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Being a cyborg was so much better when all his parts worked. Avion’s nanotechnology stopped functioning after some experimentation done on him by the military. They broke him and now, Avion is no better than a human, even more annoying, he’s dying.But at least he completed his final mission. He saved, One.Mysterious and alluring, Avion isn’t the only person who wonders whaBeing a cyborg was so much better when all his parts worked. Avion’s nanotechnology stopped functioning after some experimentation done on him by the military. They broke him and now, Avion is no better than a human, even more annoying, he’s dying.But at least he completed his final mission. He saved, One.Mysterious and alluring, Avion isn’t the only person who wonders what surprises this woman hides. The human military and their alien allies fear what she’s capable of and will stop at nothing to destroy her. However, the one thing they didn’t take into account is that the cyborgs always protect their own, and they aren’t afraid to use deadly force.And no one could imagine the depths One will stoop to in order to protect the man she loves.The Cyborgs: More Than Machines books can be read as stand alone stories, however, for total reader enjoyment it is recommended you read them in order....

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Avion Reviews

  • Mei
    2018-09-26 05:10

    I'm really, really sad... at the end of the book Ms. Langlais says that this series has ended!!! Why????I really, really hope she'll change her mind or, at least, write a spin-off. I will miss all the wonderful cyborgs... :(That said (and a few tears poured), I have, naturelly, enjoyed Avion's story and Lilith's story. I particularely liked Lilith's "wild" personality. The one who giggles at the most inappropriate time! LOLAs for all the other books, the interaction between the cyborgs is excellent and fun. It defines the word friendship. Very nicely done!The story is also very fast paced: many things happen very quickly. Also, many things got explained too, but still some are left unsaid. And that's why I'm hoping there'll be more books in the future!A recommended book for all who love SF romance!

  • Hollie
    2018-10-03 00:50

    one of a kind cyborg readThis was an original addition to the cyborg series. A lot different from the other books and i really enjoyed that. I look forward to seeing the new direction this series is going.

  • Vanessa theJeepDiva
    2018-09-17 22:50

    It’s only been a couple of months (for me and other readers) since Eve introduced something new and vastly different into her Cyborgs: More Than Machines series. Avion picks up on that thread and runs with it. The action immediately starts the book as our favorite characters are fleeing the dangers from the ending of Adam.Readers know little of One. The cyborgs know even less about her. They rescued the voice in Avion’s head. She is such an unknown. I’ve been looking forward to getting to read her. I knew from her abilities in Adam that she was going to be a big game changer for this series. I loved where Eve went with that. One made for a fun read. She is different. Her teachings and torture have given her certain views on things that while funny often show her psychotic ideologies. She looks at everything with scrutiny even though she longs for affection and touch and normalcy.The voice in Avion’s head is now the woman beside him. He knows the connection he has to her is something surreal. He wants nothing more than to explore her and that connection, except to survive. Avion’s nanotech is dead and has left him dying. While things are not looking too good for him and his survival there is one bright spot in short time left, One. Avion has full intentions of making the most out of every second his has with the enigma that has stolen his metal heart.There are so many things to love about this story. One and her growth into a happy woman in love is the best thing ever. All she has known for far too long is a cold empty prison and deprivation of all things. She gets rescued by a dying man. A man that has more metal parts than organic and all he thinks of is her happiness and comfort. This is all so new to her. No one has ever put her first. The only logical thing to do here is to save her hero and their world.*I highly recommend reading Adam before reading Avion

  • Lyndi
    2018-09-20 00:58

    I just love it when Eve Langlais writes psychopaths. She's reeeally good at making them likeable.

  • Dawn ♥ romance
    2018-10-01 21:12

    I am enjoying this science fiction romance series with lots of fast paced exciting action and a crazy cast of cyborg characters. I liked this story with a hero in need and a heroine strong enough to fight for him. Cyborg Avion systems are failing and he is dying when he develops a mental link with One, a woman kept in deep captivity because of her strong powers.

  • Kelly
    2018-10-03 00:11

    I'm so sad to see this series end. I've loved these brash, loud, destructive men (and women) since Joe first caught sight of Chloe and plucked her from the men holding him. It's so hard to say goodbye, people. SO HARD. (Heh. I said hard.)Or are we saying goodbye? We're teased with the very real possibility there could be more in the future for these metal men (and there are a few surprises I didn't see coming which makes me want to see how things will turn out SO BAD!). I'm going on record as saying I would not be adverse to more cyborgs. They make me laugh. They make me grin at their bloodthirsty antics.And sometimes the horrible things they've been put through make me sad. But the sad is quickly followed by happy when they hook up with the person they're meant to be with and get down to the sexin'. They do other stuff too. Don't think it's all about the sexin'. It's not. They also make inappropriately timed jokes and annoy Aramus.AS ONE DOES.Avion and One (who does choose a name, don't worry!) are both sweet and sad together. Avion's failing body puts a bit of a crimp in their time together and One's fear of being alone makes me have sad eyes, but, NOBODY FRET, everything works out. In rather unexpected ways.One more time, just so there's no misunderstanding: I'm all for more cyborgs!-Kelly @ Reading the Paranormal

  • Anna-marie Buchner
    2018-10-17 04:02

    5 STARS Cause it was that goodAvion Book #7 of Cyborgs more than Machines Eve LanglaisWow when Eve hinted around that this was a complicated read she wasn’t kidding. But I have to say she kept this one close to the chest. If you haven’t read this series it’s a must read.Avion’s story picks up where it left off in Adam’s story. We’re introduced to a new character “One” which we know nothing about. The mysterious female with awesome mysterious powers. Who is she, where does she come from and most of all what is she. The female Avion hears in his head albeit faintly. But he is bound and determined to save her. We all know Avion is dying and his cyborg brothers are trying desperately to find a way to save him. We find out who “One” is (although I kind of suspected just wasn’t sure). We finally find out what is causing Avion’s nanos to die off, and how “One” ( Lilith) breaks a sacred promise to try and save him. Taking him to her Mentor Master “Z”. Tons and tons of action. We get to see Apheleon, Xylo, Deidre, Laura, Seth, Ana, Adam, Aramus and Riley in this shocker of a read. OMG the bomb Riley drops on Aramus was jaw dropping. BUT the ending, OMG the damn ending, I got sucker punched and blindsided all at the same time. I truly never saw that coming. Great read, great twist and great ending. I truly hope it’s not the ending. LOL

  • Jonel Boyko
    2018-10-07 04:13

    What a fantastic & gripping conclusion to Langlais’ Cyborg series. I loved each and every second of it. Her in-depth storytelling combined with the fast paced, explosive tale created a whole that I couldn’t put down. I still can’t stop thinking about it. Langlais doesn’t just make cyborgs and nanotech seem plausible, but rather, completely possible. The fact that I was able to picture this happening now, hidden behind secretive closed doors made the story even more real. And the new twists that we get to see had my mind reeling.I loved the characters here. Not only do many of the individuals that we’ve come to know in perveious novels really shine, but we also get up close and personal with Avion as he tries to accept what he sees as his fate. Seeing One trying to assimilate everyone’s emotions as well as their place within the group was both fascinating and comical. This novel wraps up the series well without tying it up in a nice little bow. You can sense where things are headed but they’re far from done. We’re simply at a new beginning. It’s the perfect ending for this well developed, endlessly enjoyable series.

  • Linda
    2018-10-09 21:09

    Avion´s body is giving up, his inner bots are shut down by a virus and nothing they do is able to start them again. When they found and saved One, things seem to brighten, since her own bots are by the Original, and can kickstart him again. But is it that simple? When One refuses to give up, they all are taken along a journey they never saw coming, one that gives them all the answers for the Cyborgs origin.. PNR, action and smutty fluff in a great combo, and I can´t believe this is the last book <3 Hope for more!! 4,5 Stars

  • Sophia
    2018-10-07 03:14

    The final book was loaded with surprises that involved the series long mystery about cyborg origins, lots of exciting action scenes, and a new romance. I enjoyed the camaraderie of the cyborgs working together, wisecracking, and loving. Avion and his lady were a good couple, but their romance was only part of the story. The ending was bittersweet as all good series are when they end. Or did it? Please, let us have more cyborgs!

  • Coyora Dokusho
    2018-10-03 23:54

    Sooooo the more I think about it the more irritated I am by all the dangling plot threads left unresolved by the end of the series. Yep.Also, trope-ically this should have resulted in something that I loved with unholy love, but I feel like a lot of corners were cut? The shark was definitely jumped... Still had funny bits though!

  • Lala
    2018-10-07 22:18

    Over...I can't believe it's over!(sniff!)I'm gonna miss my Cyborgs for sure. This last installment (Avion)was one of my favorites of the series. Full of smut, sweet moments, action-packed,great interaction among the H's&h's of the series wrapping up the story-line very nicely with final revelations of the origins of the nanobots. Love it! Please do a spin-off!!

  • Susan Parks
    2018-10-11 21:08

    Please, just one more! Don't let this be the end!

  • Melanie
    2018-10-15 03:50

    Review originally posted at last book in the Cyborg series. I’ve had a really good time with this series. I was happy with the ending and the series as a whole. Not only where the characters a lot of fun, but we finally get to learn more about them.This story picks right where Adam left off. The Cyborgs are running from Earth with their new additions, of Adam and his doctor. They also rescued the voice that had been talking into Avion’s head. She goes by “One”. We know only a little at the beginning of the book, the cyborgs know even less.Avion is still dying and no know why and how his nanos have died. They still don’t know how to get them started back up. One (who does eventually take the name Lilith). has an idea so she takes the cyborgs to a place where she isn’t supposed to ever visit again.So, we finally learn about the nanotechnology that keeps the cyborgs going. We also learn more about the military adding it. I think it wrapped up all the plot strings of this series. There is room for more stories if Eve decides she wants to (she has been going back adding more stories to what were previously ended series recently with F.U.C. and Princess of Hell series. And that is not a complaint. I plan to listen to the next F.U.C. very soon.), but it will hold this way too. I just want to point out that I won’t say “no” to more cyborgs if the mood strikes her. “I’d rip out his tongue,” she advised.“Good plan. But we can’t act on it. For one, his wife is the deadliest woman I know, after you of course,” he said with a laugh, stroking the back of her hand.“Is there another reason why I cannot twist his head until it pops off? I did that with a doll many years ago, and the doctors found it so interesting. I can only imagine their reaction if I did it to a living thing.”“I really hope you’re joking,” Seth mumbled.“You got my jest!” She seemed so pleased. Meanwhile, Seth sighed in relief, and even Avion felt some tension loosening.His lady had some rough edges when it came to interacting with others.“The other reason we can’t sit on Seth and shave his head, turning him into a comatose idiot until it grows back, is because he’s an excellent ally, and we don’t kill our allies.”“No matter how annoying?” she groused.“Even if he’s insufferable.”“Four times the speed? Are you freaking nuts?”“According to the psychiatrists, yes. Certifiably so and a danger to those around me.”Lilith’s stark announcement had them all gaping at her.Only Avion caught the sad undercurrent of her mind.Aramus guffawed. “Girl, you might be freaky, but I think you’re going to fit in just fine.”Insanity wasn’t a flaw when among cyborgs. It just made her one of them.

  • Lindap
    2018-09-27 20:57

    3.50 / 4 StarsEnjoyed this series, and because the end basically was open-ended more books "could" be written. I would love to read about their hunt for a new world and an insight on how they managed their new lives. However, if there are to be no more books, then I'm okay with this ending. Not thrilled, but okay.

  • Claudia
    2018-09-23 22:15

    A very interesting ending of the Cyborg series.Maybe it has been a wile since I read a book from the series but I am not the biggest fan of this story or the ending.The thing that put me off was Lilith's (One) internal dialog that at times for me was annoying.So the story picked up after Avion and One -Lilith- were found. Avion was dying but with One's help he got better for a wile. With Lilith presence and the Earth's and their alien allies threat things start to be clear: the cyborgs are in fact products of alien altered technology. The initial intention behind was to help a younger civilization which in the end became a military project.I guess was was not please with the ending of the series because when they finally found in a way the origins of their creation and got new bodies it was the end.There are so many things that I wish I could read about so, yeah, 3 stars for such an abrupt ending ( to me).

  • Victoria
    2018-09-23 22:54

    Great ending to the series. Hope there's a spin-off!!!

  • Julie
    2018-10-05 22:16

    One, aka Lilith, was frighteningly funny! She could be sweet and innocent one minute, then turn around and be as bloodthirsty as the cyborgs-in a good way. Her mental conversations with herself were vastly entertaining because I ever knew what odd comment she'd think next! And Avion. I haven't read the entire series, but from what I gleaned, he was larger than life and now a shell of himself as everyone's races to find a way to save his body from completely deteriorating. I loved his character and hoped for an HEA for these two. Worth the read!

  • Mary Winstead
    2018-10-08 01:14

    Avion is almost dead. A cyborg whose nanos shut off. Not being able to see he puts his other senses to work. Until one day a voice talked to him. Thinking he was crazy but his heart was telling him no. When he goes to earth he can hear her so clearly and finds out her name is one. One has been imprisoned for so long she doesn't know what to do, but, when she cries for help and Avion hears. She has hope for rescue. Need to read last installment of the cyborg books. Wish there were more to come.

  •  ♥ Suger Honey ♥
    2018-10-01 05:14

    I liked this book loads it had romance, loved the characters and heaps of adventure

    2018-09-23 23:53

    First off, First off, it both messes with my zen and is amusing that Goodreads, owned by Amazon, doesn't have the version of this book I bought from Amazon. I almost always choose dead tree if I'm actually going to spend money on a book. The author gets the same fundage either way and I have something I can throw if it displeases me. :DAvion was "lost" in an earlier book, and "found" in another earlier book - after the military/company had figured out how to trigger the kill switch in his BCI, resulting in his nanos dying off. He picked up a telepathic communication shortly after being rescued. In the previous book, he and his companions managed to locate the source of the communication and rescue her before leaving Earth.Lilith - the girl - was not entirely balanced due to her treatment at the hands of the military/company. They escaped, shot through a wormhole, visited another world and the source of the nanos, and all get fixed...except for Riley who revealed something that had poor Aramus slightly panicky. Then they escaped and the series ended officially.I have mixed feelings about this. On the one hand, it's nice that an author says "enough" even though there are others who could be paired up. On the other hand, there are others who could still be paired up. There are also a whole lot of loose ends. Who are these races? Where do they come from? What? Who? Where? Etc. (who was Lilith's father and what did she do to him?)

  • Jasmyn
    2018-10-11 23:09

    Avion has been in the story line for the past two or three books now. Injured and near death, the cyborgs return to Earth to try and find the origin of their tech to see if they can jump-start his system with some new nanos. But they run into a lot of bumps along the way - including a strage woman who calls herself One.One is a very intriguing character, and as I found out more about her, she grew on me even more. She has a strange dual personality that she's contantly wondering which is really her. She brings up tons of interesting dynamics that really throw the Cyborgs for a loop. If what she says is even partially true, then the Cyborg world will be changing drastically.One and Avion make an odd pair at first, but they are connected in a way that seems to defy logic. Their's isn't a traditional romance, but they aren't very traditional characters either. From the very beginning they just seemed to fit together and it was so much fun watching them teach each other exciting new things.While many of the earlier books in the series can be read as stand-alone romances, in order to truly enjoy this one, you will want to read the previous books. Otherwise there will be parts you just won't understand.

  • Jonella Moore
    2018-10-06 02:48

    Great FinaleI have just loved this Cyborg series by Eve Langlais! Each book was filled with action, humor and made you think of what a world like theirs would be. In this book we have Avion, a cyborg who has been so damaged that his cyborg systems no longer work. In the end of the last book, Adam, the cyborgs rescue a woman from military custody known only as One. She as found because of a mental connection to Avion. They love each other almost right away and the story centers on the journey to a place where Avion can get help. One chooses the name Lilith, which is very appropriate considering her origins. I'm going to miss this series and really hope the author will write another series about perhaps what happens after they leave to find a new home. Thanks for the entertaining stories Eve!

  • Debra Johnson
    2018-09-23 00:59

    Avion (Cyborgs: More Than Machines, #7) by [author:Eve Langlais|3431194 (Goodreads Author)A Sci-fi Action/Adventure Suspense Adult RomanceDebra Johnson's review Mar 22, 2017bookshelves: eve-langlaisThere are a few editing errors and that is why 4 instead of 5 stars.It is action packed. The suspense keeps your attention throughout the entire story. A lot of surprising twist and turns and plenty of steamy romance. Loved it. Wish there were more in this series. I think she could do either another book or a spin off.March 20, 2017 – Started ReadingMarch 22, 2017 – Finished Reading

  • Betty
    2018-09-26 02:15

    Avion,please don't miss out!!!Hopefully Eve Langais writing about cyborgs in this absolutely TERRIFIC Series isn't going to be really ending cuz what happens next and to whom with all the possibilities and potential is just too delicious to imagine that the next new generation of nano enhanced cyborgs stories needs her wonderful creativity to bring it all to life for her avid fan's ever grateful reading experience. I'm SOOOO GONNA RECOMMEND YOU ARE NOT GOING TO WANT TO MISS OUT ON ANY OF THIS SERIES!!!!

  • Ana
    2018-10-01 21:15

    I really, really liked it. The sex scenes were a little weird but I gotta say I wasn't even paying that much attention to them. And by weird I don't mean kinky or anything, more like weirdly described and timed. I did enjoy it tho. Lilith and Avion seemed like a good couple and I was rooting for them. Now, I am a little curious as to how the new enemy is going to be dealt with but that seems like it's going to be a part of another series so I'll have to wait. So this...was a good ending. Kind of an open one but with enough closure to satisfy for now.

  • Carol
    2018-09-27 21:08

    This is the last one? Noooooo! I love my cyborgs.As always, this book is well-written and highly entertaining. I've been looking forward to Avion's story since we first met him. I have to admit that he's not my favourite cyborg (that'd likely be either Aramus or Seth) but I still love him. One/Lilith is delightfully nuts, even by cyborg standards.The book does a good job of wrapping up the cyborg storyline while still leaving it open for a future spin-off series. Please let there be a future spin-off series!

  • Cara Bristol
    2018-10-04 04:55

    In earlier books it was hinted that the technology that created the cyborgs had been alien and not something the Earth military had the ability to do on their own. In Avion, we find out out the answers from the mysterious "One." This is the end of the series, but author Eve Langlais leaves enough open that she could pick it up later and write more Cyborg books.All in all, a great series. If you like Sci-fi romance, I recommend it. The first book, C791, is my favorite (and it's available free on Amazon).

  • ValerieC
    2018-10-13 03:04

    I wasn't sure how many stars to give this book. I like the series, so automatic 3 stars. There's a lot of good action, so I thought maybe 4 stars. But,the silliness really ruined this for me and I just didn't find it funny.I guess this might be the last book in this series, but I get the impression the door's still open because the cyborgs are moving to a new planet somewhere. It would take some work, but it could be better than the pleasant little books Ms Langlais usually does. I buy them all, so no matter...

  • Sodapop13
    2018-10-09 02:07

    This is the last book in the series. It is very bittersweet as well. Yes, there is an HEA, but there are still a lot of unanswered questions. There are a lot of cyborgs that I want to see find love. Avion finds love with One. She is a bit fractured in the mind, but she learns how to deal with that. She finds love and what it means to be human. This book was lovely on so many levels that I was brought to tears.