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This is the second book in the stunning Wolfpack Trilogy. If you have been following from Book One, you already know what to expect! This is no ordinary story. In the first book, Aisha was treated horribly by Heath and Hunter. In this volume, she finally finds the courage to stand up to them. She also learns that with the help of the four shifter brothers, she is strong enThis is the second book in the stunning Wolfpack Trilogy. If you have been following from Book One, you already know what to expect! This is no ordinary story. In the first book, Aisha was treated horribly by Heath and Hunter. In this volume, she finally finds the courage to stand up to them. She also learns that with the help of the four shifter brothers, she is strong enough to stand up to anyone. Leaving the normal world behind, Aisha goes high into the mountains to live with the shifter brothers. It is there that she finally learns what a real home feels like. She learns what real love feels like. She also realizes just how challenging it will be for her to keep all four brothers happy at the same time, especially when two of them are alpha males. Follow Aisha as her journey brings her deep into the lore, eroticism and fantasy of life among the shifters of Alaska. You will not regret it!...

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Taken by the Pack: Wolf Shifter Menage Reviews

  • Cassandra
    2018-12-06 17:15

    My Thoughts - 4 out of 5 Unicorns - I really liked it!!! ***Received a copy of the ebook for an honest reviewThe cover is very similar to book one, so of course it is still very sexy :)Just like book 1, this is an adult only book, and there is very similar dark sexual scenes involving rape and multiple men. One scene is very bad and portrays men in the wilderness as…I guess the best wording is that they are savages. Even though you could probably read these out of order, I do not recommend it. I think you will be missing something important to Aisha’s journey by starting at book 2 and not reading book 1 first.Aisha learns a lot of things about herself in this book. She is very powerless in the beginning, but she has been an emotional transformation as well as physical ones that are helping her become strong. You learn a lot more about the shifters in this book which I love. The brothers are amusing at times, and so far I like where things are headed. I was screaming silently at the end because I needed to know more. I’m not very good and being patient waiting for the next book…lol but I just don’t have a choice :)Abby does a fantastic job with her descriptions that you feel the anguish while reading what is happening to Aisha. I’m hoping the boys get it together because Aisha needs some happiness and healing!!I recommend this book to everyone who enjoyed book 1. This one has some parts that are worse than book 1 regarding the dark content, but it also has a lot more that makes it more balanced with good things :)

