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Several years after the Third World War, resources are scarce. The poor are poorer, and the middle class doesn't exist anymore. Teenagers are bought from desperate parents and orphanages, then brought to an island facility where they are to be educated, fed, and clothed as appropriate for their end purpose—soldier or breeder.Marie Rice, is a strong young woman and has gainSeveral years after the Third World War, resources are scarce. The poor are poorer, and the middle class doesn't exist anymore. Teenagers are bought from desperate parents and orphanages, then brought to an island facility where they are to be educated, fed, and clothed as appropriate for their end purpose—soldier or breeder.Marie Rice, is a strong young woman and has gained rank as leader of her battalion of trainees. She was promised a better life on the island, but she is finding that promises were made to be broken.Gunner Lincoln is second-in-command of another battalion of trainees and has a conscience, unlike his commander.In a world turned upside down, with violence growing stronger by the day, Marie and Gunnar know better than to allow anything to happen between them, no matter the attraction, but cannot keep themselves from falling into a forbidden love....

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Gunning For Marie Reviews

  • Vivian
    2019-05-02 13:14

    I was intrigued by the concept of this story. Unfortunately, it missed the mark. There are major issues with world building, character development, and the plot. In addition, awkward word choices and sentences impede the flow: She didn’t have much longer to be.They made it through the secret door and down to the basement unmolested. In the first case, live would be a better choice, and in the second, undetected. I would have happily ignored these bits and motored along, but the real problem I have with this story is how illogical it was. They could track the blood if it hit the ground. The blood from her injured feet went unnoticed. Now either the sentence isn't getting across that she doesn't notice the blood on her feet or it is stating that it wouldn't be noticed by trackers which negates the previous statements and concerns about the blood. Video games were popular among the men of the teams. The females had the option of learning to cook or medical training. Leader training would not have this division. A female could never lead with the perceived inequity in skills. Plus, it turns out that a male co-conspirator takes the same course as Marie.He had no doubt his soldiers could overtake the puny, overemotional sheep. He would rule the world! Everyone would bow to his genius. He would roll in money, command his warriors and rid the planet of the weak. It's going to take more than 50 soldiers to do that. Seriously?Tyson likes to break in subpar warrior girls and any he impregnates will be reared, so how does this makes sense? The implant given to the female warriors prevented pregnancy. Except when it doesn't. Two hours later, the young man was laid to rest. Two hours to dig a grave for a pair of people who have experience? No. Super villain bent on taking over the world doesn't password his computer?Live munitions drill with orders to kill or survive using your take-over-the-world with fifty soldiers? Would you choose a crossbow over a gun in this instance? You're trained in hand to hand combat and a couple bitch slaps break you? Unnecessary skulking makes one look suspicious, especially when in the next scene one waltzes through a room with no one paying attention. Since it made so much sense the first time, let's repeat it. Rescue plan that gets the hostage, but has no plan for where to go after. Melodramatic, but conveniently well-timed interruption of the ill-fated plan sees the drama llama make several appearances at death beds. And finally, there are just some inaccuracies about how the Army does things regarding funerals and job placement. I would have rated this a bit higher if the instances of logic fail weren't so numerous. While the simple prose and emotional lobotomies of the characters didn't help, I was willing to write the first off as a YA novel and the second as brain-washing/training. I have difficulty imagining who I would recommend this story to; the military aspects are wrong, the dystopian is barely formed, the suspense barely gets one buzzing, and the romance is non-existent.~~A copy was provided to me for a No Glitter Blown review~~~~~Reviewed for Hearts On Fire Reviews~~~

