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Would you trust a complete stranger?After Chloe and her daughter Freya are rescued from disaster by a man who seems too good to be true, Chloe decides she must find him again to thank him. But instead of meeting her knight in shining armour, she comes across a woman called Nadine Caspian who warns her to stay well away from him. The man is dangerous, Nadine claims, and a cWould you trust a complete stranger?After Chloe and her daughter Freya are rescued from disaster by a man who seems too good to be true, Chloe decides she must find him again to thank him. But instead of meeting her knight in shining armour, she comes across a woman called Nadine Caspian who warns her to stay well away from him. The man is dangerous, Nadine claims, and a compulsive liar. Alarmed, Chloe asks her what she means, but Nadine will say no more. Chloe knows that the sensible choice would be to walk away - after all, she doesn't know anything about this man. But she is too curious. What could Nadine have meant? And can Chloe find out the truth without putting herself and her daughter in danger?...

Title : Pictures Or It Didn't Happen
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ISBN : 24798664
Format Type : Kindle Edition
Number of Pages : 144 Pages
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Pictures Or It Didn't Happen Reviews

  • Diane S ☔
    2019-02-12 16:24

    2.5 although this was a quick read, I didn't like this as much as her full length novels. The first two, thirds of the novella were slower paced and suspenseful, seemed to be leading to a big reveal but then plunk, a rushed ending.

  • Philomena Callan Cheekypee
    2019-02-10 14:03

    This was a quick read. If your interested in seeing what this authors writing is like then this is the ideal read. After a stranger helps Chloe and her daughter out Chloe wants to thank him. However things don't go to plan. Even though her friend doubts his sincerity Chloe sees him for who he is.I'm giving this a 3.5. It's a quick read that certainly had me thinking. However I thought that the lead up would have given me more than the disappointing ending. I would have liked to see more to the ending. Good read though.

  • Julie
    2019-02-16 19:58

    The Warning by Sophie Hannah is a 2015 Witness Impulse Publication. I was provided a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review by the publisher and Edelweiss. The Warning is a suspenseful novella that might give you a little something to chew on. For a short story, I thought the author did an excellent job of creating a dark and atmospheric situation that had me feeling a little jumpy and uneasy. One part of me was sure I knew which direction the story would take, while another part of me couldn't decide who to believe or who could be trusted. A stranger steps in and saves the day for Chloe and her daughter. Now, Chloe wants to show her gratitude by bringing the man a gift. On the surface this seems like human nature at it's best. But, looking up a total stranger could have dire consequences, especially when Chloe is given a strong warning to stay clear of Tom. Each character is suspect, each could have his or her own agenda, or they could be totally innocent and only trying to be helpful. You will have to decide for yourself, if you can, who you should trust… or not. A menacing, sinister, thought provoking story that will have you questioning your own paranoia and ability to decipher who to trust in your everyday dealings with friends or strangers. I thought the book touched on some interesting themes, by drawing the characters in such a way as to represent one extreme or another, suggesting a calm, reasonable approach might be what works best in the long run. I definitely thought about the story for a while after having finished it.Simply taking the story at face value is allowed, but I picked up on a few finer points hidden in there too. Although the story ended in a surprising way, there were several alternate endings that could have taken it's place. Over all this is a clever little short story worth an hour or so of your time. 4 stars

  • Laura
    2019-02-04 21:26

    This is the first short story of Hannah’s I’ve read. I fell firmly on the shelf with the novel Little Face and felt the author’s identify hadn’t yet been fully established. This was perhaps a brave choice of her many novels to be shortened into a quick read, bearing in mind the heavy topic. Chloe and her young daughter are approached by a stranger who quite literally saves the day and retrieves daughter’s sheet music for an important audition. Afterward, Chloe sets out to find the handsome stranger using only his name; in a modern world this doesn’t take very long, as you can imagine.Of all the genres of books, psychological thriller is perhaps one of few which don’t necessarily transpire once it’s cut down into a little over a hundred pages. The characters motivations and actions aren’t dealt with fully and the ending left a lot to be desired. This critique is of course coming from an editorial perspective. Perhaps I would have enjoyed the book more had I read the full version. As a reader, you live and learn.

  • SamB
    2019-02-12 20:11

    What a complete load of rubbish. Unbelievable characters, a whole load of telling-not-showing, and a weak resolution/concept in the first place. It's like Hannah wrote the Quick Read as a short version of one of her regular crime books, but without any of the slow, creeping buildup and the engageable, identifiable characters. It's like she went to one of her regular story ideas that she'd dumped for not being good enough, and then stripped out 300 pages to fit it to the brief for this series. Some of Hannah's recent books have suffered a little from being too complicated and convoluted - you'd never guess the ending because there's no way anyone would ever (be able to) act like that or pull all that off. Instead the resolution here is so simple - perhaps because there was no time for anything else - that it was all rather 'Oh...' I'm not sure what the biggest failing of this book is. The unremarkable plot and unbelievable characters, or the fact the author's tried to condense her usual novel style into 125 pages, rather than actually setting out to write a novella. On the flip side, the fact that this flimsy book only took an hour of my time is one of its few redeeming characteristics. Still, it's perhaps not as awful as my 1-star would suggest, but still... It's not a case of 'avoid', more a case of 'don't bother'.

