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We’ve all heard the saying: you never forget your first love. For some, however, perhaps the better terminology is haunted---haunted with the memories, the connections, and the life-changing relationship. So begins the tale of Emma Ranstein and Corbin Jones, two typical teenagers who travel the road of first love together, hearts sealed by a seemingly impenetrable bond. WhWe’ve all heard the saying: you never forget your first love. For some, however, perhaps the better terminology is haunted---haunted with the memories, the connections, and the life-changing relationship. So begins the tale of Emma Ranstein and Corbin Jones, two typical teenagers who travel the road of first love together, hearts sealed by a seemingly impenetrable bond. When Corbin Jones is convicted of murder and faces years in prison for a crime he didn’t commit, though, their love is put to the test. As Emma and Corbin await his release from prison decades later, both reflect on the power of a relationship neither has gotten over. Their unique story speaks to a universal heartstring within all of us: how do we move on past a first love if we aren’t meant to do so? More importantly, it reminds us that there is hope if the heart leads the way....

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Voice of Innocence Reviews

  • Dianne
    2019-05-08 13:13

    No matter how loud or how sincere, sometimes The Voice of Innocence is ignored. Brace yourself, your heart and prepare for one of the most powerful tales of young love, loss and its memories as Lindsay Detwiler pens a tale of romance that was doomed from the start.Your first love, those passionate emotions, the connection between the two of you, few people find their forever love the first time they fall, but Emma and Corbin did. She was introverted, serious and he was outgoing and fun-loving, full of surprises, together they were two halves of a whole, incomplete without the other. Their love was young, fresh and they both knew it would last forever. Their futures lay before them, together, full of joy, ready for them to make their lives one. And then the unthinkable happened, accused of a murder he did not commit, Corbin is railroaded through a trial and sentenced to a life in prison.Shattered beyond belief, Emma is devastated, and life has no meaning for her beyond finding a way to prove Corbin’s innocence, but when he refuses to see her anymore, she spirals even further into despair. Corbin’s act of cruelty was his way of being kind, of setting her free to live the life they should have shared. Time passes, decades, and then a miracle happens, evidence ignored proves beyond a doubt that Corbin did not kill anyone. He is about to be set free from his physical prison, but his heart is still held captive by Emma and Emma has finally moved on, found a different love in a man who knows her past, her heart and accepts what she can offer. Memories can be beautiful, they can be cruel, but memories may be all they have…Lindsay Detwiler painted an idyllic tale of young love, fresh, full of life and shredded it with a machete as she unveils a story of dreams shattered, hearts bruised, yet love lives on as two people face the world with gaping holes in their souls. From Emma’s fun-loving mother, who wants her daughter to experience life to its fullest to Corbin’s father who has faced great losses in his own life, these characters will imbed themselves into your heart along with Emma, Corbin and even John. Told in flashback sequences from both Corbin and Emma’s POVs, this is an amazing tale that kept me glued to every page, tissues in hand, hoping for a happy ever after for everyone, but not knowing how it could happen. A MUST read for romantics and cynics, alike.I received this from Lindsay Detwiler in exchange for my honest review.Publication Date: February 26, 2015Publisher: Satin RomanceISBN: 1680460595Genre: Contemporary RomancePrint Length: 252 pagesAvailable from: Amazon | Barnes & NobleFor More Reviews, Promotions and all things Books visit:

  • Tina ( As Told By Tina )
    2019-05-05 14:16

    I received a copy in exchange for an honest review. This does not influence my review in any shape or form.The Voice of Innocence shows the true meaning of “my world turned upside down” literally. It is such a beautiful, heartbreaking and emotional coming of age story. Now if you’re thinking this is your typical young love romance you are WRONG! So wrong, this is anything but typical. This is beautifully written, beautifully executed and overall just a different novel that is meant to stand out. Our StoryAgain, this is not your typical love story. Emma and Corbin met in high school ( I know right there you are thinking okay, Tina this sounds like a typical high school romance – shh I’m getting to the point!) in art class. The class that Emma dreaded and Corbin looked forward to. Soon, they develop a friendship that slowly grows into something more. They have their share of hurdles unexpected deaths and then that BIG thing that really tests them. The love they share is truly one of kind not a young puppy love. Voice of Innocence is told in alternating points of view between the past and the present. At first I couldn’t understand why this was part of the story but while I’m writing this review it’s what made the book so beautiful. We see Emma and Corbin grow as individuals and as a couple. We are able to see both points of view when it comes to Corbin ending up in jail and how that single event lead to the present day. I loved being able to drift off to the past and then go back into the present day. The way each memory from the past was linked into the story of the present day was so beautiful. Our CharactersEmma – always thinks about the rules, she is very serious, she doesn’t stray out of line. She’s always nose deep into a book but that all changes when Corbin walks into her life. She slowly breaks out of her shell and starts venturing out into things she probably never would have. I especially loved her character when things got really intense. Many would not have had the same loyalty nor would they have stuck by through so much but Emma did. She wasn’t weak, she’s probably one of the strongest characters I have ever had the opportunity to read about. Corbin – I truly felt his frustrations, his lose of hope, every emotion that he felt, I felt like my own. He was truly a beautiful person. He wasn’t the typical douchebag guy turned into a sweet caring caveman. Oh no Corbin is not your stereotypical man he is different. The boy has gone through hell and lost many years of his life and yet despite how his life went he was still caring, loving and sweet. Gosh, I truly loved him and felt more connected to him then Emma. OverallLike I’ve rambled on and on about this book is a different coming of age. It breaks your heart and makes you wonder just how many people have gone through what Corbin has gone through. It also makes you realize that love can truly endure all. Love that strong can exist at a young age and not to be frowned upon. It is truly an amazing story, something so different from every other book out there.

