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Violet has a special talent, one that her man found could make him rich. Crowds come to watch her, and the lucky ones get to join in. Tonight she's performing on a small stage, entertaining the troops. Will Violet be able to satisfy the starved men in uniform? Can she handle the military action by a couple of war heroes? Dare to come in and get wet. ***Note*** This short sViolet has a special talent, one that her man found could make him rich. Crowds come to watch her, and the lucky ones get to join in. Tonight she's performing on a small stage, entertaining the troops. Will Violet be able to satisfy the starved men in uniform? Can she handle the military action by a couple of war heroes? Dare to come in and get wet. ***Note*** This short story contains over 10,000 words, and uses graphic language and explicit descriptions. This erotic tale is not for the prudish, the squeamish or the faint-of-heart. Intended for MATURE AUDIENCES only!...

Title : Violet The Organ Grinder: Love is a Battlefield (#1, Entertaining The Troops)
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ISBN : 25055959
Format Type : Kindle Edition
Number of Pages : 55 Pages
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Violet The Organ Grinder: Love is a Battlefield (#1, Entertaining The Troops) Reviews

  • Jeanna Pride
    2019-05-01 11:33

    There is not a lot to be said about this book that I can’t say with three words. Hot! Perverted! and Fun!I love to read books about depraved things. They are my secret—or not so secret—guilty pleasure. I was put on to July Cummings by someone who knows a little about my proclivities. And so, I bought the book and took to reading, making sure that my reading couch were arranged just so, with everything I needed in close reach: coffee, throw blanket… and the rest, you know.Given a lot of the vanilla on KU, I could not and did not expect what I got in this wicked little story. Just think Circus Freak Show and Sex. That about sums it up. It is so sexy and so debased that I didn’t set it down from the get go. Better even – it promises more and more and more to come. I have already downloaded the next one. The book started with sex from the beginning, sex with circus freaks, multiple sex partners and sex in front of crowds. What could go wrong? And the writing is good, the description well put together without sounding mechanical and forced. The setting and the conflict for Violet all works well together and the core of the story, the erotic component works very well in the context of its characters and setting.If you have any sort of libido, you will be humming from the beginning and won’t stop till the end.Pick it up for some fun little perversions and a lot of good time depraved fornication.

  • William G.
    2019-05-04 04:27

    After recently being introduced to the work of July Cumming and getting my first delectable taste of her goodies in Bending Over For Jeff, I was rather excited to venture further into her writing with what promised to be a truly debaucherous romp with a character that is destined to be one of my favorite filthy girls!Violet the Organ Grinder follows the illicit carnal adventures of super-dirty girl with unique special talent and a knack for arousing everyone she meets. Down for anything with anyone, Violet gets things messy time and again as she is forced to perform twice a night against her will before huge crowds as part of a Carnival Freak Show. Essentially pimped by a man that seeks to get rich off of her over-the-top sexual appetite, Violet basks in every sexually charged, exhausting moment and wantonly begs for more! Violet is perverted! She is hot! And she is exactly the kind of nasty sex-crazed trollop we all secretly hope to wake up next to each morning!Love Is A Battlefield is but the first chapter in the deliciously slippery Violet saga and finds our mischievous naughty heroine entertaining a group of sex starved soldiers. This particular entry into the adventures of Violet the Organ Grinder features circus freaks, sex machines, multiple partners and a hefty cleaning bill! So grab the virgin coconut oil and pre-order your next keyboard or tablet now because things are about to get sticky! Erotica has a new Crown Princess of Smut and her name is July Cumming and her gal Violet is out to make your every raunchy fantasy come true, even ones you didn’t know you had! I can’t wait to see what misadventure awaits Miss Violet in Part 2!

