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All of Jared Sinclair’s wealth still can’t ease the pain from his terrible childhood… or his guilt over a recent tragedy. Unable to forgive himself, the billionaire property investor buries his emotions, toughens his skin, and becomes a notorious womanizer, refusing to commit his heart to a woman when he’s convinced she wants only his wallet.But ever since Jared arrived inAll of Jared Sinclair’s wealth still can’t ease the pain from his terrible childhood… or his guilt over a recent tragedy. Unable to forgive himself, the billionaire property investor buries his emotions, toughens his skin, and becomes a notorious womanizer, refusing to commit his heart to a woman when he’s convinced she wants only his wallet.But ever since Jared arrived in Amesport, Maine, he’s been intrigued by Mara Ross, the petite and sexy shop owner who asks nothing of him. When Mara’s store is purchased without her knowledge, she stands on the brink of losing her home, her livelihood, and generations of family history. Then the irresistibly persuasive Jared proposes a business deal to Mara… and soon draws her into a steamy, sensual affair, convincing her that he’s anything but cold. However, when a revelation shakes Mara’s fragile trust to the core, Jared must finally confront the truth about his past....

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The Forbidden Billionaire Reviews

  • Soonya
    2019-05-14 18:50

    It's the same damn story, nothing changes but the names. Billionaire hero who is used to women who want him for money? CheckHeroine who only had sexual encounter with a bad lover and after that gave up on sex until hero? CheckShe needs his help, is selfless and doesn't think about money at all? CheckShe is curvy and nothing like women he dated before? CheckSmall?CheckHas no money or her business is in some deep shit and hero comes saving her day? CheckI mean the list could go on and on, I was so bored reading it. Nothing new. I have to admit though, Evan sounds intriguing and I will still read his book. Although I have a feeling it will be the same thing, but I still have hope. After that(if it's the same) I'm giving up on those books. Simply see no point in reading something I've read all the time.I was not impressed that he was in love with his ex either, and although she betrayed him he was like ''she was a beautiful human being with great parts of her soul.'' Um yeah, ok. She was so great that she used hero for his money and screwed his friend behind his back, but whatever. It wasn't like he was hang up on his ex. Then he was a man-whore who thought women wanted him only for sex. After his gf lied to him, he gave up on relationship and never slept with one woman more than once. It all made no sense( that he was fighting his attraction and the out of the blue he was like, yeah she is mine and I want her), and he wasn't even that possessive. Safety gang:(view spoiler)[ safe as in no OW/OM drama. He used to be a man-whore but no one ever gave him head before. She only had one bf back in college 6 years ago and obviously the sex was bad. (hide spoiler)]

  • CC
    2019-05-01 20:48

    Listened to this through my KU membership. Narrator did a good job and the price (free) could not be beat!I usually enjoy this author. This book fell right in line with what I expect from her. It was possibly a little sweeter than normal. But it was also a low angst, easy read. I liked Jared and Mara. Neither were anything special, nor were they jerks, assholes or stupid. If you are looking for a simple romance, this is an easy choice.

  • Joanne Swinney
    2019-05-03 21:04

    I received an ARC copy for an honest reviewLuckily I wasn't forbidden to read this book because I would have missed out. I am hooked on The Sinclair Series. Every time I read I can't wait for the next one. This is Jared Sinclair's story, he should be hidden never mind being forbidden. Such a beautiful man inside and out. The dominate traits that these men have gives me Goosebumps, it's something in the Billionaire Genes or should I say Jeans, Oh boy I can see him now, shirtless, filling out a pair of Jeans the only way Jared could. Think HUGE, wink wink!! Jared has a secret about his past, something he's never going to forget and struggles to move forward with his life because of it. Nobody knows what has occurred in Jared's life, not even his family except his brother Evan, you can't hide nothing from him but that's for a whole another story which I am looking forward to reading.Jared finds himself attracted to a lady called Mara who works in a shop making dolls. Her grandmother and her mother all used to work making these beautiful dolls, it was only natural that Mara would keep up family tradition. Unfortunately her premises have been sold and she must find somewhere else to live along with finding a new job. Mara is very much alone in this world, she has a friend called Kristen but no family to help her out.Jared has his own ideas about helping Mara out when he finds out she can make the best jams and sauces he's ever tasted. He desperately wants her to move because he knows the building she resides in is unsafe. Mara is such a sweet girl, she has cared for others her whole life, she has never used anybody for her own personal gain and she's not about to start now, although Jared can be very persuasive when he wants to be. Tragedy strikes. Gasp!! Don't worry remember HEA. It's Author J.S. Scott number one rule. Difficult times are ahead for Mara and Jared. Secrets will be revealed, feelings will be hurt BUT true love and a Sinclair Billionaire will always find a way to right a wrong.This book is an absolute must read. I recommend all lovers of Erotic Contemporary Romance read Forbidden Billionaire. I am now patiently waiting for Evan Sinclair's story. I see lip biting with anticipation in my future. Author J.S. Scott thank you so much for continuing to write such fabulous stories.

