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Available now for $0.99!From the world of Carolina Bad Boys and Retribution MC, a steamy New Adult standalone novella . . . Magic Mike XXL ain’t got nothin’ on Kinky Kinkaid. Kinkaid:Bonafide pussy magnet. Kinky Kaid I wanna get laid. Yeah, I’ve been called that shit and more. It comes with the territory. See, I’m a male stripper. I shake my moneymaker so I can pay the bilAvailable now for $0.99!From the world of Carolina Bad Boys and Retribution MC, a steamy New Adult standalone novella . . . Magic Mike XXL ain’t got nothin’ on Kinky Kinkaid. Kinkaid:Bonafide pussy magnet. Kinky Kaid I wanna get laid. Yeah, I’ve been called that shit and more. It comes with the territory. See, I’m a male stripper. I shake my moneymaker so I can pay the bills and take care of my people. I’m also a hardcore, hell-bent biker dude, the newest prospect at Retribution MC. Probie 2.0, and they can never find out how I earn my living. Women love me. They toss their panties at me. They push hundred dollar bills into my G-string. I’m down and dirty and the honeys dig it. All but one. There’s this girl, Sadie. She’s beautiful and funny and kickass with some major ink. I’d never make a move on her because she’s my best friend. Sadie:Best friend? Bullshit. Kinkaid treats me like I’m his kid sister. I’m the hell-raiser, the tomboy dirt biker, his late night call but never like that. He thinks he’s safe from me. I’m going to prove him wrong. I’ll make him see me as a woman one way or the other. When I find out what Kinkaid’s been hiding there’s hell to pay. Except then he gives me a lap dance. A hot, wicked, panty-melting lap dance. A lap dance that unleashes our intense desire, fresh jealousy, distrust and anger. Everything changes after that, and not for the better. I love him. I hate him. I can’t lose him. Sometimes I can’t stand him. He’s hot as sin on a sultry lowcountry night, and he’s still my best friend. I don’t know if he’s man enough to give me what I need. Warning: Graphic sex, graphic action, graphic language. Triple X caution.HUNTER, book #1: Now Available!BO, book #3: Available for preorder now, coming July 14th.COLETRANE, book #4 and series finale: Coming in August....

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Kinkaid Reviews

  • Carissa
    2019-05-18 04:18

    3.5 StarsA quick and enjoyable read, that gets the heart pumping. Oh la la!Sadie and Kinkaid have been best friends since he was ten years old. At their first meeting, Kinkaid knew, that Sadie is the girl for him, but would it be at the cost of their friendship. Not willing to chance it, he has kept Sadie in the friend zone for all these years. Remaining best friends through thick and thin. Sadie had fallen in with the Ladies of Retribution MC, the sister charter to Retribution, and as always since they were ten, he followed right behind her. Pledging to the MC.His grandpa who raised him from a babe to adulthood, needed round the clock care. He took care of the daytime but he needed nigth supervision also. The night nurse, meds and all other bills were his responsibility. Taking care of his aging grandpa became his top priority.Two person's he didn't want to find out about his profession. Sadie Grace and the MC he was pledging to. But of course without anyone finding out, then we wouldn't get an drama. Attending a bachelorette party, Sadie comes face to face with non other than Kinky Kinkaid. And let's just say, the woman licked her lips, while eye-fucking him from head to toe. Kinky Kinkaid can give one hell of a lap dance, and Sadie Grace was on the receiving end.Anger and jealousy hit Sadie immediately. He kept this secret from her, his best friend, or so he claims. To top it all off, Sadie has been in love with Kinkaid forever. He's never shown any emotions other than friendliness towards her. So she was resigned to being his friend. But seeing him, stripping, in front of all these women. It hurts to know that he didn't care about her enough, to let her in, and to LET. HER. IN. You all know what I mean ladies.Soon enough Kinky Kinkaid and Sadie Grace come face to face with their overwhelming emotions and the sexual tension is off the charts. Getting involved, they only have a short period of bliss, because Sadie didn't want him dancing anymore and she thought it was a foregone conclusion. When she realized he was returning to his regular shifts. This causes a rift and they both suffer miserably for some time. Until Kinkaid pulls his head out of his behind and retires. Only to perform for Sadie. And the man can PERFORM!I loved the relationship between Kinkaid and his Grandpa. It was delicate and strong. Nurturing. When he passed it was devastating. Even for me as a reader. The emotions were so raw and real. I actually cried a bit. Sadie was fierce. Rie Warren seems to give us hunky, muscled and packed men. Along with some fierce women. That gives, as good as they get. My favourite thing about Rie Warren's writing is that she gives us strong, independent women. Not the usual girlie girlie type, and overly emotional gals in books these days. Sadie is a tom boy, that rides a Suzuki DRZ 250, but when she takes of her leathers, the tomcat, becomes a, HELLCAT.All in all, a quick and enjoyable read.*ARC provided by Enticing Journey Book Promotions on behalf of the author for an honest review* Thanks!

