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He's Loki's older, nastier, vastly more powerful future self. His machinations have cost Loki everything — but who is King Loki? What dread Asgard is he the Agent of? And what evil scheme has he been brewing all this time? Loki began his third life by annihilating the soul of his second — his better, purer self. Now he pays the price. What lie — or truth — will save him noHe's Loki's older, nastier, vastly more powerful future self. His machinations have cost Loki everything — but who is King Loki? What dread Asgard is he the Agent of? And what evil scheme has he been brewing all this time? Loki began his third life by annihilating the soul of his second — his better, purer self. Now he pays the price. What lie — or truth — will save him now? As the Ten Realms face their last hours, ancient enemies march on Asgardia seeking a final vengeance — including King Loki. It's all-out war in the heavens! And as the Marvel Universe dies, there's time for one last story: the showdown you've been waiting for! It's Loki versus Loki at the very end of all that is — and only one will take a bow when the curtain falls! Collecting LOKI: AGENT OF ASGARD #12-17....

Title : Loki: Agent of Asgard, Vol. 3: Last Days
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ISBN : 9780785193326
Format Type : Paperback
Number of Pages : 124 Pages
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Loki: Agent of Asgard, Vol. 3: Last Days Reviews

  • Anne
    2018-10-10 20:25

    4.5 starsI'm not gonna lie, after the last volume, I was tad afraid that this was going to end on a depressing and/or shitty angst-filled note.And, honestly, I just didn't want that for this Loki. Know what I mean? This incarnation, starting with my first introduction to him in Young Avengers, has been written to perfection for the past few years. It's just my opinion, but I think a lot of comic fans would agree with me.This Loki is the quintessential Damaged But Snarky anti-hero that everyone wants to root for. In other words, he's FUN! And even though deep down we wouldn't trust him with our car keys, we want him to get a Happily Ever After. Or, at least, the Loki-version of a HEA.Anyway, I'm happy to report that this one ended on a fantastic high.I don't want to give spoilers, but Loki (quite literally) confronts his demons, and the solution he finds to his problem is pretty ingenious.Yeah, all of that twisty-turny stuff was pretty freaking fantastic, and I can't say I saw much of any of it coming. So, yes, I'm super happy with the way this wrapped up, especially considering the entire Marvel Universe sorta exploded there towards the end, which probably severely limited Ewing's story options.I have to admit that toward the middle of this one I got a little bogged down with all of the (just my opinion) boring Asgard stuff. That's just a personal preference thing, and in no way am I saying that it was sucky storytelling. I just kinda zoned out for most of it, because I'm not (and never have been) a fan of reading about the stuff happening in Asgard. Other than that, I have zero complaints. <--alert my husband, he'll never believe it!*cough*Anyhoo, all three volumes are well worth a read.Highly Recommended!

  • Paul
    2018-10-10 20:14

    My status update after reading the penultimate chapter of this book was '#17's going to have to be a real corker to redeem this mess'. Guess what? It was!The final chapter of this collection was incredible. I really, really loved it and actually had a little tear in my eye at the ending. I honestly can't imagine a more perfect ending to this series.If I was rating this collection purely on the strength of the final chapter, it would get five stars, easily. Unfortunately, I can't bring myself to overlook the aforementioned mess of the previous couple of issues.I love your writing, Mr. Ewing, but I'm really not interested in seeing the Æsir fighting with modern day military grade artillery. Even if it does mean Odin gets to 'get Old Painless out of the bag'. Call me old fashioned.Anyway, as happens so often these days, if I had a point I've forgotten it, so I'll stop typing now.

  • Sesana
    2018-09-28 20:01

    I'm so happy with the way this ended up. In this volume, Ewing brings a satisfyingly complicated conclusion to a story arc that goes way back to Siege, through all of Kieron Gillen's fantastic work on Journey into Mystery and Young Avengers. He brought the character of Loki around to what I think could be a very interesting place. There's a lot of stories that you can tell with this version of Loki. And there's a ton of meta stuff that Ewing handles really well. I don't think you can talk about the nature of Loki, god of lies (view spoiler)[or stories (hide spoiler)] without getting meta. I'm so glad that I started reading the evolution of Loki with Siege, which is absolutely what I would suggest anybody interested in the character do.

  • Jesse A
    2018-10-11 16:28

    Some silliness but all in all a decent series.

