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Now available. From the world of Carolina Bad Boys . . . Bo Maverick is ex-Force Recon and a force to be reckoned with.Bo:I’m a lover, not a fighter. Yeah, right. Talk about bullshit. I’ve been fighting all my life, and I know zip about love. Frankly, I don’t want to. More than bullets whizzing past my head or the very real possibility of ending up dead, love scares the shNow available. From the world of Carolina Bad Boys . . . Bo Maverick is ex-Force Recon and a force to be reckoned with.Bo:I’m a lover, not a fighter. Yeah, right. Talk about bullshit. I’ve been fighting all my life, and I know zip about love. Frankly, I don’t want to. More than bullets whizzing past my head or the very real possibility of ending up dead, love scares the shit out of me. I’m used to guns and killing, blood and dust. Lust. That’s what I feel for this woman, my goddamn shrink, Veronica. Doctor Hartley digs inside my head. She asks me questions, which I never answer. I’d much rather take the smart, sexy Doc to bed, but I can’t because of our clinical relationship. My last Force Recon mission destroyed any semblance of humanity I had left. Those little triggers go off all the time now. When I’m asleep. When I’m awake. When the memories are raw. I bolt up, at knife point again, but there’s no enemy now. Just Veronica and me. Veronica:Veronica. Doctor Hartley. I told Bo to call me Ronnie like everyone else, but he refuses. He shows up like he has a cattle prod shoved up his ass and sits through the allotted hour for his counseling session impervious to every approach. He’s powerful, forceful, explosive. He doesn’t scare me. My marine doesn’t speak, but his sharp gaze pierces me all the same. He watches me with all the greed of a hunger never sated, a need never fulfilled. A desire never explored. He stows his secrets safely away, but I’m patient. I’ll get to him if he doesn’t get to me first. And when I have him? I’ll want him forever. I know this. But I can’t. His past might be complicated, but mine is a minefield, one that will blow up in our faces before all is said and done.Too bad. We could be so good together.Warning: Graphic sex, graphic action, graphic language. Triple X caution....

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Bo Reviews

  • Carissa
    2019-04-24 14:51

    I started reading this series and this author roughly about two months ago. The novellas are fairly short and to the point reads, with lots of steamy sexual encounters. Rie Warren can seriously write some bad boy, alpha-male characters, with hearts of gold. Her heroines are up to par with these alpha-males, giving as good as they get. Strong women and equally determined men, with loads of combustible sexual tension, always gets my heart palpitating.Bo was no different, except! it was... doesn't make sense right. Well, Bo is one of those books that sticks with you, even after you've devoured it. And devour I did, like twice!We're given a broken marine suffering from PTSD and the effects of opting out of the Marines after a mission goes wrong. Where good men died. Men with families, that deserved to live, while Bo, questions his own survival. Why not him? Why them? Men, who became his family, during times of isolation, on missions, a unit together, a family split apart.Fighting to assimilate himself back into society, Bo finds the first brotherhood, Retribution MC. A brotherhood that protects it's own, fights alongside each other, and kicks their own asses when necessary. This is when Bo, gets help from a fellow military man and MC brother, Hunter.Hunter arranges some therapy sessions with Dr. Hartley. A psychiatrist who helped Hunter, and who Hunter knows will do everything she can to aid Bo's recovery. After missing two sessions with Doc Hartley, Bo gets one hell of a wake up call, when the vivacious Veronica Hartley waltzes into Retribution MC and rips Bo a new one.Doctor Veronica Hartley is a bombshell in a suit. A smart woman, with a knack for sorting through all the bullsh*t and getting right to the heart of the problem. Always willing to get down and dirty. What she didn't plan out, was Bo. The tougher than nails, vulnerable ex-marine that sasses her at every turn, and gives his whiplash with his flirtatious smile and sexier than sin body.I loved that at Bo's first session with Doc Hartely, that he attempts to throw a curve ball, by relaying his sexual dream about Veronica, and she sits their, affected, and just as quickly, she cuts Bo down to size. Talk about hot!!!!Soon enough, Veronica realizes she has feelings for Bo, but she would not compromise her practice by becoming involved with a patient. Recommending a new shrink for Bo, it gives Veronica the right advantage in getting more intimate with this enigmatic marine.They way their relationship evolved from doctor, patient, to sassy lovers, was a thrill to read about. All the sass they both gave to each other, their little quips and the never ending lust sessions, was freaking mind-blowing. Bo's protective and conditioned nature, always took over, and his OCD tendencies even though it bothered him, I quite welcomed the extra detail and the routine.While, Veronica is trying to help Bo and get him to open up, both professionally and on a more personal level, she is also hiding some secrets that could be fatal if not handled properly. A secret than brings another and extremely dangerous MC into the mix.My most favourite aspect of this book, was the vulnerability of Veronica. As much as she was a strong and independent woman. Fighting and finding her own way back into society, her emotions towards Bo, gave away her true feelings. She preferred to withhold information and sacrifice her own self in order to protect Bo. This softer more intimate aspect of Veronica was a wonderful added touch by the author. It changed the dynamics of this instalment versus the previous two. Both characters became more intense and real to me. A through and fabulous read.ARC provided by Enticing Journey Book Promotions on behalf of the author for an honest review* Thanks!

  • Sheila
    2019-05-22 17:32

    I received an ARC in exchange for an honest review.Bo hasn't kept any of his therapy appointments with psychologist, Veronica. Not only does he not want to talk about his experiences in the service, but he thinks she's super sexy and can't stop himself from having inappropriate thoughts whenever he's around her. Veronica is a feisty red head who's used to dealing with stubborn men and she doesn't let Bo get off so easily from blowing her off. He finally agrees to counseling, but after it becomes obvious to both of them that they have feelings for one another far beyond a professional level, and also that Bo can't possibly have a relationship with a woman until he deals with all the baggage he's carrying around, she drops him as her patient. Not only that, but she refuses to talk to him at all after they had a fight and Bo blew up, letting his temper and rage at his PTSD take over.He knows if he wants anything with her in his future that he has to get the help he needs. If he doesn't, he'll never be able to function in civilian life, let alone allow someone to get close to the real him, flaws and all. So he spends weeks working hard to deal with his past military experiences with a different doctor. While Bo has obvious issues that Victoria is aware of, she has her own problems that she keeps hidden. Everything about her is a secret but she refuses to open up to Bo about any of it, just saying that she wishes she could share it with him but she can't. Her secrets are dangerous and end up coming out into the open when enemies of her past show back up and put her life in danger. Bo has to rely on the skills he learned in the military and his new 'brothers' of the Retribution MC to make her safe. Bo and Veronica had to help each other, even though she was the doctor she needed Bo's unconditional love and trust to get her through, while he needed her support and understanding to heal. They both also had to deal with family relationships that had suffered, and they held the other one's hand through it all. They were the perfect balm for the other, soothing the pain from the past. Both deserved to be cherished and adored by someone else and they got that with each other. This is the third book of the Bad Boys of Retribution MC series and I've loved each and every one! Each guy has been the perfect mix of sexy, filthy mouthed alpha yet sweet and romantic with caring hearts. I look forward to the future books!