  • Barb Shuler
    2018-11-19 17:19

    **small spoiler alert**First, thank you Abby for providing me with an ARC of this book in return for an honest review. Secondly.. I LOVED IT! HA! The story itself is awesome but this book actually got more into the whole legend, what the shifters were like and a whole helluva lot hotter. (thuds) Nothing beats four pissed off shifters. Just saying. But on a serious note I love how the characters seemed to grow and develop more. Becoming content and willing to play out their roles. Its winner take all as it is.So…Aisha… lord the girl has so much going on at once that its not even funny. But she has to get into the groove of things around this so called town. The more she tries to stay ‘just Heath’s fiance’ the more it seems she is being told you have to do this, be more this. You may need these men one day.. yada yada. They just want in her panties as it is. Disgusting old farts. However she isn’t ready for that next step. Then you have Heath. Nasty, rotten, stank bastard he is only thinks of himself. When he decides to take his bandages off and see just how bad his scaring is… his inner ugly comes out. He is scared, it looks frightening and Aisha tries to not show just how bad he looks but… once he seems himself he can’t not see it in her face. He makes his own weakness into meanness and yeah Aisha pays the price.Trying to stay strong and to prove to Heath that she is not going to leave him is a lot of work. But she puts in the effort. Even after he is verbally abusive, takes her in a hard unkind way she still puts in the effort. She thinks she needs him. Aisha goes with him to the doctor, to the doctors surprise Heath has his bandages off and is ready to go to work. With the doc’s all clear he sets off out of town, taking the main road and heads for the Mill. Aisha decides to go along with him. Why? Maybe cause she is cray cray.. but she goes. There is where she learns just how deep this whole sex thing works. The girl in the trailer openly flirts with the nasty looking Heath. Aisha of course isn't too happy about that but eh I say let him go he ain't worth it.They get a man -one of the guards on the wall at the time- to drive her back to the Inn. Cooper is a fit man, burly and has a beard but he isn’t bad looking.. but when he asks Aisha if she wants to take a side trip she says no. Then he proceeds to tell her how it works here. He allows her to ask a few questions that only makes her think harder about all of this. Is it something that she can do? Let these men have her whether she wants it or not? It gives her a lot to think about once she is back at the Inn. What she does is make up her mind to try. But all good things come to an end… especially when you are in a room surrounded by old horny men who wouldn’t know how to treat a lady if you slapped a sticky note on your vagina and made them read it. (shrugs) Just saying.. men are idiots. Well most of them.The men flirt, Aisha tries her best to accommodate their advances but when she becomes surrounded by them it's almost too much. Then Heath shows up. Think he’d try to help out, tell them to back off. Oh no, the dirty scared bastard makes it worse by ripping her dress open and putting her on display. Then the mob around them takes over and she is handed around, touched and fondled over. They put her on a table so they can all see her. But its Hunter -the one who escorted them to the village- that makes it all the more worse. He talks of how she tastes and it set off a feeding frenzy of sorts. Its too much. Her body can't take all the changes and the fear that runs through her. As they devour her she starts to scream, that scream turns into a bayful howl after a bit. Its then answered by the four shifters out in the woods.That is when the townspeople figure out who and what she is. Aisha is a handmaiden. Now that they know this they want to lock her up in the brothel for all to have and see. They drag this poor girl around by putting a collar on her neck and attaching it to a leash. Thankfully they are stopped by the shifters. The four brothers, Packer and his brothers waltz into the village and go straight to what they came for. Their female. Annnnnd they easily put all the rat bastards around her on their asses. Four versus fifty -some of which were armed-should have been not so good odds right? No. They leveled them in no time and Packer easily scooped Aisha up after getting that damn collar off of her- and made their way out of town. When Aisha questioned where they were going, they told her. To their home. Thing was it was different with the four of them. She wasn't scared of them, not at all. They were her people.The men adjust quickly to having her in their home, including having a bedroom made and ready for her, clothes ready and giving her space to do whatever it is she must do to make this work. To keep the brothers from fighting among themselves to see who gets to bond and mate with her. But being with the four men starts to grow.. frustrating. And then the fighting starts. It was just what she didn’t want to happen. Aisha knows only a little of the way a mating would do. And after a long talk with Ma Hetty -the seer- she is even more lost and confused than before. But she knows what she must do… to help them all with this. And the night of the ceremony to bond.. things take a slight turn for the worse. She is not sure what to do but there has to be a way to fix this and make it all work out for the new family.Okay… I have to say, again, that I frigging loved this installment! It was full of oh hell no’s and a lot of me cursing at the men in this book. (rolls my eyes) So easy to see why I prefer women to men, men are dumb asses. (laughs) But seriously they give rednecks, mountain men or whatever other name they can go by a bad name. But.. I am glad Aisha is with the pups. This is where she belongs and I have faith she can make this ‘pack’ mentality thing work with them all. Just have to have faith.

  • Daria
    2018-12-18 11:17

    Its a good thing that murder can’t be committed through books, because I’m pretty sure I’d have killed Heath several times over. What a donkey. The only time I wanted to shake Aisha is when she was with him. Understanding the why behind her being with suck a mean, hurtful male....only softened my want to grab her myself and take her away from him and the rest of the idiots in that village. Packer and his brothers showed and showing a lot more restraint than most in their present situation. As strong as they are they don't hold the cards Aisha does. All four brothers as only known the bond between brothers... A life kind of stagnant and without a lot of purpose. Until Aisha she is the last of their kind...and the only female for them. How will they all survive. Lets go on record that Ms. Weeks is pushing me over the edge.. I hate cliff hangers!! But I am continually drawn to this wonderful series and just want more...NOW.. Glares at the author.. (smiles). Decent length just enough detail and easy to read. A few tense situations and some pretty hot scenes... Now I sit in anticipation for book 3. I recommend you start with book one but yes I do recommend this series. Enjoy

  • Jessica
    2018-11-30 15:06

    I was lucky to get an arc of this book before it was out, I just put off writing my review and read it twice and let me tell you this series gets better with each book. I don't want to give too much away but Aisha comes into her self and try's to accept what is being asked of her. It's not easy what the pack is asking but in the end she makes the choice she feels is best and the pack accepts that, well most of the pack and the pack, well let's just say I wish I had my own! They are four amazing alpha males that don't have a set alpha of the pack. But each brother is amazing in his own right! The way that Abby has changed to paranormal can be hard for some authors but Abby does an amazing job describing and pulling you in. Each book keeps getting better and I for one can't wait for the next book, I need it now!!!!!

