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Quin: Finder, healer, student, teacher, lover, pirate— BlackWing "My life in Gungl began a moon-turn later, when I was finally able to pull myself out of bed without crushing grief slamming into me and causing me to collapse. The following day, my plan for revenge against Vardil Cayetes, the man responsible for Siriaa's destruction, began." Siriaa has been destroyed at theQuin: Finder, healer, student, teacher, lover, pirate— BlackWing "My life in Gungl began a moon-turn later, when I was finally able to pull myself out of bed without crushing grief slamming into me and causing me to collapse. The following day, my plan for revenge against Vardil Cayetes, the man responsible for Siriaa's destruction, began." Siriaa has been destroyed at the command of an enraged criminal. The poison infecting that planet has been flung into the universe, landing upon hapless worlds in its path. The Orb has dropped Quin onto another world five years in the future, where she is compelled to seek revenge against Vardil Cayetes, the one responsible for Siriaa's destruction. From a crumbling, lawless world to one held in the tight fists of a criminal alliance, a disguised Quin searches for her enemy, whose only concern is keeping his life, no matter the cost to others. Quin and another innocent become targets when the enemy learns of the danger they represent. Will Cayetes succeed in his assassination attempts? Not even the gods can predict the outcome. ...

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BlackWing Reviews

  • Ryan Mangrum
    2018-10-07 14:11

    I really wanted to like this book, but there are some things that just can't be ignored:1) Perspective changes WAAAAAAY too much. In one chapter, the perspective (and point-of-view) changed 21 times. Sometimes you're with this character, sometimes with that character, and then a 3rd, 4th, and 5th character. Sometimes you're in first person, sometimes you're in 3rd person.Connie, pick 1 or 2 characters to follow and a single point-of-view. The constant hopping is disorienting and breaks the flow of the story.2) While I don't begrudge a female character having multiple lovers, what's going on with Quin is just silly. By the end of the book she has so many male consorts that I lost count of exactly how many there were. I THINK she was up to 8 or 9 at the end.It's like every male character that happens to cross her path is instantly in love with her. Seriously, there are some characters that have been exposed to her for all of a couple days and they're referring to her as "my love." Too, NONE of them are upset with the fact that there's a basketball team worth of other guys lining up for her time.To add to the ridiculousness, at the beginning of the book, Quin is thrown 5 years into the future. After 5 years, not a single one of her male harem sought to find another woman? Not even the 16 (now 21) year old kid? Really? None of them have so much as had sex with the girl, but they're going to put their lives on hold because they're so distraught?3) There are character with god-like powers and 1000's of years of experience that are completely ineffectual and are utterly useless when it comes to making a plan. They have space ships that can be transported anywhere in the universe on a whim, but they can't get a spy satellite, a spy network, or long-range surveillance on various worlds? Their spies only observe a single city on a planet. Really?4) Quin is a complete wuss. I'm all about a female character having some vulnerability. It's a pet peeve of mine how many writers have a young girl as the protagonist and make her supremely capable despite lacking experience and education. However, Quin is a blubbering, whiny, cry baby. She's constantly feinting, crying, crawling in laps for comfort, or looking for someone to cheer her up.5) Everything revolves around Quin. It's annoying. Yes, she's supposed to be the main character, but all the supporting characters, including several royalty, are constantly looking out for her, comforting her, and generally being hyper-protective.

  • Katharina
    2018-10-09 18:03

    why does the storyline has to get bigger and bigger. I liked the small world of "finder" just fine :-(

  • Runningrabbit
    2018-09-24 16:11

    This novel has a bit of everything in it. Snake shifters, shifters other, vampires, aliens, action, other planets, biochemical warfare. So, it's pretty up there, and pretty good. I read these books all in a row, and this is not a trilogy, so obviously this isn't a final book and it's still an ongoing series. Oh, and did I mention it's the female that has multiple mates? Yep, I'm dancing with joy. There's not menage (so far), and no graphic sex.I'm definitely enjoying this series and will definitely be ploughing onto the next book when it's available.