  • Jenny Wood
    2019-05-15 11:51

    I was given this copy in exchange for an honest review...First, hot cover! I've seen it a time or two and these two are hot together.. good choice!While I'm not a big fan of dystopia... I tried really hard not to let that get in the way of the story...There were a few things though, I really didn't like... Silas and Tyson...I understand Silas is trying to make a new race of people to take over the world or whatever, but...he talks about raping his housekeeper/servant... saying she cried when he first starting doing it but after punishing her a few times, she stopped doing it.. and he didn't care if she did it in privacy, she could "cry herself dry" he just didn't wanna witness it... Now, I understand that he's supposed to be "the bad guy"... and oh, how he was and it made me hate him and everything it was supposed to do while writing such a despicable character.. I just really didn't like it...It put me off of the story... And Tyson? He was scum too... talking about "taking" Marie and the things he would do and how he always tried to best her... I found myself wishing that someone would shoot him in the head much like he does so easily to just about anybody who crosses him. Overall...not off to a good start.Gunner is in love with Marie, and they start a secret relationship, he's sweet and you can tell he really cares about her... as innocent as she is, you can tell she really cares for him as well. He fights for her and fights to protect her. That's what ya wanna see in a good book boyfriend... :)Tyson is the epitome of a bad person and I dunno why I felt he redeemed himself at the end and I felt a little sorry for him.. wasn't expecting that lol. I don't really wanna ruin it with spoilers but... if Dystopians are your thing, you should definately read this... it's a good story.. just not my type... and of course Gunner and Marie have their HEA... I'm a sucker for a HEA!

  • Lourdes
    2019-05-17 08:18

    I received a free ARC for an honest review. I really enjoyed this book, it caught my attention when the young girl running from the hospital. So you have the breeders and the warriors. You have this man called Silas who governed the island, and then you have Tyson, Gunner and Marie, warriors for Silas. They try to keep order and if something is out of line they would try to keep peace, or shoot and kill if someone trying to escape. The way most of the people brought to the island, Silas would go visit the parents and offer them money for there child and depending on there circumstance the parent would accept and the child at 16 and up was sent to this island. Now Tyson, Gunner were from same team, Marie was from another, but many times, Gunner would come around Marie to help her with any exercises on how to protect herself or defend herself. They were like competing to see who's better. But Gunner liked Marie a lot, now Marie had no experience with boys since she left early age and was working to bring food to the table. So one night Gunner surprises Marie where she would go at nights to relax a little and asked if she don't mind some practice and so another night they meet practicing and he kisses her, finally she's aware of what love is, next time they meet surprises!!!It's kind of like the Hunger Games story, but you find out who you can trust or not, at the end you will not be disappointed, makes you love and hate some characters but then you wish the end wasn't how it was but good ending. First Book by this author Tracey Steinbach and I loved it!!

  • Dee
    2019-05-10 08:56

    3.5 starsDystopian M/F RomanceThis wasn't a bad story, but I didn't entirely get the entire Island thing. With the games they had to play all I could think of was "this reads like The Hunger Games."There was a fair amount of violence, but I didn't feel connected to any of the characters so was unmoved by it. The story never gave me the feeling it was set post World War 3, so fell short for me as being 'dystopian.' In fairness to the author it was well written and edited, just not what I expected.I requested a copy of this story in exchange for an honest review.

  • Gabrielle
    2019-04-26 10:17

    I was looking for a good dystopian besides all of the best-selling books already out to see if there are any different I was given this book for an honest genuine reviewI was a bit disappointed with this one the world building was a bit lack luster it's a dystopian based on island children in poor families that can't really feed them sell them to a mysterious stranger that promises he will give them money and take the children off their hands and care for them ,but he's only doing it to create soldiers and breeders and if you result to be useless he gets "rid" of themi was looking for more in the world building so I could really see it in my mind. the idea of the plot was good, but it was also lacking the dialogue was also weird the flow of the story was choppy. I had issues with the characters personalities the beginning was weird and confusing. I so wanted to love this story, but I just didn't

  • Yvette
    2019-05-10 12:01

    I am a fan of this authors work. So obviously when this book was released I jumped on it and purchased it. And not so surprisingly enough, it was great. I really enjoyed it. The twists and turns were great and at times I couldn't put it down because I needed to know what was next. The only downside to this book was that it was short. I wanted more. If this book ever got made into a series, it would be absolutely perfect. Overall I would most certainly recommend to friends.