  • Rosa Sharon (iScream Books Blog)
    2019-05-15 08:33

    Memories, love, loss, and life...Damn, I can't get enough of those Bad Boys of Retribution. I read a lot of MC Romance, it's my fave. But I must say...#MaleStripper + #BadassBiker = Kinkaid...was a brilliant idea. Make sure you have plenty of tissues nearby before you start reading this book, you're gonna need them, for more than one reason. You'll thank me later (wink-wink). While I love the badass bikers, I have to admit, it was Grandpa Dean that stole my heart. What an awesome character, one I won't soon forget. While most biker books are full of action, danger, death, and suspense, this one took me in a different direction. It was full of laughter, family, second and third chances, and "memories, love, loss, and life." I really enjoyed getting to know Kinkaid as more than just a prospect. There is more to him than just rippling muscles, oil slicked tanned skin, sexy blonde hair, a very good sense of rhythm, and very, what were we talkin' bout? I lost my train of thought, again. I keep having Magic Mike and the Pony song flashbacks. Can I make a suggestion, Rie Warren? You, really, really, really need to make a book trailer to go with this book, just sayin'. ❤️Check it out here:

  • Amanda
    2019-05-10 07:38

    3.5 'Kinky Kaid' starsI'll shameless admit that the male stripper drew me to this book. Considering the series was named Bad Boys of Retribution MC, I don't get much of MC action beside of some scene taking part in the club house and the hero riding his Harley.Kinkaid is about the hero, Kinkaid Ryder, trying to get a patch with the MC, while moonlighting as a male stripper to pay for his grandpa's medical bills. His childhood friend, Sadie is also part of the sister club of the MC. He never thought they will be more than friends, but after a night of erotic lap dance, things change between these two. But things didn't well between these two lovebirds when Sadie can't accept Kinkaid's chosen profession. What I like :1. the male stripper routine, of course! Rie Warren paint a very vivid picture of the entire routine that had me panting like a horndog. I felt like I'm among the throngs of horny ladies waving a stack of bills wanting to stuck my hands down Kinkaid's jockstrap.2. the reference to Kinkaid's monstrous cock. Penis can never be too big.3. the whole book in the hero's POV. It really make the book stood out for me. 4. Grampa Dean!What I think can make the book better:1. Kinkaid and Sadie are suppose to be childhood friends, they are like two pod in a pea. But I didn't get to see how their friendship was like because the book started with them having the awkward attraction towards each other already.2. If this is a MC series, I need some MC action. Drug runs or whatever. I need to see some badass stunt.Overall, this is quite an enjoyable read with some serious stripper moves and awesome sex scenes. It did took awhile for me to engage with the main characters. Only at 40% did I started to feel this book might just worked for me. At the end of the book, I even learned that Rie Warren wrote some m/m books. I might need to check them out soon.

  • 1-Click Addict Support Group
    2019-05-11 12:37

    Lemme just get some ones and we can get this review party started... Because STRIPPERS + Rie Warren = one hell of a night. hell of a night reading. That's completely what I meant. Kinkaid Ryder, Probie 2.0. The newest prospect at the Retribution MC and...stripper? Whew, better hope the boys never find out. Kinky Kaid shakes what his Mumma gave him because being house boy around the club doesn't pay the bills, and money doesn't grow on trees. Women, however, seem too. He's never had trouble finding a willing pus...person to take to bed. But there's one girl that's not like that. Sadie Grace. She's been his best friend for years, but even she doesn't know about his secret career. And when she finds out, not even a memorable lap dance is going to hide the fact that things have changed. Suddenly, Sadie's not just his best girl, Kaid wants her to be his girl. But how can that happen when there's a big, naked problem standing in their way? The fucking tears. God damn it, I was fine, I swear. I was enjoying the raunchy dance scenes leaping from the page straight into my imagination, the cheeky banter that friends-to-lovers stories (and Ms. Warren) seem to excel at, and the kinky (Kaid) sex that was just what the doctor ordered and then, BAM! Weeping, crying, heaving Beth, cursing Rie at the same time as thanking God above that this author came to my attention. With salty streaks on my cheeks, I finished this book happy, hopeful and really freakin' ready to get to Bo's story next. There's just something about these Bad Boys of Retribution MC that has me ensnared. They're gritty and saucy, and while Kinkaid may not have gone to the brutal lengths of Hunter, it still packed a major punch. A punch, I might add, that's going to get you right in the gut. And the heart. It may have been several days since I finished this book, but I certainly haven't forgotten the perfect pain I experience reading it; the highs and lows that I adored and hated in equal measure, and that rocketed this one to the top of my Rie Warren love list. Alongside all her other books. Because even if there are strippers, how's a girl to chose between bad boy bikers, sexy mechanics, racy romance writers and hot cops? Huh? ~ Beth, 5 stars ~~~ Holy hell . . . I don’t even know where to start. I feel like I’ve been through the wringer and somehow made it through the other side after a slathering of baby oil from a lap dance, crying my eyes out, and not throwing my Kindle. Kinkaid Ryder . . . Lordy, this man is something. He’s both a male stripper and a biker. Not the 10-speed kind, but a hardcore, Harley riding biker. He’s the newest prospect at Retribution MC, aka Probie 2.0. And he’s hell bent on keeping his stripper life from his biker life. He hides his job even from those closest to him—even his best friend, Sadie. Sadie, Sadie, Sadie. Sadie Grace and Kinkaid have been best friends since they were kids, but most days Sadie feels like she’s his kid sister. Sadie’s certain Kaid doesn’t see her as a woman—until one night, a bachelorette party, a lap dance and a mostly naked Kinky Kaid. They’re not best friends with benefits . . . yet.Gosh, I just loved these two characters. I love a great “friends to lovers” story and Kinkaid did not disappoint. Filled with Ms. Warren’s crazy cast of supporting characters including the boys from her Carolina Bad Boys series—Josh, Nicky, Brodie and Boomer—plus Hunter, Bo and Cole from the spin off, Bad Boys of Retribution MC, this series, while light on “traditional MC” story line, is much more about friendship and family, especially when friends become family. I love that Ms. Warren makes me laugh, cry, fume, sigh, smile, shrug, snort, and have a need for some other “action” while reading her books. That’s what makes me want to read more and more. Bring on Bo and Coletrane—July is much too far away. ~ Missy, 5 stars

  • Ivy Deluca
    2019-05-19 12:20

    Full review to be posted on on June 22, 2015.The Bottom LineI liked Kaid, loved his grandfather, and the stripper angle is fun. It’s your kinder, gentler version of a MC romance with all of the raunchy sex times you’d expect. If you love strippers and very light reads, check out Kaid.