  • Jessirie
    2018-10-07 19:13

    Darn. Just two stars for this one..Where to start???During the first two books, I believed that there will be more to the story. I just kept on reading hoping that there will be a point to the destruction of Siriaa. I found none. This was supposed to be about her vengeance to Cayetes. What happened was so anticlimactic. (view spoiler)[Cayetes instantly dying by a powerful blast? By none other than a character who was not supposed to be there probably because he shouldn't have had to exact THE vengeance after such a long wait?(hide spoiler)]I think it the 'supposed' to be climax of this book didn't even get half a chapter. It was so damn short.This book was all over the place. There were so many characters being focused on when it should have been more about the development of Quin's character. Maybe not just the heroine, but it was so overwhelming with irrelevant characters that I found the characters too dull. There should have been more substance or depth of character personality and significance to the whole story, so that they wouldn't appear to be just extras. I didn't know what was going on half the time with the alternating fashion of what I should be feeling with regards to each of the character's POV. I also couldn't explore what those feelings were what with them changing everytime the POV changes as well.*sigh*Because of all of these, I found the storyline too flat. It was boring to read. (view spoiler)[Quin training to be able to fight (I didn't notice her being physically able to defend herself, so her training was basically useless in the plot), MOPE Healing the victims, MOPE, Fighting the bad guys, MOPE, Accepting the next stage in a romantic relationship, MOPE...etc...then MOPE again(hide spoiler)]Ugh!! So infuriating!!But that's just me.The issues that should have been exciting when being solved one step at a time were conveniently, magically and more importantly, INSTANTLY solved if not by the Orb, then by one of the most powerful allies/mates she's got. I'm all for RH books, but I don't like men going head over heels over a woman for no apparent reason or when it's about love at first sight. I want to see some chemistry and reason first before they're ready to kill for her..*sigh again* I don't think I'd want to read the next one, but then curiosity has always been a problem of mine. I want to see how this series would end and if I'd change my mind about it...P.SWhat was the gift given to Terrett by Lissa and (her sister?) at the same time Berel was given a pistol? I don't think it was mentioned. OR...maybe I just didn't notice it because of everything else going on???hmmm....For sure there are other things I've forgotten, too...

  • Siv Therese
    2018-10-01 21:11

    So, what makes my review different from book one and two. Why are my stars so low this time, when I absolutely loved book one and two? Heres why. I've read Connie Suttles Blood Destiny, High Demon and so on series, and by the end of High Demon, I realised something. There are no difference between the female heroines. They all have troubled and violent pasts, have a bunch of over protective mates, and are thoroughly non sufficient, and forced to be week by the same mates. What I loved about the Ordinance series, and it uniqeuness from the other series where thorughly trashed in this one, and felt like I were reading the same series but with different names. Heroine which is stronger, more powerful and unique, but always crawling in someones lap, crying and ALWAYS ALWAYS cuddled, and steered to where the males want her. And when she finally stands on her own, theres the crying, fainting and who knows what. Sometimes I just wanna throttle her, and tell her to buckle up, your in war, of course you can show compassion, but what the hell did u expect, roses and chocolate? This is also the reason why I could not finish the last two books of Blood. I want an independent, strong female, with the support of the males, not manipulated with touch, comfort and male ego, but someone who can stand on her own. The end of book two left me breathless, and I thought, finally a female heroine would be able (and capable, if not forced) to stand on her own two feet, but not many pages in, the adventure were cut of and males to rescue. This is perhaps me being annoyed and somewhat biased, but the lack of personality and depth between the authors heroines, makes me want to grab my head. They're all so incredible powerful, unique and strong, but this is just like a piece of cloth. Overall, this book were interesting, and I finished it, but do not think Ill be buying the next one. *this is an honest review from MY point of view