  • Martha Sweeney
    2019-05-10 10:14

    My favorite character was Corbin . . . even when he sometimes sounded more like a teenage girl than boy (I'm talking about raging male hormones that fluctuate during this time). He was forced into adulthood early (no spoiler as to why) by three different events that happened in his life. Even with some of the challenge of those events, he grew from them and was grateful - unlike I could say for Emma.There were times where I got a little lost with the back and forth with the memories and felt like Emma dwelled on her sadness way too much . . . but, everyone responds differently in life. I just wished there was more growth for her as well.This was a cute read and could be very beneficial to a number of readers.

  • 1-Click Addict Support Group
    2019-05-16 12:58

    WOW...Oh, WOW... I'm still trying to grasp the ending to this story and one thing is for sure...this CANNOT be the END!! The prologue's first sentence, "You never forget your first love" is a powerful and very true statement! This was such an emotional story about a young love that overcame almost everything thrown at it, only to have their chance at happily ever after torn from them by one of them... Yes, I know it sounds crazy but you’ll see when you read!Emma knew, when she heard his name said out loud at in class, Corbin would be in her life forever. If you believe in fate then you would say that it had a hand in their getting together. As they spend time together, in and out of school, they develop feelings for one another and become inseparable. I loved seeing them mature together and that what they felt for each other was true love even though they were young. Emma and Corbin just wanted to get their HEA but one unfortunate night changed everything for them and from there on, instead of living their HEA, they were living in their own HELL!! I'm not going to say more than that, because story had me on pins and needles needing to see what, why, who and…oh, it can't be true! I loved the how it was dual POV and how it took us back, in their memories, so we could get a clearer understanding of their story. Hang on tight and make sure you clear your schedule to read Voice of Innocence in one sitting because I know once I started, I didn't do much around my house but read!! ~ Kara, 5 Beautiful stars

  • Tuba Sayed
    2019-05-17 18:07

    I'll start by saying that this book gave me a plethora of feels. One minute I was giggling and other minute I was trying to stiffle a sob. I adored Lindsay's writing style. Her writing moved me. She'll suddenly throw a sentence heavy with poignance and truth that'll squeeze your heart and bring tears to you eyes.Okay, I am going to be completely honest, I didn't expect this book to be a tearjerker, just didn't (even though the synopsis suggested that). Now when you read the word "tearjerker" you'll decide that this book is not for you, because maybe tragedy and tears and that type of stuff is not your cup of tea, but I assure you that this book is pretty perfect.Relationships in some books feel forced, but Emma and Corbin's relationship was like a flowing river. And I kept thinking about that Avril Lavigne song ""two rivers" 'cause Emma and Corbin are like two rivers who'll get separated due to hindrances but they'll always end up together : united again for all eternity.Later, I thought that the ending would be all unicorns, confetti and rainbows sparkling 'cause in most books the authors try to make up for the tears by adding extra cheese in the end/epilogue, but here, the last chapter was indeed bittersweet and very satisfying. I loved it. After all, I didn't give it 5 stars no reason.I highly recommend this book.