  • Tom Ewing
    2018-10-20 16:02

    I don't generally review books by Al, because my critical objectivity would be in serious doubt. This one is worth an exception to that rule. It's both a cracking tale of Asgard in the mighty Marvel manner - a love letter to Walt Simonson's Thor run in style and reference, Lee Garbett's art crackling with energy - and the writer's entry into that grand, decades old conversation between British comics writers about stories and what they mean. And under the metafictional flourishes (which are a delight, but I always like that sort of thing) there's a very humane and kind piece about taking control of your own story, accepting yourself and moving on. A lovely comic, and a fitting goodbye (for now) to one of Marvel's most interesting characters of the 2010s.

  • Cecilia
    2018-09-21 20:06

    Great ending to a great series.

  • Dan
    2018-10-06 19:28

    First time reading a Loki-centric book. This basically leads into the Secret Wars. Strong start but got tiresome towards the end.

  • Valquiria
    2018-10-08 17:11

    Menuda obra maestra

  • Arlenne Gilbert
    2018-10-04 19:16

    Por fin, después de mucho tiempo, he podido saber cómo termina esta historia. ¿O debería decir cómo continua? ¿Es esta una metáfora sobre que somos lo que queramos creer? ¿O somos lo que otros dicen que somos?Os lo dejo a vuestra elección."Y eso es todo lo que necesitas saber"Loki... Un grande.

  • Pablo Ujados
    2018-09-25 16:15

    Espectacular !! Una historia impresionante que a traves de la accion marvel y la mitologia nordica , te explica la lucha interna de cada uno y como siempre tienes el poder de llevar tu vida a donde quieras , siempre que quieras !! simplemente Espectacular.

  • Saif Saeed
    2018-09-22 21:17

    This was a good series. I think Journey Into Mystery by Gillen is a lot better but this is good follow up, with the super gay adventures of the Young Avengers in between probably being the weakest of the bunch.The style isn't as good as Young Avengers but the plot is miles better. The art is nothing special and the Axis tie-in in the middle is ok but once again, Marvel and their events just derailing stories is annoying.Not bad, read after Journey Into Mystery and Young Avengers.

  • Joshua
    2018-10-08 14:16

    Al Ewing has very quickly become one of my all-time favorite comics writers. His Loki, Agent of Asgard is witty, epic, mythic, poetic, and mindtwisty in all the best ways. The third volume turns everything, the action and the meaning, up to 11, and I absolutely freaking love it. Messed with my head in all the best ways.

  • Michelle (In Libris Veritas)
    2018-10-13 18:15

    Last Days is the final volume of Agent of Asgard, wrapping up Loki’s story before the post Secret Wars reset.Loki has been through alot in this run…and mostly it’s all his own fault in a way that only Loki can manage. It’s been a while ride up to this point, with a ton of laughs and plenty of moments that really lend to the fact that Loki is so much more than just some villain,and new are at the end. Loki has tried to atone for his mistakes, and through his atonement he has discovered the truth about himself. He is his own worst enemy. I think they Ewing did a great job pulling in Young Avengers, Kid Loki, and meshing it with the appeal of the Loki of the Marvel Cinematic Universe while still letting it be true to itself. I can honestly say that this series ended on a strong note, and the very last issue was one that had me desperate for more.Loki has been a lot of things to a lot of people…but I think the God of Stories might be a personal favorite now.

  • Jorge Lopez
    2018-10-18 16:09

    What the Hell did I just read?The epic story that Kieron Gillen started in Journey into Mistery has been clearly influenced by the success of Tom Hildelstorm playing Loki in the Avengers movie, forcing the character to even have the looks of the actor in this comic book and gave us a correct transition into Loki: Agend of Asgard.This series started well, had good concepts and ideas with an interesting setting, but somehow started to deflate after the end of the first volume until the point where I lost all interest in knowing what happens next.When the deranged narrative got to the point where Odin and the Asgardians arm themselves with machine guns I almost left the comic as unfinished. As a matter of fact, had this not happened with only a couple numbers left, I would have probably abandoned this and left it as DNF.

