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A DARK EROTIC ROMANCE She offers herself as prey. Not easy prey. But willing.OBSESSION BECOMES A MYSTERYSimon Lamb is a hunter at heart—taking women, training them, selling them. He has a new girl in his sights. Grace Martin is ripe for the picking—withdrawn, secretive, sheltered. She’s so broken already, and that’s just the sort of challenge Simon enjoys. MYSTERY BECOMESA DARK EROTIC ROMANCE She offers herself as prey. Not easy prey. But willing.OBSESSION BECOMES A MYSTERYSimon Lamb is a hunter at heart—taking women, training them, selling them. He has a new girl in his sights. Grace Martin is ripe for the picking—withdrawn, secretive, sheltered. She’s so broken already, and that’s just the sort of challenge Simon enjoys. MYSTERY BECOMES AN OBSESSIONGillian Starck’s violent past threatens to catch up with her. Once upon a time, Miles Vanderson could have been her savior. Until she fled. He’s a determined man, though, used to getting what he wants. Miles won’t give up the chase easily.One story, two men. Who survives may be the real mystery.***As of 3/28/2016, this version has been professionally edited with additional material included*** Excerpt: I want to be clear with you. I’m not playing a game. I’m not pretending or fantasizing. I’ve never been this honest with a woman before. When I say I won’t be nice…it’s closer to the truth to say that I will be cruel. I’m not offering you safety or love; I’m not offering you romance with tender kisses. What I offer most consider sadistic and brutal; the best of what I offer is my respect if you can be what I want, what I demand....

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We Were One Once Reviews

  • Candace
    2019-04-27 08:13

    This is a hard review for me to write because I'm still trying to figure out exactly how I feel about it. Did I like it? Kind of. Was it interesting? Mostly. However, it was missing that extra something that takes a story to the next level. Despite having a unique storyline, I often found myself bored while reading this story. It just didn't move along quickly enough to keep me happy. It wasn't until past the halfway mark that the story started to pick up for me. An abbreviated version of the first half would have been greatly appreciated.Yet, once this story took off, it had my attention. It wasn't like anything that I've read before. In fact, it was flat-out bizarre most of the time. The story focuses on Grace, a girl trying to outrun her past. She unwittingly catches the eye of Simon, a man who is in the business of trafficking women for the sex trade. When she slips away from Simon before he can kidnap her, she becomes his obsession.When their paths cross later, Simon hardly recognizes the confident seductress that used to be afraid of her own shadow. He quickly realizes that there is more to Grace than he gave her credit for. She is a chameleon and heis more determined than ever to possess her.Meanwhile, another man from Grace's past is also determined to have her back under his control. Her stepbrother, Neil, has spared no expense to have his runaway ward hunted down and returned to his home. He has the best private detectives scouring the country to find her.While my heart went out to Grace, I never felt a strong connection to her. Similarly, I never felt bonded to Simon or Neil. It was clear that Grace had a horrific childhood, but the story failed to evoke the level of emotion that I'd expect when dealing with such content.On the other hand, the story was original, albeit odd. It did pique my interest enough to pick up the second book. There were a few twists at the end that compelled me to keep reading. All in all, it was a middle of the road read for me.

  • Bgurl (don't h8 me cuz I'm honestful)
    2019-05-20 12:15

    We Were One Once #1, by Willow Madison: 4.5 Total Mindf**k StarsOther men stroll and amble; Simon circles and stalks. Instead of listening and talking, he examines and calculates. He relishes the scent of fear. He has a taste for tears. He’s the maestro of screams. Women are “Product” or “Toys” to him. Their flesh a canvas for his bruises and lash marks. Their bodies receptacles for pleasure and pain. He takes them. He breaks them. He remakes them. He sells them. He moves on to the next one. This time, the next one is Grace.Other women giggle and chatter, but Grace is quiet. And tiny. So quiet and tiny she’s practically not there at all. Her scent is heavenly: bleach and soap. Her look is plain: white panties and no makeup. Her manner is detached: cold and distant. She’s weak, meek, docile, and broken. A natural submissive. An ideal sex slave. The perfect prey. And when Simon goes to take her... She's already gone.AND FIFTEEN MONTHS GO BY.Other women attract attention, but she knows men. She knows how they think, what they want. Her clean, earthy scent entices them. Her red dress says: “Fuck me if you dare". Her banter is provocative but allusive. Cat-like, she prowls about the room, evaluating her options, ready to pounce. But she knows men like the hunt, so she presents herself as quarry. She’s a predator disguised as prey. Simon thinks of her Red. But her name was Grace. Red is Grace, but she’s different. She’s no longer monochromatic, one dimensional, and predictable. She’s contradictory but harmonious: self-assured and acquiescent, out-going and deferential, cheeky and congenial. Her unique brand of assertive submissiveness fascinates Simon. It draws him in. It’s the flame to his moth. He’s obsessed with her. Becoming attached to her. Developing feelings for her. And with each passing day, the line between predator and prey gets blurrier. Because he has absolutely no idea who She really is. Is she the bold Red? Or the shy Grace? Both, maybe? Neither? He doesn’t know. His investigations come up empty, and she evades most of his questions. The only thing she’ll say is: “I can’t belong to you when I already belong to another.”As it turns out, her “another” is even more dangerous than Simon. Part one of Willow Madison’s, We Were One Once duet, is told almost entirely from Simon’s point of view. As a self-proclaimed predator and sadist, and an admitted kidnapper and sex slave broker, it’s difficult to trust Simon’s interpretation of events. So when Grace disappears for fifteen months, then suddenly pops up with a whole new identity, Simon may not think it’s suspicious, but it is. I mean, what the hell is going on with this girl? Is she hiding from someone? Or did she know someone was stalking her, so she fled? A little of both? Or is Grace also a predator? Is she just using Simon? Maybe Grace needs a predator to prey on “another” predator? It’s hard to know, because Simon is an unreliable narrator. We Were One Once #1, by Willow Madison, is a well crafted, intelligently executed psychological thriller that keeps you guessing until the very end. Which, I warn you, is the mother of all cliffhangers. Thank God part two is out already, because I would have an aneurysm if I had to wait to find out how the story ends.For information about my rating system, see my profile page.Link to my review of WWOO #2: Click Me Baby!