  • Veronica of V's Reads
    2019-04-25 05:35

    Kinkaid Ryder is a young, fit, male stripper. He is loud and proud on the stage earning money to pay down his grandpa's medical debts, but keeps that part of himself secret from his childhood best friends, Sadie. Oh, and also from the guys at Retribution, because they wouldn't accept a stripper into their club, and he really wants to join. See, Kinky Kaid, as he's known on the stage, doesn't have a lot of people in his life. His dad left before he was born, and his mom died when he was a toddler, leaving him to his Grandpa's care--and now that Gramps is sick, Kinkaid is gonna make sure his life is comfortable. Then, Sadie spots Kinkaid while out at a bachelorette party. and Kinkaid is just as stunned by the dressed-up version of his overall's wearing artistic tomboy BFF. The attraction is magnetic, but Sadie's so furious she cuts Kinkaid off for a bit. He's frustrated, and angry. And can't believe that she's harbored a secret crush on him for years. Finding him bare-ass naked, writhing for a lust-crazed crowd is too much for her to take. While the make-up is tender, Kinkaid's job is one mountain on the path they can't seem to climb. I really enjoyed this quick read. Kinkaid is a 21 y/o, dumb, sexy dude who wants to eat his cake and have it, too. While he can't bear to have men ogle a clothed Sadie, he sees nothing wrong with giving hundred-dollar lap dances. I had to shake my head at his naivete. Still, he's earnest and compassionate and he learns his lessons right before the end comes. There's a lot of heart here and the soulful discussions Kinkaid shares with his ailing gramps are really something special. I've read lots of stories with a young gal stripping to support her family or education, so it was fun to get the flipside. It's a cool literary complement for fans who clamor to catch Magic Mike XXL this summer. Expect graphic sex, crude language, and a cocky stripper who learns to bare his heart and cover his body.

  • Iva
    2019-05-16 04:22

    The guy's a male stripper? Seriously? It's a Magic Mike scenario. I think I laughed so hard I cried for all those chapter with the stripping. It's just hilarious. I mean, it's very admireable how he took care of his grandpa with that job, that relationship is even more beautiful then the main couple's. But still. And for the record, this whole stripping clubs thing, with guys walking naked everywhere, I find it pretty untastefull, the same way if they were female, but whatever. It's not like I'd ever live in America, thank God..

  • Leona (Books Inside The Keep)
    2019-05-02 08:30

    Review coming soon!!! This book was perfect!!

  • Twin Sisters Rockin' Book Reviews
    2019-05-15 06:14

    Overall Rating: 4.25 Rockin’ ★★★★He is not called ‘Kinky Kaid’ for no reason…this guy is one down and dirty, take your clothes off and shake your moneymaker kind’a guy! In this the second book in author Rie Warren’s, ‘Bad Boys of Retribution MC’ we get a look at another one of her bad southern boys! This is Kinkaid and Sadie’s story, a story about BFF’s becoming something more.Kinkaid was raised by his grandfather and taught to be a real Southern Gentleman. But time has a way of wreaking havoc on people and those we love grow old. His grandfather and Sadie are all he has left, except for his MC. His life is speeding out of control and he has no way of stopping it. While he is working to become a full fledge member, he worries that someone will find out the truth about his stripping. The bills have to be paid and he will do whatever he has to do to take care of his aging grandfather, the only dad he has ever known.Sadie has always been a constant in his life, since early childhood, but lately his body has been reacting in a very unfriend like way. Everything changes for Kinkaid when he looks across the stage one night and meets his best friend’s eyes. Will she accept what he is doing or will he loose his best friend?When your BFF is also the man of your dreams, what does a girl do? She keeps a friend only attitude and ignores what her heart is saying! That is until one night when she discovers he has been keeping secrets from her. When Ryder gives her a lap dance their relationship will never be the same.Hero: Kinkaid Ryder 4.25 stars Heroine: Sadie Grace 4.25 stars Steam: 4.25 stars Plot: 4.25 stars Cliffhanger: NoWould I recommend this book: Yes! You have your MC romance with a twist, Probie 2.0 is a male stripper at a gentlemen’s club and no one knows about it, or so he thinks. This is a hilarious read, sometimes with tongue in cheek humor and yet still filled with love, drama and sizzling heat!Would I recommend these authors: Yes! Each book that I read by this author reaches another level of the WOW factor! As you read, you discover characters that not only touch your heart but remain after the book is finished. The plots are deep but at the same time, simple with the stories they convey! ***Received an ARC of this book from the Author in exchange for an honest review***KinkaidRie Warren

