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Life hasn’t been easy for twenty-three year old Ellie Jacobs since her boyfriend, Fletch, walked out of her life two years earlier. She’s stuck in a consulting job she hates, buried under crushing student loans, and still longing for Fletch despite her best efforts to leave the past behind.Letting go is hard when everywhere she turns, there’s a reminder of Fletch - from hiLife hasn’t been easy for twenty-three year old Ellie Jacobs since her boyfriend, Fletch, walked out of her life two years earlier. She’s stuck in a consulting job she hates, buried under crushing student loans, and still longing for Fletch despite her best efforts to leave the past behind.Letting go is hard when everywhere she turns, there’s a reminder of Fletch - from his face on gossip magazines to everyone being obsessed with his company, GroundFloor.So when Ellie finds herself at a mutual friend’s wedding with Fletch, she decides to grin and bear it for the sake of the bride and groom. But years of anger have piled up, and Ellie doesn’t know if she can last the weekend without going crazy or lashing out.However, as the wedding weekend progresses, Ellie realizes anger can only take you so far, but love can take you farther....

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Hitched Reviews

  • Cee (The Mistress Case)
    2018-09-23 16:57

    2 It Was Okay StarsUsually, I wouldn't bothered with sequels, but since CRUSHED was entirely in Fletch's pov, I wanted to read this book which features Ellie's pov and sets place in the future.After CRUSHED ended with a road trip, HITCHED fast forwards to five years later. Ellie is still seen as “one of the guys” but is she really one since Fletch left her life? And how about Fletch? Has he moved on?There were repetitive dialogues and I ended up skimming texts here and there. Around 60%, I honestly got bored and was tired of the drama. This proves I should stick to stand-alones. Once I finish the first book, a second book tends to stir any emotions in me. For CRUSHED, I was never bored. For HITCHED, I couldn’t even get excited for the wedding and the happily ever after. Another reason why I shouldn’t read companion novels because I can only care so much for two characters in a first book until I stop caring altogether when a second book comes around.That’s just me though. I think other people will become fans of these books.

  • Ali
    2018-10-19 21:16

    I am having such a huge moment of regret for reading Hitched. I hate that I am having this moment, but I am having it, nonetheless.Crushed was one of those diamond in the rough type books for me. It wasn't perfect but it gave me so much of what I look for in books. It had plenty of snark and humor, it was sexy but in a slow burn type of way and it had characters that you could actually give a shit about.Unfortunately, all that was lost for me in Hitched. I didn't care about Fletch or Ellie. In fact, so much of what I had loved about them before, seemed completely absent. The relationship that was built on friendship and trust had been too easily tossed away and the reasoning for it was superficial at best.On top of that, the resolution of what kept them apart for years...took all of about a five minute conversation and then they were back in love and planning a happily ever after.I didn't buy it.Crushed will always hold a special place with me, Hitched is one I hope to forget.

  • Tânia M.
    2018-10-03 15:12

    I started reading this book with a lot of excitement, I really wanna know what would happen with Fletch and Ellie and I was pleasantly surprised when I discovered it was told from Ellie's perspective.She was my favorite character from Crushed.I was expecting to read about the road trip they went to in the end of the first book, but that didn't happen. I confess, it bother me at the beginning. Despite that, i continued to read, basically, because everything was a mess. LOL! Ellie and Fletcher had broken up and I needed to know why. The tension between them and the fact that the reader spends almost half of the book not knowing what the hell is going on, made me love the first half of it. I was really loving the awkwardness between them, the resentment, the fact that they seem to still love each other but being incapable of talking about it or express it.But...Unfortunately, i absolutely hated the second half of it, totally cliche. Not a bit interesting. They went from being back to back, to simply being all happy. Life is not like that. And, the end the author choose to give them, was super annoying. I had love their story for not being cliche, not being predictable, and this... was...just... meh. More of the same :(So, i really loved Crushed... this one wasn't that bad, just too much predictable at the end. I prefer open endings more than the "live happily ever after" ones.