  • Llaph | No Frill | No Shill
    2018-10-07 21:16

    Most of what I would say I said in my review for the previous book. I will mention that while it happened in her previous books, this book did have tooooo many points of view. I get how they all came together and why they might’ve been important to the story. But, I sometimes had to go back a bit to see who was talking if I didn’t catch on to how the speaker was talking/its context. I’m also grateful for the beginning of the section naming where it takes place and who is talking.Despite that I think that this is my favorite book of the series so far. One thing I like is that a lot of stuff happens in one of CS’s books. The sheer amount of them will probably stop a person from writing a full summary of events —which explains how the book synopses seem to be inadequate sometimes. Something is always happening so there aren’t really any slow spots in the books and they’re usually pretty fast paced. At least they are for me as I seem to read them in a few hours.While there was a betrayal, I was kinda happy to see that it wasn’t a huge-omfg-rip-out-my-heart betrayal like there were in previous books. I believe that she has gotten better at just how much intensity/drama that a betrayal has to have. There are still more books to happen though so I’m doing a bit of wishful thinking there.The whole idea of space pirates was great. The benevolence of the Orb being brought into question was also. What exactly is its role? What did the god intend? Was he actually bad somehow? I look forward to reading later books to see what happens.

  • Margo
    2018-10-05 20:05

    Five years has past after Cayates destroyed the Planet of Siriaa. At least it is five years for everyone else, for Quin it is just a moment. Thrown in time five years later by the mystical Orb she is connected to God knows why, she starts to hunt for the person who destroyed her world. Not knowing what really happened with her loved ones and all the other people from Siriaa, Quin tries to find a person responsible for the tragedy and to find answers for who and what she really is.

  • Jennifer
    2018-10-19 21:03

    I know there are more books in this series and maybe one day l'll get back to it but right now I've had enough of Quin and her multitude of mates. I'm also pretty tired of reading about their meals and tea. Everything seems to be in the surface,the story and the characters could have gone much deeper. Instead we lightly touched on everything- we met new people, we trained, we chased bad guys, we ate, we met more new people, we ate, we healed people, we mated, we chased more bad guys, we ate, we trained, we mated, we hot tubbed, we ate, we saved people and we mind-speaked during all of it

  • Jeanie's Kindle
    2018-10-05 19:00

    IntenseThis is very mind boggling. You must be able to follow multiple characters on multiple planets. The plot is complex and compelling.

  • Whitney (Shooting Stars Reviews)
    2018-10-02 15:13

    Reviewed by Whitney@Shooting Stars ReviewsQuin has been sent five years into the future by the orb, but for her it's only been a few months. But, to all of her mates it's been five years, and they all thought her dead. Then they are all glad when they find out she is alive, but are scared of the orb trying to take her away again. Quin must do what she can to avenge her planet, and figure out what the orb is doing to her as well before it is too late. This book was okay. I didn't like how it skipped into the future, and I was annoyed with some things that happened with her mates. But, other than that I liked this one, but I probably won't be reading anymore in this series now.

  • Alex
    2018-09-19 13:26

    After two very good and gripping installments, I'm afraid this one was a bit of a let down. Although I did like the way the heroine's disappearance was handled - clever plot twist and interesting movement to the story - it felt like the other characters/story points did not advance as they should have in that amount of time. The 'baddie' has had five years to accomplish evil deeds but it really feels like we're kind of picking up from just a couple of months ahead. The numerous interested parties did not move on with their lives in five whole years...all still pinning and mourning for Quin. I mean...I'm all for loyalty and fidelity...but since the universe seems to have a veeeery broad view on sexual relationships and partnerships, I'd have expected some people to move along at least a little bit. Also...I appreciate how lovely and likeable Quin is...and that her self sacrificing and tender soul is compelling...but honestly...every male falling in love with her within five minutes gets a bit old. And...I was on board with the multiple partners, everyone has fifty mates, big love type of approach...but...that would make more sense in a long term type of approach. If you're alive thousands of years and you pick up a new mate every five years or so, it does add up. But, our lovely heroine (who is still 16 in her emotional age, since 5 years went by on the blink of an eye) not only becomes sexually active...but does so with multiple partners in the span of a week! So...disappointing sequel. I'm holding off on the next one. Because in addition to all that, the story line keeps expanding and there are too many questions not being answered with only more questions being added. That always worries me in a series, because it feels like in order to tie it all up things will be either over simplified or rushed to a conclusion. I might still continue reading...but...I'll have to wait a while to give it another try.