  • Aryana
    2018-12-04 19:17

    I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.I really enjoyed this book. Aisha went through a lot in book one so I was really apprehensive about book 2. There were some scenes that I kept shouting no, no way to my kindle especially the stuff with Heath and I was happy when she finally got some distance from him. I didn't like him at all in book 1 but totally hated him on book 2. No redeeming qualities there at all.I don't normally read books with menage in but with this one I'm itching to see where it's going now that Aisha is learning more about herself and her roots. I know where I want this to go, but knowing Ms Weeks she's probably going to surprise me and add more plot twists along the way. Can't wait for the final installment.

  • Laura
    2018-11-20 17:24

    Taken By the Pack!This is the second book in the Wolfpack Trilogy by Abby Weeks. This book picks up after the first book so it would be best if they are read in order. It continues with Aisha and her new life in Alaska, she is learning more about herself and the shifters. She is also finding courage to stand up to Heath and Hunter. She has found her place in life with the shifters. This book will grab your attention until the end. I can’t wait until the next book comes out.A Review copy was provided to me in exchange for a fair and honest review. The free book held no determination on my personal review.

  • Lori Meehan
    2018-11-22 12:15

    I've been trying to think of the best way to describe this book and series. The one word that comes to my mind is Raw. To me this series is a raw look at the shifter world of long ago but its a contemporary. As if their traditions and lore is very much animalistic and well raw and erotically bordering on wild untamed behavior. They are very much more beast then human and I love everything about it even if at some points I was disturbed by their actions. This series is so much different then the shifter books that I've read so far and I can't wait to read what comes next. These are not stand alone books. So far each has ended with a cliffhanger.

  • Donna Hokanson
    2018-11-19 12:16

    Human men are more animals then WerewolvesIn this book Aisha finds out that being nice to Heath gets her nowhere. The men in the town are more animals then she could ever imagine. And when they find out she’s a handmaiden it only gets worse. She regrets her chance of just going off into the woods when asked by Packer. But the brothers do come to her rescue and take her to their home. But now the hard part comes in choosing who to mate with and how to prevent jealousy between the brothers. Well written and very enjoyable and entertaining to read.

  • Heather
    2018-11-28 17:15

    My only complaint at this point is that the second installment just ended too soon! Just as things were getting really hot between Aisha and her shifters, the second book ended. After finally leaving the town of Dead Wolf and embracing her heritage, Aisha has a new chance to find happiness. Or will it be more heartbreak as she tries to manage a life where she is the only handmaiden among four shifter brothers. Can't wait for the next book!

  • Stephanie Walton
    2018-12-12 14:59

    Better...Part 2 is better towards the ending, less of the misogynistic mob. Which in climatic scene of the mob became Scary-confusing. I say let the town of dead wolf rot in hell! On to part 3. Btw story still good, just gotta find out if the trigger material were worth overcoming for the ending of this semi twisted tale.

  • Shelly Buonamano
    2018-11-18 17:00

    OMG... 1 girl and 4 sexy shifter wolves could it get any hotter. I cant wait to read the last book in the series. Just like with the first 2 I read and finished them today and I'm sure it will be the same with the 3rd and final book.

  • Kate Walker
    2018-12-17 11:17

    Iam really enjoyed all 3 books in the the order. You understand when book one first and book two and book three. I love the characters too. I can't wait read more book my Abbey Weeks

  • Kari
    2018-12-14 14:58

    3.5 stars--Spoilers Ahead--Taken by the Pack is the second book in the trilogy. It begins right where the previous book ended, with Aisha living in Dead Wolf, Alaska, mostly isolated and taking care of Heath, her abusive boyfriend. In the previous book, Heath was savagely attacked by wolves. Due to his injuries, he is now deformed and resembles a monster. He is still extremely abusive and Aisha is still letting him get away with it. I hated when he abused her and she did nothing about it.Aisha is also gaining powers as a handmaiden (female wolf-mate). One of the consequences is her ability to attract the men in town, who don’t hesitate to sexually attack her. The way they acted was shocking, and Heath as the main villain was too much. She is finally saved and taken deep into the forest by Packer and his three brothers.I liked the presentation of the four brothers in this book. Once she is safe at their home, the main conflict is the fact that they have to share her, since she is the only handmaiden left. Aisha knows that she has to take control of the situation and decides she will bond with all four of them. She knows they’re her mates, she knows they’re tormented, however she hesitates to be with them physically until she feels that they truly love her. She wants to firmly establish a bond with each one before mating. This is a huge issue for her and this was a bit confusing for me. The bonding ceremony sounded like she was teasing them, which just seemed odd, I’m not sure I liked the way she performed it.The story ends in a cliffy again. At this point we know she’ll make a life with the shifters. I’m curious to see what happens next but once again I would’ve preferred all three stories in one single book rather than three separate stories. There is little true romance in this book, but we do get an introduction to her relationship with the shifters, who I thought were amazing. They each have a distinctive personality which was nicely described. I’m intrigued by Logan, the oldest brother and one of the two Alphas in the pack. I’m also curious about how the townsfolk will survive without the constant protection of the shifters. And I hope in the third book Heath gets what he deserves.ARC provided by the author for an honest review.

