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Desperate for treasure, a dragon resorts to thievery, but a knight steals her heart… A shapeshifting dragon on the verge of starvation… For Elaina Drake, sparkling jewels aren’t a frivolous matter. Without more treasure for her hoard, she’ll starve. On the run from her murderous father, she’s desperate enough to steal—er, acquire. A modern-day knight seeking redemption… DiDesperate for treasure, a dragon resorts to thievery, but a knight steals her heart… A shapeshifting dragon on the verge of starvation… For Elaina Drake, sparkling jewels aren’t a frivolous matter. Without more treasure for her hoard, she’ll starve. On the run from her murderous father, she’s desperate enough to steal—er, acquire. A modern-day knight seeking redemption… Disgusted by his father’s immorality, Alexander Wyatt, Chicago’s biggest corporate titan, is determined to be a man of honor. Yet the theft of a necklace, stolen by an exotic beauty at his latest fundraiser, threatens to destroy all his charitable work. A predator made prey… Passion ignites between thief and philanthropist, sparking a game of temptation where jewelry is the prize. But when Elaina’s exposure jeopardizes Alex’s life, she must choose: run again to evade her father—or risk both their lives for love. ***** Note to Readers: This contemporary-fantasy romance contains fight-for-their-lives action, a jewel-thief heroine (with some language), and sexy times with a not-a-jerk-but-definitely-edgy billionaire.You may like this story if you like: treasure-obsessed dragons, guys whose armor is nowhere close to shining, pacifist heroines, reformed playboys, sexy bribery games, "one last big heist," pirates and tropical islands, international settings, caves full of treasure, and wealthy guys who aren't afraid to let a woman gain the upper hand For an introduction to the Mythos Legacy world, check out the short story Unintended Guardian!...

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Treasured Claim Reviews

  • Lakshmi C
    2019-05-21 04:29

    This book was a breath of fresh air. I enjoy paranormal novels but I love the ones with a twist, something inventive that can surprise me. I expected this to be a classic shifter romance with some angst, instant romance, bad guys or comical situations. But the author shattered my expectations with the skill of a ninja assassin. Everybody has heard or read about dragons and their treasure hoards but the author explored this myth creatively and linked it to all aspects of a dragon shifters life. In this story the treasure affects the shifters appearance, strength, abilities and most importantly survival. Elaina and Alex both suffer from Daddy issues and cope with these in unique ways. They are both strong characters and their relationship was great. With time they heal, help and strengthen each other and their banter was sweet. Whether Alex is human or not is another thing that kept me guessing. As Elaina develops feelings for Alex, she realizes she must confront a demon from her past before she can hope for a happy future. This book also outlined how the past affects our present and future actions. I enjoyed this book and would love to read more about the Mythos world.I received this book at the Goodreads Lovers of Paranormal group for free in exchange for a fair and honest review.

  • readwithtamara
    2019-05-08 04:14

    I received this book at the Goodreads Lovers of Paranormal group for free in exchange for a fair and honest review.The begging was a little bit boring, it didn't have a good twist.But how I go with the book and the story it becomes more and more interesting.I didn't like so much the character of Elaina, but Alex and Elaina together are really great and the love between those two is just... *sign*And it's really funny, and also sad, that Elaina thinks she doesn't love Alex because "Dragons cannot love", but in the end she finally realizes that the saying is all a lie...In the end I liked the book and I recommend it to all my friends.

  • Marta Cox
    2019-04-25 09:29

    Well this was a different read for me I must confess. I do love reading paranormal stories and dragons are always such fun but the idea of the heroine Elaina starving without adding to her hoard took me completely by surprise. Then of course there's the unusual way she acquires her precious beauties and don't get me started on why her appearance is the way it is! Yes a completely fresh approach by this new to me author and I found myself flipping the pages very quickly.Now anyone who knows me fully realises that I am most definitely not a fan of billionaire type romance with dominant males sharing the morals of an ally cat! So the hero Alex felt like a breath of fresh air and even though unfortunately he has father issues I delighted in his wish to improve lives and make amends. Now Alex is not the only one with a parent who perhaps seems anything but ideal but if I say more it would ruin the surprises within this book. I will say it's almost instant romance but with a dragon I guess we should've expecting more than a little heat, pun intended! Although seriously if you shy away from too much sex in books you might not appreciate some scenes. I really liked the knight idea but if frank I struggled to quite believe in such instant and intense romance. Although I applaud the author for trying to explore the psyche of the characters and how the past effects the present. I was gifted a copy in exchange for an honest reviewThree and a half from me

