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At long last, Rogue Alpha shifter Logan Dix and his Mate Kristof Two-Feather have settled into domestic bliss…sort of. Kristof’s tendency to disappear without warning arouses Dix’s suspicions. When Kristof is rumored to be linked to the assassination of a drug cartel mole, Dix starts poking around and discovers secrets Kristof has fought hard to keep hidden. But unearthingAt long last, Rogue Alpha shifter Logan Dix and his Mate Kristof Two-Feather have settled into domestic bliss…sort of. Kristof’s tendency to disappear without warning arouses Dix’s suspicions. When Kristof is rumored to be linked to the assassination of a drug cartel mole, Dix starts poking around and discovers secrets Kristof has fought hard to keep hidden. But unearthing Kristof’s secrets comes at a high price: his trust in Dix. It’s the one thing Kristof can’t forgive—nor can Dix restore his shattered faith in his mate. Can their relationship be salvaged? It’s not looking good as the clock winds down and the ugly revelations start piling up. A 17,000 word novella. Book 3 in the Rogue Alpha Series. Claiming His Mate – Rogue Alpha Series Book 1 Taming His Mate – Rogue Alpha Series Book 2...

Title : Trusting His Mate
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ISBN : 24924521
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Trusting His Mate Reviews

  • Catherine
    2018-12-05 13:28

    This was a grit your teeth and bear it reading experience for me. I didn't enjoy the characters or the world building (both had the emotional depth and complexity of a Michael Bay movie) but I really wanted to finish out the series. So... It's done, and I'll probably pass of reading work my this author in the future.

  • Gigi
    2018-11-24 16:10

    Review here

  • Nic
    2018-12-11 15:17

    This story concluded the series. I really enjoyed the series. Each book is relatively short, like an episode of a crime show on tv. We get to solve the mystery and catch the bad guy, all while watching the heroes fall in love and get their happy ending.

  • Avril
    2018-11-19 14:33

    Polished off the three books in this series in like half an hour...okay forty-five minutes. I'm not a big fan of series that is a continuation of just one couple's story. The length of this series was the biggest factor in me giving it a try. Glad I did. Really enjoyed Dix and Kristof.

  • Katherine
    2018-12-15 17:17

    I received an ARC from the author. I really liked this series and my only complaint was that they are so short. I would love for them to be released as a set or one longer book. Book 2 was my favorite but I love the ending of this book. It has a very nice HEA and main characters that I really fell in love with.(Dix!!!) I'm glad I had the chance to read these back to back. And I look forward to more from Lissa Ford.

  • Sandi ♥'s way too many M/M books
    2018-11-19 13:16

    I really enjoyed the series as a whole should've just been 1 book though.

  • Susana
    2018-12-09 16:18

    2.5 starsI received an ARC from the author for an honest reviewDix and Kristof are now living together, but despite the great sex and good times together, Dix is not completely happy. He knows Kristof is keeping secrets from him, and uses his connections to try to find out what Kristof’s real job is. When an undercover operation goes wrong, Kristof feels betrayed by Dix and breaks their relationship. But breaking up is not easy for bonded mates, especially when their common enemies are threatening their lives…In this last book, Dix and Kristof manage to solve their differences and find their HEA, after facing some anguish and emotional struggle, and a lot of physical danger. We get to meet the rest of Dix’s team, and they are great. That’s one of the things I liked most of the book. But there are some weak points, some loose ends that leave some questions unanswered which make the story feel unfinished, such us who the mole in Dix’s team is. The fact that somebody betrayed them endangers their lives twice, but the story concludes without even a reference to it? A team which does not try to find out their rotten members is not a team I would rely on. There are other things hinted but never fully explained. I think a bit of more polishing up would make the story sound better rounded off. But all in all is an enjoyable series, with likeable characters and a lot of potential.