  • Charlie Torres
    2018-12-03 17:01

    Before purchasing readers should be aware that this book deals with some very dark subject matters such as rape and physical and emotional abuse. It is a dark read, not all unicorns and rainbows, so it should be bought and read with that thought in mind. The book should also only be read by adults because of the heavy subject matter.All that aside, this book does gets even more intense and darker than the first volume. Again, we still find Aisha staying with Heath and Heath has pretty much healed and is ready to go back to work. Things quickly change as far as Aisha's status in the community. Rather than just being mistreated by Heath, the whole town now has turned against her. I am not going to spoil any other part of the storyline so I will stop there. The one thing I do want to say is that as the book progresses, Aisha as a person also begins to grow and understand things that are beyond her control and begins to accept herself.At times I found Aisha to be extremely whinny and wanted to hey, what the heck are you doing making this dumb decisions. But in looking back and thinking about the character that Abby created, how Aisha acted in many situations was a result of the pecuilar situation she was in. Women (and men in some cases) who are physically and emotionally abused deal with trauma and the cycle of violence that it creates in many ways. Abby's writing shows that she understands that when someone is traumatized and/or scared, they are not always thinking as rationally as they should be and in a lot of situations make really really bad decisions. The book can be emotionally draining at times I will admit. But books of this genre always are. If it not your thing, I caution you not to buy or read it. If you don't mind dark romance novels, then I believe that you will find this book to be something you would enjoy.I will now patiently await the 3rd installment of the book, because book 2 ended in a cliffhanger...eeeekkkk.NOTE: I was provided an ARC by the author in exchange for an honest review.

  • Kat
    2018-11-30 17:12

    This is the second in the Paranormal Erotic series by Abby Weeks, the shifter lore in this series is really intresting and that's something i like about this series. That there's actually been some thought put into the world building.I don't want to put too much into the review in case someone reading this has not read the first book, but If you like Erotic Romance and Paranormal Romance then I recommend that you read this series as its got both in spades and a really great read to boot!Aisha, a curvy girl who is traumatically abused and humiliated by her boyfriend, Heath who moves them to Alaska, to the wilderness where the men make up their own rules, treat women as slaves to do as they desire, but she also learns that there are men in the forest who can shift into wolves. In book 2 Aisha is beginning to realise that she must grow stronger to survive in this harsh environment, no longer a victim, she realises that she must try to fit in and get used to the archaic ways of the town.Ma Hetty the Shifter Seer who lives in the Human town helps Aisha understand that the strange changes happening to her since she arrived, and that her life will never be the same again.In this installment we see the men of the town show their true colours, and we get to know more about the Wolf Shifters Logan, Packer, Hardy and Tucker. We see who really are the animals living in the valley and of course its not the shifters but the human men in the town, Abby really does a great job at creating an interesting world where the Shifter world has almost been wiped out and Aisha is the key to its survival, I really look forward to reading the conclusion in the series.And if you want Erotica then this books HAWT, although it does have some scenes that involve traumatic emotional situations and could upset some readers.PS Abby Please PLEASE give Heath all that he deserves in book 3!

