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The Always a Marine series began with the premise of Mike’s Place—a fictional rehabilitation facility that doubles as a backdrop and a central meeting point for so many of the characters. Introduced with the story of Luke and Rebecca in Once Her Man, Always Her Man, the series and the facility grew from there. Each tale isn’t about the center or the military, but survival.The Always a Marine series began with the premise of Mike’s Place—a fictional rehabilitation facility that doubles as a backdrop and a central meeting point for so many of the characters. Introduced with the story of Luke and Rebecca in Once Her Man, Always Her Man, the series and the facility grew from there. Each tale isn’t about the center or the military, but survival. The military is a family. Once a person becomes a Marine, that title cannot be taken away as it was earned, not given. One by one, meet characters who aren’t given the easy outs or convenient answers. Join them as they struggle, stay with them as they fight, rise with them as they triumph. Meet the men and women of Mike’s Place and more…in one 21 Marine Salute. Once Her Man, Always Her Man Retreat Hell! She Just Got Here Tell It to the Marine Proud to Serve Her Her Marine No Regrets, No Surrender The Marine Cowboy The Two and the Proud A Marine and a Gentleman Combat Barbie Whiskey Tango Foxtrot What Part of Marine Don’t You Understand? A Marine Affair Marine Ever After Marine in the Wind Marine with Benefits A Marine of Plenty A Candle for a Marine Marine Under the Mistletoe Have Yourself a Marine Christmas Lest Old Marines Be Forgot...

Title : 21 Marine Salute: 21 Always a Marine Tales
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21 Marine Salute: 21 Always a Marine Tales Reviews

