umgebung, in der sie sich nun befindet. Diese schwarze Vertreter seiner Art flackert aber immer wieder auf, wenn dann Cayal wieder zu ihr stößt.Die Hörbuch-Version auf wird wieder von Oliver Siebeck vorgelesen. Wie gewohnt hervorragend und sehr angenehm. Ich lausche ihm nun schon in der zweiten Hörbuchreihe sehr gerne und genieße es mich von seiner Stimme in eine fremde Welt entführen zu lassen.Fazit: Eine Fortsetzung, durch die man sich erst einmal kämpfen muss, was man aber gerne auf sich nimmt, denn die Charaktere hat man lieb gewonnen oder möchte sie am liebsten erschlagen. Ob letztere bekommen, was sie verdienen, wird man nur erfahren, wenn man weiterliest oder weiterhört und so muss man einige Längen überbrücken, bevor man das Buch kaum noch zur Seite legen kann. Erneut bestechen die Charaktere, die trotz einer hohen Zahl jeder für sich fein und detailliert gezeichnet sind.Trotz einiger Schwächen hatte ich großen Lesespaß und freue mich auf die nächsten Stunden in Amyrantha.

  • Mihir
    2019-01-15 05:06

    Full review originally at Fantasy Book Critic ANALYSIS: The novel starts off within a couple of weeks of time from "The Immortal Prince" and picks up exactly where that one ended. The various characters are shown to be in different places due to the events occurring in the previous book. Cayal is in Torlenia awaiting Arkady & Stellan who are traveling there for political reasons.Declan Hawkes is doing spy-work & secret assignments to find out the current identities of the hidden Tide Lords, while Warlock & Boots being Crasii Scards [a special sub-type of Crasii who cannot be vocally controlled by the TideLords] can be recruited as moles for Declan Hawkes though if the newly empowered Tide Lords will realize what they are, it will mean instant death for them at best...Tiji is the new POV character introduced in this book & she is in Caelum trying to find out more about a certain event when she gets the surprise of her life.I confess that "The Immortal Prince" was the first book I ever read by Jennifer Fallon as I was intrigued by its premise. The book however completely blew me away with its fast pace, engaging characters & with a magic system which was astronomically based.The concept of (real, no cop-outs) immortality & the various characters who were immortal & yet so human were also very compulsive to read. Humanity is often a plaything for the immortals, most of which whom we meet in the 2 books so far and who resemble nothing more than any bunch of squabbling, jealous Gods in your favorite mythology with the difference that their powers ebb and flow with the Cosmic Tide.One must have read “The Immortal Prince” to make sense of the plotting & story-arc in “The Gods of Amyrantha”. The story begins with a prologue which is a snippet of history featuring one of the immortals exercising their power. The plot line then jumps to the recent events & Ms. Fallon is indeed a true story teller as she makes her characters go through some excruciating circumstances while keeping up the pace so as to keep the reader from getting jaded.The basic thread which propels this tale is the quest of Cayal to end his life, however with the Tide coming back, all the Immortals start resurfacing slowly & steadily. And as with their comeback, old enmities are also rising and their past doings is becoming of more and more importance in the story so many passages in "The Immortal Prince" only now start to show their true significance.The book ends with some interesting situations for most of the characters and readers will definitely want to know what happens next, fortunately the series is complete & can be ordered from the Australian shores. I know, I did so with the third book which has now set me on to ordering the 4th book as well.In the end all I can say is that Ms. Fallon is an engaging storyteller who likes to surprise, shock & keep her audience on their feet with her plot twists, some which you anticipate, others which will completely blow you away. This book also continues the trend and will definitely have you salivating for more!!