  • Teresa
    2018-12-10 16:25

    This is the second book in Abby Weeks new paranormal Trilogy “The Wolfpack”. In this first book we traveled with Aisha, Heath, and Hunter from Washington to Dead Wolf, Alaska. N the second book you learn more about who and what Aisha is, how she fairs in Dead Wolf, and what her future may have in store for her if she decides to take it. You will once again be on an up and down emotional rollercoaster ride. Aisha has learned some truths about who she is, but can she believe them, could they really be true? Is she a “handmaiden”, a female shifter? Is she really safer with the Shifters, like Packer says, or is she safer in the town? What will happen when the town of Dead Wolf finds out? Will her fate be the same as the other “Handmaidens” the town knew about, or will she be able to avoid their fate? These are all questions Aisha has to answer before she can truly start to be happy and feel safe.We get to meet the rest of the “pack” of shifters who live around and protect Dead Wolf. Packer we met in book one. He has three brothers Logan, Hardy, & Tucker. When things start to go really bad in town, will the four of them be able to get to Aisha in time? Will she go with them and try to live as a pack/family. Can they convince her to be the “Handmaiden” for all four of them?I loved this book; you learn more about shifters and what a “handmaiden” is. Aisha has some really big decisions to make. Will she be able to make the right decision that will make everyone happy? Aisha still has a long journey ahead of her, but she seems to be heading in the right direction to end with a Happily Ever After, or at least as happy as Aisha is able to be. Once again there are a lot of ups and downs emotionally. If you have ever read Abby before you know she does not do things the easy way. This book is no different and well worth reading. I cannot wait to read the next one and see where this new world takes Aisha next.

  • Jane
    2018-11-30 17:15

    Taken by the Pack: Wolf Shifter Menage (The Wolfpack Trilogy #2) by Abby Weeks4 StarsNow this was what I’d hoped for in book one, suspense, action, excitement and more about the shifters. Aisha is still living with the humans but is finding herself drawn more and more to the shifters, regardless of the warnings she has been given about them. Heath is continuing to be his barbaric and controlling self, even taking Aisha’s wages from her as if it’s his right … A** hole! Once Aisha decides to finally embrace the town and its ways, she puts on a pretty dress and heads to the bar to work. Things didn’t go according to plan for her, and after a particularly violent and dark scene, it is discovered by the men that Aisha, is also a shifter. This sends the townsmen into a frenzy, they find her irresistible but are equally feared of her and disgusted by her. The law says she is to be imprisoned in the brothel and can be used by the men whenever and however they want. Thinking Heath or Hunter may come to her rescue she is disheartened to see they are the ring-leaders and are just as cruel as, if not worse than the other men in the crowd.I loved how this book went, the rescue and the decision Aisha came to when choosing which brother to bond with. I have to say I hated the cliffhanger, I get immensely frustrated by them, especially when books are quite short like this one. I found the writing was clumsy in places and some words were over used, especially the ‘C’ word. I do not get offended by that word, and I even expect to see it in a book of this genre, but at points it was used more than once in a sentence, at others in every sentence for four or five sentences in a row. As a reader I prefer a varied vocabulary and there is even a variety of vulgar words to use too, I wish Abby had tried to find them! (Any over used word would irritate me, it is not just because the word is a curse word that it bugged me!)Copy supplied for review

  • Meleka Taylor
    2018-12-18 13:19

    Starting from the last book Aisha is stuck in Alaska with a so-called man named Heath and I realized that Heath is not going to change. Usually after a traumatic experience there is a dramatic change in attitude, not taking anything for granted, and a new way of thinking. He is still a jackhole. He hasn't learned a thing and now his outside appearance looks just like his insides: ugly and monstrous. Now the whole world can see who he really is. One thing I can fault to Aisha is that she had too big of a heart. Even after Heath basically forced her to have sex with him she had pity for him when he saw his own disfigured face. She was even analyzing him psychologically to explain the way he is treating her. She knows he doesn't care for her and she doesn't love him she cares about his feelings. She is so better woman than some, even me. Aisha had now embraced who and what she is. It was after the men of the town was going to mistreat her. The good thing is she gets to be with not just one fine man (Packer), not two (Logan), not three (Hardy), but with four (Tucker) brothers that are willing to take care of her. She is living every woman's dream. Where do I sign up to have 4 men fighting over me? This was better than I expected. I was wishing to see more of Packer but Ms. Weeks never disappoints and gives me 4 fine men to choose from. Thanks!!!! With all the decisions with the men and who she wants to mate with Ma Hetty takes on a role of a mother figure. I love how her and Aisha could openly talk of love, relationships, experiences, and sex. And she can seek her genuine advice on how to deal with her feelings. The ending will keep you wanting more. I was heart broken at what happened but I want to see if she can keep her promise. And I want to see who she will choose.