  • Nadine Bookaholic
    2019-04-11 23:50

    This was a great box set, all the stories ranged from 3 - 5 stars for meOnce Her Man, Always Her ManThis was a great quick read. Luke enlisted when he was 18 shortly after his mother and sister were killed in one of the planes that crashed into the world trade buildings on 9/11. He broke up with his girlfriend Rebecca so she wouldn't wait for him to return just in case he didn't. Very sad beginning but they get their second change at love. Sweet, sad, steamy, second chance at love...this quick read had all of them in spades.Retreat Hell! She Just Got HereThis was a very HOT read. Jasmine is on a two week leave from the marines and decides to enlist the help of 1night stand dating agency to grant her fantasy if being with two men. Tell It To The MarineSpicy, sexy, read. Lauren is an actress who has her agent set up a date for her with 1Night stand agency. James is a psychiatrist and former Marine that works with Marines that have returned from battle to help them adjust to home life. When James meets Lauren his date for the evening sparks fly. Proud to Serve HerWho knew having dinner could be such a turn on. Damon and Helena share the sexiest dinner ever! Her MarineAnother great addition to the series, Shannon is an artist that had a traumatic event change her adult life, Brody is home on a 10 day leave from the Marines. This story was sweet and sexy. Brody gets props for being a true Gentleman.No Regrets, No SurrenderWe first met Jazz, Zach and Logan in Retreat Hell! She Just Got Here this is more of their story. Jazz is overseas but when she is on leave she meets up with either Zach or Logan for a wild weekend. When she is injured he guys have her brought to "Mike's Place" to recover. This is an emotional story with on very HOT game of Truth or Dare!The Marine CowboyA.J. has finished his contract with the Marines and is heading home to Freewill, Wyoming. A.J. runs into Sheri and there is an instant attraction but neither of them react to it.Madame Eve’s exclusive 1Night Stand service is being used by all the Marine's in his unit and they have signed A.J. up for the service while he is overseas and activates it when he returns home unbeknownst to him. I think Madame Eve has a 100% record of happily matched couples because it doesn't seem like any of them just go for the one night, they all want more and A.J & Sheri are no different. I Loved the chemistry between A.J. and Sheri and I hope to see them again in the series.The Two and the ProudRowdy signed up for 1Night Stand Service along with his brothers in arms, the goal is to help out his fellow Marines that are having difficulty adjusting to being home. For Rowdy this was a way to find someone that gets him. Kim is an Inactive Marine who is currently a Naval Criminal Investigator, she has had it with men that treat her like a delicate flower, she's a Marine! Madame Eve hits the nail on the head when she sets these two up for a 1Night Stand that they wont forget. Although I wasn't as connected to these two characters I still enjoyed the story and I hope that they will pop up in other books in this series. A Marine and a GentlemanLieutenant Brenden Fitzpatrick and Liam Gardiner were best friends throughout high school, Liam was gay and Brenden wasn't...or so Liam thought. While home on leave waiting for his next deployment Brenden enlists the help of the 1night stand service, he wants to let Liam know he's gay and that he wants to be with him. This was an enjoyable quick read and a great addition to the series. I hope to see more of Brenden and Liam in the upcoming books.Combat BarbieThis was a great quick read. Friends in High School, The Beauty Queen and the Nerd, run into one another at a coffee shop while Mary is on leave. Kyle always had a crush on Mary but didn't have the nerve to ask her out...well thankfully that changed. They were great together and I really hope to see more of them in future books, especially considering the ending of this book.Whiskey Tango FoxtrotThis was a good quick read and a great addition to the series. I hope to see more of Melody and Captain Joe Anderson Cooper later on in the series.What Part of Marine Don't You Understand?Finally we get Matt's story..YAY...I've been waiting for this story since we first got a glimpse of Matt a few books earlier. Naomi is the perfect person to be with Matt, she is the daughter of a Marine and the sister to four Marines, Naomi has learned over the years how to deal with deployments, injuries, and even PTSD. So she is more than prepared to be with Matt. And Jethro, Matt's service dog, was a great addition to their story.A Marine AffairThis was an enjoyable story but not as steamy as some of the others in the series.Rick and Eli have been together for 10 years, through deployments and all. They had a nice chemistry together but when Rick decides he wants to go public Eli gets pissed and leaves then is deployed for a year, this story starts with Eli returns from his deployment and Rick is waiting for him at the airport. Marine Ever AfterCaptain Luke Dexter and Rebecca Rainier from Once Her Man, Always Her Man are getting married! Marine Paul Torres is one of the groomsmen and Lillianna Hansen (College Roommate and friend of Rebecca's) is a bridesmaid, they have been partnered up and Paul couldn't be happier. They spend an enjoyable time at the wedding together and decide to continue it at his place. After a hot night of some D/s play she sneaks out without a word. Fast forward 11 weeks later and she finds out much to her surprise that she's pregnant. I have to say this was a great quick read with some steamy scenes. I like the way the author laid out all her options and why she came to the decision she did. I look forward to seeing this couple again in future books in this series.Marine in the WindAfter Greg finishes him time at "Mike's Place" he goes to spend sometime with A.J. on his ranch in Freewill. During his first few days there he befriends old man Crane and he goes out on daily hikes with him, in hopes to clear his head and strengthen his leg that was injured in Iraq. Much to the disappointment to Georgia (Crane's granddaughter) who hates that her grandfather goes out on very long hikes.The sparks that fly between Georgia and Greg aren't only because she wants to scratch his eyes out, there is an undeniable chemistry between the two of them. This was a great addition to the series, and I love to see the past couples pop up in the later stories and I hope to see Georgia and Greg again.Marine With BenefitsThis was a great quick read. Kara's brother Kevin was best friends with Derek, they did everything together, even enlisting. Derek was the one to bring home Kevin's body when he was killed in Afghanistan and be the shoulder Kara needed to lean on. They both signed up for a 1night stand and wouldn't you know it they are each others date. I found it pretty comical when Derek was pissed that Kara was looking to hook up with someone for just one night when he was doing the same thing. A Marine of PlentyThis was a very sweet quick read. I really hope that we see a lot more of Captain Charlie and Jana. They are great for one another. This was a great addition to the series. A Candle for a MarineThis was a great second chance at love story. High School sweethearts separated by the feeling of betrayal and stubbornness but never getting over the fillings they had for one another they need to make amends with what they have done and try to move on. Hanukkah plays the biggest part in this story, the eight days help them connect once again.Marine Under the MistletoeThis was a great addition to the series. Rowan and Kaiden made such a cute couple, they started at friends when he met her at his parents coven and then their attraction grew and grew. It got to a point where they couldn't deny what they were feeling and went with it. Have Yourself a Marine ChristmasThis was a great book, you would think that everyone that celebrates Christmas would love it but that's simply not so. Ryan (aka Rebel or Reb) has recently come to hate christmas which is a total 180 from previous years, you see Rebel was always the one that had the most Christmas spirit, he would raise money for Toys For Tots, play Santa for the kids and always did over the top Christmas surprises, that was until this year. Now Rebel hated Christmas; he cringed when he heard the carols, didn't want to decorate anything let alone a tree. It was Noels mission to help him get back that Christmas wonder that he had. Noel is Rebel's nurse at Mike's place where his is doing his physical therapy and all around rehab after he lost both legs from the knee down to an IED.I loved how everyone got into the spirit and was able to help Noel and Ryan as their relationship grew from nurse/patient to boyfriend/girlfriend, even the kids played a big part!Lest Old Marines Be ForgotThis was a good story about second-chance-at-love. Brenda has been mourning her fiancé for thirty years, she has never really moved on with her life so when his sister, her best friend, talks her into signing up for 1Night Stand, she does it although she is unsure of it all. Tom Baxter is a Marine first and foremost although he is retiring in the next couple of week. Their 1Night Stand was a way for her to work through things and for him to prepare starting his new life. I don't think either one of them expected a perfect match, but that is what they got.

