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Lana Dixon knows well enough to steer clear of alpha males, but Ty Hawthorne is as impossible to avoid as the sizzling Arizona sun. Her inner wolf just won’t give up on the alpha who’s tall, dark, and more than a little dangerous. One midnight romp under the full moon is enough for Lana to know she’ll risk her life for him — but what about her pride? Ty puts duty above eveLana Dixon knows well enough to steer clear of alpha males, but Ty Hawthorne is as impossible to avoid as the sizzling Arizona sun. Her inner wolf just won’t give up on the alpha who’s tall, dark, and more than a little dangerous. One midnight romp under the full moon is enough for Lana to know she’ll risk her life for him — but what about her pride? Ty puts duty above everything — even the overwhelming instinct that says Lana’s the one. She’s the Juliet to his Romeo: forbidden. And with a pack of poaching rogues closing in, it’s hardly the time to yield to his desires. Or is love just what this lonely alpha needs to set his spirit free? There’s more than meets the eye on Twin Moon Ranch, home to a pack of shapeshifting wolves willing to battle for life and love. *A paranormal romance with adult content / 40,000 words.*...

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Desert Moon Reviews

  • Angela (Angel's Guilty Pleasures)
    2019-05-05 06:31

    ~ 4. 5 Desert Moon Stars ~ “There’s more than meets the eye on Twin Moon Ranch, home to a pack of shapeshifting wolves willing to battle for life and love.” -  The Wolves of Twin Moon Ranch SeriesDesert Moon is book one in The Wolves of Twin Moon Ranch by Anna Lowe. I am reading this series out of order and each book can stand-a-lone.Ty, an Alpha and son of an Alpha. He is bossy, busy, sexy, and wounded in a way that only his true mate can see. I liked Ty.Lana, daughter of an Alpha. She knows how the Alphas work and she wants nothing to do with an Alpha even if it is her true mate. She is sexy, smart, strong willed, and independent. I liked Lana.ALowe is an awesome writer. I was pulled into the characters, plot, and world from the first to the last page. I could not put Desert Moon down. I love how the author pulled me into the storyline and connected me to the characters. I become so engrossed in the authors characters; that I felt everything they felt whether they were happy, sad, frustrated, etc. The emotions are so real and the world is unique. I also like how the shifters are portrayed. We are also given a great conflict on more then one front with the feud and rouges. Ty and Lana are a perfect couple. They complemented each other and when they connected the sex was passionate and sensual. Destained mates are rare and to find one is something you fight to keep and protect. The wolf side knows it’s destained mate, but the human side will struggle with life’s conflicts and emotions before they come around.Desert Moon was fantastic, the storyline was gripping, and the characters are captivating. I look forward to more in this series. I am riveted and blown away. * Disclaimer: Review copy provided by Anna Lowe via Bewitching Book Tours with the sole purpose of an honest review. All thoughts, comments and ratings are my own.

  • Malinda
    2019-05-03 05:26

    3.5-4 STARSThis was a pretty good story. I liked Lana and Ty and enjoyed their story. This is the first story I've read by this author and I liked it well enough I'll probably try more of her work in the future. Lana is a strong female wolf shifter. She goes to Arizona to visit with a relative, a place she was once before when she was young. During her previous visit, she smelled an elusive scent that drew her but she couldn't find the source. Lana's single as she's never been able to find a man that was right and wont accept someone that isn't.Ty is the son of the Alpha of his wolf pack and next in line for the Alpha position. His position lies heavy on him and he's not thrilled being under his father's thumb (at least for now). Ty scented his mate years ago but could never find her. He's resisted ever going with another woman, figuring he didn't want to be fickle like his father.Lana and Ty meet as soon as she gets to town since he's been sent to drive them from the station to the ranch the pack calls home. Both Ty and Lana are drawn to each other's scents but aren't sure if it's truly a mate thing or just lust. Ty tries to fight it, especially when he finds out Lana's last name and realizes that she's the daughter of an old enemy of his father's. Once Lana realizes that Ty's her mate, she's all for taking things there but is confused by the mixed signals from Ty. These issues take a bit to work out and there's added issues caused by some rogues in the area that complicate things. Thankfully, things work out well and Ty and Lana are able to find their way to a HEA ending.This was a pretty enjoyable story. Lana was likable...while she did made one big mistake, she was a pretty smart and strong woman overall. I liked Ty as well but I was a bit annoyed with his first attempts to deny what was between them (although he had reasons). Once he got past that part, Ty was golden. Overall, the story was pretty standard for this type of story but it was well written and I liked the characters so I'd recommend it. :)

