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Two haunted souls seeking peace find each other insteadKidnapped by human monsters, Grace Thorne was ripped from her quiet intellectual life and left deeply scarred. She’s hidden herself for five years, but there’s no escape from the nightmares of the past, or visions of the future. When one foretells tragedy, she gambles her fragile defenses on a haunted man to prevent itTwo haunted souls seeking peace find each other insteadKidnapped by human monsters, Grace Thorne was ripped from her quiet intellectual life and left deeply scarred. She’s hidden herself for five years, but there’s no escape from the nightmares of the past, or visions of the future. When one foretells tragedy, she gambles her fragile defenses on a haunted man to prevent it—only to discover love is the biggest risk of all. Jack Daggery doesn’t need a mirror to know why people avoid him, not that he cares. After years working deep undercover, immersed in betrayal and death, all he wants is some peace and the quiet security company he co-owns. Dagger has no idea why the foul-mouthed little server of questionable gender bothers him. But he does know that living with the ghosts of his past was hard enough without being tormented by the mysterious thorn in his side—or finding how much he needs her. This second edition has been lightly edited and bears a new cover from the original edition by Musa Publishing....

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Finding Grace Reviews

  • MelissaB
    2019-04-25 06:39

    ** 3 1/2 stars**This story started out pretty strong but I had some issues with it along the way. The story had an unrealistic feel in some ways with the way the heroine was too good at too many things and the men were uber tough. I had an issue with the way the heroine's scars were treated, her police file was shown to too many people (and they all promptly threw up which was also weird). The military guy basically kidnapping her (and them letting it happen) was strange and unrealistic, I hate the way two different times she had to go through an ordeal that reminded her so much of her attack. Another strange thing - some parts were a little too reminiscent of Midnight Angel by LMR, the hero especially and the initial scene in some ways.I was also put off by they way the guys she worked with though it was okay to call her the f word just because she seemed to be a feminine man. On the plus side, the story kept my attention and kept me reading to see what would happen when they found out Grace was a woman and what she had been through. It was still pretty good for a self published book.

  • boogenhagen
    2019-05-11 08:19

    I had a fantastic time with this, it was sweet, sassy and really a great time after a run of hard books. Just what I needed to have a reading happy and I am hoping for more with these characters. This is your standard former military H and a brilliant but damaged h trope, set in a security company. However that is the only thing standard about it. Give this one a go when you need a romantic pick me up and a smile.

  • HJ
    2019-05-14 12:37

    This was a surprisingly good book. I say 'surprisingly' because I'm fairly certain that I stumbled across it via several sock puppets, and typically those recs are for undeserving, and/or pretty crappy books (can you guess that I despise sock puppets?).The type of story it is...well, hmmm. It's a romance, first and foremost, with a hero who is former military ops and a partner in a security firm made up of former military ops. He's not gorgeous - he's downright scary - scarred and tattooed, shaved head, etc. The heroine is also scarred/damaged, and though attractive, has some issues to work out. Honestly, there's not much of a huge plot beyond the love story, but that's okay. It was enough to round the story out, without overshadowing the slow building romance. Oh, and an eentsy-beentsy bit of paranormal-ish in the guise of some psychic shit. I liked liked the story, and would give it a solid 3.5 stars. If you like Tara Janzen, you would probably like this, too.

  •  B.E.Love
    2019-05-02 09:11

    So just a few days ago I was thinking that I haven't read a book in a while that is so fantastic so engrossing that I couldn't put it down that I read till I was done no matter how late is was that the book was so good I didn't even get tired. Then I picked up Finding Grace and I COULD NOT PUT IT DOWN. This is a fantastic book I loved it I was so wrapped up in the characters that I was sad to see the percentage of my kindle going higher and higher. Thorne is a genius and she sees and knows things before they happen so when she see's a girl getting hurt she knows she has to tell someone and that someone is Dagger. Dagger is trained to kill and frightens everyone just with his looks but when Thorne's tip turns out to be true he has to figure out how Thorne knew what was about to happen. With the help of friends Dagger and his business partner find Thorne and get Her arrested. But when Paul(Daggers partner) and others find out who Thorne is and what she has been through they offer her a job. Now Grace Thorne is working with Dagger and Paul and as she spends more and more time with Dagger she starts feeling things she never thought she would and she finds herself telling him more about herself than she's ever told anyone before. But Grace isn't through with her trials and she will have to lean and trust in Dagger to bring her through. I fell in love with Grace and Dagger(Jack) but it wasn't just them I loved everyone in this book. The side characters were so great and I loved them so much that I hope we get more books in the future with their stories. It's obvious that Rhea Rhodan loves the characters in this book they were so full and rich and real. And Jack was one of the best heroes I have ever read he he loved Grace with everything he had and would do anything for her as long as they could be together she healed him and he healed her. He was possessive and crazy in love and would kill for Grace if he needed to without a second thought. Ok so this is one of the hardest reviews I have written because there's so much I don't want to spoil and yet I want to tell you it all because it was SO great this was the best book I have read in months. I love Rhea Rhodan she is a genius with words and story telling. I can't wait till I have the privilege of reading more from her. This is a book worth taking a chance on in was moving and powerful and beautiful.

  • Jeanne
    2019-05-12 12:20

    If you liked the Girl with the Dragon Tattoo... Finding Grace is better. It truly is--it has all character and spirit of Girl but without the extremely graphic nature. It's definitely a romance and it has depth behind the love story, as well as a full, interesting cast of characters, cool cars...twists, and knitting... In all seriousness, I read a lot and this has become one of my all-time favorites, I have recommended this book consistently over the last few months since I read it. If you want a love story that has action, emotional and psychological depth and great storytelling, bump this one up on your to-read list.

  • Margaret Lesh
    2019-05-05 11:24

    I did not want to put this book down, which is perhaps the biggest compliment I can make about a book. I started it in the afternoon and finished somewhere around 2:30 in the morning. (Luckily I didn’t have to make dinner.) The main characters, Thorne (Grace) and Dagger (Jack Daggery) are two broken people, one bearing literal and figurative scars, the other, a scary hulk of a man whose past actions haunt him. They’re brought together in the beginning in the most unlikely circumstance and feel an immediate connection –- though not romantic at first. (Dagger experiences internal conflict, having feelings for Thorne but thinking she is a he.) The story explores the gradual relationship between the two, the barriers that are worn down, with a whole lot of action in between. I didn’t know where the action was going to take me, so I went along for the ride, and it didn’t disappoint. Two thumbs up!

  • Kelster
    2019-04-25 12:15

    I really enjoyed Finding Grace. Grace/Thorne was so funny that in the beginning I had to table the book while hubby was sick next to me. Nothing says uncaring like a person enjoying themselves while you are moaning in pain. Sigh...I like when conflicts are resolved pretty quickly. When they drag on for an extended period of time I tend to become annoyed and the conflict can become contrived. But there were several conflicts in this book and they were resolved so quickly that I didn't even get a chance to really live in them before we were off to a new one. There were several.But what the book did well it did so well. The dialogue was realistic and Grace was hilarious. She made me laugh so much that I loved when she had to speak. I believed in her and even when she became somewhat of a pollyanna I still liked her. I really enjoyed the book and I liked Jack's transition.

  • Beeg Panda
    2019-05-04 09:30

    Favorite quotes:“Oh, you noticed, did you? That leotard doesn’t hide much besides her skin, does it? Not like those rags she runs around in. I was so disappointed the first time I saw her in it. But it appears my loss is your gain. And oh my, what a gain! Mm-mmm!”Without taking his eyes off Thorne, Dagger shifted, wishing his jeans weren’t suddenly so goddamn tight, and said, “Take your eyes off my fucking ‘gain’ if you want to keep seeing through them, Trent.”**********“My advice to you, Joe, is to pick up a damn shovel, clean up whatever shit you can and learn how to shut your fucking mouth while you still have all of your teeth and can breathe through your nose.”

  • Bukcrz
    2019-04-25 09:33

    After hearing recommendation after recommendations for this book, I gave in and read it, and glad I did. For me, it's that one of a kind book that grabs you on the first page and won't let go until the end. The characters, plots, conflicts, and yes the romance works together to make one unforgettable read.Lets talk about the hero...sigh....sometimes I read big, muscled hero that authors tried to polished and passed on as giant, polished, gentleman - and they ended up like a cartoon characters to me. Our hero - Dagger - though is presented in a 'you-get-what-you-see' kind of way. He is big, scary, can back his swagger, socially challenged, and deadly. And I am glad he is presented that way because it made his several demons, flaws, and shortcomings NOT an overkill like other books, thus made the story and character believable. A real modern alpha hero who loved the h with a single-mindedness of 'the bigger they are the harder they fall' - man as one character pointed out. Mostly, I love the hero because his love for the heroine does not exclude the world around him, instead it made his heart bigger for his heroine, his friends, and his estranged brother - although in my way of thinking the bro can just get his high and mighty behind out and good riddance.The heroine - Thorne/Grace - is one hell of a character. She has many faces, many sides, and many quirks that just plain shocking, hilarious, scary, and heartbreaking. You first meet her and she makes you laugh just from what came out of her mouth, then she made you frown in puzzlement on who/what she is, and then will break your heart just from reading how much she has to overcome and by this time you will keep on reading just to see her succeed and then she goes on to show the readers the heart of a loving woman inside all those outer contradiction. I love this character not just because she's not a generic cartoonish heroine but also because the author did well by presenting her trials just right - not too angsty for angst's sake and not too rigidly clean - just the meat and the bone. All I can say is I hope it will be a while yet before I read another well-presented heartbreaking character like her.Their romance as a whole is just as believable. I love that most of their conflicts (as one recommendation said) are resolved as they arise without being stretched too thin just for conflict's sake. Story was plotted not like most romance. I like that their love is not inclusive to just the two of them but it was strong enough to grow with their family and friends approval and disapproval. Lol, I know I am gushing but their coming together is not that common lust at first meeting because it developed in a believable/logical way that made me believe that their HEA stands on solid foundation and will truly last long.Great cast of secondary character as well. They will make you laugh, mad, annoyed, frustrated and laugh some more. I love the created world as well and even the twists and turns that I did not like - particularly concerning the H's bro - made for a world I do not mind visiting again.4.5 star just because of a personal preference differences. Like I said I would be happier just to show the H's brother the door. But mostly because the H 'obeying' the h's request that is so against his possessive and protective nature where the main villain is concern is off character. (Spoiler) When the h asked H not to kill Major D - which the bloodthirsty in me thinks he more than deserves - and when he agreed readily I more than raised my eyebrows because that is so against his nature. (Spoiler Ends)Other than the mentioned issued, this is one great read to me and yes, recommended with two thumbs up. Note: Read thru a friend's generosity.

  • Secretly Reading
    2019-04-28 06:38

    Read full review at The Book Vixen 4.5 Stars: Compelling characters and emotional romanceIt is rare that I love heroines as much as heroes but I adored Grace Thorne in this book. She fought her entire life just to be herself and she wasn’t apologetic about being simultaneous strong and soft. Her smart mouth made me giggle often and I could see why Dagger would fall for Thorne. Thorne is a stellar heroine which the complexities of a real woman.I also loved the romance between Dagger and Thorne. Dagger is described as a lonely man who scares everyone around him so it was lovely to watch him fall for the tough-exteriored Thorne. The romance is a delicate dance between Dagger and Thorne and I loved watching it unfold. I also really liked how the author didn’t force unrealistic sexual intimacy too early in the book and when the sex did happen it seemed a natural progression of their romance and was delicately described. Nothing in this romance is heavy-handed or forced and that was utterly compelling.Two minor things bothered me and kept this from being a five-star book for me. First, was Dagger’s penchant for violence when he couldn’t control his emotions. I’m leery of men who hit things in anger and Dagger did this a few times in the story. He punches the inside of a car and breaks a chair. I don’t like this in real life and I don’t like it in books. Even though Thorne was never even in the area when Dagger did this, I just didn’t like it. Second, Thorne needs friends but the ones she develops were almost exclusively male. From her co-workers at Dagger’s security firm to the homeless man she befriends, and her gay dance teacher, they’re all men. I just wish Thorne had developed a friendship with a woman to help her balance and grow.Don’t let those two minor things prevent you from reading this unique and compelling story. I’m going to be on the lookout for future books by this talented author.

  • Joletta
    2019-05-12 04:18

    Five stars isn't enough for Rhea Rhodan's FINDING GRACE, it deserves least. Prodigy Dr. Grace Thorne spent her 21st birthday and just shy of a week in hell. Abducted by three monstrous examples of the human race who left her so physically broken that doctors didn't envision that she'd survive. Grace didn't, not really, Thorne was born from the darkness that she was forced to seek within herself to survive. Thorne is a foul mouthed, non-gender-specific street tough who has mad computer skills and zero desire to be "on-grid". Thorne checked out and is basically breathing and nothing more. Jack Daggery was a government sanctioned bruiser, the things he had to do during deep undercover ops scarred him both inside and out. An air of menace cloaks him, everyone fears him to be the monster he sees himself as. Everyone that is except for the pint sized Thorne, who seems to delight in pulling the tigers tail.Nothing I can say can do this book justice. Thorne's asexual behavior and mode of dress caused more than a few moments of levity, her mouth however had me laughing out loud...a LOT. Dagger is my favorite type of Hero; large, menacing and completely infatuated with Thorne. There are quite a few heavy scenes, including references (thankfully Ms. Rhodan didn't go into graphic detail) to what happened to Grace during her captivity. Thorne's quick wit, amazing mind and blithe disregard for Daggers intimidating presence is pivotal to the story line. Speaking of; Thorne is psychic...I almost let this turn me off reading the book. Trust me, this isn't a casual plot device that the author has thrown in on a whim, once you read Finding Grace you'll see that Rhea Rhodan is damn near a literary genius. She knows what to reveal and when to do it, ensuring the most emotional impact.

  • UnusualChild{beppy}
    2019-05-04 12:15

    synopsis: dagger is at a party one night for his company, when he is approached by someone who he thinks is a guy with purple hair saying that someone was going to die tonight. dagger gets his team on it, and the plot it thwarted. when the police find thorne the next day, thorne says that she is psychic, and that's how she knew about the attack. the cops run her fingerprints, and find out that she is not a crook, but a victim. she had been abducted by three guys and repeatedly abused and raped for 6 weeks before they left her on the side of the road to die. thorne surprised everyone, though, and lived. thorne is also a super intelligent computer programmer with several patents in her name, and when dagger's partner in the company finds out the whole story, he offers thorne a job. thorne agrees, but on the condition that no one know whether or not she is a woman. dagger is drawn to the sprite against his will, and even though he is being kept out of the loop by his partner, is protective of thorne. when he finds out that thorne is a woman, their physical relationship starts blooming. unfortunately, people are still after thorne, and dagger has to fight to find his love.what i liked: dagger. he was so sweet to thorne, even before he found out she was a woman. i liked that thorne called him jack, rather than calling him dagger like everyone else. i liked the fact that two wounded souls found each other and healed each other. i liked thorne's attitude, and the fact that she could function at all after what she had been through.what i didn't like: there were so many differing povs in the story; dagger, thorne, the lieutenant, dagger's partner, the major, etc. also, thorne had been through so much, i didn't really see the need to put her through more torture, it kind of felt mean.

  • Kevin
    2019-04-27 11:19

    At the outset, 'Finding Grace' was an enjoyable read. It's Rhea Rhodan's debut novel. She should be proud to have produced a novel of much acclaim at the very beginning. Congratulations...!In its genre, I would rate is above average. One thing, as it thrilled me for being lighter and entertaining, the other, getting me into the realm of modern romantic fiction, which took off well.The characters did play well as in a movie (could be a script someday!), though the suspense of the story disappointed a bit. But I think that was the magic. A secret remains more a secret when it's hollow, and that illusion did work. The fear about scars was a sheer psychological issue, but how the character got tamed to that in the end remained unpredictable. At some point I thought, it had creases and wrinkles that could be ironed out with prolix narration and subtle details, especially when it deals with emotions of characters and describing the plot. It seemed, the writer rushed through deliberately to avoid boredom and it did have that speed in changing scenes and backdrop till the end. Honestly, cutting necessary narrations where it is required spoils the character of a novel; instead, it turns out to be a long 'short story'!. But Rhea wonderfully kept the momentum going till the end which makes it a satisfying experience. Would like to give it full marks, but reserve that for her next work of fiction. Till then, will give it a four! Enjoy reading.

  • Michelle [Helen Geek]
    2019-04-30 05:31

    02/04/2013 --Overall Rating = 2.5 StarsBook Cover / Book Blurb = 3 / 5 = 4 StarsWriter’s Voice = 2 StarsCharacter Development = 3 StarsStory Appreciation = 3 StarsWorth the Chili = 2 Stars [$5 Amazon & B&N]Not going to spend much time on this review. I actually really liked about the first 40% or so. I even commented that Daggerly reminded me of a dear GR friend. I loved watching him struggle with coming to care for Thorne, especially believing Thorne a "little gay man." Just really cute when it wasn't mean to be cute. Maybe that should have been my first clue. I commented recently to someone that I've had some really good books just fizzle ... pffft! Rather like a balloon you lost hold of when it was almost blown up, it just makes that awful raspberry sound as it sails in the air and everyone laughs. This book was that, but I wasn't laughing. I hated it, because I really warmed to the characters. Just when you were comfortable with their grittiness, the author lost it. She just lost it. Like a sneeze that didn't happen. Just gone...You may like this one better than I did. I am seriously disappointed because I loved Dagger and Thorne and I loved them together until it just fizzled.Happy Reading *maybe*!

  • Star
    2019-05-11 05:12

    Grace Thorne is a woman who has survived the most horrifying torture anyone can imagine. So terrible that grown men who have been through war are nauseated by the reports. Now she lives only as Thorne, androgynous as to not call attention to herself, and a certified computer genius. When her visions bring her to the attentions of Blackridge Security and she's offered a job. Only the boss knows who she really is and she can live with that, even if she doesn't like it. Jack Daggery - known internationally only as Dagger - is drawn to Thorne, even if he doesn't know why. Will Dagger open up to someone for the first time, can Thorne let a man past her myriad defenses, and can they solve Blackridge Security's cases in time?Finding Grace is a wonderful and heartfelt story. Laughing and crying, I did not want to put this book down! Ms. Rhodan brings true emotion to the surface through her flowing words and bold characters. While parts of Thorne's history are heartbreaking, the descriptions aren't a gore-fest which is nice. A touching tale of the paths both Thorne and Dagger follow to discover the true Grace.

  • Jen
    2019-05-10 11:25

    I LOVED this book! It has all the right fibers to create an impressive weave: compelling characters, engrossing plot, drama, comedy, surprise, psychic elements, loyalty, romance and total believability. At the heart of the story stand Thorne and Dagger, both scarred by personal horrors, both armored by fear. The story is very well structured, providing context and allowing the characters to develop as events around them reveal long-hidden vulnerabilities. The ugliness of violence and abuse of power are almost characters themselves as the story culminates and healing unfolds. My only minor complaint is with the language; Thorne peppers nearly every sentence with an expletive. That aside, I will be eagerly awaiting Rhea's next book!

  • Clarissa Johal
    2019-05-05 07:39

    Intriguing characters, an interesting plot, well-written...what else could you ask for? Thorne and Dagger are both afraid to love and scarred by personal horrors. Grace Thorne is damaged, inside and out, but she's tough and determined to survive. Jack Daggery has his own defenses but he too, wrestles with personal demons. Yet both are destined for each other. A compelling and action-filled love story that will leave you smiling.

  • June Kramin
    2019-05-13 04:39

    It's books like these that make me wish I was better at reviews! I loved this novel from the first page. Rhea has a way of reeling you in with amazing characters and keeping you there with a great story. I can't say enough how hard it was to put this down every night. I look forward to more from this author.

  • Talltree
    2019-05-01 10:36

    DNF, couldn't get past sample. Guess author's writing style wasn't for me.

  • Rachel Kahler
    2019-05-17 12:21

    (This review was originally published on Amazon)I was lucky enough to win a copy of "Finding Grace" upon the release of the book. I admitted to Ms. Rhodan that I don't usually read romance novels, but I'm open to a lot of genres, and I can always find something to enjoy if there's a bit of a fantasy element included. This book was not what I expected for a romance, and I have to say that I really enjoyed it.The good:Character development--Rhea does a fantastic job of building characters. Perfect people are boring. Sometimes and author tries to make a character interesting by making them nearly perfect except for that one thing. Then they are forced to make that one thing so dramatic that the character never develops, but instead, character development is really just text revolving around that one dramatic flaw. Not so in "Finding Grace." Both Grace and Dagger (and all the minor characters, as well) are far from perfect. But they're not so unrealistically screwed up that you can't relate to them as human beings. Rhea builds all of the characters in this book carefully and thoroughly. This is a major plus in my book.Writing style--There's nothing worse than an interesting plot that is badly written. Poor writing can make the most incredible story intolerable (at least for me). "Finding Grace" is extremely well written. The writing is smooth without being too simple or too cerebral. The vocabulary is broad and well distributed. That is, I didn't find the author picking a word and dropping it into the story several times within a short span. It happens to even excellent authors, but Rhea seemed to have either been very careful of this, or she just naturally avoids repetitive vocabulary.The so-so:Story--I enjoyed the story as it revolved around the excellent character development. My only (somewhat minor) gripe is that Rhea seemed to shy away from too much conflict. The story is full of conflict, but it seemed a bit glossed over. The conflict did really drive character development, though. I just think it could have driven a deeper emotional attachment to the characters an the story if the conflict was more emotionally driven.The bad:Nothing, really. I have one nitpick, but it's something that only I and a handful of other potential readers would ever notice, so I won't burden anyone with it.Summary:I'm looking forward to reading more of Rhea's stories, particularly some of the more fantasy-related ones that I know she's written/is writing.

  • Trina
    2019-05-18 08:14

    Great read! Rhea Rhodan definitely has talent if this is her first ever debut.I especially appreciate the non cliche foul mouth comebacks the heroine dishes out, hilarious!

  • Leona (Books Inside The Keep)
    2019-05-01 09:16

    Originally reviewed at Literary Treasure Chest:, I would like to thank my friend Lynn for recommending Finding Grace. Thank you, Lynn!From the very beginning Finding Grace did it's job of keeping my attention and taking me through a whole slew of emotions that I both didn't want to feel and at the same time helped me to have a deeper connection with these characters. Because of the feeling that this book was going to check off everything I look for in a great read I dragged my feet in finishing this story. Nothing I've ever read could've prepared me for the tumultuous ride Finding Grace took me through.The first meeting between Thorne and Dagger was very confusing since the appearance of a small purple headed person mouthing off to a 6 foot + behemoth of a man and there's no blood shed - sort of like a Pomeranian yapping at a Rottweiler that hasn't eaten for days. Seeing as Dagger was also confused by this confrontation I started looking at these characters a little harder. I knew as soon as I started Finding Grace that there was something different about the story as a whole, almost like knowing that you're looking at a two-way mirror but you can't seem to figure out who or what could possibly be on the other side. But it was in their first meeting that you find out just how different both Dagger and Thorne are from the people around them.You see that with Dagger - with his fierce, intimidating appearance, and menacing presence - he instills an almost instinctual fear in all those who cross his path, even the men he works with keep a wide berth from him. It's not until halfway, or about 75%, into the book that it's finally revealed why it's so hard for people to look at Dagger or even remain in his presence without cowering, but even with the mystery of his background he was still a Grade A badass.Thorne, who, when we first meet her, takes loosing a job - while looking like a person in desperate need of an income - in stride and a little arrogantly but at the same time feels the need to warn Dagger of an impending danger and then bolts. It's learned early on who Thorne is and how she came to be who she is - heartbreaking story just FYI - and you can't help but want to wrap her in the softest blanket you can think of to protect her from known and unknown hurts, but to also cheer for her to overcome the scars of her past.The characters, the drama, the romance, everything about this book spoke to me and made me not want to put it down, and yet at the same want to savor it until the last page.

  • Jacqueline
    2019-05-07 06:13

    I enjoyed this one for several reasons. I like "masquerade" books. She was certainly a different character. Foul mouthed and defensive. I liked that she was tiny and he was huge and scary and ugly or was perceived that way at least. I liked how she strung him along and made him question himself. I liked that she was smart and that she knitted. I really enjoy reading about streetwise foulmouthed girls sometimes and she really fit the bill.There were problems with the book. Several for instances: There was liberal use of derogatory references to LGBT people which is fine if a character feels that way since representing bigots in fiction is valid, but that everyone reacted that way bothered me. Weren't there any characters besides the heroine who were not bigots? The file of her abuse was liberally passed around. That seemed like a pretty big invasion of privacy that surely someone would have noticed was wrong. Seems like there should have been another way to get everyone on the heroine's side. And the dancing workouts were just a bit weird and unnecessary for me. Some of the action sequences happened off the page. A longer book might have served the story better to allow us to see the team in action a bit more. I think the character development of the leads was well done although it could have been even stronger with greater page length. There were interesting secondary characters also who it would be fun to read about if there are further books planned. The book was mostly a romance though and it worked well for me on that front. I did enjoy the way that the relationship between the H/h developed. I felt they had good chemistry. All in all I had a great time reading it.

  • PNR
    2019-05-17 09:21

    This was great, and very unique! There was a lot of homophobia in it, and in the beginning it wasn't really portrayed as being negative; the hero was a part of it. There was some progress on the part of some of the characters, so I am choosing to look at it as the author showing how people work through being homophobic, but there were times where it was kind of frustrating. Though I do know it is a big part of the culture of the characters.I adored Thorne. Loved her. And Jack, too. This nailed my love of a traumatized heroine in all these right ways, with the tough yet vulnerable and skittish heroine and the surly but protective hero. There were so many excellent misunderstandings that made for some good angst. The third act pushed the envelope of necessity, but still, overall, this was great. Lots of my favorite themes, which were the focus of the story instead of just details, and a unique and interesting plot.(First read July 20, 2013)

  • Meggan Connors
    2019-05-04 08:11

    Review to follow

  • Mattie
    2019-05-08 07:31

    Loved the heroine...sort of a softer Lizbeth Salander. Would love to see more of these characters, especially Thorne.

  • Mana
    2019-05-17 04:36


  • Cynthia Pratt
    2019-04-29 06:40

    Full disclosure - I know this author and after reading this book I am really proud to say so. It has been a long time since I opened a book and got caught up in the story before I finished the first page. If you are a fan of Lindsay McKenna or Justine Davis's Redstone series, you have found your next read. The character development is very woven into the fabric of the story without long descriptive passages, you meet Thorne and Dagger like you would meet strangers that become your friends as the story unfolds. The same is true of the many wonderful secondary characters. (I wish Paul and Luke at least had their own books.) While it certainly had its exciting parts, the romance is actually in the small moments of life which makes it totally believable that these two fall in love though they have their own difficult pasts. These characters don't wallow. They have misunderstandings, things happen, life goes on and you will be cheering them all the way.

  • Christine
    2019-04-26 04:34

    Sample did give me enough to spend $2.99 on this book. Will wait for sale or KU.

  • ( Jo ) bubbles the book pimp
    2019-04-26 08:28

    First book I've read by this author and I can happily state I was very very happy.Fantastically written emotive and funny book. Beautifully written charachter with a touch of sass from the heroin grace. Loved the big gruff hero he was such a PEACH!!Triggers for some in relation to grace's past but don't let them stop you the author is kind in giving limited details. Action packed and fast paced. Loved every minute.