  • Mandie Foxylutely
    2019-04-22 11:35

    *ARC provided by the author in exchange for an honest reviewThis is the third book in the Bad Boys of Retribution MC and this time it is Bo’s story. I have been looking forward to this one as Bo is a bit of an enigma to me and as such, I was hoping he would be a delight to read. He was - oh yes he was lush!Bo is a man with demons that haunt him. Ever since his last tour as a marine went tits up, he has been left suffering with his guilt and desolation. Nothing he does will take the nightmares away. That is until Hunter puts Dr Veronica Hartley on his ass. She hunts him down after he fails miserably to keep any appointment with her. Bo has refused to accept help so far, after all what can a hot chick doc do to help him, especially one that looks like her. When she finally gets him to succumb they both find they are fighting another losing battle, the deep attraction they have for each other. What V also doesn’t let be known is she herself is also hiding deep secrets and fears. Bo eventually begins to let go of his anger and guilt when V refers him to a new Dr to ensure her professionalism is not threatened. Once she does she goes after her soldier boy full throttle. I liked how the chemistry was sparked from the onset and how no unnecessary angst was thrown in. It was straight up in your face passion and lust from the start! It was great to catch up with the other guys in the series so far and how their camaraderie just shines through the book. There is nothing more satisfying than reading about tough alpha guys who also show an underlying love and trust for each other. This series just gets better and better. I love the originality of the MC theme and the different types of men and their backgrounds bring forth a multitude of alphaliciousness!There was lots of action as well, especially when V’s secrets are revealed. I never saw that one coming so kudos to the author for throwing in that curveball. The grittiness of that episode was gripping to read through. But at the end of the day her hero shines through and saves the day. What an absolutely satisfying read that gave me everything I was hoping for in Bo’s (and I love his full name!) story. A brilliant five stars!

  • Veronica of V's Reads
    2019-04-25 11:46

    This is the third book in the Retribution MC series but can be read as a standalone.Bo is a recent veteran returned stateside following the drawdown of troops in the Middle East. His last mission went bad, resulting in capture, torture and death of his many in his unit. He suffers PTSD and nightmares as a result. His buddy in the Retribution MC, Hunter, gets him signed up for counseling with the sultry Dr. Veronica Hartley. (Pardon me while I love that name...)Unfortunately for Bo, V is the sexiest woman he's seen in a long, long time. How can he confess his horrors while sporting a hard-on? Clearly the only thing to do is avoid his sessions, which only draws Dr. Hartley to seek Bo in his personal training studio.... The attraction is fast and fierce, but Veronica backs off, referring Bo to a colleague. Once she feels she's given him some time to heal, she's back--and this time with out the conflict-of-interest. Veronica still counsels Bo, but as a friend and lover, helping him to move past his survivor's guilt and make contact with his family. But V has a big secret of her own, one revealed in her love of motorrcycles, her giant tattoo and her handiness with a blade. If Bo wants to spend his life loving the woman who helped him heal, he's gonna have to get her out of a very dangerous situation.I liked Bo. He's a stand-up guy with a desire to work past his tragic past. V is a good match, never letting Bo get too much of the upper hand. Her lack of history and family is mystifying--at first. Both Bo and V are lonely, and find solace with each other, which is nice. I wasn't expecting the grisly turn things took, however. It was fun to see all the Retribution guys out on rescue detail, and for Bo to get support from his few surviving Marine pals. If you are expecting a sweet story, this isn't it--but it does have a lot of intensity and two characters that you'll be rooting for from the first page.

  • Angela Goodrich
    2019-05-20 12:31

    I received a free copy of this book to read and review for Wicked Reads. (And then bought it.)I really don’t know how she does it, but Ms. Warren just keeps getting better and better with each book she releases in this series. I loved Hunter. I loved Kinkaid. And I loved Bo! As soon as he came on scene I wanted his story and I was not disappointed at all. Like Hunter, Bo is ex-military but rather than adjusting to civilian life by working with law enforcement or the government, he has decided to do his own thing and offer boot-camp style personal training – something I would LOVE to watch, but wouldn’t want to participate in myself. And the fiery red-headed Veronica Hartley may be just what the doctor ordered to help Bo get his head back on straight and have a reason to finish his reentry into the world.Bear with me folks because I’m gonna continue throwing a lot of love around in this review. I loved getting to know Bo better, even if he forced Veronica to hunt him down after yet another missed appointment so that we could be privy to his therapy session. I loved how Veronica challenged Bo and didn’t let his past or attempts to scare her away with his war stories intimidate her. Although when we find out just why Veronica is not intimidated by his tactics…well that was a big OH-KAY moment for me as I did not see that coming? Talk about a well-matched pair. But their troubled pasts were only the tip of the iceberg when it came to how well they complemented one another – their banter was hilarious, they challenged one another both physically and mentally, and their passion and sexual intensity was electrifying. As expected, there came a time in the book when Veronica breaks Bo’s heart, but the incident that followed immediately after kept me from wallowing in despair alongside Bo as we didn’t have time for that nonsense because Veronica’s past comes back with a vengeance and it was extreme. Boy howdy was that some scary stuff. And I loved Tuck as the dog whisperer. I want to thank Ms. Warren for showing how a responsible psychiatrist/psychologist acts when he/she has feelings for a client. As I read fiction almost exclusively, I allow authors a lot of leeway when it comes to doctor-patient relationships – things that would be unethical in real life are okay in a book when done in the name of love. But to see an author write a character who comes to the realization rather quickly that no matter how much good she thinks she can do for her patient’s mental health, she acknowledges that her attraction to him could lead to an inappropriate relationship and uses their first meeting as an intake interview of sorts to refer him to another psychiatrist. It was absolutely refreshing and made an already great read even better – if that makes sense. Bo delivered the action, suspense, freaking hot sex, and romance that I’ve come to expect from Ms. Warren; yet another book for my reread shelf. And the countdown begins for final book in the Bad Boys of Retribution MC series, Coletrane. I am giddy with excitement!

  • Steph McVicker
    2019-04-25 18:42

    I'm convinced that Ms. Warren has created a whole new genre of books. Erotic implies tastefulness and class, something that she doesn't need when her uniquely gritty, raw and down and dirty books are oh so frickin' HOT HOT HOT! Former Marine Captain Bo Maverick is mentally fucked. A nonstop repeat movie reel of his POW days and the deaths of almost his entire team haunt his days and nights. Head shrinker Dr. Veronica Hartley desperately wants to help him, but Bo's having a tough time keeping his wits when all he wants to do is bend her over her desk in her professional suit and make her scream his name. But ethics and all that, so the good doctor gives the patient to another shrink and says yes to the man. Over and over again. In the kitchen, the garage, the living room...umm hmmm! But just as Bo starts sharing his demons, V clams up about her own horrific past, which is REALLY bad news when there's some very bad men looking for her. BO, the 3rd book in the Bad Boys of Retribution MC Series was so so good, definitely my favorite in the series so far! Bo was a tortured man with a nasty case of PTSD in exchange for his service to our country. Reluctant to accept help, he finally finds peace with a woman whose own tumultuous past could cause him some serious problems. Veronica was a seriously cool cucumber. Strong and rather silent, Bo doesn't have a whole lot of dialogue from Veronica; she's more a woman of action. That's a big departure from the other women in the Bad Boys of Retribution MC Series who are all larger than life personalities. V doesn't need to be a chatterbox to get her point across though, especially with her mad martial arts skills and the brain to back it up. There was even an element of suspense that was kinda intense, at serious odds with the lighthearted sex-fest that was the rest of the book. BO was a seriously dirrrrrty read and I loved every raunchy minute of it! Witness: Primal, feral, fearsome need rippled and roared through me, but my come wasn't going to be splattered down her throat. I wanted it planted deep inside her cunt.Hmmmm, yes please! If you're not immune to some crazy dirty talk and a little violent MC action, then hell yea, you need to pick up BO, STAT. Actually, just do yourself a favor and go ahead and start at the beginning of this über sexy series, an offshoot of the also sinfully delicious Carolina Bad Boys Series (also wicked good). Ms. Warren's rough and ready reads, all from the horny-as-hell dude's POV, will have you fanning yourself, southern style.Bottom Line: Stay tuned for the final Bad Boys of Retribution MC book, Coletrane. This hot as Hades summer series will have you sweating and swearing, trust me! - See more at: See more at:

  • Marissa
    2019-05-18 19:00

    World Building: This story takes place in Mt. Pleasant. I love this reality! Seeing old characters and getting to meet new ones. Getting more and more information about the stories that are to come!Characters: Bo Maverick is haunted by the time he served in the Marines. He’s a rough and tumble veteran that has his brains scrambled and believes people are better off not being around him. But all that self-imposed exile takes a nose dive when in walks his new doctor, Ronnie. Aka Veronica Hartley. Veronica gives as good as she gets. She is one bad ass therapist but one that has demons of her own. Will she and Bo be able to build on what crazy attraction they have for one another? Or will the secrets that Veronica keeps hidden rear their ugly heads and keep the couple apart forever?Plot: This plot was different from the rest in the series. Instead of the guy’s past or occupation coming between the couple, in this story it’s the girl’s past that wants to come out to play! I really enjoyed the fact that Veronica wasn’t as clean cut as she was made out to be. She was feisty and had a past to be reckoned with.Writing: This story could be read as a standalone but I get so much more enjoyment from reading the series as a whole! I think it’s because you get to build on all your knowledge of a certain characters before you get to their story and when you read their story it becomes better somehow. It is also solely written in Bo’s point of view which is super great to read!Curb Appeal: The cover is just as badass as all of the other ones in the series! But I really love that we can see “his” face in the cover! The blurb is so freaking intriguing! Honestly I’m kind of wishing that this novel had Veronica’s point of view because her take in the blurb was awesome! You can see how explosive these two are in the blurb and it just doubles in the story itself.Ultimately: I love this MC series! Bo was a great darker character that totally revved my engine! I’m so excited for Coletrane’s story which comes out next and I’m pleading and begging that Rie Warren will consider making Walker, aka He who walks silently, fall hard for some awesome, hard as nails heroine and gets his own novel as well!!!!!! All in all if you want bad girl with a past that is anything but forgiving and hero that is up for the challenge come and check Bo out!!!!You can find this review and many more here:

  • Jennifer Zorko
    2019-05-15 15:48

    I have read all of the books so far in this series, I have to tell you they just keep getting better and better and better. I love that we get to go back and visit old friends from the previous books as well as the original series. I love that every book has a twist to it and sets the reader up for more to come. As with the other two books in this series, Bo (Bad Boys of Retribution MC) can be read as a stand alone.Bo is a war vet suffering from PTSD and trying hard to hide it. Being back in the States for 6 months now, he has yet to let his family know, afraid that they will look at him differently, afraid that they will not want him back. Of course his good friend Hunter has gotten him in good with the Retribution MC and has even found him a a shrink to help him sort through his stuff. What Bo does not count on is the instant and insane attraction he has where Dr. Veronica Hartley is concerned.Veronica wants in the worst way to help Bo through his PTSD. Fighting her attraction to him, knowing that it is unprofessional in every way, she tries everything in her power to get Bo to open up to her, but the problem is that Bo does not want to seem weak in front of the beautiful Doctor. Besides, if Veronica is willing to keep her past a secret, why should Bo open up to her.When Veronica's past catches up with her and collides with her present, it will take Bo, the MC and his military buddies to get to her and get her back before it is too late.I loved the interaction between Bo and Veronica. They has some sparing matches that showed just how tough they both are emotionally. Bo's family was roll on the floor funny and is interactions with his siblings and his parents left me smiling. The physical and emotional connection between Bo and Veronica was white hot and burned up the pages of this book.I look forward to the next and final installment in the Bad Boys of Retribution MC and give Bo 5 feisty stars.

  • Jacque
    2019-05-05 14:42

    Just finished Bo and oh my! I have a new favorite Carolina boy. Not boy, MAN! Unlike all the other characters in Ms. Warren's Bad Boys of Retribution MC series, I think Bo is the one that is in need of the biggest hug. Don't get me wrong. Bo is just as hot and sexy as all her other characters. He just seems to be the most broken inside. His last Recon mission left him with PTSD, survivor's guilt and he isn't coping very well. Paging Doctor Veronica Hartley! Smart, sexy and the star of his dreams, Bo doesn't want her help. Luckily for him she's just a stubborn and finds a way to get him help and let his secrets out. He, however, isn't the only one with secrets and now it's his turn to do some rescuing. So unlike the previous two books in the series, I personally think Bo was more on the dangerous side. I'm not going into details because it would spoil the surprise although I will say I did cringe a bit. What I can say is the dangerous side (Think SOA) is welcome because we get to see more of the Retribution guys. WooHoo! I love all the secondary characters in this series. Tuck, Tail, Handsome, and the rest of the bad boys are all making an appearance. What makes a ding-ding bonus for me as getting to find out how well the past Retribution main characters are doing. I've read pretty much every book Rie Warren has written. They all tend to be first person POV from the guy's perspective and I got to say, she's really nailed how I guy thinks, talks and acts. I think that's what makes her books so special. I personally think everybody should be reading her book. But don't just take my word for it. Grab yourself a copy of all the books in the Bad Boys of Retribution MC series and judge for yourself and be prepared to be blow away.I received this book from the JeepDiva for the express purposes of an honest review. The opinions and rating of this review are solely mine and in no way was I compensated.Stars - 4.5 Flames - 4