  • Jaycee
    2019-05-21 14:51

    Review by Jaycee for BOOKS 'N COZY SPOTS BOOK REVIEWS, provided by publisher for honest review.A rather gruesome and very gripping beginning to this post WWIII piece of the world that exists because of a zealous ideologue and operates in semi-secrecy as is typical of such a parasite.Children are bought under misleading circumstances from destitute families looking to survive and for their children, at least, to prosper in a tenuous world. In fact, the children are groomed as soldiers to ultimately fight for the zealot’s twisted goals, or to breed new soldiers who will ultimately fight for the zealot’s twisted goals. The intention is that none of them will ever see their old life again post training and indoctrination, mimicking the current real-world manipulation of children in a very adult game of chance.Other nefarious goings-on are background issues, alluded to but not detailed, which is unfortunate, as they might have solidified what could have been a truly defined villain and upped the dark elements normally characteristic of a dystopian setting. Their lack was not essential, but more flesh, particularly of the rotting kind in this type of tale, is almost always key in consuming a reader in the dark aspects of the world as opposed to merely having them along for the ride.Notwithstanding, the H/H are pretty immediately defined, described and known to the reader as characters to be cheered along their tortuous path. Two of the soldier class, by virtue of their forbidden pairing, are plunged into the truth of the world they inhabit and along with a trusted group of awakened rebels, fight the good fight and ultimately let the real world in on the atrocities both taking place and planned for its future. The set up of the island world of misfit toys (as I came to think of them) was succinct and well defined in a minimum of narrative - or at least a very effectively used narrative. Most excellent. The H/H similarly were easy to “get” as a reader, and to invest in. I liked the people they were, as well as the fight against who they were intended to become.In fact, I liked it all so well that I was somewhat disappointed there wasn’t more in-depth detail, though I realize that very often stories of this genre can be bogged down with excess narrative. But this story is there. The bones are most excellent, and as a short story, the whole of it succeeds. But I can’t help but feel a bit deprived of the complete villain and what made him design this fate for the world. I can’t help but feel a longing to know more about the demi-villain and what, in the end, made him fall on his own sword…figuratively as well as literally. I can’t help but wonder how, or if, the less strong of the misfit toys were re-acclimated to the real world and not merely in a brief, summative epilogue.This is a really good short story that begs to be a full-fledged novel; full of darkness and blood and guts and then the light at the end of the misery. Tracey Steinbach is a storyteller; that much is evident. As a reader I’m just asking for more of a really good thing…

  • Heather
    2019-05-19 15:15

    Marie is a young women who has learned to fend for herself and her family after the death of her father in WWIII. At least, until a man came to visit, offering Marie a better life for both herself and her mom and siblings. The deal, go with him to his island, where she will be taken care of and given an education. Her mom, receives a lump sum essentially as payment.Gunnar is a military brat being raised solely by his father. His dad was lured to give his son to the man in exchange for furthering of his training and a donation to the military.The man take Marie, Gunnar and many others to an island. The man, Silas, started his island to create his own colony. On the island, he educates all of the children he has brought here but as the education progresses they are separated into two groups. The breeders and the warriors. The breeders are the most beautiful women he could find, their sole purpose is to reproduce his or select warrior’s children.Both Marie and Gunnar are warriors but on separate teams. There has been a connection between them. The attraction has grown but they both know that it’s not safe to pursue. At the same time, the danger on the island is growing. Can they keep themselves and the others on the island safe? This is a fairly short book and because of that, there is a lack of depth to the characters backgrounds. Once on the island, the story is fairly well developed among certain characters but there are others that you’re really don’t understand their reasoning or motivation.I enjoyed the story as long as I didn’t think about it too hard. Gunnar and Marie is a nice story but it’s not something I would seek out. This genre is a bit out of my wheelhouse, although I have read other dystopian books such as “Hunger Game”. This one just seemed to lack the depth I enjoy, the type that draw you in and make you forget time and life happening around you. The authors writing does put her on a list of authors that I’d like to see what else they write. So although this book may not be my favorite, it’s not for a lack of good writing style.