  • Diandra
    2018-10-17 16:04

    A continuation of the First Ordinance Series, this one is written a little differently. I enjoyed this series so much so far because it is something completely new. While starting the series, you think this is a story about a poor servant girl who will become important, I thought she might marry Prince Amlis. It quickly changes into a sort of science fiction novel, with paranormal tendencies, while making it seem completely normal. Finder becomes Quin and fluctuates between being extremely important and cared for to being tossed around by the Orb and treated like crap. What would be considered aliens to us, is just other worlds that coexist and, as mentioned before, is completely normal. It's like the bar scene in Star Wars where all these different species are just hanging out.The criminal Cayetes is easily out maneuvering the ASD and is staying hidden while being helped by powerful warlocks. He has something over everyone and manages to stay alive and destroy worlds when he should have died long before. (view spoiler)[Luckily he dies, maybe... At least for a little while. And what about those twin Warlocks trying to take the throne? (hide spoiler)]I love how much goes on in the book. Unfortunately, it was a bit more confusing in this one because unlike the other 2, everyone speaks in first person when it is their section. The first two books kept it easy to remember who's POV you were reading because it was written third person for everyone except Quin. This is my only real complaint about this book.Like I said, I love this book, love this series, and will finish it and then see if the rest of Connie Suttle's works are as good.

  • Avid
    2018-09-23 21:00

    Quin's life takes a dramatic turn in this novel. She becomes more of an action hero than a quirky chic with hidden talents. Merrill asks at one point when Quin became an army general. It's a fitting description for her. She's been sent by the Orb 5 years into the future to seek and kill Vardil Cayetes, and she picks up some more friends and mates as she discovers his whereabouts. There's a nice cliffhanger at the end that will prompt a reader to go on to the next novel, but the plot line for this particular novel feels relatively complete, even with the unanswered question at the end. It's a paradox; I know. Stated differently, the novel doesn't end abruptly. there's no wondering where the rest of the novel went. I appreciate that in a series. When novels in a series continually end abruptly, as if someone's computer crashed and the reader only gets what was backed up last month, I get reader's fatigue, a kind of mental whiplash, and I lose interest. That's NOT the case here. Fantastic action, great character development, interesting plot line, appropriate romance, and satisfactory ending.

  • Candice Harris
    2018-09-22 14:26

    Warning! Strange layout.Okay....Rushed is one word I would us to describe this book.I love Connie Suttle but I just really didn't get the set-up for this novel. None of the previse two books where setup like this.Every chapter has a different persons POV, which leaves it feeling a little confusing and 'busy' for no apparent reason.A lot of instant love also going on in the book, all these random never heard about before characters start called her their 'love'. I didn't feel any real sense of love or connection going on between the new introduced just felt really rushed.I do however enjoy the storyline as a whole, but the book feels like it needs to be revised or spent a little more time on.Cool characters, cool storyline just hated the setup.Will still be reading the following book.

  • Melinda
    2018-09-30 15:27

    I liked and didn't like this book. It was bizarre. I like the premise, the fantasy, the characters. But I felt like there were too many POV, lots of jumping about in the story - sometimes it was hard to keep up. Sometimes it felt like this book wasnt quite sure what genre it was: most times it felt like a young adult, then there would be swearing and sex scenes and it felt very unexpected. Sometimes it felt like fantasy, throw in a werewolf and vampire and you got your urban fantasy...and then add in the technology and big brother elements and you have classic sci fi. But over all this - still good to get this instalment. ....Also not quite convinced about the MC being all knowing all good all powerful...too good to be true? A saviour? And don't get me started on the love triangles...