  • blub
    2018-12-15 19:22

    Last installment to the series and continues a bit after the second installment, Taming His Mate . This time Kristof gets called in for a mission. Leaving Dix in the middle of the night to who knows where. Then Dix gets his own mission from the Syndicate. When he gets a mysterious call from Kristof and hears sounds in the background that alludes that Kristof maybe in the same place Dix himself will have to carry out a mission. Dix has his connection dig up the dirt on Kristof and what he finds terrifies him. Wanting to protect his mate at all costs Dix will do anything in his power even if it means endangering himself.As a whole the story was spectacular. Finding out about Kristof was just awesome. He was totally badass in my eyes. I wanted to see more moments where he had downtime with Dix but what are we going to do right? Dix was just a big ole lug of sweetness with how far he went to ensure Kristof safety even if it kind of backfired on him.

  • ♛Primadonna♛
    2018-11-30 17:13

    The best of the trilogy. I could've done with a longer story being completely like this. I now want a sequel to this that has a few lovers spats but mostly just fluff. The better and further their relationship got, the better the books became.

  • Margaret Hobson
    2018-12-10 16:18

    let me just say this is the best series I have read in a long time I get this book just like book 1 and 2 and I just can do anything until I am finish with it my son lives with me and all he says I see you got a other book and lock your self in your room to read it all I can say is yes and it was really good thank you much it is so good

  • Lee Todd
    2018-12-15 15:19

    * I received an ARC from the author for an honest review.Kristof's secrets catch up with him and Logan digs too deep, destroying Kristof's trust and endangering them both.If my heart hurt in book 2, Lissa crushed it in book 3 before eventually putting it back together.I loved this series!

  • Nu
    2018-11-20 13:33

    Yes!What a good third book! Everything I loved was packed in there... tons of action, shifting, guns, fighting, love, loyalty and tons of mix-ups and make-ups!A great ending to a fantastic series... but I am seriously hoping we have more books coming... I mean there’s Lima and Uniform and even whiskey right? Bring em on with their own stories and a cameo with my fav couple won’t be a bad tie bit to add!5 stars!

  • Kittykills
    2018-11-27 12:12

    if the author had combined all three books in this series into one novel, spent more time with character development, building up the foundation of the ongoing story line and left out several of the references to 'claiming, scenting, mounting, bonded' (I thought it was never truly answered as to why they needed to being as the main characters were a rogue alpha and a lone wolf) 'lone wolf' ( honestly every time I read that in each book this kept playing in my mind...'a loners got to be alone'). the HFN aspect felt off (we are mates but I'm a lone wolf so I can just skip out when the walls close in or I get uncomfortable... and the dominant rogue alpha just agrees, he doesn't like it but is too dominant to speak up). the no pack mentality was interesting but again I thought it fell short but how actually I can not say, another reviewer said this was the last in the series, I'm not sure about that as with each books ending left possibility of continuation of the story. all three books moved at a fast pace, I don't recall any editing errors ( reversal of characters names from one sentence to the next. which is a major pet peeve of mine) the action was OK for this to be about two military men with 'special training' (but it could have been so much more than what it is and the bedroom scenes left me with a 'hummm, do either of these guys even like each other' but with a rogue alpha and a lone wolf who expects a softer side to develop. all that being said I think book three is the one I'd recommend to my friends with a brief synopsis of the first two.

  • Pianisuparse
    2018-11-25 11:19

    4.25 'Phew had me worried there but this HEA whore is definitely satisfied' stars.

  • Anne
    2018-12-19 18:13

    I requested a review copy from the author after reading the first two books in the series and enjoying them.At the end of Taming His Mate, we learn that Kristof has some secrets. We find out what those secrets are in Trusting His Mate. I have to say it was disappointing and I don't really think they were secrets. We knew he works for a black ops organization and it's not the same one as Dix. I don't recall anything else that may have been a secret (other than what each actually does on their missions) which was revealed.Anyway, the story line has their two agencies crossing paths and ruining Kristof's op. Kristof finds out that Dix was looking into his background and breaks up with Dix. Dix is abducted by the bad guys so Kristof goes to rescue him despite still being pissed off.I enjoyed this book like I did the first two because I feel the stories are quite complete despite being short, the two characters are very likable and they don't fight for the sake of raising the tension. There's a reason for any discord and it's usually resolved fairly fast.