  • Jenny Whetzel
    2019-04-26 08:27

    I thought this was a decent story. This is a good book for the romantics that believe in fate (of relationships). I will have to read this story again as I feel I was not able to fully get into the story since the last romance burned me out. This is the first book that I have read by this author and am not sure yet if I will continue with the series.

  • Kerrigan Bane
    2019-05-12 10:36

    Ty is the first son of an alpha and an alpha in his own right. He's tall, dark, and yummy, but he's the kind of man who believes in duty before pleasure. For a man who's better at action than diplomacy, the pressure of taking over as pack leader continually weighs on his mind. When we first meet Ty, he's kind of a dick to our heroine, but only because he's too tongue-tied to speak without sounding like a caveman: Me. You. Fuck. Now.They're at an airport, because Lana has promised to help her grandmother settle into Twin Moon Ranch before flying back to the East Coast. Ty takes Lana's luggage, but does it so brusquely that she doesn't handle it too well. Lana knows all about overbearing alphas, because her brothers and father are exactly the same way. Alphas stand at the top, and they stand alone. Emphasis on alone. She's spent a long time earning her right to fight alongside them, and now this rugged, six-foot-two slab of muscle is treating her like a cub.As the story progresses, there are other characters who stand out—an obnoxious, jealous tramp who endangers Lana, and a carefree, womanizing younger brother—but they're minor compared to the setting itself. If a romance novel focuses on the relationship between characters, then Desert Moon is a full-blown love affair between Ty, Lana, and the Arizona desert.Because in Desert Moon, the setting is as real a character as Lana and Ty. Anna Lowe weaves descriptions of setting into her prose the way a musician does with lyrics. And nowhere do you notice this more than the scene where Ty and Lana come together during a midnight run. When their howls combine with the desert's song, I got all tingly in the right places.The bad guys of the story come in the form of rogue shifters trying to make things difficult for Ty's pack. I don't want to give too much away, so let's just say that Lana proves she can fight as well as she thinks she can. Lowe manages a good balance between tension and action while mixing in a healthy dose of drama. My only complaint is that there needs to be a little more at the end to flesh out the conclusion. For example, was the tramp who put Lana in danger exiled? What was the reaction of the pack when Lana's family history came out? We're given an epilogue with a flashback, but for all the wonderful details in the rest of the book, the pacing at the end seems hurried.One final thought: Shifter romances are all about destiny, yet Ty and Lana gave up on finding their destined mates years before the start of Desert Moon. I am a huge fan of romances with mature leads, and by mature, I mean characters who have loved and lost before they find each other. I love this one particular scene that happens when Ty is still drowsy from post-coital bliss. While wrapped around Lana, he marvels at the way fate had hidden them from one another until they'd grown strong enough to face each other's demons. It's a beautiful moment—one that's filled with the promising hope of a desert come to life.This review was originally posted on Dirty Discourse.