  • Hanna
    2019-05-03 09:09

    *I received the book for free in exchange for an honest review*A strong first chapter can make or break a book and "Gunning for Marie" starts out exceptionally thrilling. We are immediately drawn into the small world of its own the island presents. There's no running away - you're trapped.A disadvantage of starting out so strong were definitely the raised expectations I had for the rest of the book. This way the sometimes not-so-elegant ways of telling a story stood out later on. To give an example we read the life story of everyone important right in the beginning. This is problematic in a few ways: - You tend to mix them up because they're so similar and you don't know the characters yet.- They didn't really fit there in some cases and interrupted the story.- It got boring after the second story. Neither did I care for the style of writing in that part, it was a bit too plain for my taste.As the story went on I found I cared less about these imperfections. It's a decent story with decent characters (and a nice epilogue) and I have a hard time finding much to critize (though we Viennese looooove critizing ;)). The story actually kept me hooked and I read most of it in one sitting. Still, the whole book was missing a feeling of "realness" to it, it felt more like a daydream. Anyway, the "realness" is a matter of both talent and practice - so go on practicing, dear author, and you'll get there ;) [You could maybe start by making your characters not entirely good or bad, but something in between - Silas seemed almost comically evil, actually]I'd say, overall, 3.5 solid stars!

  • Danielle
    2019-05-10 12:55

    I got this book in exchange for an honest review.This book was a great read. It was not one of those books that dragged on for ever, which is a good thing. I love books that give you the idea they are trying to share right away and don't drag out some things. It gets hard in some books when you are dealing with the future.From the get go I loved the characters. Marie is a very strong woman and you get a great understanding of her as you are reading. I love that you can tell how she feels about things as they happen. You don't have to try and guess what bugs her. I also love the relationship she has with the soldiers in her group and with Gunnar. You can tell she takes care of her own. That is a great quality.The love story in this book was developed well and not too rushed. You don't go from point A to point B in like 24 hours which is a good thing. I hate when you are reading a love story and you fall in love in 24 hours. I just can't how that works. In this book we get a great idea of how they started to fall for each other but they let it work out on it's own.Without giving the ending away, this book is definitely one that will leave you wanting to finish it quickly. It was not rushed and I loved how the people involved got what they deserved. This was not one of those pretty, hand holding books and that makes it better for me. They have to fight for what they want.Pros: Great storyline, great charactersCons: Too Short, need more!Overall rating: Highly recommended!!

  • Kel Crist
    2019-05-25 15:48

    I was provided a free copy of this e-book in exchange for an honest review.Gunning for Marie by Tracey Steinbach: What do you do when your whole world gets turned around? After the 3rd World War, children are bought and taken to a secret island where they are trained to be either warriors or breeders, but to what end? Marie and Gunner are both warriors, trained to handle battles and extreme situations, but can they handle matters of the heart? At the beginning it’s said best: Warning: Book contains violence, forbidden love, hot men in uniform and a badass chick named Marie. I will agree there is some violence, lots of men in uniform and a chick named Marie. The forbidden love is prevalent throughout this story as well as what seems to be a loss of innocence. Marie not only loses her virginity and comes to the harsh reality she’s now pregnant; she loses that naiveté that she had at the beginning about the island and the people there. I don’t know… the story was ok. It just didn’t suck me in. I found I did skim a few parts just to get to the next page. It felt like it dragged and was a bit forced at times. The characters were ok, although the thoughts of forcing himself on Marie from Tyson were a bit unsettling, but it added to his list of flaws. With Silas though, I didn’t feel like I understood his motivations for creating the island and keeping the others there, it just wasn’t fully explained.