  • Khara
    2018-10-04 21:25

    And so, Loki: Agent of Asgard ends. Bittersweet, really. The thing every Loki fan, I think, is conflicted with is the battle -- do we really want Loki to be good? Or do we truly love evil Loki? Or is Loki somewhere in between the two? Sad to see it end, but they give him a wonderful "ending." I believe they did a great job at maintaining the Loki of the classic comics as well as weaving in MCU's Loki as well as Kid Loki. After finishing this amazing storyline, one is left with only one question: now what? What do I read now? :D This review is for the individual issues #12-17.

  • Alex Sarll
    2018-10-20 22:04

    A delightful, intricate and incredibly meta conclusion to a wonderful series. Really, it could only have been improved had the fanservice quotient gone even higher with the sexual fluidity which Ewing initially talked about including, and which mutterings of late suggest editorial may have nixed. Still, the final issue in particular is a marvel, recalling Morrison, Moore and Gaiman in its fascination with the nature of stories - yet for all that, unmistakably Al.

  • Keara Christine
    2018-09-28 19:18

    March 28- Whoa nelly, this was a wild ride. Suddenly (most) of the nonsense of the first two volumes made sense ?? and Loki is suddenly my favorite ?? And these comics are incredible and you should read the first two volumes if only so you can read the third one. It was just... excellent.

  • Miriam
    2018-10-02 18:12

    It's never the end of all stories. They get everywhere. Like roaches.

  • Kaiti
    2018-09-22 17:58

    This series started out so strong and then just went downhill..... it became too convoluted and hard to follow imo

  • Jennifer
    2018-09-23 16:26

    After the messy debacle that was I Cannot Tell a Lie, I was braced for disappointment by the final volume of Ewing's Loki: Agent of Asgard. Happily, the series spends its Final Days mostly ignoring the Marvel-wide events that hijacked previous issues and focusing on its core themes and characters.We open where we closed the last volume, with Loki-That-Will-Be having strapped Loki-That-Is to a chair. Like all good supervillains, Loki-That-Will-Be decides now is a spectacular time to run through his entire evil plan, explaining and reframing events we've seen up to now with an added dash of undead Avengers to liven things up. To escape, Loki-That-Is must come to terms with himself, and become something else again (henceforth known as Loki-DNGAF), before freeing himself and partnering up with Verity Willis to kinda-sorta-maybe save the world from Ragnarok 2.0. Oh, and kills a few Ur-gods.While I still think that anyone looking for bang for their metanarrative buck should go spend their time with Carey's The Unwritten, Ewing manages to cover many of the same questions (how much do our stories define us? How do we change our narrative?) in much less space here. I'm actually curious now about the business decisions behind the run of this title, as I'd have liked to see much more of the actual Loki-as-Agent-of-Asgard capers teased in this volume with a slower build to all the deeper questions scattered across heists and shenanigans. Instead, possibly due to limited space, the promise of the title and the premise of the series are mostly skipped over to go to directly to philosophical issues which, while they do float my intellectual boat, don't give me the giggles like watching Loki play a long con would. (Translation: I've love to see Whedon direct a 22-hour arc of this.)Overall, Last Days' strong close helps smooth over some earlier wobbliness, and while the series was not quite what I was expecting, it did leave me hoping that somehow, somewhen, someway, we'll hear more from Loki-DNGAF and the veritable Verity Willis.

  • Kat
    2018-09-28 17:02

    Older "King Loki" who was pulled back into being by the All-Mothers, has his younger self trapped and regales him with the tale of his cunning plan and of how young Loki becomes King Loki, setting everything aflame. I got a distinct impression that this older Loki is a wee bit insane, clearly trapped in his role and relishing it with feverish desperation. But younger Loki isn't having any of it, not when he's worked so hard to actually change rather than just wiggling around in a pre-determined role. And he takes the appellation that he can't shake, "the God of Lies," and turns it into something else: "The God of Stories." For what are stories but lies that are told to tell the truth? As a writer, this reinterpretation really appealed to me. It was a really neat twist on Loki's story, although the ending made me kind of go, "Huh? Okay... is there more? Where do we go from here? How does this tie back into the larger Marvel narrative?" That's something I'm very curious about, and I would love to see what happens next with Loki and Verity. Still, cool story with lovely artwork throughout and I'm glad I read it.