  • Lauren (My Expanding Bookshelf)
    2019-05-21 15:01

    Voice of Innocence is such a good, good book! I actually couldn't bare to put it down. I just had to know more! It's such a heartbreaking story and I think that's the reason why I've found it so difficult to write this review.Voice of Innocence it told via the point of view of both Emma and Corbin, not only during the present day but also through flashbacks that they both have. This allows us to gain a clear understanding of their thoughts, feelings and struggles. The flashbacks allow us to see how their relationship progressed from their first meeting and first kiss to graduation and Corbin's arrest. It's so tragic seeing Corbin and Emma reminisce over what could have been and trying to understand what they could have done differently.I adored both Corbin and Emma and just wanted to hug them both a massive hug. Teenage Corbin was just so carefree and laidback, and so cute! The way in which he obviously doted on Emma was just so... aww! Understandably, adult Corbin has lost his carefree attitude - been falsely accused and locked up for nearly three decades has completely crushed him. He is a shadow of the boy he was. However, he still retains quite an immature aspect, probably because he wasn't able to grow up normally and experience life. As my granny would say: "It's such a crying shame".I felt so sorry for Emma. Being with Corbin allowed her to come out of her shell in a way and this is completely reversed when he goes to prison. She secluded herself and like Corbin was unable to experience life. Emma just went through the everyday motions. I can't begin to imagine how brave Emma was to stay in her home town and face the pitying looks and whispers. I would have run a mile!Voice of Innocence is a fantastic and tragic story. I would definitely recommend it. However, you should definitely keep tissues handy - I bawled my eyes out. I look forward to any other books by Lindsay Detwiler.

  • Lindsay Detwiler
    2019-04-27 16:12

    Reviewed by Heather Osborne for Readers' FavoriteVoice of Innocence by Lindsay Detwiler is a bittersweet, coming-of-age novel. Emma Groves is studious and keeps to herself. While sitting in art class on the first day of her tenth grade year, she finds herself partnered with the new student, Corbin Jones. From that moment, the two are destined to be together. Forming an unlikely relationship, they traverse the social problems of high school and grow together. Emma comes out of her shell and finds herself, thanks to Corbin’s gentle mannerisms and unending support. However, one fatal day will change and define their relationship and lives for years to come. Can love conquer the passage of time?Miss Detwiler weaves together two stories into one. Told from the perspective of both Corbin and Emma, the reader is taken between memories and real-time events. I did like getting the viewpoints of both characters, but I felt it took away from the emotional impact of the story and limited the narrative. I appreciated the use of labels to allow the reader to know who was reminiscing. I would have liked to see variation in the tone between Emma’s recollections and Corbin’s. I felt they were too similar and, without the labels, could be easily misconstrued as one or the other. I also found the ending to be very abrupt and it left me wanting more. Aside from these niggling items, I did enjoy Voice of Innocence and I look forward to reading other works by Miss Detwiler.

  • Brianne Whitley
    2019-05-13 14:25

    What a crazy heartbreaking love story. I started it one morning thinking I would only read a chapter or two, well it’s now two in the afternoon and I finished the book. I couldn’t put it down. I kept telling myself, oh just one more chapter won’t hurt. I do not think all of my to-do list items will get done today! Whoops! :) I just love the young love aspects of this book. Emma and Corbin have this crazy intense love that you think can stand the end of time! I just loved reading the memories and current situation in which she lives. I also love/hate the ending! I really hope there is going to be another book! Great book!!!

  • BeautyandtheBooks
    2019-05-16 12:23

    This book was beautiful. Innocence in the rawest form. It gave me butterflies in my belly. I loved the characters. I loved the way it was written going in between the past and present. I wanted to cry at times. I laughed at Emma's mom... You cant resist her. Melancholy washed over me for the second half of the book, and then, hope. Although, some may not like how the story ended, to me, it was bittersweet and if there's hope, I call that a HEA. It was almost like I could hear the man from The Notebook narrating it. How can you not love that?

  • ♡ Jeri's Book Attic ♡
    2019-05-20 16:03

  • Cassandra Curiel
    2019-04-27 15:57

    *Copy provided in exchange for an honest review*This is the first book I have read by Lindsay and I can only give it 2.5 stars. It is told in both Emma's and Corbin's POV, alternating from past and present events. Corbin is the only reason why my rating is so close to 3 stars. This book took me over a month to get through for numerous reasons.One being Emma. Oh my word, I did NOT like her one bit. In the present she is well into her 40's but does she act her age? No. Whenever I got to past events told in her POV... I could not contain my anger and irritation towards her. She is honestly one of the most ungrateful characters I have ever read about. I wanted to get physically violent with her so much and I am not proud of it. Also, what she did in the end was unforgivable. If I had respect for her, the end would have made me lose all of it. Her actions were incredibly selfish now that she doesn't have only herself to think about. Corbin. Poor Corbin. He has to deal with a lot of nonsense in and out of his relationship with Emma. He tries so hard to be romantic with Emma but she never appreciates it and is always whining about something. I did not want them together due to her horrible attitude.Even though I liked Corbin 100 times better than Emma, I still didn't form a connection to any of the two. This was a case of insta-love and I couldn't sympathize with them in any way so I wasn't invested in their story. I felt like these characters felt TOO sorry for themselves and it made me want to roll my eyes at them more than anything. It got old really fast.I didn't like how the story didn't give me the details I look for in a good book so I could envision the story better. But in this case, it's fine since I wasn't invested. From the very beginning this book had too much foreshadowing. I grew to hate the end of each chapter only because I knew there was going to be a paragraph foreshadowing all the bad that was about to happen. Once again, they felt too sorry for themselves! It is so incredibly obvious about it too that once the other shoe dropped, I was just waiting to reach the end of the book and get it as far away from me as possible. It wasn't mysterious, it basically told me what was going to happen from the very beginning. I'm not a fan of the way this story was executed at all.