  • J.B.
    2019-05-08 08:11

    *faints*Yep, I fainted. Give me a minute while I wake up. Anyone got smelling salts?I came into this one thinking, okay I’ve read just about everything this author has to offer so far, so nothing in this story should surprise me. Well f*** me, I was wrong. I’m kinda speechless, really. Yes there were minor spelling errors, a missing word here and there, but nothing that killed the story. Hell, the only reason I noticed them was because I needed to stop and calm down a bit. This book had me horny as hell. I couldn’t read through the whole thing without rubbing one out. TMI? Ah who cares, if you’re reading this blog for a dirty book it’s because you aren’t a f***ing prude.I have family in the military. So to have a story centered around military men and their spouses was pretty awesome. There was one other surprise, but I won’t spoil it for you. Though I will say that fisting was lifted to a whole nother level.I know I mentioned moneyshots in my last blog, but I just have to mention them again. The author writes the most visual moneyshots I’ve ever read. I truly mean that. You literally feel the cum hitting Violet’s face.The author writes sex better than anyone I’ve read so far. Her stories aren’t the longest I’ve ever read but trust me when I tell you that that doesn’t matter. At. All. What sex is in the story, and there is a lot of it, is more than enough. If you finish this book wanting, needing more, you have a problem and should seek help. For reals.I can’t really say much more about this story. It was perfect. It was sexy, arousing, and much much more

  • Karen Raines
    2019-05-09 08:37

    Honestly, this is a brilliantly dirty read. I don't think I've ever read such well described scenes. Violet is a truly engaging character and boy does she have sex appeal. I won't give anything away but that is one hell of a menage scene! I can see July becoming my go-to for short steamy reads.

  • Zak Hardacre
    2019-05-22 04:27

    Wow - I had never ready any of the work by this author and wasn't sure what to expect. The book begins with an explanation of the characters Violet and her 'Master' Tyson. Tyson is her boyfriend who just wants to get rich from her sexual appetites. Not that she minds, as she is prepared to do anything to meet her own sexual gratification.Performing in a cage as part of a sexual exhibit, she wows her adoring followers. Her kinks have no bounds, as she bends over backwards and other positions to satisfy some deserving military veterans.Being a British military veteran myself, I was swept along with the author's sexual fantasy. At one point I was actually questioning if it was fantasy or based on experiences of the author. That proves just how well written it is, and its sexual content is explicit and delightful in equal measures.It is not the sort of book you want to be reading with children around, as it could prove embarrassing having to cover yourself to hide your modesty.I will definitely be reading other works from this author and can thoroughly recommend it.All I can end up with is by saying "Take me to the Circus now!!!"

  • Patrick Khayler
    2019-05-07 10:19

    Violet The Organ Grinder: Love is a Battlefield (Series Book #1). Okay, if you were a good enough author to push the envelope of hard core erotica (tasty smut?) to its edge and deliver something novel but unbelievably hot, your creation could only be Violet. Violet will do anything, with anyone and she probably already has. However, there's a catch, you have to pay. July Cumming has an incredible imagination and I promise you it is not restrained by "taboo" topics. Hell, July's sexy stories push limits you didn't even know existed. With Violet, Ms. Cumming has created the ultimate stroker and it all begins with Love is a Battlefield: DP, MFM, public sex, squirting. What else can I say? If you've always wondered, it's time to find out. Give Violet a try.

  • Honeyeater
    2019-05-15 06:23

    This was weird but good for what it was ... a short story about a live sex showgirl/slave. I read the teasers for other books and I wont be reading them because I'm not into age play or daddy play.

  • Princess Jasmine
    2019-04-27 12:20

    Violet the Organ Grinder: Love is a BattlefieldThis was a rather good little story from July Cummings. It was a comical eritic story that you don't expect. I liked it for it's quirkyness.

  • Clara Zaynn
    2019-04-28 12:29

    This one had a ton of kink! From hairy man, to machine masturbation, to amputee sex. And it's all hot! If you like your sex on the stranger, more taboo side, this is a definite read for you!

  • Tonya Rivera Campudoni
    2019-05-18 06:25

    This book is so HOT!When it comes to July Cummings books you know it's going to be hot, sexy, and oh so delicious and this one is no different! Violet unique talents makes her the main attraction in this sexual tale that would make a woman change her panties and man walk hunched over. Wonderful as always!

  • K.T. McColl
    2019-05-06 08:11

    In The Organ Grinder, July Cumming has combined the steamy with the surreal. The protagonist, Violet, is a member of a traveling show who performs over-the-top sex acts for the paying public. The unusual setting coupled with no-hold-barred erotica makes this a page turner.

  • July Cumming
    2019-05-07 04:17