  • Colleen B
    2019-05-04 12:51

    I thought that this was a really great story line. It made it really interesting that the teens weren't technically kidnapped.... each family or orphanage were approached with logical reasons for their child to go off to the island. The children weren't "bought" as far as the families were concerned. They were provided with living assistance and the promise that their child was off for a better life. It was a smart story.It was also a really interesting piece of the story to create this strong, smart, "family/race" in order to take over/save the world after the 3rd World War. Even though it was also evil... so evil.I have to say I don't love the cover... mainly because I just want them to be in some type of dark uniform. Gunnar & Marie were "soldiers". I can't remember if they were actually described as wearing dark uniforms.... but the white tanks and jeans just don't scream Gunnar & Marie to me. Otherwise... the guy is totally Gunnar as I pictured him, and she's pretty perfectly Marie. And, I need to say I enjoyed the 2 of them coming together.

  • Johanna Rae
    2019-05-10 15:04

    I've read a few of Ms Steinbach's books and this one is quite different from her others. I found the change in genre refreshing, and really enjoyed this story.Gunner and Marie had great chemistry, always watching out for one another and keeping tabs on each other's safety even though they had to hide their feelings. Both characters had strong personalities, a deep rooted need to do the right thing and sought justice when it was warranted.The book had a good pace and I turned the pages eagerly, needing to find out what happened next. Given the unique aspects of this alternate reality Ms Steinbach has crafted, I couldn't quite be sure how things would turn out for the ill fated couple.There were a few scenes where I'd have loved to see a little bit more expansion but all in all I felt it to be well written and would recommend it to others.

  • Judith
    2019-05-18 09:51

    I requested and received a copy of this book in return for an honest reviewI would actually give this book 3.5 stars.It is a well written story with an interesting plot. I started to like the characters but there really wasn't enough there development wise for me to get attached to them.There were some things about the island situation I didn't get either or how things were in the post-WWIII world. The descriptions of what life was like were lacking some what other than people were poor. And willing to give up their children.All of that being said, I still enjoyed reading the story and was happy with the ending. I'd also read other books by the same author. Because even though I would of preferred more details and character development, what was there was very well written.

  • Shannan Williams
    2019-05-06 08:03

    This is one of the first books I have read in the Dystopian genre and I absolutely loved it! I loved everything about this book…the characters, the action, the romance (just a tad of romance but I loved what it was), the mystery of it all. It was a great read. The author did very well on this short story. However, I would love to see more. I want to read more about Gunnar and Marie. I didn’t like Tyson but what he did in the end…oh my goodness; almost made me cry. I love how the book ended. This was keep you on the edge of your seat kind of book and I am so glad to have read it.I have to give this book 5***** and I have found myself a new author to love. I hope you enjoy this book as much as I did.

  • Shin The Bookworm
    2019-05-08 11:17

    An island only known as CACAJT with the breeders, the Riolsh and Nyamos military teams which lead by Tyson, Marie, Gunnar and Rowen, and there's Silas who's mission is to rule the world and get rid of the weak.... This read has an interesting plot and characters....I did like this read but I feel like it didn't reach its full potential.There were many scenes that if were expanded would be great and would give highlight to the story but it ended up like rushed. The romance between Marie and Gunner, and the rescue mission in the island that I expected to be action-packed and intense but not were one of those scenes.

  • N. Kuhn
    2019-05-01 11:17

    *I received this book free in exchange for an honest review*I don't normally read Dystopia. But, this book wasn't very much like others I've read in that genre. This was actually an exciting story. I enjoyed the back story that was short and sweet about some of the characters. I thought this was a fun romance. It has action, suspense and more! It's a slight sexy story, but mainly about the action. This was a short story and fun. I loved the characters, the ending, all of it. My only problem, keeping this from being a 5 star for me, is that there were editing errors. Nothing to keep it from being enjoyed, but they were noticable. It's still a good read though!