  • Elena
    2019-01-04 12:14

    Während die Gezeiten steigen, befindet sich Arkady und Stellan Desean im torlenischen Exil. Die Fürstin von Lebec schließt Freundschaft mit der dortigen Kaiserin, die ihre Geheimnisse zu haben scheint. Derweil kämpfen der erste Spion Declan Hawkes und die Bruderschaft des Tarots im Glaeba gegen die Unsterblichen Jaxyn und Diala, welche den Königshof unterwandert haben und nun die Macht an sich reißen wollen. Auch das Nachbarland Caelum muss sich ungebetener unsterblicher Gäste erwehren. Cayal hingegen sucht weiter nach einem Weg endlich sterben zu können – die Gedanken an Arkady sind da bloß hinderlich…Auch im zweiten Band warten wieder unzählige Intrigen, welche so meisterhaft gesponnen werden, so dass es neben den “erwarteten” Überraschungen jede Menge ungeahnte Enthüllungen gibt. Declans Familienleben birgt unvermuteten Sprengstoff und er beweist sich einmal mehr als äußerst gewiefter Meisterspion. Arkady hingegen wird vom Pech verfolgt und stolpert weiter von einen Unsterblichen in den nächsten. Währenddessen muss Stellan schmerzlich erkennen, dass seine Frau mit ihren Warnungen richtig lag. Und Cayal trifft auf Lukys, welcher behauptet, ihm bei der Erfüllung seiner Todessehnsucht helfen zu können…Jennifer Fallon ist ein wahres Erzähltalent, schafft sie doch das Kunststück, elegant mit einen dutzend Erzählperspektiven zu hantieren und dennoch nie zu langweilen oder zu verwirren, sondern für ungebrochene Spannung zu sorgen. Chapeu! Die Handlung selbst führt auch dieses Mal zahlreiche neue Charaktere ein, Sterbliche wie Unsterbliche. Trotz der großen Zahl an Protagonisten und Antagonisten, ganz zu schweigen von den ganzen Nebenfiguren, gelingt es Jennifer Fallon, dass der Überblick nicht verloren geht. Jede Person hat ihren eigenen facettenreichen Charakter und bereits eingeführte Figuren wie Warlock werden weiter ausgebaut. Erwähnt werden sollten die gewohnt spritzigen und treffsicheren Dialogen, der Dialogstil jedes Einzelnen ist unverkennbar und eine wahre Freude – und oftmals so, als wenn man alten Freunden beim Streiten zuhört. Band 2 endet mit einer unfassbaren Entdeckung, der nicht nur einen Protagonisten fassungslos zurücklässt – denn noch lange nach Ende des Hörbuchs beschäftigt die Frage, was das alles für Auswirkungen haben wird. Außerdem bleibt der Verbleib einiger Protagonisten ungeklärt und sorgt so für banges Warten auf den nächsten Teil. Der Epilog ist dann nur noch das Sahnehäubchen obendrauf, welcher spätestens jetzt auch den Letzten sich fragen lässt: Was hat Lukys wirklich vor?Oliver Siebeck liest weiterhin passend und gekonnt vor. Der zweite Teil führt weitere Unsterbliche ein und treibt die Handlung zielgerichtet voran, es ergeben sich neue Verwicklungen und auch wenn sich paar Vermutungen bestätigen, ergeben sich dafür umso mehr neue Fragen.