  • Maddie (HedgehogBookReviews)
    2019-04-28 11:19

    You can also find this review on Hedgehog Book Reviews!!“Life, as I’ve learned, fails to be a concrete, concise package that can easily be wrapped up and contained. Life is full of messy, unpredictable circumstances that test not only our characters, but the people around us as well.”I was given an e-copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.Corbin and Emma meet on the first day of their sophomore year art class. Emma stumbles with her words and is embarrassingly uncreative, while Corbin dreams of attending an art school after graduation. The two are seemingly opposites, but soon find themselves completing each other. Corbin brings out the fun in Emma–he takes her out sledding on snow days and adventures in the woods. Emma helps Corbin heal and overcome the hardships in his life. They are a perfect couple, but their world gets torn apart with Corbin is convicted of murder. Corbin is innocent, but is sentenced to a life behind bars. 28 years later, evidence of the real killer arises and Corbin is set free. Where does that leave him and Emma?This book tore me apart. I was so excited for Emma and Corbin’s journey through their first love. I enjoyed the innocent passion they felt for each other. Every step in their relationship made me smile. Somehow, at the same time, this book ripped my heart out and crushed it.It’s so hard to think of a life that could have been, but was unjustly stopped short. No one can say who had it worse– Corbin behind bars or Emma having to give up on the life planned out ahead of her. I was sad for both of them and was in a bad mood for half of my time spent reading this book. I wondered why I was feeling so upset a few days ago, and realized it was because Corbin and Emma were in a fight. Lindsay Detwiler certainly has a way of capturing the reader and pulling them into her world.This was a quick read, but a great one. It’s full of angst and I loved it!

  • Marni
    2019-05-19 15:57

    What an emotional story! Following Emma and Corbin through memories as they recount the past, the details of the moments that led to the present was such a heart rending journey. I loved Corbin. I found myself looking forward to his chapters, hurting for him, feeling the helplessness, the overwhelming frustration and emptiness that he now lived. Emma and Corbin's love was tested in the most extreme way, it made me question just how much a person can endure and still come out the other side with any sense of self or normalcy.I fell into the love story, I wrung my hands over the loss and I connected, strangely enough, to Corbin's father. He had lost as much, if not more, than both Corbin and Emma. Ms. Detwiler writes with a talented hand. Her analogies and discriptives are gripping. I found myself re-reading a few lines for the sheer pleasure of the picture it painted. This story is not the usual. I kind of compare it to Castaway when Tom Hanks was lost to the world and he dreamed of getting back to Helen Hunt. Her picture fading through the years but keeping him strong. Of course when so much time passes things never remain the same. Life moves on., I loved relating to the age, not many books have characters in their 40's looking back on life, and I enjoyed too, the reflection into youth, the abundance of choices, the bright hope that only the young have.All together this is a truly moving story. It ends with the reader having the option to believe what is in their heart and what choice they would make if they were in Emma or Corbin's shoes. I don't see a need for the story to continue, I thought the ending was perfect.Aside from a bit of repetitiveness that was overshadowed by the talented writing, I think this writer will certainly go far!

  • Heather Osborne
    2019-04-21 17:18

    Reviewed on behalf of Readers' FavoriteVoice of Innocence by Lindsay Detwiler is a bittersweet, coming-of-age novel. Emma Groves is studious and keeps to herself. While sitting in art class on the first day of her tenth grade year, she finds herself partnered with the new student in two, Corbin Jones. From that moment, the two are destined to be together. Forming an unlikely relationship, they traverse the social problems of high school and grow together. Emma comes out of her shell and finds herself thanks to Corbin’s gentle mannerisms and unending support. However, one fatal day will change and define their relationship and lives for years to come. Can love conquer the passage of time?Miss Detwiler weaves together two stories into one. Told from the perspective of both Corbin and Emma, the reader is taken between memories and real-time events. I did like getting the viewpoints of both characters, but I felt it took away from the emotional impact of the story and limited the narrative. I appreciated the use of labels to allow the reader the ability to know who was reminiscing. I would have liked to see variation in the tone between Emma’s recollections and Corbin’s. I felt it was too similar and without the labels, would be easily misconstrued as one or the other. I also found the ending to be very abrupt and left me wanting more. Aside from these niggling items, I did enjoy the novel, Voice of Innocence, and I look forward to reading other works by Miss Detwiler.