  • Carolyn
    2019-05-17 08:35

    First thoughts: Fated love - which I'm not a fan. But solid start to a series. Lots of fun moments.Review: Disclaimer: While I love the supernatural, shifters freak me out. Too much animal. Also, as a romance trope, fated lovers have to be done the right way. With that out of the way, Desert Moon was entertaining, steamy, and solid beginning to a series. Lana is an East Coast shifter that arrives in the Arizona desert to help her grandmother settle with her shifter community. Ty is the alpha-heir-apparent of Twin Moon Ranch and currently acting as alpha as his father is out of town. It takes a sniff for Lana and Ty to be attracted to each other. Within a week these are mated and madly in love! Ha!There's a mild mystery to be sorted out and some family history to act as a flimsy barrier. But neither really gets fleshed out in a thoughtful way. So, instead, it's just flimsy. I may check out the next book or not. I have not decided yet.

  • Tiffany
    2019-04-26 09:50

    b>GENERAL INFO: Desert Moon======================================= Year Pub: 3/2015Indie/Publisher: IndiePage Length: 133Genre: PNRStandalone/Cliffhanger:; StandalonePart of a Series/Installment: Yes-BK #1Epilogue Included: Yes=======================================BOOK DESCRIPTION: ======================================= M/F-M/M-M/M/F-etc: M/FHEA/HFN/etc Ending: HEAContains Cheating: NoJealy/Possy/OTT Rating: 4Amount of Sex In The Book: AverageOverall Smex Rating: 3=======================================CHARACTER DESCRIPTION: ======================================= HERO:TyHero Description: Alpha wolf; rugged with duty to his packHero Likability Rating: 4HEROINE:LanaHeroine Description: strong,independent,willing to jump into a fightHeroine Likability Rating:4=======================================H/h RELATIONSHIP INFO: ======================================= Buildup Instant/Just Right/Too Long: Instant- they scent each other as matesOverall H/h Relationship Rating: 4.5=======================================OW/OM/Exes: =======================================Current OW/OM/Ex: Audrey is jealous of their instant connectionDeceased OW/OM/Ex: NoAny Descriptive Sex w/OW/OM/Ex: No-Before/During/Outside H/h Rela.: N/A-Grovel Rating: N/ADid OW/OM/Ex Ruin the Book For You: No=======================================TRIGGERS/WARNING: ======================================= Any Triggers/Warnings: yesDetail: Lana is attacked, almost raped=======================================AUTHOR OVERVIEW: Anna Lowe======================================= Technical/Editing Quality: 4Writing/Content Quality: 4=======================================PERSONAL OVERVIEW: =======================================Overall Rating: 4/4.5Do You Recommend This Book: yesWill You Re-read This Book: Probably not don't do much re readingWould You Read More Books By This Author: Yes======================================= COMMENTS/NOTES: Lana and Ty start out with a star tossed lovers relationship. Ty's father and Lana's mother have a past together, Ty's dad is the alpha, hates the Dixons(Lana's family),so they have to make a choice if that matters. Ty quickly decides Lana's IT for him, and is willing to do whatever to be with her-which I found very endearing.=======================================Sent from my iPad

  • Bernadette
    2019-05-18 11:38

    Was a quick and easy read and I enjoyed it enough to download the second book in the series. The romance is between Lana and Ty. Ty is your typical strong, silent type of Alpha who is an expert at brooding. He is the Alpha in waiting and is slowly taking over the ropes from his father. The only people who seem to escape his wrath are his great aunt Jean who raised him and his sister Tina. Even his younger brother Cody doesn't get off lightly although being his brother helps him keep his neck intact. Although Ty has had sexual encounters, he has never had relationships.... not since he smelled his 'mate' all those years ago but never found her. He has resigned himself to always being alone and unmated which adds to his brooding.Lana originates from back East and she is helping her nan move to her old pack in Arizona. Lana is very much like Ty in that she is the silent brooding type although her nan tends to escape her impatience. Lana doesn't really want to be in Arizona as the last time she was there, she scented her 'mate' but was never able to find him despite days of searching.Aunt Jean and Lana's nan are old friends and Ty drops Aunt Jean off at the airport to meet her friend. He leaves to run a few errands before returning to pick up them all up. That is when he first meets Lana and to say the meeting leaves him shell shocked would be an understatement. Whilst Lana helps her nan to settle, Ty tries to avoid her.... he is unsettled by his attraction to her. That is further compounded when he realises exactly who she is and that they can never be together.As well as a romance that can never be, they also have a problem with rogue shifters on the loose who could easily reveal the existence of shifters to the world. This book was a good way to while away a Sunday afternoon.