  • Lauren
    2018-12-25 05:02

    It has been a thousand years since the last High Tide and humanity has forgotten the threat posed by the Tide Lords...This is an EXCELLENT sequel to followup the Immortal Prince.The world view has definitely expanded in this book! Though we still have a few back stories, this book gives a much better view of Amyrantha as an actual world and it's histories.The story is still pretty much following Cayal as he looks for ways to end his life, but the Immortal Prince had a more minor role this time around.This is a good thing because it gave us the chance to learn more about the 9 Tide Lords who have begun to surface & stir now that the Tide is coming back in ~ and with the tides turning Arkady needs to be cautious of the more powerful immortals (she seems to attract them like magnets) because the attentions & manipulations of a Tide Lord tend to end badly.(view spoiler)[(Cayal, Lukys, Maralyce, Brynden, Jaxyn, Pellys, Tryan, Elyssa & Kentravyon are all Tide Lords. Though you learned that in IP, I just thought I give ya a friendly reminder! There, now you pretty much know all the main players) (hide spoiler)]What I enjoyed most about this book was how human most of the immortals seemed. The Tide Lords could have been demons or fallen angels or any immortal being so I LOVE that they were human before they were changed. And I love the instability of their magic. They aren't gods. Their magic comes & goes & they never know when it's coming back or how long it will stay... I loved the uncertainty they were saddled with.Declan Hawkes was a more prominent character in this book. I had really started to like him in the first book, mostly because he's mortal & it wouldn't be such a cliche if he & Arkady ended up together at the end of the series... but after that twist of events in the end.... I wasn't sure what to think... (view spoiler)[Because if Declan can become immortal then Arkady is DEFINITELY going to become immortal & now I have to sit in a corner & ponder my thoughts because now all I can think is (hide spoiler)]I definitely liked this book better then the Immortal Prince. I liked that there is less back story in this book and much more intrigue. The writing's not bad, but it's not remarkable either. However, for some reason it's strangely addictive...["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>

  • Coucher de soleil
    2019-01-24 08:06

    In general I enjoyed this one. As was the case with the first book in this series, 'The Immortal Prince', this second book was very well written. The world building was intricate and very well done and the story flowed very well despite the fact that there was a large cast of characters (this was partly because, IMHO, the book mainly focused on certain characters central to the story). The characters were believable and well written. Spoiler space for the rest... * * * * * All right. Difficult points: I will warn potential readers that they must 'gird their loins' when deciding to read this one, one reason for this being that the bad characters tend to triumph in this installment. In other words, bad things happen to the main characters we have come to care about, without resolution (in this installment, anyway). I will add that some of the immortal characters were in general rather nauseating: I found myself hoping that the character of Brynden in particular (who reportedly thought of himself as moral and virtuous but was actually a misogynistic pr*ck) would suffer some painful event (preferably involving some body parts which shall not be named). This does not negate the author's achievement in portraying the *humanity* of the immortal characters: by this I refer to their selfish tendencies. This reminds me a little of the Cohen brothers' worldview (i.e. the makers of films such as 'Burn after reading'), where everyone is corrupt, venal, and not worth the air they breathe. Reading this novel, one begins to wonder if the selfishness is a general result of the invulnerability and immortality (i.e. is consideration of others a purely mortal construct and something that most people adhere to because they have no other choice?). So in general, very interesting but not so easy to read. (I don't believe generosity and kindness are impossible, BTW. I also don't think this is what the author is saying here either. I think it's more a case of true generosity and true goodness existing in a minority of individuals, which is what one sees in this story.) As a final note on this topic, I will mention that the above doesn't make the book and series any less worth reading, IMHO. As a further note, I will add that the plot point at the end of the novel concerning Declan Hawkes felt a bit like it 'came out of left field'. But this may just be me. All in all, therefore, this was a very well written book, but not an easy read.

  • Lina Al-Midfa
    2018-12-24 07:49

    Even better than the first, and if you enjoyed the first (I most definitly positively absolutely did), you'll know what I mean, I didn't think that was possible.Tides Jennifer! You did it again =)lol...She takes us into a thrilling and absorbing read, and true to the title of the book, it was about The Gods of Amyrantha. Without revealing too much, I will start by saying that at the end of The Immortal Prince, we know that there are 9 Tide Lords (powerful immortals that can influence the Tide) Cayal, Lukys, Maralyce, Brynden, Jaxyn, Pellys, Tryan, Elyssa and in the prologue of this book we are introduced to the final and ninth Kentravyon. Now for the mortals, Arkady is in for some surprises in Torlenia, Stellan is in for some more surprises in Glaeba, the plot and the story just keeps getting bigger and better. The author has such an absorbing and addictive quality about her writing that just makes you keep turning the pages. When I got to pg 250, I didn't stop reading until I finished the book. I just couldn't put it down!And Declan Hawkes, I started to like him in the first book, and after this one, I think I'm in love with him. He just seemed to be going through too much, and that twist and turn of events in the end....I must admit I had a feeling,,,, and boy am I glad that my feelings were right!And the Crasii Scards in this one, I wanted to read more about Warlock, as I enjoyed his character very much in the first one, but I'm sure Jennifer has bigger plans for him in her third and fourth installments. We do get more intimate with another Crasii in this one, Tiji the chameleon we were introduced to in the first, is absolutely captivating.Having read all of Jennifer's work, I have to say that my favourite was the Hythrun Chronicles. After only reading 2 of her Tide Lords, this is one of my new all time favourite series. I can't wait to start the thrid and fourth installments, and thank god for amazon I was able to purchase all 4 in one go.Buy this series, read her work, you won't be disappointed.