  • Yvonne Marjot
    2019-05-02 07:27

    Treasured Claim is the first full-length Mythos Legacy tale, and it is intriguing. Elaina Drake is confident her mortal disguise is impenetrable, and it enables her to eke out a miserable existence as far away from her homicidal father as she can get, feeding her dragonish physiology by acquiring gems and jewellery that others have lost. Her first major scam goes horribly wrong when she realises that Alex Wyatt can see her as she truly is. The only humans with the innate ability to see dragons, and to sense their critical weakness, are hereditary knights, imbued with an irresistible desire to slay dragons. However, Alex seems more interested in bedding her, and the two begin a fiery and tempestuous relationship.Finding out who she really is fails to dampen Alex’s ardour, and he sets out instead to woo her with gifts that build her strength and feed her lonely heart. But when Elaina’s father works out where she is, and begins a plan to destroy Alex’s business empire in order to get to his daughter, she abandons Alex to search for her father and end his malice, once and for all. Heartbroken, Alex sets out to find her and, in doing so, discovers the truth of his own destiny. Treasured Claim is about far more than the allure for gold, as Elaina and Alex will discover.The book plays games with common tropes of romance and fantasy literature. The male is emotionally vulnerable, and not afraid to show it. The female is physically stronger (belying appearances) and both enjoy the physical and emotional exchanges that results from their mutual struggle for dominance. The outcome is a relationship which is both believable and extraordinary.The Mythos Legacy series began with the short story Unintended Guardian, and continues with Treasured Claim. There is more to come from Jami Gold, and I expect that the vast realms of her imagination will continue to produce great ideas and very readable stories.

  • Robin Witt
    2019-05-19 09:35

    Wow - I do not typically finish a novel in under 20 hours... Great characters, fun premise, very enjoyable romance plot. I'm looking forward to reading the next mythos legacy novel when it releases in August :)I liked the 3D secondary characters and the effect they had on Elaina as well as what they revealed about their boss, Alex's, personality - James the driver, George (I hope you get a tall dark and handsome one, George! I loved loved the climax - how all the mysteries from early on were revealed. I often skip descriptions in narrative to get to the action, but the descriptions in this story all flowed so nicely, even when there was a lot of detail, that I didn't have the urge to jump ahead. The relationship between Alex and Elaina was, in my opinion, perfect. Love is only part of it - committment, respect, friendship, trust... yep, that's key stuff right there. And that's where paranormal romance meets reality, because it doesn't really matter if you are a dragon and a billionaire - or just plain folks - real romance is about these core things. About romance...Um... the romance was, well, Hot. Like it made little old lady married me blush. :) I usually read things that I would classify as more PG-13, but this novel would get an "R", I think. At least MY mental movie version of that story did!

  • Maria Dodd
    2019-04-30 08:26

    Let me start by saying this was not at all what I was expecting, it was better. I was expecting the usual shifter romance, hot guy/girl with animal urges, lots of incredible sex, a bit of angst along the way and a happy ending. That's not a bad thing as I enjoy quite a few shifter romance books.This book genuinely gripped me in the first few pages. The description of the dragon was superb, from the many colours in her hair to her shimmering skin that only Alex could see. The chemistry between Alex and Elaina was beautifully written with both having strong characters that were given equal opportunity to shine. The supporting characters were also well written and I'd like to know more about them too. I think they deserve their own tales told.The story moved to unexpected places in unexpected ways. I'm not here to re-tell the blurb but to tell you that I thoroughly enjoyed the book and would recommend that you read it. I wish there was another book to follow Alex and Elaina further. I would love to know what happens next.I was given this book in exchange for an honest review via Lovers of Paranormal.Did I give the book 5 stars because I was given it? NO! I love to read and wouldn't do that to the next person thinking of reading this book. It was great. THANK YOU

  • Suzanne
    2019-04-28 10:25

    This was my first dragon-shifter story and I really enjoyed it.Elaina has chosen to live away from other dragons and tries to blend in with humans. She needs jewels and precious metals to survive as this is her only sustenance. She is always on the look out for new treasures to add to her hoard but finds her power is dwindling so must resort to stealing to get the power she needs to keep going. She decides to attend a fund raiser being held by millionaire, Alex Wyatt, since there will be many wealthy people in attendance wearing the jewels she needs.This turned out to be an interesting and exciting story about dragons and knights with action, romance and sexy times. A great read!I was given this book in exchange for an honest review via the author and Lovers of Paranormal.

  • Ani Gonzalez
    2019-05-12 08:25

    Loved the dragon-knight pairing. The Mythos world is fascinating and Alex and Eliana were intriguing characters who truly deserved their HEA. Great book!

  • Jonmontanavega
    2019-05-26 03:11

    I can't believe I didn't review Treasured Claim when I first read it a couple of years ago. Who couldn't like a tale, well told, about a shape-shifting dragon down on her luck? By a writer who writes the way gifted bards of old - who told tales in the castle after a feast, and kept everyone spell-bound - told epics and yarns.My disclaimer: I've (now) eagerly read Ms. Gold's next three books, all of which I purchased, as I did this one, and for none of which was I asked to write a review.

  • Sieran
    2019-04-25 05:15

    Awesome novel! First of all, the language was wonderful. I loved the fitting and pleasing word choices, especially the verb choices. The pace of the story was also excellent, being neither too fast nor too slow. The scenes generally transitioned well too; there was good control over the "camera" to make the story engaging to read all the way through.But what I loved most about this book, was the amount of psychological insight and exploration into the characters, and how it makes you think about what it means to love someone, as well as the general question: what is love?On to more specific things, I liked Elaina Drake even from the blurb before reading the story, and continued to like her from the beginning to the end of the book. As for Alex, I disliked him quite a lot from the blurb, as I instinctively dislike such hyper rich AND alpha men, lol. But when I started reading the story, I started sympathizing with Alex because we can see his thoughts, worries, insecurities, and that he tries hard to be good. And later, I reluctantly started to like him a tiny bit, and then thought actually he's really not bad and is a pretty cool person, and at the end of the story, I think he's quite an awesome guy, haha. My favorite character is still Elaina, though.Also, I really loved the climax where we meet Volus Drake. Here, he ceases to be a complete monster, and we see a bit of his psychology on why he's doing what he's doing, and why he believes he must kill his own daughter. He is quite hard to understand, as he thinks he needs to kill Elaina, yet he loves her deep down, and wants to protect her from Alex (the knight). He really is rather insane. D: But I feel very sorry for him as he has good intentions yet doesn't know how to express those intentions, and turns to hurting and killing those he cares about instead.About the knighthood issue with Alex, I'm curious about why his touch can energize and feed Elaina (a knight energizing and feeding a dragon!) She subconsciously feels danger and threat when he touches her, but feels this as sexual and physical arousal instead, which is intriguing; but anyway, still I wonder why his touch energizes her and how she claimed him as her "treasure".It was also very interesting how instead of having violent, murderous impulses towards Elaina, a dragon, Alex has aggressive sexual desires towards her, and it's a good thing she likes it, otherwise that would be a problem. :( But I wonder why Alex specifically has this change from murderous to sexual desire for Elaina. (In contrast to Alex's urge to kill Volus.) Could it be that Alex was in despair over ever finding a woman who could love him for himself, not for his money, and that Elaina happens to be the right woman for him?It's also notable how, despite their kind of pretty much equality in strength and dominance, Elaina plays the submissive one and Alex plays the dominant and aggressive one during their sexual activities. I know Elaina has areas where she is stronger and maybe "more dominant" than Alex is, but...Well, I don't have much knowledge about the psychology of sexual preferences and fantasies, so I won't speculate more on it, haha.I really liked Elaina's (angel) dragon form! Also, I'm glad that when Volus kept breathing fire down at Alex and Elaina blocked the fire with her body, the fire never, I think, scorched her heart, or else she might really have died. It struck me as strange that just a stab by a sword into Volus and Naztav's--two full-grown adult dragons'--hearts would kill them instantly; yet Elaina, a young and newly matured dragon, after being burned multiple times by a full grown adult dragon, would still survive. Maybe the fire had to hit her heart to kill her, and maybe the fire couldn't hit her heart because her heart was protected under her ribs? I'm not sure.Overall, this was a lovely read and I'm looking forward to Pure Sacrifice!

  • Sharon Hughson
    2019-05-11 04:10

    A solid 4.2 out of 5 stars for this well-written book. I debated nudging it to 4.5 just because the author is a great person who has personally helped me SO MUCH with my own writing, but I decided I had to be true to my gut. Ii my opinion, it isn't quite a five-star read.The first half of the book kept me turning pages like a mad-woman. I loved the characters and their hang-ups were as original as their individual plights. Since I'm not an erotic reader, I will say that I was disappointed to see graphic sex within the first few chapters of the book. Consenting adults and all that, but I take my personal moral code with me where ever I go. Although the use of the "f-word" I don't like was sparing, the book would have been more enjoyable (for me) without it.I love dragons. The spin Ms. Gold put on her dragons was new to me. I liked that they weren't carnivores and that their nature had a duality (with the dragon aspect becoming stronger as they aged). The "daddy" issues that both characters had served the story and character development arcs quite well. Although there wasn't really any dull spots, I did get bogged down on the island. Even in hindsight, I feel like most of what happened there didn't serve to further the overall story.I predicted from the reading of the blurb how the story would end. It was the way it had to end, and it was a happy ending, so who's complaining? If you don't mind erotic scenes (and I could have been happier without the dominance-submission but can see how that was a part of the characters' personas), and like dragons and happy endings, you should pick up this book at your earliest opportunity.