  • Sheila Kennedy
    2019-04-26 03:03

    Love it!Each story is hotter than the last. Melted me straight to a puddle. This set was beautifully done. Off to read more One night stands. Thanks for the warm feels. Best set of marines a girl could ever love.

  • Tonya
    2019-04-04 21:11

    21 Fantastic reads about Marines.In this series of stories about Marines, you'll experience the highs and lows that come with being a Marine or being their loved ones. Each story is a standalone story that is loosely connected to the premise of a Rehabilitation complex that caters to our military veterans - especially our Marines. Each story is well written and will wring emotions out of you, so keep a box of Kleenex handy - you'll need it for the tears of pain as well as the tears of joy. The only regret I've experienced with this reading is that we don't have a real Mike's Place, or if we do I've never heard of it. Semper Fi!

  • Dianna Mayberry-billiot
    2019-04-19 02:56

    I fell in love with this book. It grabbed my attention from the very first story to the last one. There were even a couple of surprise stories in the middle. I laughed and cried and was so happy to read about the successes of each of the soldiers. It was also very cool to find out the stories were all centered around the same treatment facility so you got updates on earlier characters and upcoming stories on past characters. I highly recommend this book to anyone that loves military men and women!

  • Amanda Gard
    2019-04-25 01:00

    Hands down one of the best collections I have ever had the pleasure to read. The series has a wonderful mostly shared storyline in the 1 Night Stand service, which was overall done with a lot of class. I absolutely love how each story is interconnected and some characters have cameos in other stories. There is a novella for nearly every taste in this series. I would recommend this series to anyone and everyone who is a fan of romance, Marines, cowboys.... the list goes on.

  • Sandy
    2019-04-04 21:56

    21 beautiful storiesThese stories make you laugh, cry and spend a lot of time thinking about what our servicemen and women go through. They make you think and pray that all the veterans out there can get the Help they need to go on and live happy, productive lives. I highly recommend reading this.

  • Connie
    2019-04-12 01:08

    Wonderful anthology for any military romance fans!Super Super anthology of romance novellas. I really enjoyed it. I think I will look for anything else by Heather Long. This book centers on a military surgical support, rehab center providing mental health help for military personnel and their families. It has a Marine theme. Oprah!

  • Shirley
    2019-04-19 04:04

    First 21 books from Heather Long's Always a Marine series in one collection.Great way to be introduced to the writing of Heather Long ~ her stories are full of emotion and passion and I became very attached to her characters. They are real military men and women and the ones they love that I recommend other readers meet.Looking forward to reading more from Heather.

  • Chrissy
    2019-04-22 19:54

    Highly recommended by a wife of a Marine VeteranI highly recommend this series, as a wife of a U.S. Marine veteran this book is great. These Marines are just like my husband. They are very protective of the ones they love. Get this set today.

  • Julianna
    2019-04-11 22:02

    Good compilation. kind of wish some of the stories would have been full length though.

  • Tracy Nelson
    2019-04-08 23:05

    Great Anthology!I read about half of these books already but and loved them, glad to get this anthology so I great read the rest. These stories made me laugh and cry. So good!