  • Crystal Wright
    2018-11-23 15:59

    This is the second book in the Wolfpack Trilogy and you definitely need to read the first, check out my review here:Not all Fur and FluffAs the second installment of the series, I have to say it definitely held up to the first. Abby Weeks, maintained the same quality of writing throughout so the dialog was strong and the characters were solid. In this one however, I was hoping that Aisha would toughen up a bit quicker than she actually did. Although, this is a personal preference I would say it did happen and when it did it was worth the wait. As I eagerly anticipated the main character standing strong, we also got to see a glimpse into the shifter heroes of the story. For me this is of course the highlight, but after all the trauma that Aisha went through I just wanted her to have a happily ever after.This book unlike the first opened up the main characters eyes to her role in the bigger world around her. She was no longer only a victim, she became more of an active participant in what was going on around her. With the seer revealing to her that she was more than meets the eye and the town finally figuring out as well Aisha's life will never been the same. That being said, happily ever after is never as easy as you have suffered and now you soar. After additional struggles with the town she was rescued by the shifters Logan, Packer, Hardy and Tucker. Once rescued it because pretty obvious that one of her and four of them was going to be a tough pill to swallow for all of them. I think however the book ended right where it needed too. I am eagerly anticipating book 3 to finally give some closure for the horrific life that Aisha suffered and give her the one thing she wanted more than anything else a true home and family.

  • Marie
    2018-12-14 17:08

    Again Abby Weeks has written a story so well, that you actually feel the same feelings Aisha experiences, good and bad.Spoiler Alert...Aisha gets the fact that life in this northern most village is different than in the lower states. She finds out just how different it is quickly. She was told, and warned, but she didn't really understand until she decides to embrace the village, and the men in the town welcome her in their special way. She learn to understand why the dozen or so woman in the village act the way they do with the men. The towns menfolk can't get enough of her, they are drawn to her, in ways she was warned would happen. She is taken by the last remaining wolf shifters, including Packer, who you are introduced to in the first book of the trilogy. She finally meets his 3 brothers. They are drawn to her like an ant to candy. They crave her. They begin to teach her the ways of shifters, and her shifter instincts get stronger everyday. She is confused by the way the male shifters react to her being in their home. She has to go to Ma Hetty for advice. She has to learn what is right for her, she can be given advice, but no one can tell her how to do any of the rituals she must as the last female shifter.While obviously this is a shifter fantasy, it also showcases the worst of humanity. In the same token it proves just how considerate and caring people can be for someone they hardly know. Encouraging someone to do the things they believe capable of accomplishing, to build self esteem. So while this is a fiction fantasy, it also had many lessons to teach.I am so excited to read the 3rd book in this trilogy, I'm waiting impatiently.I was given an Advance reading copy, in exchange for an honest review.

  • Amy
    2018-12-14 11:15

    Beautiful book! I loved it! Abby is absolutely awesome. This book is book two from Taken By the Pack. In this book the story continues. Aisha is living in the little Alaskan town still with that terrible man who calls her names and she takes care of him and helps him heal from a wolf attack. She meets with the handsome shifter again and he tries to get her to go with him so she can live with him and his three brothers as she will change and the people will see she's a shifter and may harm her. She tells him that she's not ready and goes back to where she is staying. The following day she helps at the bar and the men get so full of lust for her they all take advantage of her and she enjoys it but is scared and ashamed. Aisha's eye's turn yellow and they know she's a shifter woman. The kidnap her to make her into a whore and she refuses to go but can't do anything, the shifter's attack and she goes with them. She meets all 4 brothers and is lustful for them. She learns she has to mate with one but she can't choose just one. It would be too heartbreaking to do so. She gets to know them better and her powers are coming to her, she learns she can do amazing things and is so proud of it all. She even kills a deer with the brothers help. She is intrigued with each brother. One night she feels them wanting her but she rejects the ritual to get them interested and locked to her. The brothers go and fight and do stupid things. She feels awful and speaks to the wise one. She shares her experiences with her. Can Aisha fall for all 4 brothers and keep each one happy or will she only get one and if so how will she choose which brother??? I am not going to share that with you, you will need to read it and find out!!!

  • Eva Millien
    2018-12-01 18:11

    Aisha is faced with some difficult decisions that seem to be out of her control but with the help of four shifter brothers she learns that she is strong enough to stand up to anyone in this riveting paranormal romance.Out of the frying pan into the fire is the only way to describe Aisha’s situation with Heath and the reader can’t help but get caught up in the story as Aisha not only learns things about herself but starts to grow up and accept some responsibility for herself as well. As we found out in the first book, the characters are strong and draw the reader into the story and really just refuse to let go and the steady to fast paced plot keeps readers riveted in expectation with lots of suspense, excitement, emotional turmoil and passion.Aisha’s life in the village turns from bad to worse and the danger to her person escalates as she finally grasps just what staying there means for her (may be disturbing to some readers) and there is never a dull moment in this story packed full of emotional angst that has Aisha struggling with some pretty heavy duty unconventional issues that continues (though completely different ) even after she’s rescued by the four brothers. The well written scenes and details capture the imagination and bring the story to life with a vivid intensity that grips readers by the heart and the well orchestrated events keeps anticipation flowing throughout.Decisions, Decisions…hmmm, I think that living with four sexy werewolves might be worth whatever issues I had to deal with and I can’t wait to find out what will come of Aisha’s and the brother’s predicament.

