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SCI-FI ODYSSEY. COMEDY. LOVE STORY. AND OF COURSE... NIKOLA TESLA.I'll let Chip, the main character tell you more: "I found the journal at work. Well, I don't know if you'd call it work, but that's where I found it. It's the lost journal of Nikola Tesla, one of the greatest inventors and visionaries ever. Before he died in 1943, he kept a notebook filled with spectacular cSCI-FI ODYSSEY. COMEDY. LOVE STORY. AND OF COURSE... NIKOLA TESLA.I'll let Chip, the main character tell you more: "I found the journal at work. Well, I don't know if you'd call it work, but that's where I found it. It's the lost journal of Nikola Tesla, one of the greatest inventors and visionaries ever. Before he died in 1943, he kept a notebook filled with spectacular claims and outrageous plans. One of these plans was for an "Interdimensional Transfer Apparatus" - that allowed someone (in this case me and my friend Pete) to travel to other versions of the infinite possibilities around us. Crazy, right? But that's just where the crazy starts."CHIP'S OFFICIAL DISCLAIMER: This is a work of fiction: the events depicted in the collection of emails did not happen. I have never been in contact with a covert government group attempting to suppress knowledge of the lost journal of Nikola Tesla. I have not been threatened with death if I divulge the secrets contained inside. They did not buy me this handsome jacket (oh crap, you're reading this - trust me, it looks great on me). They did not come to my place, and liquor me up, and offer to publish this book as a sci-fi comedy novel to throw the public off the trail of the real truth.Or did they?I'm kidding. Of course they didn't.Or did they?God, I can't keep my big mouth shut....

Title : Where the Hell is Tesla?
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Where the Hell is Tesla? Reviews

  • EdwardGoetz
    2018-09-22 19:30

    If you dig the idea of the Multiverse and don't mind furry little aliens giving everybody the finger, this book is for you. It's like Dark Matter by Blake Crouch, except it's way funny and features a couple of guys who act like grown-up Bill and Ted from "Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure" (and use a lot of profanity).Pete and Chip find their way into the multiverse, meet said furry little alien, act like superheroes, then save mankind in the Epic Battle to Save the Multiverse.This is the funniest book I have read (listened) to all year. I really recommend Audible for this.Seriously, this book will make you laugh and cheer you up if you are feeling down. Enjoy.

  • Kirsty 📚📖❤️
    2018-10-03 14:26

    So I like space themed books, I like funny books, I like science related books even though half the time I don'd understand half of what's written. I like it when an author throws the whole kitchen sink in and gives you tons of information to work with. And I like it when a book is just pain bonkers. This...gave me all of the above. Inter-dimensional time travel. A weapon that looks suspiciously like a TV remote control, friendship and romance. And seriously no matter how hard I tried to imagine something else, Bobo the alien just stayed in my imagination as an Ewok. This book is a ton of fun and I really enjoyed it. I downloaded this and the second instalment as free arcs from netgalley and looking forward to starting the next one

  • Willow Brooks
    2018-10-01 16:21

    Awesome BookThis book was hilarious!!! Brilliant!!! A Perfect Read!!!This is the second book I've read by this author and I absolutely loved them both. The humor in here made me bust out cracking up a lot. I think comedy is difficult to nail just right in books but Rob does it very well. Chip was the best! I loved reading his journals to Julie. Freaking funny as all get out. Pete was the epitome of what a best friend should be. Together they were crazy and wonderful. I loved how each door was a suprise. Good or bad. And I can't leave out sweet little Bobo. If you need a light read to lighten things up and give you a few laughs with some outrageous yet witty humor, this book is for you.

  • Amanda Lyles
    2018-10-10 13:05

    This book had me laughing so hard. Pete and Chip were such doofuses and yet were the best heroes for the story. I loved all the Bobos and while I wasn't sure about Meg I eventually came to like her. She had some interesting conversations with Nikola Tesla. I would recommend this book to everyone.

  • Nospin
    2018-10-11 21:21

    3.5 star humorous sci-fi buddy rompVery entertaining sci-fi comedy as buddies discover Tesla's journal and travel through InterdimensionsThe audience for this work would be males in their 20s. While I laughed quite a bit, the lack of distinctive voices for the two main characters sometimes made it hard to follow. There is a lot of profanity in this book's dialogue which some readers may find off putting.I received this Audible book in consideration of an honest review. All opinions are my own.