  • Rosa Sharon (iScream Books Blog)
    2019-04-30 11:52

    Improvise, adapt, and overcome...I love these bad boys and I'm sad to see the end of the series approaching. Bo was especially appealing to me because he was broken. His time in the Marines really messed with his head and he's having "problems making nice with the friendlies." It's a good thing his new therapist, whom he calls 'V' or 'Doc' knows how to handle his unfriendly. He's trying to resist, but the fact that "she has a take-no-prisoners 'tude" really turns him on. She knows she can help him, if he would just open up to her. She's having the same problem he is, especially when he tells her about the sexy dreams he has about her...but he's off limits. She's supposed to be helping him with his big head problems, not his little head that's not so little anytime they get together. How's she supposed to resist this 6'3" muscled, tanned & tattooed Marine? Don't ask me, I wouldn't have a snowball's chance in hell of keeping my eyes or my hands off of him. What a problem to have, huh? Unfortunately, that's not her only problem. She's got a really, really BIG problem. And no, that's not it, get your mind out of the gutter! But, it IS big in case you are wondering (wink-wink). She's keeping her past a secret, refusing to share anything with Bo. That decision is taken out of her hands when the past shows up to steal her future. Now it's time for the fun loving Bad Boys of Retribution MC to crank up their badass and show us how it's done. They are peace keepers and law abiders, until you mess with their women, then bad on you. Keep your eyes out for Cole's story that's coming up next. He's our favorite prospecting bartender that recently got patched in. I'm sure he's got some skills he's gonna wow us with. I'm guessing he's skilled in technology, and in the bedroom. I can't wait to find out. Check it out here:

  • S.M. Harshell
    2019-04-25 18:49

    **I received a free copy of this book to read and review for Wicked Reads.**Bo is the third book in the Bad Boys of Retribution Series. Bo was the mystery in the book #2 (Kinkaid). You knew he wasn't quite straight in his head since opting out of the Marines. He was dark and moody and I couldn't wait to dive into his head. I was not at all disappointed. Bo is strong. He has been through so much and hates to appear weak in any capacity. The nightmares that he fights are of the men he watched die, good men, men from his team. The images invade his thoughts daily. When Hunter suggests that he should talk to someone. He doesn't want to do it, he doesn't need it, until he does. Veronica Hartley helped Hunter get his head on straight and wants to help Bo but every appointment made is blown off until she searches him out at Retribution and forces him to come to her home office. Bo is in lust at first sight. Something about V attracts Bo like no other. Bo finally starts to open up to V but he can't control how he feels about her. Will Bo show V the side of him he fears? Will he get the woman he never knew he needed? Will V let him in even though it could be dangerous for both of them?I think Bo is my favorite so far. The darkness that haunts him, the sweet sexy man handling way about him, I loved it. I love the suspense. I can't wait for Cole's book, even though it will hard to say goodbye to these guys.

  • Janna ♥ I'm A Sweet And Sassy Book Whore ♥
    2019-05-08 18:00

    www.mysecretromancebookreviews.comAfter my disappointment with the previous book, I was wondering if Bo would redeem this series in my eyes or not. Now don’t get me wrong I liked Kincaid but I didn’t love it so to say I was being careful when I began to read Bo would be an understatement.I knew that Bo would be suffering from PTSD and that would mold him into who he was so I wasn’t surprised at the emotions I felt for him and for what he had gone through. I just didn’t know that his book would not only have my heart breaking for him but also renewed my love of this series and author. I loved Veronica, I loved Bo, I loved the sexual tension and I loved that I was drawn into this book right from the start. I won’t go into detail so I don’t give any spoilers away but just be prepared to feel so many emotions for Bo, both good and at times bad, but know you will feel period. I really want Cole’s book asap because he’s another that I am getting anxious about reading about and knowing. If you are like me and wasn’t sure about Bo, give it a shot anyways because it made me want to continue on and read more about these men.

  • She Hearts Books
    2019-05-08 12:34

    What I loved about this story is that Rie took two people that were outwardly so different and then showed just how much they needed each other while falling in love. Bo was a little crazy and I have to admit that I loved his naughty talk as he tried to woo Veronica in his own special way. I really did love that Rie addressed PTSD in the midst of the love story. Showing that healing is possible, but not an easy fix. Veronica's secret was one hell of a surprise for sure. I didn't see that coming at all. I loved that they both were there for each other as they reconnected with their families. I really enjoyed their story and can't wait to read the next one in the series.I give Bo 5 hearts!

  • Heroesinbooks
    2019-05-16 17:45

    5 Bo StarsFantastic third book in the series, this one is about Bo and Veronica. They both have difficult pasts but V is so very secretive about hers. When secrets are exposed, the outcome has the potential to be catastrophic. I love this series and the Carolina Bad Boys series. Brodie has been my favourite Warren hero up until now but , WOW, Bo gives him some serious competition.Passion, drama and not too much angst plus some brilliant banter makes for an excellent book.

  • Romance and Fantasy for Cosmopolitan Girls
    2019-04-23 16:47

    Romance and Fantasy for Cosmopolitan GirlsBen tornate appassionate di biker romance con il terzo libro della serie spin off di Rie Warren, Bad Boys of Retribution MC. Questa volta il protagonista principale è Bo - Beauregard - Maverick.Bo è un soldato, un marine. Dopo aver perso quasi tutti i suoi commilitoni in un agguato in Afghanistan, decide di andare a vivere isolato da tutti a Mt Pleasant in North Carolina. La sua conoscenza di Hunter ( vedi libro #1 ) lo porta a restare coinvolto nella vita turbolenta e affollata del Retribution MC, un club per motociclisti. Soffrendo di stress post traumatico per tutte le atrocità che ha visto e ha sofferto in prima persona, gli viene consigliato di farsi seguire da uno psicologo.Tutto bene fino a che non scopre che il dottore è una donna....e che donna!! Risultare così debole e vulnerabile ai suoi occhi non è accettabile per lui. Le sue gambe lunghe, la capacità di leggergli dentro e i suoi commenti dolci e sarcastici, fanno breccia in un cuore ormai sigillato da anni. Saprà Bo, controllarsi e corteggiare l'unica donna che sembra essere fatta apposta per lui ? Bo, vive con un costante senso di colpa per la morte dei suoi compagni, anche se tutti gli sforzi fatti per salvarli sono stati più che onorevoli. Ogni volta che entra in una stanza controlla le vie di fuga, scatta ad ogni rumore, non può più vivere in questo modo. Oltre all'aiuto dello psicologo, Bo cerca di impiegare il suo tempo nella nuova attività di personal trainer. Lui è forte e muscoloso, essere un marine significa essere esperto in tecniche di auto difesa a corpo libero o con armi da taglio e fuoco. Lui sfrutta questa sua conoscenza per guadagnare quanto gli serve per sopravvivere.Non parla con la sua famiglia da mesi, sono sempre stati molto affiatati ma non sopporta di presentarsi da fallito davanti agli occhi del padre, ex comandante marine.Il primo incontro con lo psicologo lo lascia a bocca aperta, gli avevano detto che il suo nome era Ronnie...che è un soprannome diffuso per Veronica ma può anche essere confuso con un nome proprio maschile. Il suo ego e l'alpha man che è in lui, non gli permettono di apparire debole e sfiancato da tutto quello gli passa per la mente. Non aiuta il fatto che la trovi estremamente eccitante, tanto da sognarla di notte in atteggiamenti a luci rosse. La forza del suo desiderio per questa donna, l'essere travolto dalla sua analisi di se stesso, lo porteranno a voler portare la relazione tra medico/paziente ad un altro livello....magari al piano di sopra dove c'è la camera da letto!!!Veronica da parte sua ha già i propri guai ma per quanto si nasconda dietro alla frase "non posso avere relazioni con i miei pazienti" , ha lei stessa difficoltà a non abbandonarsi al piacere di accarezzare quel petto muscoloso o i bicipiti che sono costretti dietro alla t-shirt. Non è facile far capire a Bo che non è ancora pronto per una relazione, i suoi problemi comportamentali, la sua aggressività potrebbero non fargli capire la differenza tra sfogo della rabbia mediante il sesso invece che assaporarlo come unione di due corpi. Il suo flirtare è da vero ruba cuori, non perde occasione per farle capire quanto desiderio provi per lei. Ma come dicevo prima, V ha già i suoi guai a cui pensare....e si ripresenteranno in tutta la loro pericolosità. Questa coppia è perfetta da ogni punto di vista, si completano in modo superlativo. Dove lui è scombussolato dal suo passato, lei lo calma; gli interessi di lui per moto e sport vengono seguite da lei con lo stesso trasporto. A match in heaven!!Sapranno aiutarsi reciprocamente, superando insieme situazioni di pericolo e allontanamento familiare, non senza qualche litigata di troppo che rende tutto più "frizzante" per il lettore!!Naturalmente fanno da gradevole e simpatico contorno tutti i personaggi della serie con le rispettive mogli e/o fidanzate, la vita del Motorcycle Club è sempre attivo e scoppiettante. C'è intimità, senso famigliare, un caldo abbraccio, un luogo sicuro per tutte quelle persone che hanno avuto poco dalla vita e cercano di farsene una nuova secondo i dettami della vita da biker.Un pò di azione, intervalla la storia complicata ed eccitante tra Bo e V. Mi dimentico sempre di precisare che tutti i romanzi di Rie Warren sono scritti dal punto di vista del protagonista maschile. Non c'è niente di più sexy secondo me di leggere di un maschio eccitato per una donna o vulnerabile perché ha fatto qualcosa che l'ha fatta arrabbiare e deve cercare di farsi perdonare. Questa è una delle tante ragioni che mi spingono a continuare a leggere i romanzi di questa scrittrice. Ammetto di riscontrare delle ripetizioni per alcuni aspetti, soprattutto nella trama ma quando si incontrano tanti personaggi maschili così simpatici e tormentati, ci si affeziona e si desidera il lieto fine per ognuno di loro.