  • Kristy
    2018-11-29 14:25

    What is it with Abby & making her readers feel emotionally drained after reading an installment of her work?? I have just finished 'Taken by the Pack' book 2 of the Wolfpack Trilogy & my emotions were all over the place. If you haven't read book 1 'Given to the Pack' yet, I advise you to do so first, as there is so much information that's vital for book 2.Taken by the Pack, starts off right were book 1 finishes, again things in book 2 made my stomach clench, but Abby seems to shine & make every bad situation come to life in my mind. Don't get me wrong. I don't think the situations Abby has written for Aisha are in anyway desirable or make me want them myself. Just that the depth & details put into the words made the entire setting seem more real. This installment was filled with SHOCK after SHOCK, I really wanted to jump into the book at times & drag Aisha away from the situations she finds herself in. Don't even get me started on Heath or the village men....Even after saying all that I really did enjoy this installment of the series, the events that shocked me, help make the story Abby has created seem more real for me = more enjoyment! I love the fact that we are still learning more about the laws & history of the shifters as Aisha is learning them. I can't wait for book 3 of this trilogy.. (OMG I just realised it'll be the last book.... how can that be???) Abby needs to change that from trilogy to series.... I NEED to have MORE of Aisha & the pack. Bring on book 3 Abby... I'll be keeping an eye out, fan for LIFE!!

  • Solmarie
    2018-11-30 19:13

    I was gifted a complimentary copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.This is the second book in the Wolfpack Trilogy series.Aisha is still trying to get her feet under her. After surviving the terrifying trip from the US into the outskirts of Alaska she just can't believe the way the men think in these parts. Woman are few and far in between and they are treated as nothing but chattel. Aisha doesn't know if this is something that she can live with. Add on the shocking news that she is a handmaiden and I'm not sure why she didn't just run from the get go. As we get more into the series we are introduced to the four brothers who make up the wolfpack. Tucker, Hardy, Logan and of course Packer are the last of the wolves. They all want Aisha to be their mate and are unwilling to think of any other alternative. When they start fighting between themselves for her Aisha is pulled into yet another situation she has no idea how to handle.I like the growth that Aisha seems to going thru. When she first started her journey she was so dependent on Heath. Even when she didn't agree she pretty much did everything he said or forced her to do. Now she is starting to grow into herself, not to mention a backbone. There are still some questions that I need answered. Namely how is she supposed to take care of a pack as the only handmaiden. Eagerly awaiting the last book!

  • Gladys Gonzales Atwell
    2018-12-09 11:10

    *This book was provided by the publisher/author for an honest review.Let me first start out by saying, YOU MUST READ these books in order. You don't want to be confused and you don't want to miss any part of the mythology and story-line. Abby Weeks is terrific author with an imagination that captivates BUT you need to be a strong individual to understand the push of the boundaries of within her writing. She doesn't hold back. For people that don't read between the lines they will not be able to understand why Aisha goes through the "situations" in town that she does. REMEMBER PEOPLE there is a mythology within the pages.In this episode Aisha needs to clear her mind and figure out what she needs to do. For herself, for Heath (even though you want to kick him) and for the shifter pack. She finally learns "who and what" she is and settles into her rightful place in the world. Yet, she still doesn't feel at home home. The 4 shifter pack brothers don't help even though they are trying to be helpful!!!The only thing I will have to say about this book is that I can't do cliffhangers! THANK GOD I have book 3 waiting for me on my Kindle.Abby, I tip my Nerd Girl hat to you. I have enjoyed every book I have read in your catalog and cant wait for more! 4 STARS*This book was done in conjunction with Nerd Girl Official