  • Ambur
    2018-10-20 16:55

    I absolutely loved CRUSHED when it came out in 2012, so I jumped at the chance to read HITCHED because I was super curious, and excited to see what happened next in Ellie and Fletch's story! I have to admit that I was a bit disappointed to hear how the book would start, but as soon as I started reading, I was completely swept up in their world again! And I was just hoping, and hoping that Ellie and Fletch could figure out what went wrong in their past and get back to being together!I remember loving the first book CRUSHED because I loved Fletch's point of view; his story was so honest and it was hilarious. The characters were fantastic, and so was the writing. While HITCHED is from Ellie's point of view instead of Fletch's, it was still just as amazing and it contained everything that I'd loved from the first book. It was funny, realistic, and honest, too. I've always loved Ellie. She funny, smart, and just a wonderful person, and it was great to get to connect with her and all of the other characters again. Most of was great to see Ellie and Fletch reconnect though!I won't go into too many details about the romance or what happens between Ellie and Fletch because I think it's best experienced by reading it yourself, but I absolutely loved HITCHED. I loved seeing how Ellie and Fletch have grown since CRUSHED, and was thrilled to see them work through what happened in their past. The whole book made me think of a reunion of sorts. I loved seeing how all of the characters had changed, grown, and how their lives intertwined after the graduated.I'd definitely recommend HITCHED to fans of CRUSHED and I do think it's best to read CRUSHED first, but be prepared to be sad when it starts...if you're anything like me, you'll be just as upset about Ellie and Fletch being apart at the beginning as I was! Overall, HITCHED was a fantastic story and I absolutely loved it!

  • Sultry Steamy Reading
    2018-10-20 16:52

    I received a copy of this book from Xpresso Book Tours in exchange for an honest review.I didn't like the first book at all. But I had to carry on and read this book as well. When I checked the reviews for this book, a lot of people said that the first book was better. So if I didn't like the better book, I could already imagine how I would feel about this book. To my surprise, I may be one of the very few people who liked this book better.It still didn't really work for me, but I think this is, at least, an acceptable book for me. While a lot of the stuff is cliche, used up and tired plot twists and resolutions, it still ended on a solid note, not some out of the blue road trip like the one in the first book. Also, at this book had a bit of a character development on both main characters, one thing which was lacking in Crushed.I know a lot if people loved this series, particularly the first book. However, I can't help how I feel, and I feel that this series ripped me off of my precious time. I found that book 1 lacked an understanding of young love. For book 2, it needed more angst, more emotion.While this book is not told from the heroine's perspective, it had the same effect to me. I couldn't care less. She wasn't my favorite character anyway. I think I would have liked it better if the book was written all in the hero's perspective, so I could have seen his growth and development from the time they met throughout the five year separation and finally their happy ending.Oh, well, I guess not all books are meant for me, after all. I'm still glad I read this book and this series because at least now, I know which kinds of books to avoid. Would I read another book from this author? Maybe. She has other books of a different genre, so maybe she'll have more luck with those.

  • Rivalie (Le Petit Photograph)
    2018-10-08 14:58

    (I received a copy from Xpresso Book tours - all opinions are completely my own.)Okay so I'm skipping with the summary that I usually start off my reviews with because I want to talk about the overall plot of the story. Where are all my cutesy moments with Ellie and Fletch? Fine, I got some of it from Book 1 but the time gap between Crushed and Hitched leaves out those moments of their growing relationship and Fletch's leaving. While everything does get explained, I can't help but feel like I've been cheated out of those moments. Anyway, moving on from that little rant, I was excited to find out that Hitched was written from Ellie's point of view because she was such a snarky character in Crushed I couldn't wait to read things from her perspective. Sadly, I didn't exactly get that.Hitched reunites us with all the characters we fell in love with in book one with Brady's wedding to Sophie. I can't believe how much I missed Brady's humor even though I picked up the two books pretty much back to back with a week in between them. The characters were still golden and still managed to make me laugh. However, the problem lies with the plot. Ellie's pretty angry at Fletch for leaving without a word and then seeing his faces all over magazines as the hottest CEO with his company GroundFloor. Then she sees him again at the wedding and after a couple of interactions, all that anger just melts away. To be honest, I wanted more of a fight on her part, I mean Fletch literally just left. Of course there's more the story than that, but this book was rushed beyond words. From Brody's wedding to Fletch and Ellie's engagement and happily ever after, I think the whole book took place over an extended weekend. I had enjoyed the slow pace and gradual development of the plot and characters from Crushed so when I read Hitched I felt myself rolling my eyes a bit too often.Now, that's not to say I didn't enjoy the book because these characters have still made a big impact on me in terms of how much I adored them. But, this book definitely pales in comparison to the first book and if I had to narrow it down, I'd say to only read the first book. You might be left with an aching need to know more, but the second book didn't do that for me.Read my reviews at:

  • Jackie (Jackie's Book World)
    2018-10-16 18:17

    ***Review can also be found at Jackie's Book World.*** :)Rating: 3.5/5I was really excited to read Hitched, after I finished reading Crushed there was just so many things that I still wanted to know. After we are left we a sort of open ending in the previous book, I thought I was going to read a continuation of what happened at the very end of Crushed, but it was different.In Hitched, both Ellie Jacobs and Fletch Colson have grown apart and went there separate ways. Now twenty-three year old Ellie has been working in a consulting job which she hates, while facing the fact that she is never going to get over what she has with Fletch. After they went their separate ways, Fletch decided to go back to his old life after receiving bad news from his parents, and now he is the new CEO behind GroundFloor which makes him the magnet for women to throw themselves at him as well as the constant media that wants to get a peek at his private life.When both Ellie and Fletch get invited to one of their friend's wedding, they know that they are going to see each other again after years of being apart. But the minute they are together, they are reminded of what they used to have, the love for each other that is never going away. Now they have to face new obstacles as they struggle to decide if they are truly meant to be with one another or if they're just better apart.Although I really wanted to see more of Ellie and Fletch, I enjoyed the first book a lot better than this book. For some reason the characters felt a bit dry for me, they kept having the same issues and there wasn't a lot communication between the two, which resulted in solving their problems rather too quickly. The events in this story are moved too fast, but I till liked the fact that they were able to get back together and the very end was the best part. I would still recommend reading Crushed it was a great book, and if you still want to read more of their story then Hitched will still give you a satisfying ending.:)***A copy of this book was provided by the author in exchange for an honest review.***

  • Natasha Rowlin
    2018-10-14 20:09

    This was a bit of a mixed bag for me. After reading Crushed, I was a little conflicted in terms of my feelings for these characters and where they were. Move us forward five years and that’ll bring us to ‘Hitched’ where Brady is on the verge of getting married. Most of the old crowd are gathering for the wedding, including Fletch and Ellie who haven’t seen each other since their three year relationship ended two years ago. They’ve both changed. Do they still have feelings for each other? To me, the characters were a lot more relatable in ‘Hitched’. They are a bit older, with more life experience under their belt. Fletch is a completely different person to the boy we knew in Hitched. I of course liked him a lot more, thank goodness, because he did frustrate me in Crushed. Ellie was certainly a sympathetic woman who felt at loose ends, who really was made to feel less than worthy. I'm glad we got to see this side of her, she didn't have much opportunity to show her personality in Crushed. She seemed simply like a happy-go-lucky girl, and absolutely nothing seemed to bother her. Here, she is a real person with insecurities, annoyances and depth. The side characters were interesting to a point. It’s hard to pinpoint exactly why I wasn’t more drawn to this one. It was a nice story, it just didn’t quite hit the mark for me. I received a copy of this book through Xpresso Book Tours for review purposes.

  • wendy Shelton(obsessedbybooks)
    2018-10-01 19:05

    **Book given on behalf of obsessed by books for an honest reviewBooks**This is a follow up to Crushed, we are in the future lives of Ellie and Fletch. Fletch and Ellie have been apart for two years and no matter what Ellie does she can't get him out of her mind or the feelings she has for him. when a friends wedding put Fletch and Ellie in the same surrounding sparks fly. she still mad and hurt from Fletch leaving but can she get past it and move on. the feelings she still feels, are they worth acting up on. This is a really great read.

  • Sabrina Fish
    2018-10-07 17:58

    I was mixed about this when I realized there was a sequel. I mean the first one was pretty good. When I started reading this, I loved it, but then the ending... (sigh) I mean, I'm glad they ended up together but I think the ending could have been more original.

  • Laura B
    2018-09-20 17:21

    Loved itReally great book. After I read crushed I looked for another book by Dawn and was very glad there was another one in the series. Highly recommend crushed and hitched!