  • Stefanie Kral
    2019-05-22 12:59

    ✯✯5 Insanely Hot Stars!!!✯✯Rie Warren is on one insane roll! The men that make up theBad Boys of Retribution MCare all big bad and scary on the outside. But, on the inside they are all sweet guys who are all fighting their own battles and demons.And, because of whatever they're fighting in their heads the guys are lonely and in desperate need of love. And, like the rest of the guys Bo is the same way. Bo is a Marine through and through. He comes from a family of Marines. It's in his blood, sweat and tears. It's who he is. That is until his last mission. Bo's last mission ended up with his guys who he'd considered family their mission didn't end good. It ended up with them being captured, tortured, beaten and killed. Bo can't get it out of his head. Day or night it's always on his mind. He has such PTSD he wakes at night with the sweats, he must check his house bottom to top to check for enemies and he must sit with his back against the wall. Bo would give anything to be able to switch places with one of his men that didn't make it. Bo ended up leaving the Marine's. It is something that bothers him the most. When Bo runs into his old time buddy and fellow ex-Marine Hunter things get a little better. Hunter vouches for Bo and he's instantly patched into theBad Boys of Retribution MC. Hunter also knows what kind of demons that Bo is going through. Hunter sets Bo up with his shrink Ronnie Hartley. Bo sets up some sessions to only then not show up.Veronica AKA Ronnie Hartley knows how to help men and women who come home from war and dealing with PTSD. She makes it her mission to help them. And, she does it all for free. When Bo Maverick calls and sets up appointments to not show up for them. She decides to take matters into her own hands and show up at the MC clubhouse where both of them get the shock of their lives. Veronica is instantly attracted to Bo. Bo.. Well, for starters he was expecting Ronnie to be a man. Not a gorgeous Veronica. Bo reluctantly agrees to go for therapy. Both Bo and Veronica can see how much they effect the other one. Bo tries to use that to his advantage. Veronica as much as she is drawn to Bo will not cross the doctor-patient lines. No matter how much she tries to help him Bo doesn't make it easy. Veronica then refuses to continue to treat Bo and transfers him to another Dr that she thinks might be able to help him. Bo starts to take his therapy more seriously with the new Dr. The fact that he doesn't fantasize about wanting to rip the new therapists clothes off and about doing everything sexual in the book to him is a major plus LOL. It's Veronica who makes the first real move now that she's not his therapist. Even though she feels like she really could of helped Bo. They start a friendship which they both need. When Bo & Veronica let loose OMG are these 2 HOT HOT HOT!!! Man, did they have a lot of pent up stuff to let loose. Bo realizes rather quick that there is more to Veronica then she pretends to be. Veronica can go punch for punch with him. She can handle knives like a pro. Plus, Veronica sports an elaborate tattoo that resembles that of an MC. Veronica says she wants to tell him but she can't. And, she's doing it to save him.Veronica's past comes back to take care of her once and for all. Luckily for her Bo will not give up on getting her back and safely. Bo knows it's not going to be easy and he can't do it alone. He also knows that the guys will help him get her back and safely. Here comes Hunter, Brodie, Boomer, Tuck, Cole and the rest of the MC. They've all been through this before. This book is non-stop action. Rie definitely did her homework when it came to PTSD. Out of all the women in this spin-off series I am loving Veronica the most! Everything she did she did it for the best reasons. Even if it meant her not having contact or a relationship with someone. As long as the people were left safe or her not crossing her own moral lines. She would deal with her emotions of her actions herself. Veronica really is bad ass. Bo was also a great guy as well. My heart broke for him with everything he went through his last mission. I hate that he put all the blame on himself and hid from the people that loved him the most. Veronica and Bo are perfect for each other. They helped each other heal and move on.These 2 were brought into each others lives for a reason. Bo and Veronica saved each other from themselves, their dreams and from their enemies. Every story in this series is awesome and pretty much perfect. I'm so upset that there's only 1 story left in this series. But, I have to admit I been looking forward to Cole's story from 4 books ago. Knowing Rie she's saved the best for last. Cole!! And, I am fully prepared for it.

  • Caryn Denny
    2019-05-06 10:49

    Wasn't my favorite book. I found that there wasn't as much of an MC storyline as I like. While I definitely love the hot sex scenes, there was just too much.However, I really liked the two main characters, Bo and Veronica. Bo is an ex-marine suffering from PTSD and Veronica is a Dr. of psychology! Their attraction is strong and No is reluctant to talk. Veronica drops him as a client, referring him elsewhere, so she can pursue him.It just gets hotter from there!