  • Dee Montoya
    2019-05-11 08:14

    ****4 Twisted Stars****(BR with the lovely L.C Moon)This was a very interesting read; dark and complex. My brain is a bit of a mess after that shocking cliffhanger and I'm filled with desperation for the next book.Simon is a self proclaimed monster, his beautiful appearance lures women into his twisted and dark world. He preys on the weak and broken, takes them away from their lives and trains them to become sexual slaves and then sells them to the rich and depraved man of the high societies. He's been watching Grace for a few weeks now and has become obsessed with her, she's the perfect candidate for what he needs. She she's a loner, no friends or family and is impossible not to notice her broken spirit. Just when Simon is ready to take her, she suddenly disappears.Months later he sees her again but he can hardly believe his eyes, he's sure is his Grace; he recognizes her voice, her hair, even the way she smells but the woman he sees now seems like a complete stranger, an enigma he's determined to decipher.This woman has become Simon's addiction, she makes him weak and loose control and he hates that about her but he can't seem to be able to let her go. Everything about Grace is a mystery, her life has been nothing but pain and darkness and without intending to, she can be the destruction and salvation of any man who so much as looks her way. In this book nothing is what it seems; the predator becomes the prey, pain becomes love and the past is very much present in the lives of these characters. I really fell in love with the uniqueness of the story, not the blur or any review you read will ever prepare you for what you'll encounter in this twisted tale. I pretty much had a love/hate relationship with every character and apart from the heroine, which totally blew me away, I'm still not really sure what to make of the other characters. If you like dark reads with unexpected twists by all means pick this one up. The story ends on a cliffhanger and has light BDSM content. Even though I loved reading this book, I couldn't rate five stars because I have this feeling that something in the story could have been much more. You know when you read a book that has tremendous potential and the whole time you are reading it you are convinced that it will be a five star read but in the end it didn't quite flourished?. That was my experience, which only adds to my desperation for the next book, I heard it releases in May.I can't conclude my review without thanking my lovely BR friend L.C Moon. She's incredibly funny and smart and reading this book with her made the experience so much more enjoyable. I can't wait for our next Dark Read. Besos!!!

  • Deborah
    2019-05-06 10:09

    Dark and intoxicating 4.5 stars...but beware huge cliffhanger This is an interesting book and it's so much more than I expected it does take a little while to settle into it but it's worth me it's an intoxicating addictive read.On the surface Simon Lamb is everything a woman could want, he's rich, tall, good looking and charming and yes that's all true but he's also a sadist and since he's a trust fund boy he doesn't need to work but he does, he procures women and trains them using whatever methods he sees fit, he kidnaps women to order and trains them to be exactly what their new masters require, and while this job pays well he doesn't do it for the money.It's while he's looking around that he spots Grace for the first time, and she's perfect, just what he's looking for and so he watches her, learns her routines and gets, don't worry I'm not going any further I'll just say that Simon's in for a surprise because Grace has secrets of her own.What makes this book so intriguing is that interspersed with Simon and Grace is another story, the story of Miles and Gillian and it all comes to a head in a huge cliffhanger and now I'm left waiting for the next book and hoping the wait isn't too long.

  • Jan
    2019-05-25 09:08

    Wow!One of the craziest books I have ever read.Dark as fuckI've never gave a thought about how a person, being abused from early age, could develop different personalities, splitting on itself to compartmentalize the experiences as a defense mechanism. I am truly impressed by the way the multiple personality disorder was portrayed by the author.She did an amazing job. I am completely heartbroken for Grace.

  • Ayushi Agarwal
    2019-05-19 05:19

    **Received a copy of an ebook from the author for an honest review.**This is my first book by the author and definitely will not be the last one. The story was indeed very interesting. It was dark and that cliffhanger... I need to read the next part as soon as possible. The story is written in such a way that keeps you on the edge and may keep guessing what might the next suspense. All the three characters were very interesting. ""Now I find myself obsessed again. It’s not my usual obsession either. That I can handle. Finding a new product, finding a way to break down a girl’s resistance, finding a way to build her back up to an obedient singularity, finding a way to not be bored with doing all of the above—that I’m used to.No, my new obsession has been to find out everything I can about Grace. And I am going mad with failing. I have only come up with a paltry sum of details.""This is my first book entirely from male POV's which is written excellently. I mean at every chapter the author kept on increasing the anticipation for the story. This physiological thriller is executed very well undoubtedly. Though the entire story is from male POV but the emotions of Grace could be felt throughout the story which is outlined by the author marvellously. The story has kept me on the edge all the time. And the cliffhanger....omg ... I need the second part as in now to end my curiosity. ""Her tears were the ink that dried all too quickly after each new grim fable. Her mind was shattered with too many tales to be held together in one volume.""""I can’t help but laugh at this answer. “You want me to love you, Grace?” The thought crossed my mind that she might be perfect for me, but love isn’t something I’ve felt before. It’s not something I’m open to.She raises her eyes to mine again, and it’s the fear I see that takes my breath away as much as her words. “If you’re not too broken.”"Grace is so broken that sometimes I wondered she is beyond repair. The multi faceted personalities of the characters was fascinating and interesting. Grace's mother was so cruel I just wanted to smack her on the face for treating Grace in such a inferior way. Overall I would say the story was a good read and I'm looking forward to read the second part.