  • Diane Hernandez
    2018-10-08 19:20

    Extremely funny sci-fi book. If you liked Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy or John Dies at the End, this book is equally zany. It also has some romance. I really loved the ending and, of course, Bobo. The description of the villain is hilarious.I received this audiobook for free on Goodreads but that has in no way impacted my review.

  • Mike (the Paladin)
    2018-10-07 18:09

    Okay so just having a good idea and using Tesla's name does not guarantee a good book...or even a pretty good book.I think the main problem for me here is I don't find the author's humor funny. I know I'm supposed to find it absurd and just side-achingly hilarious.I don't.I bought this as part of a package deal so i can't even return it. I finally laid it aside. If I ever come back to it, finish it and think better of it I'll tell you. I'm sure some of you will like it as the humor will be a matter of taste. Can't recommend. Sad.

  • Gavin Griffith
    2018-10-10 21:14

    Not what I was expecting, but it was hilarious

  • BridgetT
    2018-09-26 18:18

    FUNNY, FUNNY, FUNNY!!! I listened to it TWICE. This will be my go-to whenever I need a laugh-out-loud book.

  • Alex Mu
    2018-10-11 21:06

    This is a fun, easy, comedic listen. Basic story is: a slacker type and his best friend (the more responsible one of the two) stumble into a transdimensional adventure guided by the journal of Nicola Tesla. There is a good mixture of worlds that they stumble upon, some more like their world than others, and the realities are explained nicely. The format of the story is a series of emails that Chip (main slacker who has some growing up to do) sends to his (ex?)girlfriend. I’ve read a couple of books lately that are a series of journal entry- type and this follows the same kind of formatting. The narration here was better than I had hoped. The author narrates his book which normally gives me pause (and is actually why the book sat in my wish list for a bit), but he had a good range of voices, and female characters are normal sounding (i.e. not falsetto or whiny). Since the book is kind of like a buddy comedy, the tone with which the lines are delivered are essential to getting the full enjoyment of the book. Rob Dircks delivers on that. Basically, I liked the book. If I had to complain about anything it would be that for the most part the chapters are split by the email chain; which means at the beginning you get the chapter title and then the email heading including subject line. But the email subject line is the same as the chapter title. Basically the beginning portion of each chapter gets a bit repetitive. But once you get used to it, it’s not as annoying. Like I mentioned, I had this book in my which list for a little while (mostly because I wasn’t sure about the author narrating and whether it would be as funny as the sample suggested it would be). I ended up receiving the book in exchange for a review and am glad I did. The book is funny. There is some language in it, so be aware of that, but the language fits with the character and isn’t thrown in there just because. If you are looking for something light, fun and adventure-like, pick this up. (Sidenote: you don’t have to be a fan of Tesla to enjoy the book. Who he was and what he did for the world is generally explained in the story. If you are a fan of Tesla (or electricity for that matter) and would enjoy a story that kinda pays homage to him, you should definitely pick this up). [I received this book at no cost from the author via goodreads for an honest review]

  • Vishakha Motwani
    2018-09-26 17:22

    Welcome to inter-dimensional space travel.This book had me cracking up so many times, especially when Chip expects to travel through the inter-dimensional doors like:But instead he's like, mehhh:It is quite and if you are too much bothered by swearing, you might want to be prepared, because this one has a lot. Although sometimes that was what made laugh when Chip tries to communicate with Pete through Bobo.This book can be said to be just a funny way to look at inter-dimensional travel and what might become of you if you were to find yourselves in a totally parallel different dimension.Thanks to the author/narrator for providing me a free copy for review!

  • Tiana Warner
    2018-10-20 17:15

    Two bros stuck in a multiverse, trying to get home with the help of Nikola Tesla. Yup. It reminded me ofJohn Dies at the End in that it was full of stupid humour that totally made me laugh out loud. The nonsensical sci-fi tone and bits of gallows humour also reminded me ofHitchhiker's Guide. It earned points because it's not just a series of weird/funny events that are only vaguely connected -- it contains a plot and character arcs. Overall, an entertaining read.