  • Jamie
    2019-05-01 15:23

    Voice of Innocence is a captivating novel about the young love we all hope to experience. The novel flows smoothly through both present time and the past experiences of both characters, giving it more depth than a traditional romance novel. The story alternates between the perspectives of both the male and female protagonists, which helps to keep the reader's interest. An unlikely tragedy forms the basis of the novel, making this more than just a typical love story. Emma and Corbin's relationship and high school experiences are something that we can all identify with, but the unfortunate events that shatter their world are something we can only try to imagine.The depth of the plot and unique storyline make this a novel worth reading. I found the book to be relaxing, despite the emotional turmoil the characters were often facing. The ending was left "open" in some ways, leaving me to wonder if there will be more to come. I would have liked to have seen a more developed ending, possibly telling more about their present lives now or addressing what happened to the other major characters of the novel. Overall, Voice of Innocence is an easy, relaxing read, and I would love to see more from the author.

  • Emily
    2019-05-15 16:07

    This book shows the true meaning of what it is like to lose someone and the pain that it can cause, for years after the trauma. At so many points in this book, I was heartbroken but at other points I was overjoyed.The book follows Emma from when she is 47 years old reflecting on her relationship with Corbin as a teen, which was abruptly destroyed when he was sent to jail at 19 for first degree murder. I thoroughly enjoyed reading the relationship between them and loved seeing it come together. At so many points I was like "awww" and they are my fave couple!! Furthermore, I actually liked the characters in this book, which is a rare for me!I think what is truly unique about this book is how the two characters never stopped loving each other over 28 years of his imprisonment and seeing how their lives have changed. I personally loved both John and Corbin and wouldn't have minded who she ended up with but I need to know Lindsay!!!I would recommend this book to anyone and rate it all the stars. Get online and buy this now, it deserves so much hype and fame! 5 Stars!!

  • Maren
    2019-05-21 13:13

    I received a copy of this book from the author in exchange for an honest review.Prepare yourself for an emotional coming-of-age story about a girl named Emma and her first love, Corbin. With opposite personalities, Emma and Corbin complete each other, which is rare in such young love as theirs. They know their love will last forever. And then Corbin is convicted of murder and spends years in prison even though he is innocent. Emma tries to prove his innocence many times but it isn't until many years later, after she has moved on that he is released from prison after being proven innocent. This story is 100% gripping and keeps you wanting more. It will take you on a roller coaster ride of emotions, built up with memory flashbacks. Emma and Corbin's story is easy to fall in love with. The author writes from both of their POVs so you can get a full range of who they are and their feelings. Overall, this was a great story, heartbreaking and full of emotion.

  • adventurebybook
    2019-04-26 11:02

    Summary Review: Corbin and Emma are the Noah and Allie of the 21st century. A highly poignant, immersive read that keeps the magic of first loves alive.

  • Elisa Marie Hopkins
    2019-05-10 10:10

    Detwiler's Voice of Innocence is a deeply moving debut novel that examines first loves and second chances. Highly poignant. Memorable characters. Beautiful story. It's definitely worth reading.

  • Aspen Willow
    2019-05-16 16:21

    Being an author myself, I don't usually spend much time reading for entertainment because of my very limited time, but once I started reading this novel, I couldn't put it down! Very engaging from the very first chapter and the characters are very well developed with a well composed plot! Great read! Look forward to more work from this author!

  • Jordann (thebookbloglife)
    2019-05-21 11:06

    Read more of my reviews at - www.thebookbloglife.comI was sent this book for review by the author in return for an honest review. I did enjoy this book, and I found that once I had started reading that I couldn't put it down, which in the last couple of months hasn't been happening.I thought that the way the story switched between the point of view and time was well done. I was never confused as to who was talking and in which time frame we were in. It added a depth to the story, and allowed us to really get to know the ins and outs of the character's lives. The way the character's romance was explained and talked about was well written, and extremely relatable, which made all the painful twists and turns hit that little harder. I thought that the twist with Corbin's prison sentence was well done, however I thought that there wasn't a lot to lead up to it, if that makes sense. The fact that although him and Randy had a past there was no real evidence that would convict him. But then again there might have been and that was the whole point, I just thought that the whole conviction process was a little shaky. I did have a few problems with the writing within this book, I found that some of it was overwritten and in places there was too much description. It felt at some places that the storyline was weighed down by the writing and I was a little disappointed. There were things being described that needed to be, and then others that was unneeded and I found it hard to read through these parts. I thought that it doubted the intelligence of the reader. I really did enjoy the progression of the story and the way that the characters grew. One thing that really surprised me was the fact that the relationship had flaws, that they weren't completely secure within themselves. I think this is what differentiated this book from other romances I have read. There was no saintly pedestal, and even when Emma did do that, she immediately corrected herself and allowed herself to be called wrong. It was a nice change of pace and I really enjoyed that side of the story.One thing I will say was I thought that the whole book was building up to this massive decision but then I got to the end and it was half a page. I thought that this was a wasted opportunity, and I was left hanging and wanting a little bit more from the whole experience. I had a lovely experience of meeting all the characters, and then no payoff at the end. It felt rushed and I felt a little let down. There was no real thought process about what the actual future held, it was all a little under thought, and almost as though it was being bent in a completely wrong direction.I did really enjoy this book, because although I had problems within the writing, I thought the story was fantastic and the plot was well put together.