  • Damali
    2018-12-24 04:14

    Although I enjoyed this better than the first one, there's just something about God POVs that don't make for good fantasy. For most of the book, the people were running around trying to figure out who was a Tide Lord, and running back to report it. The group that's supposed to be trying to find a way to stop the TLs are basically useless. They never actually come up with any way to stop them from rising with the tide, so what is the point? They think thy might be able to find a way to kill them, if they figure out how Cayal is planning on killing himself, and then kill the rest of the TLs that way. Sigh.Then there's Arkady, who can't turn a corner without running into a TL, and she's somehow not afraid of them, even when she knows the tide is on its way in. Meanwhle, the TLs are supposed to have enough power to destroy the world time and time again, but while the tide is out, they're acting like kids, and trying to get control of the world through political means, when all they have to do is wait a few years. And I get that they're saying it's easier to already have control, than try to get it with their powers, but it still just seems a waste of time to me. But, of course, since they're immortals, they have nothing but time, so I guess that's why they're being silly.The Crasaii are the most interesting in the series, but they're not used enough. There could've been some very good storylines, but all they're reduced to is seeing if they'll follow orders or not. So much more could've been done in this area.The characters are just surface characters, and they're just not as present as the characters that I love in Fallon's other series.Is it the over-the-top God POVs that's throwing Fallon's brilliance out of whack, or is it just me? Could be, could be.

  • jD
    2018-12-27 11:10

    This series has got me hooked. I am on the way to library to grab the next one. I can't say it's the writing because it's not that strong but the characters and plot twist are a rush. I am addicted. The Tide Lords are such a funky concept. They are humans who come into power over the elements in cycles referred to as the 'The Tide'. They are immortal but The Tides are hundreds of years apart. They never know when it's coming or how long it will stay. When The Tide is out, they live on the downlow because humans can hurt them but not kill them. Since The Tides can be hundreds or thousands of years apart, humans forget about them being real. The Tide is returning and the immortals are manipulating politics so they can be in a positions of power such as kings and queens. They have a problem this time, a secret society has kept the truth alive and know the Lords are coming back. They need to stop them because the Lords don't exactly get along or share well so they cause mayhem to the planet when they disagree, to say the least. That's the short of it. I don't want to say much more, it's too easy to slide in a spoler.

  • Christina (A Reader of Fictions)
    2019-01-03 12:16

    Like the first book in the series, which I’d actually written up a review for but later decided not to post, I enjoyed the audiobook quite a lot. Narrator John Telfer does a really great job making the characters distinct and imbuing their lines with a lot of personality.This series isn’t one I would have ever picked up on my own, but I’ve really been enjoying it. The world building is really cool. There are these immortals (Tide Lords) who have the ability to manipulate the tide, which is magic that comes and goes. The tide has been out for a really long time, so the Tide Lords have been blending in with the human population, but now the tide is coming in and the Tide Lords are beginning their campaigns to compete for world domination.The characters are interesting and well-drawn, though the series lacks for swoony romance. I can’t decide if I like the idea of Cayal and Arkady or not , but I’m at least open to the possibility. My interest was a bit on the wane after a plot development for Arkady I didn’t like, but then there was a really awesome twist at the end that hooked me again.

