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He has a monster problemScotland, 1867. When Rob Stevenson’s brother is killed—and eaten—in the forest outside their estate, Rob’s sheltered world is shattered by a monster infestation. Determined to keep his village safe, Rob's first duty as laird involves hiring a professional hunter.She kills monstersThe sole survivor of a massacre in the Congo, Catriona Mornay is rumorHe has a monster problemScotland, 1867. When Rob Stevenson’s brother is killed—and eaten—in the forest outside their estate, Rob’s sheltered world is shattered by a monster infestation. Determined to keep his village safe, Rob's first duty as laird involves hiring a professional hunter.She kills monstersThe sole survivor of a massacre in the Congo, Catriona Mornay is rumored to have lost her mind in the jungle. In Edinburgh’s gas-lit streets, Cat’s skill as a hunter is unmatched. Her reputation as a killer of unnatural creatures, legendary. Two worlds collideFaced with a rising body count, Rob takes a chance on Cat, hoping that somewhere inside this tortured yet charismatic girl is the hero he’s been searching for. But in this shadow realm of secrets, lies, and underworld crime, their lives overlap in more ways than one. And in an age where harpies flock the sky and serpents rule the sea, it’s even possible for a boy and his hunter to fall in love.But can their love survive in a time of monsters?...

Title : Love in a Time of Monsters
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Love in a Time of Monsters Reviews

  • Albert
    2018-10-08 15:24

    Love in a TIme of Monsters by Teresa Yea is an inventive and original tale that blends in different genres and characters from history and other novels seamlessly into their own place and persona in what is one of the more enjoyable reads I have had this year."...We're living in a time of monsters.' Alec picked up the rifle and shoved it into Rob's unwilling hands. 'Take care of yourself. I won't always be there to protect you.' 'A time of monsters is actually a falsity,' Rob hitched the gun over his shoulder. 'a bastardization of Mornay's lecture at the Society of Unnatural Creatures.' He recited the transcript by heart. 'Monsters have lived in the shadow of man since the dawn of creation. Now their numbers are multiplying. The height of our empire is also the golden age of monsters..."It is Scotland, 1867. Rob Stevenson is he younger brother of the Laird of the estate and as such has had little expected of him in the way of family duties. He is freshly back from college where his timid and weak nature led him to be tormented and bullied by the larger boys. He is home now, preparing to leave on an expedition to study in the wilds of other countries. But when his older brother Alec is brutally killed, beheaded and the remaining corpse eaten away at, Rob must assume the mantle of Laird of the estate. His first charge is to hire a professional monster hunter.Catriona Mornay is the sole survivor of a tragic expedition into the Congo. It is rumored that she has gone mad during her time in the jungle. Now on the dimly lighted streets of England, her skill as a hunter is unrivaled and her reputation as a killer of creatures legendary. But the legend of Cat Mornay and the reality of the person are two separate things. The real Cat is bitter, angry and drug addicted and on the run from her employer who wants her dead.Rob, against his better judgement decides to hire Cat and their two worlds collide. Rob's sheltered and timid life is no match for the danger and excitement that comes with Cat Mornay and if he wants to save his family he has to act quickly and with a fortitude he never knew he had. Because their are monsters in his world. Both human and otherwise and to defeat them Cat will need all the help she can find.Fantasy? Steampunk? Romance? Horror? Historical Thriller? Yea blends all of these genres as characters from The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde and Treasure Island and other novels by Robert Louis Stevenson are re-imagined here in this tale of monsters and death. Because that is who Rob is. The author Robert Louis Stevenson.Yea has created a world where the characters of these novels exist and introduced monsters. Ghosts and Harpies and others. Hunted by Cat Mornay for her employer Mr. Hyde to use their various body parts for potions and elixirs. Drugs that he sells illegally to the populace of England. Highly addictive drugs.There is also a horrible monster here. A creature stolen from the Congo and brought to England. A legendary creature who rips men asunder and feeds. A creature that has taken root in the forest outside of Rob's home. A creature who will soon make the manor its own.Love in the Time of Monsters is one of those novels I picked up and then set aside long ago, never opening up to read. I forgot about it until passing through my TBR list I saw it there. I had no idea how good this book was until I was almost done with it. I tore through it in one sitting and in fact finished it weeks before this review was written because I simply could not find the right words to express how much I truly liked it. I still don't. It's unique. It's original. It's fun. It's just a damn good read. The characters, and there are many more than what I have mentioned here, are so well rounded and flushed. Yea was not content to simply transplant characters already written and use them in a new setting. She changed them to fit into the novel while maintaining the integrity of the source character. Later in the novel when Stevenson actually begins to write his poetry and stories, he is actually using the characters from this tale to use in his novels. Yea has actually created a scenario where her character is the source material for the legendary characters that are in Stevenson's novels! Yes, she pulls it off wonderfully.Love in a Time of Monsters is book #1 of the Golden Age of Monsters but understand it is its own book. A stand alone with a beginning, middle and very satisfying ending. Book #2 has alot to live up to here. This is probably one you missed, that's okay, there is time to fix that. Find it. Read it and enjoy.A terrific read!