  • David Caldwell
    2018-09-30 22:27

    Loki has undergone some changes in the past few years. He died. He came back as a kid. The kid grew up -- like overnight, maybe. He became a spy/agent for the All-Mother to replace his bad past with better stories. An older Loki from the future shows up and is evil and he is messing with the new grown-up, trying to be good Loki. This is Loki's story.When Loki was in the Thor movie, he got a lot of fans despite being the bad guy. Marvel said cool, let's make some money. Okay, that is the cynical view. The less cynical view is that they decided they wanted to explore the character of Loki and the concept of being true to yourself -- and they wanted to make money. The entire Agent of Asgard storyline covers three graphic novel collections.I really enjoyed the entire story arc of these three books. There was actually a lot of exploring an old character in a new way while remaining true to the character's concept. This is the third, and last, part where we get the big battle and the resolution to the story arc. But when one story ends, another begins.

  • Derek Newman-Stille
    2018-10-02 19:22

    Loki's adventure to rewrite his own history continues in Vol 3: Last Days. This collection explores the origins of storytelling and reshapes Loki from the God of Lies into the God of Storytelling, illustrating that there is truth in every story, even the ones that are outright fiction. This collection explores the way that reputations tend to linger, shaping someone's narrative and Loki can't seem to escape from his reputation as a villain and as a liar. Everyone assumes that his identity is identical to what it always has been and that he is incapable of change. Yet, Loki is a manifestation of change. He is a god of changeability and transformation, able to take different forms for different purposes. In this collection Loki has to face the narrative that he has created in his past and the Loki he could become in the future. He has to change his own story, preventing it from changing who he is.

  • Marie
    2018-10-16 22:26

    Truth: I got a little lost at places in this. Once again, there were pages where every panel had a reference to some other comic. Add to that time travel, asides, and flashes back and forward... OY!If you wanted a story complicated enough for Loki, you got it.That said, the ending really pays off. Not to give anything away, but Loki, we find, is the sort of guy who re-writes reality in production with no backups. Metal.This comic got three stars just from the splash pages of Odin and Freya, respectively, going into battle, and I adore this portrayal of Freya!! My one wish would have been for more of a slow burn to the story arc, maybe a few less cuts to keep us focused. Though perhaps this would not have been a problem if I were reading the comics as they came out and had to wait between issues.

  • Isaiah Downs
    2018-09-30 15:00

    Now that was a great run by a great writer. I previously haven't heard of Al Ewing(I don't think), but after this run I will never forget him. Not only was this a great comic read but as with most marvel stories it had real life questions and contemplations. Great themes of friendship, change, courage in the face of adversity, religion, faith, and destiny. I never knew a Loki story could be so good. Glad this was a time I was wrong.

  • Vanitas Walker
    2018-10-02 14:09

    Solo cuando lo estaba terminando me he dado cuenta que se ha roto la sobrecubierta por el lomo y no sé ni como si apenas lo he movido de mis piernas @ PaniniComics i will sue hijos de puta vaya basura de silicona. Moving on.Me ha encantado el final??? Quiero decir, hay muchas cosas que procesar que pasan casi todas en pocas páginas, pero DIOSES ME HA GUSTADO. Ha valido 100% la pena y le volvería a comer la cara a Matt por comprarmelos, de verdad.

  • Nicole
    2018-09-20 17:25

    I love this comic I love this Loki so much and what this story has to say about stories and comics and the metatexuality of it all I love Loki and his journey and his quest to become better and his redemption so so so so much and it all just comes together so well and it's just so great I love it please read this series and this Loki's journey it's amazing I promise

  • Alex
    2018-10-04 17:16

    The climax of the story got to the good crunchy meta-narrative bits for me. After enough time and incarnations over decades of comic books, it serves the greater story well to step back and look at the whole. Here, we view Loki as the God of Stories, and all the rises, clashes, and rebirths are part of that greater narrative.

  • DrCalvin
    2018-10-07 14:11

    Reminds me of Unwritten and Sandman, but with more punching. It's nicely drawn and the character of Loki is also fun, but the store is either rushed through or comes to a stop as the characters discuss the metaphysics of story in ways that has been done better before. the so-so end doesn't quite manage to lift the rest of this volume either.

  • Katie Daniels
    2018-10-13 14:10

    This story had the potential to be so much better if it weren't so rushed and busy being a Marvel comic instead of focusing on the finer details of characterization and motivation. In other words, the premise is great, but the writing is utter rubbish.