  • Stefanie Kral
    2019-05-10 05:31

    ✯✯5 Kinky Stars!!!✯✯Rie Warren NEVER disappoints me. Ever!!Kinkaidwas over the top hot. Not only is he Probie 2.0 of one of my favorite MC's. He's also a hot hot hot stripper by the name Kinky Kaid. And, man does the name fit. Kinkaid has been best friends with Sadie since they met when they were 10 and she gave him a bloody nose. He knew from that minute that she was the girl for him. But, Kinkaid put her in the friend zone and kept her there. Because, he refused to loose her.Kinkaid is stripping for one thing. Money. His Grandpa Dean needs round the clock care and medication. He stays with him during the day and there's a nurse for the nights. He's the hottest thing at the club working only 3 nights a week. Kinkaid has been awesome at keeping it a secret from the MC he's trying to patch into and Sadie. Until one night he's doing a new routine and comes face to face with Sadie. She's there for a bachelorette party. Now, he's forced to give her the lap dance of both their lives. Sadie has always had a crush on Kinkaid. He was the one that pushed her in the friend zone. But, since the lap dance he can't get her outta his mind. Things between these two get pretty hot pretty quick. The fact that they have been best friends since they have been 10 makes it so much easier. They are so comfortable together. Now, there are no secrets between them. If that was their happily ever after. Not! Kikaid is still stripping. Sadie is expecting him to stop. Kinkaid doesn't see the big picture. He's looking at it as a job to get money. She's not wanting any other women near him. This book would have me laughing. Then, when Kinkaid and Grandpa Dean were together my heart would break a little more every time. Grandpa Dean just gets weaker and weaker. Grandpa Dean raised Kinkaid. He's the most important person other then Sadie. It was so nice seeing Brodie, Boomer, Hunter and the rest of the MC. They had me rolling every time they were around. Rie always gives us men that are bad ass. They party hard, play hard and love the hardest. And, the women. Yes!! Sadie is the newest one. She was a tomboy. Yet, she's hot and just as kinky as Kaid. She doesn't drive a car. She's got a bike of her own. Only Rie gives me both men and women for me to crush on!

  • Janna ♥ I'm A Sweet And Sassy Book Whore ♥
    2019-05-05 09:25

    3.5 stars www.mysecretromancebookreviews.comWhen I start a book by Rie Warren I am guaranteed a couple of things. One I will laugh my ass off because she can write some funny scenes. Two a sexy as sin hero that will leave your panties wet and begging for more. Three there will be drama, sometimes a little, sometimes a lot but it will be there. And finally I know when I am done there will be a happily ever after even if it is a bumpy road on the way there. Now I got all of those things with Kinkaid but I have to sadly admit this isn’t my favorite book by Ms. Warren. Don’t get me wrong, I still enjoyed it a lot. I think I was hoping of more of the MC presence than there was. Kinkaid is a male stripper, and a damn sexy one. Trust me when I say you could close your eyes and picture his routine because Ms. Warren explains it is great detail and damn I wanted to be throwing imaginary money his way. He is also a prospect for the Retribution MC. There is a reason why he strips, one that will warm your heart and totally see how good of a guy Kinkaid really is. He is also best friends with Sadie who when she finds out what he does for a living being pissed is an understatement.Sadie is hurt when she finds out what Kinkaid does to pay the bills, she knows he looks at her like a sister but he has been keeping the secret from her and doesn’t want her like she wants him. I could understand to a point why she hated his job and was hurt but in my opinion she went to far too many times in my opinion in her voicing her hatred of his stripping. And that right there was another reason why I didn’t like this one as much as the others.While I love being able to see the more personal side of the guys in the MC sometimes I want more of the biker life it is a biker series. Now saying that I am anxious to read about Bo in the next book, I think he may surprise us all with what is underneath his exterior, we know he’s gone through things with in the military but I have a feeling we haven’t seen a fraction of who he really is yet.

  • Debbie
    2019-04-28 04:28

    Independent reviewer for Archaeolibrarian I Dig Good Books.Kinkaid is Sadie's best friend of ten years. He doesn't want her to know he has been stripping to earn the money to pay for his grandfather's medical bills. He doesn't want the others at Retribution MC to find out either, not while he is trying to earn his patch. And it was all going so well, until Sadie, quite literally, caught him in the act! A lap dance later, and all those pent up feelings boil over and Sadie finally gets what she really wants - Kaid.But the stripping gig is a shadow clouding their happiness. Can Sadie get over it, Can Kaid make her see, that its just a job to pay the bills??This!! THIS!!! OH I Loved this book!! Kinkaid is stripping to pay bills, while trying to get patched to Retribution MC, and he never, ever, til tat night Sadie catches him on stage, thought of her that way. Sadie did, she has wanted Kaid for as long as she can remember! The lap dance gets them up close and personal! YES - its written entirely from Kaid's POV. But Sadie is quite vocal at points along the way, telling Kaid just what she thought, so I didn't feel I was missing out.YES - it is written in the first person. I gave Hunter 4.5 stars for this very reason. I can't do that here. I enjoyed this so much more than Hunter, and it can only be put down to Kaid himself.The MC club again takes a back seat. It also explains why there is none of the usual stuff that comes with MC books I've read, the club is legal, in every sense of the word. I LOVED that!Hunter, JB and all the others pop up at points along the way, so I was pleased about that. We also meet Bo, who is up next and the doctor who helped Hunter. Bo is avoiding her. They are gonna be explosive, I can tell!!So, even though its single POV, and even though its all in the first person...5 full stars!**same worded review will appear on Goodreads, and**