  • Dusti Hanrahan
    2019-05-18 09:06

    4 stars!This is a hard review because there isn't a lot about the book I can say wo giving it away.Very early we are introduced to Miles, Simon, Grace and Gillian. Miles is desperate to find Grace who ran away from him 4years prior and he will stop at nothing to find her. He is completely in love w her and devastated at losing her. Throughout the book we come to learn that things aren't exactly as he wants them to seem.Grace is a product of horrific abuse both mentally, physically and sexually. I was on pins and needles wanting to understand why she ran.Simon....Simon, Simon, Simon...he's a hot as sin, rich ass hole who takes orders for a specific type of girl and then stalks, kidnaps and trains them to be the ultimate submissive for their Master.Gillian is the reclusive current object of Simons obsession.As the story unfolds it is hard not to fall for Simon. yes he has done horrible things to women, he is abusive and cruel....but he just has that 'it' factor ;) He is obsessed over Gillian and when he loses her suddenly and then finds her in the least likely place he makes it his mission to own her.I feel like it was easy to figure out who Grace and Gillian are to one another. Early on we get their stories and although we don't know the why's or the how's we...just know.This has several unique twist but they were fairly obvious. I was happy with the way Simon handled things as he put the pieces together. It was very interesting to watch it play out...we were moving right along and then BAM! Damn that ending!!! Talk about a cliffy from hell, I will be reading book 1 ASAP!Overall, I very much enjoyed this book, I do wish we had more BDSM or descriptive scenes that I know Simon and Red had :)My only complaint was that as the POV changed between Simon and Miles I wish they were marked. Yes it was a new chapter but at times I felt I has whiplash trying to figure out who I was reading when.Book provided by author for honest review! Thank you!

  • Naksed
    2019-05-04 13:01

    If Sybil were written as dark erotica, we might get We Were One Once, a short, suspenseful story by Willow Madison, which ends on a manipulative cliff-hanger. This story is not for the faint of heart. Aside from the fact that it depicts extreme abuse, including child abuse, the point of view of the entire book is morbid, pessimistic, cynical. The heroine has been so broken down that she serenely awaits more abuse as inevitable. There was no romance in this. The men, and the women as a matter of fact, in this book are shades of worse and even worse than worse. I give kudos to the writer for the creativity of the plot and characters. I truly did not expect what was going to happen next, which is a rare feat since so many of these allegedly dark erotica books are paint by numbers. The cliffy at the hand was a bit melodramatic and soap-opera-ish. I would be curious to read the next part of this series but I hope a promising start will not become mired in cliches.

  • Mirjam
    2019-05-18 05:49

    The sadist and the crazy chick walk into a bar...I am deeply impressed with the writing of WM, she managed to create the feel of angst that must live in the five female characters. I though the heroine was a very lovable person (although you know what is going on with her as from chapter 6), it is still an amazing story. As for the hero, as tough as is, it is so nice to see him change to a fierce protector. I liked the pace of this (way too short) story. But the cliffhanger ending gave me goosebumps and I am looking so forward to the second book.