  • Theresa
    2019-05-01 17:14

    Omg, Js has done it again. I received this as a ARC for a honest review. So thanks to Jan and the team for giving me this honor. I loved Jared Sinclair and Mara Ross. They both have been through hell and it has made them stronger and better people. Mara is making it day by day. She is devastating to find out she is losing the only home she grow up in. Jared has more money then he knows what to do with. He isn't one to believe in love, ( Not real love anyway) all because of his past. Will Mara accomplish what she wants. Will Jared overcome his past. This is a must read. I 100% recommend this to anyone and everyone. I couldn't stop reading once I started.

  • Elizabeth Stacy
    2019-05-03 14:45

    I received an ARC copy for an honest review.OMG what a book about Jared the youngest brother of Sinclair bothers. Jared is smart businessman and who has a secret started when he was younger which made him distant, and having ruff childhood, Jared comes home to his hometown in Amesport, Maine, with a secret. Not knowing this going hurt Mara Ross, beautiful young doll owner of her mother shop which her grandmother and mother both owned doll shop for years. Soon after Mara mother had passed way. Soon after Jared learn about Mara Ross shop owner of doll shop was passed down to her he started to regret his decision when become more involved Mara he wants to hurt her but Mara become suspicious of Jared. Needless say Jared and Mara become a couple after shake started in their relationship.I recommend this series to anybody who loves romance stores. Fist book is No Ordinary Billionaire about Dante Sinclair, second Forbidden Billionaire about Jared Sinclair.

  • Lindsay Thompson-Sublett
    2019-05-18 13:06

    Mara is sweet, caring and proud while Jared is fierce, caring and controlling. Jared and Mara make a beautiful couple and I absolutely LOVE their story. He wants to help her but she is too proud to agree to his terms and he is fighting his past while she is there for support. Once again JS Scott has done an outstanding job with this book. Highly recommended!!!!Now.....throughout this story you learn about Evan and let me just say that I am very intrigued. He seems like a tough one to crack but I know there is some women out there that can and I can't wait to read their story.I was given an arc for an honest review.

  • Aimee Suter
    2019-05-05 18:46

    With every book I get more and more sucked in!!! Reading about the Sinclairs makes me want to move to Amesport and Pray they are really there and Evan is my forever love!!! I loved Jared and Mara's story and loved how they were with each other!!! Another must read!!

  • Alaina Meserole
    2019-05-18 15:14

    The Forbidden Billionaire is about Jared Sinclair, who was introduced in the first book No Ordinary Billionaire and how he falls in love with Mara, who owns and runs her family doll shop. Well, at least she did until there was unexpected fire on her home/work. Yes, she lived in the building where she made dolls. And Jared has been infatuated with her since he arrived back home to Amesport, Maine.Things get heated between the two pretty quickly - however, it's a way different romance than the one you read about between Sarah and Dante. There's still twist and turns within this book but you find out that Jared had a bad past and Mara definitely brings out the good in him. She's the light to his darkness and they are glad to have found each other. Also, in this book you get to meet the rest of the Sinclair family due to Sarah and Dante having their wedding. Plus, you finally meet the sister and I seriously hope she has a book because I really want to read more about what happened to her before her brother Evan finally figure out she was in her own trouble. Also I want to read about her relationship with her now husband too.I really like the flow of this book and it also doesn't hurt to have an audio book while at work on the computer crunching numbers all day. I seriously can't wait to read the next book because it's about the eldest brother, Evan.ALSO, what is with these guys having a wedding within a month after they propose?!?