  • S.M. Harshell
    2019-05-01 11:42

    **I received a free copy of this book to read and review for Wicked Reads.**Kinkaid is the second book in the Bad Boys of Retribution Series. Kinkaid Ryder is living three separate parts of his life. One part has him as a prospect in the Retribution MC. He's working his way to his patch, doing everything they want him to do. From cleaning the club or working the bar, he does what is asked of him. The second part of his life has him taking care of his elderly grandfather who took care of him when his mother died suddenly. He's doing what he needs to do to pay the bills. Which leads to the third part of his life, working at the GQ club as Kinky Kaid. Woman throw themselves at him, scream his name and toss money his way. He is the top dancer at the club. He works his assets to take care of his people. All those parts of his life are kept separate. Until the day Sadie gets lap dance from Kinky Kaid. Sadie and Kinkaid grew up together. They are best friends, who know everything about each other, or so she thinks. Kinkaid has always felt protective and brotherly over Sadie. She was his girl, his friend. He never saw her as more until the day she walked into GQ. I am loving this series. The boys of Retribution are a great group. They aren't like the typical MC they aren't the bad boys doing illegal things. These guys keep it on the up and up. Caring about each other and what happens to them. I LOVED grampa Dean. He was a great character who got me right in the feels. I can't wait for Bo. There is so much to this character I can't wait to see what made him like he is.

  • Theresa
    2019-04-28 12:40

    Kinkaid, also known as Probie 2.0 is a prospect for the Retribution MC. He’s a bona fide biker, and is working his way into a badass MC. His best friend, Sadie is part of the First Ladies of Redemption, sister charter of Retribution. They’ve been friends since grade school, and know each other inside and out.Kinkaid has a secret he’s been keeping, even from Sadie. And if the MC finds out, it could be the end of his prospecting. Kinkaid, or as the ladies call him, Kinky Kaid, is the top-billing stripper at the Gentleman’s Quarters—GQ. Women can’t get enough of him, and he makes a good living catering to their fantasies.When Sadie discovers what he’s been hiding—and not hiding when he gives her a lap dance—she starts seeing him in a whole new light. When Kinkaid sees Sadie at the club, she’s not dressed in her usual jeans, dirty boots, messed up hair. How could he have not seen how beautiful she was?As they’re both discovering what has been under their noses, can they risk their strong friendship by giving into these newly found desires?This book had a few twists I wasn’t expecting. I really liked the dynamic between Kinkaid and Sadie, and all the nuances of their relationship. Kinkaid has to make some decisions that will not only affect him, but his family as well. I’ll also admit, I had to grab my tissues a couple times. There was a great story here, and I’d love to know more past the end of this book. With Kinkaid being a stripper, there is plenty panty-melting action on his part. You also get to see the guys you met in Hunter, the first book of this series, and a few new ones.Kinkaid is the second book in the Bad Boys of Retribution MC series.I received this ARC for an honest review, and I give it 4 stars.

  • Lori JG
    2019-05-02 04:31

    Oooops! She did it again!Rie Warren can do no wrong in my eyes. I love everything she writes and with every book she gives us her work gets even better!!Rie Warren OWNS The Top 10 of Amazon Erotica! Fun erotica - hot, down home, blue collar, lets get real - slurpy, sexy, gritty HOTTNESS!Rie has an AMAZING ability to create loveable, memorable characters. She creates worlds that you not only WANT to be in - you never want to leave them. Part of the reason is; when you get a new lead character he/she/ they/ their HEA ..continues with the series she's famous for. You don't have to say goodbye to beloved characters you've invested in - you get plenty of glimpses and face time with them down the road. That's NOT to say no one ever dies! Cuz holy shit! when she goes for the heart - Rie takes it with both hands! I don't cry easy but Rie can make me cry! Kinkaid has a ugly ugly cry waiting for well as hot fun times and Kinky Kaid lovin.Rie Warren?? Hell Yeah! This Book Series?? RIGHT NOW!

  • Kim
    2019-05-25 12:22

    Probie Kincaid has a secret – he strips as Kinky Kaid in order to earn money to pay for his grandfather’s medical debts. The guys of the Retribution MC don’t know about his side job. His best friend, Sadie, comes into the club with a bachelorette party and is FLOORED to see him on stage! He can’t believe his tomboy bestie is all prettied up and one lap dance later they end up moving from just friends to more. Kincaid become Mr. “Don’t even look at my woman”, yet he sees nothing wrong with his stripping and doesn’t understand why it bothers Sadie.Some of the scenes in this book were laughable! Rie Warren writes such hot, intense, sexy stories that I can’t believe I have not read any of her books before this series!*Copy provided for review

  • Hooked On Books
    2019-05-02 06:23

    God, I wish I could give this damn book twice the stars I have to! Kinkaid and Sadie are the best of friends; they've been that way for both of their lives and neither one has ever had any intentions of taking it any farther (and if they have, they've damn sure never voiced it out loud)! To help pay his grandfather's medical bills, he moonlights as a stripper...and he's one of the best. What's better: Sadie has no idea, until she walks in with a Bachelorette party one night and sees him!! One look at eachother and MAJOR sparks fly. Whew! This book is hot hot hot! Fantastic writing that keeps you coming back for more! I LOVED Kinkaid! Love Rie's writing even more!

  • Michelle Sanders
    2019-05-15 05:35

    Holy hawt hunksMagic Mike's got nothing on Kinkaid! This was a fun book. Kinkaid is sexy, a good guy for the most part who has terminal young guy disease...doesn't think before he does stupid stuff. Luckily best friends and true love trump all. Book left me with a smile while reading...I'm a sucker for a love story and a happily ever after. Enough drama, and angst to keep it interesting(and yes even an ugly cry) but not so much I have a book hangover... #5perfectreadstars!

