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Ben McCabe has only one thing on his mind when he’s released from the Yuma Territorial Prison for a crime he didn’t commit: Revenge. Four years of his life gone, spent in a torturous hellhole. He wants the man responsible brought to justice, regardless of the cost. When Wisteria Bush finds an unconscious man next to the Colorado River, she knows she has to help him, no matBen McCabe has only one thing on his mind when he’s released from the Yuma Territorial Prison for a crime he didn’t commit: Revenge. Four years of his life gone, spent in a torturous hellhole. He wants the man responsible brought to justice, regardless of the cost. When Wisteria Bush finds an unconscious man next to the Colorado River, she knows she has to help him, no matter how dangerous he may be. She nurses him back to health to find he is a threat to her, but not in a way she’d ever imagined. When her brother takes up cattle rustling and intends to marry her to his boss, the handsome stranger has other ideas....

Title : Montana Man
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Montana Man Reviews

  • Boan07
    2019-05-11 08:36

    A solid 4 star book. Reading it was like watching a good old western movie!I liked the characters: Wisteria, Ben and the little darling Robin 😊. It was an enthralling story about the twist of fate, second chances and how fate can bring good out of bad… My first book of the author but definitely not my last one of her!

  • Donne Knudsen
    2019-05-17 04:15

    A cute, quick read little western romance that I enjoy reading occasionally when I need a break from my typical paranormal / urban fantasies with all their doom and gloom. I liked some of the other characters and would definitely read more about them and their stories, like Rose, Wisteria's sister.

  • Kimberly
    2019-05-23 08:40

    loved it great job

  • Babs
    2019-05-15 06:20

    A quick but great read. Both characters Ben and Wisteria are strong and the relations flows like it should. Ben is out for revenge for being in prison and Wisteria’s brother, who is now widowed, sent for her and then left her and the baby alone and almost poor.As Wisteria is taking care of Ben along with him healing they deal with their pasts. A lovely story of love that can heal all.

  • Joan
    2019-05-13 06:16

    This was utterly delightful, a quick read but packed with great characters and a well-thought out plot. Minus points: *Robin's annoying babytalk which grated after a while* the too-detailed 'medical facts' - yes, I know you've done your research, but I felt as if I was being lectured at in places about the need for sterility etc.* Wisteria Bush?? euw that was cruel* Robin helping Ben do the sewing at the end was so so wrong!!! :)Plus points:* The writing is lovely, flowing and easy and welcoming * the plot is simple and yet all the better for that* I loved the way the story focussed on Ben rather than Wisteria - it seemed more fitting for the genre.*Both characters come across as strong and the development of their relationship flows beautifully.* The author does not shy away from mentioning the basics of nursing - having recently read a story about an injured man who was left alone all day in a ruined hut with no mention of 'bodily functions' etc, it was refreshing to see this aspect handled so deftly and practically. And the same for the later incident with the mother with post-partum fever. Kudos for both incidents!* Nice writing with the Sheriff's hand as well ;) * (view spoiler)[ The 'brother-gone-bad' was again, well written. I expected the brother to reform but the ending was far more appropriate.(hide spoiler)]*(view spoiler)[There is no sex in this book, but it doesn't need it. Believe me, the passion is there. ;)(hide spoiler)]So. Rating. Four stars because I will definitely read this again, and look for more by this author. Not a five star read because I will skim over the 'lecture stuff, and try not to let Robin annoy me too much ;)

  • Vera mallard
    2019-05-05 11:42

    Western RomanceBen spent 4 yrs in Yuma Prison; aptly name “Hell Hole”. Those years turned him from a boy to a very bitter man, imprisoned for a crime he didn’t commit. He had received treatment within those walls no one should have to endure. His one driving need is to prove himself innocent & seek revenge. After release he is near death on the banks on the river.Wisteria is a spinster caring for her widowed brother’s child, Robin. Wisteria’s widowed brother sent for her under devious means then left her alone with the baby in near poverty. Baby Robin just made me want to smile. She brought a wonderful element to this story. Wisteria finds Ben, sick, fevered, and unconscious, nurses him back to health. As his health improves, their relationship grows, revealing their past. The pacing is very good, the story moves along nicely, with twists and turns enough to keep the interest of reader. The gauntlet of emotions are in this book: greed, revenge, don’t forget Ben seems to know a lot about doctoring, low self esteem, a brother that betrays the one he is suppose to protect and love, and of course, redeeming love that can heal all wounds. I would recommend this book to anyone that enjoys a fast paced, well thought out novel, dealing with a wealth of emotions and a great story line. I received this book from Reading Alley in return for an honest review.