  • Kendall
    2019-04-25 12:23

    *I received this story for review. This review is spoiler free.*I have mixed feelings about this story. Let me start off by saying that I really loved the concept of this story. I thought it was beautifully written. The author's writing style is beautiful and easy to follow. I particularly enjoyed the flashback parts of the story. As far as the characters go, I found it easier to connect with Past Emma than Present Emma. I just could not find depth in Present Emma. Corbin was very well written in that it was easy to connect with him in both the Past and the Present. His character was a bit deeper, and it was easier to get into him as a character. The character of John, for me, was very flat. I realize he was not a main character, but all of the other side characters had more depth, even Emma's father who never actually makes an appearance. I feel like John was a big enough character in the story to earn a bit more dimension. I didn't really feel any emotional connection between Emma and John. It felt more like he was just there to be a place marker - which may have been intentional, but it really just did nothing for me, and I felt it didn't add anything to story. I feel like if he had been written a little differently, it would have possibly added a little more impact to that part of the storyline. I found the reason for Corbin's arrest slightly disappointing. It sort of came out of left field for me, but not exactly in a good way. It just felt awkward in the plotline.The biggest problem I had with the story, was the ending. No spoilers, but I felt that the ending was so very disappointing in that it didn't feel like an ending. I didn't feel that it resolved anything. It just ended. I felt like the author spent all this time building up this great romantic story, and then in just 4 pages it was done. The End. It wasn't even a cliffhanger ending, or a leave it up to the reader's imagination ending. It was just done. For me it felt like one of those copout endings where the author isn't quite sure how they want to end the story, so they just don't. Maybe I just wanted a certain ending and was disappointed that it didn't end the way I wanted it to. I don't know, but I feel like something could have been resolved. I feel like overall it was a good story with potential. The concept was really different than most of the stories in the genre. I'm not a huge fan of the romantic contemporaries - with the exception of a few authors that have just managed to hook me. I enjoyed Lindsay Detwiler's writing style and would definitely like to read something else by her. I just feel that Voice of Innocence fell somewhat short.

  • Habiba Malik
    2019-04-25 10:25

    “No matter how far apart we may be, no matter what dreams we may chase after individually, I want you to know that you will always be my first priority. I will always, always love you.”This book, OH MY GOD THIS BOOK! I don't know how to start my review on it! I can't tell you that this book was all rainbows and magic because after reading the synopsis, you know that it isn't. Most probably you're thinking rn that this book is very depressing and heart breaking, but the truth is, it isn't.This book is the kind that is in between happy and sad. It's the bittersweet middle that makes you giggle so much and then suddenly you find yourself on the verge of tears. This book is magic. It will bring butterflies in your stomach and leave your heart fluttering. While reading this book you experience the feeling of falling in love for the first time all over again. And if you haven't fallen in love yet, this book will let you experience what first love is like. You will realize that love isn't easy, even if you are having a smooth relationship, a bumpy road will be there and through that bumpy road you will find out whether your love is real or not, just like Corbin and Emma do.I really loved the concept of this story. I thought it was beautifully written. The author's writing style is beautiful and easy to follow. I particularly enjoyed the flashback parts of the story. This book moves you in such a way that is hard to put in words. It makes you realize what it's like to suddenly lose everything that you had ever planned for your future. How one night and one incident can change your life forever. And how much impact your words can have on your future even if you said them in haste or anger.Most contemporary books end either very happily or with a death that breaks our heart. This book however, ended neither way. When you close this book after reading this book, you'll probably have a satisfying tear running down your face. Although you'll be craving a sequel really badly. The ending feels kinda incomplete but I get a feeling the author wanted it that way. I do wish that there was a sequel *secretly wishing the author would write one*This book was so beautifully written, I was gripped from the very first page and couldn't stop reading. It's the perfect book to read if you're in a reading slump, it's short and awesome. You'll find it hard to keep your emotions in check while reading this book! Voice of Innocence if exquisite. A must read!