  • Daisy
    2018-09-24 21:23

    This book was such a treat I was sorry it ended so quickly. Dircks has an oddly bent imagination reminiscent of Douglas Adams and this book took me back to the days when I first found Adams and was laughing out loud while reading his books. That imagination paired with a rapid-fire, going off in a million different directions writing style creates a delightful nonstop rollercoaster of hysterical characters, oddball settings, and zinging one-liners. Usually when I see "read by the author" I groan, but this was one of the best narrations I've ever listened to! Funny, clever, and read to perfection I hope the author writes more of these. I almost want to go and listen to it all over again.

  • Daniel
    2018-09-25 21:20

    I came across this book on a shelf of 'books that you'll probably never hear about if we don't put it infront of your face' and since it touted itself as a Sci-Fi/Comedy featuring Nicola Tesla, I went ahead and picked it up. I am not sorry at all. I would compare it to the John and Dave series (John Dies at the End, This Book is Full of Spiders) in that it's a couple of average guys who end up making some bad decisions and poor choices until they end up saving the world as we know it. Written in the format of a series of emails from a guy to his ex-girlfriend, this book is one that I did not want to put down until it was too late the end.

  • Rob Dircks
    2018-10-18 21:21

    I'm the author, so not sure what I'm supposed to say about the book, but I had a blast writing it, and I hope you enjoy it!

  • Sarah
    2018-10-02 19:18

    I received this book free from the publisher via in exchange for an honest review.Please see my full reviews available at

  • Lara
    2018-10-19 20:07

    i loved it! it is incredibly funny with a touch of the hitchhikers guide of the galaxy. Just became one of my favorites books.

  • Paula Wilkinson
    2018-09-26 20:14

    I received the audiobook version for free in exchange for a review. I didn't think I would like the book because it immediately starts off with a lot of bad language. Additionally, the concept of the book was weird to me. However, I made a commitment and listened away. I ended up really enjoying the book. It was funny & held my attention with an interesting story line. Definitely lighter material than what I normally choose. I liked it enough that I have already begun the sequel.

  • Axrob
    2018-10-07 13:09

    Really interesting storytelling. Funny and quirky.

  • Gary Raives
    2018-09-28 15:12

    A fun and funny book. All the action is told by the protagonist's text to his "girlfriend". I really enjoyed the book.

  • Geoff Taylor
    2018-09-29 20:30

    Fun book that is also very original. The characters are awesome. Highly recommended. Rob Dircks also narrates the audiobook and he is a wonderful narrator.

  • AudioBookReviewer
    2018-10-03 18:23

    My original Where the Hell is Tesla? audiobook review and many others can be found at Audiobook Reviewer.Where the Hell is Tesla? by Rob Dircks follows the antics of Chip and Pete as they travel through the Interdimensional Transfer Apparatus, a device designed and created by Nicola Tesla. The Interdimensional Transfer Apparatus acts a portal to parallel universes. Having inadvertently gotten lost, Chip and Pete wander through in the Interdimensional Transfer Apparatus and different parallel dimensions trying to figure out how to return to their own universe. Soon they discover that the only way to get back to their own universe is to find and save Nicola Tesla himself from the evil villain, Who, and save the universes.This novel is hilarious. I was smiling throughout the entire book. It is written entirely as emails from Chip to his ex-girlfriend. At first I wasn’t sure if this would work well. But it was perfect. It really allowed the reader to get to know Chip and Pete, through Chip’s eyes. Ultimately, this isn’t a story to take too seriously. That being said, it was well written, and humor was intelligently incorporated. And the style chosen allowed the reader to see how Chip’s emotions do and don’t change as he and Pete experience this somewhat traumatic adventure. The plot is just so funny. There is a lot of silliness with almost every aspect of the novel. They find an odd creature in the Interdimensional Transfer Apparatus and they travel to other dimensions. In these universes, they have all types of adventures, including almost being killed, low gravity, super heroism, and they meet different versions of themselves. I really liked how the different versions of Chip and Pete and how they were so different. It really makes you think about how someone becomes who they are. While Chip’s emails are full of stories about their silly antics, and an ongoing comedic commentary, there are also coping mechanisms for the despair and loneliness that is plaguing him in the Interdimensional Apparatus as he and Pete continue their journey. I also really like all of the other characters in the story and their interactions with Chip and Pete were fun to listen to. The plot doesn’t lag much as a result of the comedic commentary even when there are no real actions being taken. The format of the emails helps with that.This novel was narrated by Rob Dircks himself and I must say I’m impressed. He did a great job with the delivery with voicing Chip and the other characters through Chip’s voice. I wonder if this is because he wrote the characters and so knows the characters really well.  I would like to hear another novel narrated by him. The production quality was also good. I would recommend this novel to anyone who likes fun, hilarious, science fiction stories.Audiobook was provided for review by the author.