  • IzzyISH
    2019-05-17 18:49

    J. S. Scott’s The Forbidden Billionaire is the story of Jared Sinclair and Mara Ross. Jared is an architect by trade who upon graduating college had a dream to buy, refurbish and sell old homes. His plans were derailed as betrayal and unfounded guilt led him down a path where he was all work and no play while having superficial relationships with women and business associates. Jared felt he deserved the life he was leading until he saw Mara. Mara has lived in Amesport, Maine her entire life; Relinquishing her college dreams, she returns to her family home to not only care for her ailing mother but to take over the family shop started by her grandmother.Jason and Mara begin a friendship that leads to not only a business partnership, but a romantic relationship as they work on helping each other heal. Can their good fortune hold out, or will they last when the betrayed (Jared) becomes the betrayer? Can Evan, the stodgy eldest Sinclair brother, help each of them with his objective point-of-view? This is one story you will want to read in order to find out the answer to those questions.This is the second book Ms. Scott has published via Montlake Publishing, and while I have always enjoyed her books, I feel that she has expanded and grown with this publisher. Her books seem to have lengthened considerably thus providing the reader with ability to not only get to know but understand the characters more fully. Once again, the sex and profanity do not overshadow the dialogue or storyline in this book. In The Forbidden Billionaire, we also had a chance to get to know Evan Sinclair. I can’t wait to hear his story as I feel he is the most intriguing Sinclair brother out of all of them.*** I received an Advance Reader Copy in exchange for an honest review that is my own. ***

  • Lacy
    2019-05-05 20:46

    The Forbidden Billionaire  book 2 in  The Sinclair Series is amazing. From the moment you open this book and start reading you are pulled into the story. Jared Sinclair is a man dealing with a hurtful past, not only from his childhood but from guilt that is eating away at him and has made him hard and distant. Coming home to  Amesport, Maine, Jared has set some things in motion that he soon regrets, especially since it involves a shop owner, Mara Ross.Mara is a sweet and kind young woman, who took over her mothers store after she passed away. Without her knowing her shop has been purchased she soon finds herself alone and about to loose everything that she has worked for. Jared wants to come to her rescue, but Mara is unsure why and becomes suspicious of what Jared wants with someone like her. The scenes with Jared and Mara are funny and sexy, Jared opens a door to pleasure that Mara has never known before. Jared is torn because of the things that he has done, that Mara doesn't know about. She is breaking down his walls and melting his hardened heart and Jared could risk loosing the one good thing that he has wanted in a long time.I loved everything about this book, we get glimpse of all the Sinclair family and what a strong bond they have for each other. There's another character in this book that JS Scott did an amazing job of adding into to story. The town of Amesport Maine is just as much a part of this book as the Sinclair family. I honestly found myself wishing that I could go there, you'll find yourself laughing at two ladies in this series, Beatrice and Elise. This is a book that I think all romance readers will love, there is laughter, heartache, steam and just great set of characters that you want more from.

  • Kathy Osborn
    2019-05-05 13:51

    JS Scott's Sinclair books are fabulous and I love each and every one of them so far. If you want passion, hot Alpha male and HEA this is the book for you. This is another winner from JS Scott. The Forbidden Billionaire is Jared Sinclair's story. The story opens up with a glimpse of Jared's past and why he is so distance about getting into a serious relationship, but Mara has gotten under his skin. Mara is the owner of a failing doll store as the store is falling down around her literally and figuratively. Mara is down and out when the store, which is also her home, is burned down to the ground. Jared puts her up in his guest house, but she ends up more in his house or he is in the guest house. The relationship is based on physical attraction, but you can see that Mara is melting Jared's heart and healing his wounds. The reader is treated to passionate scenes, which JS Scott writes to perfection. Love never comes without its problems and yes, Jared and Mara hit a bump in the road, however; the reader gets the HEA.This story also gives a sneak peep on Evan's personality, which I can't wait to read about his past and future in the next book. You are treated to the gathering of the entire Sinclair's clan in this story, so you continue to see how their lives are progressing. I highly recommend this book to readers who love romance, passion, erotica, alpha males and HEA. I received a complimentary copy of this book in exchange for a fair and honest review.