  • Sabrina Guidice
    2019-02-09 19:13

    this was by far the stupidest story I've ever read. there's not much more to say. it could have been so much more but I was left like. ..."what"???

  • March Shoggoth Madness The Haunted Reading Room
    2019-01-30 13:59

    Review: THE WARNING by Sophie HannahTHE WARNING is one tremendously scary story! Right to the end, the reader doesn't know which characters are trustworthy, which are con artists, or which are simply deluded fools. I expect many devoted readers will stay awake at night trying to figure an answer; especially any reader who's ever encountered a wrong type of person, been wronged, or led astray. THE WARNING is a Don t miss, fast read, and inspires me to read all Ms. Hannah's books.

  • Michelle
    2019-02-20 15:07

    I usually like Sophie Hannah and feel I am in good hands when reading her books (although have lost the plot a bit with her more recent offerings). This started well but, for me, fell apart with the arrival of Simon and Charlotte, and the end was a total, 'WTF?' 'Quick reads' don't have to be rushed like this - we still deserve a decent ending.

  • Naomi
    2019-02-07 15:23

    Absolutely bad. I normally give 2 stars to anything properly proofread, but this is loaded with stupid, unlikeable characters, badly thought out scenarios, plot holes, and a pointless ending.

  • Renny Barcelos
    2019-02-21 17:19

    Very inteesting short story. I do not like the detectives Sophie Hannah created but the writing style and plots area always amazing. I like to see each of these books as standalones with some annoying police people getting in the way of good characters.

  • Regina Widya
    2019-02-23 15:28

    Like... really?? What's the point of all these? I can't believe the book was over just like that. As if it's still in the middle of a chapter and the author just decided to quit. This was bad. The conversations were long and exaggerated, while actually they're discussing nothing, really. Don't bother.

  • emma
    2019-01-26 21:01

    I really like Sophie Hannah, but this was beyond dire. Infantile dialogue, a colander plot, and the main character Chloe was such a simpering insipid moron that the idea she'd ever be the object of anything other than contempt was completely unbelievable. Avoid.

  • Vivian
    2019-02-22 18:05

    Chloe is a single mom, and on the day of her daughter's audition for a musical, she's unknowingly left the sheet music in her car, in a garage that's too far away to retrieve in time for the audition. Tom Rigbey (aka an errant knight) comes to her rescue on his speedy steed (aka his bicycle) and retrieves the sheet music just in the nick of time. When Chloe tracks Tom down and provides him with a "thank you" gift, she receives a strange warning from one of Tom's coworkers. Chloe doesn't pay heed to the warning so her best friend pulls in a police officer to launch a friendly investigation into Tom. Should Chloe listen to these warnings or follow her heart?The Warning is a very quick read at under 100 pages. Ms. Hannah has provided the reader with a thriller that pulls the reader in from page one. I found most of the action in The Warning to be plausible and realistic, except for the notion of "love at first sight." (Is it possible to be attracted to someone at first sight? Yes! Is it possible to fall in love with someone that you know absolutely nothing about? I don't think so.) Personal prejudices aside, if you're looking for a quick and thrilling read with romantic overtones, then grab a copy of The Warning.

  • Samantha
    2019-02-08 16:11

    I love quick reads, they allow you to experience authors you may never of read before and you could discover a really great one. Sophie Hannah is an author I have heard a lot about but have never read one of her books. This was the perfect opportunity for me to experience her writing style in a Quick Read. This book had all the aspects that could have made it great, unfortunately I was let down by it. I found it to be a little silly and disappointed with the plot.Chloe and Lorna's relationship was great,I also liked Tom, I did think his behavior was a little strange - this seemed to be further into the book I got. I loved the first few chapters and I found the book to be an incredible easy read; the chapters were short, this was perfect for short time I had as I was able to continue with the story. Unfortunately as time went on I began to get a little fed up with the read as I thought it was a little unbelievable. This was my first experience of Hannah and to be honest I am still undecided as to whether I would read another by her. I would like to thank the publisher for sending this in exchange for an honest review.