  • Potter
    2019-01-11 05:12

    A more action packed novel than The Immortal Prince, the first in this series, this book takes us into the swiftly developing machinations of the Tide Lords and the attempts of the Cabal to stop them. I thought this book was better than The Immortal Prince which bodes well for the series as a whole. To begin with the Crasii were better realized and less distracting than in the first book and they make up some of the more interesting characters. There's much more action as well and Fallon has begun to introduce some interesting twists, some predictable but many not. The world view is also expanded in this book and Fallon has done an excellent job of making her world seem real and developing different takes on the Tide Lords for each nation. However I am still finding that many of the characters are two-dimensional but there are some interesting ones such as Arkady and Tiji.I would recommend this if you're looking for a quick fantasy read and you will want to start with the first book.

  • Errolyn
    2018-12-25 05:02

    This is the second book in the Tide Lords series, and it has jacked up the danger, adventure and mystery 3x. By the end of the book, every character finds himself either in a situation where they might never get out and puts them in extreme danger, or gets some information that changes their entire perception of themselves and their place in their world. A lot of questions from the last book are answered, but a ton more are revealed in the last couple chapters...some that were hinted at and the reader might have suspected, and some that caught you by surprise, but makes sense. All that I love about good fantasy is in this series: great world building that makes sense, great characters that are not cardboard, but have all kind of sides...that even when doing terrible things, the reader understands....and of course the magic and escape. Tis series so far is shaping up to be one of my favorites. On to the next book!

  • Aves
    2019-01-08 12:16

    Like the first book in this series, the main story started off rather slow. But, by the time I got to the middle, the action picked up and lasted right through to the cliffhanger-y ending. Arkady annoyed me somewhat, since it seemed like she wouldn't be able to pick a Tide Lord out of a crowd if there was a huge neon sign hanging over them. She is, after all supposed to something of an expert on the Tide Lords, and yet she never seems to suspect that some of the people near her who seem to know so much as the Tide Lords are actually, you know, Tide Lords. But, once the Tide Lords' identities get officially revealed, the story moves on to more exciting things. Yes, some of the reveals were incredibly obvious, but the book makes up for it by throwing in some other surprises that I never once saw coming and by being a thoroughly entertaining read.

  • Calida
    2019-01-11 07:16

    Ok.. so I liked and disliked this book.I Liked it because it kept me reading and i was wanting more the whole time. (always good for a book) The catactors are intriging and in this book we got to know some of them better.I disliked it because of the ending, yes, yes I know I will have a phew people who disagree,but I have reasons. Well I dislike it because we have this build up the whole and then it just suddenly goes in to all these unfinished ends and twists and things now that is always good if you have the next book well unfortunetly for me I do not so I'm iching to read the third and I can't, now this is a very frustrating thing. So I will like it as soon as i have the third book but untill then i hate it.

  • Karen Jones
    2018-12-31 03:54

    The writing's not bad, but it's not remarkable either. For some reason it's incredibly addictive, though. It's like a soap opera, but with no actual sex scenes (there was one in the last book, though). Perhaps it's how she keeps up that sexual tension so you end up mentally shouting at the characters to go ahead and do it, already, but they never do. I don't know why I like it. I have predicted every single plot point in the entire book. There are no surprises. But I do like it. Enough that I'm incredibly frustrated that I didn't wait a couple years to start reading it. I say that because the third book, which I HAVE to read now, isn't available until June! Even then, I'll have to buy it in hardcover! Something I try not to do because of the expense.

  • Kanani
    2018-12-30 05:07

    I'm so disappointed. I wasn't very impressed with the first book, but after reading reviews for the second, I was convinced to give it a go. Up until the last 20 pages or so, the book was predictable and without any real conflict. I wouldn't say the author was a bad writer, but the story feels very weak to me. Will I buy the next ebook? Probably because I have a hard time letting go of a story without finishing it. This series, so far, reminds me of another series that was written by Elizabeth Haydon, Anyway, I am curious about what happens to Arkady and Declan. Maybe the story picks up in the third book. Here's to hoping!