  • Adrian
    2018-10-17 16:19

    My rating: 5 starsAudiobook narrator Rob Dircks rating: 4.5 starsThis was a short and really fun book that I would highly recommend. This may be a silly comparison but this book reminded me of a mixture of The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy with Mr. Penumbra's 24-Hour Bookstore with a slight hint of Little Fuzzy (along with Monster’s Inc., the movie). Strangely enough, this is the third book that I have read in as many months that has something to do with Nikola Tesla.Just as the author warned, there is a fair amount of language in this book, but I feel that this serves as an important character trait of Chip. It works well for him and it is addressed several times in the book by different characters.I enjoyed this book and really enjoyed the narration. The author did a good job of changing his voice around, especially for Tesla. I know this is a comedic sci-fi book, but it makes you think a lot about different dimensions and parallel universes and such (in a good way, not a hurt-your-brain way). One stray thought – The “Julie Taylor” in this book does not refer to Julie Taylor from Friday Night Lights, does it? Just curious… :)Thanks for the book, Rob!

  • Jennifer
    2018-09-27 14:27

    First consider yourself warned - the two main characters in this novel swear worse than sailors, or steel-workers, or frat boys! If you can overlook that - it's one of the funniest, most clever sci-fi books around. I really enjoyed it and hope that Rob Dircks can follow it up with something a little less profane. He's a great writer and the story DID NOT need all the cursing. It would've still been excellent -maybe 5 star worthy and then I could let my 14 year old son read it.Love the bobos, they're the best. I was completely surprised that he was the audible narrator - he did a great job.

  • Gilbert Texas
    2018-09-22 18:31

    I haven't had this much fun reading a comedy scifi since H2G2 also I'm my head I imagined "Who" looking like mugato from zoolander and Bobo looking like Cha-Ka from land of the lost lol idk how my brain made that connection. Anyway I being an electrician have a huge fascination with Tesla and my favorite sub-genre being comedy scifi I naturally was drawn to this book but did not expect it to be so good. Was pleasantly surprised

  • Lori
    2018-09-25 19:06

    Some books can be interesting, some can be enlightening, others intriguing, fascinating, touching, heartbreaking, moving, inspiring but the BEST BOOKS of all ARE LIKE THIS ONE-FABULOUSLY ENTERTAINING!!!! I loved it....quite honestly, it's not just a book, it is an experience!!!!Thank you Rob Dircks for the entertainment and the laughter.

  • Edgar Perez
    2018-10-13 14:13

    really funny and entertaining.The protagonist looks like taken from "hey dude, where's my car" and everything is written in letter (well, e-mail) form, as love letters.really liked itI always like seeing Tesla as a main character"tell her that every time she uses electricity, se'll be meeting me"

  • Alan
    2018-09-30 18:13

    Very enjoyable funny story about two unsophisticated Bros that discover an interdimensional portal and go on an adventure. I was laughing out loud for more than one instance. I am looking forward to a sequel.

  • Kris Cox
    2018-09-21 14:18

    Totally fun, fluffy readEasy to breeze through, several laugh out loud moments. The email writing device was stretched thin to the breaking point a couple of times, but the story remained engaging throughout.

  • Scott
    2018-09-25 15:32

    Could not recommend this book more! I read it and could not put it down. Even after I am done, I can not think of anything else. This is the type of book I will read over and over again! Go get a copy and read it yourself!