  • Kelshei
    2019-05-12 07:50

    Reviewed for Paranormal Romance and Authors that RockI have a fondness for shapeshifter romance but, because I have read so much of it, the author really needs to do something extremely well in order for me to stay interested. The genre is so saturated, so it is difficult to have an novel take on the mythology and Lowe really doesn't present a shocking take on shape shifters and their culture. You'll find a brooding Alpha male who is torn between love and duty. You'll find the plucky female who is an outcast and who is trying to find her place in the pack. You'll find the steadfast brother and the warring faction of shapeshifters who are intent on destroying the pack. These are extremely common tropes in paranormal, shapeshifter romance novels.What you will also find in Desert Moon, and what you often won't find in other books in the genre, is such command of setting, language and description. In this book, the location is just as much a character as the people in the book, and that is one of the things that made this book stand out from its crowd. I often wanted to strangle Ty, the hero, because he was so hung up on not ticking off his father. But, because I'm no stranger to books of this ilk, I completely understood why he would behave that way, and my feeling that way about him helped me understand how well the author crafted her characters.There are adult situations in the book and, as such, I do not recommend it for those under 18.I was happy to see the snippet of the next book at the end because it means I can spend more time with the Twin Moon Ranch pack in Ms. Lowe's beautiful landscape.

  •  Aschlie Brake - The Piggy has Flown Books
    2019-05-04 12:47

    First of all, I received an advanced copy of Desert Moon for an honest review of the book. I am a big fan of all things Shifter books, and definitely love Anna Lowe's story telling. Her stories just flow and keep you entertained for a long time. I go to sleep wondering where she will take her characters and the packs, and always end the book with a light heart and a smile on my face.Within the first story to the 'The Wolves of the Twin Moon Ranch,' you will be pulled into the magic of this clan of wolves living in the Arizona desert, and their desperate need to protect their land and loved ones. Lana Dixon comes to assist her Grandma ('Nan') to settle back into the family homeland and pack. Lana being so independent and headstrong, a true alpha's daughter; but for the love of her Nan, will come back to the one place that caused her heart to break and had changed her life. Ty Hawthorne, the next alpha to Twin Moon Pack, sees Lana and wants her, no, more desires her. What's not to like or want?! But he is deeply troubled with his own heart ache from years past and is not willing to open to a new person, let alone a female he and his wolf are drawn too.Can Ty and Lana resolve their past heart aches? Can Lana stay strong and stand up to an equally headstrong Alpha's son? Will they work together to right the wrongs from the previous generation, and take care of the safety of the pack and it's territory at the same time?! I can't wait for the next installment of the story of the Twin Moon Pack!

  • Anna Leighton
    2019-05-19 06:53

    This, my first werewolf novel since I was a kid, had me howling with delight and wanting more (and I’m in luck because it kicks off a whole new series). Stoic, lonely Ty captured my sympathy and made me pine for him immediately and I rooted for feisty Lana right from the get go. Because I’m new to the genre, I don’t know if this is the norm or not, but I loved that the characters knew they were wolves right from the get-go. The change or the fact that they’re weres wasn’t a plot point; it was just reality. I also adored all the wolfish quirks and elements of their personality and actions. At first the instant lust and want and steaminess surprised me but it was so in keeping with the characters’ inner wolves—sometimes to the annoyance and trepidation of their human sides—that I quickly switched to just, er, enjoying it. ;)My favourite part about the characters is that although Ty is a big, ferocious Alpha, Lana is definitely not portrayed as weak or submissive; she’s his match—the thing that captivates him most. I would’ve liked to see them have to overcome a bit more—or have to struggle a bit harder—to have their happily ever after, but all in all it was a super fun, satisfying read. I’m already hungry to read about Ty’s little brother Cody. Desert Blood can’t come out quick enough!