  • 1-Click Addict Support Group
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    Bo Maverick is a mess. His last and final mission in Force Recon was totally screwed up and he’s left reeling from it—in his dreams and when he’s awake, he’s on guard, especially when it comes to guarding his heart. But his dick—it’s fine. It would be better though if it were stuffed up, warm and wet, in his shrink’s pussy. Bo’s too busy calculating the ways he wants to take Veronica to bed to answer her questions.Dr. Veronica Hartley, shrink to those suffering from combat trauma—specializing in PTSD as recommended by Hunter to Bo. Ronnie takes no prisoners when it comes to her patients, she literally hunts them down—as Bo can attest too. But there’s something about Bo that draws Ronnie in, something that’s above a doctor-patient relationship—something that could be forever, if she’ll let it…God, talk about two messed up souls who can be so great together if they’d just let it happen. Bo is so wrapped up in survivor’s guilt that he’s got to fix himself before he can really be in a relationship. And Ronnie, my God, she’s a force to be reckoned with. She doesn’t put up with an ounce of bullshit, and even when things get too close for comfort with Bo, she doesn’t break her doctor-patient rules. No, she breaks the rules in other areas—like secret keeping. And, damn, when that secret is finally revealed all hell breaks loose. I love the involvement of the Retribution MC family—Brodie, Boomer, Hunter and Cole all make an appearance.I can’t get enough of this series by Rie Warren. I’m very sad that this is the third book in the series, leaving only one left. But I’m hopeful some of the cast of characters she’s introduced us too will have books of their own. Please, oh please, Rie. ~ Missy, 5 stars~~~ I swear to fucking Christ, this series just gets better, sexier and more heart-pounding with every word. I was wet, hot and panting, heart-racing, blood pumping, practically shaking and dying to know what as going to happen. And that was about two pages in... Captain Bo Maverick is shattered. With his final Force Recon mission completely FUBAR, he's back Stateside and his mind a fucked-up minefield of nightmares and pain. He's supposed to be getting that looked at, but he'd rather do the looking. Because his head shrinker? D. A. M. N.Dr. Veronica Hartley is a bombshell and Bo can't stop fantasizing about her lips, her eyes...her ass. But professional responsibility stands between Bo and Veronica, and even if it didn't, it's not just his past that's messed up. Ronnie's is too...maybe even more so. HOLY SHITBALLS! I love this series so hard; it's the perfect blend of badass bad boys, strong, smart chicks with moxie, balls-to-the-wall action and dirty, hot sex. Emphasis on the dirty. And the hot. (And the balls.) Bo is excellent, but that goes without saying. Another stellar installment in the Bad Boys of Retribution MC series, it looks at the aftermath of war, PTSD, and how opening up, choosing your path and fighting back against the demons, all while finding love and a warm, slick place to nestle your cock, can bring a man to his knees. Seems like a lot, but reads like a dream. It's fast, fuck-hot, occasionally amusing, and has some serious heart to go along with the balls mentioned above. Simply put, Bo is a book I picked up, devoured and loved from start to finish. I'm a little sad to know that, after closing book three in this series, I am now only one book away from the end, but Ms. Warren leaves open the possibility of another spin-off. And I am definitely down for that. I have a feeling it's another one that's just going to keep getting better. ~ Beth, 5 stars

  • FMR Book Grind
    2019-05-10 17:58

    DONNA'S REVIEW5 STARSThis book was sweet and easy to read. I love that the book is part of a really good series written about sexy alpha bikers who operate as a tight knit biker family. Each book can read as a stand-alone but is even better when you know the characters and there stories from reading each book. You also get to know the characters so much better. Beauregard aka Bo was the main attraction for this book with the sexy Veronica aka "V" and/ Ronnie depending on who you ask. Readers will get a kick out of how his true family treats him going home for a weekend. All the characters are written nicely into the story making connections from the other stories and the new characters well developed too. The story has a good twist that shows Bo, how his biker buddies have his back no matter what. The build up to the crazy, awesome naughty, naughty scenes is great on top of the actual naughty scenes lol. I truly liked this book and I am rating it a 5 out 5. KIM'S REVIEW4 STARSBo Maverick-Former Marine. Original tough guy. Belongs to Retribution MC. And he thinks he's screwed up in the head. Veronica Hartley- she's a tough as nails psychologist and she works with the guys in the MC. What makes her smile (a little evilly) is the fact that tough guy Bo Maverick thinks he's going to get away from her. Even though she knows the way he looks at her is way more than Doc to patient, Veronica only wants to help him.Yep, Bo has it bad for the pretty Doc. He wants her, but not to headshrink him. Want he wants her for isn't anything close to sharing with her all the crap he's got stored up in his head.As Bo and Veronica struggle to keep the sparks flying between them from setting things on fire. Secrets from the past put the couple and the men from Retribution in danger once again.I loved that we got to hear from the other guys in the club and got to catch up with some of the things they've been doing.I also ate up the fact that I got to enjoy the softer side of a tough former Marine. The fact that Bo could laugh at himself just made him that much more adorable.I love these novels from Rie Warren.They're tough and gritty and completely sexy.The men are wholely yummy and the girls are sweet, sassy and tough enough to make any MC guy grit his teeth.

  • Books Laid Bare
    2019-04-29 10:45

    Dear Lord how have I managed to miss this series up until now! Shame on me!!!I have just finished Bo and I am heading straight over to buy the others because if this was anything to go by I have been seriously missing out.Bo Maverick is a member of the Retribution MC and this Marine (I won’t say former Marine because I had it pointed out to me in no uncertain terms previously that once a Marine, always a Marine) is what he himself considers to be a broken man.Combat seriously messes with your head, but Bo is trying to straighten himself out- reluctantly – to get the bad stuff out of his head and get on with his life. He can’t do it on his own and thankfully he has someone he can talk to, a therapist that has a tough as nails attitude. But can this tough guy let her in enough to make the difference or will their patient/practitioner boundary be compromised.Bo has no problem telling her just how she has infiltrated his dreams, but Veronica also knows that as much as she is tempted – he is off limits. But when she is facing the same issues as he is – in as much as she just can’t get him out of her head then something has to give.Can she resist? Well she tries but she has a past that has just gate crashed her present and whether she likes it or not Bo and the rest of the Retribution MC that are going to put her past firmly back in its place. Nobody messes with one of the Retributions guy’s women!! Seriously these mean ass guys are the right side of the law (mostly) but they can play dirty when the situation warrants it – this is one of those times!Boy, I love it when a whole host of hot assed bikers are on the rampage to defend their women, something positively primal about that whole scenario I know but heck shoot me know – because ladies you will find me swooning in the corner!Bo was a fantastic character and I liked that the book was told solely from his POV, he made me laugh and most of all he made me hope. Hope that he could find his way with the woman that was on this earth to love him, the woman that was his perfect match and that had enough attitude to keep him on his toes – he fell for Veronica hard and fast but it was a meeting of minds, body and souls!Fantastic