  • Ashleyjo
    2019-05-10 12:55

    The sadist and the crazy chick walk into a bar and... Oh, you wanted the punchline? Guess you'll have to read the book :)Unique POVI've read a few books with an entirely male POV, most of them being epic fails. This book is told from two separate male POVs, one predominately in San Fran and one predominately in Seattle. It's absolutely brilliantly done. On one side, the author is taking the pages of the story to show us how this complex piece of origami that is the female MC was spawned. On the other, the author is constructing a house of cards between three characters that's under the constant threat of collapse as each new card is placed. The story interlaces the suspenseful past and the fascinating present in such perfect choreographed synchronization. This author has a writing style and storytelling ability that makes reading from word to word so effortless.CharactersAs with the author's "True" series, the storyline pivots around the characters vs the characters pivoting to fit the story. They lead this journey! I positively hate reading a story where I feel the character's personas and actions are stitched and tailored toa plot line. Grace... As the story begins, the female MC is like a smoky shadow filling the edges and ceiling of a room. She's there and very central to both storylines. Yet, you can't quite grab her the way you so desperately want, or fully knowher just yet. Good thing because it would be like grabbing a live wire straight off the power line pole to know her fully and immediately. Despite not having a POV, I was surprised how well I was able to feel with and for her throughout the book, especially in the closing chapters. Readers often talk about "broken characters," but this young lady has been shattered."Her tears were the ink that dried all too quickly after each new grim fable. Her mind was shattered with too many tales to be held together in one volume."Her cracks are so deep and long from the most vile, sinister, & evil of touches that I'm not sure any nourishment would ever be suffice for the cracks to remotely find healing. Simon.... Have you ever wondered what it would look like if 50 shades of grey fuck'd'up'id'ness got throat punched and body slammed by 1 shade of calculating, calm black? Well, the splatter left would be Simon. Is he a nice guy? No. Is he vile, depraved, manipulative, sadistic, selfish, brutal, narcissistic, predatory, etc etc etc? Hell yes. He's basically a checklist of all the "bad" attributes you want to nutpunch a guy over. I won't lie; there are times I cringed at his level of sadism and unfeeling, sometimes to the point I vergedon calling him a sociopath. He calls the women he "takes," trains, and literally whoops into shape to be pets for the rich his "products."He has a snide, dark sense of humor that I relate to, however. I think this was important in softening the blow of his true-to-form cruelty in actuality."I'd made a plan to slowly knock down her resistance and make her completely submissive to me. Not drag her away like a whipped bitch from a pile of shit she made on the floor. I haven't done anything to make her this submissive. And it's really starting to piss me off." He also makes some key decisions throughout the series which serve to separate him from the type of evil 'devoid of feeling' traits of psychopaths and serial killers -vs- people that are sexually sadistic, but not evil. I personally needed that distinction. I didn't need him to be redeemable in the sense that he's going to suddenly poop pretty rainbows. No, I just needed to know he had feelings beyond his own and that he had lines that he wouldn't cross. I got that. He often tries to deny me them, but his actions prove he did feel & have some moral and ethical code. For example, he has a girl that got herself into a drunken state where he could very easily do anythinghe wanted and he didn't touch her. Likewise, he could've easily taken advantage of the female MC's state of mind and not cared about her wellbeing, but he proves another side that even he didn't know he was capable of having.Is ^^^it^^^ where my line would be? Uhm, no. But, part of the thrill in these types of books, for me at least, is in that discovery and understanding the how's, why's, what ifs, and so forth ofit. I think he's convinced himself that he's a monster, evil because he has 'perverse' sexual needs and doesn't feel the emotions "normal" people feel. Again, he's not a nice guy, but he's not evil. Which brings me to our next character. Miles...Miles is the past searching for the future. You may think you know Miles. In the beginning, you may think you know his wrongs. You may even root for him to find the MC... Save her from sadist Simon. After all, Miles professes love, forbidden, but still love. I guess the preying mantis thinks that mate looks pretty and loving, too, huh~? Five minutes later... PlotThere's honestly not a lot that I can further say from the above and the blurb without giving away key plot points thatneed to be read in context to be appreciated. Simon is questionably obtaining women and training them to be perfect pets. He claims they're all now compliant and happy in their new lives with their new masters. The details of how this all works are vague - are they agreeable to all this from point a-z? I dont know?! It's another one of Willow's infamous grey areas whereby it will test you seeing things purely right or wrong. Grace is to be his next "product."" She's not what anyone would call an ideal candidate for sex slave of the year.""No one gets past the blank looks and unemotional eyes of my girl. I liked that from the beginning too. It's what drew me to her. I want to see those dark eyes opened wide with emotion, specifically pain and fear."As circumstances prevent him from taking her, she becomes a mystery, an obsession, possibly even an ideal for himself. Meanwhile, we learn more about young Grace from Miles. These are the hardest sections to read. When the details are laid out, it's from a secondary POV, not Grace. There is one scene that's detailed, explicit & will be hard for victims of childhood abuses to read. It is not done for shock value. It's pivotalin understanding the female Mc. When Simon and Grace cross paths again, it's under very different circumstances and neither are exactly the same people from before. For one, the exterior change is drastic. For the other, the mental change so subtle that he himself doesn't even fully realize it's happening. Imagine for a moment someone so shattered that there isn't a touch cruel enough to illicit fear. Got that image? Now, what could illicit fear from such a person? Simply astounding plot line! What if Grace is a lot more than Simon bargained for? What if she's already so broken that he finds himself being the one to break? Would it be his control, soul, or both to break? Don't confuse this with hearts and flowers, nor declarations of love. It's not! This is the far left pendulum swing of dark sexual lifestyle and psychology. It's about acceptance among lovers. Complementing each other's desires. The give of light mercy and take of dark need being balanced on a seesaw when two people understand each other so completely. A Little Warped Sense of Humor ;;) As I stated above, there's some darkly comical moments that help to add some lightness to the heaviness of the topics and harshness of the characters. For example, the comical irony in a pancake scene ofhim(the sadist) being being freaked out by her freaky eating habit is FING priceless. What I Could've Done WithoutOne thing... I accept all parts of this story as what they are - dark. That said, I could have lived without the OW scene, especially it being of the ménage nature. It was in the time gap between him watching/stalking her initially and actually meeting her, and he hadn't decided that she would be his yet. Still! Allude to it, even tell me he did , but ekkkkk I didn't want to witness it!Bottom LineTriggers here are abundant and explicit - cheating, sex slavery, physical abuse & sexual abuse of a minor, sadism, whip use of the bleeding variety, mental illness, etc etc. So, the most fundamental question is... Was it all worth getting through the triggers to hear Simon and Grace's story?Yes. Absolutely, yes. This ends in the mother of all cliffhangers. So, excuse me while I stalk Willow for a copy of part two~ ****A copy of this book was provided to me by author Willow Madison in exchange for an honest review*****