  • Pili
    2018-09-19 16:41

    I discovered this book through the amazing artist that did the cover (our dear Jenny from Supernatural Snark) and once I read the summary I knew I had to get it and read it.And I was right, I loved this one so much! I started reading it at work (night shift) and finished it as soon as I got home and got some sleep. I'd describe this as gothic fantasy with retelling elements, because we get references to novels and characters that know, so maybe it's a gothic fantasy retelling of the events that inspired the classics? Something like that!I loved the world building and how wonderfuly visual the descriptions for everything was, from the landscapes, to the characters, to the feeling of the places and the monsters.I loved how well crafted the characters are! None of the characters felt too typical or underdeveloped, because from main to secondary, all have more going on that you see at first. Cat is a survivor, a monster hunter, fragile and strong and an addict. She's broken and so very far from perfect, but I loved her to bits even at her worst moments and I loved how Rob always managed to see the best in her and so make her try to be that best. Same with Liam, even if it took me quiet a while to warm up to him, he's a fantastic character, complex and the perfect mix of antihero and villain. And Rob, well... Rob is of course a very complex character, a reluctant hero if there's ever been one, but with enough strenght and love to make others want be better.The book takes place in a time of monsters, where sirens drag sailors to their death and get hunted for their scales, where monster hunters are necessary and where the most dangerous of all monsters was brought to Scotland to try and save a life. Mixing POVs and moving from past to current events, this story kept me riveted to the pages, wanting to know more, to see what happened and hoping for as few deaths as possible, but the book really doesn't pull any punches, and I had quite a few weepy moments along the book!Rob is Robert L Stevenson and some of the events in the book inspired him to write his Treasure Island and Dr Jekyll & Mr Hyde, and this is the part that made me call this book a bit of a retelling. Before wrapping up this review I must talk about the romance, because there was a love triangle but it was done is such a different way that I just didn't bother me at all, and that's almost a first! Hooray for diversity, and even more diversity in fantasy books! And as a NA book, do consider yourselves warned, there are sexy times ahead, and there's also great humour, fantastic quotes and a lil bit of magic.All in all a very recommended book to all the lovers of fantasy that will appreciate something fresh and unique and very well crafted! Very well deserve 4 to 4.5 stars!

  • Sarah Glenn Marsh
    2018-10-18 20:26

    I had the privilege of reading an early copy of this book as Teresa's critique partner, and my only regret is that it didn't last longer! I devoured this book in a day, because that's what you're supposed to do when a story is full of heart-pounding action, some truly terrifying moments, and a sweeping romance.I can't recommend this book enough. All the characters, even the villainous ones, are so wonderfully layered that you'll be thinking about them long after you've turned the final page (Liam, anyone?!). Combining that with Teresa's vivid descriptions of Scotland, this becomes one of those books that stays with you always.Do yourself a favor and read it when you're in the mood for something you can't put down. You won't be disappointed.

  • Christa
    2018-10-04 19:17

    Teresa is a wonderful writer. She knows how to create a compelling romance, great atmosphere and pacing and heart stopping action. Her stories are so unique and she's not afraid to takes risks. Anything by her is a must read!