  • Michelle (Adventure in Bookland)
    2018-11-19 12:21

    I started reading Ms. Weeks’ work when I was given opportunity to read the first two stories in the Alpha Series. I immediately became engaged in those stories. When I was given the opportunity to read her newest series, I jumped at the chance and again Ms. Weeks did not disappoint. I really enjoyed reading, Given to the Pack and could not wait to see what happens in the next book. Again I was not disappointed!Taken by the Pack leaves off where the last book ended. Again, I wanted to know why Aisha would stay with a man that would bring her to a place \like the one she is now in. I think Aisha started out in this story as a weak character and in the way it ended I think she has gotten stronger, by making her own choices. Ashia finally met all three of the shifters and I must say that I still have a favorite and in a way I think he is Ashia’s favorite too (I really hope so). In the end even though she became stronger, I don’t know if her end decision was the right one, I think It might become a little messy. Just a warning there again was one scene that rubbed me the wrong way and was a bit hard to read. I also think it was in a away a good scene because it showed the true nature of who she is and how the people in this town act. I can not wait to read book three!!!

  • Katina Fragakis
    2018-12-01 13:01

    This review is from: Taken by the Pack: Wolf Shifter Menage (The Wolfpack Trilogy) (Volume 2) And the journey continues. In Book Two Aisha progresses in her evolution as a handmaiden to the shifters. She escaped the cruelty of the men of Dead Wolf, but only after enduring a mass sexual assault from them during which they discovered that she was a handmaiden and decided to punish her by locking her in the brothel. Things went from bad to worse when the men considered hanging her from a guard tower. Thankfully, the shifters arrived to the rescue, taking her home with them.( I was wondering what she would have to go through before she found the guts to leave on her own.) Now that Aisha has found a home with the brothers, she has to determine how their relationship is to unfold. But there is a glitch during the bonding ceremony, and Aisha has another problem to solve. I am looking forward to Book Three for her solution and to find out what will happen between Aisha and the brothers and between the shifters and the town of Dead Wolf. I received this ARC from the publisher in exchange for my honest opinion and received no compensation for it.

  • Laquana Carter
    2018-12-17 14:19

    Loved itI received an arc copy for an honest review:Let me start off by saying how much I love Abby weeks writing style. Whether you love or hate the characters , or you've never been into books is this genre, you get sucked into the storyline with her writing. Her style is fluid and you can just picture what's going on as clear as if your watching a movie.Let me start by saying I hate heath even more in this book. The men are completely deplorable and disgusting. Aisha makes me wanna jump in her body and strangle the life out of these men and shake some sense into her. The story picks up right where given to the pack , left off. Wish a gets more info from ma hetty about her heritage and the role she plays in in. We really get a good look at the shifters and what they are about. They are totally different toward her compared to the men that live in town. She starts to come into her own some more in this book but her moments of clarity comes when she's already in trouble. I can't wait to see what happen next. There are scenes that are very explicit and descriptive. (Not for the prudish or sensitive lol ) 5 stars.

  • Emma T
    2018-12-16 16:28

    Okay book 2, Aisha is still being treated horribly by her “Fiancée” Health, and all the other men in town. But then the town of Dead Wolf realizes that she is Handmaiden, a female shifter (can’t shift) but can have shifter pups. Upon this the town wants to put her in the brothel where they have kept handmaidens to do sexual deeds in order for her to live. But just before they get there Packer and his three brothers show up to rescue her from the cruelty. Taking her to their home they want to show her the love and kindness she deserves. But it is difficult because they have not seen another handmaiden since they were pups, and eagerly want to have her. Aisha realizes that she most have the mating bond with all the brothers in order to keep them from hurting each other and others. But as the ceremony is ending Packer and Logan race off down the mountain, before the ceremony is complete. Will Aisha be able to keep the peace? Will she bond with all the brother? Can she satisfy all their needs? Book three is it, hopefully all the questions will be answered.

  • Jenni Crawford
    2018-12-16 13:28

    I am giving this review on behalf of Kats Book Promotions/ Katsindiebookblog. This is the second book in The Wolfpack Trilogy, oh and boy does the story keeps getting better and better! This book you get more into the Shifters. 4 brothers that are hot and sexy! You will also learn more into Aishas story and her purpose to the land she was brought to. In the first book you find out that women are nothing but an object and their payment to live and get things done for them is to basically give up their bodies for them. Aisha is thrown head first into this and it uncomfortable from day one. However, it seems that Aisha is finally growing up and realizing what needs to be done. She takes the first step in leaving the camp to live with the shifter brothers. Once there, she realizes it’s not going to be that simple. How do you make happy the brothers that are all pining for your love? This book will have you begging for more. You start getting away from the dark that is in the first book to some serious erotica! Grab your copy, you will not regret!