  • Cayla
    2019-05-19 05:23

    Great plot! Strong characters! I thought some of the medical facts were too explicit for my liking. (I personally don't like watching people give me shots or IVs, so naturally, anything this explicit is going to make me want to turn my face away from it all). Now...the part towards the end where little Robin is "helping"---she's way too young! The beginning of the book she's about two years old, right? Her speech is consistent with that of a two-year-old or younger. And now at the end of the book, she's playing nurse or doctor's assistant to Ben? Um...not a fan of that idea. Moving on.....I love the sheriff. He's great. Definitely sounds like the kind of guy I'd like to have around if I was in need of assistance. Wisteria is a terrific woman and a loving, caring, doting aunt, but I wish she had a better name. I don't grimace at the sound of her sister's name, Rose Bush or Petunia Bush, but Wisteria? *grimace* Moving on!The book is well-written. It's strong. I just think with some minor changes, it'd be better.

  • Joy
    2019-05-14 10:35

    Montana Man by DeAnn Smallwood was just the sweet clean story I was hoping for. This story takes place in Arizona. It is about a misplaced Montana Man and the kindhearted little gal he meets while there. The author sure did her research. I found the late 19th Century medical practices in this story very interesting.

  • Kathy
    2019-05-06 07:39

    Wisteria finds Ben when she was traveling home from town. Ben had a high fever and several sores that were infected. She takes him home and saves his life. Robin Wisteria's niece fell for Ben immediately. Slowly the story of his years in prison came out. Then Lee Robin's father returns a different man and everything become complicated.

  • Lucille Ford
    2019-05-04 05:20

    Montana ManThis was one of the best book I have read in a while . It had so much suspense ,danger,caring,sharing and lots of love for each other that it really brought tears to my eyes. This is a must read book. Get your copy today.

  • Jo-Ann Fitzgerald
    2019-05-26 04:40

    It was very well written even though the medical side of it went too much into it. At times it felt it had overpowered the actual love story. It is certainly worth reading even with the medical stuff and the repeating of the history of the male lead.

  • sharon trotter
    2019-05-18 11:17

    Doctor BenI rarely read a book in just a few hours but this one was that good I could by put it down. Great story line interesting characters you can just feel the emotion , a great read

  • Elizabeth Sintes
    2019-04-29 11:32

    Montana ManThis was a wonderful "read". The story was believable and I could not put this novel down. I would recommend this book to everyone. I liked the story line of compassion and love and also of family togetherness.

  • Carol and Gary Curtis
    2019-05-11 11:27

    Author did a good job of not allowing this story to get too "sweet". That would be too easy to have happen in story of this nature. The plot was simple but effective. The characters were interesting. Certainly a page turner. Well worth the time.

  • Bruce
    2019-04-30 08:29

    Great story!!Really couldn't put the book down.... a two day tastefully done , sweet love story, no smut, just a love story in the true sense that you know that if it's the right one in life ....Love wins every time! Captivating !!

  • Tracy Miller
    2019-04-27 12:27

    True love storyHaving read Montans Star made the book fun for already knowing backstory on a main character. As the story movrs along and the love grows i enjoyed that i already knew one character. This book has it all excons, cow rustlers, DR & true iove in many forms.

  • EileenNH
    2019-05-18 07:32

    Love a Good Western!This story has a nice tone to it. The romantic part is a little less than I like, but the story is solid.

  • Sharon Rudolph
    2019-05-21 07:19

    Great bookI really enjoyed this book! The characters and the storyline were wonderful. I couldn't put the book down. I look forward to reading more of this series.

  • Roxane Smith
    2019-05-05 11:13

    Another good read!!Enjoyed this book, it was another one that was hard to put down. Started if Friday evening, finished it Saturday afternoon.

  • Suzie
    2019-05-16 11:38

    i'm not that familiar w/ Westerns, but I liked this one a lot. It had the romance I like and not one, but two climactic endings. I may have to check out more and see what I've been missing.

  • Alice
    2019-04-26 12:34

    sideline to story is emphasis of medical advances of the emphasizing clean surfaces and sanatizing hands

  • Phycilla Gable
    2019-05-24 07:22

    Amazon review Montana ManExcellent book. Great live story with interesting plot and characters. Really hold your interest. Also fun to read. Lots of twists and turns.