  • nd ♥Master's kitten♥
    2019-05-22 06:17

    Writing: ★★★★★Story: ★★★★★Characters: ★★★★★Overall rating: 5.0*I received a free copy of this book in exchange for an honest review******5 "That is INSANE" Stars*****Willow Madison is a "new to me" author, and has thrown me right into stalkerville! She's good. She's really, really good!It's hard to review this story without giving too much away, but I'll try! "She's obviously crazy. Obviously broken."Grace has been terribly abused in her past, which has left her with many emotional scars. Her only option was to try and outrun all of it.She is a very unique character to me, I don't think I've read one quite as screwed up as this poor girl is. "Breaking a woman is easy once you apply simple mindfuck techniques"Simon takes women, breaks them, trains them, and sells them. It's who he is and he makes no apologies for it. He has spotted Grace, and he wants her, and in his line of work, he always gets what he wants. He's a hard character to get a read on, one minute he excites me, the next I hate him. But all wrapped up around that box of crazy is someone with a story that I want to learn more about.Miles... now if you think what I've said here about Grace and Simon is crazy, well, just wait until you meet Miles."I have a plan for us, my love. A way that we can be together always. Would you like that?"Miles is the man left behind, and he wants Grace back. She's elusive but he has the money to find her and bring her home.And that cliffhanger! Damn! Just. Damn. This book is full of the dark and crazy, and I loved it! I can't wait to read We Were One Once Book 2!

    2019-05-01 13:12

    *I received a free copy of this book in exchange for an honest review* Thanks Willow Madison.Where To Begin.. This book is all kinds of; Crazy, Dark & Twisted, and I loved it! I loved the male POV (that was different) just wish we could have had Grace's POV (because her personalities was giving me whiplash) Felt like I needed a shrink!We have: ·• Simon = Sadist. ·• Grace/Red = Bat Shit Crazy. ·• Miles = Obsessive.And omg let's not forget that "Jaw Dropping" cliffhanger! Ekkkk! Holy fudge balls! On to - Book 2! Deals with: Abuse, Stalking, Bdsm, Mental Illness, Naughty Hot Sex Scenes. And a Twisted Cliffhanger! ;)

  • Hana ♡
    2019-05-18 12:56

    4 Dark W.T.F Stars!I don't know what has been drawing me to reading so many more dark books lately that make you wonder if you're actually sane for reading them... I'm going through a mind fuck book phase right now.SO we have our main character Grace(she goes by many names) who has had a not so great life and upbringing so far to say the least, her messed up past has led her to have (view spoiler)[multiple personality disorder (hide spoiler)]. Simon is a self proclaimed sadist who takes women, trains them, breaks them and sells them to the highest paying clients. And for some reason, despite all of that its hard to hate his charismatic and confident character, who is a total douche but I ultimately liked him.After Simon sees Grace he wants to do the same to her but instead decides she may be better suited for himself. But there are many bumpy slopes ahead, and I cant say much without spoiling the story.. but someone is vigilantly searching for our Grace throughout the story. This third party will not stop until he/she finds her, which causes many problems...And for crying out loud that was the mother of all cliffhangers!! With no word on when the next book will be released.I finished this in a day when I should be studying for finals so I obviously liked it.["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>

  • Nikki
    2019-04-27 12:06

    LOVED THIS! I had been waiting to read this story for a while, I wanted to wait till the series was done to start it. And I am so glad I did! Once this book was done I IMMEDIATELY went and bought book #2. There are only two books in this serious which is such a nice change from the "it must be at least 3 books or more" equation that's been done to death.Ok, first, let me let you know up front that I guessed the two "twists" in this story within the first two chapters:BIG TIME SPOILERS AHEAD!! DO NOT READ IF YOU DON'T WANT TO KNOW THE BULK OF THE STORY AND IT'S TWISTS!!!! (view spoiler)[As soon as the 2nd chapter started from the stepbrother's POV, I immediately knew Gillian and Grace were the same person. Admittedly, it wasn't until Simon sees Grace as "Red" that I figured out this was a case of MPD. (hide spoiler)]Honestly, even knowing the twists way before hand, it didn't detract from the story for me. I think a lot of that is because we only read this story from the two main men in the book, it actually added to the intrigue since we never do get to see inside Grace's head. Which is obvious why once you finish the story.AND THAT ENDING!!? I immediately went and purchased the second book of the series. I desperately need to know what happens!A copy of this story was provided by the Author through the BDSM group on Goodreads.