  • Skip
    2019-01-06 12:17

    I ordered this book all the way from Australia. I keep trying to explain to my old man why I did and I really can't come up with a good excuse. The writing is decent, but nothing extraordinary. The story is interesting. I like the characters. It has the whole good versus evil and shades of gray thing. There are no shocks or surprises. I really like the main character, who is actually a female--a believable female--so rare in the fantasy world. And I like the duality of having protagonists also be antagonists. I just like it, okay? And I can order books from Australia if I want to!I'm not going to add my spoilers until the book is released in the States.

  • Alisa Kester
    2019-01-22 12:19

    I'm not sure if the author is really bad at foreshadowing plot twists, or she just thinks so *very* much like me that she always does exactly what I think would be cool. Whatever it is, I've managed to correctly guess ALL her big surprises way ahead of the big reveal...and though you'd think this would make it lose stars, I'm still giving her the full five because reading it was just a pleasurable thing. And must admit I liked having the plot twists turn out the way they "should". :D I love Cayal, I love Hawkes, the Immortals are all fun, Arkady is finally getting a few just desserts, and the animal Crasii aren't so deeply annoying this go around. I'm eager to read the next.

  • Aaron
    2018-12-26 10:10

    So i had my doubts after the first book of this series, and i think i even said it just felt like a lot of build up. Well, while this one still has build up it also has a lot of pay off. The characters feel more fleshed out, the history of the tide lords is more interesting and i think this comes from the fact that we have 3-4 telling of the past rather than just Cayal. And a pretty big twist at the end that i missed until it hit me in the face is always a good thing, strait on to the next book.

  • Tiffany
    2019-01-06 07:00

    I enjoyed the conflict of the different characters. I really related to the Duchess, and am hanging on the edge waiting to see what happened to her. The book had a big soap opera feeling to it. Complications and intrigue moved through the plot. Really enjoyed this one.Was totally thrilled with the ending, and could have guessed it coming. It totally made sense. Really looking forward to the third book in the series that is due out in a month. Ticking off the days. Bring it on! Ready to see what the immortals are up to next.

  • Jan
    2019-01-16 09:04

    It is astounding that basically nothing has happened in ~600 pages other than immortals tripping over themselves to line up in order to wax lyrical to Arkady about their past exploits. For someone touted as an educated woman, Arkady is surprisingly narrow-minded and has quickly turned into a damsel in distress. Speeding up the plot a bit would do no harm to the pacing of The Gods of Amyrantha. I understand that the Tide Lords have waited nearly a thousand years for the turning of the tide. I don't think its fair for readers to mimic their wait.

  • Bronwyn
    2019-01-01 12:04

    Despite enjoying the first novel in the Tide Lords series, I abandoned this one about 1/4 of the way through.As with the first novel, The Gods of Amyrantha skips around from character to character and so at times the plot moved very slowly. This criticism was countered by the fascinating world building in the first novel, but by the second novel the sense of discovery wore off.I have no complaints about the characters or the tone of the writing. I simply ended up putting this book down because the jumping perspectives made the plot drag too slowly.

  • Meaghan
    2019-01-10 09:01

    This book kept me hooked from the beginning, I was really looking forward to starting it when I finished the first book (Imortal Prince). The politics and secrets are all so well written, and the author knows how to work so many view points in without missing anything or getting repetitive. At the end of the book is a cliffhanger that really sets you up for the next book, each character is hanging by a thread and I cannot wait to read on.

  • Amy
    2019-01-06 05:02

    I thought this was a good continuation of the series. The plot lines expand, you get to see more of the world, and more Immortals join the story. And, there was a twist towards the end of the book that I did not see coming, although looking back it should have been something I could have figured out. Anyway, that alone was enough to send me diving into the next book as soon as I put this one down.