  • Casia Courtier
    2019-05-03 16:19

    Voice of Innocence is the debut novel from author, Lindsay Detwiler. She was nice enough to send me an email for an honest review. I love it that authors are doing this! I get to read so many new things and find new authors to follow in the future. As such, here is my review.Voice of Innocence is told in two different point of views and two different time periods. If you think that sounds ambitious and confusing, it can be. However, the flashbacks move seamlessly into the story alongside the present day and it isn't confusing when the voice changes! That same seamless weave is in there.Detwiler's writing is easy to get into. I was instantly pulled into the story. Though the reader does know what happened fairly early on, the emotion and love between Corbin and Emma make you want to see what happens. I liken it to watching a train wreck that you know is going to happen, but not because of the sick sadistic value. You are watching this train wreck in the hopes that the passengers survive. Kind of like watching Titanic, you know there is a romance and an iceberg, but you keep watching, hoping that the relationship survives.That's a bit of how I felt while reading Voice of Innocence. I've read some other reviews that dealt with the crime that the book is centered in. The others felt that the police who solved the crime didn't really do their job and therefore it didn't seem realistic. Unfortunately, there is a number of crimes where the police just "forget" evidence or don't do their job 100%. I'm not saying they didn't intend to, just that it happen.In other words, the way Detwiler handled the crime didn't surprise me. It makes it more upsetting, but it isn't actually past the point of belief.The story felt real. The romance felt real. I wanted to comfort Emma and Corbin. I wanted them to be happy. If anything, it is the ending that I wasn't sure of.The only reason I say that is because Emma is unsure of the future which makes the reader unsure. I would love to see more of them, to see if they get their happy ending. However, I fear a sequel would take away what this book has fostered beautifully.This book isn't a romance in the typical sense. It has romance, it has deep sadness, it is also a coming of age for two teens. A beautiful book and a quick read.

  • Kristin
    2019-05-12 17:13

    A copy of this book was provided by the author in exchange for an honest review.Original review posted at:‘Voice of Innocence’ by Lindsay Detwiler is the true vision of what it is like to have your world turned upside down. Heart-wrenching, inspiring, and tragic all at the same time. This story has the appeal for those young and old and should be on everyone’s reading list.The story follows the life of Emma and her all-consuming love affair through high school with Corbin, the mysterious, devoted boy from art who swept her off her feet and never put her down. Throughout the story you go back and forth between the teenager years for Emma and Corbin, to Emma’s new life decades later, and Corbin’s story.What I love about this story is you get to see the consequences to actions as well as the immediate response to certain situations. I loved seeing how Emma had made herself a life after tragedy unfolded in her younger years and tore Corbin and her apart. Even though I know that there is devastation looming, I couldn’t help getting wrapped up in their love story. Detwiler did an incredible job showing the all-consuming love that goes with, not only a high school love, but your first love. Your true love, if I will. While I loved the story and the jumping between present and memories, there were a few small things that bothered me. At some points I felt the explanations were too long, repetitive, or drawn out. These could be from descriptions of an outfit or to feelings. They weren’t filling the story, so I wouldn’t say these moments brought the story down, just something I could have done with less of.Those small instances aside, ‘Voice of Innocence’ is fantastic. It’s real life. The ups and the downs. The overly happy, ‘my-world-couldn’t-be-better’ moments, to the absolute despair that comes with parts of life. A true story of redemption and second chances and the path people have to travel to get there. Wonderful job to Detwiler for writing this book. The characters were people I could connect with and the story flowed smoothly. A well-deserved four stars.

  • Jackie G Mills
    2019-04-30 11:00

    Voice of Innocence by Lindsay Detwiler is a sad tale of love, loss, regret and guilt. Teenagers Emma and Corbin find each other while navigating the ups and downs of adolescence. They fall madly in love, a love that is deepened and strengthened over time through both the happy and sad moments of their lives. Then the unthinkable happens and the happy ending, as they planned it, gets snatched away by the cruel arm of circumstance. What I liked about the bookThe love story was beautiful and magical. I loved Corbin – his humour, his horribly tragic personal life, his impulsivity and his temper – I loved all of it. For the most part Emma was a likeable character, however I preferred reading the story from Corbin’s point of view. Emma’s mum was hilarious. She was rude and funny and weird, all at the same time. The book really sucked me in, and I just couldn’t wait to see how it ended. And then, I wasn’t sure about the ending. Would I have made the same choice? I don’t know. I liked that it made me think, and that it surprised me. I was hoping for a nice tidy ending, but that would’ve been too easy, too unrealistic and not half as good. The book was very well written. The dialogue was witty and natural, the writing flowed nicely and the pace was spot on.What I didn’t enjoy that muchAt times there were a tad too much description for my personal taste, too many details about all the things Emma and Corbin did together. Final thoughtsI really enjoyed this book and read it within a couple of days. Author Lindsay Detwiler poured a lot of emotion into the story and it truly pulled on my heart strings. I found myself whishing everything would work out well for everyone, while knowing deep down that someone was bound to get hurt.A deep and lovely story.STAR RATING: 4 StarsWill also be posted on my blog:

  • Sandra
    2019-05-01 17:11

    Original Review posted at author was kind enough to send me a copy of Voice of Innocence in exchange for an honest review. Wow! This book was so different from the usual contemporaries I read and I really enjoyed it.Emma and Corbin meet in art class and can't help but feel a click, they become good friends and later that friendship blossoms into something more. They have that perfect relationship that everyone envies, but wishes they had; until that horrible day where both are forced to grow up way too soon and they're dreams for a life together are destroyed.This book was something else, but in a good way I enjoyed it so much and towards the end I just wanted more of Emma's and Corbin's story; I just couldn't get enough of it. I really liked that the book was told mostly in memories of both Emma and Corbin it made me understand the deep love they shared and it made me feel the pain and anger they went through the day he was convicted. All I could think throughout the book was how can life be so unfair to Corbin he didn't deserve the card he was dealt, but unfortunately sometimes life is unfair that way; I really loved his character the way he was towards Emma and the things he would do for her he was just perfection. I also really felt for Emma I wouldn't know what to do if I was in her shoes, she was such a strong character. I really hope there's a sequel for this book because this girl right here needs more. I recommend this book to all contemporary lovers or if you just want to have a good cry. I would love to see this book be turned into a movie; I would definitely pay to watch that.-SandraTheBookWorm

  • Jo-Anne
    2019-05-12 15:10

    This was a heartbreaking story but I couldn't stop reading it or thinking about it. It starts with Emma and Corbin meeting in high school. Emma always had her nose in a book and didn't have many friends while Corbin was new in town but more outgoing. They were an unlikely match but clicked and became inseparable. They knew they were meant for each other and planned on spending their lives together. Then the unthinkable happened. Corbin was charged for a murder he didn't commit and sentenced to life in prison.Emma tried to prove that Corbin was innocent but when he refused to see her or answer her letters she had no choice but to move on without him. While Corbin knew he was being cruel to Emma, he wanted her to have a life, even without him. He knew cutting her out of his life was the only way that would happen.So Emma finally moves on and marries another man. Many, many years later evidence that had been ignored proves Corbin is innocent so he's released from prison.I liked that this story is told when Emma is a mature 47 year old woman. Now that Corbin is getting out of prison after 28 years and she's thinking about him a lot, I wonder what they'll they do?This story is told by going back in time with Emma and Corbin's memories. I usually find that confusing but Lindsay Detwiler did it well so that it's easy to read.Please note I won Voice of Innocence on the Tome Tender Blog in an author giveaway.

  • Nick Rossi
    2019-05-13 15:22

    What exactly is a love story if not a sordid saga of tumult, exultation, and longing? In the saccharine-lite "Voice of Innocence" author Lindsay Detwiler chronicles the oft-rugged terrain of first love.The story is one of true love and devotion above all else. However, intertwined with the outpouring of one of life's truest emotions is a story that is at once both modern and timeless. Emma and Corbin are the lovestruck couple here, and not without their own set of problems. Corbin is convicted of a murder he didn't commit and finds himself not only in prison, but torn apart from his one true love.Naturally, with him being locked away and ostracized for society, Emma finds herself having to life a life that is Corbin-free. She misses her betrothed heavily, however, she manages to forge a life for herself that is independent. Faced with Corbin's release from jail, she and him must question the boundaries of their love, and if it still exists at all.Don't worry - Detwiler doesn't pile on the schmaltz when dissecting the power of first loves and its inevitable impact on the rest of our lives. It's an interesting take on what defines the state of contentment that we are so conditioned to crave and actively search for.Like this review? Read more like it at

  • Maggie
    2019-05-21 10:15

    I was up until the wee hours of the morning reading this one, guys! The Voice of Innocence is this perfect combination of cutesy love story mixed with a horrible, horrible tragedy to create this bitter-sweet feeling throughout. If there hadn't been this underlying "love lost" theme, it could have been really run-of-the-mill YA romance. But, The Voice of Innocence stood out by staying in the present, focusing on 47-year-old Emma, 28 years after the love of her life, Corbin had been wrongfully charged of first degree murder. The writing was great, and I loved the banter between Emma and Corbin. An added bonus was her involvement in the marching band, playing clarinet no less, which obviously speaks to me :) They even performed Thriller, which my college marching band does for most Halloween games. I felt rather at home in Emma's head, if I do say so myself. The only thing holding me back from five stars was the fact that we don't get to see much of the present lives when he comes back. I was more concerned with seeing how their adult characters handled situations than reading about the cute dates that they went on in high school. Emma was still married when Corbin came back. How did that shake out? To me, that's where the drama lies. That would have been the fifth star for me. See my full book talk here: