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Eros has done it now. After a fight with Psyche, Eros went on a drunken rampage shooting his leaden arrows at perspective lovers. On Valentine's Day, no less! Now that he and Psyche have made up, Eros is scrambling to find some way to save his victims. Where does cupid turn for help? To none other than his ex-flame Aine, Goddess of the Faeries. Aine has things well under cEros has done it now. After a fight with Psyche, Eros went on a drunken rampage shooting his leaden arrows at perspective lovers. On Valentine's Day, no less! Now that he and Psyche have made up, Eros is scrambling to find some way to save his victims. Where does cupid turn for help? To none other than his ex-flame Aine, Goddess of the Faeries. Aine has things well under control until she realizes three names were left off her list of victims.Now Candice Lipton, Samantha Porter, and Marissa Garcia are in need of a little majickal help from Aine, Queen of the Faeries, and her fey trainees.In this first installment, we meet Candice Lipton, a woman having one helluva time, both professionally and personally. Alone in the city, she lost her job a few days before Valentine's Day. If that wasn't bad enough, on the most romantic day of the year. she walked in on her boyfriend, Ethan, in bed with his best friend, David. Oh the heart ache. Now Candice is trying to get her life back on track. Is it possible all she needs is a little help from Sheridan, a Pixie Faerie in training, and Drake Fallen, a smokin' hot Dragon with a few problems of his own?...

Title : Dragon's Lair: Touch of the Irish: Part 1
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Dragon's Lair: Touch of the Irish: Part 1 Reviews

  • Lanie (Lanies Book Thoughts)
    2019-05-02 18:05

    Touch of the Irish is a complete story, there is no cliffhanger so no worries there. This is considered part one because there will be two more complete stories to accompany this set. Touch of the Irish has a sexy dragon, feisty faeries and a heroine with a brain. What more could I want? Well, said sexy dragon man is a biker- oh yes, she went there. He's also on the alpha side with a hint of kindness an a big heart. He doesn't know it, but someones about to throw this immortal bachelor a curve ball. Our main heroine is Candice who hasn't been having a very good time of it lately. Her boyfriend cheated on her, she's lost her job and her confidence has been shaken. How can a girl bounce back from such a bad Valentines Day? Well, a job interview is a great start, but what do you do when your interviewer wants to peak at more than your resume? Luckily for Candice she has someone looking after her. Some people believe they have an angel on their shoulder, but what if it's a fairy? A fairy with a pixie dust disorder and a squeaky voice? Course you can't see her or all the trouble she accidentally gets you in. Sheridan happens to be that fairy, she's trying to make things better for Candice, but she's got no idea what she's doing! I really enjoyed this story because it was fun and steamy all wrapped up into a nicely wrapped short story package. I thought it was great getting a real plot with some kinky times an surprises tossed in there. For Morgans first PNR story this one certainly makes a splash. I can't wait to read the next two parts. This is 18+, there are sex scenes. I received this ARC from the author in exchange for an honest review.

  • Tracey
    2019-05-20 14:02

    Welcome to the dragons lair, well Drake's Lair who just happens to be a sexy dragon, the last dragon...Candice has had her fill of bad luck lately, she's at the end of tether, enter a pixie yes I said pixie, Sheridan has been sent to help candice find happiness, but Sheridan is a trainee fairy that sprinkles fairy dust around like no one else, When Candice's date goes wrong Sheridan has to think quick, before we know it our main couple are introduced but that's just the start of the story.This is Savannah's first PNR and I'm impressed, I really felt for Candice and loved she wasn't a supposedly perfect size 8 (UK), Drake was smokin' hot and just a touch dominant in the bedroom... What can I say about Sheridan the pixie, she is so amusing.One thing I will say about lots of books lately that on couples first sexual encounter together the men go all Dom on them without any discussion, now in fiction it's damn sexy but in real life they'd have to earn that submission. This is fiction though and PNR at that so I'm not worried and found it hot, just needed to get that off my chest.This is a novella, one part of three stories and I really enjoyed the gods/paranormal setup, and the rules that had to be followed and with Sheridan there to make sure they're followed adds humour. I haven't mentioned motorbikes, Drake runs a Motorbike club and his on a mission to change things in his community, being a dragon with magic and a band of brothers at his side, he has that in hand.To summarise I'd say a sexy paranormal read with a sprinkle of light hearted fun.I can't wait for next story.4.5 starsI received an arc for an honest review.

  • booklover4life
    2019-05-10 17:46

    ***I received a copy of this book from the author in exchange for an honest review!***Note: This book is a complete standalone, though it is listed as part one of three novellas in the Touch of the Irish series.I really enjoyed this book. It was a quick read with a lot of humor, drama and some steamy scenes. This is the author's first paranormal/fantasy book and I though that she nailed it. The characters were funny, sexy, strong and interesting. I loved the back story about the gods and the different types of paranormal creatures. The author does an excellent job providing information that is unique, intriguing and easy to understand. I thought that the chemistry between Candice and Dragon was perfect. I loved the way they were with each other, and I thoroughly enjoyed their part of the story. I also fell in love with Sheridan. She cracked me up to no end. "Naked Dragon!"I can't wait to see what the author comes up with in part 2. I highly recommend this book.

  • Mindy Mccray
    2019-04-21 10:55

    I received a copy for an honest review.Great sexy short read! This is the first paranormal/ fantasy I have ever read and i was not disappointed! Savannah Morgan knows how to write a good book no matter what genre it is. Can't wait for book 2!

  • Katrina Curry
    2019-05-18 16:58

    Savannah Morgan is quite the wordsmith.  Her talent and accurate description's are always welcome. The prose in Touch of the Irish part 1 is unique and effectively captivating.  The characters are humorous and believable. The sexual content of this particular novella is a little too strong for my personal taste,  but I have no doubt that more than most will will find it insatiable.  Sheridan, Canice's fairy is my favorite character.  There were a couple of times I literally laughed out loud. The Morrigan and Aine are great for light-hearted bantering. What I find particularly endearing about Drake, the dragon king and the last dragon in existence,  is his kindness.  I swooned over him and respected him. That is particularly important to me with a male protagonist.  I am extremely grateful that Morgan did not photoshop Candice's image. She's more than relatable.  She is realistic and I would thoroughly enjoy more realistic women in today's novels. Candice's bad luck is that of epic proportions.  I truly sympathized for her character.  Drake is exactly what she needed in her life. I wanted to do a victory dance when they met. Intrigue soars even higher when I discovered there is an amazing plot twist in the book. There is also no cliffhanger to dwell on. The next two parts of Touch of the Irish are about the other two females Eros thwarted as a result of his sulking tantrum. Touch of the Irish part 1 receives a well-deserved 5 stars! I admittedly wavered between four and five. There were just aspects of the sex scene I couldn't get on board with, however, they were sizzling hot and well-written. I also cannot wait to read part two! 

  • Barbara
    2019-05-03 15:51

    After a fight with his lover Psyche, Eros, the god of love, imbibes a bit much and on Valentine's Day, shoots his arrows into unsuspecting victims. When he realizes what he has done, he asks his ex-lover, Aine, Goddess of the Faeries, for aid. Thinking they have undone the damage, they suddenly realize there are three women left and the hunt is on. In this story, we meet Candice.Candice has lost everything...her job and her boyfriend, not to mention that it all happened on Valentine's Day. She meets who she thinks will offer her a job, only to discover that he has other things on his mind. She manages to deter his advances but runs into more trouble when a young punk with a gun tries to take her purse. That's when Drake Fallen steps in, he and the pixie, Sheridan.Now the 'fun' begins. Drake is an immortal dragon and when he rescues Candice, all he wants is her, preferably in his bed. There is a catch, however. He cannot take a human as a mate. Candice is human. Or is she?This story is filled with wonderful characters, exceptional writing, and banter that will have you laughing. The characters are well-developed, especially Sheridan, the pixie, who provides many hilarious moments..."naked man, naked man" and "octopussy boy" are just two. She is sent to assist Drake who has no idea what awaits him.I love this book and can't wait to read the second and third in this series. 18+ due to steamy sex. 5 stars.

  • Anne
    2019-05-12 13:07

    How can anyone hate Valentine's Day? Well, Candice Lipton can. The poor girl has lost her job, walked in on her boyfriend cheating on her with his best friend, no less, thought she was on a job interview and ends up fighting off a guy with more hands than an octopus. What else can go wrong, you ask? When it starts off with Eros getting drunk and shooting those lovin' arrows everywhere, a lot. Sending a faerie in training to clean up this mess by St. Patrick's Day might not have been the greatest option, but what's a goddess to do? Putting dragons and pixie dust together is an allergy attack waiting to happen, and you know what happens when a dragon don't? Well, you will. Touch Of The Irish is a rollicking fun tale with a faerie unwittingly bringing our couple, Candice Lipton and Drake Fallen, together. Combining it all into a cleverly written complete short story, some drama, a hot, sexy dragon shifter, smokin' sex in human form, an almost incompetent faerie and a big surprise for our hapless (until now) female, Savannah Morgan's first foray into the PNR genre packs it all into this thoroughly enjoyable, humorous short tale. It's anyone's guess as to what Part Two will bring us, but I can't wait.(Gifted a copy for an independent review)

  • Mystipul
    2019-05-17 12:03

    I always enjoy books about the old greek gods and all the chaos they created when they were being petty and angry. This story really caught my attention and held it through the entire story. Poor Candice had the bad luck of being hit by Eros's Lead arrows which messed up her relationship and her job and just about everything else going on in her life. Aine the Queen of the fairies sends a trainy fairy (Sheridan) to set things right and hook poor Candice up with the love of her life. Unfortunately for her.... he turns out to be a dragon!!.... How will they ever make things work out. Will Sheridan be able to save the day, will Drake be able to control his sneazing, will Candice accept her destiny!...I loved every second of this book and I cant wait for the second one to come out.

  • Kristy
    2019-05-21 18:01

    What an awesome introduction for the "Touch of the Irish" serial. I found myself quickly enthralled in the world of Gods, Goddesses, and all things paranormal. It was funny (I had a few laugh out load moments), action packed, steamy, full of history, I especially liked the info on the dieties & their relationships. I found the back story, about why Eros (cupid) hit everyone with hate arrows, quite fasinating..... then instead of cleaning up his own mess, who does he call?? Why the Aine, Queen of the Fairies of course...'The Dragon's Lair' is installment 1 of the "Touch of the Irish" series, & I can't WAIT to read the rest of the series. Is it bad to wish this was longer???

  • Mistral Dawn
    2019-05-07 15:51

    "Naked Dragons! Naked Dragons!" As Sheridan might say. ;-) Candice is a lady going through a string of bad luck. Drake is the last dragon in the world. Together, they might just solve both of their problems.Dragon's Lair is a fun short story with lots of heat and a touch of sweet. :-) I really enjoyed this story, and am definitely looking forward to part two: Wolfe's Heart.

  • Jen Winters
    2019-05-14 12:46

    I adore this sexy little book!Drake is far too beastly for me not to love him, and Candace is a fabulous everygirl. Sheridan is fabulous and I honestly hope to see more of her in book two, which I will be starting as soon as I am done with the review. Love these characters and The Morrigan is the best version of her I've ever read!

  • Zorha Redwolf
    2019-05-17 12:49

    Savannah Morgan has caught the spirit of the gods... both Celtic and Greek... her book is funny and exciting... it keeps you on the edge of your seat. I would recommend this book to any and every who loves Fantasy with the passion of us mortals...or gods i guess!

  • Margaret Nelson
    2019-04-23 10:49

    I loved this, it was a good read. I do however, wish it had been longer. I am looking forward to Part 2.

  • Nook Books and More Blog
    2019-05-21 10:54

    This book was epic! I really enjoyed the fun filled adventure! This book was filled full of steamy drama and hilarious moments that keep you smiling. I loved the mixed of the paranormal creatures it seems yogi be it a verity and adventures books need. The back story gives you a glimpse of understanding about the creature as the story begins. Then you are swept away into an adventure that's exciting and hot! Did I mention steamy! Be prepared though this book has a story with this sexiness which to me is very refreshing and it shows the authors true talents. These talents show a hint of quirkiness, humor, but explodes with her true talent by bringing the characters to there full potential.The chemistry between Candice and Drake is just phenomenal. You can feel the sexual tension off the bat but yet feel there own abilities which is a rate treat in books.Drake is strong and handsome and definitely the kind of guy you want working the streets and fighting against the bad guys. He bleeds sex, the perfect Alpha! I could actually feel what Candice was feeling when she met him! That's talent!Candice is a girl on hard times totally yet is strong willed and never gives up. You begin to see her strengths within her and admire her for it. Drake actually enhances her ability to come out of her shell. You are able to relate to this character on a more real level and that draws you into the story.Sheridan is my favorite character. She makes you laugh through out the entire book and gives a sense of freshness the book really needed. I think the author really did well when she added her character.Even though there's no cliffhanger, the book has two more so far in the series and I can't wait to delve into them! It's unique and different then the average paranormal story.Finally, this story seems to bring a sexy and humorous speak with a hint of danger wrapped up into an adventure you'll want to take a ride on. I'm not into much erotic scenes because they don't have a purpose along with them but, this author turns that around. She has the steamy scenes but it's wrapped around a plot that is full of surprises and that hint if paranormal bite that most desire. I am looking forward to the next read most definitely.

  • Suzie Parker
    2019-05-03 19:03

    Omg this book is amazing. I couldn't put it down once I started. You are going to love each and every word. Drake is the last Dragon alive or so he thinks. When he comes to a young woman's rescue he finds that he has to have her. He doesn't understand why but there is a connection to Candice that he has never felt before. Will Drake be the last of of his kind or is there something that everyone has been.keeping a secret? You will have to read the book to find out.....

  •  Patches Braz
    2019-04-27 17:56

    Eros goes on a drunken rampage on Valentines Day and shoots people with his leaden arrows.3 Women were missed in the clean-up,now it is up to students to find and fix these women's love life's.A Pixie named Sheridan is sent to Candice, what happens from than on is laughter, lots of laughter and ohhh hot scenes and a fantastic story!! "Naked Dragon, Naked Dragon!"I highly recommend!Promoting Authors, Books & ReviewsPatches

  • Lisa
    2019-04-29 14:09

    Wow , great short story! This is a quick, perfect read. Everything makes you turn the next page. I love the banter between the goddess sisters. There are a few plot twist that really speak to me of a well thought out,well written book. We have awesome supernatural beings here, such as dragons, pixies, fae, immortals. I want more! I wasn't ready to be done..

  • Lostred
    2019-05-14 12:41

    3 starsA fun and easy, slightly fluffy read about dragons, gods, pixies an loads more mythical/'majical' beings. Throw in a seemingly 'normal' girl with a run of supernatural bad luck and voila!

  • Ms Lady Jones
    2019-04-22 12:46

    I enjoyed this book a lot. Loved the back story and it had me wondering what's next.

  • Missy Harton
    2019-05-16 19:05

    "Silly Dragon. Tricks are for pixies."WOW!!! This is the first I've read of Ms. Morgan. While I'm not generally into shifter type books, this one DEFINITELY peeked my interest! Including at the beginning was a detailed description of the Gods and Goddesses and roles making the reading easy to understand. Three mortal lives have been caught in the cross fire of Eros; God of Love, Desire, and Excess. This is the story of how the Goddess Aine try's to rectify the live of one of them. The humor carried throughout; with phrases like "Octopussy," made Dragon's Lair a completely enjoyable read! Have Candice and Drake each finally found what they've been looking for? I'm onto to part two...Wolfe's Heart. Can't wait to see what awaits there!!