  • Diane
    2019-05-16 12:41

    Kinkaid was a quick, fun read...unlike Hunter the first book in this series, there is no ex-military, trouble lurking around every corner suspense...just a fun Magic Mike, kinda feel. My heart broke for Kinkaid, at one point in the story and it's a true testament to the author when you can experience all those emotions, but you just knew that he and Sadie were meant to was definitely a feel good HEA story. Thanks again Rie!

  • Sheila
    2019-05-01 10:27

    Holy hotness!!! Read this alone. Trust me. Excellent book! Review coming!

  • Breanna Eichhorn
    2019-05-16 09:14

    This book is an amazing read. This is very well written and the characters are very well developed and I can't wait to read more books by Rie Warren!!

  • Karen Bullock
    2019-04-26 09:37

    I only gave this story 3 stars because it just did not move me in a way that the others did. Yes it started out with a "Magic Mike" entrance and it seemed like Kincaid was going to be a smarmy guy, trading all his "opportunities" on his looks & the fact that women went crazy all over him. That was not the case, however, the ridiculous drama between Sadie and him was the entirety of the book, for me? Not so interesting. I would like to have read more club interaction mixed with romance.

  • Bronney Keenahan
    2019-05-12 09:16

    Oh wow, ok I really enjoyed this book. The descriptions were amazing and I was drawn into it. It was hot and erotic in all the right places. I loved his devotion and love towards his grandfather and the special bond they shared. My only complaint is the lack of MC details. Yes it was an MC Series read but there was nothing really about the MC factor.

  • Karen Bullock
    2019-05-08 05:29

    Magic Mike?!I have given this story a 3 star rating only, because it was exciting in the beginning but for me, the story seemed more focused on Kincaid's performance between his job & Sadie; I had wanted to read more about the club interactions.

  • Bunny
    2019-05-20 04:23

    Hot in here!This book is sexy and dirty with a little sweetness put in. A true page turner and hotness overload. Hang on and enjoy the ride!

  • Romance and Fantasy for Cosmopolitan Girls
    2019-04-28 07:41

    Romance and Fantasy for Cosmopolitan GirlsI Bad Boys della Retribution Mc non sono finiti! Rie Warren prosegue la sua serie spin off , situata sempre a Mt. Pleasant - North Carolina, e ci racconta la storia di Kinkaid e Sadie.Kinkaid è un giovane biker, 21 anni, ed è una recluta del Retribution Mc di di notte è uno spogliarellista. Non lo fa per il piacere di spogliarsi e rimorchiare donne ben disposte a lasciarsi fare ogni cosa da lui. Lo fa perché suo nonno, Grampa Dean, è anziano e ha bisogno di assistenza. Non guasta che a Kinkaid piaccia molto ballare e lo sappia fare decisamente bene!Sadie è la sua migliore amica, ha deciso di entrare nel Retribution Mc sezione donne ( ebbene si, se vuoi diventare biker non ci sono distinzioni sessuali in America! ), ed è una studentessa di arte. Si conoscono da quando erano piccoli e giocavano al parco.Ma quando accompagna una sua amica ad un addio al nubilato in un locale di spogliarellisti, non riesce a credere ai suoi occhi : quel figone da paura sul palco, che sta dando il meglio di se, è il suo amico di sempre Kinkaid!! Perchè non ne sapeva niente ?Ragazzi, la storia tra Sadie e Kinkaid è una delle più travagliate che abbia mai letto. Passionale, infuocata, tenera, dolce ma piena di alti e bassi. Il nostro biker sembra sbagliare tutto ogni volta che le cose si fanno serie e lei è troppo inflessibile, a parer mio. Ma il sesso riparatore è sempre la soluzione migliore e con Kinkaid lo è ancora di più!!La scelta di diventare spogliarellista o exotic dancer, come preferite, viene fatta per una necessità. Rimasto senza madre ad un anno di vita, con un padre desaparecido, viene praticamente adottato da Grampa Dean. Adesso però è anziano e malato, per guadagnare i soldi necessari ,Kinkaid sacrifica se stesso e decide di fare orari assurdi la notte per ballare. Almeno sa che sta facendo del suo meglio per ricambiare tutto quello che il nonno ha fatto per lui.Grampa Dean è un personaggio meraviglioso, il nonno che tutti vorremmo. Simpatico, saggio e progressista. Sa molto bene quanto il nipote faccia per lui, infatti lo sprona sempre a godersi la vita e non pensare ad assisterlo continuamente ma a Kinkaid non pesa trascorrere le serate libere giocando a scarabeo. Anche se si tratta di un personaggio secondario, il suo contributo alla trama è prezioso, i suoi interventi sono spassosi ed esilaranti. E' stato un'eccellente diversivo dall'aspetto erotico del romanzo. Sadie, rimane esterrefatta quando si vede sul palcoscenico il suo migliore amico. Ha sempre provato qualcosa per lui, è troppo bello per restare indifferente. Oltre all'aspetto esteriore, c'è da mettere in conto che ha un grande cuore, è dolce ed un bravo ragazzo. Quella notte ha cambiato tutto però. Mentre lei si sente tradita, lui inizia a guardarla con occhi diversi e anche se la conosce da una vita, è come se fosse stato sopraffatto da un colpo di fulmine. La desidera, la vuole e non riesce a trattenersi. Ma quale sarà la cosa giusta da fare? Rinunciare ad una amicizia secolare per la lussuria o vedere dove porteranno questi nuovi sentimenti ?Sono risposte a cui sono leggendo il libro potrete dare risposta!!Si tratta della serie spin off di Carolina Bad Boys, i biker sono il mio punto debole...ormai lo sapete...abbiamo già conosciuto Hunter, il quale mi aveva lasciato un tantino annoiata, mentre Kindaid per nulla!! Sarà che ho trovato il contesto diverso, i dialoghi più interessanti, insomma l'ho divorato e sono rimasta decisamente soddisfatta! Sul filone di Magic Mike, Kindaid ci fa sognare, oltre per le sue spettacolari prestazioni sessuali!!Non so se arriverà mai in Italia...chi può dirlo....nel frattempo ve lo consiglio come lettura in lingua originale, il livello di difficoltà è accettabile e lo stile slang è più contenuto rispetto alle precedenti pubblicazioni. Non lasciatevelo scappare!!