  • Lashuri Chan
    2019-05-22 06:16

    This book felt like a chore to read and I just had to tell myself that it is okay that I couldn't be bothered to finish reading it. I get being confused at the start of a book within the first few chapters. But if I get to the double digit chapters and I am still confused then I am done.I blame some of this on the story's summary. It just talks about Simon being interested in a girl named Grace who is suppose to be a timid, little sheltered girl. He's suppose to capture her, train her and sell her to people but apparently he will end up falling in love with her.Yeah well i call bull. After chapter one I was just lost. I mean in the first chapter it's in his point of view and he is following her and talking about how she is being shy and not looking people in the eye and wearing shirt three sizes too big and then we go to some unknown point of view. some guy is looking for some girl named Gillian.Then we go back to Simon's POV and he is waiting for her to come to her pathetic apartment but she never does. Then we switch over to the other unknown guy who is still ranting and monologue-ing about his Gillian and then we go back to Simon who finally sees Grace but not in her pathetic apartment. Apparently she is now some sexy, seductress who can and will flirt with any guy.And then this mystery guy is still looking for Gillian and then Simon is acting like a normal guy who simply can't get a cute girl off his mind. Goes to a bar, has a threesome with his cousin. Later sees Grace and vows to not let her go. Then lets some guy hit her to see what her reaction is and then-I close my kindle, get on Amazon and return the book for a refund.I lost interest long before that though. I knew I didn't like the book by yesterday at least because I went the whole day not bothering to read it.This book made no sense to me. It clearly made sense to everyone else but not me. I had to go back at least twice to chapter two to understand what was going on with the second unnamed POV and still did not get so I told myself to continue the story and it will make sense as the story progresses but it hardly progress because he was just waiting for information to finding this girl all the while just talking about her and I didn't understand how it was suppose to tie into this whole Simon and Grace thing unless she is the Gillian he is looking for and Simon ends up liking her and is torn between turning her in to him or being with her.Even so I am not interested. My interest has left the building and I don't think it will ever come back to this book.

  • J.D. Carabella
    2019-05-26 12:59

    J.D. CarabellaNote - My review is based on a new Beta version of this book, I've not read the original so cannot compare the differences in the two.The story is told through the eyes of two men, Miles and Simon.Simon is an evil man, and unrepentant about it. He stalks, kidnaps and trains women to be sexual slaves to the rich and powerful.Miles, on the other hand, is a rich businessman who seems to have lost his step-sister and is searching for her.You might feel you know where this is going, but it's going to make several jogs. To avoid giving anything away, my review is going to be rather vague.We are never in the head of the Female character, and watching her from the outside through the men's eyes is actually quite fascinating.Willow's descriptions are rich and understated. Her erotic scenes, when appropriate, were steamy and sensuous. Others were for effect, not titillation. With the abusive subject matter, I appreciated that. She was not trying to get us excited by something I personally would have found offensive. She was developing characters.There was no magical change in any of the characters, they do not suddenly become 'Good Guys'. They are not redeemed and repent for what they had done. I appreciated that as well. The changes that did happen to the characters felt natural and real. Not forced to shoehorn into a proscribed HEA.Which this particular book does not have, there is the potential there, but we are left hanging in a very pulp serial cliff hanger fashion. Which I personally love. You will need the 2nd book. You will want to know what happens next.

  • Willow Brooks
    2019-05-19 11:04

    I knew it!!! Took me a minute to figure this delectable suspense out. This is only the second book I've read that was from the male's point of view. I loved it. I actually started reading this book today, and devoured it in one sitting. Once you start reading, you're going to crave knowing what happens next. Willow feeds you just enough clues, information, and intrigue throughout the story to keep your mind spinning from trying to put the puzzle pieces together. For every well orchestrated tid-bit you get, you cant help but keep turning the page.The violence was expected, and is one of the reasons why I purchased the book in the first place. No apologies for it at all.I couldn't help but yell "WHAT!!!" at the end. Now, I've got some beef with not having access to the next book, because I'm spoiled that way.Thanks Willow for writing, because I love reading your books. Goodnight!

  • 'Q' aka CoCo
    2019-05-13 05:50

    Oh the cliffhanger...So very unique... I'll admit the title clued me in to what was going on fairly quickly but it didn't detract from my enjoyment of the story in the least. Ah Grace, I've never read a character quite like her. Her past was a nightmare of abuse that she could only survive by compartmentalizing and being constantly on the run; she fascinated me. I was enthralled by her just as much as Simon was. Simon was deliciously dark, battling demons while, at the same time, embracing his more sadistic desires. And then there's Miles... We only get a taste of Miles' character through flashbacks, first sweet then sour, and I can't wait to see more of him. Chop, chop Ms. Madison! You're officially being stalked until book 2 is released.

  • Aya
    2019-05-16 10:12

    For me, the best thing about this read was that it wasn’t what I expected. The synopsis hints at the usual captive story, detailing the logistics of selling women, and a focus on their training. Instead this story focuses on the mystery that surrounds Grace and her identity. Simon Lamb is like a honey trap, his charming self lures unsuspecting woman into his life to become slaves. He’s crude and unapologetic, but as far as career abductors go, at least he has a moral code (kind of).“No homeless. No under eighteen. No mothers. It’s a short list, but I’ve stuck with it. The homeless and underage are too weak, too easy. The mother thing…well. Whatever.”I didn’t find Simon’s character particularly likeable or interesting. It was as if in the defining moment, rather that reach his full villain potential, he caved and decided it wasn’t for him. I was almost disappointed that he wasn’t’ as psychotic as I expected him to be. Regardless, I was still rooting for him. I couldn’t have felt any other way since he was basically Grace’s saviour. Grace. Timid, introverted, mysterious Grace. I could not get a read on her until almost halfway through. Before this point I thought it would be as straightforward as a woman running from an abusive past. Then I thought on top of that she must be a con artist. The uncertainty definitely kept me on my toes, making this read all the more entertaining, and making Grace’s character all the more intriguing. For the most part, it was difficult to see where the story was going to go but when certain parts became predictable, the story continued to be intriguing simply because there were other elements that didn’t follow the usual convention. The story did start of slow but eventually the pace picked up and became a total page-turner; can’t wait to see what’s in store for Simon and Grace in the next installation. *A free copy was given in exchange for an honest review