  • Antoinette Lewis
    2018-09-22 17:21

    Cayates finally got the body he wanted. He is a vain and vindictive criminal. He destroys planets and the lives of those would think to oppose him. Quinn was missing she appeared out of nowhere. She is now wife and still the Orb control's here whereabouts and uses her as it's weapon. Cayates distroyed another planet killing many. However Quinn was there to save as many as she could. The Warlock twins took clones and Cayates with them when they escaped and they plan to do unmentionable things.

  • Michelle
    2018-09-28 13:01

    This is my penultimate book of Connie Suttle's to read. I started on First Ordinance One before any of the others from this Universe and really struggled with First Ordinance Two, a few months later and after reading her entire back catalogue in the order recommend I came back to the First Ordinance series with Black Wing and boy was it worth it! After the last few cumbersome books this was a breath of fresh air. All I can say is binge read in order and keep going. I cannot wait for her next book.

  • Auriane
    2018-10-06 15:15

    This time there was no change in the way the story keeps going. Like in the second book, the story doesn't just take place on one world, but on many different worlds. The narrating person is changing very often (like after 5 pages, and even more often). Many known characters from this series (I haven't read any other books of this author (yet)) and also some new characters. The entourage around Quin is definitly growing ;-)I also liked that there wasn't a big cliffhanger like in the second, just a small one.

  • Tribala
    2018-10-03 14:00

    Way too much dribbleSeemed to me this one dragged on and on about really.. Nothing. I found myself easily distracted and bored at times. Too many new characters were introduced and too little romance building to suddenly go from "hi nice to meet you" to "we are mates." If your going to have all these mates then let's make it interesting!! The lack of romance and story development makes me think twice for reading the next book. I might not bother.

  • defenbaker
    2018-09-27 15:15

    So good but start from the beginningThis series is so addictive one part leads to the next and intertwines the characters through the story. Favorites come back, new favorites are discovered, and I am frantically reading to the end knowing that there is more in the series, but still hoping the book never ends. Book four will hopefully come soon.

  • Effie Eshel
    2018-09-25 14:22

    In an ever expanding universe, Ms. Suttle manages to keep us interested with sharp and concise writing. Her characters are full of emotions that are very well portrayed and the action is superb. Not much is wasted on exposition or stray ideas, but the pictures, action and thought are vivid and clear. I love her writing.

  • Ginny Littlefield
    2018-09-20 17:02

    The story is still interesting and I am even ok with the multiple mates but it is getting out of hand. It is like every male she meets becomes her mate she is up to 8 or so now. Have you not heard of friends? Make one a best friend someone she can talk to, make another a brother figure and another a father figure she does not have to mate everyone.

  • Latrell Pittman
    2018-09-23 17:10

    Meh...The premise initially was good. However it's way too much jumping around and boring parts mixed in. Is the author purposefully filling the pages just to push another edition? Last book in the series for me.

  • Casey
    2018-10-16 15:59

    Fascinating readThe series starts off interesting, expands and grows as facets are revealed. Characters are consistent. Plotting is complex and detailed. This one wasn't just tossed off to get published! It's finely polished.

  • Robert Tonkiss
    2018-10-13 13:59

    Another masterful book by Connie. Connie has spun an enthralling story, with characters we love and hate and even some we do both. Connie is a mistress of plot twists and misdirection leaving us crying for more.

  • Celeste I Swann
    2018-10-09 14:20

    Loved it!I have read all the books in this series. I love that I never know what's gonna happen and it's always told from different points of views. The story always keeps me interested and waiting for more.

  • Heather
    2018-10-15 18:26

    Once again Such a darn good book, once again. I love the plots, the twists and turns, love seeing those I miss from her other books/series. I just can't get enough of any of her books!!

  • Jana LaPelle
    2018-09-22 19:00

    Potential...At this point I think I'm hooked on the pure potential that this series offers. I still struggle with the layout of the storyline as it continues to revert back and forth between characters and places. Overall, I'm intrigued and want to see where this story goes.

  • Katherine
    2018-09-19 14:02

    Suttle write a good plot that really moves, but I need more of an emotional connection. That part of the experience never gelled for me.

  • Bonnie
    2018-09-27 14:15

    listened to it, (read 2 times)