  • Sharon Tyler
    2018-09-26 21:23

    Love in a Time of Monsters is the first book in the Golden Age of Monsters series by Teresa Yea. This new adult novel has romance, adventure, and a is darker than most new adult novels that I have seen since the genre was labeled. It takes place in 1867, one that is different than any you will read about in the history books.When Rob Stevenson’s brother is killed,and eaten, his world is shattered by a monster infestation. Determined to keep his village safe, Rob's first duty as laird involves hiring a professional hunter. As the sole survivor of a massacre in the Congo, Catriona Mornay is rumored to have lost her mind in the jungle. In Edinburgh’s gas-lit streets, Cat’s skill as a hunter is unmatched. Her reputation as a killer of unnatural creatures, legendary. Faced with a rising body count, Rob takes a chance on Cat, hoping that somewhere inside this tortured yet charismatic girl is the hero he’s been searching for. But in this shadow realm of secrets, lies, and underworld crime, their lives overlap in more ways than one. And in an age where harpies flock the sky and serpents rule the sea, it’s even possible for a boy and his hunter to fall in love. But can their love survive in a time of monsters?Love in a Time of Monsters was nothing I expected. I picked it up because I loved the cover, it is simply gorgeous. The story is multilayered and darker than I expected from the cover and description, but it was well thought out and executed. Rob has always been sickly, and the loss of his brother puts him in a position he never expected to hold- Lord of the manor. With his young sister and supportive and loving staff he struggles to maintain order and protect his people, which ultimately requires the help of a hunter. Cat has monsters to battle, both in the real world and in her head. she struggles to quiet them all, and ends up causing more damage to herself and those closest to her than she might expect. The story is full of twists, surprises, some gore, and coincidences. I loved some of the secondary characters and literary references that thread there way through the story. even when I struggled with the story, mainly because i was in the mood for lighter fare when I picked up the book, those threads kept me going.I would recommend Love in a Time of Monsters to readers that like something different, do not mind some gore, and can handle emotionally distant characters. While it did not fit my expectations or desire for the moment- it is still an exciting and unique book that many will enjoy.

  • Sharon Xuereb
    2018-10-20 22:40

    Now this was one intriguing read. We follow the life of a young Robert L Stevenson and his journey through life and love while dealing with the monsters that have come along, with the help of some of his well-known friends, such as Dr Jekyll, Mr Hyde and Jim Hawkins.After I put this book down, I was inspired to find out more about Robert Louis Stevenson and so I looked up his story. It’s an interesting tale if you like this author. I’ve notice that this book seems to be a re-telling of his life that happens to include a few of his most famous characters plus a few new ones. Throughout this book he is penning Treasure Island and so we hear parts of that story come through.This book is very well written and there is good mix of excitement, drama, mystery, and edge of your seat moments along the way. If anything was missing it would be that I found it lacked a little emotion when it came to the love parts with his lady – Cat Mornay.As for the monsters, we meet all manner of creatures and the main nemesis being the Manu Diaboli. This was a beast of a creature and what seemed like a mountain to conquer in order to defeat it. This was particularly interesting as it seemed for most of the read that there was no winning with this despicable creature who kills men to reproduce. However, the ending in regards to this monster will surprise you and even bring a smile to your face.There are some rather eyebrow raising moments in this book and at times I felt that it had an Outlander feel to it. Especially when it came to some of the more controversial topics that surface and the old Scottish folklore.Overall, an intriguing read and if you like books like Outlander and a few monsters thrown in then I think you will enjoy this.4 stars!The author provided me with a copy of this book in return for an honest review.Also posted on Sharon's Book Nook!

  • Kati Bartkowski
    2018-10-07 18:28

    Love in a Time of Monsters is the perfect blend of horror and romance, with the creepiest monster I have read about in a long time. The setting is beautifully described, and the characters are as unique as the rest of the story.Cat is a great main character. She is believably flawed, but still likable. She is a good mix of strong and weak, broken but unbreakable. Rob is another great character, as Cat's love interest. His flaws are much more innocent which only makes him more lovable. There are a lot of other great characters who are fully fleshed out that help move the plot along, and a love triangle that breaks away from the YA traditional love triangles. Teresa is great at making you care about a character who you barely know.The pacing is perfect, and will keep up late reading. I can totally see fans of Laurel K. Hamilton's earlier books loving Love in a Time of Monsters. This book is definitely a must read for people who like some romance with their horror.

  • Ellen Gail
    2018-10-03 20:47

    3 1/2 stars!This was weird. I mean really, really weird. It's like a mish-mash of classic lit, mythology, alternate history, and humor. It was strangely compelling. There were times when the tone was inconsistent and hit too hard on the humor or the romance side of things. I didn't believe some of the characters' actions. But there was something about it that I liked, sort of in spite of itself. I can't much identify why, or specify what in particular worked for me. But I did appreciate how delightfully odd this was; completely strange, yet compulsively readable and enjoyable!