  • Debbie
    2019-05-11 13:34

    Independent reviewer for Archaeolibrarian, I Dig Good Books.This is book three in The Bad Boys Of Redemption, but you don't need to have read the previous books, it just helps a little with the other characters and their stories. Bo is suffering PTSD after an op went wrong and he opted out of the Marines. He refuses to see anyone about it, until Hunter puts Docter Veronica firmly in his sights. Bo doesn't wanna TALK to Veronica (he refuses to call her Ronnie!) oh no, his thoughts about the good doctor are much more carnal, primal, and oh so unexpected! But Veronica has her own demons, least of all that which is embedded in her skin, across her back. And when those demons come a-knocking, the men of Redemption pull together like no other.This series grows and grows and gets deeper into the minds of these men, and pulls them up from whatever depths they wallow, and I loved it!! Bo is a much more complex character, I thought, than Hunter and certainly Kinkaid, but no less vocal in his likes and dislikes, He likes to keep schtum about his nightmares, his flashbacks, hell, even his parents don't know he is home. But the men of Redemption are sly in helping their friends, and Hunter is the one to make appointments for Bo with Veronica, after she helped him. Bo just ain't having any of it! BUT OH! That boy did fall hard and fast! Very hard, and very fast. I did like Bo, I really did.I loved how, when threatened, the whole group, and some outsiders, pulled together for Veronica, and for Bo, even if they blurred the lines between legal and not. I have to say this, and, unless it bothers me again in future books IN THIS SERIES I'll not say it again, but SINGLE PERSON POV, is so usually not my thing. I say it often enough, Hunter got 4.5 stars because of this, BUT Kinkaid got 5 stars and so does Bo. Yes I would have liked to hear from Veronica, of course I would. She isn't quite as vocal as Sadie, and I did miss that. But not enough to knock stars off.I would like to read something else Rie Warren has written, something off the MC track, just to see what she does!5 full stars**same worded review will appear on Goodreads, and**

  • Julie Barrett
    2019-04-24 11:55

    Bo is another great book from the Bad Boys of Retribution MC series. It's book three in the series but it can be read as a standalone. This series just gets better and better, the men get hotter and their women get stronger and feistier. This series introduced me to Rie Warren's work and I've become a big fan of her books. Her talent continues to blow me away, and I hope to read many more of her books in the future - especially if they are all as good as this series is.Bo is a former Marine who is struggling to cope with civilian life and is suffering from PTSD after his last mission with the marines went badly wrong. His friend Hunter has introduced him to a specialist psychologist who he thinks can help him, but Bo refuses to keep his appointments - until Dr Veronica Hartley turns up at Retribution MC and practically drags him to her office. Bo still isn't interested in talking to her, but he sure is interested in getting her into bed. Veronica is persistent in trying to help Bo, but she's having problems keeping their doctor/patient relationship strictly professional. She's also hiding a big secret that could put her, Bo and the men of Retribution MC in danger. Bo is a great hero, but I must admit that Veronica (or V as Bo calls her) completely stole the show for me. She is strong, sassy and won't take any crap from anyone. I just knew I was going to love her when she stormed into the MC at the end of book two. She is fabulous! Her secret was a big shock to me, I didn't guess it at all. I think she's amazing to have pulled herself through all of her problems and built a successful career. As with the previous books, this book is told entirety from the hero's POV and there were times that I would have liked to hear from Veronica. That's a very minor negative though, and the only one I can think of as I really enjoyed this book. It is a gripping read that gets five big stars.I received a copy of this book in exchange for a honest review.

  • Twin Sisters Rockin' Book Reviews
    2019-04-28 16:58

    Overall Rating: 4.25 Rockin’ ★★★★PTSD (Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder) is an often overlooked illness that many soldiers come home from war suffering with! In Bo the third book in Rie Warren’s Bad Boys of Retribution MC this disorder is addressed through the eyes of one of the main characters, Bo. The devastation it can cause families of these returned warriors and the horrific nightmares they constantly relive, often destroys them both. This story is how Bo and Ronnie find love while pulling each other out of the abyss that threatens to engulf them.He was not able to go home to his family after he was released from serving his country. The horrors of war were embedded in his soul. Paranoia was always sitting on his shoulder, watching and waiting. He was a powder keg waiting to explode. Brothers of the Retribution MC had his back. Yet it was still not enough, nothing was enough until she walked in the door and everything changed. Dr. Victoria Hartley was a shrink and she wanted to help by digging inside Bo’s head, but he couldn’t get past the LUST at first sight!The past has a way of finding you regardless how hard you try to stay hidden and now she wants to let someone in, share her secrets. Ronnie knows that she can help Bo if he will give her the chance. Every time they seem to take a step in the right direction, he acts inappropriately and she does not want to stop him. Will they be able to help each other? Read this remarkable story to find out!Hero: Beauregard ‘Bo’ Maverick 4.25 starsHeroine: Dr. Victoria ‘Ronnie’ Hartley 4.25 starsSteam: 4.25 starsPlot: 4.25 starsCliffhanger: NoBoRie Warren

  • Gretchen Anderson
    2019-04-26 16:45

    OMG!!! This series just gets better and better!!! Rie Warren you are amazing!!!Bo is seriously messed up. He’s hot. He’s all sorts of bad ass MC. And he’s a tough Military guy that has a lot of guilt with a side of PTSD. He’s made several appointments with a doctor to try to help him before he goes completely crazy, but he keeps standing them up. The Doctor gets so frustrated that she goes to the MC bar to get him. Veronica (Ronnie) has created a life for herself that she wasn’t planning on at all. She has secrets that can not come out. She expects him to pour all his thoughts out to her and he does, sorta, but she won’t, can’t, let him in. It could be life or death for the both of them. Ronnie goes home with Bo to visit his family. Mainly because he doesn’t want to do it by himself. However, what they come home to might break the both of them. Will both of their past ruin their chances?Ronnie’s past comes back full force. She gets kidnapped right in front of Bo and thankfully his MC brothers are there for him. Will they find her? What if they don’t make it in time? I loved this book!!! It might be my fav in the series so far. I loved the characters. Bo is so closed up but he opens up to her so willingly. She can’t want Bo, it’s not safe, but she can’t help herself. I also enjoyed all the characters. Bo’s family is so cute & funny!!! I really enjoyed that you don’t have to know everything about them, it’s just the conversations they have with Bo or with Ronnie that you get but that makes it even more enjoyable. They aren’t characters that you need to know in depth but they add so much to the book and to Bo’s character. This book is really amazing!!! Rie….you knocked another one out of the park!!!!Highly Recommend!!!!

  • Nicole
    2019-05-01 16:53

    Loved this book in the series, my favorite so far! Who doesn't love a hot-yet-broken alpha male? And Bo is definitely broken, but that would due to his last deployment to Afghanistan. Not only the loss of life of his fellow platoon members, but also being held captive and tortured by enemy forces are pretty much a guarantee you won't come back home the way you left. And Bo is not only suffering from severe PTSD, but survivor guilt as well. At least Hunter recognizes the fact that Bo needs help and that is where Dr. Veronica Hartley comes in the picture.There is more to Veronica than meets the eye, and although Bo and V have amazing chemistry, she does what she can to keep from getting too close to Bo, knowing her time in Charleston is coming to an end, but she doesn't want to tell Bo the truth about her past and why she'll end up having to leave. Bo guesses her past has something to do with her tat, but he's floored when he learns the truth.I loved getting to see Bo slip back in military mode when V ends up in a life or death situation. And even more impressed to see how many ride or die partners that show up to help. I was a little ticked off towards the end with Bo when it came to V flying home; it's like he didn't even discuss anything with her, he just "knew" what she was going to do. But I did like that V didn't let that crap drag on, she set him straight right away.I do wish that we got a bit more information about the issue with V and that situation, that was pretty much glossed over. A good HEA, although I find the combination of Bo's and Kaid's business a bit hilarious; I would love to see something like that for real. Who knows, maybe that combination already exists!ARC provided in exchange for honest review.