  • Angela Goodrich
    2019-04-26 07:42

    I received a free copy of this book to read and review for Wicked Reads.I absolutely loved Kinkaid. That said, I was not expecting to cry – at all. After reading Steele: Into Your Heart and Hunter back to back, I was in the MC mindset. While the Bad Boys of Retribution MC is not as gritty as some MC romances because the members are not one-percenters, both books were action-packed and I was expecting Kinkaid to follow a similar theme. Yet Ms. Warren chose to mix it up, step back from the suspense element, and gave fans a heartfelt drama that is more reminiscent of the feel of Stone: At Your Service and Love: In the Fast Lane and I loved every page of it – even the soggy ones.From the book’s description, I went in knowing that Kinkaid and Sadie are best friends until she finds out he has been stripping and lied by omission about the job. And boy what a way to find out! As the book progresses we come to realize that it’s not the lie that angers Sadie but the fact that he’s “selling his body” to strangers when she’s been harboring feelings for him for years. Of course that information doesn’t come out until Sadie and Kinkaid are fighting and it is definitely entertaining as they both realize they want the same thing. As they take their relationship status from best friends to lovers, Ms. Warren proves yet again that she can write some seriously hot sex scenes. But what surprised me (and shouldn’t have) is that she can write just as hot striptease scenes. Good grief! It’s no wonder that Kinkaid was able to pay for his grandfather’s medical bills and care by working only three nights a week. I felt like I should have been stuffing bills into my Kindle. Be forewarned, Sadie and Kinkaid are in their early twenties so there is a bit of a New Adult feel to Kinkaid – a bit more angst than you would expect to find in an MC book. Add to the fact that Kinkaid is like most guys in a romance in that his communication skills are subpar and he’s a little slow on the uptake regarding how his stripping bothers Sadie, well there are certainly plenty of opportunities for fireworks between these two. But there is far more heartfelt emotion in Kinkaid’s relationship with his grandfather, the way he takes care of him, and the emotional upheaval he faces as his grandfather’s health declines that keep the angst from overpowering the book. It was two-tissue tearjerker for me. While you can read the Bad Boys of Retribution MC series without reading the Carolina Bad Boys series and you can read Kinkaid without reading Hunter first, it is a richer reading experience if you have read the others because there is an overlapping of characters between the books (even if the plotlines do not rely on knowledge gleaned from the previous books). I know I have already said it, but it bears repeating – I loved Kinkaid. This was a great addition to the franchise and I’m already salivating for Bo because the ending of Kinkaid teased me just enough to want to know what’s going on with our latest addition to the Retribution MC.

  • FMR Book Grind
    2019-05-20 10:39

    DONNA'S REVIEW5 STARSThis book was filled with some sexy and funny moments that involved Kinkaid, Sadie, and of course grampa Dean (old people are a riot). I wasn't sure about this book at first, but someone was further along than me in reading and described this book as hillarious. I soon discovered how right my fellow reader was. Kincaid and Sadie discover each other's secrets. Kincaid of course has the bigger of the secrets and ends up making some serious changes in his life. Kincaid and Sadie are good together. Grampa Dean was too, too funny talking about "fornication" and flirting with Sadie. Oh, let's not forget the poor night nurse. LolERIN'S REVIEW4.5 STARSThis book was great! Parts of it had me lmao! Lovin me some Kinky Kaid!!! Not at all what I was expecting! It is an MC romance but is not centered on that aspect. It is more focused on the characters and what else is going on in their lives.Kinkaid is a great person. He lives with his grandfather, who raised him. He does what he has to do to take care of everything for him. That includes being a male stripper! And Holy Hotness Batman! The detail that those scenes were written in had me fanning myself! Just thinking about it makes me short of breath! Of course, he doesn’t want the MC, or his best friend, to find out how he is earning his extra money.Sadie is Kinkaid’s best friend. Has been since they were 10. She is also a member of the MC’s women’s club. She has had feelings for Kinkaid for years but has never said anything. She didn’t want to ruin their friendship.At a bachelorette party, Sadie has a chance encounter with Kinky Kaid and it turns out to be her best friend! She is mortified and upset. After this encounter, Kinkaid realizes that he hot not so friendly feelings about Sadie.Their relationship is effortless. They know everything about each other. Grampa approves as well! But things do stay sunshine and roses. Sadie cannot deal with his job and decides its best to just be friends. Then tragedy strikes. Kinkaid is reeling. He has a lot to learn and a short time to do it if he wants to have Sadie for his own.Lovin this series and am excited to see where the story goes next! KIM'S REVIEW4 STARSWhen I started reading this, I wasn't expecting a 'friends to lovers' story. But this is exactly what Kinkaid is.So you have a guy who takes off his clothes for a living. Wasn't expecting that. Not only does Kinkaid strip, but he enjoys it. Loves to dance. (Wow, not expecting that either.)Kinkaid does his job to take care of his Grandfather. Who he loves very much. So sweet. Sadie Grace is Kaid's best friend. From the time she was wearing ripped jeans and pig tails. One night, a bridal party and Kaid's secret life is out to Sadie. A really hot lap dance brings out some feelings that aren't what Kinkaid expects. And isn't sure he likes.Sadie has always had a special place in her heart just for Kaid, but keeping secrets like say...Stripping! That just pisses her off.Secrets, budding relationships, laugh out loud moments and wisdom from an old man makes this story a sweet sweet ride. I enjoyed this book. But I missed the balls-to-the-wall action that usually goes with MC books.Because of that, KinKaid gets 4 stars.