  • Ami Allen-Vath
    2018-09-29 22:47

    I read an earlier version of this book (as a CP) and was extremely fascinated and captivated by the characters and storyline. Rob and Cat are an awesome duo (sort of Duo because Cat is really leading the show!) as they encounter monsters and make their way through amazing settings. Castles and forests and Scotland--come on! I was so immersed in this story that I felt like I was following behind them. Teresa's writing is dark, gorgeous and layered--you won't regret taking this journey!The one flaw you'll probably find with this book is that it doesn't have a movie deal---yet. : )

  • Jenny Perinovic
    2018-09-23 16:27

    This book was SO MUCH FUN. And proof that NA can exist beyond the realm of contemporary romance. I loved every second of it!

  • Candace Robinson
    2018-09-29 17:35

    I absolutely adored this book and all the characters!

  • Sierra Abrams
    2018-10-06 15:37

    I need this book NOW.

  • mith
    2018-10-19 22:23

    In many cases, 2 stars on my scale means you were pretty bad but there was one tiny thing redeemable about you but I wouldn't want to touch you again or something along those lines.Rarely does it fall in the goodreads scale, which is it was okayThis is one of those rare cases. I did not love this book by any means; I wouldn't recommend this--which is kinda sad because that cover is pretty gorgeous--but I wouldn't say "Ugh this was terrible" if someone brought it up.By all means, it wasn't necessarily terrible. I was somewhat engrossed in the plot, with the monsters in the late 1800's. That was new and it was original for me--and it was new adult. But the characters... the romance... that kind of ruined it all.Cat is claimed to be the best monster hunter yet she doesn't truly prove that through her actions. She acts more like a junkie who can't keep her shit together. She hesitates to kill monsters which, in turn, irritates me because how the hell would she get the Greatest Monster Hunter title if she fucking hesitates?Then there was Rob. I, personally, just found him to be too hormonal throughout the book. For such a sapling, he sure as hell was getting plenty of action, though. But it irritated me, how he expected bigger boobs on Cat when they first met, and the fact that she didn't have them made her something less. Like??? What the fuck??? The romance was completely off the charts. They've barely known each other a week and they start feeling these things and I was entirely confused. To make matters worse, there was this semi love triangle thing going on which did not work out at all. I wish the author had focused a bit more on the monsters. There was mainly just one monster mentioned, the hella creepy Manu Diaboli (I'm not checking the spelling here, so it's possible that it's wrong), but that was the extent of it. I'd have liked to see a bit more of the monsters Cat fought, some backstory to Liam, more Alec and Rob brotherly moments would've been nice. I completely get that you can't fit every single detail into a book, but considering the fact that Liam and Alec played an important part to connecting everyone, I'd expected something more.Overall, this wasn't the worst novel. Despite it being labelled NA, it didn't really feel like one? I don't have much experience with them, having only read one so far, but it was basically just glossed--like, seriously--over sex scenes and "naughty" occurrences. If you have the imagination, I guess...So. 2.5 overall. Writing was meh, could've been better, and characterisation needed fixing up. Romance was a no and that basically covers it.Thank you Broken E Publishing & Netgalley for providing a copy!

  • April
    2018-09-20 14:44

    Many thanks to Broken E Publishing, via Netgalley, for letting me read this book in exchange for an honest review.4.5I've just finished this book (as in, literally 3 minutes ago I put it down), and I really, really enjoyed it. The characters were perfect in their imperfections; I can't remember reading a book where there was such a comparison of light and dark, good and evil, in the main characters.Rob, the main character, was really the only one out of the main four characters (Rob, Cat, the doctor, and Liam) who was truly good. The others all had very distinct phases of being good, being evil, etc. It was fascinating to see how Yea pulled that off.Things I loved included the setting of the book (how can you not enjoy reading about a serial killing monster that lives in the fae-dark woods in the wilds of Scotland in the 19th century?); the flashbacks that Cat had to the ill-fated trip to the Congo; and how realistically addiction was portrayed throughout the novel. I also really enjoyed the truth about who Rob really was. The last thing I loved is more of a writing thing: the parallelism between a semi-calm scene and a more violent scene, using the exact same wording. Example:...In reply, the lad passed a hand over the last bell jar and the copper wires ignited into a small explosion.*An explosion mushroomed in the forest, backlighting the interior in a wash of flames. Through her spyglasses, Cat watched...The only thing I didn't particularly like about this book is that there were a lot of sexual overtones and innuendoes that I think could have been removed without really hurting the overall storyline. I mean, yes, the readers get that Rob is attracted to Cat. Why do we need to read a discussion about his penis in the actual book? (Yes. That did happen.)But that is my own personal bias, and obviously it didn't bug me terribly much.Definitely recommend, and definitely will be looking for other books by Ms. Yea!