  • Kim BookJunkie
    2019-04-27 11:16

    Despite having read countless amounts of books, many of them dark erotica, I found something completely new in this captivating, dark book by Willow Madison. Unfortunately, I can't say much without giving away the secrets of this gripping story but I hopefully can emphasize how insanely creative Ms. Madison is. Anyone can write a story about a psychopath but in We Were One Once, Madison has created a, "bad guy" unlike any other. It was not the amount of disturbing material that impressed me (although there is plenty), but what is so unique about the main villain in this book is HOW he torments his victim. Because Ms. Madison was able to step WAY outside the box, she created a character who abuses his victim in a way I literally had never even imagined. Let's just say that this male main character doesn't just use physical tools of torture but possesses methods of harming his victim that are much more sadistic and emotionally damaging. Just the fact that Ms. Madison even thought up this concept impressed the hell out of me! Aside from being blown away by how sick the evil main character in this book was, I was pleased with the other characters too. The characters and their multi-faceted personalities were written with careful detail yet were still fascinating and believable. Their shared story was not only unique and imaginative but totally engrossing. Madison does an excellent job of throwing in surprising, unexpected, jaw-dropping twists and turns. The story kept me feeling vigilant, constantly wondering when I'd be surprised next. Even the , Ms. Madison even impressed me with the way she ended this story; that ending was probably the most intense cliff EVER!!! I couldn't fathom this book ending in any other way and it made me want to immediately read book #2 which is what I did!

  • RangerGirl
    2019-05-15 06:01

    Wow. I can only say...WOW! Really good book. Didn't see it coming until Simon did which is totally unusual for me. I usually figure out the "secret" pretty early on. I can't wait for the next book. Great job Willow.

  • B.E.L.L.A.Mc
    2019-05-14 13:11

    "The man smiles at me, but I can see that his eyes are on Red behind me, obviously looking her up and down. That pit of anger is back and I shoot a glare at Cary. He pushes himself in closer to us. “Simon, meet Miles Vanderson.”Above is the final two sentences of this intriguing story. It gives me palpitations; makes me begin to perspire; scares the pants off me, to read again. Simon and Miles, mmmmm! Who's gonna win? The prize? Poor used and abused, 'Red', or is that 'Grace', or could it even be 'Gillian'? You decide! Oh and there are at least two more 'personalities' it could be, (view spoiler). She has been so sorely 'shredded' as a child, then teenager, then young woman, that she no longer exists as one entity; she cannot survive her pain, as 'one'. She survives her pain, by cloaking it in the cover of (view spoiler). Hence the weird (but wonderful) title of this story. Ordinarily, this (view spoiler) thing would not have appealed to me but it is revealed over time, and is actually fascinating. Simon seems to be the first person ever to really understand what is going on with her. Her trauma is so great, it’s the only way she can survive her awful past.My heart breaks for her suffering, first at the hands of her 'mother'. What an evil b*tch she was to her daughter; despicable, and perverse in every sense. 'Gillian' at first finds strength, and succour in her older step-brother Miles, who also has 'issues' with his parents. Miles is very dark, very scary, and not what he at first appears. He is no saviour, no lull in the storm for Gillian, as he too begins to use her love for him against her; he is arrogant in his affections for her; he does not understand her. She is such a lost soul, and she eventually escapes his clutches, but we are not told the exact reasons for this, although our imaginations are directed to run wild with assumptions. More will be revealed, I feel sure (or is that hopeful) in the second instalment. I hope there are only two parts to this story, as it will ‘dilute’ its strength if it is going to run over lots of parts. This story is too good for that.Our poor heroine eventually lands in the clutches of another abuser, 'Simon'. The quintessential Jekyl and Hyde is our friend Simon. Even he has trouble explaining most things he does in his life, most of them to women of course. Why do lots of men, want to hurt, and humiliate us?? And why do many of us need it? Simon is one scary character: strong, rich, sadistic; a man who loves his family; who socialises with his male 'cuz', and shares his women with him. Well, until 'Red' that is. He refuses to even contemplate ever allowing her to be with anyone else, now he 'owns' her. His 'hobby' by the way (he is rolling in dosh, and does not need to work) is to steal women, sometimes to order, and 'train' them as slaves.This is a very convoluted tale, and I admit that for about the first 45% I struggled to hang in, but am so glad that I did. It felt ‘right’; it felt ‘real’, and my gut kept telling me to stick with it; that I would not be disappointed, and I was not. I want to give it a day or two, and read it again. Now that I can safely say, it makes perfect sense, I want to experience it again. It is THAT good. However, it is also the reason that I dropped 1 star ****. Had it engrossed me at the beginning as it did at the latter half, it would be 5*. Maybe I might review this after reading it again? I know that I need book 2. I have to know who claims the lovely Gillian, or is that …? LOL