  • Andrea Jacobsen
    2019-05-17 17:59

    I received an ARC copy of this book and it was amazing. Jared is the perfect "needs to be loved" hero. I enjoyed the story line and the glimpses of characters from the first two stories. Jared has hardened his heart to love to the point that he doesn't recognize it at first. Mara is trying to hold onto a piece of her family while knowing she can't survive. The two of the clash and soon the sparks are so hot I am surprised my book didn't ignite. Jared and Mara's story is my favorite next to Billionaire Undone. This story made me laugh out loud, sniffle a little, and fall in love with Jared Sinclair. We also get a glimpse of Evan in this book, he might be the hardest nut to crack but he loves his family and you see that in Jared and Mara's story. This book is why I never hesitate to buy a J.S. Scott book. She does NOT disappoint.

  • Ashley Hedden
    2019-05-16 14:50

    This was another great Sinclair's novel.We met Jared in No Ordinary Billionaire by J.S. Scott, and I instantly wanted to know what happened to Jared in his past. When you meet Jared you want to see good things happen to him. I was lucky enough to get an ARC of this book. I loved reading the connection between Mara and Jared. They are a couple that you want to see happy and together. This was an amazing book that everyone needs to read. I can't wait to read more by J.S. Scott.

  • Kellie Herrick
    2019-05-13 17:00

    Jared and Mara jump off the page from the very beginning as soon as you are introduced to them. I love the way the author builds their story and puts them together before they are officially together. Jared is a wealthy billionaire with a troubling past that has kept him hiding his heart for many years. Mara is all on her own having lost her mother not long ago running a failing doll shop and taking her amazing recipes to a local farmers market on the weekend to supplement her income and make ends meet. Jared falls for her form the beginning even if he does not want to admit that he is in love with her. Mara takes a while to warm up to the fact that someone like Jared (crazy hot and rich) would ever be interested in her but when she falls she falls hard. I like the interaction of the rest of the Sinclair family in the story, how they are all together and how the stories tie together. I loved learning a little bit (if not all that much) about Evan. By the time the book was done I was sad to leave Jared and Mara behind but I could not wait to see what happens to Evan next. As always this is another 5 star read from JS Scott. She truly brings the characters to life and pulls you in not only the story on what is going on with them but the little town created around the story as well. I can't wait to see what is next for the Sinclair family but am sad that we only have one more Sinclair to go.

  • Jenny Brightman Harris
    2019-05-21 19:52

    I received this book as an ARC for an honest review. In this book we get Jared Sinclair's story and there is Mara Ross who we met in Dante and Sarah's book. Both Jared and Mara are fighting with some demon's from their past and have not found a way yet to get past them to find true love again. Jared does not believe in true love any more he did once but the pain of being hurt has closed him off to the idea of being with anyone else. Even though he has made a promise to himself to never allow anyone in so that way he can never get hurt again. However there is something about Mara he just can't get past and finds her burrowing in farther and farther to the point that he doesn't know what to do without her around. Mara was hurt by a man while still in college and has not been willing to try again but looking at Jared does something to her. The more time she spends with him the more she wants to spend. Mara knows Jared's reputation and thinks that there can ever be anything between them but she knows she just wants to spend as much time as he will let her with him.In this book we find two people who are looking to find love, acceptance, and a sense of being wanted and needed. There are many twist and turns to this book. It is an amazing read that once you start you will not be able to put down. I highly recommend not only this book but all the books in this series.

  • Claire
    2019-04-30 12:47

    I've been eagerly awaiting this book and it didn't disappoint. I'm a big fan of J. S. Scott. I've read all her previous books and was looking forward to this a lot. I loved reading Jared and Mara's story. You are sucked into the story immediately. Jared, hardened emotionally from events in his past, comes to Amesport with a plan. He becomes closer to Mara which throws a bit of a spanner in the works however. I loved Mara. She is sweet and kind, hard working and honourable, but also funny. Jared was another great character. He is carrying a lot of emotional baggage but I loved how his softer side came through. I adored the interaction between them and watching their story develop. It was great to meet the other Sinclair's again and I am greatly intrigued at the insight into Jared's brother Evan's character. I can't wait for his story. As with all of J. S. Scott's books there is plenty of hotness and romance. I'm a sucker for a good romance and Mrs Scott is wonderful at her job. There are ups and downs but it leaves you with a great big smile on your face and a warm feeling inside. I enjoyed every minute of this. I eagerly await the next in the series. If you are a fan of hot romance then I would definitely recommend. Calling All Bookaholics :)