  • Marcela (BookaholicCat)
    2018-10-13 14:25

    Love in a Time of Monsters is the first book in the Golden Age of Monsters series by Teresa Yea.I have said before and I say again, I’m a book cover whore. I let books with beautiful covers crawl into my TBR, books that maybe I wouldn’t have read if their covers weren’t that appealing. This book was one of those cases. As soon as I saw the cover I wanted to read it, then I read the blurb and thought this book was made for me. Sadly, it wasn’t. Why? Because it was not what I was expecting it to be. I was expecting monsters and a kickass heroine. Although I got some monsters I didn’t get the kickass heroine. I got a junkie girl who didn’t know up from down. A girl that lived from high to high and who messed up one too many times due to her out of control addiction. Messes that had dire consequences for others but not for her. Even though I wanted to like Cat I couldn’t do it. She had more negatives on her favor than positives and I couldn’t see the good people saw in her. I only saw a broken girl governed by her addiction. Of course she was better at the end, but by then it was a little too late for me.Read the rest of my review at The Bookaholic Cat

  • Kaffy Ye
    2018-10-06 20:33

    This book is suspenseful and romantic; the author paints a beautiful setting in your head mixed with fantasy. Each character has very unique personalities and they're not your typical cookie cutter characters that are common in new adult novels. There is character development throughout the whole book, these characters will grow and learn new things and intertwine with each other. There is a love triangle but with a twist, which just makes it all that exciting! (I was actually very happy for this kind of love triangle, there is just not enough of this in good books.) This is definitely not a censored book or a book to give to kids! The uncensored is what makes the story great and attract the young adults. You cannot help but feel like you're on an adventure with the characters. I could not put the book down until the very end. I highly recommend this!

  • Francesca
    2018-10-06 19:26

    I am weirdly in love with this book and I actually got very emotional when it ended. First of all, that cover! B-E-A-U-tiful! I can't stop staring at it. I was in love from the very first page. It's cheesy and silly but also entertaining and incredibly well-written. I can't remember the last time I read a book that had so many lines which stood out to me.Liam and Cat! I adored them both, and I'm very pleased to see on Miss Yea's website that the next book will have more Liam. Rob was a bit iffy, I didn't like him all that much and there were some plot points that made me roll my eyes and the end is a little bit too convenient but I had so much fun reading it that I can look past the flaws. I would definitely recommend it for anyone looking for something a little bit weird.

  • Kika
    2018-09-30 21:35

    *A free copy of this book was kindly provided by NetGalley in exchange for an honest review...*...And I'm oh-so-glad it was. Because this book is EPIC.After a bit of a slow start, this book absolutely floored me. Yea's ability to weave the various tales into one cohesive narrative was absolute genius. And after reading a string of fantasy books recently where I've been underwhelmed by the female protagonist, Cat was a breath of snarky, kick-ass fresh air. Books like this make me want so, so much more magical realism in my literary life.

  • Julie (*Happily Ever Chapter*)
    2018-10-06 21:30

    I REALLY enjoyed everything about this one! I loved how flawed and damaged the main character, Cat, is even though she is supposed to be the "hero". This book is a lot grittier than I expected it to be. There were so many times that I couldn't put this one down because I needed to know what was going to happen!** I received a free copy from NetGalley in exchange for an honest review, all opinions are my own **

  • Karen Beg
    2018-09-23 17:40

    I really liked this book! It was very well written and all the characters were easy to like. The story had everything a great book should wasexciting, suspenseful, funny, entertaining, and had romance. It left a heart warming feeling as I read it. I definitely recommend this book to all paranormal/fantasy fans.

  • Heidi
    2018-10-05 17:46

    I loved this book! Flawed characters, unique storyline, and terrifying monsters. Add in some great romance and killer action sequences and this book kept me turning pages. Fast, exciting read.