  • Kim
    2019-05-23 10:24

    Can two lifelong friend make the jump from friends to lovers without messing it all up?This installment features Kinkaid Ryder aka Probie 2.0 and Sadie. They have been best friends since they were ten years old. He was always the handsome, popular guy and she was the tomboy and art geek. But they have always been there for each other and shared similar interests.But when she finds out the one part of his life that Kinkaid has kept a secret from her, it is not only a huge shock but it also brings out hidden desire.They are two friends who realize they are attracted to each other. Well, at least Kinkaid is just now seeing Sadie as a woman instead of his tomboy best friend. They have a strong connection, history and hot chemistry. But Kinkaid has a lot going on in his life and the one thing Sadie asks of him is the one thing he can't change without sacrificing something else. I loved them together. I actually really liked Kinkaid. He had such devotion and such heart. He did what he had to do to take care of those he cared about. He was sexy, charismatic, and hot, but also had a good head on his shoulders and priorities. He had a softer, playful side and a vulnerability about him.I liked Sadie too for the most part but she could sometimes get on my nerves. Whenever things did not go her way, she had a tendency to pout, get pissed off, ran, or push Kinkaid away. But I could also see their connection and how tied they were to each other.I loved his Gramps who added humor and showed an even more vulnerable and sweet side to Kinkaid.Even though this series is about the Retribution MC, it is not the typical rough, raw, and gritty MC series. Although the first book Hunter had more danger and suspense, this installment focuses more on their relationship and his other job than MC club business. But Boomer, Brodie, Ashe, Cole, Bo, Tail, Tuck, Handsome, Hunter, and JB all made appearances. It was told in Kinkaid's slightly cocky and honest point of view. I liked this one better than the first in this series, Hunter...I think because I liked Kinkaid more. But with that being said, Hunter grew on me and I liked his contribution to this story. As with some of the other books, I find the sex scenes a little challenging for me. They are labeled as graphic with a triple x caution and yes they are detailed. It is more that just some of the particular actions or dirty talk sometimes turn me a little off or it seems awkward or at times even a bit gross. But I have learned to just kind of shake my head and move on through the story. I enjoyed the little peek into the next book which features the former Marine Bo and I am looking forward to his story.I was gifted a copy in exchange for an honest review.

  • Mary Baird
    2019-05-15 04:36

    I received and ARC for an honest opinion.If you liked Magic Mike, you should really enjoy Kinkaid! I enjoyed Kinkaid, it was light, it was fun and a quick read. Rie Warren did a great job bringing a heartwarming love story to us. Kinkaid Ryder/ Kinky Kaid as he’s known at his nighttime job at the Gentlemen’s Quarters as a male dancer/stripper. He’s loud and proud and totally testosterone filled. He is also a new member of the Retribution motorcycle club. Also, fearing the severe humiliation he would suffer if any of those members knew about his other, uhmm…activities! So you see this is kind of hush-hush.Okay, now KinKaid is a really good guy so don’t get the wrong idea about him. He was raised by his Grandpa. Their relationship is priceless and the banter between them sweet. Times have changed now and it’s KinKaid’s time to help care for Grandpa. His job at GQ is his source of paying the bills. How could you not love a guy like this?On a typical evening performance at the GQ Kaid was selected to do a lap dance for a bachelorette party. Holy effin hell but who did he see but his longtime friend Sadie in the group of ladies!! The only thing is this wasn’t the Sadie he was used to seeing. It was Sadie in a dress, high heel and makeup looking hotter than he had ever seen her before. Had to laugh when he all of a sudden he felt so possessive and he didn’t want her to be seen this way by the other men in the club. A little about Sadie, she had been Kaid’s friend form childhood. They had grown up as friends playing ball and riding bikes together. Heck, Sadie had even punched his lights out too!! Kaid had always thought of her a friend and they had a brother-sister relationship. He was protective of her and had even followed her joining the MC. Always had her back.Let’s get back to the party now. Bridezilla certainly picked up on the eye lock they had going on, which, by the way, is why the lap dance was for Sadie and not the bride to be. Had me laughing so hard! Seeing Sadie the way she looked tonight definitely stirred different kinds of thoughts and feelings in Kaid. In fact, Sadie seemed to react to Kaid’s gyrations…once she got over the shock of finding him there, in a somewhat similar way.That’s when it hit Kinkaid….he wanted Sadie to be more than just his best friend, he wanted her to be his girlfriend. I enjoyed the banter between the two as they transitioned from friends to lovers, after all we all need a little spice. With a name like Kinky you bet you know what to expect in the bedroom!