  • Sierra
    2018-12-05 11:15

    Full of action and undercover mayhem. Kristoff and Dix's relationship is tested to the max and we finally get more info on Kristoff's role in the secret operations he's always disappearing on. There is a lot of love, hurt, betrayal, and depression moving through this story as the guys work through their individual feelings as well their relationship. It takes some dramatic things to show the guys (mainly Kristoff as usual) that they can't deny their Bond. I loved the touches of humor and the way the guys could banter. The way the story starts off, with hot sex and a view of their cozy home life, sets the story up for the stark contrast once their missions and the cracks in their relationship get going. In the end they (Kristoff) discover they truly love each other and need to be together. It's a nice, emotional ending and I hope Kristoff sticks with it. I could really see the story continuing into a longer series with the two settling in together and the focus being their missions or something else that would play up their individual strengths and show their continuing commitment.

  • Amy
    2018-11-26 18:11

    I really liked these series but prefer one novel instead of three novellas. If these hadn't been a part of kindle unlimited I wouldn't have read them. I kind of have a limit on spending.....if it's 3 bucks I want 100 pages. I read so many books that I stay away from shorties. Anywho, that being said I really liked these books and the style of writing. The only other thing I would ask is more HEA, not HFN. I like epiloges that take me a year or two down the road. I will definitely watch for Lissa in the future!

  • Janie
    2018-12-17 19:09

    Received this book for an honest review. Oh, there was a lot of drama and angst in this book, just the right amount to keep me on the edge of my seat. There were a few spots that had me choking up with trying not to cry, but in the end Lissa Ford truly came through for me. I love a good emotional happy ending and this book sure delivered. I will say that I felt the ending was a bit rushed, but maybe that's just me wishing it went on longer after the reunion.

  • Jaylee
    2018-11-22 19:20

    LOTS of military strategizing and going on operations or whatever. I'm not really here for it. Want more romance than all that. It was good to see the characters have difficulties and finally confront the things that have been building since the first book, but also... bleh. idk. I skimmed over half of it because it was all long paragraphs about mexican drug rings and assassins and meh.

  • SaturNalia
    2018-12-19 13:38

    The conclusion of Kristof and Dix's story. Both try to protect the other, which leads to disasterous results. But they can't live without the other so they forgive and live HEA. Loved this couple, they weren't mushy but loving.

  • Melanie Samayoa
    2018-12-04 11:24

    I received this story for an honest review and I loved it! This was a great ending to Dix and Kristof's story. The mix of action and emotion was great. I loved the action in the story but I wanted to cry as Dix was hurt. I cant wait to read more of Lissa Ford's books.

  • J
    2018-11-19 13:25

    Not sure what made this one so much more skim-able, perhaps the predictability of the reactions, last minute heroics and sentimentality. Sometimes, like cake recipes, a formula without surprises is just a knock-off box mix.

  • Daesy
    2018-12-08 12:09

    Review on the Omnibus book edition(complete trilogy)

  • Lila Hunter
    2018-11-26 15:28

    3.5 out of 5A good ending to the series. Characters' roles felt reverse in this story. At the end, everything worked out.

  • Zane Kage
    2018-11-19 12:19

    3.5 stars

  • Eboni
    2018-11-20 14:16

    Quick read. We learn a little more about Kristoff Two Feather and get a cute happy ending. Nothing mind blowing but a nice little read.

  • Claudia
    2018-11-23 11:13

    a nice ending to this story

  • Katerina
    2018-12-04 12:31

    3,5 stars