  • Roxie's Reviews
    2019-05-11 09:46

    "A Romeo and Juliet Werewolf Romance!"This book is fantastic. The story line is compelling. The characters are riveting!. Lana Dixon is a spunky she wolf. Ty Hawthorne is a Dominate sexy Alpha male. Lana finds herself escorting her Grandmother to Arizona. Ty is the Twin Moon packs Alpha's Son. Ty's pack has tried for years to to find him a mate. but Ty lost his heart years before to the scent of a she wolf he never found. Lana has not been to twin moon in years the last time she was there she lost her heart to a scent of her mate she never found. Lana is the daughter of the Berkshire Alpha in East coast. Lana and Ty are attracted to each other at the start. Can they be destined mates?. Ty is filling in for his Dad the Alpha and of all things they are having trouble with rogue coyote shifters. Now that Lana is back she figures out Ty is the one she scented years before, but how is she going to win her mate over?. Ty figures out Lana was the one he lost his heart to years before. The only problem is she is the daughter of his Dads sworn enemy. So how can Ty take Lana as his mate when she is his Juliet to his Romeo?. And can Ty stop the Rogues before they end up exposing all of them to the Human's?. Plus will Ty be able to protect Lana from his Dad when he finds out she is a Dixon?. This book is Awesome its full of suspense,action,humor and red hot forbidden Love!.

  • Kristy
    2019-04-28 12:41

    I received a free copy in exchange for an honest review.Just finished reading 'Desert Moon'... I really enjoyed it, once I started I couldn't put it down. It's a great start to what looks like it'll be an amazing series. Anna has written a tale embroiled in lust, angst, action, steam.... At times the characters made me want to throw something or even jump inside the story & shake them, but overall everything made perfect sense for them to act the way they did.Lana's returning to Twin Moon Ranch 12 years after catching the sent, the Arizona desert calls to her in ways her home doesn't. Ty is next in line for the Alpha position & he's feeling all the stress that comes with being Alpha & not having a true mate, about 12 years ago Ty scents his mate but she's no longer around. I loved how Anna brought the characters together, we get amazing details, desciptions & back stories. Also the interaction between Lana & Ty, all the dancing around one another & sassy back chatting from Lana, also knowing what an Alpha needs in his mate.... True mates are rare & hard to find, if you don't find your true mate you drain the life from the women you choose to take as mate instead, they don't last long. This is unique in the true mates department. I can't wait for book 2 of the series.

  • Christina
    2019-05-15 04:35

    I really enjoyed this book. This is my first wolf shifter book that I have read. This book makes me not only want to read the rest of this series but read more in this genre.I loved Ty and Lana and the complications that they had to overcome. I don't want to spoil it any more than that. It is a wild ride that makes me want to beg for more. I can't wait to read the next book in the series as this one left me hungry for more.I can't wait to read more of the Arizona desert and these spirited wolves. Anna Lowe has found a brand new fangirl in me! Thank you for writing such an intense, awesome story.

  • Donna Hokanson
    2019-05-04 08:32

    Hot and excitingTwo wolf shifter as kids catch the scent of their mate but never cross paths. Years later both have never felt right with another because of it. Until Lana come to her mother’s old pack with her grandmother. She meets the Alpha’s son soon to be the alpha and has an instant attraction. But there is trouble on the lands in roughs. And when Ty find out Lana is a Dixon, sworn enemy of his father’s he can’t figure out how it could ever work. Can they figure things out? And what of that scent he and she both smelled 12 years ago. Was it each other, because it’s different now? Well written and very enjoyable to read. Self-contained story yet part of a series.