  • Christy
    2019-02-11 15:09

    This was a nice, short read if you're in the mood for a bit of a puzzle.Chloe and her daughter are on the way to an event that is very important to her daughter. They run into a bit of a jam - and are offered help by a kind man on his bicycle.This starts a new relationship for Chloe that kind of turns her world into a tailspin.I enjoyed the story and wanted to figure out the puzzle, and I must say - I didn't figure it out. However, this is a short story so things moved a bit too quickly for me as far as the interaction between Chloe and this new person in her life. Maybe if it had been a bit longer, there could have been a bit more added to make that just a bit more believable.Further, if I could have reached through a book and strangled a character, I would have to Chloe's best friend. I've never seen a BFF with more of a pessimistic, gloomy outlook than this one; as well as someone who has no faith in their friend and her choices.I give this book 3 1/2 out of 5 stars. I think if it were a bit longer with more character development, it would've rated higher. However, you do find yourself a bit curious about "the puzzle" and that makes it hard to put down.

  • Mondays
    2019-02-14 17:09

    Nothing happens in this story. (view spoiler)[ The main character does nothing, and doesn't even worry about whether or not the man she's fallen in love with is a sociopath. Other characters do the worrying and investigating for her, off-screen. Then it turns out another minor character was the REAL sociopath, and all the worrying was for nothing. So, nothing happened, no one learned anything, and nothing changed except the protagonist is now engaged to a rich, handsome, kind, genius man after knowing him for a few days. (hide spoiler)]Also, approximately half of the ebook is an excerpt from "Woman with a Secret"

  • Melanie
    2019-01-28 19:04

    Fun, quick read. A story featuring her characters from her Spilling CID series about a woman who meets a man and is warned about him. When she believes the warning and starts to question her attraction, she meets the detectives who check out the man and help her to see what to believe or to question.Interesting, fun author. I will read other books by her featuring these detectives - looks like a fun series with an interesting take on crime fiction. ARC from Edelweiss.

  • Claire
    2019-02-08 19:25

    Great short read. This was the first story i have read by this author and would definitely read another book by this author. This story kept my interest and had a little twist to the tale. Really enjoyed this short story..

  • Onnica (I Love Romantic Fiction blog)
    2019-02-13 20:58

    Oh my God. What an ado about nothing. Infuriating and unrealistic characters, but a plot that kept me reading somehow. A strange mix of horrible people, but well-written story. An unsatisfying ending however.

  • Alex
    2019-02-19 14:23

    Ridiculous and completely ludicrous plot. I pretty much hated all of the characters; Chloe for her stupidity, her best friend for her pompous righteousness, Tom for his sinister and creepy ways... Yet I think I was supposed to find them endearing?? Big thumbs down.

  • Ellie
    2019-02-18 17:16

    An odd and not very believable storyline; too many questions unanswered (ok, it's a Quick Read, but even so, the story should still have a beginning, middle and end). The most burning question being: Why does Chloe put up with Lorna?

  • Emma
    2019-02-05 21:07

    I suppose it was fit for purpose, a Quick Read, but rather puerile.

  • Louise Jones
    2019-02-15 22:22


  • Andrea Trenary
    2019-02-15 17:25

    I finished this. But it was crap. The main character was infuriatingly stupid. And I thought I had 50 pages left for something to happen. Some kind of a proper ending. Or something interesting. But no. It’s a preview for the next book. This is my first time reading this author and this book certainly doesn’t make me want to read anything of hers again.

  • Jas Dosanjh
    2019-02-06 21:22

    I loved the writing, it was easy to read and kept me gripped until the end. The ending was a nice gentle reminder that we should not let other people influence how we feel about someone. I even gave it to my 13-year old son to read and he enjoyed it, though I think he was expecting more of a big ending.

  • Kinga
    2019-02-09 21:08

    Actually I did not abandon it per se, but I just skimmed through the whole book as I wanted to know how it ends. It was so bad I could not bring myself to spend any more time on it. Here is a quote, to give you a hint: "Ah, voila Mademoiselle Freya!" Tom exclaims. I don't speak French, but I'm guessing that he said something like, "Here comes the lovely Freya."Yep. That. Bad.

  • Susan Leonard
    2019-02-05 16:58

    I don't normally choose to read short stories - I enjoy murder mystery/thrillers that have a great plot and interesting characters, and these usually need a longer novel to develop. But as I've enjoyed Sophie Hannah's previous novels I thought I would try this. And I loved it. Hannah manages to pack a lot into the 123 pages in large print - I devoured it in 2 gulps. Ideal for a commuter read.

  • Judi Mckay
    2019-02-09 14:13

    This is an excellent example of how to write a short but gripping novella. Sophie Hannah has delivered in this genre. Is there no end to her talents? While the plot is a little unbelievable, the ending left me thinking. Who is to be believed? Is the narrator reliable? It would be a good reading group choice.

  • Tabitha Hudson
    2019-02-09 14:22

    I like Sophie Hannah and wasn't disappointed with this book. Got this as a quick-read from the library, and it twists and turns nicely as I've come to look forward to from this author. You have to ask yourself whilst reading, do you follow your instincts or believe everyone else?

  • Phan Wei
    2019-01-26 18:06

    at the end I was like what??? in a good way.... that's just Sophie Hannah..