  • Denise Van plew
    2019-05-10 08:22

    The storyline intrigued me plus I do so love to read about dragons in the paranormal. The setting added a different flavor because it is modern day which was intriguing. Elaina was a surprise because I honestly expected a male dragon to come into the picture first but she is young compared to years in dragon. Right away though she catches the eye of one Alexander who was very important in Chicago's corporate world. He also seems to be the only one that can not be fooled by what the others cannot really see. He sees her but also wants her and their game begins. He too will have it be told he is a modern day knight who must kill dragons but he seems to madly love one. She is also hiding from her father so Alex will have his hands full all the way around with Elaina I do believe being shown what in bits and pieces what love is all about. Their story is a exciting one filled with lots of passion. They also will take the reader on some fast paces dodging her being exposed. The most dreaded thing will happen and how the final confrontation between father and daughter will be interesting to the reader plus love will be action full scale. The spin on this was so different that it kept me quite entranced and would read this author again thanks to her writing abilities and style. reviewed for author and LOP

  • Jon Abbott
    2019-05-25 03:38

    So what genre is Treasured Claim? Romance, of course, with paranormal (a dragon who passes as a human woman) and a bit of erotic (human males and dragon females are indeed capable of doing it with feeling.) I'd claim for it two other sub-genres: It is certainly in the "creative and well crafted" genre and I put it in the "strong woman or woman with agency" genre.I sample many more books than I buy, as I'm sure you do. I seek something different, something that will catch my attention and satisfy. Here is a sentence from the first page that is droll and sparked my curiosity: "Humans didn't make treasure like they used to. Such a shame." Terse language ('such a shame') that paints - shows - how the speaker thinks about humans without telling. We learned she's thinking this while on the "peeling linoleum of her bathroom floor" in the opening paragraph. Why is a woman comparing ancient treasure to modern on the floor of a bathroom?Simply put, Jami Gold is a story-teller is the best old world tradition with appropriate updating for our times. JonPS I always add a disclaimer. In this case, I bought the book, I don't know the author or the publisher and I wasn't asked to review it.

  • Veronica Rosa
    2019-05-02 06:34

    I haven't read the other books in this series and it didn't hinder my understand at all. Although it did make me curious about the other books. Once I have time to do a binge read, I'm getting the other books.Now, about this book. A dragon-shifter, although not your usual kind. It was refreshing to have the woman as the shifter and the man being completely clueless about this new world. I loved the two of them together, especially since she didn't put up with any of his shit. Hell, she's a dragon, why should she?! *laughs*I found a few bits a little slow, but I think that's my love for violence and gore coming out. Although one part, where they are searching for hidden, underwater treasure, yeah, I was holding my breath with them. It was surprisingly tense. And the ending? Wow, loved it! I couldn't put my kindle down and stayed up until way too late to finish it because I had to know how it ended.Overall, I enjoyed this book.**Disclaimer, I received a copy in exchange for a review. My opinions are completely my own.**

  • Wendy Sparrow
    2019-05-16 05:25

    I loved the whole lore of this book. The aspects borrowed from dragon legends were so well integrated and intriguing. Most of the dragon shifter books I've read have been male dragons so this stands out among dragon shifters. The plot is fast-paced and reads as much like an adventure UF as a romance. If you like your female leads feisty, this is the book for you. All around just a fascinating read that will stick with you and delves deeper into dragon legends than any other book I've found so far. The author has focused on the more unusual shifters in the books I've read of hers and the research and thought she puts into building these worlds is obvious. Fans of Michelle Pillow, Cynthia Eden, and Harmony Raines will love this book.

  • Auriane
    2019-05-08 06:38

    This book surprised me. I was expecting it to be typical shifter romance but it wasn't. It gripped me from the beginning. The description of the Elaina's dragon side was exceptional and also very different to others that I had previously read. The romance between Elaina and Alex is very interesting. It moves in unexpected directions as does the rest of the story. I loved it and wished that there was another book that followed Alex and Elaina's journey. I can't wait to read the other books in the series. I was given this book in exchange for an honest review via Lovers of Paranormal.

  • Marie Johnston
    2019-04-27 11:16

    Alex and Elaina are a unique take on a dragon shifter and billionaire love story. Alex doesn't want to turn out like his father and that's molded him into a redeemable filthy rich guy. Elaina is hiding from her father and we learn the tragic story of her past and how it affects her ability to fall for Alex. Both characters have fears and insecurities that prevent them from moving forward with the feelings, even driving them apart. The writing is solid and the story is one that paranormal romance readers will enjoy. I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.

  • Jonmontanavega
    2019-05-07 10:27

    Jami Gold is a story-teller in the time honored - an excellent - tradition.

  • Willow
    2019-05-07 09:26

    Good read but some parts could have been cut. I liked the hero and the story which was refreshingly different.

  • Leslie
    2019-05-21 10:33

    Interesting tale about modern day dragons and knights. I found it to be quite exciting at times. I enjoyed the characters.I received this book for free from Goodreads First Reads Giveaway.