  • Carole
    2019-05-09 08:42

    Still really good writing in the book for most of the story. Still loved that the internal dialogue voices of their wolves were different, engaging and entertaining and knew what they wanted as a counterpoint to their dithering and worrying of Hero and Heroine when in human form.HUGE RED FLAG FOR READERS: Contains scenes of potential gang rape and the reader is inside the characters head and experiencing it along with Heroine - very, very raw. Could be highly disturbing to some readers. Also came from Heroine's TSTL decision based on manipulation by jealous rival who was slut-shamed in series.Took 4.5 Star rating for most of book to Final Rating: 3.5 Stars

  • WildAboutBones
    2019-05-16 05:41

    4.5 stars Hot & sexy alpha wolvesI stayed up all night to read this in one sitting because I was caught up in the story. I looked up from the story, noted the time, and the next time I looked up four hours had passed.My only displeasure with it was that it ended too soon, but the blurb for book two at the end of this story assures the reader we will see more of Ty and Lana in it. And there are short stories, Desert Wolf book 1.1 and Desert Wolf 2 book 1.2, with more of them in it. I’m looking forward to reading more about these Wolves of Twin Moon Ranch.Anna Lowe is going on my “authors to watch” list.I was gifted a copy of this book for an honest review.

  • Linda
    2019-05-16 05:38

    Lana was just supposed to company her grandmother on this trip to the Arizona desert, she never expected to meet a ghost from the past. Ty never forgot the scent he caught years before, and knows he´ll never find anything like it, so when the gorgeous shifter Lana catches his eyes, he doesn´t know how to react. She awakens things he buried deep. PNR romance, smutty fluff and shifters in a great combo, can´t wait to read more from this world. Disclaimer: I received a free copy of this book in return for an honest review.

  • April Pawless
    2019-05-26 06:39

    I really enjoyed reading this book. The two lead characters Ty and Lana fit well together. I love the telling of the story, and even though it was a short read it didn't feel rushed. Can't wait to read the next book in the series.

  • Barbara➰
    2019-05-10 12:53

    Read sample...meh

  • Aisha
    2019-04-29 08:44

    Short and sexy..just what I needed ;)

  • Marsha Spohn
    2019-05-18 06:51

    Reviewed at Shifter HavenDesert Moon is the first story in The Wolves of Twin Moon Ranch series – although, Desert Hunt is the prequel story, and one that I definitely recommend you read as well. I’ve read this entire series now, along with the connecting series Blue Moon Saloon… all are excellent, believable, solid Shifter stories that will capture your imagination and easily get you hooked on Anna Lowe’s works.The Twin Moon Ranch pack is lead by it’s old Alpha who holds the reins with an iron fist. He’s beyond arrogant, at times cruel in his judgement and for the most part is just this side of a tyrant. To say I didn’t like this guy, and felt that he brought about a lot of the pack trouble by his actions… and I never had an ounce of sympathy for him throughout the series would be an understatement. Yeah, I didn’t like him much. Yet, he is the perfect foil for the up and coming Alpha, his son Ty.It is time for Ty to take a mate and perhaps control of the pack. His father is sneaky enough to try to make this an accomplished deal without Ty’s knowledge or permission. The old man doesn’t believe in fated or destined mate nonsense, but in strong alliances. Ty does believe in a true mate, in fact he’s scented his mate on the property a few years ago, yet has been unable to find her. He’s holding out for his mate, but time is running out and soon he’ll be forced into a union that will leave him half a man without his true mate.Lana is returning to Twin Moons with her nan. She’s been here before on a visit, and at that time she was certain she’d picked up the scent of her mate but never met him. Now she’s back, and if the fates are kind, she’ll find her mate again.Desert Moon has all the qualities that make a great story and a series to follow. Fated mates, an enemy’s offspring, a veiled threat from within the pack, an outside nuisance in rogue shifters, and a cast of secondary characters that bring this pack to life with everyday needs, bantering and infighting. This is a world that was built through the characters interaction with each other, some surprises yet to come and enough sexy moments between Ty and Lana to bring them together as the new Alpha couple with ease and a natural feeling. I really enjoy this world – it’s deadly yet forgiving, solid yet flexible, loyal with enough infighting to be natural, and vibrant in the descriptions of the surrounding areas. It’s easy to simply step into this world and dive into the current story. That is part of what brings me back to a series again and again.Without a second’s hesitation I would recommend the entire Wolves of Twin Moon Ranch series to any Shifter or Paranormal Romance reader. You’ll find a good story, believable characters and intriguing story lines.I read this story through my Kindle Unlimited subscription.