  • Debbie Collins
    2019-04-30 19:02

    The Sinclairs live on a peninsula in Amesport, Maine. With the exception of one brother, the others considered their homes there to be vacation homes. J.S. Scott has a way of writing about Amesport, that makes the reader want to visit the quaint little town, and spend time with the people who live there. I was lucky enough to get an ARC of this book, and let me tell you, if you have been following this series, you are in for a real treat. I adored Grady, I loved Dante, but Jared, WOW!! Jared is suffering some guilt over a recent tragedy in his life, but that doesn't stop him from pursuing Mara, who runs a little doll shop in town. (I don't want to spoil this one for anybody, so that's all I am going to say about it, other than get ready for a fantastic read).This book pulled me in from the very first page, and my heart broke over the pain that Jared suffered a few years earlier, a pain that he has never let go of. Evan, his older brother, has a substantial part in this book, and in my opinion, when the time comes for his book, he will definitely be a hard nut to crack! So, get ready for a great read, once again J.S. Scott, did not disappoint!!

  • Tammy
    2019-05-04 20:11

    Ms Scott has done a fantastic job with making you fall in love with yet another billionaire couple. Jared and Mara are added to list of my favorite couples. From the last book we already know that Jared is becoming obsessed with Mara. He certainly doesn't do things in the norm. From the very beginning he wants to protect her. He's keeping a secret from her that he fears when she finds out she will be hurt, mad, and reject him. He's been hurt in the past and he's haunted by it. I love Mara because she's very sweet, caring, and a little bit vulnerable, but shes got a lot of strength too. She's also very open and honest. I think together they are the perfect duo. Jared helps her achieve her passion and Mara helps him overcome his past. And Evan, oh man I can't wait for his story to come out. He really pulls @ the heartstrings. You really want him to find that special someone who can open his heart and help him release some of the family burned that he feels he needs to control and take care of.

  • Chrissy
    2019-05-13 19:46

    I loved this story of Jared, at first he kind of reminded me of Simon because he stalks Mara. In fact, Jared was just like Simon, he would do do anything for Mara. I wish I could give this book, more the five stars... How the book starts, Jared is stalking Mara he finds her crying he goes to here and try's and make her feel better. Well after that we see Jared and Mara spending allot of time together, Jared is telling Mara all this stuff he want to do to her sexual things, she doesn't want to believe him because he is a ladies man, but something happens and Mara turns to Jared for support and comfort. This book is great, there is fun flirty scenes, hot loving scenes. We see Jared and Mara come to life in each page, of course we see the rest of the Sinclair's... This book is a must read, you will love it.... I am not going to ruin it for you, but this is a must read.... I Can't wait for the next book Evan's book. I think he is a great guy under it all...... **** I received this book in exchange for a honest review****

  • Cathy
    2019-05-13 20:46

    The Forbidden Billionaire by J S ScottJared Sinclair’s bad childhood and a betrayal in college has left this billionaire bad boy a very closed off man believing that love does not exist until Mara Ross. When Mara’s home and all her possessions are lost in a fire, Jared decides he wants to be the one to help her out. He comes up with a proposition she can’t refuse and the trust between them starts to build very slowly. Mara is who Jared didn’t realize he needed to help him heal and let go of the guilt that was eating him up.I do love J S Scott’s billionaire stories and Jared and Mara are one of my favorites! I love that Jared is so protective and wants to take care of Mara while she is standing her ground about his over-protectiveness! This is a great love story and I can’t wait for Evan’s story next!!! I love the way Jan has a family that she can connect but the stories are all different.

  • Donna Porter
    2019-04-23 17:58

    Jared Sinclair is the youngest of the Sinclair men. He is a very successful real estate investor. He wanted to restore old buildings but that dream ended with his best friend and his girl. He caught them together one night and it destroyed him. Jared has a real problem with relationships. He picks up a girl gives her what she wants and buys her a present and sends her on her way. He is Amesport for his brother's wedding. Dante is marrying Sarah. Mara Ross owns a doll shop on main street but it is failing and her building is in desperate need of repair. Jared is attracted to Mara but he can't understand the attraction. He just knows he needs her. This story is great. It does, however contain profanity and sex scenes so it may not be for all. It is another winner for J S Scott. I know you will love this story as you read it and everything unfolds in their relationship.

  • Katharine Cordy
    2019-05-01 20:51

    I was given an ARC in exchange for an honest reviewWe've met most of the Sinclair's from Author JS Scott. In the first book of the Sinclair series with Dante we met Jared. He was dwindling in Amesport longer than expected. The family was sure he had found someone in town to stay for.Mara was running a doll store that had been in her family for generations. It is a dying art but one she kept alive to keep a piece of her mother with her always. She knew she was losing her home and store due to the owner selling it. She had been helping Jared with some of his family history because she was sort of the unofficial town historian. There was not as much suspense in this book, however it was a great story of self-discovery. Sometimes it takes meeting the right person to figure out exactly who you are.

  • Cilicia White
    2019-05-15 13:14

    Jared is the youngest of the Sinclair men but he holds his own in the Alpha department.. Jared has come home to Ameport not only to see his brother get married but to restore much loved piece of real estate in town. Even though he doesn't do relationships, he had a relationship go bad in the past, he is attracted to Mara, a doll maker who lives in an old family home. These two are explosive together and Mara is just as stubborn as Jared so the play off each other well. I really enjoyed this story because we see how the Sinclairs really love each other even if distance kept them apart. This book is a romance story but has profanity and sex scenes so beware. I can't wait to read the next Sinclair story.I received a copy of this book for a honest review..

  • Ronda
    2019-05-23 20:05

    I love these Sinclair men! Grady was great and Dante was amazing, but Jared, now he is even better! I don't know how J.S. Scott does it! And I'm really, really intrigued to see which lucky lady is going to break through brother number four's icy exterior! But I digress...Jared and Mara are such a great match. She is just what Jared needed to see that all women aren't money grubbing she-devils! And Jared is just what Mara needed to gain some confidence and get out of the rut her life was in. It didn't hurt that they were HOT together! I loved this book and can't wait for the next in the series!

  • Stephanie Puterbaugh
    2019-05-21 18:45

    After Dante and Sarah, we get Jared and Mara. They're adorable together! Jared has sworn off relationships after his girl and best friend are caught together. Whoops!Mara is running her own shop. Her mother previously passed away.They both have their reservations about getting into a relationship togetherness but, well, who could resist a sexy Sinclair man?This book will have you wanting to finish it in one sitting, just to see what happens. Want to know? One-click to find out!I received an ARC for an honest review, which I have given. All thoughts are my own.

  • Jeanine Collins-fleet
    2019-05-08 21:07

    ARC for a honest review..And honest I will be...Jan you have done it again..It keeps getting better and better...It took me so long to read because I haven't read a physical book in sometime and when I can't sleep i'll read on my phone but can't when you have to turn a light on. Jared's story made me cry, just a little he is a beautiful man inside and out and Mara was lucky to have found him, they were lucky to have found each other. I can't not wait until Evan story...

  • Denise
    2019-05-18 20:15

    I enjoy books that has a well developed storyline and the character's are well liked . J S Scott deliveries us a fantasy world where anything can happen and will ... This book is a great read

  • Guadalupe Gonzalez
    2019-05-09 16:15

    I LOVE this Billionares books from J.S Scott :) She always write AMAZING Books. LOVE Jared Sinclair who Can't stop thinking about a lonely Mara so when she's in trouble he tries to help her but Mara doesn't trust This Billionare is interested in her simple Mara :) LOVE this book

  • Yulanda Bolton
    2019-05-05 12:55

    Oh how I loved this series by Jan. I just the Sinclair brothers. Jared just too good for his on good. How he shown love and was able to received after everything he been through. Oh and how Mara stands her own is priceless.

  • Janet Rodman
    2019-05-16 19:11

    Review to follow