  • Amy
    2019-05-06 18:37

    Bo (Bad Boys of Retribution MC Book 3)By Rie Warren4.5 starsBo is the third book in the Bad Boys of Retribution Series. Below I have listed the other books in this series as they are all really easy reads and good books and they are all FREE with Kindle Unlimited!You all know how I LOVE a book about a soldier and this installment does NOT disappoint. Bo is a man that is haunted. You can see it in his eyes. He knows nothing about love or much less regular everyday life including love. His past is the only thing he knows; how to fight and survive… and guilt. He knows that word very well. Becoming desolate Bo knows that he needs to find a way to stay above water but for what. He doesn’t deserve to find happiness or to be free of his memories. Hunter (from book 1) refuses for his brother to continue to suffer. He sees Bo going so deep that there will be no return. Whether he wants help or not he is going to get it even if he has to drag him to see this lady himself; Dr Veronica Hartley. The only person that could help him. I know what you are thinking. Typically Doctor and bad boy fall in love. NOPE. There is so much action in this book … the past comes slamming back into haunt Dr. V who has some serious baggage of her own. Talk about a plot twist! This is a fantastic easy read and a awesome series. The last book is Coletrain which I will be clicking up of course. Once its over I highly suggest taking on Ms. Warren’s Carolina Bad Boys Series. Its also free and an older series but definitely good thus far! Im in the midst of the first release and its looking like a winner! Hunter – Book 1Kinkaid – Book 2Bo – Book 3Coletrain – Book 4 Due Out August 25th

  • I.Heart.Romance
    2019-05-05 10:52

    ⭐️⭐️ 4 Stars ⭐️⭐️* * * POSSIBLE MINOR SPOILERS * * * ♦️BOOK: #3 of the Bad Boys of Retribution MC series. Full-length. Kindle loc: 3400♦️EDITING: only a few minor errors ♦️POV: first person, HERO♦️HERO: Beauregard "Bo" Maverick, 28--Personal trainer. Ex-Marine. Suffers from PTSD after being tortured and losing his men, now trying to re-enter civilian life. Member of Retribution MC. Tall with a military crew cut and dark auburn hair, hazel eyes, tanned, tattooed, "six foot three, broad through the top, narrow through the waist", solid muscle, scarred. ♦️HEROINE: Veronica "Ronnie" Hartley, 29--Psychologist. Red hair, sherry colored eyes, curvy, tattooed backpiece. Serious, ballsy suit-wearing doctor with knife and muay tai skills. Hiding dark secrets from her past. ♦️PLOT: Struggling to acclimate to life after the Marines and a mission gone wrong, Bo refuses to go to his therapy appointments with Dr. Hartley but she hunts him down and he has no choice but to accept her help. As their attraction grows and they develop a friendship, Veronica refers Bo to another doctor so they can begin seeing each other. He makes great strides healing and their relationship progresses, but V doesn't open up and Bo knows she is hiding something from him. Her past comes back and threatens their future but the bad boys of Retribution MC come to the rescue. ♦️REVIEW: A quick, steamy read with some action, suspense and a look at past characters. Bo's relationship with his family was so sweet and hilarious!♦️HEAT LEVEL: hot, 4/5 - dirty talking, unprotected sex, rough sex, oral sex, rimming♦️ENDING: HEA, NO Epilogue, NO Cliffhanger

  • Amie Morgado- We Stole Your Book Boyfriend
    2019-04-30 14:00

    AMAZING AS ALWAYS !! I have grown to love this author. Her series are great , every character has their unique story , every series forms a family like no other and even the bits and pieces that overlap show you just how much these guys have to give. Bo is a mystery , plagued with nightmares , closed off , no interest in love and just an absolute zero tolerance of any kind of help , especially from the fiery redheaded shrink Hunter sends after him !! At first it is comical to watch them skate around the appts. and the desire. As much as I wanted to get to their blazing chemistry I was sucked in by Bo's story. I was so curious to see how V was going to help him and waiting for that moment to click for Bo when he realized he would be ok and V was his future. Beyond all the hot sex and yumminess of the MC life I was really intrigued by Bo. Of course while V sits there trying to unlock Bo we come to find that her past may just be as bad if not worse. This is of course when we get the MC piece of the story. These guys may be law abiding and clean BUT don't mess with their women or else !! Not wanting to spoil or give the slightest away I am going to stop here !! If you have loved her other series or enjoyed the 1st 2 books in this series than of course it is a no brainer to continue on with Bo !! If this is your first Rie book than be sure to go back and start on #1 , then go and read the Carolina Bad Boys !! As always with Rie you get a realm of emotion and plot twists. I enjoyed it all and it had me hooked for more. I am looking forward to Cole's story and hoping that Rie has many more series and stories to tell !!

  • Cherie
    2019-05-03 11:30

    Wow! I won an ARC of Bo from the author in a contest. I still have it on pre-order and will let it download next week when it's released, that way I can revisit it whenever I want! The newest release in the Bad Boys of Retribution MC does not disappoint. Bo is just as hot and hunky if just a little more brooding and with good reason. Suffering from PTSD, he's a walking time bomb trying to find a way to diffuse. Enter his psychiatrist, Ronnie, who Bo thought was a man until she struts into Retribution and literally drags him out by the ear after showing her own balls! Dr. Veronica Hartley is an expert in her field and knows how to deal with Bo's problems, however their mutual attraction to each other not only goes against her professional grain but proves to be dangerous for both of them. As Bo learns to reconnect to those around him, Veronica's life starts to fall apart. Her past rears its ugly head and the boys of Retribution prove once again, no one messes with one of their women. I loved getting to meet Bo's family. The interaction with his parents and siblings was hilarious to read as well as heart touching. Had to grab a tissue a couple of times, but to me, that's just a sign of a great story teller. One who can take you from tears, to laughter, to arousal, and back again is just great to find. Thanks for the ARC!! I am looking forward to reading many more books from this author!!!

  • Theresa
    2019-04-21 12:47

    When his buddy Hunter forces him to attend therapy to deal with his PTSD, Bo isn’t happy. In fact, after cancelling several appointments, he’s confronted by Dr. Veronica “Ronnie” Hartley. She doesn’t care for him not taking the help she offers, and threatens him with dire consequences if he cancels one more time.Bo grudgingly attends the sessions, but doesn’t reveal anything about the pain he’s going through. He is, however, very attracted to the good doctor. And the feeling is quite mutual. Like Bo, Ronnie has a lot of baggage from her past. She’s holding a lot of secrets of her own, but that won’t interfere w/her helping Bo. She knows there can’t be any type of relationship between them, but she can help him professionally. And that’s exactly what she’s going to do.I adored Bo, I think because of the PTSD that he tries to quietly suffer through. He sees that he’s not alone, and he’s got family in the MC that have his back through anything. And like the guys in his MC, when you mess with their women, they bring hell with them to take care of business. Bo is a badass, but he loves so hard, and he needs someone exactly like Doc to love him right back.Bo is the third book in the Bad Boys of Retribution MC series. This is a great series with a lot of heat and lots of action. I love all the guys in this series, and can’t wait to see what’s in store for Cole.I received this ARC for an honest review, and I give it 4 stars.