  • Regina Shiderly
    2019-04-29 12:53

    Written review to come when I've wrapped my head around the awesomeness that is this book. Okay, I've had time to wrap my mind and write my review, so here it is in all its glory...This story grabbed me by the throat and would not let go until I finished it. If you enjoy dark reads, you’ll enjoy this book. If you enjoy stories that push the boundaries, this is the story for you. If you enjoy stories that take you on a ride and mind f*** you, this is the story for you. I enjoyed it. I recommend it.I don’t want to provide any plot spoilers in this review because really, that would be bad for those who haven’t read it yet. To spoil the surprise, the utter goodness of what this story provides. I will say it was well written. I was drawn into the story immediately. I will talk about the characters and how I felt about them.Simon… what can I say about Simon? He is my new book boyfriend, joining the ranks with Takeshi and a few other book boyfriends (yeah I’m a bit of a book slut). Simon is an awesome character who comes alive on the pages. His needs, his wants, had me from word one. His ‘product’ made me gasp.Simon is dark. He is unapologetically, absolutely, hedonistically, beautifully dark. I loved him all the more for it. He was Alpha in a way that makes other Alpha men look weak. He enjoys what he enjoys and doesn’t apologize for it. Though I love Simon, I didn’t like Simon until Grace. Grace is a fascinating character and I couldn’t help but fall for her just as Simon fell. He loved the many facets of Grace and I must say, there are many. Simon is a better person with Grace. Grace, as broken as she is, displays a strength that shines through on the page. There would be very few women who would have the strength to love Simon. Grace, beautifully damaged Grace, is one of those who bring light to Simon’s dark world. This story worked for me. The characters worked for me. I reveled in it and them. I am going to enjoy book 2 now…

  • bunny❦
    2019-05-23 09:19

    *******WARNING SPOILERS AHEAD*******I read this as a BOTM read and it blew me away! Told entirely from the POV of two men, we are taken on a dark journey of lust, loss and heartache.I loved every second of this ride. Willow did a excellent job of bringing me inside the head of the two men; while creating a bond between me and the female lead that I usually only get from a female POV story.Meet SimonHe is not the hero, he is the captor, the product procurer. Kidnapping and breaking women, turning them into slaves for his clients.He is not sorry, he feels no remorse, only the rush of power that comes from seeing the fear in their eyes.Meet MilesHe is searching, trying to piece together a broken puzzle. The consummate "good guy", using his millions to find the sister that disappeared three years agoMeet GraceShe is already broken, on the run, constantly changing her routine and persona. She has become Simon's obsession, the one he *must* have. She slipped from his grasp once, but he wont be bested a second time.You think you know the story, you don't. Not everything is as it seems and just when you think you finally have it all figured out, Willow throws you another curve ball! All three characters finally converge in an ending that will have you reaching for book 2 before you finish the last page!

  • Heart5
    2019-05-13 06:11

    Normally I begin a review with the summary of the book, but as I end this one my thoughts are Wait…What? Simon is the hunter and Grace is the prey, but wait, maybe Grace is really the hunter and Simon is the prey. Then there is Grace’s stepbrother Miles, maybe he is really the bad guy and both Grace and Simon are his targets. The whole book was series of twists and turns with the author portioning out just enough information to keep the reader guessing. Overall, I enjoyed the book. The writing flowed well and was well edited. There was not a lot of character interaction in the first half, which made it a little hard for me to stay focused. Once the characters began interacting more it made the second half more interesting and much more enjoyable to read. There were a few abuse scenes with an underage character that were somewhat hard to read, but the author does a good job of portraying the sexual abuse without actually eroticizing the scene. The mood of this one is dark from beginning to end. I kept thinking there would be some light at the end of the tunnel, but so far nothing. I rated this one 3.5 stars rounded up to 4. I will probably continue on with the series. The author left off with enough of a cliff hanger to make me want to pick up the second book. I received this book through the BDSM group on Goodreads.

  • Lyns
    2019-05-02 07:11

    **Mild Spoilers**Holy hell! What the F, Willow!?!? Loved this. I was so freaking confused about poor Grace.. We have two hot anti-heroes after 22(?) year old Grace/Gillian, Simon who has had sinister intentions with her and Miles is from her past but she ran from him. I'm not giving any more than that away, you will just have to read it. This does end on cliffhanger so beware. I recommend this to lovers of the dark, twisted, MF reads.

  • Flow
    2019-05-12 06:14

    This was certainly different. I was disappointed in finding out that the book was in the man's point of view and not the females...But it had me intrigued throughout the book.. I couldn't stop reading it...The ending sure had a twist..Though I started expecting it when I was 80% through the book... Glad to know I was right !Though I do want to know how it continues, but unfortunately I won't be reading the rest.. So if you've read them all, feel free to let me know ! lol

  • Booker132
    2019-05-18 11:16

    5 MIND BLOWING STARS!! Review to come soon, I've stayed up all night reading this amazing story, I really need so sleep now!

  • Nadine Bookaholic
    2019-05-11 08:10

    This was a good story, Gillian, Miles, Grace and Simon all have their secrets, at the beginning it was hard to follow because the chapters weren't tagged with whom the chapter was about so at times it was a bit hard to follow. Once I reached about a third way through I found it was easier to follow. That would be my only complaint about this book, other than that it was a good read.I'm going to make this short because I am not going to be the one that gives the big secret away, just know it's a great story line although a bit sad. That being said it's definitely worth the read! And don't forget the secret is HUGE, and the cliffhanger, oh man the cliffhanger! You may want to have we were one once: book 2 ready to go when you finish this one.***This book was provided by the Author through the BDSM group on Goodreads in exchange for my honest review***

  • Brittani
    2019-05-03 06:09

    3.5 stars. I wanted to love it :/