  • Julie
    2019-04-29 15:15

    It was an excellent read!! There was so much packed into this story it never got boring. It's action packed with lots of sexy heroes in it, especially Gunnar and Marie. Everyone who goes to the island expects a better life , but instead there is brutal treatment, being trained and manipulated to kill, by one man's psychotic dream to be a ruthless dictator who wants power. The plot of the story keeps you enticed the whole story. The epilogue was a nice touch to ending the story. I highly recommend this book to people who like fast paced action with romance. I won this free book on a Goodreads Giveaway.

  • Amber
    2019-05-14 07:51

    This one hooked me from the start and I read it straight through in one sitting. It was very fast paced and exciting read. A sweet romance with a little steam, and lots of action it kept me wanting more. I really like Marie. She's a tough chick who's been trained as a soldier but is also starting to realize that she's a woman. I found her feelings for Gunnar very sweet. Gunnar was really great too. He respected Marie and was in love with her. He also tried so hard to protect her. They made a sweet couple.This was a unique idea in the dystopian world. I really enjoyed it and plan on reading more from this author.

  • Sandra Love
    2019-04-27 09:09

    Received a copyOverall Rating 3 1/2 starsI really love the concept of this book, I really like the characters Marie and Gunner. I thought they had great chemistry. The story line was okay. I am not a big fan of the genre, but I did find this book interesting. It was a short book, and I wish there was more development in the story. There were great twist and turns, with kept me on the edge of my seat. If there are more in this series I will read

  • Heather Hollister
    2019-05-01 07:55

    This was a great book. It is well written. There is a great story line. Silas is very different. I am glad Marie and Gunnar met each other. I am also glad they found love in each other. When Marie was taken away Gunnar and Rowen kept trying to find her. I think in my opinion Rowen loved her too. This book will keep you wanting to know what happens next.

  • Helen Simpson
    2019-05-24 14:12

    i have to say i really enjoyed this book. The author made you believe the struggle Marie was going through with her emotions. Well written book definitely worth a read.

  • Kimberly
    2019-05-20 14:51

    I received this ebook in exchange for an honest review by answering a call for reviewers on I was drawn to the book first by the cover, then by the summary -- I do enjoy dystopian and romance!Here on Goodreads, an "okay" book is to be designated as 2-stars, though I am certain most members, authors and publishers assume an "okay" book deserves three stars. Unfortunately, two stars is as good as I can give this book. It is only "okay" at best. It could have been so much more. References were made to events that were never explained. Characters were introduced, but never truly developed including the leader of this island and many of the other inhabitants. The book blurb mentions World War III, but the story itself never addresses what happened, how it came to be, what the final results were, how long ago it occurred, what portion of America remains, let alone the rest of the world. We learn how children were "bought" for the leader's rebellion, but not how he planned to take over and rule. The author has a likable pair of heroes in Gunnar and Marie, but the author doesn't do anything with them.I was surprised when I realized this book is merely novella in length. This reads much more like a prequel than a stand-alone story, although there is no information of a follow-up book expected.While I enjoyed the little that the author gives, this book leaves me wanting the full story, not an underdeveloped story with undeveloped characters. In this state, I would not recommend this book to other readers simply because this story is not complete. Like many readers, I am not a fan of dividing one story into three cliffhanger stories -- this feels too deceptive!

  • Fee (Ebook Addicts)
    2019-05-08 15:07

    I struggled with this one. It is classed as dystopian but I just didn't get that feel from it.It is set after World War 3 and centers around an Island. Now I want to know more about the war - how it happened and what lead to the Island becoming what it was. I just didn't get the feel that this was set after a major war.The Island itself offers more questions and it all felt very "Hunger Games" me. Marie is trained as a warrior whereas most woman on the island are treated as breeders - Silias is the main guy in charge of the island and he feel no remorse at raping his housekeeper and impregnating all the woman he classes as beautiful enough to be breeders, in order to create his new super race.This fell short on the dystopian genre and I didn't connect with the characters.3 stars

  • Tracey Steinbach
    2019-04-30 10:06