  • Emmeline (The Book Herald)
    2018-10-17 20:26

    I received this ARC from Broken E Publishing in return for an honest review.I ugh...I mean- the thing here... you see, I- um, well....this book was not what i was expecting. "In a time of monsters, hate is all you need."I don't even know how to illustrate my feelings over this book. I'm pretty torn. For the most part...I wasn't a big fan. *hides face* i hate saying that, but honestly...what exactly did I just read? Hold on, Let me talk about the plot, this is for my benefit as well as yours. In the Highlands of Scotland, within the mists and shadows...a terrible thing lurks. Robert, the sickly young man in his family worships the ground his older brother- the Laird walks on.However, one day while they were hunting, a clicking sound reverberates through the darkness of the forest. He watches as his brother's head is decapitated and body violently mutilated. Robert becomes Laird.More people die because of the monsters,and so enters Catriona. The Monster Huntress. alright okay, I get that. I totally was on par with all that. Things started getting a little fuzzy when Mr Hyde or Dr Jerkyll entered, i was thoroughly confused at what the heck he was doing in there, but that kind of clears up later. Honestly, this story is not even fully about the above described plot. Its a lot about LOVE, not in the awww sense. but in the I'll die for you. The romance felt rushed. I don't even know when Rob fell for Cat or vise versa. One moment it was 'I love you' and I'm like, "wow, did i just miss a chapter?" Oh and there's a love triangle, but it's not two boys vying for Catriona...its Catriona and another boy wanting Robert. Yup, confused? me too. Robert at the start of the book was very different, like a whole other character to Robert in the middle of the book and the end of the book. This was really not what i was expecting and honestly probably not my all! I feel weird because I read other review from other people who gave this book 5 stars while i'd honestly give it a 2.5 star MAX. Am I just not reading this right? *shrug* i don't know. i would say this is not for me, maybe it'll be for you.It honestly felt cluttered, like ohhh maybe we'll put the Loch ness monster/ serpent and mermaids who nearly rape men. Oh how about we add some random speamspunk moments and building automatons here too, even though this is supposed to be a historical fiction with fantasy. yes, that's a good idea! NOT.I definitely wouldn't give this book to middle graders, there's drug themes and sexual themes in here- like they call a guy's thing Excalibur...way to ruin the tale of King Arthur! but I digress.On the bright side the writing was good, i just didn't much care for this story as a whole. What I did like though, was the way this author described the trauma and pain Cat and Liam went through. That was well done! :) Okay well, that's it. Have a go at it if you feel like this will be more for you!personally, it was a no. It wasn't horrible, it was okay...just not my thing. Side note- I am not a big fan of the cover, i don't think it depicts well what this story is actually about. Stay wonderful! -The Book Herald.

  • Nicole
    2018-10-09 18:22

    I received a copy of this book from the publisher via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review. I like monsters. I like quirky love stories. I thought I would like Love in a Time of Monsters, but right up until the very end, I really, really didn't. My biggest problem was with a cast of characters that I found unlikeable for various reasons. Rob was a weakling, Cat is a generally horrible person, and I just don't know what was going on with Liam. To be fair, there was an attempt to show the dual natures of each of these characters, but first impressions stuck with me, and I just couldn't get past them. Rob's little sister, Waverly, really should have been the narrative voice for this work because she was the character I cared about the most. I have to say that while I was prepared for some sexy stuff because this was identified as a new adult book, I wasn't prepared for the shifting sexuality among the characters. That certainly created an interesting conflict and was intended to deepen the character development, but it felt like it was just a joke at Rob's expense and a weapon for Cat to wield. Overall, the sensuality was nil while the act of copulation felt unkind and/or manipulative. It certainly didn't feel like an act of love. Maybe that was the point, but it didn't make me feel good. That made it hard for me to enjoy the good things, and there were good things. The setting was dreary Victorian, which I do adore. I thought the main monster was particularly well drawn, and one of the better characters in the book. I also enjoyed the literary crossovers which didn't become obvious until near the end, but were rather enjoyable. I thought the final fight scene was brilliantly juxtaposed with another scene. It created a fabulous bit of suspense. There was wit and a bit of dark whimsy. I wish I hadn't hated almost every character in this bloodbath of a book because there was so much redemption in that last 30% of the book.

  • Teresa Yea
    2018-09-20 15:22