  • RetiredHsMom
    2019-05-06 08:29

    Nice start!Overall: 4 StarsPerformance: 3 StarsStory: 4 starsI actually started this series backwards a bit. I started with the Blue Moon Saloon series which I love. I have to admit it took a little bit to get into this story because I didn’t like Ty at first and had a little trouble connecting with Lana. I respected how she was willing to travel to help her grandmother move across the country. I got tired of hearing her thoughts about how horrible alphas were for relationships. As the story progressed, my mind changed and I loved Lana’s spunk and strength. She was definitely not a wilting flower, but a fighter. Ty’s behavior became more understandable as the story went along so I liked him a bit more. Still, I never totally connected with his character. I loved Nan and Jean! Those two old gals were a hoot! Their “morning after” conversation was hilarious. In some ways, the story is a typical love story. You have the matchmaking relatives, the unapproving authority figure, and the typical shifter bad guys. What makes the story not so typical is that Ms. Lowe’s ability to weave those components together in a totally enjoyable way. My only complaint would be that the story was too short so some aspects felt a little incomplete like the confrontation between Ty and his father. Regarding the narrator, Ann Marshall, she’s okay, but the voices were not as well defined as I like in an audiobook.(originally posted on

  • Melanie
    2019-05-16 05:39

    I haven't read Anna Lowe before, but I'm enchanted by her Desert Moon paranormal romance. Her characters, wolf-shifters Ty and Lana, are enmeshed in a love fated from a decade earlier, and the hauntingly wild and beautiful desert setting mirrors the heat and wildness, the slow sensual melding of their wolf and human sides into a strong and powerful couple. Magnificently evocative of both setting and emotions, Lowe's writing is still disciplined enough to keep the dramatic tension high with conflicts and confrontations. I read it in one sitting, and promptly got hold of the prequel.

  • donna
    2019-05-18 05:28

    Fated or not?What if you thought you had found your destined mate 12 years ago but never actually got to meet them? Was it just the desert messing with your senses or was it real? Now isn't the time to figure it all out with rogues trying to cause trouble all around the pack on any and all fronts.

  • Karen
    2019-05-20 04:42

    Ty and Lana are to be mates, but they found each others scent years ago, but never met. Both think they will never find true love and their fated mate. Lana is from the east and her family is not welcome at the Twin Moon Ranch. Ty is the heir to the ranch and will be the Aloha after his father.

  • Diane Werning
    2019-05-22 12:27

    Desert MoonWhat a book.The story was great and the characters were unforgettable.This is a beginning of a great series of books.Lana and Ty are a destined pair that time has kind of skipped over.Now is their chance to change the future.

  • Brittany
    2019-05-03 04:29

    This book was a good read. I enjoyed the story. It was awesome to see a romance grow from a chance meeting years ago into a love affair in modern day. It was a good read. P.S. Sorry for the short and sweet review. I had over thirty reviews to do today.

  • Susan Lee Thuener
    2019-05-06 08:50

    All kinds of shifters kinds of shifters but this one features wolves.I found the plot to be weak. Too much sex for this old lady. Usually I just skim over those parts. So unless the plot was mixed up with pillow talk I missed it.

  • Siriniti Kidd
    2019-05-08 11:25

    Go girlThis was an awesome story. But I was a bit lost on if she actually got raped or they just tried. Not that's important or anything. Awesome story. Should have smacked Audrey for her mouth though.

  • Rene
    2019-05-02 04:43

    So goodI love her books I have jumped around on her series of books. I love the descriptions of the setting. And the strong characters with strong convictions.